The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 22, 1948 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 12
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News. Freieriek. *M~ Thvn«*T, J«lf 2Z. IX* THE NEWS ARernoon Except SOBSOUTTlON ltA*E§ \ Dorothy Dix Say-*: I On* of the reasons why there *re I ed children is b*cauie their moth- Price f7 0£ / oy i n Washington Is Kept Up By V, year. t*3* War Crisis Will Continue For Months But There Will Not Be Armed Conflict By DAVID LAWRENCE Washington. July 22.--The war' So it all adds up to a form of I Washington I Side Glances Daybook """ Great Game Of Blitff Veils Unpreparedoesa Of Powers In Berlin any part in their rearing. To all in-1 New Boston, K H. July 22 --Re-- --.- t-x r-7-ss lents *° d Purposes the great maturnini: f rom the wheat growing' C r,"«;s~Ysi going to be a continuous "cold war." the news of which up : Aodit Bnreau of Orculatiogi ^, itY of youngsters are half or- ^^^^^^M states. I must re-' 3^3, r or %ve-a' veeks o- perhap* to now has o*-en to no small ex- Washington, July 22--If wsr^ * *t rr«Jer" § phaas who haven't even a speak- ' ^^^^^^H p^t that with ^nibs--bu' there isn t going to be lent from America's side The an- comes over the Berlin crisis, it will} ing acquaintance with their fathers. HMjj^^^^l one exception v.e ^. 1V war . " nouncement of the Truman doc-, be a tragic accident. Neither the I and who regard them with about BiM^^^HH should have our "j". takes two nations to make a the aid given Greece and' Western Allies nor the Russians, as much affection and respect as BlH^^^^Vfl largest new crop' W ar and th»re is no basis for the Turkey, the format-on ar.d execu- have the slightest intention of «Urt-1 J · ' ' " ~ - - · ~ - -, ,, on of t j, e Marshall Plan are all' ing any shooting Neither side is- At · pod "jtd.. t* »*cooci-el»s» matter ""THURSDAY. JULY 22. 1948 Loans, Not Gifts Word from Washington not bear to share her child with it" to little Johnny and so she impress- on record, plus a assumption that e.ther Russia or ' si.'eable c a r r y - the United States v.anti war o v e r H e n c e xhe real fear is that an there is good rca- dent" may provoke a war son why the cjbh botn sides choose not to . ' they do the milkman. This is because the average moth- that er l5 so monopolistic that she can- emphasis in ERP today is en loans rather than grants is a comforting reniiader to American taxpa- es on !jis ten jer micd the fact that *r that there is at least a chance ;. is Mot h er who loves him. it is that they will get par: of their Mother who gives him the candv Roger Babio. S3 30 per bushel Far Eastern hi-tor for that niorsev back It is a beautiful , s 15 Mother who persuades Daddy in 1347 to $226 per buihei now. her--there have been overt dream, anyway. Of the first year's European Recovery funds roughly 20 percent or $1,000,000.000 is reo/aired to be in the form of loans and officials in charge are confident that they can w -hen he comes home find some better than average rt*ks looked upon in Moscow Russian The dec.sion But if of the Allies to form a as anu- ready to fight. the part TJje lns {^ story is that the most j colossal game of bluff in world] history" is being played. Secret re- not to let an Germa-iy and to rs-ue currency of price should ha\e ".r.c.dent" provoke a war. then war their o-.\n are also regarded oy tne ports to Washington prove that thei dropped at Kan- doe^r. t materialize Again and Kremlin as a -"; : "f^ u "^ 3n -*^° ves - ^ ! as . thing Mocow wants now is an-, sas City ~ " "" S3 30 per fro-n aga.n :n European hjtory-- and :ri The Berlin blcckade := the crude i -t- ans-A er or reprisal now com:ng frcnj acls Russia There :· evidence that the new currency was the j that both sides cho^e not to con- issuance of new currency / ·-·true as an act of war. ' spark that touched oil the to buj him the red wagon, and Government Guaranty conver^elv she hold* the father up Only the present so-called parity a* a c-uel giant who will mistreat legislation, passed last month by Thus when the Japanese bomoed of resentment. hsm It i« Mother who threatens , Centre.-, holds up present prices the American naval vessel Panay Under such circumstances i. !