The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 21, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1918
Page 8
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THE „ MO HIN 8 0 K »-fl Wfi. HontelhSisis^isi Maws QassiMedl Mi ' CLANKIFIIOT AnVBHTlSIJ'O RATE • ' ONIi CJKNT A WOllf) HACM I.NSKH- ' • 1 ION Abbreviations and series of In • • Itlals or numerals count as one word, • • lJnuVr Uns jiiun classified ndvortiacrs • • ran tell in advance the exact cost of • • fhclr ml. News classified ads are • • tnla-n by phoni.- for your accnmmoda- • • tun. nmj all bills are <luo and payable • • Die day following the date of Inser- • • tlon. Vrm oiuj a*»lsl us materially If • you jmy thu collector promptly on pro- • • sculatlon of statement. • A HI - 1 )i sr.—1 K 83 7 II S3—6 J B.1 - I Mllhrry—I M SI -4 O HI 1 11 R3--2 K 84 -: T 8.". 1 v s:i 2 X 84 - 1 WANTED—MALB HKLI». V.tSTKP-A .inimnici milker; one who kins of nolqirna understands the n.Mklna ' ,ol °«;'* and Vl.-nnns. st™dy employ, c IN1 od- ,.rn ciulpninnt mid a B »«J "I 1 ! 1 ""'""^ A.ldn-'d • II" IJ»x No. AM. ArKaw-w City. KUIIWUS. 18 Jl.llDO w\NTI'.li iVipabli) man with . f,„ l'.-'t bui-lin's* ..l.onlliK 1. l«l<' • H11..M; B -»1 for 83UO a muiill. and 111. ,.r,„ Address Mr. lllcklo, SIS. N Ain-rU-an IIUIK.. ChlciMt". -~ FOR SALE—MISCKLLANtOUl Foil KALI'—One triple effect gn.s heat- Itu,' stove; one lu-snor gas sinve; one P'lnau. P'destal dining tabic: one eombl.- nallnn buffet and china closet. 12n Wesl 12th. I'litme .149W. 20-21 Hutchinson Typewriter Co, ROVAL TYPKWRITKRS Bargains In Rebuilt Machine*. E07 Uorabaugh-Wiley IJIdg. Phono 3680. £3-tl KKCOND -llANn tires and tubes, all sljcs. Wo buy old casings. For guaranteed repair work nee. us. MId-Htate .Motor Tire Co.. uppusltc Missouri Pacific depot. 0-tf STEAM noiTJsnT We have a low pressure boiler for steam heating plant, will be rold at a very low figure. Sue It at Nows Ofttco. FOll HALF.—About 3500 feet of Hard - maple flouring, hafl been lifted In skat- Ink* rink, In pood condition. Address C-86 caro of News. 17-tf AUTOMOBILE- fIKCOND-KANT> Hutchinson It the logical market tot second-hand automobile*. Proepeotltl buyer* should watch this column for complete tint of bargain*. At__®;_3@lb_Il® 110 Sherman Kast rhonc 457 Clicapest place in town to buy your parts- C:ish paid for old can. 17-tf Foil SALK. ., , , „ Ono rteo Truck Chasls, in first-class condition; four practically new - casings and tunes. Anyone wanting a truck chasis can saic money by looking this up. Ihree- quartcr ton m«e. 1'. W. OUNNINU, a -lf Sterling, Kan. FliH HAtiK—My foland China herd boar al»o llolaloln bull calf 10 months old. Chaa. Uumlcuough, l*arlrldge, Kans., Arlington phone. 17- -a COLE osisnr l.onks and runs liko now; offered at one-half actual value; phone W. i-tf l'MIt SAMS Ilcetl baby .carriage, has bi>cn us«l vtTy little. A bargain Tor anyone desiring. 514 K 4tll btreet or Phone 1700W. IJ-21 t'Oli MA LP. —2 M.HI.'I 87 Hudson touring car. fully culilppiM; 4 new Kelly Kprlng- flekl ciiBings ami tubes; 1 extra sol casings, Taylor Motor Co. W-lOt 111 11 KALK-One spoltod I'oland flilnn male hog, 2 enlve«, one Duroc gilt to fan<»w soon. Itoy .Shrive, phon c 1U>!l. 20-31 1'OH SALl',—Cheap, B no-llenger touring ear; electric llBhi starter ;ln R<*~*i condition. Knquli-i: room C Central Bank bklg or ::il A west. . 20-2J 1T1U HAliK-Snmc flno S. O. White IjOghorn hens. 30th and Wahhlngton. l'lione SlfiDW. I. H.Gnogy. 21— OOOD l.'OUD—Kor sale cheap; In good condition with shack absorber. Kor his week only. Inquire ul 720, 6 East lUtcr 6 p. ni. lt -il Kurt SAI.H-Cheap, 5 h. p. 2 phase electric mottjr almost new; olau leather belling. Smith .lunk Vard. 17-Dt KII.'V \u,- 17 to Mi. Kspcrlcnco unn«- tialarles; expenoca. Detcctivo Agency, gatlonn; SI. np'ii :, I'lireiKIl l.mll.^. i ifl-ll \TIVi:S— i:xpericnce unnecessary W in-lru.l. you. Travt-I; make w .,.|,l !nv.stlgall"n«. Salaries; ex pen- sea llnrili-y Lietcctlve Agency, .lusepli. .Mo. St. 21 WANTKP-Men to buy their new fall suits, JI2.DU U. »2». a small payment down, balance tl a week. Mi 'WJ S?c ivei-k. C.imi-'r Commerce Co., II «_ N Walnut. 