The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 1, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1924
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. MONDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1924 • mm Butter-Knist FRESH /i Try it / 1 NOW! A REAL TREAT! Rudolph Valentino Comedy— "MIDNIGHT BLUES' NEWS REVIEW Mat ZSc| Eve. 40c; Kld« 10c Shows! 1:15—3:15—6:15 7:15—9:1S TO BRING FIRE WARNING FILM Insurance Board to Bring Film Teaching Fire Prevention Lesson. woalhor, no rain or Bluet or snow, tho flurfnclug will probably bo com- plctotl by ihe now your. Thn lorn) lntMirnnco board Is trying to pot n fire provonllon ntovlo here at on» of tho local tlioafrea. Tho picture Is untitled "KlamlnR America'' which wan recently released by tho Fire Pn'vrntlnn <Ie- purtinent or tho Western Actuarial bureau, Thn scenario been prepared and revised by Richard K. Vernor, manager .(if the depart- in ent. A Kyiuhollcal figure representing tho fire fiend runs through the film and with 'Tlenillsh 1M1 •<>", records the toll of lives nmi less of property in a hi;; black book. ! Strips of recent outstanding flrea of the United States will bo obtained from news reel companies and Inserted. H. \\\ IlasenmaMor of McNnsh- ten's and piesidi'iit nT the Insurance board has made arrangements to Ret the picture and as soon as plans have been settled with a local theatre manager ihe play will he presented here. ^RADIOS KANSAS AOOIE NIGHT. lladlo station KSAC will make her bow tonight .1 Manhattan, the following program being broad­ casted [roni 8:00 to 12:00 p. in. tonicht: 1. Tuning tn number. Thi» college boll will rlnp from 8:<io to S:05. ^ \v. M. J.ircllii<v nivsldont KnnRns "•••' .Vitili-ulturnl Collri! M. .ton.ithnn Fll-i-i'll. Alien M.atnr, led COMPLETE FIVE MILES OF PAWNEE CO. ROAD. Lamed, Dec. 1.— Kive miles of tho surface of tho new l.arnod- Sanford federal aid road IKIYO been completed, It Is announced by County Engineer Ynuuhnn Stuart. There are HVi miles of road In this project, nnd with favorable NOW! Strong Hearts and Mighty Events —to regain Strength —brings joy to you and your friends. E VERY man, woman and child wants to have, strength and correct weight. It means tho joy ot living. To 1 )0 minus strength, and underweight often proves low fighting-power In the, body. It often means you aro minus nervo- power, minus red colls in your blood, minus health, minus vitality. It is serious to bo minus, but tho moment you increase tbo number Df your red-blood-eells. you begin, to become plus. That's -why S.S.S.. since 1826, has meant to thousands ot underweight men and women a plus In their strength. Your body ' fills to the point of power, your flesh becomes firmer, the ago lines | that come from thinness disappear. I You look younger, firmer, happier, and you feel It, too, all over your body. More red-blood-eells! S.S.S. aids Nature In building them by the million! There aro no unproven theories about S.S.S., the. scientific results of each of its purely vegetable medicinal ingredients are admitted by authorities. Begin taking S.S.S. today. It will give, you more, energy, vitality and vigor and a more up and going appearance. S. S. S. Is •old ot all IIOCM drug etorca in t\vi> rises. The larger eixe io more* economical. 