·· the children bv telling them that This law enables wheat growers to '-* ·* 3° *· ' h * Japanese expressed . incredible that tne asplor-at* with have" Dad puni-=h them '' borrow · from Uncle Sarn an thesr regrets ana agreea t o p a y an their ingenious ana re amount nearly equal to present' indemnity Tnat ended the mat- , !r , sn ds cannot f»na so-re rew way or ' ter revive some old v. ay to :iego:nte a The present danger is that there · settlement Th* Russians are .11 r.o may be a collision of allied and hurry to solve the over--*.:! croble-n Ru«^ian airplanes sn the air cor- war. The so-called^ " cannon theory" of the State De-. partment is dictating the strategy in If the later goes up There is a general belief, fo?- P" ce5 Negotiations already in progress tereo b y mothers, thai men are , {h * farmers can sell at tne market give force to this optimistic view lacking in the parental mtinct. and pa v off Lne "' Sam Ir the There are railroads, now m the red. and that it is only mothers w ho which o-obablv can be made profit- really love their oflspring Nothing able bv'the expenditure of money is farther from the truth Mo«t »oic ". f ,. w , ,,,, men are a proud as Punch over for new equipment ana "*»«-'«- , heir 1^^ and KO bragging provemerits. The fs^c prospec. is aj . ^ vgi ^ ^.^ abou{ what a held out for certain mines. Jac- wonder Jumor i; un .,i ,fi O nopolis- tories. power plants and harbor { ; c ^t ama q u e nc hes their enthuiia^m projects. by never letting th«-»m touch the The more ERP money the coun- baby, or even change his didy. or r the "cold v/ar.' It is that if we keep a stiff and stubborn upper lip and don't give an inch to the Russians, the U S S. H. and its Com- I SvJ l ^'f''i» rnunist empire will collapse like a ' -o e.ui house of cards in a \\ind. j V/itet actually is keeping the "· Kremlin from sending up the white Sag is. ironically, the belief that; capitalism is decaying and Amer-' try lends and the less it the better it will be not only America but for the European na lions. It will reduce the financial Kruzrii Out burden that tnis nation will carry Many and many a man in the future In the case of Eu- would have made a devoted rope, it will lessen the people i is frozen out of the game b present feeling of dependence on some other people's charity. is notes read without recour;-e ' Thsv means that the government cannot collect the deficiency even if the farmers are millionanes a many now are. Next year. afte,r the European-; no moie of our wheat, thf- bhouid be even lower in fact were it not f or thss KI»~I"J«I;V it -,'or, I- cou'd be construed 'a-e- '° f . EU! " OPe TM* ^ TM'* ^^ * i«n internationalism is a gone gos-, r:G'f* i. couja oe cons.ruexi -a»e» make any major concesj-'O'is unaer TC r.n "accident" and the usual re- »---· - -- -----as an pressure but wets and decision to investigate %orlnv .. hl i e to acr ee appear ferences if only to a:;ord the Ru?- personal contact between them ! wife who follow The Russian strategy at the moment !·- to harass the United States arsd Britain and the other democ- rac!?'* ar'l '· car:v « H :« '··.- -· '·' ru-rvef It is conceivable that the K'jv^ia:'--. in the.r misguided v»ew of v hat ;s happeains in the presi- (iei3t:jl campaign, think thU is one bushel Of rou'se th- big c,ue-ti-,n wav ,,, h e j p Wallace and defeat . ., , . , is w h a t will Ur.rlc- Sam do w i t h ' ,,,. otner t v i parties There are' a t " e i im «' a ». v mcl-ned to c o u l d o b a c l c to one dol..r per peaseniens." in the seisj?.' of surrender to inipos^itle conditions that hurt the pres'.isc- of America 11 Europe isn't in the card' But negotiation on a fatr ba. i ahvays an American policv and the British ursg The Communists have told themselves that so often they be- · , heve it. The Kremlin is like t jealous wife who believes the '.vorst j 1 about her husband: the commis-' sars can't get it through their j 1 heads that the U. S. is in business j to stay j i- · Km. i«3 BY iXA SSBKCT. OK- T K. REt U. S. PAT. CfT. 7-2Z The danger in this touchy situation is that American and Russian planes flying ir» the skies above Ber- If an im ** n w *" cras ^ The flames