10 21-St HtlNTKU WANTI^n-—Combination machine and rloor man. Wrlto today Post. Protection. Kans. WANTHI'i-Hov; one who l» not going 10 Mhoiil; winter Job. guulHy Oro- lery. I-JI l-iist 7th. 21-H LACKS .MITII— Good all around man at ecce; |ii to »7 per day. 1'. F. Blahl, lll......n.l 1 ,'im «l-lt l-:illnwooil, Kun. CAUPKNTKHH atKl laborers wanted at W\NTK|i-noy to learn press feeding. Apply Hutchinson uftlco Supply and Prinlliii! Co. KOtt KAL.1'J—llll Konl touring car with llrlsco truck attachment; also Kom grocery delivery car, 11)17, address C-8a care of News. KOH SAL1-:—New Home Fewlng machine used threo months; half price; iuro gooil Singer. 609 N. Main. 20-11 KOK SAl.l-:—Jonathan apples. Doanell orrhaid, three-ftuarler mile south reformatory. W. Ualllngor. 20-21 FOll SALE—Cheap, 10 II. P. International engine J1GU.00. K. N. Waft, 11. K .D., No. 1 ,clty. rr-Na:i.1-lf KOH HAJAZ —Uase burner, kitchen rnngi-. dining room rurnllure, dressers, rugs, l'hone 020 or 1511. 20-21 KOll 8iAL.K !*hot gun, 11)8. —One twenty-two rifle, one one man's overcoat. Phone ill-It WOOIWTAl.l, typewriter, new model, No. 5. l'hone 333 or 1332 after 7..'10 p. m. 20-3t. KOK SA LE - Canary birds; have a few extra fine singers left. No. 3, 7lh oast. 20-51 KOll bit house SIN by ten chicken or rah- aml ience. Phone 156SW. 21-23 KOll SAL|.;--flood prairie liny, 4 miles east packing house. Phone 40KB. 21-2.1 KOll SALl-:—One horse Van Brunt grain drill. Hutchinson Implement Co. • 19-tf WANThli -Chicken pickers. Apply Kreil lliirecs Produce. Department. Newton. WANTKl) -Cooper; meudy Barton Salt Co. plant o oftice. work; ipply • down town 3-tt W.\ NTKI i—.MeFHenger after school hours. hov Willi wheel Postal Telegraph. 21-lf \VAN T 7 :1>—lKillverymuti for ,I"or>i. I>\wj» 2; I'irst IIIKI. 2<i-«l KOI! SALI-"—A toll, sire :'.6, phone 1029. dress 22G K and 2nd.. coat, 21-21 KOll SALK—lied and green mango peppers . Phone C. W. Christopher. 20-2t I'OK SALIC—Team horses. Call Parker shows, Fair grounds. ' office 19-tf KOK SAl.K—ijas Heater In good condition. Inquire 21S 10 1st. 21-21 WANTED—FEMALE HELP. \V v ^non ^Tcn bright eaiiublo ladles to travel, demonstrate and sell well known Kiioils to established dealers; J25. to *iill per week; railroad fare paid; weekly advance fin traveling expenses. Address at once ihii.'clrlch Ding Company Dept. Omaha. Nelir. KOll SALK- scales. 81 -A good show Seventh ISast. * and 21 KOR SAI.K- Kine furniture. West I Oth. l'hone 2098. Inquire 211 It -tf KOll SAI.K—Household furniture, 315 Raul IS. Phono 2991. 19^3t WANTKl'- -Uiilii skirl!., wiilsis small pa .Mnent . 320.| Sat7-2S { s to buy tlielr new fall and slioes on credit, ilnwn. balance 50c a nliiineico Co., 17 & 19 21-21 KOll SALI'l—Chlckena lenm . Call WW. and lino- 21-21 KOll SALE--Household goods;town. IMioue I43tj. - ' leaving 21-lf FOll SAl.K—Six hole and four hole cook Moves. 110 West B. 19-3t WANTKD I luiisekeeper'. middle ^ aged | wi.Mi.iri wllh..wt IncunibiMiii me foi- lull particulars. L. 1116 1st K.iM. KOI! SALll—(ioid Coin cheap. Phone "3384. burner 20 . Call on I A. lleebe. ' KOI! SALK, 18-tt ! quire I'in,. red heirer llOii A east. calf. In- 21-21 WANTI'.D - llMicrlerie .. . Iioliu other miply. I'"el minlslralor's olflce. 11 and Poplar. 19-tf WANTKD—Woman foi' general house- woik; 3 in family; no washing, (luoil pav. Phone .'i".'H 21-tf stenographer, I KOI! HALK-r I loss Feed y foi- general Phono IMW 20-21 WANTKl.'—-Middle njri huUKe.viii U; ::o wairl oi- ci.ll 712 I! e.ust. \VA>rn;l)--4llrl or woman woi-'.i; tnudi family; phone WAI'I'IIIJ-SS--41 buiir* viorjt; J7.00 per week. Anderson's lArncli No.l. 21-11 for 2682. house lli-U WANTKD—lilrl No washing. for general Plioue i'3l. housework. 213t WA N'T CD I'Stpi'rluli'.-erl Aildrcats P. O. Box 60fi. sLcnographei'. WA In. .TI!I'— fi''O'l gill or woman; general ii.-civoiL . Phono 37. 10 -tf WANTI-;'i—Lady driver for Kurd delivery l.iu.s. .2 Kiibl east. 20-;lt one 1U0 pound KOll HALI'^-l-'resh Guernsey calf, l'hone !i:M'3. shoats at 20-21 cow and 18-21 KOll KALE—.Majestic range cook Phone 22C7W. l-'Qll SALE—ti year old saddle lttlj. stove. 20-3t' pony. 21-tf KOll SALK—New Zealand red 128 1st east. - rabbi tj, - H-tf. KOlt SALK 22C7W. -Household furniture. Phone 17-51 FOll' SALE West. -Canai-y singers. 