The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 7, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 3
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THE DAD.Y KEG1STER, DARRISlHJRa ILU, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1048 PAGE TllKJKi Social and Personal Items ,* »· grin? Them in t Our Gfter \VRlchniakcr I'l.nkeyvillc II. B. Meets With Mrs. George Myers In spile of the snowy wcathci, leven members of the I'ankcyvillc .Uiinf Bureau unit "braved the ·torm" and attended the last meet n,;j of the unit, held Thursday I'itcrnoon at the home oi Mi:, George Myers. Comic valentines which wcie ie:.d in answer to roll call go. i lie meeting off lo a, Mj.rt. The minor topic, which gave uciul information in regard to llic "Use ol Date Book in Home milker's Tune," was discussed by Freeman Dempsey, and UK n.ajor topic, "Everyday Couries .cs,' v;as picsentetl oy the home Health Program at Woman's Club Monday Mis. Ralph Ut'own, Jr., and Mrs DC wilt Twcnte sire chairmen oi tl'f Public Health and Welfare program \vlrich will ho given a 1 the next meeting on Monday fcftci noon of the Ilarrisbiirg Woman's club, at tin- public library. They will present at that time In. Charles Button, of Springfield a'Mslaiit to Dr. Kichard iJoyd. hi'i'lth administrator for the staU Washington Column By Peter 01 Illinois, who foi mation and speak o-i tht organi/ation o) NEA-Ttt'jjistCJ Correspondent county health departments. WASHINGTON -- (NEA) -There are now over 100 bills be- The program also will ineludt forc Congress .dealing with pro- SOI.KS by Charles A. Ferguson. am-IP"^ changes in the social sccjr- f these 1 Hs . . . the meditation, by Mrs. Kay Dur j»ly '? w . Seventy of these - - - - - o l d - a e s i rim - call for increasing old-age surviv- ' , ,, , " · ! , -ors' insurance, 4 1 lor increasing Mrs. Cnarles rord, Jr., \,ii, J 0 | d . age as^tancc. Twenty-seven I want unemployment compensation .'u\hoi, Mis. Harry iiarpcr. Before the meeting ended rc i J'ieilimenti of date pudding, whip ! serve"as "lioslcss. V ped cieam, ^:nd coiie^ were served ' '_' __ 10 the lolkmmg: Mcwlames, Nancy Ml , and Mrs . Adolph Sm ilh and 'TtoToS^ x-dler, uempsey, *er,i, M r . and Mrs Ed Ga ^ kins havc rc . «"d to dependent cluldien and one \Vaddcll and daughter, alary, AUa| t u r n c d f r o m a three weeks' vaca- t\oonan, J. C. Oasaway, Alia Hut- tcr\\oith, Lee McCornuck, Piiesi- ly llilliaid, Lowden Perkins, Helen \\asson, Alary Harper, and tne hostess. Uon in Miami, Fla. While away they visited briefly with Mr. and - - -- - «n« o r nmnnt in nav ma- S ? , , ' , . iltorl Out o£ a l l h ' s confusion there, ") TROPICAL SPICE CAKE This tantalizing spice cake with a cienmy fuoV,c fronting i« ono you can make on your buxicsl day. It's a tented impe, made tho Ono-Bowl way which means your cake is inixc-d and in thu oven in live minutes. Tho frosting, too, is a "quickie." Just try it nml FC". \ When you taste this feathery-Unlit, tender cake with its subtle bjond of spices and luscious smooth frosting, you'll marvel fit how quickly you were able to turn out such si maotcrpiecc. 