Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 18, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

'uesttoy;- July 18, 1961 H O »> K i T A K , H 0 »• t , ARKANSAS Fif» Video Actress ACROSS 1 Video actress, •Dorothy — -—* appeared in several productions 14Bullfighter 15 Abjures 16 Motto of California 17 Mariner's direction 18 Preclude 2(JDecessit sine prole (ab.) 21 Active ' 23 Pain 26 Bitter vetch 27 Assistant 31 Stuffs 32 Overthrow .131 Playing card 33 Alabama city 30 Encourage 37 Nocturnal flyer 40 Scottish sheepfolds <1I Click beetles 4-1 Suffix 47 Pax to the Romans 48 Calf's cry 51 She is also a - star 53 Rely 55 Administer M Eluded iMtCubic meters 58 Stitches afresh DOWN 1 Created 2 Arabian gulf 3 Solitary 4 Boundary (comb, form) 8 In want 6 Hebrew ascetic 8 Mohammedan , nymph I Blunder 10 Rtgafd 11 Clumsy boat* 12 Cleansing substance 19 Legal • profession 21 Reduce in rank 22 Antics 23 Things done 24 Crustacean 25 Rabbit 28 Small island 29 Greek comrhun* 30 Japanese outcasts CARNIVAL Dfek f umat 32 Street (ab.) 44 Tenets 33 Pronoun 45 Begone! 37 County in North 46 Sea bird Dakota 38 Consumed 39 Succulent 42 Loyal 43 Nautical terra 48 Ancient Persian 49 Afresh 50 Puts to 52 Auricle 54 Da nee step IB 1?C1 by NC*. Inc. T.M. t» a . U.S. Pit Olt. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. TJZZY By Kate Osann "If ^ brought somedne home that made that much noise, Mom would chase us both oi.it!" By Nodine Solticr "Hi, Florence! When did you forget.Jhpw to swim? 1 'It's the old eternal triangle: Me, Herbie and the New York Yankees!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith YIKES/ DAISY I MLJSTNT LET HER, SEE ME WITM THIS BLONPE/ VEf?V ORIGINAL— AMP CUDDLE- LET'S PLAY NEWGAME © i«M W 'MM. N.. TJI «>. UA: p... OH ©IMIkyNM.Inc. T.H, RIJ. U.S. Pit Olf, MORTY MEEKLE "Please, dear—not so loud! Do you want the umpire to hear you?" By Dick Covalli BUT IF I CHANGE THE FBIENP5HIPCUJ0 INTO A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION I WON'T" MAI^E ANY MONEY. PO VOU THINkT IDEC/P6C7 TO 6TARr THE CLUS IN THE FIRST PLACE? vWHV ^ ec/ceo ) JJS / C&J TO &P&SA.O THE epieir OF FeiENDaHIP IN A 6OReiV TROUBLEP WORLD? AU-OFA<3UPC>EN T Pi=BL QUITS 6MALL. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilton Scruggi Uree.,. tSSH^SFvM, COLLEEM, GOULO YOU 6KIW6 YOUK5B-F TO MARRY MB AMD LIVE OM THIS we C/MJ AWUOUWCE MR. HAKPEK'S PARTV/>«_J F I'M A? /I A5 IF I WERE ABOUT WHY ^ tOMKT A RULINQ AJOTfA-. MONARCH/ THOUSAND TIM&S /EC' FLASH GORDON By Daw Barry SETTER PLAN TO SPEND , SOME MONSy ON CLOTHES/ YOUR OUTFIT'S..UH,. SORr OF YOUMS H TINA,.? yCOULDN WLIMMV ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamll* SO\VHA>7?-WHY LET A HERD OF APE-LIK6 AFTER WICT / THEY TOOK I.IS \ COME.COMMANPER/ONCU TWEY DIP TO BY SURPRISE.' YOU'VE HAP A LOOK AT VOUR SHIP V THAT CAN NF.VI^R / TVIESE VARMINTS, OBVIOUSLY THE \HERDOFAPE-LIK6 K ...IT SHOULDN'T HOSTILITY Of THESE \ SAVAGES CWAMGE / TAKE US LON0 EM?TH ^JEATURES / OUR. PLANS TO ( TO ANNIHILATE CONSTITUTES A ,^3.. COLONIZE THIS V OR OTHERWISE CONSIDEUABLE ml®. PLANET? HA7ARP AND CREW, VOU CAN SAY LINPKRSTAMP MY SUBJUGATE THEM CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turnei PARE NOT \)6£ THE AIRPORT, 6A5VI BUT PLANES HAVE LAMPED ON AN I50LATEP BEACH TWO MILES FROM THE PLANT 1 . AH! 1 WORKED MY OUEER! SOAlETHWa , BUT NAY HANPS- LISTEN TO THERE 15 ALWAY5 ) \f> ooiMa ONI I'LL. ' ORWE OVER AND SEC IF IT'* CONNECTHD) WITH OUR MV$TERIOU$ VI5ITO By Chic Young "tLltiVl- WE'LL BE GOING TO THl'i , MOON IN . J I'CN Mi'ARS ) ,' •\\</ V (THIS IS \WHERET PUT j > MY I-OOT DOWM-- -r^ ^ ONCII AND FOI^ ALL ) f. »s X ^ : : VWORKdD HAPO CREATING OUR HAPPY UTTl.fi HOMFANO I'M NOTMSOUT TO GIVE (TALL UP JUST 0ECAI.I5E Tl-ll^ Ci -i MIGHT BF. iJil"vM;l£MeR ON TH F MO V ~>J X •'' • /' GRAS5 ON THE ) ..( Al i_ V OU MOOM--M"S )-V F.vCFJ THINK . GUI-KM ,.J \, ABOUT c.Hi:-esr;. ) 7 )S VOUR \STOM/\CH "--"; f'-^ " PRISCILLA'S POP By At Vermear DID A HARD TIME TALKING HIM - 3UPPO S PLAMS MONEY, A NEW PLATE GLASS WINDOW FOR MR. SO YOU'VE TAkEN A JOB. WITH MR.a CSCHMIDT'S BAKERY.jl SHORT RIBS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williomt OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoopla ^OOP NIGHT/ A FlSH OM A ^NOT A5 MUCH AS VOUKS/ "\ ~ PANCAKE AMP BAKINJS IT IKi 1 POM'T YOU KECOGKIIZG A \ THE DVEW INSTEAP OF FRY-J PIZ2.A PIE WHEN VOU SEE \ IMS IT.' BDV, YOUR y——-^\ OME? TH' SARPIUE IS J IGNORANCE IS X ( ALL I COULP j=IMP> TO j SHOWIW'.' /—. V-, PUT OM IT/ ^_-^ THE WORRY WART ,%.".'.',';";.,'"<;,, 7-/» A\V WORD ; TWI<3GS, VOU STARTLED ^-" ME Ihl tHE MIDST OF Atvl ORATIOfO? ^ X V V)E HVT OM A SPLEMDID IDEA TO REVITALIZE- AMERICAM CULTURE AND B(?ii\ls BACK "THe 6 OLD EM AGE OF- FLUEMCY AND ORATORY/ TlAe YODrOSER CAM SCARCELY EXPRESS THefA5Et>Jes IN tl4eiR &SAD/ AS AMOLD SHAKESPEAReAM ACTOR,IAl\A QUALIFIED FUMDAMEMTALS OF x ADM.IT You'vJe THE C-1FT OF SAB, /^AtA30R / OUGHT TO SPEEAO SHALL Tt-te HOOPLE SCHOOL. OF SPEECH/ BUGS BUNNY

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