130 F 20-21 KOll SALE—Wliilo rabbit, 300 East 4th 18-41 KUP.NITUItE for sole at 411 hour work v.".' NTKI) • i loii>cl:i cp.-r Apply 1M e:ist V.'A NT I'll). 1-l.s pi-rlcncrii v.'.iilre*. Ilolel. WANTED Di..;liw.l'l.i WANT I.D-- (lii'la; S'*lli Co. Bfiod pay. JlJ-ill West B, it-3l TOR RENT—FURNiCHED ROOMS. Pol! HE.NT—I'li-al class room in modern home close In; home privlegcs and i oasonable rent to right party; lady pre fii/rod. Phone UiiO. - lti-ll in ...j i\ Full LENT -\ ei y dcslialile rooms with . .„ ' b^avd; i.ti;i;lc or cnaullu; 21 East Sixth; lltno I'ni'Uo 37. _ 3 '" 1 11 Vi-IltV Dealtahle furnit;lied room for gentleman at II Ka-l CUl. i'holiu 1450. 12-U A East. 2ii-;;t \NT;'D Cirl.H at Caliily'illiU. IMPOSITION WANTEO --MALE. inpl M .\I:I:II;|> nian, age : III till pusllll :.,-!! tC.' i Ii:i0|;<- llitn Ihe h'.l..Ill hill M.iilc t-A p.-riil.c: !l til cli I p-K-illuil at- 11.t tloisl rilel'iic: lili'lll-l ne>. 1 'ill!.', lllll llnlel. In make a iv.-nlil. Have xlkkecpiict I'll! ilit .sai -small. V. I.'. Whits' I - KI'liNISIIKD lillOM-Modern home, close in; aho i/.tnmt; phono ttt\\ . , IS-ll HIvKT heat. lo'iuis, slrlelly modern, L2J East 6th. Kun HI;NT- c-d. 1121 W -l'Tvo rooms nicely furnish IH. 21-lf MUUKIIN rooms. . Phono 25>8. cast 14-11 YOL'.vll mill wllh ilolenid c'.iu-sjric.'ilion i 4 -A, U.sne^ po.L..ii.n wllh reliable linn; severiil \eurs ^ oi.'i.u experience; ll^w iMiploycil but clmige. A <1- deesa p. O. Ho* .»„ IS-lf .MLUI':itN 1'ui'nislinl HooniH fur rent 203 A 1'—st. If WANTEl'i -A pliu e by boy i;: yejirs i.'.il In won; for hoard and go to school. Call llll West Khrrinan. 19-Jt WAN'TED -Job on farm by month with family, l-'uv 10, emiulie 7ul, I liist.»-::l ~T0TRAO*. ~" ~ TO TliADR—Kor liuti'lilnsoii residence juoperly ,u % Interesl In 80 aero ull slid g.'ul case In lihulow field juiulug 4 milt* »u»l of JiJIlt Lilly. AU- d.cfs i. Ill In caic of News. lij.21 TO t'axlc l-'lve rpoiu house in Pai-lridje 1«0 muc-'j western land (or Hutchinson ijioiM'rly. —A«U McNaghicn. J'houo 15. 36-lf. I'Olt TKMlK— potato land fur in.tcU of ^ro^rries or gout auto, tii» U. \V. .'.luidi i-iiunu 1321 J-tf UO-T. " 1.0 .IT 2 helfom welghlllB about 8E0 [ouids each, branded "O" on loft ahi'iildcr, I'Mllon Market. Howald. 21-21 I.o;l'i' IJltlo boy's corduroy ruat near Ad.iul ihuroU. Uewar4 It. »»» »i«t K- «0-lt SI,t;i-;i'l-NC room, 510 N. Walnut, phone 1607J. 19-6t MOD EUN — llooms. Kims, 128 First Kant. i-tl LIOHT HOUSEKKEPINQ ROOMS. KOP. HUNT—4 nlcoly furnlsheai rooms for housekeeping. Binds, canaiiea for sain. No. 9, 7th eiwl. 21-25 FOIt 1USNT—Four counecUnu houackcep- Imj roonui; uiudcru. No. 9 7th east, 20-61 KOU HUNT—INvo room eoltago furnlalieO, 221 Wert First. nicely 21-lf FOll lU'INT-Moaern Uoujicucuplng roams 32t 2nd west. 17-tf, Surrhl— Of light plinau UOt. housokueptng roainn. 18-Cl WANTED—TO RENT. WAMTBn TO KulNT-_4nall npartmont furuiahed .except bed rooms, pet. 1. Phono SI2M at noon hour. II WANTKD TO WiNT— Modoru 5 or „ room house; two In (aiuly, rofwencus glcnt. Ot*ll 341*J. • 18-31 WANTUO TO ftjJNT -r* ) or 1 room Li-US*. Aavlrcwi A. W °»f» 9( Now*. 1«-»1 17-tl TOfl HALE—1817 Ford roadster with extra body and demountable rims: 24 Bigger East jphone 131SWi Call al nuon or after 6 p.m. »-U FOIt BALK—I»U Bulclt big six, almost new lain Mitchell good as new Dctroll Electric Car Co., 18 So. Walnut . l'hone 384. "-tl UAD1ATOH3 Pronipt services on repair work. O. lv. Auto lladiator Co., 16 South Washington Phone 930. 2-tf WAN'TED—To trade Ford touring body tor Ford Sedan or Ford Coupe body, ,\durees A .A. 11., Castleton, Kans. 11-18-21-31 Save Money on Farm Loans W« arc making Farm l^nns o n :ti year Amoriljicd or tturat CredK Dan., Oh Ibbj plan the borrower Is required lo pnv hlsdebt ft llllle at u..tlme. vl«: JS7.1S per each u,ofH> borrowed, annually for 20 yeuM, *Hleh pays the entire debt, Interest and principal. Privilege of paytftg as much sooner than 20 yeais as you lUc. Avorage intcre H t figures about i per cent. No i-omtnls- Bton charged. Loans on Straight & Year Plan 8yi % .fust now \\r have srtttie fin.ttern money (n l,»nr\ on stood cnntfnl Karwrt« fHrnm at the very low rate of 6ft