The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, June 2, 1932
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FEEDERICK. MD., THURSDAY, AP Means Associated Press. LINKED WITH HOLDUP Baltimore Aato Believed Csed In Ab- WEATHER FORECAST FOR -L MARYLAND: Partly cloudy. Probably occasional showers in west portion tonight and Friday. Slightly cooler in northeast por- '.ion tonight. ·A. -* m**» TOLD BY I ULU U I Real Estate Expert Testifies At! .sen-id 07 orrisou as hav^ : by the hold-up icen llrs. Cumberiand As To Collateral Held. Chevrolet · stolen Saturday night from Mrs. Mil- · \ dree Cesiy. 480S Alhambra avenue, us · · 1'iousii- to hive been tbe same one de- ' ss been used Movement To Personally De- Up 33^-- JVlTS- Cfe^J V21S Expenses, IGKAMIJ Teachers'Salaries ^ LEADS, CAPITAL, IS BELIEF; Studied By p u uic -' ~"""~ . fc^ TWELVE PAGES TO GIVE MAY PAGEANT AT WASHINGTON ST. SCHOOL Number Of Children To Take Part In Affair. PRICE--TWO CENTS pasvar Reconvenes To Inquire Further Into Futile Ransom Payment. » .11 be ant:; a'. :~e Soh-,v: Fr.iav r.:*:i' .»· S 30 ,v.-;:k by ;-u;lj- of RELIEF IS ATTACKED ,»:·.: ! .»ov *f May ; reported to have been driving the air.o- ; saobile when she was held up by three linen, who forced her to get out of it. after which ihey drove away in the ; · car. The ages of the mec correspond '. i to those who consult ted the hold-u? ; · near Srunswtcic Monday i A car answering :h. ,,, Over East And South. Not Compulsory For Dr. Cook To \Vith-TO HEAR JOSffiR TODAY hold Funds If Pay Is Cut. j *~ v. their C ^rt " :· (···T.',»,v-~i of ci a:i- Lacy, it- S10.000 MORTGAGE ON LOT i" 'HE VALUED AT Wi-sSL,^,, -.he . same car. The Baltinsre assies were; {reported :o Chief or Pohce William F. Cobientz Testimony Not Ex- i stemer. of this city. . pected Until Next Week-- French To Be Recalled. 11,500 ALREADY THERE PAY NEW SUPERINTENDENT $4,500 AND OTHERS ON THE WAY -- _____ Xr-a Yori. June 2 \ A F futile pi.v:iv:st ·! tlie return o'. tr.e ;'ar«?"tly ran vHi f . o: '.*A\is today. - The Bronx lor be A r Mills And Hurley Oppose Senate 'rograms At Hearings. Croups To Converge In Wash- ington To Demand Action By Congress. School Costs Have Nearly Trebled In 17 Years : jo.'u-. F i'.nre further ;:s:o th* rji::^v:n Bt.inrv by Dr :. tue -Jiljle" JJ the a supivxsed represent- Vtr;.:::* Kat.:,-r:r.t: K ·!-.;-. iv»t- EMPLOYMENT FOR ONLY 127,000 PROVIDED, CLAIM 1V.J.1 Carre:; Cumberland. Jtir.e 2 CAP).-- George R. Linkiris. president of a Washingcon real es:a:e company tvhich operates more than 30 large apartmec-. houses in ihe capita:, began 3. detailed ap- prai^ai today in the trial of State Sec- ator Smory L. Cob'.entz ' Wasiucgton prt^erty-5ecuring obligaiioas held by affiliated companies of the Centra! Trust Company of Frederick. i TESTIFY AT TRIAL IBT The Associalcd Prt«* I The icica of come to Washington to i demand in person payment cf a 'soldiers' bonus,· started less than ·sreeks ago by a group, had spread larse- 1915 1920 1925 1927 1923 1929 1930 1331 S189946.-S2 27S.933 39 437.076 51 491. 507.92 491,461-79 518.741.14 533.2:8.24 546.103.12 Teachers' Salaries $133.857.27 205.639 10 345.890 85 371.501 91 375 107 47 380.154 15 379.387.CO 378.489 10 Ccur.'.v T.IX J'.rO 1J7 14 ·_':3 32J y : 22o J.