The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 5, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1934
Page 4
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ITHE PAWS news. SUHDAT, AUGUST ft, Society Churches Club s f ' • 1 Week-End Affairs Honor \ To Conduct Guests Here From Mexico \ Jail Service T. S. C, W. Girls to Do Practice Work In Deuton Schools ieo. Complimenting Mr.s. HdwarcL Lanpford. Miss Adele Foliar^. Mrs.; Brooks HerJey or Mexican, Mex~i ^. avi ^ K ^ Ri ° n f 1 ^V^-^y^ ~^-~ 1 S;>i ; itual ^ rvlces wil! . b * xcVh V -urcheor and Iron j tbur J - Bo >'^- Mr=? - Tho:nos Hen- j -fternoon at 3 o'clock by tract Friday a: the Gordon Conn-j^ ^- K - H - Whi;e and -<M Frederick M. Lansre of th< try dub. The long table where the] - ( - >str: ^ lS - ; 17 gruests ar:d the hostess \verej ^r. and Mrs. Kd\vart; Brooks j seated for luncheon \vas laic -with i Henley, who are here visiting rel- t vatics Army. The services will be hold a.: the invitation, of J. B. Sap- ] .DEXTOX.—Misses Virginia Bax| ter and Olivia. Hunter, both of I Paris, have been selected to do ] student teaching in the Deaton •«u«a> i p U 5jii c schools for the first seoaes- i-nyey , , er of the I934 _ a5 session. :?ai- ' Students desiring permanent staie teachers' certificates are re- Ker.ley at si, green cloth and centered with i atives and friends were dinner} a. bowl of yellow zinnias and mar- I sreests Friday evening et Mr, ; Isrolds, on both sides of which j s.nd Mrs. Maelin Atkinson at their; •were placed grreen candles in brass j home on South Church, street. Mr. | candlefcoldtrs, ( 2.~£ Mrs. Maury Robinson were j "places were marked for the fol-5 so S^-*"•*• lowing: Mrs. Ed'-vard Brooks Ken- j -*^ r - £"£ -*' 1 " 5 ley. ilrs- Harry Holder.. Mrs. i honored graests Frank M-arphy. Mrs inson, Mrs. Mrs, Joe Brooks Harl Mrs. Charles Filler, Mrs ] boivis of mixed garden flowers in \ brilliant shades. I The g~uest list will include be- j sidr-s ihe honorees. Mr. and Mrs. | Maclin. Atkinson. Mr. and Mrs. I Alex Wethert-e?, Mr. and Mrs. t Marion. ?helton, Mr. and Mrs- 1 Frank Murphy. Dr. and Mrs. K. IK. "White. Miss L«Gis Mayer. Gene':,>,, = Hoden. Mr. a.r.c Mrs, Thomas Hen- • ^ -. 1 Ivy, Mr. and Mrs. Bedford Brook: ; """ j Harlan. Dr. and Mrs. £>. Scot has more j Quired to do at least one semes- f ter of teaching; during: their four college work. Practice the" I>enton schools as arranged by C.I.A.. makes it possi- he Salvation Army ^ M iiiuic , year* o i 1.700 prisoners paroled to its ! work in ody, Envoy Lange said Satur- | ) day. After the prisoners faav* serv- j b!<? for 5.^^^ 1(> s ^ t thelr jr^. | ea tr,e urst part of the:r sentences J ing u^g,- typical conditions which i tney are a-.ovved to write the near- ; th<?v will j^^, in schoo i s through- j est Salvation Army worker. He is ! t^t ihft s » ar : interviewed and if the case has out the s Both Miss Baxter, daughter of '. Baxter, and of Mrs. E. heir teaching HOUSEWIVES OF EXPERIENCE SEND THEIR LAUNDRY TO THE CITY STEAM It sometimes takes a ~:re several years to fine out ho?.- to take short cuts in the- day's work, to save on groceries arid the like ..... L-t you car= always depend on tne older 'housetvives for sacre advice. The majority of then "«":!! say: -"&SSG your lau—cr"~ to a, n:od- eru lauridr;-- such as the Ciiy Stears.. The laundry 3oe-ks nicer, its much cles.