per cent with n reftsouablo com'iiiJsslon chars'?. Thin low nMff may bp rer.allct. Soon, no If you will need money Ih the near future, w* advise you to mnkc anpllcntlon at onro. Call at our office over Commercial N'mioiiat flnnk. Wc Writcl Iustiraacc 831 ncr«s a/ljnlnlnff rialrw, tfPlalwt View -Farm), Improvements conslKtlng of flvfl l-oom dwolHnp, phwl, bam, pood tubular well with new windmill, 1*0 ncrws In cuUlvntton. lfiO nown tn fall wheat, 12 ncres to ryo, one-third share of cropfl dellverpd to purchased at market without ejepennc. Kntlre farm fenced atnl cross fenced; 110 ncren jia-Hture, Thl.s is nn idexl grain and Mock farm, iind a bfir^aln at the price, |.*'2.50 per acre. Terms on $8,-00 at 6%. Call on or address "THE MAN WHO SI31.U LAND" ' Plains. Kanna'«. We have several choice Farm Mortgages earring- improv ed farms in or near Reno County to net the investor. 6% Combining high class security with reasonable returns. ; TIh@ F@ia(tir @i5i L©ann d& Tirnasft C® B Farm Mortgage Baukers SIX CVL1NHKP. seven passenger auto run a lilLlo over a year; flno mechanical condition. Phone ;i:ira-W. 21-16-18 YOCll chance lu buy at a bargain, if lakne soon, llco or' Ford, 1G model. Nearly good as new. l'hone 144U. 10-lf WANTKD—To trade good five passenger eiu- for lot in north end. Phono lastj or 2997 after ti p. tn.. 18-41 DAIIGA1N—Studebaker light lour, S passenger, good condition. Call mornings, .13 Last rourth. lS-4t FOR SALB-i-New Auto Tire tubes. 20 per cent oir. Mayflcki lladtutor snop, in south Walnut. w-u FOFl i5ALl>-Ono No. 16 Smailey ensilage cutter, pipe and distributor. C. K. Bu- raud Plantation. ^. .22-eod-tl FOll SALE—Ono Ford touring car and one Hodge louring car. n. andID. Auto Supply. FOIi SALI'l— 7 passenger car; like new; will trade for roadsior. Call WbUV. 20S.3 West. ., "-lit FOP. SALE—Waynes coupe; your chanco tu buy at batgain if taken at once. 6(12 First Last. ai ' 6t FOR'SALB—1917 six cylinder car; perfect mechanical combtnallon. A bargain. Call Si.52. 17-H FOKl) SPKBDSTKB for sale. See, Clau- eon at xan llutcnlnson Kefinlng <^ SKVKN passenger Sludtfliaker; first ulasa condition; cheap. Phone 871. • 21-21 fOUO TbLMUNO CAR—For Qillck sale, »:iC3., Apply at 529 W. 9th streci. js -lf FOIt SALK— Saxon roadster In good condition. Apply 11KJS Kast 7th. 1S-21 TOKSALK—I''uid tourinelcar; first class condition. Phono lilli or 20H2. 20-2t tt.'-iVWN passenger Studebaiter; first class 'condition; cheap. Phone 781. 20-21 Foil SALI3—Studcbakor three gerruadster . I/lione 2163. .passon- 21-27 FOll 131 SALK—Uood 5 passenger car. Phone 6 or 2997 after 6 p. m. ' l»-4t FOP. SALB—Tuurlne car. Ide Uattcry MtaUon, Enquire Elx- 18-tf BTUIiNB/iKISH Truck for saio or trade, cheap. 213 » K. ' 16-lit FOll SALF.—Ford roadster Just like new; phone 3207W, • 17-61 FOll SALK—Ford delivery body 312 13. Sixth, "-21 FOltD Touring car, ,117 South Main. 19-3t FOIt SALE—Fords. McVey Livery. 8 It MOTORCYCLES ANf> BICYCLES, idOTOIU.'VCLBS V50.90 and up. We havo sei'crtU splendid bargains In used mo- loreycles; all are In good running order. It is well .wurih you ilmo to cult and Inspect these machines. . Wu havo new and used parts ,tiros an daecessorles of all kinds for motorcycles . Hurley-Davidson Cyleu Co., 28 Wesl 2nd Street, 12-tl HAHLl-I DAVIDSON llleyeles—A brother to the famous inoloreyele of the sainu name . Uet a flailcy Oavldiion bicycle before our price goes up us most all blcyclea have raised fioni lu per cent to 16 per cent. Harley Davidson Cycle Co. 12-tf FOll SALK Holt drive -llarley Davidson motorcycle. . Knnuire 2l>ti K 10. 19-21 FOIX RENT—NESIDBNCKS. Foil HUNT—4 room house at 008 Went Ulh. (5.01. Call at 119 Wei.t lllh or 214 Weal 9th, Amblers. 11-tt Seven room all modern cottage, No. 15 West Thirteenth. It has new oak floors, white enamel finish, 7 rooms and bath, furnace, newly papered throughout; garage with sewer, water- and light connections; good fruit trees. Price for quick sale $3,200. _gjgjk M<s.M<aiM©ffii Phone 15 for Car to Show You FOR »AL« OR TRAOI. FOH SALE Oil TKADE. LXND BAKGAIN.. 331 acres good wheat land of sale at (10 per acra under the market or would trade and talce in stock uf merchandise In good location, located 3 mica north and 1 mile west ol spcurvlllc, Fold Co., Kans. Call or wrte owner a. 11. Johnson Spearvllla ,Kansas. ' . 