from an ' ,_ i accidental crash might start World s P end y to come to a resort there's tennis, rolf, i polo, riding--and there YOU are! What kind of relaxation Is that?" This Week's Mountain Theater Both Reality, Fantasy him understand, j it dump or burn it a- it did w:th till next January when the sup- . world lat it is her baby * millions of b-^hels of fine po'a-' oosed inauguration of Henry Wai- Americans may oe unused to a 'and she is going to'rear it as she i toes- i-,ace as President would occur, and ' war of nerves or a s-enes of crises : P !eae5. and all the use Father is. Price Of^Bread 'presumably a: that time aM dis- _designed to be of propaganda va-ue | is just to pay the bills So Mothe " ' breaks the golden thread and an. ' other batch of children come along | :·' Because of Hollywood s empnasis t vilo ca ,, , he j r f a t h e r .- tne old man series of constant annoj-ances brushes over the right of the say Berlin ;By BETTY St:i,LIVAX j sophisticated lines. She has some Into every theatrical season some j pert remarks thst add a lot of zest psychiatry must fall--so the Maun- j to ihe play and does them welL Movies In Court on a particular type of entertain- and who are not half as well ac . . menu the possibilities of the mo- quaimed with him as they are with ' change, v ill sjo up Porhai; tion pictures have barely been thf . po j,ceman on the corner. And i things will happen. wheat j v-ar over an touched. The field ment is where the mone; Waterloo. la., has found use for movies. Its police use their J thcrs chumming together. cls"e""the dari'-vilS "brpak" Neither' there will be no war own camera to reel off pictures 01J The a i ibi of lhe women who ^P" ' ^..^Cs^or Democrats «,, fooll« ^ no si r " " I tion on the part tain Theater this week is investi- In miner roles are Adele Fortin, wiu 'b e ei-her to t w s U be euner to tr "incident" or over i because how an- .cause the United Nations ha* failed i There are weeks or months away--it will be' tne 'jdock players aceer.tua'e th; satire' aud^nce. The presentation of the pleasant hot evening local comprny is good, as good as S that of the road company with belongs entirely to the; June Havoc which did the shoiv and as Georgina Allerlon. i last year in Baltimore. Because a person arrested for drunkmg driv- j arate their husbands from their ing When the defendants come j children is that a mother under- into court the next day. prepared j stands her children .o much better to denv thev drank more than a j than their father does and hence is ' jigger of weak beer, they look a t , so much better fitted to guide them, i the movies of themselves and plead j But this is not true. Perhaps a law Both farmers and ' " ' I The di _, k mnnpv in th P B ' J"oi«-j "'«- 1 of flour is determined , - - - ~ , " · -- -- --. Amor-iron rf7-=fxrx- =i-o- i Jean Osborn does a very nice i-!-;SCod half of it depicts dream se- yet no signs of any such in.en- j then to examine tne prepara- , ·TM"TMf" n str TM^ * re terpretive job. She dons a dewev! quences. the audience is apt to be of Russia, ^'^i*TMTM*TM*^^,!^^^^^*^}^ vagueness as the L,trospec-j bewildered in the first act Black- resort to. ^_ tt .__,,_ - ___..,_ 4 l __ ,,._..,_! " , ' t i v e Georginia and maintains it ! outs are used to show the breaks i i l t » n j i t ; ^ itiw,^,. J_»ULJ l l r t l t i l d J e l i l V l j _ 3 r V 'investors who realize this and act mobilization of armed forces such . rea! , y con terr. P latcs a as would precede a major attack is fo r ce. reported from any quarter. ' (Reproduction Rights Reserved) I patticake with the Russians and wants a real-for-sure show-down. tTnder Secretary of the Armv 1VH- despite the frenzied haste witli i between reality and fantasy and ivhich she has to whip through j any audience needs a little time to .;uilty. j mother may know how to fix B baby j °' *"? P"ce of wheat The price It wouldn't be surprising if the · formula better than Daddy does. ! of brcad s determined by the pr.ce experience made teetotalers some of them. There would be less excessive drinking if addicts un- ».