The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 5, 1934
Page 3
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SUNDAY, AUGUST I, 1§34 THE PARIS MEWS, By Ed H McCuistiori AMOS PJjEAJDS -lOR-JUSTICE 'and love of-country and the result would "be .that the land wouli drift into utter destruction. ; Then h&' called attention u> a fibcpositors 'are- not "asreed -as : to many facts in the life of Amos. Some think he wa» born, reared and lived for a time in Israel or toe northern kingdom, tieve Others be- he was oorn, reared, and PAGElHREfc mud A. M. Aikia, Jr. The £ nominations -were confirmed for) third and a still greater and-more iraportant reason why the northern kingdom was dooured. They had turned their "backs upon, "an'd gone away from God. Instead of wor- both conventions and the were, instructed to vote as a unit on aJl questions conolns before them. The delegates were ur?:ed by OB. Fisher and Jo» Pollard to attend the conventions a.nd. Chairman l>e- iveese added .his appeal on the same line,-.asserting that Lamar county had, never been given pro-" i per" recognition at com'entions because she had never^ sent enough people to ask for and receive son-e of the .honors and offices. offered by the UVL li m A^UL^U «,*»v« Ik*-. • *_ j . *_ ' lived his whole Popping **.: Presented -by the. . * V •*i*.i*^al» ia?r Vk-»F *V1 rf-hGAG »>*&•*> ^*-<-h-»**» • * _ life i Judea or they contiu- In the southern { — ~ *'«»»"»' id , ols; . of the * oi ^» , - , , ; •;. * calves set up by Jeroooam. He told c^aln i« anv I'."" 1 : ^' ai '"^:' i »* G ~ J »° '<>««• committee were read and adopted and the convention then adjourn- Nominee CContinued trona F*«* One* Messrs Moore, repreaentlns Mrs. Dunag^i, arsu«d that the votes' for a dead man were of no. effect ursd should not figure in the case; ibat even if absentee ballots were cast for Mr. Duna^aa before his death they were 'of "no'effect' "b"e-| they did not -r«ally beconae the election tickets for the second ', primary. August 25. in addition to ! the state candidates these precinct ] and county candidates, who had ; not received majorities: > County judice. C. A. Martin anu ': Van I>. Anderson. : County attorney, Grady Stur- | and Frank D. ^'ear, ' Snowden Is Skeet Leader 0EMPSEY WAISTS SON BUT GETS DAUGHTER An automobile dealer- YORK. (,-Pi — Joan Hannah -vn-i^hf-a in .Saturday at I the Polyi-ijnse ounces. streamlin Prince of automobile from '.Vales. at th* . A. *»*>VI>J«-H **><j tiit> sKwt i" school superintendent, P. j shooters Friday by breaking L. Chism and J. G. Brunson. ,j vut ot G<^ targets. JJ County commissioner. 1'rfrc. 3, j target ballots th« the day- of Mark triiotrok- law provides for the ballot bois» of absentee in the ballots tbe-^ujdares of election, and at that the) . splendid! even* most service h © rendered as a prophet was in rhe northern king- found delight in their solemn as- When they came together to. "worship either at Bethel or T I Uun, God was not there" to honor that time Mr. JL>uaa. .n was dead an 3 the ballots were*, so much waste p.aper <£=o far as he wtis Cou- *",-!-neu- Their argument \vas that If these 4S ballots were not count- ^u Mrs- Dunagan had a majority county in convention assembled. | of eight votes over ilr. Jones and be declared the ~ Resolutions \Ve the Democrats of Laniar do favor and adopt the following j thru she should resolutions: :: Resolved, first, that we heartily f .Mr. Eubank argued that the com- dom. T h e y warned again and again of thV folly -which would certainly •disappoint them If persisted in. In th» le*son studied today we consider some of the things spoken of by Amos in Bethel of the northern kingdom and the warnings a- r * a» pertinent for today as. endorse the Democratic. National tiieir sarvice. He told them further {Administration under the ;s;reat that the music of their viols was leadership of President Franklin not only not pleasing to Jehovah but .it.amounted to nothing more than noise, and as for their sacrifices that Jehovah took no delight in them. There was no sweet savor ascending from their altars t't their God, He pointed out also that men were dependent upon i God. that they could not live. .!