1-tr. FOR ' SAIJ5, RENT or Trade—7-room • hollae, No. 16 Twelfth west; newly painted, papered and revarn.tshed; nioo- ^rn except furn&c.c.- See Or phone.'oarl Nelson, ti27 tiouth Mftlu. ' **ti l'Oll SALB.'or-atchange—6 room bungalow on 11th ^t. Soh on easy toriua or will couslder 'o'dto.lots 1 , or small piop- erly as first paymnnt. linsy tcrmf, on balance, , Phone llilL , i ; , . 1 13-tI FOR SALE OR TRADE—8-room aeinl- modcru cottage, double garage s blue grass lawn, slutdo tree .60 It. tronl, will consider smaller property and dirisreuco. Phono 1S12. 'f'f' FOR SALC- •CITY PROPERTY. ,I1I3 »L0W • JCaBt 12th St., t> rooma, aleeptne porch furnace, basement under entire honso, nice lawn, baric yard fenced. Trice ipMO. Owner leavlns city. . Call D. U. Woodard, I'lionu lt>74. TWO BARGAINS. .7 room .houao close (n, modern except furnace, ? J "00.00. 5 room modern cJtcept furnace, tfood location on Gth KaaUfor qulcU sale }2-&0.00. Make our wants known to tho '"HH1NKY REALTY CO. 127K> N. Main ' Phorie 139 FOIt SALE Oil TRADK—Foe land, a mod(>rn y-room houtc; furnuce;'garase; 9t> loot froiiLajrc on one oC beat atreeta. l J «ieraon-Mambauifli Investment Co. I^XJR SALE OB TRAJ3K—Buick £l%-e pas- beuser In flrst-clana condition: will consider diamonds an purl or all;.cull phone 1632W or 11 South Walnut. 7-tf FOH SAL1S OU TRADE—Three lots on Second avenue east of Plum street for equity in house or for fiood auto. Auk McNaghten. l^hone io 4-tf FOR SALK—We have building locations at all prices. Wc build homes according io your own plana and sell them to you on pyymenib llkfi rent. The Kinkel Agency, Phono State Exchange Bank Bldg. eod 10-tr - lUllCKO For quick sale or terms, 1513 12 HU, 5 room house umt two.lotn, windmill, trarage, cement walks, good chicken pen and cave, lmjulic of P. M. Shaffer. 500 West C. 14-lt MART SIDI2 KM PLOYKR#S. See 827 K 10th; goc<i 4 room houwe; Iota; corner locution; $200 cash; balance oasy puymenUs. $113u. f'untron Loan and Trust Co. 21-2t FOR KALIS OH TRAnK— Team of horses and hack. Inquire BUI K.aat D. 16-21 •' FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE. 7000 ACRF3 RANC11—Eastern Colorado—- iOOO deeded, balance Icaaed, great op^ pur.tunltyr improved. * 32a Acre Flno Improved farm, Sumner county; sona In army; don't want to ront too old to form hiim>elf; sell at sacrifice; a fine home Tor some one. 320 Acres South Reno, County-—Fair improvements—200 'ttcroB in culUvj .iiMn; goes to wlieftt this, fall; on 0 third lea^e contract; produpe*l« over 20 bushels per itcre ^hia year; only JtJfi per acre for ( , sale on bargain counter. Vacant and Improved city property, always bargain*, at right prices, .Standard royalties; divWend payers- ISnyari-Harmon Surety on any of above propOHUlotis. Details given by asking 17-tf A. M. JlivVKLL. T1I13 KACIZBR RANCJI. I'or *n|c—An Ideal ranch of 670 acres In Gray county, on Arkansas river bottom; »I» acres alfalfa laud; balance cum lund; It) acres in alfalfa; 200 acres jiawturft. fenced wRh cement posts and who; two farm wells with uindinllia; well lu Icitchen. tJ-ioom two story house; ccmonL cave; barn for ton head; ipow for It ions hay, 2000 bushel granary; con- cretw floor; covered driveway between horn and granary; throe miles from uruniy seat. W. B. Brown, Bpe.*lal Cum'mittsiuner, 3ti« Firat NuU "Uul- Wiuk* lil — FOR SALK—A three room residence with electric light and wator on linsl A; price $903; will take a car as part pay. Call 236J. ' 20-il LADIES' SHOES 60c a Week Clothing fof Men and Women ON CREDIT A small payment CI *i Ufppk down, balance ipl Q fTooR MSN'S SHOES 6oc a Week rlOMRR COMMERCE Cd.. 17-19 N. Walnut' The Vtri* deslrnble business M'ln Al No. 4 Nr. Miln for lease. Inquire of Masonic Temple.' iriiM 160 acres 214 miles frbtn town,;, new ,6 room house; r new barn for.S head of horses; 24x36 new cattle shed; silo; garage; in acres alfalfa; ltIO acres to wheat Hits fall. All goes. Land lays level; dark heavy soli; wheat made 18 bushels this year; 16 miles from llulchinion. 1'rlcc 110,00(1. 