-er ar.c fresher. addition to saving lots of laundry -worries, it 5s actually much clieE.p-sr in the lo~g ni~." Ziet us shotc yot: how ir;expen- sive our Family XVash Service is. ^. , t,ii { J and once €-ach six months-the re- r ntainder of the sentence. j In many cities a Men's Social j Center is established where home- | 1--5S men are employed. Jlere thev ' repair furniture and other articles f lor a small s^ilarj- and room and I One board. In the event no work can j affray BRIEFS About Town plea of guilty to a. charge- of was heard Saturday morn- are often enlistee in Salva- T.rniy "Work. T1~i = "W. E. McXniaht- C. K. GROUP HEARS PASTOR IX GREEXHULL A crowd of 26 members of the Christian Endeavor society of the First Congregational church motored to Greenhill Thursday r.ight where they attended the revival meeting being conducted by their pastor, the Rev. Charles T. Tally, Jr. After the service watermelon served to all. SVOCESSFCT* MEETINGS AT POWDERLY AX1> HARMOX The Rev. J. Roby Ward reported that the revivals he recently conducted at Pattonville and Harmon were successful with 12 additions at Pattonville and S2 at Harmen. 42 for baptism. The Rev, L. 1^ Bolton is pastor of the church at Harmon. I 3fiss Christine Goolsby I Leaves for Mexico is only one phase of the j A building: permit has been is- I Salvation Army's program, Knvoy j sited to Mrs. W. P. Duncan for re- j said Saturday as he point- i pairs on a house at I3S ClarksvUle j ec to how these efforts fit into the \ street to cost $225. | Army's slogan of "a man may be I -i cc'tvn but he is never 01:1." TALLY AT POWDERLY The Rev. Charles T. Tally. Jr.. pastor of the First Congregational church here. TV!!! begrin a union revival for Baptists and Methodists at Powderly Monday. August 6. at S p. m. Everyone is invited to attend. Miss Part* Girl* Taking Prominent Parts At Camp In Tennessee MAYLiAND. Tenn. — Miss Francenia Hicks, of Paris, Texas, took part in the strikingly beautiful pageant given Saturday evening at Camp Xakaaawa. Mayiand. Tenn., by the Amazon division of senior camp. The lake shore and sloping hillside before the home of Colonel 1* L. Rice. Camp director, furnished the setting for the pageant with an Asiatic tent decked in brilliant hues and the queen's throne in gold nad scarlet in the foreground. In the junior swimming meet Frances Sagland look part in the 50 foot dash and she also participated in the tenneauoit games as a member of the Valkyrie varsity team. Miss Hicks is the Mr. and Mrs, Walter and Miss Ragland is the daughter j the Ozarka. home by Mrs. Burnett -who visit there about a month. will Joe King: and infant son born recently at the St. Joseph hospital, returned Saturday to their home on South Twenty-sixth street. sister. Mrs. \V. P. accompanied a visit, Relief Work Scope Shown The wide scope of activities of the Lamar County Relief Board, which maay look upon as an office \vhere the needy are led and Miss Xix home for I nothing more is done, i* brought out clearly by a study of reports coming from the office Saturday. For instance- Marie Nix has returned home .from a three weeks* visit in Dallas where she visited her Hallman. who The condition of I>r. M. L. Broadstreec of Mt. Pleasant is re- j £ Si the moath , derwent an operation a ago- few sients J. H. Oliver and family and . Miss Zurraa Oliver will leave Sun- j I -«»*-«5 i^iAi ***c. VJ^a.*VTTA >% iil ^TT^ \ C £?UI1— ' rift, X K day mornins for Plainview, Ark., i ,-~, S ^ en r * daughter of j lo visit Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Smith i Jr?go*, nt * S ' ; F Hicks, Sand will also spend a few.dnys in LwTi'i^ f^! *,„ of Mr. and Mrs, of Paris. Mitchell Ragland PERSONALS Jane Coliharp of Clarksville had j her" tonsils removed Saturday j I mornins here, and she and her f j parents are at the Marshall resi- j caii ,^ ^ a , | dence on Lamar avenue, while she j xolls Ma'^i ! is recuperating. the time, the beef can- plant be^an operation until 2,$32 head of beef cat- has been received here. O£ to fill slaughtered. properly and canned up to Friday night at 6 o'clock. Of this t canned, the loss has bee/ii than one-tenth of one per cent of the cans. ;oon most of the ' Miss Christine Goolsby. daugh- • ter of Dr. and Mrs. Elbert Gools- ' TkelTTia Fielder and | by. will 3fa ve here Monday for! L.L.Mavberrv i ^aji .Antonio where sr.e \Tili meet. , I friends "-vi*h -".vhom she vrill cori- i "•. tinne on to Me2ticx> Citv for a i™o ' J --- [ City officers arrestex! a man on | Saturday afternoon on South • Kigrhteenth street on a charge of = crunk. He was placed in city jaiL I Miss Ruth Wright Will \ Leare for Eastern Tour I Miss Ruth VTrisrh-. dsujhter I Mr. and Mrs. Gecrce T. \VrI | v.