11 \\ill be a family favorite, 1 BO clip the recipe now. Mrs. Wilson Pankey and Mr! and is some possibility that action may 'Mrs. Hubert Hawkins in Sarasota, lbc forthcoming--maybe TM* s g e ^ . . live unit \\ill meet at the home! i n Mobije Ala to visit the Bcl-i thrce principal pressures in gov- Mrs. LowcSen I'eikms on March.ii, Il!ralh Gardens. ,ernmcnt to speed it up. of j 4. All members aie asked to come and urinjj Incii birthday lollcrings. ' lingrath Gardens. BIRTHS | President Truman says he will " s e n d a special message to Con- · gress on the subject. His budget ' message called for increasing ben-1 ~ ! efit payments by $100,000,000 next i ail gainfully em- JAN. 19 IS BAKY DAY WITH T!IL;.I. Unique is the family of Mr. and Mrs, Invin Eiring, of St. Cloud. Wis. whose three children were all born on Jan. 19. They're pictured \ulh their latest, John , born Jan. 19, 1943; Sue Ellen, born Jan. 19, 1945; and Billy, Jan. 19, 1943. Special Offer! -. TRHATEH v u h I't!rcluic of High School Westminster i-cllowsnip Meeting Held ! To Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Roe, | year, covering it i^oins Call, .Jr., Home 'Junction, a boy, born early this,ployed workers, by increasing the " Winners of the attendance C on.| m ° rnin 8 at L'ghtner hospital. i maximum amount of earnings tax- HI-MI Sciiooi vVestmniv able - Present cost of the system is ^ L ^ htncr Hos P ital Notcs '$750000,000 a year as against re- were cntt-itamed oy the! The following persons entered ,ceiptss from payioll taxes of $2- l o c r at a "murder' paity, ihurs- Lightner hospital yesterday for 500,000,000. The balance goes into cuy cnemng, ac me numc ot mr. I medical treatment: Rev. E. M. reserves for future payments. . j;U Louis Gall, ,Jr. tOakes, pastor of the First Chris- The game, wnitn aliordcd much 'Han church, Harrisburg; Mrs. El- Commissioner Arlnur AUmcjer amusement or uio.e in attendance len Harper, 326 West Raymond'of the Social Security Administra- ^rlz^l uniic tne lights, are ex-1street; Mrs. Gallic Cantrell, liar-;turn has already outlined h s agen- mu mined, unmg wmcn time tne nsmirg: Mrs. Eva Lee Owen, liar- cys recommendation. He whexes ·YAurdeicrV' WHO is known to him- lisburg; Miss Roma Dillard, Har- the minimum benefit payable tell oniv, "Kills' nis victim, alter'mburg. and Charles Jerrells, Har-,should be increased from $10 to risburg. '$20 a month. The maximum paid . tally man. fcome "narp uclec-ij s a new operative case. me \ \ u i J v e.xhiuiixa by bev- ·_ral guests. i ai.u.wcncs ar.d hoi chocolate, provided Dy Mr. and Mrs. Gall,I \.cre served b; Uie to tne| nenored guests: Jimmy Orbria Hudgins, 49. and Mrs. receive benefits. instead of the present S85. Work- · ' ers should be permitted to earn ' up to $40 a month and still re- j ceive social security benefits. At the present time, no worker earning more than $14.99 a month, can was ' GER SEWiNG CENTER Biown. - i he ' iosins'' committee coir.posea ol Marilyn Polk, iec." David liaicer. John lioicourt, a'-.c. Il.'rry Gene .Moore. ilcvotional, tne theme preceded' County officers today reported a short buMiiess n.eeung held that a c o m p l a i n t carhei in tne evening. At an a-scmbly of the students of IfTIlS Friday morning, recognition given to 80 honor students have a scholastic rating of 10 or belt 1 , for the third six- weeks terns. The group includes 30 fin-hivon, 17 sophomores, 25 jiimois, and 19 seniors. * Lib'rd according to their aver-! ase, they are as follows: · Moore. VK'ct, Jr. 97 Molcdf. Vova, Sr 96 1-2 AHaid, Bilhc, Sr. . _ 96 Dcbcs. Arthur. F 96 H;i-{, UcU\, Sr. 95 3-4 Kimme!. Parb.-.ra. Soph 95 3-4 7 DK. HOLLAND LONDON, pastor Evan.,, Rita. Jr. - 95 3-5 I retirement i of the First Church of the Naza- Gaskins. Shirley. Jr 95 3-5 - - - - - - Soph- 9 5 1.2 95 1-2 Soph. 95 1-2 . . 