The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 31, 1975 · Page 36
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August 31, 1975

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 36

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1975
Page 36
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Page 36 article text (OCR)

N.Y. UPS & DOWNS ,NFAV YORK (AP) - The following list shows the slocks • thitihave flone up the rnost ind down the most baa«d on'per* 'tint Of Mange off the New York Stock Exchange regardless of .V-, *M p*refc«taKd chartges art the difference between (alt week's closing price and this week's cloning price. NIW YORK STOCKS aJWI ' '• ' <» ittft • IIP i<».:^... .. _. M (Mir Hi ie.' ii ( .<>i(thiut:(l front ,. ;wwiVnjf-j>fit{< OVIH-THE-COUNTER STOCKS Net HI Lo Last Chg. L9t Jftur Itn .OjMltri i-Sal«s In full. Unleu otherwise » new are the laulquarlerly or teml-annual declar or extra dividend! or payments not i eouiar are Identified In Iht .a-Also extra or exlrai. .b- dividend. t-LlQuldttna SUPPLEMENTARY O-T-C STOCKS In preceding 11 mofiHw. h- dlvldend or mill up. k-l accumulallvt liiut with, veir, al last ng 1J i after ttock .or paw thii year, In trretri. n-New I OfftilnMi dC*tMT9v mttllng. r—Declared plus Hock dividend. If mtnmi, titimtttd ..-...._.. tWStnST'tnt} dlilrlbutloii. warrant Bankam Ski ol ia Ul Mere HawKBp caih value on ex-dividend or' ex-distribution' cld-Caiitd. x-Ex dividend.. v-Ex MI. dlitrlbuled. ta ttsumed by such companies . , . . i . .. Where a IPIII or tMck dividend •mounting to H cent or more ha! been paid the year'* hlflh-ktw *+.•""« '/I « Aotivt NIW York stocks OflovinCoi ow Jontt 1 iSSF" dLlne ... lallonwIdeA .» lallonwdeLf .M t Lf .0?e y 1.31 nn Lift PhllaLlft .SOr fraterdRlik Me SIPaulCos .72 S ltleimGrp .2St nlAmer Lift un iFlreCamv. 1 Ad Color officers AMERICAN STOCKS AbrdMf 40b AeroFlo IS* •erone* Inc AHIICep Ml AMil Ceo wl Alaska Alrl •Alloghy Alrl AHIanT .42e AHIed Art) Alttmll C* Amco Ind AmBiltrl .SO AmFltch wl Am RNy Tr Aulmat Rad AVEMC .07. trnei Eng ... arrv R .741 i irtell Med . aruch Post 12 en ind M S enrui Crp I erg Ent ranllAr'wt _. reeie Corp .... rodySt .05* .... uthier CP 5 urntlnt M t ultetG Oil S tbteom Gn 9 .'_.. . . 13 dn Homild :dnMare .20 1 an Merrill 44 l'\ 2'*+ 1-16 dn SuprOil aittoAM I 3 •tttelon in 41 75 4'* 44V-* Vk 8 » 4V.+ M t 7 + V. H-l-16 30H II 4- H JVk )Vk ....'.- ?*- Vk !« tors '-t 414 Svi J!i...i!te 2Vi J>/t 2«»-» *4i !»'/, 2tK»4 14 13-164 13-14— 1-U a% 3*4 4 • •• 45* 11-16+1-1* iSwMlawl." o*>ivcC .20 t onwupvn I] omourinil U ompul Inv . H + Vj 7Vi arlhRei l~ ~4 } ikmar Co ISO do Corp 10 dwrdt .30a 4 itclrog .M 7 m *•»'« !« LT .lOa i !ro Ind M*v Mlg 2S '"ind 1 '" •* I'A-f V. IV. + '/, 4V.+ '/. S '/k-f '/. . '/.+• H % ,r»nile ^ . J Lk Ch P l| 13 Cruen Ind — Clfilrm UO ..- 4.arllMI C^ 17 lellmn i '*— V« ifes l£-i-u J'kT' 1 * 3 — Mi 5V.— ' 4'<k+ '••, 3'4-t- '/• 4'3+H% js'/Ur* J14-H I»-E IndlanHd wt „ InlligM Svc Inolex Corp . InFuneral S Inl Prol .OSp .. Sales (hdsl Ml B Kin Ark Crp KlnoRd .IS* Kit Mlg Knlcker Toy LaBarg* .04 Lake Shori ' LaMaur ,' LaPoint .. Lee Enlr ... .. Liberty Fab I? Lodges_J3t I S La it Chg. » :--»» 2'/i— H »%-« *'-*.„..... *£'£ 7**+ V. «« 4Vf + Vi i/i '•• — *' JardtM Nat AHalla .. NalHIIh Enl „. < Newpark R> * 1! NVTimet .MI NorCdn Dili 13 Nuclear Oat t -p ,20t .7 S*+ '/. *>/'!.,.... 4 1 /,.*. 4k S'/tJ. </2 Vb— Vk «». 43M-.3-!*' .. _ t-3-!« r/. Pioneer Svi .... 11 PIIDeMo'n 1 13 27 Plitway IB 14 x44 PneuSca .M 4HOO Pneumo 60 5 V> Poloron Pd ... 43 Polvchr ,W S 21 RapdAm wl .... SS Ralh Pack ... Ik Reevei Tele ... 20 RenvAr JO 7 41 ReschCII .01 .... 10S4 Reiiiltlt .40 7 SO g eirltlntl A I It etrtilnll B 3 I RET Inc ft ... 