>. Roosevelt- Our great President has demonstrated his ability to « ln S grapple -with the perplexing problems confronting the nation and we express our sincere faith in his mui^e had provided for nominees to receive a 1 , majority of votes cast for e; office, and that the committee was a. returning or canvass- board, without powex to de- ine that any figrures on remade by the presiding officers were wrongfully made or that y and Roy Cavines.-. | t, urri> round was second with his -t i?i>*>w»jeM **>'j "*! JOenipsey. farmer he; ! champiou of the \vyrid, uroppod owe; wilt?. Hannah \Vil!iam>. each rvund. J. E. Qs-:^u«se- and Public weijrher at Koxton, J. M. i Copper and Keeley E Clarence St-crest, public weigher ;'Y^' "*"" "" * placo 2 at Paris, received a clear 1 -^' Jll " v - •*'*• = ' majority over two o?>i>e'ie*it.«. as S Jed ^ 1 ''^" l ^ n > did IV. T. AVoody for justice Free- who nervoii-sSy pavSjiij the In. • ha»i su»d: I "I sure hope it's a. bw. I wa Other iKTores were: L. H. Strip-j U> match him with Gen- Tunrsev's 42; Joe Pry or, 4'j; y. 33; Robert Alex- LJndsay, 4?.~ \V~ith j;un Mr. Liudsav ; J. B. \Vy . Other nominees are those who } • Ml " s - E<J L had no opponents O r who obtain- J a - n '- Jer> - 7: ^d a majority over one opponent 1 a - 410 S a in t'so- July elect soz», ; broke -JC. Mr. Eybank notified -TV. II. P. ! A Til^ii vvijj.J j r . L h-- Anderson, chairman of the exec-{ Hansp-r^d the shooters. ut»ve committee, after tbe cuni- i ' mil tee voted to declare Mrs. .Dan-; ,,- . •>»--agan the nominee, that appeal i UjLAivK^VILLE UC\ would be taken from the action I *f the committee. Furth-r action, | it i>: understood, will have to be in ' a district court. The statute pro- ? '•'ides for" appeals to be tnfcen to '' Ask any father. Then out fr'j«ie *?<•:• "It's fi sir!, Mr. L>et>ip;r•:;, ." V<jr a. moment,. Jack's f:tc-» '^a> purzfifs^. "Then a beam, a grin. t.ha; NOTIC'K TO \VATEK FICMC IS PLANNED Only Five Members of Cantp SliJJ f.ivi«5; AM IMau to Attend Vt'ci'tr bills must be paid on or before August: 1 y in order to secure thv l'> per c^nt discount. .<upcrintendeut of Water Works. 00NHT LET GRAY HAIR UCK YOU! Simple tr«r-a.inient of secret diur; remedy now ly v compounded.. and cai!e4 i'rt-acher's Hair Tonic. act«aT- Jy re.«?-*.>re* the natural color to your hitir without dyeing: aad unnotic«,-ably. Gray Hair is re-' ira.r'lvd srji a si:;n of beins "''too •/:•:]•• to 'lo energetic work. It i!i-ks yuu v.-hen looking far a .••':.•. a:;d ;t lt"ks chances of ad- -.ari'-etT-ent. It licks man's and v. :>'i:z.r,~* greatest sociaJ -J-an;;es?, "Too OI-3" they say, %'/h---T; 'ietua'Jy they n»«aa" "Gray headed/" But now. i'r-'.-iC'.'-.-'r's Hatr Tonic's simple -ys-.em of ?ur-plyinsr the sub- -"•s".ce nf-c'Je-J by hair to make " r:atara: rc-'or end= gray hair tro'j'o'e. f?oI<J with Money- IT*-- ^ *« . f>.U '."•-w J^tj.LS f~"'i r! * *"* *""» PALACE DRUG STORE sympathy for the masses of our I ar '-~ ballots wer» not to be counted. I the district court from decision of ih© time in which" they were" ut- l f Hve -. Prosper or progress- except can people. To our United Slates i n . o: I T nf*V I l»**w^ *•?* *^-a v-»v» *-fc»»-«j- -r*-**^.. --..