507' First National Bank Uhlg. 19-Ct FW Sail® Real estate and insurance business, established ,10-years; worth investigating. Address, box 337. F @!T fDglfl© 5 room houaf, modern except furnace, '/i block from new Liberty High School, 1% block from car line— neaily new. Half cash, balance at 7^ i""possession at once. Phone 678. Eliminate Waste Order your brerttt regularly, in ndvatice. OF COURSE! MODERN BREAD Why Certainly!! mil" Endlcotl, Leon rhiray HfiUB- (Mhl, Juloa •Bllinhon, Art Klein, Trcd Moroy and othrro. Suwmary of Yo»terd«y*» Races. In tho fret! for nil trot much Jnlcr* cat wns winced. Two of tho homes nrn Lhp proicrty of Lincoln, Nebr., men and t .''.prc has boon keen rivalry between the t'vo over the circuits and Iheso two horaea, Tho Triumph, and Knii:lre llond, have been coming nPCk and neck at rtfl he races. Yesterday the rcnurts were:. The Triumph . .' 1 1 Ada Allcrlon . i,3 S : .1 1'lmpll-e Mom! .....4 U '1 .Seminole Chief , >S 4 .4 Time 3:lf.V4: 2:11 V4; f.ld'A; 2:11. In the consolation pace for horses not In tho prize money at this meet, only four heals were ruced on account of he automobile, racers needing Ihe track and the judges declared tho race finished with the drivers consenting to he agreement. The reBulla: • Mlnnlo I'lnkcrtnn Ncho I) Fred Keen MJsa Daisy Darlck llessle Chimes . ...4. William CI Honnle Hell Time 2:lKfc: 2:16*i; 2:1714; 2:13VJ; Seven. furlongs—Ijidy .lames first, .Tim Thorpe second, LltUc Abe third. Time. 1:28." ; " Four furlongs—Juno Uug, first; •Bully second, Monty third. Time 50 seconds. Six furlongs—Mnud SI. first. Swanson second. Time 1:17. Pnnhupaprt was disqualified by the Judges when •his rider fouled. ! 1 1 3 3 2 4 6 HO 5 4 no 7 2 Dlt .,t ( i no ..117 BU See that man Heaps about Hepub- lie Tructts. Reno-Dulck Co. 16-6L 307 Klrst National Bank BIdg. FINANCIAL. MONO JO LOAM on. city homes. Long terms on mouihly pay ment ulan. Furm loans. THE KINK LB AGENCY. Phone 2066. atate Kxcliaime Bank Bide- a-if. $t5<»0.0f) flrfit mortpagc real estate for sole; Recurlty worth $1,000.00; interest 7% payable peml-annually five years. Address Don T. Edwards, Plains, ICa.11- DO YOU NKED 150? Private loans on furniture, piano, eU Kasy puyments. 1 Shormun west. • 1-tf PAHM LOANS? CITY LOANS? , NOTICE—MI^CCLUANEOUS. IjfrSipsirfaEiliiisi Phone Dil-W. II. O. noMcrrltt. 21.-6t Incirsairj von LJWNS -rifch sou free! for hauling, south end of drainage canal I Sco City Engineer. 17-6t C. IT."- JAMKS, conlraclor and builder, Plans and specification furnished, l'hone 3S-F0. il-tt. VOti ^HAI-l-.—NHno room modern homo on corner close ., to Central school. Oweur non-realdent, Brchm Realty Co. -, Sl-lf l'OHT SAT.R—Avenue "A" home, nearly new, modem except furnace.; $32110; liberal terms. Brohm Itealty Co. 21-lt 318 west 14th, SL new. five room house, $330 cash, balance monthly. '—Ask McNagiiten. Plione IS. JG-tf. I-'OIt SAI.IC—Goo<l business- corner clostf in; Kood rental: u barguln. . Brehm IloaliyCo. , 21-lt li-OIl SA1.12- 12 room. 2972. - 2houHfts, one six room, ono Call ill B.-wosl or Phono -•.-•-.'•• \v il-U FOll SAl.lil—8 Hoom • modern house, nearly new* Kaat Seventh. Telephone 1601. ~. 6-tf TOIl SAI.K—Eight-room, modern house, 32,500; 120 fifth West. V 6-tf WANTCD—MltCCLLANIOUI. WANTKD—Fathers and mothers to Buy. their hoyu school suits on rrudlt, small payment down, balanco GOo' a week, youths long pants stills $1' a week. Coinor Commeruo Co., 17 & 111 N,- Walnut. " 21-2t TOIt IlKNT—My bouutirully furnished home, l'hone 2712. Mrs. 11. S. Bro- voort. 20-31 FOH HKjs'T —ItoUso and 3 acres of land, V. milu soutli of I^ii'aboc Mill, i'houo 1C80W. HO-31 FOK KKNT— Well furnljihed two-room cottage for couplu. 201, 2nd W. 21-lf FOIt ItHNT—Six roomed modem cottage; now furniture. No. 9, 7lh cast. JU-Gl Knit HUNT -Five room residence, 1020 •i, Intnl.. tlD. 1'hpow 1942J. 80-tf l'Oll 11WNT—l'lvo room furnished house, modern, l'hone 29U3VY, l!l-3t FOll KENT—Out. 1 house. 422 Kaal lo adults, 7 room 0 -ff FOll 11F .NT— IMndsliod cottage; also garago, 316, Oth l&ut. 20-21 SALESMEN WANTRP, HALUSMAN— ICxecllent pormanont po- •Itlon ^.capaflo KaloBmail in Kansas. Vacancy Oclolwr 1st; alaplo lino for general rutall tnule. Uberal cominlu- sluns; 135.00 weekly advance. illce coiniwny, tU Williams Building, r«- U'olt. * l — FWHO. FOll ND—AutoiooWl* $01 tost A, 1! MEAK TO5J1 A-snap for your lifetime. 