The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 9, 1959 · Page 2
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 2

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1959
Page 2
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Antut 9,1959 See. v Paice 2 Report Castro Rounding Up ex-Batista Men HAVANA —(/P)— The Revolutionary regime Saturday began an intensive roundup of ex- Batista officers remaining in the Cuban Army, usually well informed sources said. That word came amid re-i ports that some conspiracy against Ihe government of Premier Fidel Castro had been un- eovered. One report said a number of Army officers who were kept in their jobs after ex-President Fulgencio Batista fled .Ian. 1 had been arrested at gunpoint and held in garrisons at Managua, nine miles south of Havana. One Havana radio station announced plans have been made to disband Cuba's secret police. The broaflcast said some members would be taken into the regular national police force and the chief of the secret police, Erundino Vilcia, would receive an "important post" in the Ministry of Government. Other high officials declined to comment immediately on the, reported rouncU»P of officersTn the old Batista Army. While various rumors circu lateS AP Wlrrpholo HONOR BUND V E T — Thomas J. Kennedy Jr., an cx-IVlarinc from Baltimore, Saturday was given tlie Achievement Award of the Blinded Veterans Assn. at its national convention in Miami Beacii, Fla. Kennedy was blinded in World War II. He iias built a successful businesfi wiling and repairing office macliinea. House Unit Urges U.S. Triple Chemical Warfare Research WASHINGTON spending for research (AP) —' A threefold increase in on chemical, biological and radiological warfare was rccommcr^dcd Saturday by the House Space Committee. "Only an increase of such size is likely to speed research to a level of attainment compatible with the efforts of the Communist nations," the committee said in a special report to Congress. The report told of extensive Communist research Into what the committee called CBR (chemicahbiologtcal-radio' logical) warfare. To Their Advantage "The conclusion is inescapable that the Soviet Union and other Communist countries plan to use CBR if they find it to their advantage," the report said. "This country must make sure that it is not to their advantage to use this form of warfare against us." The committee said the U.S. now is spending $.35 to $40 million a year on CBR research. "This represents about one one-thousandth of our defense budget," the report .said. Increasing this amount over a two or three year period to a spending level of around $125 million a year is needed, the committee said, to put this country more on a par witli the Communists. General's Testimony Along with the report, the committee released censored testimony of Maj. Gen. Marshall Stubbs, chief of the Army Chemical Corps. Stubbs, in closed door testimony before the committee last June 22, said the U.S. is highly vulnerable to Soviet CBR at­ tacks "that could , nt severely cripple this nation." The only solution, he contended, is to give this country sufficient retaliatory power in the same, fifeld that it would act as a deterrent to an attack. Cheap Method Both Stubbs and the committee said new development* In chemical Nvarfare, such as nerve gases and psychochemi- cals that can incapacitate people without killing, could provide a swift and cheap method of conquest. "One can conceive the possibility," the committee said, that a very powerful nation with great industrial resources and standing military forces could i>e toppled by a latter- day David of a smaller nation by quiet and sustained effort in the CBR field. "Only a thoroughgoing re search program of our own, coupled with proper attention to warning devices and civil defense, will insure that this country is not the Goliath to fall." Predict Development of Method to Detect Underground A-Blasts —AP Wlrcphoto FORMER MISS U.S.A. IS WED — Eurlyne Howell, former Miss JJ.S.A., kissed her bridegroom, Paul Michael LaCava of Hollywood, Calif., as they were'driven away from St. John's Catholic Church in Shreveport, La., where they were married Saturday. in Havana, Raul Castro,, commander -in-chief of the; .'"'