^^Ir- . ^ ... v -*-» . * 3-*^~i tered, :It w.ili be recalled riders that \vhea ot Solonion tvas divided oboam sec up golden crties of Bethel and Dan ;n the ter- S*--i!rtors and Reprpsontativos in citizenship and we believe that his j I!e asserted that neither of thej th o committee on a contest, but policies and program will brine I candldates had received a true j ^s the presentation of the matter ultimate prosperity to the Ameri- | rna -' orlt:> " of the nomination CJLARKSVII.LE. — The reunion of the local Ciin:p rotes cast for I Saturday was not i% tho form o r ; t -^ T5fc ' dera "e- Veterans --vill fce hold;: commissioner in . a contest, as provided by the star- I J" nurs ^ a -*- A;:g-List 9 on the Con- rec:nci T. and that under its ] "*- ri - the manner of reaching t':« i tcdorate sr*un-3s in rhe northeast i resolution, adopted June IS. the j district court will probably be in. comnvittce had required candidates l -^ f - form of an original is provided by jerers were dishonest, the strong op- i pressed the weak everywhere and rltory -of His fe.nsdom. Some two J the ^^^ of Jehovah had d ^ scended from the loftiest type of •worship known amon^ men to a low arid srovellng^ . idolatr;--. He then pointed out the penalty that must be paid for these sins, for th it the seed I of its own punishment. They had I outraged God., oppressed their fel- 1 low?, smothered the feeling- of Second: We recommend, from a | state viewpoint, that the years elapsed between time ahd the time of which v«<e. are speakias. Jeroboam feared •for the citizens of his coDinrjon- \vealth to fco up to Jerusalem and worship. The provision he made ~Z~-. s - a carries •ftif wurship in the northern king:- ' corn not pleas'.rss- to God and could hardly be considered as Jess than iUolatrous. era tic State Convention £< i'.* rc-ceive a majority or that the two r»ceivic^ the, greater number oi vo:es should so-into the seconds cont?-?r, t]>e statute; pmr.ary. OD August 25. The committee met at 11 o'clock .„. , • . . on rec ~ j Saturday inorninj? and opened and ord as favoring reforms sn our , ?a bulated to? part of town. A short program has been arranged, and a pic:iic lunch will be served to members which may be brought either '• an<:1 lheir families by Laughters' "ore the court or the commit- f of rhe Confederacy here. 1 Only five members of the John ! <-"- Burks camp are livin?:. Con:- Your Clothes Wall Be Dry Cleaned Better By The New Filpro High Pressure System Now in Use At Our Plant! judicial procedure to the end that lejral technicalities be eliminated the- returns for all or flees from the 50-voting, precincts! the county, and having- the ) brotherhood and there could be ,On. th« occasion studied In this j but one sroal toward which they lesson Aiaos was in the city of 5 v .-ere tending. Bethel and evidently was standins j ^ our next le£gOn ihe s 15: th* open space at or near • tns - :holl ~ ht in connection with other I c^y ;? at6 ~here courts wtro heid. - ^ u por:raved in Ian5uase so | o^sions ,made. puohc >^--KSj V :vid that it-makes every believer! con^OKed. etc. He arra.jrned ihe j s? ; ud . 3er at the tho£ ,_ ht of aliena- { 'kiiigrdom for two things: first, tney ' ~ w$rfe unjust in their exactJGn.s from •people. The i»oor were, greatly oppressed; w.hea the average cit;- zen had satisfied the exa.ctionB o' b^s local ta* gatherer he had but little to subsist upors f or . ano±ner j i Continued From y«ar. Tisis Amos characterlss-d as ( • ; b-eins offensive^to God and .would | entk i ed to se ats-.--which report r*sult -in brlnsing: calamity dowr, S at jo«red. administration of our judicial system may be obtained in order to curtail the expenditures to the tax payer?. to look up i authorities because it had been: presented to mm only ajn hour or 5->>ander J. K. F. Jarnieson. T. S. Gains. J. F. Rogers. Dr. J. C. Foster, vice-corn ma rider, and T, C. C. Anderson. The first threv f'no in tlie Confederate home in Austin, plan to attend. Cntil recent years, the Confed- At The Grand Court idop 1 upon the nation. - ] Tho committee on delegates to .'He nest'called atteatior! to the i the state ai-d district conventions almost universal practice of brib-j nominated for the state convention cry and th* mi&carrlase of jus-} \V. K- P. Anderson, Jo» Poliard. t:<rc. Judges received presents or} James-' I>eweese. A. Collier. Pat bribes to blind their ey,es in, caus-f tVa.mer. Johnson Hunter..