'C CtjfVfekw You Fed tike YburcelTA^iin Thousands Recommend it 'PHEY have learned from experience that no matter how many ether trea tmcnti have been tried without success. Kesi- nol Ointment 19. often the one tlmt bring* speedy relief from chafing, eczema or similar itching, embarrassing eruptions. Its soothing healing action is brought ubout by qualities which causa it to sink deep into the pores and reach the very root of the disorder. It ia absolutely harmless and does not bniart or burn when applied to the most irritated surface. To keep the skin healthy many peop'e have adopted the daily use of Rcsinol buap. Un- 6iirpassed for luilct and bath. Al! druggists sell Resinol products. RJESINOL 4. Pratt '.. .tfiv Uah, A pel© Wnmpuji C«U. ! f>. "In tli-' Itt-Kitinlnn," Kmma llnr-' ila lt(.v\'-n, T,7. ii rn.Mnl .fr ot K ». A.; t'.'.i first unwlmillntr v\n*s, i 7- 'Jclfl'.ii Kaunas, coUt'KS male; rimirtrt. \ S. ••Symposium of Aggie Romlnls- . rrnccs," Wiiiartl, Ahearn, Klnjj and IHi 'tii -ns, v. t'oilrye mute nuartet. • Telcnrnphic Greetlpfli from Alumni, HV ".\mi.|imy of Mlmibi'V l.v n mu.lorn Mark Twain, "l,ouit" \VI1- llnm?. "U\ 11. C'vllfft* songs. 12. "lkihllng tho Line," Dr. Howard T. Kill. 1.1. "Flv* Minutes of Static,** Anjrio Vi 'nmpus (\ils. 14. (»!'! co;lc(rs son .^s, men 's gleo elul». lf>. "A Surprise- Birthday Pivity," . II. W. I^JIVI.H , tousttnastor. 1 The rcnmlmlar of the four hour proRram will ho umlor tho tlirnctlon of Prof. Ira Tratt, hoail of mu?lc dop.irluiont. who will feature the rollopo band, gloo club^ and soloists in a two-hour musical concert. ELSEWHERE TONIGHT. WDAF, Kansas City Star (411) J :S0- 4:30. Katllo trio; 5-r.:30, Boy Scout pro- HTH in; fjrr.O-i",, inarktHKram, weather fiirt 'onst, tunc signal and ruad report; ii-7. school »'f the atr; address, story, limbic; S-:»:ir>. popular music; 11:tf»-l :t. tn., Ni^luliawks- KSU. Si. I.uiiia Post-Dispatch (MO) 7, p. m. ( music and specialties; P, musical program; n, dance music. PROGRAM FOR TUES., DEC. 2. WDAF, Kansas City Sur (411> 3:304:.X ILidlo trio; 5-5:30, child talent program: 5:50-t), rnarkeigram, weather fur»2cn«t, time signal, and road re- pori; K-7, school of the air. story piano k'.<<ans, music; 11:45 p. m.-l a m.. Nip lit haw Its. Wi.'Q. Kansas City S J>. m.. rte votioiiiil mimic, KSAC, Mimhattan. Kan. (341) 12:30 p. in., inusieil rcadliiB; lecture on Se lectton of Orchard Siu-.*; Itndlo fines , lion box; 1 p. m., market Quotations; 7:;'.0, lectures. K.SD, St. Louis Foat-Dlspntch (546) 4 p. m., home economics program; 6, p. m., coiucrt. WSP, Atlanta Journal (429) 8 -9. slti^-intr convention; colored jubilee smia -TM: 10:4 J . liiidiowls. \\ lii-siwi CWZ) 6. Rig Brothers chili; t ):o0, musical; 7, soprano; 7:30, pn'irr.'iiu; S, program from WKAF; 8., inu:-i<':i.l. "\VG\\ CJilcaKO (370> 6. orpan; 6:30. coiuurt; S. concert; S:30, classical; 10.' urchestras. WMA^', (?hlca«ro News (417.5) 6, or- Kan; $-.;<•'), orchestra; S, book review; !>:..''\ coin'ti't. \VKI ;](, Chlcsfro (3701 7, orchestra. soluiMs; P. theatre; 11, orchestra, sjiMiL's. pianist. KVW, i.'hicuKO (536) B:35, story; T, eun<-t !rt; ":',:<), -st^cu review; 9,, musical; S::o, speeches; musical; 10, orciM?.strn. WI..S. Chicago <3iM fi:30, organ; IH>-.'10, i-mettalners, soloists, orchestra, farm prom-am; 11. olvh; 12, review, orciin. orchestra. WtAV. Cincinnati t423) 10-12, music, W.1AX, Cleveland News (300) 6:30, bedtime; 7. entertainment. "W1WA. llallas News (4761 8:30-3:30. Cu 'Jum *-ist i -rs. hanio quintet; 11-12, Srgnn. I•:•!.«••* theatre. WWJ, Detroit News (517) 7:30, pro- gra m. KNX, Hollywood 837) 8:80, music; 10. ditnco. KHJ, Ijon Anpreles Times (395) ?:S0. children; VK features; 12. orchestra. WHAS, Louisville Times (400) 7:30- W'MC. Memphis Commordul Appeal '>•»» sconcert, orch«s :ra; 11, nild- IIH:K : frolic. WCi::0. Minneapolin-Sl, Paul <417) 'J, musjctil. Clv^\C. Montreal (42^) 5. utorles; l'-ji», concert; 7:30, folklore; 9:30, or- cht^fra. , WKAF, New York (4D2) 6:;t0, orchP?- (ra; 7. Columbia University; 7:30, NntimiM Carbrm Company. Wil.x. N\-w Vuik tSiJO) r,:i0. employment: t-i'.HK on-hc.stru; 3, datice; 10;30, imi.