The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 5, 1951 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1951
Page 8
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Th« Neiw, Frederick, Md., Wednesday, December B, J96I I KEEP MV FIN6ER OM THE WORLD'S FINANCIAL PULSE AND 6UBMIT TUC6E DAILY REPORT^ MR. 6UMP. COME UM.BftlNK... 500D MORNING, MR. ^-^I'M ALWAYS GLAD GUMP...I WAVE THE HONOR\TO CONFER WITH OF PRESENTING YOU WITH JO IMPORTANT A MY DAILY REPORT... .----^ MEMBER OP Pun My Word MERE'S ONE OPERATION IN \600O.ISWAUi PARTICULAR IN VYUICW MR. \ TgAIN. MY BIM WAS MOST INTERESTED./ TWOUSUTS AUSTRALIAN RAILROADS /"ON IT. GET . PREFERRED... .-*· THE JOKE, ^--^ (BRIMK.OL' ^ ^****^~. · MIC. AND MB* CHRIS WELKIN, PLANETEEE Anchoret rr RENPEZVCV5- WITH "WE TCWARD THE -5-MALL. CEAFT... COPR. 19SI 8V WEA SCWVICC. INC. Carnival · JACOBY ON BRIDGE Don7 Af o/ce Excuses For Losing Gomes By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NBA Srrfice If you happened to drop in on the national bridge tournament now being held in Detroit, half of the experts of your acquaintance would give you hard luck stories "Believe me, around onr house an order is an ordir--espcr.ially when my wife Rives it!" sometimes work for you instead of against you. For example, consider today's hand, which wax played in the national championships of 15)48. The hand played an important part in the victory of Helen Sobel, of New York and Margaret Wagar. of Atlanta, for the second year In a row. Many experts thought that Mrs. Wapar's j u m p to four hearts was a d i s t i n c t overbid. It certainly encouraged Mrs Sobel to j u m p right to six hearts, a very shaky contract. I would hesitate to call Mrs. Wanar's jump to f o u r hearts 1 a "mistake" .since any player with her magnificent tournament record has u right to her own ideas about j u m p raises. However, that's the sort of bid t h a t you'd have to say "Tsk! Tsk!" about if H had turned out badly. Actually, all turned out for the best. West happened to pick -the deuce of diamonds as his opening lead. He couldn't have picked a more favorable lead. Mrs. Sof'bel discarded a club from the dummy and captured the queen of diamonds with her ace. She continued with the ace and king of hearts, and then led the jack of diamonds through West. West played low. and Mrs. Sobel boldly let the jack of diamonds ride, fortunately for her, it held the trick, whereupon she ruffed a low diamond with the six of hearts. Next she cashed the ace and king of spades and ruffed a spade in her own hand. When the suit broke 3-3, she could afford a sigh jf relief. Mrs. Sobel next ruffed another diamond in dummy, catching West's king. This allowed her to lead an established spade from dummy, to discard the losing club. West could ruff but that was the only trick he could take. ' NORTH flf» * A K 8 3 2 V A 8 6 4 4 None * J 9 7 2 WEST V J 3 0 2 + K 9 6 2 EAST 4 Q 9 5 V 9 * Q 8 5 3 + A Q 6 4 * SOUTH North 4 V Pass A J 1 0 V K Q 7 5 3 * A J 1 0 7 4 * 8 North-South- vul- East South West Pass 2 V Pass Pass 6 V Pass Pass Opening lead -- + 2 and the other half would probably tell you about all the mistakes their; partners had made. Years of experience at this have taught me to look sympathetic and say "Tsk! Tsk!" every twenty second's. 'Actually, everybody has his share of good luck and bad luck ·at a long tournament. What's more, when you're at the top of your game, your partner's mistakes C H6Vtf INS HELPS TO KEEP TEETM BRIGHT- CHEW \rVRI6LEYS SPEARMINT ^ PAY OR W6M 1 " . Marine Creature Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted marine creature 8 It is also called · sh 13 It is found In the 14 Net 15 Exist 16 Consent 18 Scold 19 Anent 20 Shocks 22 Two (prefix) 23 Burn 25 Nimbus · 27 Gaelic ^ 28 Portent 29 Till sale (ab.) 30 Regius professor (ab.) 31 Higher 32 Tellurium (symbol) 33 Facts 35 Therefore 38 War god 39 Close 40 Negative reply 41 Breaks 47 Goddess of the earth 48 Hint 50 Performer 51 Turkish title 52 Natural fat 54 Attached 56 Distributes 57 Plants again VERTICAL 1 Infrequent 2 Profession 3 Playing card 4 Chinese measure 5 Distant 6 Baltic gulf 7 Unbleached 8 Bewildered 9 Direction (ab.) 10 Snare 11 Make possible 12 Military unit 17 Measure of 34 Waken type 36 Throttled 20 Encroach 37 Mountain 21 Cuts nymphs 24 Shrewd 42 Damages 26 Electrical unit 43 Tv^o (prefix) HATTIE M £ DANIEL H W 'W Nl R SI N 44 Asterisk 45 Sharpen 46 Sea eagles 49 Greek letter 51 Cutting tool 53 Hebrew deity 55 Eye (Scot.) · Z7 St. 