^'^ ^ • armed forces and brother of jSaturday by the Coast and Geodetic Survey. (AP) — Development within a few SisU "now believe that an ar' ' ' ' ' ' ray of seismometers can be WASHINGTON years of a reliable seismologtcal method of detecting nu rxplosions at considerable distances was held possible Premier Fidel Castro, issued a statement calling "'false and tendentious" reports by "news agencies" that there had been landings by invasion forces at various places in (iibii. He did not identify the sources of the reports he said had been put out. Eapiior, both I'idel and Raul Castro showed up unexpectedly at the presidential palace along with some cabinet ministers. The palace, normally quiet on weekends, was bustling with newsmen and rumors that some developments were expected. A spokesman said, however, "all is normal." Name 2 Regions Disaster Areas Reporting on what it called intensive research devoted to the problem,'the agency said its seismologists have been stvidying the possibilities of detecting underground cxplo- .sions through the use of two methods: 1. The placement of seismic detectors in deep holes. U-ie of Arrays 2. The use of arrays of instruments electrically connected so as to filter out the major part of troublesome ground WASHINGTON —(.^i— The Small Business Adminislration Saturday named blast-shattered Roseburg, Ore., and the hurricane battered Hawaiian Island of Kauai official disaster areas. The designation permits owners of damaged homes and businesses to apply for long- term reconstruction loans at 3 per cent. A wide area in Roseburg was flattened when a truck loaded with explosives blew up during a fire Friday. The death toll may reach 20 and damage is estimated in the millions of dollars. Kauai suffered extensive damage to its sugar and pineapple plantations from the hurricane Dot on Thursday. The report said the first system, involving tlie placing of detectors in holes 3,000 to 5,000 feet deep, would be more expensive but would not reciuire such a large area of operation. No cost estimates were given for cither method. "The detection of nuclear explosions," the report said, "is based on the principle that certain distinctive characteristics o.\ist in direction of ground movement resulting from natural earthquakes, which differ from those generated by! artificial explosions , . . Technical Difficulties "Technical difficulties in developing a reliable detection arranged in such a pattern that interference noise will have a tendency to be canceled out.», 100 Detection "For satisfactory results, the Coast and Geodetic Survey proposes that such an array should consist of at least 100 detectors, from which a single recording representing the system are encountered In efforts to overcome the problem of filtering out interference noise in order to distinguish between the sound characteristics of the two different types of ground movement." Asserting that the use of conventional seismographs in monitoring nuclear tests had met with only limited success, the agency said its seismolo- Mobs Surround Queen s Home Head-on Auto Crash Kills 6 in Colorado STRASBURG. Colo.—(iTl— Six persons were killed and six [Others were injured Saturday night in a head-on auto colli- sio near this eastern Colorado community. The accident occurred three miles east of Strasburg at the crest of Death Hill. Free Pacifist Who Wouldn't Pay Tax PHILADELPHIA self-described pacifist, carried bodily from her home June 16 to face charges of income tax evasion, has been released. The U.S; Attorney's office dis- alosed 38-year-old Mrs. Juanita tielson didn't earn enough money to pay taxes. Mrs. Nelson had refused to IJP)—- A pay income taxes because the tm JOUBNAI.-TIMCS SUNU.W UVLI.Kl'lN 813 Fourth St. Vli* Jsarntl-Tliiiri Company Owners Oa<Fubliahrrf I. D. MfMarray, l>r«sld«nt ••trr B. Lerold«vln, Scr.-Trtai. SUBBCRll'XION HATES RkotD* Journal'Tlme.s (dallvl inrludine ttae Journal-Times Sunday bulleilu. Horn* dellvtry rules InRadne Clt; f ont 6io per week and tn Racine Retail on* 3 &0 per w«elc payablo to carrier. Motor Truck service In Racine City and Retail Zones: Three monthK, tlx monttis. )14.30: one year. .$3a.eo.. Mali subscription rates apply only In S .reas wbara motor routes or carrier ervle* Is not available In Racine. Kenosha and Walworth Counties, six months. $7.00; one year. 112.00. Outside naU up to SCO miles: One month, tl.lft •Ix mo&tba $10.00; one year, $18.00 Armed service rates: t\x months. $8.on, on* ytar. $15.00. Outside mall over SOQ miles: one month. $2.00; six months. 113.00; one year, $22.00. Armed service rates: six months, $9.00: one year .