^'v'. 11. i .irch (--Ktr ;i. \VJ/ New York ' 1'r.) *. "1> OKS"; tMri. orcli'^s: ra; 7. Wall Street Journal review; 7:lfl. talk. WOK. Newark (40i) t, orchestra; 3:3". FI ortfl. KGO. Oakland (312) 6. orchestra; 10, comedy, KCO players; 12. dance. WAAW, Omaha (2S?) song hits. , Wl.»Ai; f I'lnladelphla (^55) 6:30. talk; , E :'i'. (•! clicstra. I WFJ. I'hiladelphU <Mn) fi. talk; 7,1 coii '-i -n ; concert; !*;0r>. play. W f, AK, PittKhurirh Mt'-C) ti.30, Uncle; lCnyb. i-; (ipecial; 7, concert; S. ! i:\ .-!---.ciy entertainers; ?:"0, enter- I ' taiiiinciit. I KHKA. Pittsburgh (3CC) 6:l.i, chil- i dr.-n; 7, feature; 7:30. concert. ! ; K«.W. rortland (4l»2) 7. children; f 10. fi-iicultm -Hl le-'-turtf; 10:30, concert.' ! WKAW. Porto Hlco (300) 11-12:30 .1 . J a ?. 7. bund, talk, ; Ki'u San PrancMco (423) 6:30. or-. i cb «-8tra; 7:^0. fctories; 'J, music; 10,' > Annv band; 12. band. WHY, Sfhcnrctadv (%Vt) 1:45. drama Italk; 7. or^an; S, pruyiam, addrfis^; j ) U<-'^K nrHUti. I 1 KIMX, S.-attle (238) ?. reports; 9, i 1 bt'S'-ine; 10. orchestra; 12. orchestra. ! WIIZ, Spriimfield CUT) Wd- I tlm.e; C ::;o, orchestra; 7:1 J . ballet ' J music; 8:.'!0. trio. KSI\ St. Louis Post Dlspa-tch (r.^6) 8, ('"incerl; 9, announced. WJ'.C. W«rt!lni;ion (46») 6:45. an- r.i'un.-.-d; 7, tnlk; 7:15. announced; 8. 'talk; K:20, cnr.cert; in IS, orchestra. I Program for Tuesday. December 2. I WI'.U 1 , Kan-as City Star. 411—S:H0- ;4:r.". radio tri't: 5 *.oochild taUnt i \<: ><y.r-,\m; ».:;>*-»'., Ali -rluMi.'! am. wci- ; tin -r i -T -cast, tlnm .vn;ii:il. and road re' por:; -7. School <»f tin* Air, Story, ipli .no ii-.-K '.n*. mu.sic; ll:4i< p. m.-l j a. ni., Nlsl.thawks. ] WOQ. Kansas City, 27B—8 p. m., j li.'v.'.-'if.-nal murtic i KSAC. Manhattan. Kan-, 341—12:30 f p. tn. must<-al reading; iectinc on se! !.•••!•.in nf Ui.hard SH-f<: Itadln <|ites- ' ti -i !i tins; 1 ii. in., market liiiclaUciii; ; 7::'.''. I' 'jinreis. ' KS1». St. Louis Post-lHspatch. ;,4C Home Kconcmic.s pri-yram. "Sundown," Epic of West At the Royal Thl* liemoon the Royal Theater was tli> .icons of tho unfolding of a grnat huninn document. Something t! .t means more to Americans thiiTi Ihoy will, probably, ever approcla'". '['ho li.iyal ftudlonce wltnn.ined l.ho Inltl -i! wliowlng of "Sundown," tho Kirs: National production; a pontic a :i 'l dramatic rhapsody of ciwiiVaiVon ! 'he passniK of the old West, done ' In tho bi '?-i manner of Hollywood. "Snndown"— so aptly titled—Is unforgettable. Anlde from Its breath-takiiiK spectacles of vast herds of surging cattle stretching beyond tbo horizon. It touches a tender period of our national history. In terms of heartaches and smiles, su forlng and courage, "Sundown" trunpc.ribos to tho celluloid a monument to tho knights of the West— the fast-vanishing l>y Prof. Ira cattlemen—Pioneer* who blued a glorious trail ot civilisation. It Is difficult to say exactly what particular feature of "Sundown" stands out. The photography is easily far superior to any so-called "Western" we have over socn. Bach sequence Is a perfect composition, planned and etched by an artist's vision. Magnificent panoramas show a great stream of moving cattle lying across the plains like a huge endlosa serpent. Especially daring Is tho stampede which soems to thunder by the camera lens In a great cloud of dust WB have never witnessed anything more realistic than this, and we can readily hellove the advance reports which stated that tho stampede actually assumed alarming proportions. "Sundown" will be shown at the Royal Theatre the entire week. RUDOLPH VALENTINO AT THE MIDLAND "A Sainted Devil," Rudolph Val- entlno's now