-O 00 js"».:oo co 3i8.556 IV 403 924 00 421 O'H'C-0 $ 1.714 07 3 715 SO 6.311 4J 1« 53S.27 24.63625 31 629 01 45.781 55 60 247 46 st^ anc planned to aJ.'oum ^.ib- v :r.e:*. a;;v.':::tJ by Col L:u.l- 10 :;pyli-v,e ai'.h ur.Jer* jrM i tors .r. a:-, effort t» f.'r VKIAV O:-.e v: rr-.-r. ::ad' t-vf.Sea at N.i'.-lena M.«r.-,ne lV::y Kt;r "ill* Hvi!«- Liladyi r.-- isc. Pa::'..:..- Cartx-.-:-h C-it;-.- :::-.«- i. H.lCA K::-.'. \'i',-.:-...i \\Vltv. Car- · S:: s .;'.:-. M.try Cit.ivrine Hjuff and icltji Z:n-.n".rru;ar. .pcrs- Fl-ncl Or.".--. Clyde Mart', -.he ', Janies Little: M*:: Edu.ird Ke»-f- o; »'r: L-r»rJ a:-.j Lidy K-'r.::tr: \V,wr::v I.illie MJV Barnes. Atto:'.dir.ts- James yre\- . Wald.vhmidt C.irr:- K--!!;;). Jov.rr *··'. Secretaries Appear At Meetings Of Congressional Com- mittees. on;- «-^-.,/.. ~: ::-e .jrand ;-:r}. Hr he thi.-d ·*.·::·.·« i-a.led before the vas . C »::rt · Mirhael Ar.Or.-. Foresters: M.»l- Onie Ste'.v.»rJ. Nvl'x- May Zimmerman: Ko'a::: HO.K! s-.-.d his :r.ev. WslSian-. Kreh. At R 0 CkVJile in Clark Hearing. W~.shir.sto::. J'.me 2 A P - --In a double-barrelled administration attaclc ·.:jx: lhe public wor'is sections of BoHn.K-r-.uic rel^f measures. Secretary Hurley and Mills '.old congressional con-.mittJ"-s today the huge expenditures proposed w;;iM give comparatively I'.tUs CHECKS DiTRODUCED';? gages and other obligations totalling more than $2,000.000 held by the Cen- j teal Securities Company, the Blue Ridge j Investment Company and the Blue Ridge Securities Company. These papers have been pledged as collateral with the Central Trust, Company as sccuiis- for i»ts of approximately S5.- 300,000 and are. listed among the assets or the Central Trus; Company. One lot at Sheridan Road and Sayles Place, Washington, on which the Blue » Securities Company held, a men- gage of $10.000. the witness assessed for S751 and him at 53,000. 2.--Three Monlsom- ! r erv county officials cad received checks drawn on the account of "Berry Clark, clerk to the county commis- j ' sioners," in payment of funds trans- . , ferred from the office of Clark, on trial in Montgomery Count? j .t Court on charges of Mills pi!el th^ objection upon 000 and S120.000 annually. Durin; a meeii:i£ held Wednesday at ss from Chicago and Dew* ! ·»» Court House between about 60 rep"-*" *~ "" , *_·!.._ *.,tinr^v+f _-i.' rV».» /·»?*· *)nn ment of county fimds while cleric to the j * cept through a voluntarj' acceptance j reduction by those receiving the REVENUE AGENTS START "££-££*£ Sa^es of Teachers. ti-e Ccmmissioners j Salaries of teachers in school -or thc j cut salaries, among them the salaries j county cost $378.489.10 in the s=: | LAUREL CHAIN PROCESSION \ I TO OPEN Will Be Held On Campus Satur- · e day Afternoon At 4.3O- pro- public j work*. $H65.flOO,000 would give work { to only 53.943 men. ! P R O B E OF DR. W A L K E R ! The Secretary of the Treasury ap- i peared before the Senate Banking Coni! New York Jun» 2 A P --Tl-e aso-t* j mittce on thc rc!ief P^sram sponsored 'o' thc '«i«--r h--P.-7 f.- Tn-..^,- ol".- ' by Democrats in the Senate while the j X . J . V~.*-.».J V.. l . l , t . . ( ^ . J V C . - : _ . , ..,_ , _ _ * .s !