95 2-5 95 1-4 _ . _ 9514 should be taxed for sociai security, 'speak concerning his recent e\an- Alvcy. Da\:cl, Soph _ 95 · Tropical Spice Cake 2 cups sifted cake flour 1% cups sugar 2% teaspoons baking powder (tartrate powder, 4 teaspoons) 1 1 teaspoon salt · teaspoons cinnamon i teaspoon nutmeg % teaspoon cloves J cup Spry 1 cup less 2 tablespoons railK % teaspoons vanilla 2 eggs, unbeaten »$mMm\ (heck instead of only the first $3,000. gelistic tour of England. ns at present. v To pay for all these . · 'additional benefits, it might be necessary to levy a tax of from 5 (~ n | pnr ]nr to 3 per cent on this amount. j^-uici iuv_i. ._... Altmeyer made these recom- ; o f charging mendations before the Senate Fin- nee Committee's 17-member Ad- Ilanccc':. "lona. Sooh 95 Carman' Pauline. Soph. ._ 94 34 Cower. Saiah. Sr. . . ... S4 34 Polk, rianiyn, Jr. Leo, Jane. Jr. Co:.o''fM\ Robert, F Crawford. Xorma. Jr. Puckctt, Xoima. Soph. remaining on mixer at low speed). Bake in two square S x 8 x 2-inch Spryroaled pans in moderately hot oven (375° F.) 25-35 minutes. Spread \Mutc Fudge IrostinR between layers and on top. Decoiatc with chopped nub or pecan halves. · , sugar ana ^ teaspoon *.««. ^w ·--· ·.-- ---- .. .. , until sugar is dissolved. Add 1 teaspoon -,ansila and beat until thick enough to spread. ·«- Hearty Appetites A family of five cats some 8 pounds, or a liitlc more than four tons of food o yeat. 94 34 ._. 94 3-5 _ 94 1-2 94 1-2 _ 94 1-2 94 1-2 94 2-5 , 94 2-5 , "Frenchie" Dunivan \vith forgery Dick Martin of the Jordan Motor FOR ALL CARS 1188R iJWSd 0 !! 82 w^r SSiff TlZS^vXZSS^ t S for local authorities lie disabled before reaching retire- Jj£ :k^^5K£*S! -»* ^±Ts y ^,rS £ 94 . 94 7 p . m . 93 4-5 i jto cash a check said. j The name of Paul J. Mayer i Metropolis was written on check, officers stated. i Dunivan will be returned to Sa- changes in unemployment I line county today. com; pensation, the payment of cash ncsus-es. ' sickness benefits for snort-term un- First Baptist Sunday . a Valentine social in CMPC Ilpr.vhel. Jr rooms of the chuich Duncan. Ba: L-ara, Jr. Small Rov. Soph. Durham, Bill Bob. Jr. 93 3-4 j 93 34 | 93 34 ' 93 34' 93 34 j liJoVand Ada Cable will act as ^euer, ^TM ; "· -- ^ **· 93 34 ____ ..... ________ .larvis. Eleanor, Sr ...... -- 93 2-3 i Soph. . - 93 1-2 1 -- ' sickness benefits for snort-term un- . o;««cc ;. Cathcarr. Jack. Soph. . - 93 I-/ , The Daily Register. 20c a week, emplovmcnt on certified lines, and The Earnsburg Business . c ^ } ^ James Jr _ _ 93 1.21 · carrier boy." . · the rates of public assistance to Professional Women s; club v. m F _ . . 93 1-21 LIVING ^GL/ai victory AXMIKSTER by MOHAWK :-~e :'.o:cl in Mchcr.vk's Royc' Vicen .n a vcrlcty of pro-harir.oniiO '-.-:'. g.vo a versatility to .ccorii.r.g. Kero it creates an. .'- corr.c.nalicn for a de- C'-'. r.:c:". dining roc:n. ' · " ' r rc of the r.iar.y rosir.3 »A'i! Mch'T."'c cc'o'3 end dcs.^rs c:c h=-nony checked b.-'orc they crc woven Thi-, r-.ccn= Shey cro ccriain So b!cri-i with she cob-r. c! other hcr.o !u:n:;h- ms which cro »a the rates of public assistance to Professional Women s club 'th poor. hold its regular monthb dinner ^ i These two msjor reports of the meeting Tuesday, *CD. iu, .t ^^ Don aid. F. .Advisory Coucil on Social Secur- Schnierles cafe. T. n ^,,?/ UDni .:; : . Bradley. Janet, Jr. Jr. . conduct iLs study. Chairman of be at 6 p. m. and all members the committee is Sen. Eugene Mil- are urged to aUcnci. likin (R.. Colo.). T Since social security matters arc 5J,g TlSTHS rOSt niciHr*r/»rl nc Invnt inr» nnr^ ^infO 93 1-2 93 1-2 ... 