production for Para­ mount, with N'ltA Nil Id I, Helen IVAlgy, Louise 1 -agrange. Dagmar Godowsky and others playing In support, was shown for tho first time In Hutchinson this afternoon at tho Midland thoatre. The story Is by Rox Bench. Joseph Hena- bory, who made "The Stranger," directed. "A Sainted Devil," Is "The Sholk" and a sort of Spanish "Rob- In Hood" combined—a tense, exciting love-drama, with tho star in the role ot a young Spaniard who roams South America In search of a notorious bandit who has stolon his bride on his wedding night As Don Alonzo Castro, Valentino Is the Valentino of old—the Velen- tlno of "Blood and Sand," the Valentino the fans like to see. As tho "mysterious stranger" he terrorizes the country In his endless senrch for tho bandld gang—and for revenge. None but Vallntlno could play such a role as he does this one. Me loves and fights as only he can. And Nlta—-she's neater than evort Miss D'Algy, practically a newcomer on' the screen,' Is a sure enough "find." Louise Lagrange, you remember her with Brnest Torronce In "The Sldo Show of Life," Is also unusually well cast, while Miss Godowsky has a high-power vamp part. TO SHIP IN MORE BUFFALO TO RESERVE Garden City, Dec, 1.— The buffalo which recently have died on the statu reserve south ot here are to be replaced shortly. The Amor- lean Bison association wilt ship In some more ot the animals. Three head recently were shlppod hero but two have dlod. Five sections of the preserve land In Finney county were donated by the state. The expense of the buffaloes nnd the upkoep Is mid for by tho proceeds from the hunters licenses. Shop-O-Scope will show you a lot of things yon never know about Xmas shopping. tf Barton County, Poultry Show Groat Bond, Doc. 1— The Barto4 county poultry show will opes hero tomorrow to continue for several days. M. E. Walters, formerly of Hutchinson, now In the drntl business here Is president ot the poultry association. The judging ot the birds will b, done Tuesday nnd Wednesday, Loo Crist, In charge of the poultry plant ot the Merrltt-Schwler C* hero, will give demonetratlons ot cnponlzlng, and lecture on care of poultry Thursday nnd Friday. Thoro are almost 1,000 birds entered tor tho show, Presldon* Walters announces. Poultry 8how Stirts. Lewis, Dec. 1— The Edward? county poultry show opened todn; here, to continue for three day« closing Wednesday night. Sonv fine birds are being exhibited. : o I'­ ll*., cuii'. crt. cram?) ion. Dec, NIGHT ONLY Hou8e-Warming at Baptist Club House I Vev. (iu.v Wlmnier, pastor of the j First Ave. Baptist church, lias j been invited to be one. of the j speakers at a "housewarming'' and i dedication of a clubhouse helone- 1 lug to the Business men's bible j class of the Baptist church at j Kingman, tomorrow night. j The clubhouse, is located at j Twin Sprlnss. on the farm of llev. : Marvin west of Kingman on the j Cantionball roarl. ; A p.iiiiuiic program and oyster supper will be tiie evening's tii'l. ; Tile Kincm.-in baud will furnish anisic, ami tile national guard i •• ititi|iuiiy of Kinsman will put on i a pageant. j Hold Union Meetings. j Kinsley. Her. 1.