--- *--- ----- --- -- _:,,_,,_ ,,.t, eat nr ; r ,-- hieh^r ' ' j ~t ·*,» chn^t nf ^««m« w ,th . them must meet, they need a man s "'K"" wneat priC" ana lugner, ones derwent ^ shock of seeing with j udgme nt. 3 ' bread prices When, however.) hundreds of good bak- meantime sober eyes how they LOOK and act ^P^ firmness to ho , d thcm |n . wheat prices going down, the' when they are _far gone in liquor. ^ ^. ; lag is in lavor of the bakers who That's one of the things that peo-1 ' ,, v _ _ u (V ,_ do not reduce their bread price? The leading flour- and feed, sells about $16.50 and pays about; Uam D " e r w ho" b^lie^es Germanv chan S es of costumes in brief biacK- ( adjust to the technique- company is General Mills: the stock $1-35 per year. is the key * o all of the European ° uts ' 'On stage throughout the plaj-., The staging difficulties i sells on the New York Exchange '« Purity Bakeries Corp com- j economy. " jGeorgmas part is of a length to; ater of the in a the- dimensions of the , cape tne audience oecause it s un them i n ' h c a t prices are going down, the companies , but the four largest 1 * - - i with which I am acquainted are: ., . . . , - , i No matter how much pie do not tell their best friends., love£ her chadren no matter how Movies might also be tried on I inlelliEent she is . Iie h a s H ved a | Farmer _ cnn hed2p - lt , ainsl de drunken drivers m still another _ morc or lefir cloi9fe red life and ! c , |ni wh| .; t prjc | s £ . ; elhng way. A good documentary show- cannot give her children certain j futures - but this ,«. rtsk j. at ttmes ing them the victims of serious ac- vital guidance that only their fath- . A f a r afer he{Jge w o u l d ' b e to buv . cidents might stimulate their im- er can give them. He has seen life. j flour mi]1 and baking stocks aginations to the point where the and when he talks to his children would readily understand emotion( about its pitfalls, they listen. j allx- the ri=ks to which they were' When God created the world. He ( themselves and their intended that all children should; ' have two parents, a mother and a · j for more some day and--in the | in? the summer. j - ines - , i .---- dividends to yield! P. S. Many of the war-time din-' Barnet Biro Provides the love, about 6", on your money If you I lomats think that what the Western in ter ? st - a " d ^^^er neat piece j but -a small part of the work m security- then'you can buy . Powers need now is the team o " f ^.^"^ckmg to the roles his versa-f Dream Gin. ' ! tlilt' Three sliding platforms are used j f- -·"-· *·*· ^.-^^..-..^.--.v.. -- .^-^...p, * * _ » . » j fcv/tv* * m^ititii t- UCT^t^x ItJCX » v n-- t T£ t i l l Ward Baking Co common copjr.ght 1D48 Pi,b. Fin Bureau. Inc. ' ston Churchill's flair for words He i - - 3S 3 . faUen _ _ - . _ . . . . . _ - - - , _ . ··M*Mrf. ^^.v. j jyjj^Jjrj2 SUICIQ^ T1C1 ! %vas flying back to London from Crowd's Line Course Of Soap Box Derby exposing friends And there is nothing in the Constitution to prevent judges from sentencing drunken drivers to view- such a film. father--and all children still need ' both ' The Bell Syndicate. Inc. Letter To The Editor Fiffy Years Ago Comes To D e f e n s e Of Milk Producers Local Items From The Columns Of Thc News. i«iy. =z. JS98. DIRECTORS OF THE EMMITS-' BURG Railroad completed organization of a new company by electing officers. James A. Elder i is president The road in the near future will be extended from | Rocky Ridge to the Pennsylvania ) Railroad near \Voodsboro ; To the Editor of The News. Sir: Just a bit about the "gauging tactics of monopoly interests" in Saturday's News. How it grieves some parties to learn that temporarily some of the milk producers are making a normal interest on their investment and a moderate labor income besides The ' huije profits" mentioned are mostly conspicuous by their absence We wonder what percentage of the rank and file producers are making 5 percent on their investment, paying their bills, taxes, upkeep, replacement costs, insurance, etc. and a labor income as large as one of John L. Lewis" miners receive for a 40-hour w eek. And tfsere :s no 40-hour week on the farm, and the eight-hour day. especially at this season comes THE COUXTY COMMISSIONERS | nearer to be an eight hour before have advertised for