=»,,..,,_ ; er.ue. it was learned tod-iy. have start- ' and income 1 brother. ! of War was before the House i Ways arid Means C^mmit-iee on the Washington Expert and, June 2. -- Usinj j of Washinston mortgages of which were listed as as- adak. The three officials said ««£ J sets o: the Central Trust Company, | they had not paid much aKention w j state and defense attorneys by mutual [the account, and that is most instances | £ agreenieni hoped to return Friday to an itemizing: of the same properties wish regard to deeds of trust and financial and structural collateral which -«« be.-i thai the teachers take vo.untary cuts which, it was stated, many , The laurel chain the opening event and K seen or. the Ci3ss Day " erC: not ps. Q roucn ai-cciiLnju L-J · * ; SJL arv cuu ^"Hi r *" * was sta-tdj.. iua^.ij ; -«.«-« w..^-*.---^ -. fi «.'.-7 .---,- -- ----- -- 103° Hood it. and that is most instances ^een 3 00 and 500 sorted irom Cam- i - ^ beiTe'vsd *^^S ^ ^Th «- ! :he accompanying tab:?. ,.; of their oaces had handled |«en- »- J - r-esterdej and in Neu \OTK ° , te .. The 1931 aud!;or - s rcpor6 lyu tae "« c ^ :a group was beaw recruited to star. *5S»^ ... ha(J ^ , o ^^-^ of aU teacher,. Considerable | '^, °^ Hurlev contended that river and har- employes the checks. The ferial went into its second day ·vcith a crowded courtroom. Through | ; June 4. i ment that Dr. Cooi had replied 1 acting County Superintendent Jaaies C. : Biehl's letter to him regarding the aacia± ajia ££^uc:,uza.z. cuu^.ciai *i±M±* wiui a, cruwuesi I^MIAW-WWIU. J O I T p u i c P A M f * C I O C D C A ^ I M ^ : ^SiCniS letter i« iii*u ic5c.w-*i --*were held by the Blue Hidge Invest-j rcost of '-Be"ctay, State's Attorney SteJ-! nl I U M I h UAWbcLb b r t A M n l u ', posj^ility of teachers' taking voluntary meat Company. Central Securities j aatn. Prescott, in a monotonous tone. Company and other Heavy- creditors of i read off the checks which had been de- the closed bans. {posited in the alleged "secret account." B is expected thai V?U^arn B. French, j Webb Draws Langh. j Asheviile. N. C treasurer of the Central Securities j p. Barnard Welsh, defense attorney. · ness called Goveruo: Company, will be recalled to the stand j orew several iaughs when he ENGAGEMENT IN CAROLINA i«= ,^ t on Uie Hooa Col-j 'His nx-i been the procedure they mous on Saturday afternoon, at j hav = f^SoA'ed with respect to all per- o'clock. jobs to only 63.442 men. In thi the seniors -.vil. i s 01 " whose Incomes the investigation! A I cuts bv declaring that if they did. the paid in higa s;x I state appropriation would be withheld j county and eiemc: j from Frederics: county. Following some | city are given beJ '., June 2 CAP).--Busi- | di5CUS5iolJ . oae spea ker stated tS raor Albert C. Riwme 1 3Ia - e ^^ ^^ to t - ne e ff e ct tha asked j back to Maryland today and he can- ! c an g s should be withhe! esceptaig one jny;ance had i Chain Song." Ula« of 191-. The march h a i t h e , Frederick Hi ? h Schoo!-A. L. Lean-. ,-- ^ - president, and . ' * T fJ Cnrt. r~~~~ -*^^ IT Dnnn.Vu.-.. · ^" * » » " " - C « . , 4 t . l _ » . . , r «. si.=ted them, he said, in the treatment of c:ty cases. ing weei. "Has the county gone into the stone j teraoon for Annapolis but might re- i em powerea to cause the State The testimony of George R. Linkins. business?" real estate operator since 1908. conlin- j xhe checks wesre oSered in thc-: other speech. ued to hold the spotlight today. One j caarse O f cross-examination which fo".