-iih her aun:. Mrs. Geor ; cle. Kim "L-aughnn. a'l c: rio^s- • M- J, Siearel of the Hollywood ss Thtima Fielder. only i Short Trill leave the first of the nter or Mrs. G. T.V. Fielder. I T\-$ek for Dallas to spend three or ..i- iSte ->!r, J- :elder and Floyd four days at the South-western ayc-errj". of Minier v.-ere mar- <-vi-^ ^J-ow Thursday evening- at S ovicck I " . Roach, Streety, CKNTRAI, PRESBYTEBJAX JC>10RS EXTERTAIXED Dr. John Arch Stephens is attending Uie encampment with The } 132nd Field Artiiler;.- at Paiacios. Mrs, G, P. Eeuley is ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. XV. P. I Duncan, on Pine Bluff street. Mr . ancl Mrs . R , H _ Finaey re - s i ort Main street hud been moved | to the Henry Smith pasture about | one and one-half miles northwes r of ihe municipal abattoir. This is The Junior department of the Central Presbyterian church was a visit entertained with a party at the church Friday afternoon. Games were enjoyed by the children; and Miss Louise Beatie. Miss Mary Sunkel and Mrs. J, W. Sunkel assisted in serving ic« cream cones to the 20 children present. - | tietb street- Hiss Annette i-atiaier left Fria party from Cooper for 1 10 days in Gaiveston. | Bill Hernphill visiting William W. W. Bless tenth birthday anniversary FLRST CKRISTTAX WOMAN'S COTTVCII.' Miss Marguerite _i * : i Sunday for: Chica The social service department of City Officers and "White and Deputy Sheritfjthe ^'Oman's Council, First Chris-Jack Re-eves raided a negro house I tian church, •will rr-»*r or -v.^ ! \^ ^ ri«ir^~ his r>>^ \Tr«; " } t>Ie '" vart - J-««s«Jay evening at tne:r ! Vi-'^-r x ^- n »-.^* ni y e - Mrs. v>. home on Sout!l church | M. Hili and family on South Thir- j A CQjor scherne or i white was carried out in the decoration of the table which was centered with a pink and white birthday cake containing pink can- Jordan leaves :o to visit the aner a , "., *"Vv~~* """** ~ I '"" i '* " i ""' t •>• j which the cattle had been the former Miss. L*ota I^everett of * Tured «trcu arit ' S For the week ending Thursday, ,, T c I August 2. a payroll of ?4.15S,€0 Martha StelCOrl MS \ was, distributed to 4S3 workers. Honored On Birthday \ SSfa'S ^^^ ^^ < * f ** And Monday, work -will begin on a house oa land owned by Jim Caviness. four miles south of Noble, under the rural rehabilitation program. Approximately SS4 wfll be spent for labor and 559.31 will go for materials on this work, which will employ three men 10 days. And this in addition to direct relief given. Tr ° rld " s ^"ai the ceremony refresh- \ •re served to tha relatives I ~ it r.ome rcr the pres-enl. with the ! --- at on South Sixteenth street Saturday and secured 34 bottles of home brew. Sheriff Clyde Shelton and I>cp- nave gone Dr. Hubert ~McCu$iion Here For Delta Beta 1 Sororitv •orge rlofertson - *^ ^it^a T ^~a* C^a, to i with the theft more than < i ago of a car belonging to ! Thomas. They expect to be £• i about four days. church Monday afternoon o'clock. " a* , the MrS " L ^ Bcirr! P ar * °*' 3 ! Sm:I;h - Ark., is visiting Mr. ! ^ Irs - s - M- Harper. and ALATHEAN CLASS MEETS The Aiathean class of ihe !m- manuei Baptist church had a so- I Mrs. B. I~ BSllingsiey has re| turned from a short visit with | friends in Dallas. Tom AJlasan. ? -*tu-" a p-isc^ I cial and business meeting Th«rs- | in connection day afcera <«n at the home of Mrs. I year Will City TeL 21—22 in Alton. Illinois. af;er sr-ending- ^"clock at the Gibraltar hotel. All j the \veel-t end here with his fi-• "".e.