bids for the i dinner cay and an eight hour after. How many dairy farms could operate on a 40-hour week"* Yet we see no mention of Wa 1 lace and his Red following howling that Lewis and his miners are carrying on a war no use the.r own words 1 "to wipe out American families and using high prices to kil! off the coming generation " Two-tenths of a cent a quart of milk i-.crease in the price of milk :s the straw thst breaks the earner's back jet it is nard to Src one iter-. :r the ir.ultitudincus array cf art: les the milk-producer has to buy :n order to carry on his bucines 1 ! that hasn't increased :r. more than the moderate rise in the price of milk. Instead of reducing the quantity of milk used, the present dancer is that the supply ur:der existing conditions may be reduced belov. normal demand It woulcin t help a whole lot if the propaganda of people who never produced market milk and know noth:n: about its cost succeeded jn reducing the price to ten cen.s a quart if there were none to he had When these people lay on with the 013 SLICK they should lambast the ones responsible for our present condition? and not the farmers who have K WAS VISITED WITH ; a tremendous shower early today. Rain fell in torrents, flooding the gutters A few miles bexond the city liiiiits little rain fell. i IR. GEO. ALFRED TOWNSEXD. ; the writer, recently completed a Maryland colonial novel and i now making studies for a novel on Frederick city and region in the early manhood of Roger B Tanev erection of a school at White Oak Springs making eight school houses to be erected by the commissioners this summer COL BAUGHMAX. WHO HAS i ju=t threshed his wheat crop, reports that from one field bordering on the Hagerstown-Fred- ersck pike, containing 32 acres, he obtained 30 bushels per acre and on several other fields ran from 35 to 3S bushels per acre. Twenty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The New*. Jnly 2:. 1928. WORK OX BHUXSWICK HIGH School including restoration of that part of the school destroyed by fire, is progressing, as i* the addition at Thurmont school Xew schools are also scheduled soon at Xew Midway and Fov- corn-'. entirely opacus the whole stage iro-drips re-1 crew works in utrkness and the ac- w=oj,;r,,rt~ * j ,, , morse all over the stage i tors make their lightning changes Sr'tffi^^SSr and ^ f T " Center takes a Ion, step | of.costume without benefit of elec- ir. o--« -j - r ,, .-,- |from the nice roles 01 the sum- · tricity. . An aiae said reproacnfully. ~kou j mer to be the wolflrj George who j Decker himself handles the lighten it. sir. and I do not J ma^es leering passes at Georgiaa.' ing and the telephone bells which I There's a delicate touch of bur-' ring almost constantly and does ^ j lesque in his efforts at seduction , it in the dark. , . The whole production is ably'f h - that it is a very good idea.' 1 U h l l l r u m b l e ba = k - ' not an idea. It is a coincidence " i that is am u^in" taS^ban? ^°TM'-"--^- TM--~l "supporting members of the cast, done and is well worth seeing, not of isolationists in Con- j gress will try to lay the blame for high prices on foreign aid. This , hurry on and off stage as they 'only for some expert acting but as double for the irany figures o f ; a study dream and real life, i niques in modern theater tech,,. . ,. Georsiaria's dream and real liff i niaues It also offers the oppor- o t t i n a l i n e o f aIetterby! Outs1 T 3nding is Brad McCali 35 an tunity locally to compare good le- w ^p: f 3 " h - f f ° Pockets ! off-stage voice. Georgina's father. \ gitimate srage \vork with a movie Hoffman to a Michigan constituent j an obstetriaan . the distr:ct attor-, version because Frederick has yet ihe K e r e s e n t a a e wno fancies hi s , ney. a theater manager, and a jus- i to see the cinema version starring , . , 1 10 buy fooo. clothing and| resemblance to Will Rogers wrote, j tice of the peace " fBettv K uf.on which currentlv :s some of our own peoole ( Evelyn Redue emerges from char- '. plaving metrooolitan screens and ; acter roles as a vary prer'v girl i which critics label strictly malod- i policy of giving so much?" ^^ i ^ h ° P"ts a lot of puneh into her'orcus. - ^ -Already there is a sign of violent or 90 years rray elapse before the i Europe where wild monkeys are struggle coining up within the Re- ' plant blooms. " i found- They live among the rocks, oublican Party between the isola-! · 1 and sport about in almost inaccessible heights. « _ w - - -- _.