10 qr 13 acres of Iho very best land with an-Irri. Baling pant installod on Ibo lai«l. WUli- In one block of land that Is selling for 12000 an acre . Those 60 lots going for the naltry sum of 185 per lot or a tolal of MOP). All must go together. Owner is 5lck and going away and has cut the m-lco one-Calf, or mure. R. K. McDermed 5 1-3 South Main street^ 10-tf FOll BALE—4« section ranch n Logan county; six room house; big barn; fenced njld cross fenced; living spring water; Bplandld grass; not.pastured this year. Immodla.te possession. »1. 2 '^. p f f acre; loss than luUt cash. Ira II. Clark, a rout Bond, Kans, 20-81 Foil SAI.H—Hlfhly, Improved wheat and alfalfa ranch In Mdwardo county; 1100 acres. 70" Ul wheat. .JPrjco »63 per aire. LlbOlaJ tornta. Brolmi KeaJty Co. •, 31-11 FOH BALE—My 5 (voro home place. 2 miles west of Hutchinson on l'ourth street, Ur. Mark McAHUy. 16-u FOll SAU;-88 foot West 8th, 1000 Tho FonLron Loan and. Trust Co. 21-21 FllYl« and arollors, pen fallenof; 8S6W. >••« faxes »ud Pullet*. Pliune W86J. «0-8t BUSIMES8 PRUQBTyNITY. pcXsAlda—Koomlng h<5u»e »t a bargain if taken at o.Bce. dee pwner at y y, South Spn. W-» WANTKD—t^Mlles to buy" their fall suits, coats luid dresses, a small payment down, balance at 81 a week.. Comer Cotnmurco Co., 17 & 19 N. Walnut. 1 21-2t WANTKD—Place to room 'and board uloso In by couplo wllh 3 ywir old boy. Parents both work am) would want to leave child with parties at house during day. Address U-86 euro News. )8.-2Ji' WA>'Tl'3I>—100 cars, any kind, any con-; dUlon, burnt, wrecked or running. Autumobllc Wrecking Cu., 110 kluat Slier- inan, phono 41i7. 17-6t WANTED—Vou know lhat you ha/I bet. tor havo an old chimney and foundation repaired before cold weather. Phono 3669. gilt WANTED— Clean, bright slraw; will pay 14 .00 pur ton delivered to the UuUhlnson Box Board and Papor Co. . i8^« WANTED TO BUY—Modern 6 or 6 room house In north part of town. /Call 1064 W. '}6 -»l WANTBD-^-'l'o contract .youy eentent work, sidewajIts a specialty. Call 177. ^ WANTlon— Two good rockers, couch and smull library tabic. Call SOW. 21-lt WANTWD—llaullns grounds, l'lione 16. to and from Fair Brill & Bop, li-Dl WANTKD—All kinds of rag*, absolutely - highest prico paid. I'liono 3119J. 17 -tU WASlUNa WANTED—F*m!ly or by the dosen. «86 J5 *st JrA JO-tf WANT10D—To buy new sad second hand clothing. Call J848. 18-Oot, t DEAD horse and cattle removed free of charge. Phono 2856J V W. A. Itoao. 17-3U FOR RENT—MiSCELLANCOUS. FOR RENT— Bul'dlng suitable for suburban grocery. 808 teast-B . It-ti 1918 FAIR IS OYER Kansas Slate Pair Ends With Fine Aulu Kscing Program— Week Most Successful, The Kansas State:-Fair closed this evening"with the record of having tho very best of crowds wlilpli have attended liny of the fairs In tho country tills* year. AH the'exhibitors ; who havo made .tho other fairs commented an t)io-remarkable'Attendance and yet:It did not come up to the high records set in' tho last year or two, This, was capped, principally by war conditions.:,-The m.en,$jho aro'-iiio'sl interested In statb fairs are the farmers raid j,ho £lookin,on.- ^Thls^ year .the ["Call for,a tiiore,strpniipus pro«ram ?Q( wheat planting-iirid stock raising has madu the mon behlmj theso particular guns, stay on the job the'intern time, The usual opportunity at having hired men to do much of their manual work is gone, .tUeso men ACQ In tlm army and tho farmer could not spare more than one day to fair going where In former years, they spent two or three days looking at uud cpmparing tho agrieultu.ral .products and the fine stack show. V Never has the stock shown up 1 as fine as this year. Owing to -freight congestion ant) high prices, only the beet could be afforded to be brought long distances and the-visitors at the State Fair this year saw cattle, swine, sheep and horses which were uf wonderful breeding stock. The State Fair management was mor» than pleased with tho atend- ance. Practically no trouble was experienced, - during the week nod the shows on the grounds were clean arid satisfactory to all. This afternoon the finest automobile ra.c|ng stunts of the year wore presented.with.