-r.cers are urged to be p-resert, ; Brasweil who broke her ther. X)r. ".r. TT. McCuisucr:. His : as r.-;ans for rush week are to be j bone when she fell from a swing j serred- slster. Miss Mars-;e McCuistion. . discuss-'d ar.d new officers are to ; & - the home of her grandparents f Harold Chamness for with Mrs. Jack Crershaw assistant I na SiSIer durin ^ tfee hostess. 20 menibers Ti-»re""preseiit. Puring the social hour names , , , ^ , we ~e dra-wm to determine the win- | " ere irom "' i -"^ of the class gift and Mrs. Ar- \ Elizabeth, three year oid i thur Pate was th» luckv wlnn*- I ^u~hter of Mr. and J. M. j " " . wul leave o visi* ;• dies and favors. After supper, i I dancing and games were enjoyed • Fort! < i U j,j n g- t H e everting, i The 14 youns guests present, in- j eluding the hocoree. were: Betty I Prock. Eleanor and Margie Be!!. ; Mary Kimbail. Patsy Campbell, i Huth Billincrsley. Charles Geron. Xed Xorment. Sonny Burroughs. ; •J. "W. an<i Houston Harrison, j Charles McMiHan and TorassJe : Stewart, j During extremely hot weather in Neiv Tork City, city officials noted an increase in mortality. 31r. and Mrs. Hobert jLenoir ar* i plantation fconie ! near DeKalb. to spend the week- 1 end with their families. » George Terry Thanks ] Voters For Support j R. D. Griffls Gladys Griffis W. M. Griffis DRS. GRIFFIS & GRIFFIS Dentists ORTKODOXTIA X-HAT Mildred JEiobaisch. I spent the week with Mrs. I Cottharp of= ClarksvLjic, returned at Ma_sey Third Birthday h Celebrated is resting well at her j KETHOPTST MISSIONARY I S North Eighteenth • SOCTJEXl" >rEETS MOXDAY i ier honi» Saturday. Frida^' i* First Methodis society -will MJ«s=ir>i:ary ! ^ i \Vords fail to express to nty w ho 1 friends the sinctrc debt of grati- Glen \ * u <3e ! owe to each and everyone of them *<;T giving me the nomination for Commissioner of Prtr- | cinct >Jo. 1 in. the i>rimary oloc- Miss Isabel Thielen is reported ! "^r. ^a.vl Saturday, i fee; that no to be getting alon* nie?]y fo-luw- I person who ever offered for pyb- fig a major operation at. tb» Sani- 1 3ic office had irsor« loyal SPECIAL Stop and Go Sundae ...... Banana Corner Drug Store : ~ ,* T: ! ^ork ^hich i: has be-n handles ix \ ROBT- W.\RT> AT FTR5rr BAPTISTT ; Leion Auxiliar at vo mazrer -wzas you may have heard or •vrhat yon rne abom Ais or rfaar of electric refrigeration—TOG cag idea, of Twhat a rnode electric refrigerato •bouid be or do und you've seen dze Frigjd Cosse is acc lears •why thousands are Antlers Has Election I err^r^erc:- >Ir. and Mrs. R. E. Hoban and? 2n *z* absence of the pastor. Dr. the ~week""e::d with Mrs. Hoban's}^ present, the pulpit i»t the F;;-; Mrs. Jack FLucker. er! I Baptist church will he occupied at oute to Monroe. L--i.. where Mr. i th * i^ornmjr and eveninsr service* •zoban. is to become manager ] -' Jr ^ da >' ^T the Rev. J. Roby XVard. •f the Rafts store. Their ten vear i I>a ^ tO1 " °f *he Imrr.antj*! Baptist »- - 3 * ^>»r?T-f*>» iN'rs. K- r^. Wir.frsv *o htr bom^ after navsnur tiati«?r- jrone an oporatJon at the SL Jo- s*T<h hospuai abotst 10 days ?..£•}, Church. Mr. and Mrs. Tom P Hock HHL Scut;: Csro': Friday fyr ^ v : s5t her* Beard's brother. "A". 3U. family. a. 3rrlv-"J' wr'th Mr. ear.