- of the properties to whose V2lue Link- | lowed proving of checks ins testified was to tae Prinze Karl ' accou= t, of Mr. Clark, apartment at. Nineteenth and K streets, j g ;ate introduced as It is a five story building about 40 j ^^.j. for pro ving tt urn to North Carolina later for an- j Boiler throaea written notification tent IS H. Overoey. si.530: Mary J. ShuiT. ' "^"^.^, ^ ^ Coma- SI.800: Julia Eichison. S1.775: Loaae' c ^°-.. ? ' .. e "" °' " ^ »;C. Buckingham. S1..39 38: Ethel C. ^ £"TM«* ^^ DAWN TO DUSK FLIGHT OVER WASHINGTON ROUTE the senior cUis.; Buekeystown IV. C. T. U. Meets. The regular meeting of '.he Buekeys- town W. C. T. O. was held on Wednesday afternoon in the M. P. church. Mrs. A. W. Nicodemus. president, presided and conducted the devotional service. Tlie opening song, "Some Glad Day." was followed by the scripture lesson and prayer. Mrs. Gladys Moroingstar was appointed director of narcotics. Suggestions for work to be taken up were made. Reports of the recent County convention were given. The program was in the interest, of Flower Mission Work. Mrs. E. L. Keller, director. The ing address. The* j Washing. June 2 .AP..-A daw,:- | ^TM* °»»J«* ,,«« ^!f n = S the provisions of this years old and with a rental S875 to §900 a month now. testified. He based his estimated value ern^ezzted in the in transferred some of out S426. which he r . ,.".-!· he class poem Bitten by Eleanor Mac- :-dusk night over the route covered i " whltc R ' bbon Rall " Song ; reading. withhold, in case of violation of any of Bwcnley. Sl.2,0. Mary Louise Ship:C7. i P d bv ^^ Hoffman, by George Washington in his travels j " Jer - Iile Cassiday s Own Plea for Flower ««. provisions of this article (entire | S1.19I: Laura C. Cochrane. $1., 10: Car- , Krausp ^. n . tho xnlo:]v , l: ^ n ^^ ncx t n,onth ^ Miljo , j M»*on. Mrs. G-acys Mormngstar; ^^,' J ' | reading. "Say It With Flowers," Mrs. ...i.oraiej R Acialn£ . vocal duc t. -Yield Not to .cs.ccnt | Temptaclon ·· Mrs w Bartiett and Mrs. pos "' u : C. E. Main: reading. "A Morning With ^ : the Flower Mission." Mrs. C. E. Nichols: ,^"~' j Temperance dosology. Regular meet^ ! ings will be resumed in September. i.rar}s-- ' i Windows On County Barns. toi!~,=t passing through Frecericic Jy «as much struck with and openings painted on this section, and wrote 10 for 5«ne information custom. He wrote that he someone that there was j probably come superstition connected ! with this practice. The origin of this Parkway school--E. Virginia Wenner. · principal. SI.750: Virginia C. McCauley. day committee is compcsed Eleanor Howies. Tile Wardman Park annex on Cal- j " Noa - m a3k you if you haven't' first and third Wednesday r.i'hc dtirir.g ' decreases in salary, ·rert street, it teas testified by I^inkins.' known ever since'you have been in of- . June. July. Augus- ar.d September. ; Can Cat High School Salaries. : ^i..^.^.. c^.-ju. v ; . 5i ,i^ ^. .«._ix^^;c... i B .^.j,. 2-^ r . 0 - MacMiliar was in a commercial aone and had · fice th _. s errT E" CUirk has main-i · ; Although the Commissioners cannot; S940.5I: Charlotte Eadcr. S950: Nettie : ' - ' some peculiarities of construction. He taine ^ ^(.j, 3^ acco ttnt?" Mr. Welsh! Frederick Speech In Record. ! cut elementary salaries, they are at j M. Milier. Sl.029.25: Frances Ps.tson. placed its valuation it S300.000 aad ( ^ ked Mr _ -^-2;;^;- ^i^ he did not i Senator P. L. GoJdsborough on Mon- j liberty to cut high school principals' anci ; S1.100; Kattie M. Wtllet, SI.150; Marie rental value per month at S4.000. j kriow for sure, ss'manv of the checko j Q^y paid a tribute in the Senate to j teachers' .