93 1-2 ' 93 2-5 , .. 93 2-5 . 93 2-5 Soph. _ . . 93 2-5 , !3 2-5 93 14| F. . 93 14 Siniih. To:r.sie. Sr. - 93 14 Aldridce. Dons Jean. F. . 93 1-3 , Belt/. Bob. Jr. - ·· Cummins. Herbert. Sr. 93 Wit ten. Edna. Sr. , F!c:r.rang. Jacquclyn. Jr. i considered as taxation, and since ,thc Constitution provides that tax Qv£? tO bills must originate in the Ilouse. it is entirely possible that the re- .'Continued frum Page One) , y^','^^" .; 0 hi.. Soph. 93 ports lo Senator Millikin may be ^ ; TTT Sch-V v )"r Bonnie. F 92 4-5 (stymied. That hffs yet to be work- box as a memento from tne ]omt ra :' f ;.".i ( f" Dir:na , F. . . . 92 34, cd out with the House. chiefs of staff. Smi'V P.ut\. ^5r _ . 9 2 3 4 ) Chairman Harold Knulson ( R . shortlv before Eisenhower 'jj ro . x " ? ; Hill Bub. Jr. - ...921-2, Minn.) of the Ilouse Ways and f orma ij v " relinquished his posl he E( i v \,^c:' runs. Sr. 92 1-2 Means Committee, ^which handles , lc .j ( j a 'farewell news conference. \vcll». Jehn Orvillc. F 92 1-2, 92 " I 92 i . 92 _. 91 34 91 3-4 . 91 34 91 2-3 91 3-5 91 1-2 91 i PO 34 1*0 34 "Ike" said that he would begin y,f c ." Thomas. Jr. writing his memoirs m hashing- snidtr. James. Jr. t on He hopes to get a good r.jdecl. Mary !*«· 1 · start before he reports to Colum- Kavmond. Sr. sociation arc combining efforts to offer to Illinois physicsns a po^l- graduate course in thoracic case*;. The course will be at Wayne University. Del; Mich.. March 22-26. The course \vil from cr be throu. Recent contributors Jo the Seal Sale arc: WASHINGTON. Feb. 7--O'-Gen. Dwicht D. Eisenhower tola '-ChtCS Pro'idc^L. L- Thomrs of As Seen in HARPER'S BAZAAR -o down in history as "the con- f, AO k o;jrs inter the cral who murdered fnc youns: rt , irc(3 jhc mcv \rnericans." . wen* 'wcV ti thor He had ordered the airlwrne Gidcumb in Harrishunr Since 1006 Autos Damaged in Highway CcIHsion State Policemen Or\-?5 Vo'il?:b siicians who told him . bcr ar.d John D. 3«cai today r be 80 per cent casuamcs { poricd thai car driven b-'S-T- 'you will murder two ol Inc .in : - I'trlain of Harrifbur^ and" Aden cst divisions of your.c TSunt of XScLc^isooro were d'in' 1 cans." s^cd considerably durir^ the «-.eav« wrong. ;ro\vfaH 71r«jrsda% afternoon wc:i Jhcy collided hc-«d on three rmlo south of McLcan;..oro on R'-u'' H2 Partain was Ir.-jvcl'ir.j; s'».:'.*s v/i«n3 and Hunt d n \ j n s 1.1 \v«".rd McLcsnsboro. Xc.trcr v r - Thc technicians thc airborne r.i- , ri ,^ O j] » JC .]^ nvi^bincrj. advice of lech- ^ c ,". cr -.] car. o. im there WOUM! Do Valera Fells Ameri- Short of Aic/onty LTV. Frh. 7. -- '1T-- \alcra fell ~, by^rrier - ' Memory of Grasshopper Experiments havc certain grasshoppers memory grasshoppers v food at a certain place in tbcir cage until moulting, at which time [ j-], 0 Daily forgot what they had learned j^- curlier MinJftcr Xi«r.on C nine seals hor1 of winning a clear- c u r major.t:- in the In^h scnts havc 5hovn :?ia: ^"' /'"V ,^ c /^ \-w can con jrasshoppcrs lose Jhc.r 5 ;^g £ ; ^ ^ly'^ith sapporl between moults. Thc « 1 ; l ^ '' ,..OP «r\cr:irent, imal ers were tausht to lake ^ ^ ^ $ f^ay. ster. 20c a week, TOWN TRIUMPH Taffeta inserts gne imporiancc and charm to the full-blown skirt of this beautiful coat. ETTA GAYNES gently rounds the shoulders, hup in the waist. In Pacific Vcrdona crcpc, quality raj on lined APPAREL I i; fi Ni-M'SPAPFRl Ni-M'SPAPFRl

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