- W. p. cs to be tr:**d by them without \ Clark. J. R. Hutchison. Hog-ers any sense of" shame. This, Amc-s i Kelsey. Mrs. Mac I?uncan. Mrs. "'J. cried, out acrajust as ruinous from j H. Moore. Mrs. T. D- TTells. O, B. cyery possible siandpolnt. It en- j Fisher. R- TV. TTortham. Xxm " ~" vtness. those -sr&o wture- able tp_ pay t Boynton. Jisn Sharp. Cs to secure decre?* entirety I ChaH'«s R. Floyd. A. -TV, Neville, i& to' their -own ideas a-nd | l?at Maysc. John, T. ; ' THckson. do anytiitngr but i Uee^Giasscock. £«l>mi?-; to these.injustices -and in- I' For the judicial convention, dignities. Amos made it clear I district appellate court, thai these two faults would antler- j Moore.- 3en :qine socJcty. Tta^mp otit patriotJsm ' s'eci. John OIXJERS BEAT -TAX JACKSOKVTLLE. Tex., -;/P> Th-? Henderson Oilers broke Jackie Reid's winning sirealc st ei"ht Precinct 2 \ stra.i~ht Saturday when they wor: e Moore 1 froin Jacksonville. 5 to 5. Joe Bil- grere, Henderson third sacker, had a perfect day at bat seating- a tri- i -rate reunion was one of the o-ut- ple. doable and. three sin=rles. j stsndirg- events in the counv i a -. j Henderson ..000 <?DC 1H1—5 H 1 ; ins: for tnre~ da-.-«= a^.-i " ^r~e j c:de«i to recess until 4 o'clock in j Jacksonville. .000 300 101—5 14 2 i crowds attend--f. I>urin- ^=- r 1 ^} the afternoon to hear the arsTi-1 TVest. Kepler and Powers. Keid | four or five vears. fcVweve'%" onfy [ merits and take action- -]i:ndRabe. i or-e day has been^ observed. ' Kefore adjourning finaHj- the i • —_ committee declared those candl- j dates having- ih* majority of -votes ' in their res^»ective races to be the nominees, and ordered placed on it really DOES- make a difference in the appearance of your garments . ivrie-i they're cleaned by this nev.- metho-I . white things ar<-whiter . . and ALL, are cleaner . . Try us. Phone 32 or 33 Men's Suits and Ladies* Dresses Cleaned and Pressed To The Citizens of Precinct Number 4 of Lamar County Tbe first motion picture to feature Guy Lombardo and his Roya! Canadians shows Sunday at the Grand Theatre, an excitingly entertaining: comedy-farce, made hysterically funny by the antics of George Burns and Grade Allen. A . Paramount production, the picture presents a. pot-pourri of ! maniacal comedy centering about j I take this method of the crazy Bums, and Allen, de- ; each of you for the nice vote ^iven : Iitrhtful music by Lombardo's t?re- | me in the recent .primaj-v ! rniere radio orchestra, and a satis- j As vou a]i know _ '^ ^ ve . ^^ \ .y,nsRomance enacted by Joan j aRpoinred to nu oaf ' the ane xpired ! -Marsh and Ray Milland. j tErrn of ilr . Russell, and I have j Directed by T^ornrjan Mcljeod. i already commenced. work. j this film achieves great moments ] Should anz of vou know of any 1 as a mad, srlad comedy, with rcost ] r< ja .J s "or other matters ' the funny btisicess centering- } ur»der my jurisdsctTon that about the dtszy personality of Miss j attention "i would be very slad'to j AUen. Presented as 3. love-sick | Jj a v e you cx-rae and tell me of it j i. enamored of Radio Announc- j for iris.niy desire-ro give yon the] George Burns, she w.recks her } very best - sec vice uossibJe, -~ .. fi !jer""s v --*ej>a.Ttmeiit store '"busiaes* 'i* 1 '- ~ -.--". - '.'-' v ' """' ""-''"•-- _*- ~~ I tjiC'U^h"'insaJic misTnajiagrement asdt ; •ixth I is accepted by h-cr radio idol only j he Is offered Asking- the co-operation of every citizen in my precinct and asstrrinc: yo-u that ir Is a srreat pleasure . uisvnct appeuate court. • TV. , F. j -vnen he is offered thirty dollars a. S to 5»T-v^ VO u I am ~~ {Moore.-Ben K. Denton, Otto Per- ; mile for every mjJe he takes h»r ' ~". " ' x-oi— *ri' on * ' <<rt. John T. Hutchison. S. B. M. from home. " ' T iH ° I '; T ^! > :J d ; BOOTH. HELP US WIN A FREE TRIP WORLD'S FAIR We re Out To Win a Trip Offered By The Ford Motor Company in A "Century of Progress" Contest p:irt> s^les to tx'irs this free hem. 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