-aiari-es. which total S1S.OOO ·· Michael, SI.036.25; Mil'Jred Richardson, j The Denzer-Astoria apartment and a j -^.^ {J^TJ hanniea bv his clerks and he; Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney. He j over the minimum compulsory under t h e , S1.031.S3: Margaret R. Simpson. SI.100; ; lot known as Woodiey Park grounds j j^^n't psid much aner.tion to that : referred to the reren-.c-nies in ccnnec-; state -aw. If high school salaries were j Heler. M. Msrccr. S950: Beatrice L. were afeo considered as propenics ! which were mortgaged. Jazv ana License Issued. m.irr.3.5e liccr^se was issiiod ty^e of barn painting is not known. DIVISION MEETING HELD ,;ngton Wednesday ~M Paul E-! Thce painted opening.? are thought to I Remsbcr?. 34. n«ar Mida:et«us. and j^ mcre ;-- for the purposes of appear- Moss of the testimony out orJy after repeated the defense. One caj for this week. paid much attention to 1 i phase. Mr. Walker said under cross-exaini- ,i, _ ^ - i ^ _ i C.J VH_F i^.. 1 ^ V t - l^i.-L-'-l-C^ X-J t,«J-IiJCV."" . i v-il.S .nT, "V , JL_ i.1-^" J\-iJT--U- J**.*.. - _ ~ -. » - , » . u . w -- -- . . _ - . _ . i.-i,. . w v w . i tion with the unveiling of a bust to cut. and elementary teachers took vol- i Cr-r.ise. Sl.094.50: Freda L. .-; Taney in Cor.rt Eou?e park ar.d secur- untary cuts, the Commissioners would; 100. -- mcrelv for the purposes of appear- i MIS.S Veima B. Young. 25. of Washin;- ance an ^ cerrration The Lncuirer was i »n. The name of R?v. C E. Rasmus- , that this pnctice Jr.usi cor- E^-;r t r Terminal Oil M.nxen. Supervisors And ! ^-*" M f''"^,.1^ f":.::'': 1 !: ^f^ ! rcspcnd .. :O ^ ^'^ °5 SC *T 1B ^ EiZ.e., s! - . * " "* ·" : ma... M.. ....niooers ^ .ne son o. Mr. ; ons on tnc 5:eeve 01 rr.ens coats, whicn Drivers Gather. '· 3 -~ d M " s - K - -- Remsberr on the Broad ; » not for any reason of uti^ty but for . Run road Division managers. supervL=ors an- _ drivers of the Terminal Oil Company | | decoration in Marvland. Pennsylvania ar.d V:r- ] , .- ..- . T _^ 7 - x T . TT 7, 7 ginta ? .-end,d a msetjr.c hew Marriage License Demand N ot Halted Chain To Operate Da-mar HoteL tas is .5533 of the entire SI.30. The \ 150:Anna L. Neighbours, Si. 150; Char- :a the main offic- of Fred W. Rade. "cc- presic'pnt. and general rnar.aser. East Church street. Wednesday night to _Rallr Develops. ^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^^ .^.^ agasl5 New "iors. June 2 (_if i.--A^T a^ j and he -eDli»d that h* had no: i - ~ - ,, -- - .. . . , _ . . Briy shower of selling orders. _ne . ;~^ ^ done '^ ^ ui that j-jg c ierks i Anr.oancetr.ent ha? been matie by M. cour-tv does not share in the state equal- j lc-t:e Mocter. S1.150; Mrs. Marion K. j discuss matters of interest to the com- tSouos over the security markets sud- j ^ ^ He"'u-ther"'ai- ! '"Ta; A tfc" "VT.:p - Molier that eScctive June 1 the 'zaiion fee. for in order to do so. it j Green. SI 150: Beulah D. Mber'.y. SI.