—I'nlon evangel- : i lie meetings are being heM imro [ at the gymnasium, Kvungelist Kose j in charge. Prof. Shirk Is director of u chorus of ISO voices. All Ihuj I'rntestaiu churches of the coin- i uiuulty are milled In tho nieetlnca. i Bring the Children to TOYLAND Our Third Floor 1 Now for the Holiday Season! A Special Showing -of- Fur Trimmed Coats $59.50 Every woman awl miss who loves distinctive creations in her wearing apparel will appreciate the individual models assembled in this special showing of women's and misses' Fur Trimmed Coats. The stylish silhouettes and the beautiful fur treatments will appeal to you, especially if you desire a coat that is different for the Christmas Season. Here are Downy- wool, Padrome, New Lustrosa, New Zella, Constanza, nnd Kashlorn, in such colors as Rust, Snuff, Pewter, Penny, Black and Navy. Muskrat, Opossum, Viatka, Civet Cat, Beaver, and Kit Fox are used as collars, cuff, revers, banding around the bottom and other charming treatments. At "A Gift That Flatters—A Coat Don't Forget the Model Kitchen Our Third Floor To Beautify the Home—Colored Comport Sets Our Hotrso Furnishing* department has assembled a Wonderful showing ot lovely comport seta. Here are styles and colorings that will add happiness to any home. Many Imports are shown as' well as domestic creations, This Is a wood comport set with a polychrome finish in black and silver; the sticks are 10 InchOB high; tho bowl, 8 Inches. Tho set W.95 A comport sot ot amber glass; black base with amber bowl; 9\4 inch candle sticks with a low flat bowl. A very beautiful set. Price t-7 .00 Hera are aeantlful comport sets in orange, blue and yellow with black trimmings; inch candle sticks with 10 Inch flaring bowl. Price per sai' I2.S0 Polychrome comport set In beautiful bright colors; one pair of 12 Inch candle sticks, and 8 inch bowl. The sot $6 .00 You'll Like the "Boag" Fancy Ribbon Novelties For the distinctive gifts, you will like the ribbon novelties shown In our Art Department. Here are handled powder puff9, powder puff and mirror sets, lingerie sets, rosettes for children's clothes, made up In a great variety of colorings and designs. Such colors as pink, rose, blue, orange and American Beauty are here. Price range, 29c, 69c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50 and up to $4.50. $1.00 Tuesday's Special Silk Pongee Tuck-In Blouses This Is a very special offering for Tuesday Only. Women's and misses' Tuck-in stylo blouses. They are made of an all silk Imported natural colored pongee. A good weight, and well tailored. Plain, ruffle, and pleated front; Peter Tan and roll collar. Complete size range represented. This is just the blouse to wear with the sweater. Tuesday only, $1.00. A New Shipment of— "Poison and Gallery'' Christmas Novelties Von'!! be delighted with tho many new Christmas novelties that are being shown In our Art Department. Bvery woman knows tho Individuality of "Poison and Gallery" lines. Included are door stops, window stops, telephono pads, fancy sandwich cutters, clothes brushes, collar boxes, thimble boxes, cigar clippers, pineapple clippers, fancy cookie cutters, nnd many other Christmas novelties. Price range, 25c to $2.00. Beautiful Laces and Trimmings for Making Your Christmas Gifts Black Chantilly Lace—One lot ot Black Chantilly lace in neat pat- torns; qualities that will wash well; very special, the yard, 18c Good Wash Laces—Hera are 50 pieces ot wash luces for trimming scarfs, bed spreads, and underwear. Shown in white and natural shades. % to S Indies wide; regular 12M:c to 20c values, special at the yard 10c Pretty Art Laces—Many new styles of art laces—Imitation Irish and Cluuy. l'icot edges and lacos % to 2 Inches wide. Colors, pink, blue, yellow, and white. Price range 5e to 35c Two-Tone Satin Ribbon—and lingerie Iioso Bud and wash ribbon In the popular selling widths. Good qualities, and popular colorings. The narrow width, per yard l"c; the shoulder strap width, per yard , 25c Metallic Ribbon—This Is a very popular ribbon for hair bands and bushes. It comes in silver and gold, in wldtlrs from Vi to 6 Inches wide. Price range 15c to $2.50 Val Lace and Footings—Pretty laces In white, cream and the new colors. Select your supply, and se cure the. pretty fine patterns, Widths, H to 1 Inch. Per yard, Gc; per dozen yards 50c Popular Camisole Laces—A big showing of camisole laces in Filet, cotton Duchess, ami the new Bincha lace for underwear, In white and cream shades. Widths, Ii to 4 Inches. Also beading top, anil Ualloon bands. Pric 25c and 35c Mon-Tarnlshable Edges—Metallic lace edges for trimming gifts. Colors, antique, gold and Hteel. They c-omo in widths from to Inches. Prices 20c, 25c and 35c Gi\PJ Hcinill«Fcliiefi Pure Linen Handkerchiefs—With Vi and '.