«tors is "WW * <Ji 'i- BREAD MAKING CLUB. <J. * <» <?' & <S> <?> * <l< 4; <?• * * .«> * «• * * Display Liberty Muffins, Frances Coo. 1st; l^lu Hill, 2nd: Dorothy Odon. Blcrllug, 3rd; Helen Ulnman, 3rd: Helen stainey, 3-.d. Oatmeal Muffins. Alice nlcCorn.lck. luku, 1st; .lennle Smith, Lyons. 2nd; Bertha (Jutli, 3rd; Florence Fruthage. Toronto, 3rd. Corn Meal Muffins. B^rnlce Braj*. Yates Center, 1st; I^ufse Buufthmun, luka, 2nd: Nadync Muttlo, Stelllng, 3rd: Mildred Danleu), luka. 3rd; Willie Carter, Weldn, 3id. Corn Dodflers. Harold Ireland, Yatea C'enfer, 1st; Kda (jt>ssman, Bterlthg, 2nd. ^ Corn Bread. Marie Jlenry, Sterling, 1st; Leah Coyne. Sterling, 2nd; Mary Licktele;, Greeley, 3rd: I^iura Brooks, luka; Helen Ireland, Toronto. 3rd~ • ; Boston Brown Bread. Helen Stanley, 1 lat; Minnie Gossman, 2nd;-Helen Waggoner, 3rd; Jessie Williams, 3rd. ' . War Bread OOlloctlon. • Mary UcUtolg. 1st; ' fckla . Uossman, , ?iid; Marie Henry, '3rd; .Frances Coe, 4th; Jennie Smith. 5th. , Bread clul) Honors. Mrs. F. K. Haynfl*, Stei-Ilng. , oarnino. . Kmll/'Carter, llloiila,'1st', l^eota l^aux- mna, Gypsum. 2nd:- Lnclle rjlotc, Cawker City. 3rd. " Darning. :. Helen Zodell, Blue Rapids, 1st; Ncta Walkei-, trtopfai. 2nd; Mai'Joite Smith, 3rd. Apron. ,• . * C'lnra Mowrey, 'Raymond, , 1st; Rur">' Cottar, Raymond, 2nd, Louise Tnudo, 3rd. . Work Dress. ' Kthel .lung. Lyons. 1st; l.uclie Mc- Kenzlc, Wayne, 2nd; l.oulse Thude,- Whcory, 3rd. Underskirt. Jennie Carter, Utopia, 1st; Fay CoaU, Raymond, -'nd;. Phyllis Brown, lOmnoriu, 3rd. Night Gown, . . . ,13lhel .Jung, 1st.; Gladys Schaefcr, llmdett, 2lid; Minnie MoCuudless, Ray-, moral, 3rd. • Darning. •. •Vt>m Cood, Cnwlicr City, lat; Itulll Cond. Cawknr City, 2nd; Blullch Kealh- erkllp, Cgtlonwnorl Falls, 3rd. Nlahtfiown, Vera Coad. 1st; RllUi Coad, 2nd; Oatlt^, orlue Layport, Coltoiiwood Falls; 3rdi . Undereklrt. Blanche Fealherklle, 1st; Luclle Mayor, Qenesco, 2nd; Huth Coad, 3rd. • "' '*' Underwaist. 1 A'ora Coad, lsl; Ruth Cnad, 2nd; Dodothy "Marl.enke, Utopia, 3rd. jBchool Dres$, - ... : Cecil Payne. Admire, lsl; Phyllis- Brown. Emporia, 2nd; ' Kalliorlne - Lny- port, 3rd. ' Special Prize, 3 pr. Darned Ho,o. .; Marcellnu OoWltl, Lyons. •. ; Canning. 100 Ql. display—Mrs. C. B. :Mlnard, Ppsico, 1st; Mrs. Mary Prior, St. Mary's 2nd; Mrs. Cliaa, Plunk, Fair Oak, 2nd; Mrs. J. M. Hebslock, Newton," Srdi Mrs. 'Ilios Owen. Topnka, 4th; Mrs, Thoiesa Caulk, llonucn* .Springs, . uh; Ijola ThoirtXMin. Oeueseo, 6th; u>rs, Marsh, Kaston, fjth; Mrs, Grace Puaoy,. Cjulncy, 6th. . ; Garment Making. . Full Bet-..,. Lonlu Laux-mun, Hypsunt, 1st; Luclln DoUZj Diwker. f.'Uy. 2nd;' lOJnm Knss- llng, l>nns, • 3rd; Celeste llllldoiatcdt, Klpp, 4th; Umlly Carter, 5th;. Tlielma -Hull, -Utopia,'6th; Miii'ccllliic Pe\V|t(, Lyo'nsf Oth. Kornuih • Kuoits. Gurdeii City, sib; Gertrude 'I'hoode, 6lh. F U || 8,t, No.- 2, v Tiucile.' McKenzIa, 1st; - J^cltul Juiig, 2nd; Helen Zadek, Uluo .llaplds, Urd;. Ham Walker, ,4th; Marjorla Smith, 6II1; Alnts Veapp, "Nt'al, 6th; MutBarat Alex» anoer, Klpp, 6th; I.ulti Warner, Lyons; 6th; Leona Boono, Kureka, 6lh, Display, No. 3; ,Hutli c .iad. lat; Vera Ooa.1, .- Swti Blanch FeathoUilln, ant; Phyllis Biwvn, 4th: liachael Oooakoal, Cawker city, 6th:' nnrulhy Marhcuka; Utopia, 6tb! Luclle Major, Genesco, 6th: Dnmia Goss, Garden Clly, 6th; Avanel lvllls, Lyons,. 6th. /• • . •' , Little Olrl'e Apron. Celeste Ifeitderstodt, Klpp, 1st;' Glar ilya M"»low. Frpdorlcli, 2nd; Luclle plots, (fewlwr City, Jrd. 7 6»n. '.'?'• Thelmu Hall, Utopia, lsl: Klmii'Kaai- ling, 2nd; l.',!ldred. LluvllUi, p.aymosa, 3rd, ' Button Holes. Lucllo Diets, 1st; liuilly Caller, Undi mima Kcsslliig, 3rd, Holder, i Idoiu Lauxuian, Ciypsum, 1st; IJvelyn llofflncs, Usbon, -ii||; i:nt:|y Carter, Si'd. Patches. Iilmlly Ke*4ling, tult ISectls,. I^tuxman, 2nd; Marcelllne .UeWUL Lyons, 3td. - "Glory of The WDrltor," Vtrat Clirlstlun Church Sunday evening. 1 ______ * m largest truck fac-ory In ttto world. Wny not b«sti ncp'iijiiii TrucUs, Rtv liig-l)nl«k Co. A , jQ'Sf __>

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