-I ?any : cenly lifted today and a rather active j =f · ' 1 ;. " " /", '" ","_"»' Dagmar Hotel. Hacerslowr:. win b» op- would have to ievy 67 cents on each · 150. ! Dr.vers of tracks signed pledge cards i -x»r* **-k CSSlOll, 't Records Rev got uicer wav. more than can-! 0 ' a OISCTCJ^I-J 8 -- · ,.- .found the error. ling cables TKV abc-.t ! stead- dc-^n :o ^ cf a cent :-D S3.6S r - 3? OP- contrsct ' SI 00 of taxable property. Xew Superintendent's Salary 54.500- treet school--Ella V. principal. SI.750; Nellie E. Dagma under a rr,3:ia~ement celling the losses c-f 1 to 2 poipis ;' ,,!" 11" ^^k Joseph B Pyies ar.d j by the Grenoble KoteU Corporation of Utilities, rails and a rwanoer o: msus- j ^ ^ "p ! c""a.-d H LaTSdate bo'h -cs- " PitisbuKrh. Thc Dasmar will be op-. The salar? of Sageae W. Pruitt^Su?-, Bler.tlir.ger. SI.150: Ar.r.abelle K'^ne. triaLt D:ar.2c-c to new Xrars in tZ-» first · ^V 1 ~ "^.^-^a-jo^" bv c»fensc .era 1 -^ S-* a ·:«:- of the Grer^Ke chai cnr.t«r.!Je=t of Education = ialbo: ;. SS39 31: Mary E Muck 51.13563: hour but .-elline quickly wore i'u=e.f out ;.;";". v ;_ .^ d 1^-1^"checks ^ cc~of rr^rri hot-ls. W. S. Grcn=b ' cour.~. who will become sa?»rir.tenier.t : M. Miller, si. 150; M:ar..c E and a substantial rally appeared. Sler- ^r.^"-.^'.^ ^1*4- business fro:r. P-e- s i'-i^: of Grer.c-ble Hotci Corp.:-rs- of cduratlsr. in Frecerici county Au- Co'^erly. s;.:4!.38. Bertr.a T. Tr.i:.a, "Berry S. Cl'.rk. clerk to the comniissior.ers ~ said tr.ey San not paid any particular attention to. the mariner in which the checks ware j signed or indorsed. SheriS LarJ^ia-c . 5Sid he had not understood there "3= ucarc-^v; oy DeLatiter. witr May ap- business CC jj- tT t-ior.. ar.n-i-jr.cec that St-ian Z. H-cfe- T^ct :. -sas set Wecnesday at S4 50-?-. 51.150: Cliarlo:; T. DcLK'.i.T.ut; Sl.- ·--,,.. s i enb-jry w;-uIc bs the r^idor.t zsaiu^cr The matter was disctissea at t"-c n«:et- · 150: Sad:e C. Kahr.. J:.!50: A. Ka.h- roses,! expired Tuesday, tiie total the DESIST. To Manage Hanover Hotel. , T. J. O'Neill has cecoir.e siaaager -of the Hotel Riciiard McAllister, Han; over. ?a., it '?^R announced :oday : Xon-Snpport Case. i. s wif". Mrs Marr C r.3r.-;-;pp-3r Aa.-~ R. DfL.3 ir.g o! the Board of K'jcanon witch ' crir.e Croniie. Si.150: Ruth £ icr:ti5d to pay Mr. Praitt tee Jan-.c -;al- | $1.100. · 3-- as was p.vld t2ie late G Lloyd j Chtirch street s:ho-.l--c::.- J Pil^ier as county superlr.tenier.:. He ; clem pr:nt:pa:. 42 OC-3: Mar.-K. "r G ae-^jo '"avir.s: beer. ccnEcer.t^a. at- To Give Flood Li^ht Demonstration. *TM i .'"",^ "^Pra;»"=ecr»-arT for tw«. The new Sood lisht equiprner.t or. the "to Georce C." Bclfit. "late pro: United Fire Ojnipar.y truck will be =?=t- , years tr.e"Beller-j?-S'ratforc. Piiiia- ' onstratec tor.irht at Mor-te~-e anc a-:- ce^pnia, ar.a t.~e X»-- V-r-rk City. THE WEATHER TODAY r.or.e precipitation -- 4.36 Pre;:?i".atior. for :4 Ztours er.dir.; ac a rr.. today-- r.or.c Precipitati-or.. June :o da Noratal Jur. : a.-:ua:. Jur.e. 1931--3.75 indies Exc=fi in 1932 pr---:?::st:"i to June 5.39 incite? High Temperature yesterday-- 83. High temperature 3 year ago -- 77. Low temperature lost night -- 63. low -»r.t.--?r3turs_a yc-ir a so-- -JO. S.-Jt '..- - l-:. ·".,«-- S 4 i s. rii. Moon :..= ;·- . :i---..o^ -- 3 47 a. in. corair.g to jref^r.t pla^s. also H-xx: College ar.= :r.e MarjlAttd State Scr.