20 S3 8 50 30 55 10 18 Zt, 37 front Let It Re low ·JACOBY ON CANASTA CANASTA RULES ARE FLEXIBLE By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NBA Service A number of readers have asked questions recently about two-hand Canasta. In this game, both players usually struggle for the discard pile at the very beginning of a hand. The player who wins the struggle usually controls the pile until the end of the hand, since the opponent almost invariably finds it wise to give up the discard pile v '*· v- ^ and to cpncentrate on building up his own hand for a fast meld-out. When you start a hand, your first few discards should usually be chosen from among your unmatched cards. However, on about half of the hands you play, you should throw a card from a three-card group as one of your first two or three plays. For example, suppose you are dealt the following 15 cards: Joker. A-A, K-K-K, Q-Q, J-.I, 10-8-7-6-2. You should usually begin by discarding the ten or the eight. Later on you will throw the unmatched cards that are good for only five points. In the meantime you build up your hand in the normal way. Occasionally, however, you should throw one of the three kings as a very early discard. Your object is to persuade your opponent to believe that it is safe for him to discard a king to you. If he does so, you can pick up the discard pile with an air of modest triumph. Mind you, there is no use in making this kind of discard if you are going to look crafty when you 16 SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS do so. Any astute spouse (assuming that you arc playing a husband- wife game"* or any sharp-witted opponent will notice the crafty look and will immediately realize that kings must not be discarded. Even if you can keep control of your features, you must not make the mistake of attempting the trap discard invariably as your first discard of the hand. Your opponent will catch on to the idea that your first discard may be a trap but that your second discard is always honest. This principle is important in other games, of course, and should be followed in normal four-hand Canasta. If you decide to make a trap discard, don't give yourself away by your appearance: and don't allow yourself to fall into regular habits. Mr. Jacoby is unable to answer individual questions on Canasta from readers. However, he will include the most frequently asked questions in his column. FUNNY TWINGv IPttTN'TGETTO 0EP TILL LATE, /ONE OF YET I FEEL 7THOE WHO Ft?E$H AS A ) PONT PWISY THIS /MUCH SLEEP JUST TV4C AAMffJ IT VrtLL TONK3WT TM GOING TO EARU/ CATCW UP WITH PE-ST MAPOU5OS/ f*H'fi\Si*1t Jk * C I «W ^**H*^y «|» i» · 5 CXXJU? /NO NtfOUEOH GET ALONG 04 | I'M GOING FOUR HOUR'S ·SLEEP J TONK3HT AT NINE O' v CLOCXJ Cwt^. IKl «·· '·* *«* t»« he. T. M. tn- *. V '·' OIL WEI X.,'YOU HAP SLEEP ENOUGH LASTj FEEL AS IP NK5MT. X MAPNT · MUTT AND JEFF Yessir, Jeff's An Indoor Farmer In The Wintertime! WOT? AN' LET ^S ALL MY CHICKENS AN' DUCKS OOT?7 FOR NOTHIN'/ I'M 6IVIN' BUT T KEEP HER. IN/ I CAM'T TOY0UTO KEEP/WHERE IVoUR, (^P^j KEEP PIGS ROOM' THEYRE SMELLV! . . BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIES Not The Type? LITTLE LIZ Romance lasted longer in the good old days because the bride (coked the same after washing Her fact. . BUGS BUNNI You Got It EHHi WHAT'* UP, POC ? WHAT TIME POES. THE NEXT TRAIN LEAVE FOR ·SCHNOOGLE HEIGHTS f I'.\\ GOING TO A PAHTY/ "TH'NEXT . · FRECKLES AND HIS FKKNDB Flying Tackl» THEY'LL MEVER. AROUND BACK AMD BEAT THEM' N\RS. CLABBERS CRATE: is /-^ SHE ROLUNS- / DOE5NT TOWARD JANET' . VIC FUNT Breaking The News WAW WAW WAW/ ;! WEDRYK PROW HOMICIDC CALLING, MR. FEEDER. TO BOTHER TOU EARLY BUT WS ABOUT! OUK FRIEND, SCRIBE. COLLECT ·5PORT BLUFF HE HAfr ' W KILLED APPARENTLY HIMSELF/ KILLED r--' I CANT HIMSELF. I BELIEVE IT/ RISCILLA'S POP Q. And A. Dept. THEM HOW COME ALL ·LADIES ARE BUYING I THOUGHT YOU SAID PR \*=OLL A! THAT WHEN I WA BABY YOU 6OLX5HT ME IN A HOSPITAL! JTTR BOARDING HOUSE YOU'Kc 30ST , twees' SXPLAiN -- VWEN 1 POLLS sawe LIKE THIS HOwl B\G 1"H£ AT A PAINTY, WAY X IT COOCO IMPROVcD WOOU 8£A Ol TME 6Mt ~K) 66 A FO\ML ACT OUT SHEEON'T X THE/ARE HALF K3MOEAWT PER 'CARE WHO / THESE DAYS -HEARS, HER ) THEY ON THAT / KNOW AWYTHIMG ABOUT ASPIRIMS, , ' } SLEEPIM' PILLS, \ STUFF, J CALORIES, DIETS, ' .OK fAAKEME SICK/ HERE X5U GET TO 8E A KIND ~ ©EMTLEMAM, etrr TIME VOU THOSE HALF WILP MEN FRCWV THAT OUTFIT, BLUE FOR. PAYS-' HVPOPERMICS ,'SPAPERf

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