$17.00. AtL MAIL SUBBtRIPTlONB MUST BE PAIU IN AUVANCB DIAL MB l-SiiZ money, she contended,' was used "for war and killing." She was carried out in her bathrobe by deputies last June. U.S. Attorney Harold K Wood said Saturday he was closing the case. "She (Mrs. Nelson) is violating no income tax laws as far as we are con cerned." he said. The federal attorney said no proof has been presented that . Mrs. Nelson earned enough to and make payment of federal in come taxes necessary. Report Laotian Troops Defected to Red Side TOKYO — (iW — A number of Laotian army troops defect ed to the Communist side in Sam Neua province during a recent battle, the Communist New China news agency re ported Satiirday. The Peiping agency also reported that the Communists have captured large areas in two districts, including Ban Tao and Muong Na. composite picture of the whole could be made," It added: "Many scientists believe that if added emphasis is placed on intensive seismological r e search and development, rapid progress will be made and that within a few years it may be possible to develop a reliable seismological method of detecting and identifying nuclear explosions at considerable distances." Announce Merger of 2 Frisco Papers SAN FRANCISCO — (/P) — Merger of San Francisco's two evening newspapers, the San Francisco Call Bulletin and the San Francisco News, was announced Saturday. The newspaper, beginning on Monday, will be equally owned by Scripps Howai'd and Hearst Publishing Co. Inc. Its name will be the San Francisco News-Call-BuUetin. Plan New Motel Near Union Grove UNION GROVE — (^) — Plans to build a 92-unit motel on Highway 11 about a mile west of here were announced Saturday by R. G. Bledsoe, president of Scope Associates of Evanston, III. Bledsoe said the $750,000 motel would he erected for military and construction men connected with Bong Air Force Base, under construction in Kenosha and Racine counties. He said the motel would be the start of a housing develop ment and would take five years and about $55 million to complete. He said construction of the motel would begin in about two weeks at the site to be known as Upland. The sun does not travel in an orbit like the planets. BALMORAL, Scotland — f/P) — Thousands of tourists locked around Balmoral Saturday night almost within earshot of Queen Elizabeth II. the expectant mother who rules over Britain. It was as if the S.'i-year-old monarch was expecting her first baby instead of her third Cars jammed the country roads around the Queen's summer vacation home in Balmoral Castle. Mayor William Anderson of nearby Ballater appealed for "peace and quiet" for the Queen. But while he spoke crowds thronged the area hoping for a glimpse of the royal mother-to-be and her two children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Extra police were rushed to Balmoral to fend off rubbernecks. Four detectives stood at the castle gates urging sightseers to "move along there, please." Even bigger crowds were expected today when the Queen her family are expected -I to drive to nearby Crathie Church. Too Much Leffuce with Hamburger LOS ANGELES — i/Pi — Carhop Carolyn Trasey sold a man a hamburger but within 10 minutes he was back, demanding: "You don't want me to eat this, do you?" Carolyn almost fainted when she looked inside the sack he handed her and saw $1,000 in bills. She had inadvertently included in his take-out order a paper sack containing the previous day's receipts. The customer, who identified himself only as "Mr. Nickels," wouldn't even accept a cup of coffee as a reward. APPLIANCES General Clectrie MAYTAG .... TAPPAN RCA VICTOR .... MOTOROLA 512516 WIS. AVE. Open Mondoy 12 Noon to 9 FINAL CLEARANCE OP WOMEN'S BETTER SHOES MEMBER ABBOCIATED PRESS Member Audit Bureau of Circulation, Inland pally Piets Association, Wisconsin Dally Newtpaper LeaRue, American Newspaper Publiehers Acsoclatlos. Daily Journal founded January, "•fan a» 'n 1856. Racine •: Call absorbed. In June. JS3a. The A.P. IB exclusively entitled to the Ji»e lor repuWleatlon ot all news credited h J' " J^°\ otherwise credited in this EerelB •>«»» Jpc»l newt published ^^ecoad OlfUMil^tage Paid at Racine, IMPORTANT ••kierikwt »lio tell u (•! iheir and Pi"" on Here Is a reel opportunity to save . fashion shoes that sold up to $16.95. There are over 250 pairs to choose fronn — limited poirs in every style — wonderful selection in narrow widths (AAA and AAAA), Hi heels, French heels, medium heels, wedges, flats, sandals and tongs. All colors and whites. 3: SHOES SECOND FLOOR OPEN MONDAY 11 to 9;. TUESDAY 9:30 to 5:30 Are You Living On Tired Legs? »1 T ^ixrliiigton Activ-s Support Socks Relieve Fatigue Our remarkable Burlington socki give perfect lupport to weary leg musclet. The special tlastio* type nylon relieves the strain and pain that come with too many houra on your feet. Always look neat because they rise high and stay there. 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