-:-ol r^r tlte Iesf. The new eH"ipiner:t for tltc truci ir.cludas a generator pur^r-as-?: ! list yesr ar.d the lijl-.ts secured recently, all of which is valued at appros- ; jctitely S2.GCC. Proceeds fron; boxir.g · bouts ar.d card parties were usec to defray expenses. The ce:r.or.strstier. -«-;·· -^^ ^-..-^^ iOO""" 1 : T*t* '3"" th»ir also will be prov ; ^--3 Z.T. automobile and · si. ISO: M:* K:uy B. lii;.. S1.;5C; -.raveling espens-s Artir.z Cour.ty Sup- j^lythe A. S:gr-.3rjc. Si. 150. V.'. c-r-r-tendent Blehl lias bssr. receiving S^-r.n-.or--. SI. 150: Ecr.a M. St.iaeiTer. S4.000 slr.ce as£unur.g the duties of the 51 15C: Mar::r. H. Hcpp SI 150: L. .y-senr.terwr.rT. I; is not tl-.o'j;ht ir--e ?ri;e. il I or.; P.i-::.r.^ K»r.dr::£- ·liat an assis^nt cour.'.y ;-.;p»nz.ter.c5~t . ;.-. n . c j . j f M ) ; L. H-itxr D»r-. 51.100: -- ;;: be r.a3K5. , H-b-;r- K. SI. 15'" Milfsrd N"5 cir-'-rt wor5 l-a,« been re:eive= re- 3 r -,-~.-.. ss.V: Mr,= . K.a'r.-r:r.- £ Fstx. zardin? t'r.c l«al siluati/tr. frc«r. Dr. 5955 ;.; rs _ p ier . a =: a - rr; 3.-"-.r. S950: Kinderirarten Meetin? Planned. The ar.r.ual meettnc of tr.e Fredr-nck ' Free K.r.der?*rten Associatior. "ill be : he.d at 7.30 a'cloci; tor.igh: in tr.e . j kir.dcrgjrter. roosi o! trie Fecera.c-d ' j Cnsrlties buildir.g ana is open to the ] I pub'/c. OScers ar.d directors frtr the ] r.z ic-r pr.r.".p'.. f.l'. br ziver.. Mis* B^r- · :ha lr?.il :.= president of the ii= ' Mrs, Hloody Auteuil. France. J'~e 2 'A?- ·ler. Wills MJ.~C-.. s«iir. .-.--r four-a Cook, other than the stat« to the effect tr.a-. state funds would be wtth- ltld i! elementary teac'rrfrs taie cuts a sa' but ii is believed that -e is not err..rely unsyrr.patr.etic to sent.rr.e'nt in regard to. Mr Biehl as is unsympathetic to any reduction of Freienc'i county expenses by c'Jt~«r.; el?3vr.'..ary teachers' salaries. It is be- li-:v«d tr-it tr.e State Super.r.tencer.t. wlio can be retired in another year, irt- teni 1 ; to control the situation as he see? St. l^si Friday Dr. Coos, accompanied by William K. KMrssantan. high s" e:ven by Charles A Op*:. -Jr.. nf the irisarar.o~ f.rm cf Halr ani . Ke called attention '~ adherence to · traffic r~5'i!at:oriS. to keeping tru«~ss ui ; good rorjG'.ti^r. and TO the irr.portanc? · of redur;nc the accident hazard to minimum, wi'h a cor.sec^er.t result thit ·'-" T~rnir?i will r«c».ve the -. ^^=- --j^." bl" insuranc-- rate rie also c.G":r, ·*:".". be presented with a safrty -*.* r~i vTMi / *iC A P VjT'^c"*" rn^a^icTM -"· COTi" 3Ct** ^V.tJ* Ot r»C~ rnOvO h T; ; "^ ^".aS 3J^r ove ;ha: of 1331 )::r.ds shewed a dfCTeriSe at the Gi5ce ' tJ".? Mav o; Clerk of Cvjr. Eli G Ha-igh durir.s the f.rst"-- c-f 1932. tile ~ar- nace licer.."- re-cords were but a ft3ir"« brei2;h scr-^raf-d froirj t-iose of the ~2" 1331. 560 li-;;ns.2s: 1932. 559 Ir.i.-nt'.::h as ar : even htindred licensee per .-re. vere is":e3 Jax Jur.f. one htincred and ; Th» pre'io'is avc-rase for a year is rom I.PO'i to 3.COO licor-Ks. rnoj; of ilier. ?.r-? prcK:::red ^i May. This year ·« W3 about 725. A pen- ?.lty r-f in per cent, was adds-d Wednss- cay for the*? ^ho failed to secur; Many applications were received this ytar for f^hir.?: li.~cr.:-js. alir.y-g.~- like he list 1^ r.ct up to pir. Fewer Property Deeds. -C-C3J ac- 15-3 victory over the rirl. K.Ida Kran-;-;«:. ir. the seir.l-f.r.3.1,-. Retains Golf Championship. ·Saur.:or.. HTiglar.d. June C A ? . -Sr ; :i W.lsor. today r-:-t£-_r.en iter Brit- Mrs 1.0-j^-e Myers. $1.150. Kathrvn A Sn;.. $1 050. Micdleto-vr. Hi^h Sc:-.