-*, and tarium of Paris Saturday noon. I>r. and Mrs, J. L. Ruff, aceo-r:- nif-c! by she'r «iauyhr<*r. Mrf. C. ;cft F'rl- * ^^ f ter-1 Zefa Gamma Chapter "/ -* - ^— O* Meeting \ day rnom ins for «. two weeks stay) >flSCEI~LAXEQrs SHO\VER ~ f._ — Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Carrol! «r.t*r- I ^^ ^amma chapter A and Miss > Saturday '-jr ] L^iand Mam- | A-iil £o from ; JjiiiiS. After games had been played the ia-srn, :c* cr««.rn and cake •• served to 110 fftifefits present. TV J. PoHa PoiJard left ro visit Mr?. -'liF? 1 Pollard to CHIcijro. OH t a Sar.csburr. ^"h sftjor operation II A SPECIAL $*« •s is a -Trigidaire ,£2.rn 0: i !;if,n>.\3fRj r»j r»\rtT>fi:xT — MAIN FTX*OR There's a size, a model ajid a price to auit your individual needs Perkins o ik'j»airtit»eni *i of Paris,, United States Tire Has Been Designed For "KNEE ACTION" CARS r equipped •writh the "Kne'- Action" r, ;-"3 have doubtless noticed that --••;.'.: ','.-;!! not jriv* the prc-'er amount V. •„ . ;% h.svr; a t!r*- that }« 'Jcubi«-r<B-«nf«>rce<! on •r*: rr.;';-.«t of *.h* war ccctsrE on "Kn«<* Ac* : ':.-:'i" tJr^-r-. ^r.^ r:i v t!? ;• 0"- s tir* that r^<Jtic*;3 nol*<6 ajonsT •^-;*h v.-;v;r.;sr greater rniJ*-a)?-»" *at no increa»«s Jn tire cost. If ;-ou f.i^Tj a " Action" car. I«*t us equip you ^ith a iwt '••f thfrft^ nc--f L'. S. Hoyalf. an4 s^v<t you a. liberal tr*<J* Sn :.:r;"~ ',-r: y.- y i:r <M *3r'r« 5>*-fc-r«- ^h^y ^tar out on the corner of the tr*-a.<5. U. S. Tire* Now Gxarazrteed A**"** AH Road Hazard* Quality Accessories At Regular Price Ross Iliff Motor Co. HAEMOXT BHCrnj>AT Ct,UB ! The Harmony Birthday ciuo '• ^< was entertained by Mrs. Oaither j time a^o at'The Sa.r.i'ArJum o£ Rodgrers "^rith z. »p*nd-th«-da.y I Pars*, returned to her home Sat- Party "K"ednesday a-t her honie. ' urday. IDurluy the afternoon a. short } bujfiness session was held. CtJ<ist» i Mr. and Mrs. XVill K<2v.ard«r of included Mrs. Floyd Patterson ar.d ! Quinccy, Miss., and -%*r. arm Mrs. her sistea, Mrs. Warner. an<3 Sirs. ' I^a-wrenc* Cor.w.-*y of AlabamA, Robert Stacrt*r. - ; apcr.l Thursday n'srht h«M-<» with next stlTis of the club i Mr. a.n<5 M-,i. S. H. Kklwards and •sf'Il be h»jd at Airs. J. B. Lamb- j Miss Eusc*r.ia R«>*<3. They w«rc «?n kin's home on South Twenty-fifth • route to California nnd were ac- street. | compa,ri!*M5 by S. U. HKRK M£aa Je-we! Berrv/>»rry of r>^ri- v«r. Colorado, IK v!«ltinsr h»r aunt. Mr». Pad Dors»y ars<1 farnily. ai th* I>ors*y hotel. ! J. <5. Morris l^ft «»arly l mornlnpr for hi* MOT after a brief visit with 5Tr. and Mr*. »id family. Hf- ^'SJ !n Po-wd^r'.y | Jim P.«rnei'l Colonial Cleaners Now Located At 34 N. Main St. Phone 300 We invite you to visit us in our new location. Remember we're th etlrst shop to bring you "ol<2 time" saving prices. CASH AND CARRY 35< FA>'TS 35< DELIVERY PRICES 25< ALL WORK GUARANTEED Have Wallpaper in Your Dining Room. as Washable as Your China Imperial Wallpapers arc really Waskablt. You can use soap and water, or any of the commercial dry-cleaning solvents. The colors remain as fasc and a 'tractive as ever. They dorTi need the protection of lacqoer, varnish or other protective coatings usually found on washable -wallpapers. These soft finish, Imperial W*sb*ble Wajlpapcrs even come in dainty pastels — in patterns to suit every purse and every purposc- For your dining room — and every other room- — there's a wide selection of Imperial patterns to choose from. All arc the authoritative designs of cxpcrr decorative artists. All Imperial Wallpapers-- Glcncrafr, Glcnfast, Glctnvay— arc fast to light as well as W*sk#ble, And yet, they cost practically no more than ordinary non-washable xvallpaper. Come in and look them over, THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Co. 37* -- IF YOU CANT COME IN, SEND THE COUPON -Je*a Me Lawn, Imperiil'i Interior Decoration Advisor: At oo charge to inc. p!ca*e send DC Xaaperial Wal!p«pc? *agf«»ti<Ka thsc will fie the following room*; (S«M<7 *» Dwk) N«ne. , ..,, Street. Gty, .St»tc

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