- -.--. - ^. j tm; j^, iij LC*^i »J ·^Ifctro been kept m line thus far mainly. A--Monrovia. Liberia, is n by the great prestige of Arthur. after Jarees ?.Ior.roe. \andenberg in the Seriate and the! You Know If Cant Be True by rrarik Cro\\d* lined the coiir-e s: ;orre of Ihe competitors took o;T in tho Soap Box Deroy re'c. here e:-da\ afterrocn F:ct.:re ^hov 5 two contestants just after the\ lef: Ihe rarnp at the top of 'Semz- tcmr. K i l l " on We?l Patrick stree:. Soop Box Derby Victory Makes 'Em Happy RAINS. WHICH HAVE featured weather conditions here for tv\o months continued o\er the weekend and the JuK total 11 now around SIN inches after 11 inches during June consistently worked overtime at small wage? to keep the ungrateful THE CITY ELECTRIC LIGHT laborites from starving to death ALVIN D DUDLEY Mt. Airy- J"b r 20, 3943 KEYXAUD ACCEPTS POST j Paris. July 22 ^--Wartime PrfciRier Paul Rensua agreed today to serve as Finance Minister in a cabinet headed by moderate conservative \ndre Mane Social- ; ist elder statesman Leon Blum was ' reported ready to accept the For- | Ministry* ( plant and the Hygeia Ice Company were put out of commission by lightning bolts during the storms here The cit streets were thrown into darkness TO A F I R E ; alarm, the cnarmcal wagon of the j Junior Fire Company collided w i t h an automobile near the corner of Market and Seventh street 1 ? t and a woman m th« machine was slightly injured. Q---What is the record produc- namea tion of bituminous coal for a single year? , -- · , A--The record Tsrcxiuction of bi- shrewd compromises of Chris Hert-' Q--Are v.-ud monkeys found in tununcus ccs: in the United States 6 v~ u anstocrat!C Bostonian. in. Europe? j f or cr? vear v.-as 619576000 net t.,e_House. · A --Gibraltar is the only place in * tons m 1944. iven Wherry, the aggressive Xe- -- -- · braska Senator and GOP whip, has', been vowing he would take on Ar- ! ihur Vandenberg But each time i he came righi up to a scrap. Wherry's nerve melted. Like many oth- ; ers v,ho fought economic controls i so stoutly ^and successfully. Ken' rt " nerr y_ h as never beer, sold on ^ C.KP. , me foreign aid program is' a wonderful target to catch the' blame for HCL , In a very-practical wa. IVherry ! ^-°' A s£ where he stood on foreign i a*d i p.e government was putting j up for sale Army equipment in! the Aleutians that had originally"' cost S23 090 000 Tnere was hospita"] i ecuro--'ersu tractors, sledges etc. j j ne chief bidders were the govern- i r.-ents of Xorway and Switzerland A Xebraska constiuient of V,'h S r- J rj's wanted very much to fa-jy the tractors, so he asked the Senator's ; "e.o Wherry bustled down and i 'iad the orojected sales to the for- e:^ri sovcrnrrenti repudiated. ;o · cou!d set v.hat he -var*-d ! 1948. b;. Giobe Syud ) Questions And Q-- What is the Jefferson Bible?] A -- Thomas Jefferson compiled j fo- hi; ov.n use a book entitled ; The Life and Morale of Jesus " ; T^e used all the words attributed to! Je^u* a« well a= =ome other pas- ! 'ace« in close acco~d w i t h t h e ' v. ores of the sreat teacher The' oris'nal book is ;n the National ' Museum at Washington. D. C. ' Photo by Frank Kcclcr The mother, t w o brother 1 : and sister of Jimmy Burdette. J r . 12 Gatthcrsburs. center, holding trophy, show their pleasure over his victory m the Soao Box Derby held here Wednesday. Q--Fiom v hat lanjuace d" we got most of our musical terms" A--The Italian. · · * i Q--How often does the century 1 plant bloom? I A--The common belief that the centurj plant blooms once in 100 eavs is a myth In warm legiois :t grows rapidlj and blooms about ithe^scventh or ciehth year. In hot 1 Houses or in colder climates SO What. Mr. Trur.inn and Mr. De\vey together? No, it's just two men in clever m.^ks, with Barbara Grand-Bsrgh, queen of ti» Citv,' K. J., Steel Pier. .

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