--l--Herbert F prir.cipil. s:.7G'. W.1..A3! E. Ha^ SI 350; Mary E«. s:.450: Lorrair.e T.-^ SI.SoS. W.lbjr rx-'-ii- t-ss. S3.450. Marv \V.ll.irc S.1 1ST: Mar- . .-or. C Esolf S1.3'"G: J K inter Remf- bf.-z '11 :r.-ir.·,,-,.:'. 51 650. two other' ·.·pac-Ters part psici by !l;rr.-:--tiry 5ur.cs Er!-.rr.:'=b-;r? High S-l'-^y.--Homf-r W Guytor.. pr.r..-.pal. SI S5.15C; Grice Glor.-r.jer. $1.298 3S. K-;ler» V. till 51.^00: Ros- V Smith l-:3if ::m'i. ?I.OOO. 1 To Make Final Report. ·::' Fratfis rov Ker Dis'.ri-.t. Fr.dsy r.oor. a' Ko'el Fred'T..-'. Wol:sv:l Hiih Given Two Years For Holdup. ILeroy Towr^er.i H^rr-so^-. .jl**. 3a.- C:r;::.t Court of C?.:rr.,: c^tir.ty tft sen-? 2:le. :-."ar Taylorf.ille. Ft-brjary 21 The feriVnci- folio.?d t]v cor.r*,'5 coti- of T-7r.s"r.d la't wee's, for the sta'.:or. Z.le operaXi. A i"fs-nse motion f - r a new trial was rli.smi.ssed. W:l!:arr. J. E.trrr'.' Jr ii:imcre. wr.o ws,s a supervisor o: Wei'.em Maryland veiled | c .. :;e - rr ; r .. : ; D .,:. $-, 900.- Opal C. s'm::::. ^ ? o--"- d f-^'-T of the fmbezylem.-r.-, of a br.^f.y the Brur,s-sirk High Sc".-.c-ol en . j. .,(5(1 " ' ' bo-.Ki. tr.e property of J «eph W. \ · rou'e to Alleg^ny county, bi/. other ; 'liAii then, it. -^ not Jvlie'. ed lie r.3.=. beer. ; , vV. C. Royal, cr^i preside, i^a ias couaty reccaCg aad Jwe 20:, con- j crt:-C'ir. H.rh S-.-:ii--l--Elmer K (COXTIXCED ON ?AG2 5). rrf-ti Tar.r-Towii. ias ?fn' r .ricfi to fr,p '·*\r in T:IC Carrr:". crur.ty j-n 1 ., bu'. sea, Moce was suspended. ?r.e c-cupk? rotist, ;x- l:ceris--*d in rre-5- ' TrassfT c.f properties hss reflected rrirk ro ;r.ry ;-ha: .iv-r.:h to ever, toe ;v» ec-~n-t-n\ic .crlr.c-czcy pr?bibly ~.ore or." ?.-h:cr! toofc J':r.-^"s tr'-phy ?.~ay ^.~ a small nu~b?r ^f leasas. asree- cear. FVor April surprise-- everv'one nier.:s. p-ow^rs cf a:-!;tncr ^ti^ ri^rics cf in 1S3; by brings? iOl --.amis:-- 1 -s^y. ; r o.-r. Jan;;arr 1 to May 3; of this li~« implications, -".hile June stop- y.^sr as 3sr3ir-~t ~-~ of the satne class ped '· an ever, h-ur.crcc. ir. '_hi' 7/enod pf 1531. Pr.or t.-» thai time A-:tr.i." harl been On the other the ntur.ber of :h" aiir.g rrr.r.'h. ^."'-". 05 li*c~s?s contracts o: s^le. oills of sale, mort- ir. 1SC5 r.nd ?0 .:i i:-.'?. e.^C'-s of property ar.d cr^.t:el ~cr The 'rst tlire 0·.;--= *~* i93^ w*re eaces. take- as a class, wss practically th» year Vf-~r*. b-:i Apr.1 a'.iC .'3.v -~f i?3:. This year's total was STS: last this year .-N5i--J a ri^l^te. Tliis i; year's 877 whs: makes :'n" rr.n.rr;aire liccriso' The t-c-ut! r.umbor of ir^trtirrjsn^- oti rert.Tiers th^ik thai Jur.e rruy turr. out. record -P :o J'.ir.s this yea; v;as 1.278 ' t o be a toc-ra .-^-.,.-,-1: as icair^- 1.607 l.iit year. No licenses 1 The nr^t rl=.y cf JL;r.c ;-.^.-,-i. how- of ·sr.y ktr.d are ir.cltided ir. this cLi.«. rvrr. w:-ht-ut an applicarr. Thc s*:rprlse 3t.--nJi of 1932 at the Fewer Trader*" Licences. · Clark's orsv has beer. February, which As The la? f - :l t.r:r liout r'r seciir- ' =ho~;x-d a "r.:ri over lr_st ycsr in ptSC- izg traders' iict2is?a v.^tiKXit pe^iitj-, ucaiiy every d£par'»mffi*.k _^ A

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