-i-inch hems; embroidered in plain white and in assorted colored patterns. Dainty Swiss Handkerchiefs— With very neat edges in imitation tatting edges and assorted fine val laces. Each 15c Pure Linen Handkerchiefs—In all width hems; a large assortment of hand embroidered corners worked in colors and plain white. "Home Craft" Handkerchiefs— Lovely hand embroidered creations in a fine lawn; all the bright, pretty colors—green, orange, buff, rose, blue, etc. Colored Voile Handkerchiefs—In dainty shades of lavender, blue, gray, buff, etc. Hand embroidered corners; scalloped embroidered edges; and plain colored centers with Val lace edges. The price, each. Imported Lawns—In beautiful assortment of high colors; wide hems; hand embroidered hems In bright, contrasting colors. Linen Centers—Trimmed in lace footing ot contrasting colors. Very sheer, and beautiful Christmas handkerchiefs. * Pure Linen Handkerchiefs—In white with dainty embroidered designs In the corners in pretty colors. All width hems, some being trimmed with pretty val edges. Price each 25c 35c "Sunspun" Linen Handkerchiefs —Hand embroidered pure linen handkerchiefs In a large assortment of designs; embroidered In dainty colors both in comers and on hems This is one of our largest and niosi couiploto collections. Colored Voile Handkerchiefs- Hand rolled hems; neat, and embroidered designs on the four corners; a beautiful assortment of bright, pretty colorings. The price, each..., "8unspun" Pure Linens —Pure linen handkerchiefs with colored centers and white hems; all hand embroidered In dainty patterns and colorings. Lace Edoe Linens—Very sheer, fine quality linen kerchiefs with big assortment of heavy Venlse lace edges; others with dainty vai edges; shown in both white and colored centers. Pretty Novelty Handkerchiefs— Xovelty silk crepo and fancy Ince designs In bright green, lavender, buff, i. poach, yellow, turquoise, etc. Each Other Beautiful Handkerchiefs— tor Christmas giving Bhown In big assortment In the very daintiest and choicest creations. Shown al $1,$1.50 and $2 Each Ladies' Fine Kid Gloves For Now and Christmas Ladies' Gloves of tho finest imported lamb •kin; heavy embroidered backs; ono inch incy cuffs with embroidered and pierced ^tterns: colors shown, beaver, tan, brown, lay nnd black. *1 QC .'er pair $«ViwU • Ladles' fine Kid Cloves with wide Hare cuffe; embroidered and pierced designs; a large assortment of patterns in plain and contrasting colorings; colors shown, gray, beaver, black, brown, tan, etc. Q|J Price per pair pOiuO The "Ails"—our finest quality Kid Gloves for ladles. Only tho very choicest skins used In making those beautiful gloves; n good assortment of fancy cuffs and heavy stttchlngs; colors, black and white, tan and white, liouvor ami white, gray ami navy, plgal and silica, and black and gold. CC Cfl Per pair ^UiUU Ladies' Wool Gloves with long gauntlet stylo cuffs in pretty fancy colorings. Just tho gloves for tills cold weather. Prices— *12S, *1.B0, $1.65 and $2.00 per pair There are still Great Bargains in Our Sensational Silk Sale at $1.97 Yard

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