40 RoMnltttI 4 113 Rogers Cor* f I Ronco T«t*p ~ RovBuin Fd .... RUKO Ind 21 sarnbos .10* 14 filurn Alrw t) Seaea Ind t Scurry Rain. _ Saleclr CP ~t 1 S«rviico JO t } S«rvo Corp I . ShndCp ,241 4 SMD Ind S ~ Solilron .Oi .. $org Pa .Top „. Soundtn .40 72 So*slC*B JO 12 lldMetl .SOI S l rod !,. '? Pr* .III 7 ID Wellt 17 ... Jir .27e 5 juplndln .12 13.. + IV* 70 12Vj 1'-% I7H+2". 3 - '/• !»' »I« truth unuhan pi vnlex .40 . yilem Eng .... tchnilrol S Tale< CP wl . ~ leco wl .. H i 25 4M+ * 2 %Tii v»r* *»^-|-li ,»?. «'/44- '/4 !£ 4^4, CtgR Radiu .. Radium .... 30 Valipar .24 II S VanDorn M 5 1* Vcrnilron 6 13 Viko* Inc .... 41 WMlChP .40 if 2 Wttla'l Ptl 13 417 Wesibv Fsh ... 29 Whilakar .34 4 13 Whllehal Co S 34 Whillakr wt ... 342 WichiTa Ind 7 II Wmhout .30 4 »3I WiljhrO .OSr | 99 WilsonBr JO 7 x32 Winston Mil ... 4 Wriahl Har il2 .M Xonki Inc S3 12J 9H Ad Color Press, Des Moines, said It is under new management The new corporate officers are John W. Brown, president and treasurer, and N. Newton Standridge, vice-president and secretary. Brown was formerly with Brownie's Parking and Highlander Homes Inc., both of Des' Moines. Standridge has been with Ad Color. The men replace the late Billy Phillips. Righeimer named director Jack W. Righeimer has been named director of the office of public information and director of public relations at the University of Illinois at the medical center, Chicago. Righeimer, a former radio and television newsman in Des Moines, is the moderator of the television program "Consultation," a medical series talk show. MaeCalla appointed to MF post Thomas C. MaeCalla, jr., has been appointed general manager, manpower development and training, for Massey-Ferguson Inc.'s operations in Africa, Asia and Australia. He will be based in Coventry, England. For the last four years MaeCalla has been general retail development manager for MF's North American operations in Des Moines. Index higher on commodities NEW YORK, N.V. (AP) The Associated Press index of 35 spot commodity prices rose slightly last week with wholesale food prices and industrials, contributing to the advance. The index Increased to 358.79 from S5S.31 a week ago. 35 Commtdltlt* Induitrlalt Food Livestock Craini I Cotton Textile Nonler Metal Vttr Week At* At* lU.7t JM.3I J7424 443 51 43*.t* 4*050 25113 254.13 2«70t 407 M 404.47 121.41 27»U 19243 30763 307.M 307.9* 31039 475.41 47».IS t20.ll MOTIVES SUNDAY REGISTER • Augmt .11, I97S, /1SCC -..'a lowa John KalMr Steel 1.50 KajierStl Pdl.4* Kalvar Corp Kampgrnds Am . Chr .40 .ancelnc .60 CHICAGO FUTURES _CHICA.GO L _CAW .-.Tht.rang. rt com- t—Alked; b—Bid;" WEEKLY MIDWEST •lonPir ... _ .jcker Molr CrellBro .32* HelnWern .40 Hollvinal M, 4'A 4'/i - • Nachmn .72t os cow Said Sailonlnc Std Am Flnl Grp l t, i WM ±'v. Sid Am Flnl 3 Sl«rrfc»t Grp 247 Slarrldcil wl 3 Coeyrltiiled by Th 5% Ji, 3V. - ' I 3 '. V. ',i by The As;oci*ied Preu I97i V* iU 1 \ffi i* + Nitwork Dala namis Stijskal Sally A. Stejikal has been named vice-president of administration and secretary-treasurer of Network Data Processing Corp., Cedar Rapids. She also was elected to the board of directors. She has been director of administrative services for the company. Donald H. Miner, president, said the company has established regional management for its insurance software services division. William D. Bussell was appointed director of the central region; E. Lee Gerdes, director of the southern region, and John K. O'Dell, director of the eastern region. Each regiQB U headquartered in Cedar Rapids. This announcement ia neither an offer to tell, nor a solicitation of any offer to bay any of these securities. The offer is made only by tht Prospectus, and is limited to bona fide residents of Iowa only. Stock Issue Announcing fj 0*1 MelMt, low* Offering: 980.0QO shares, Common Stock ** Price: $8.00 Per Share F08 FUU INFORMATION AND A COPY OF THE PROSPECTUS, MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY. Underwriter: EMPIRE INVESTMENT CORP. 37 1 1 Douglas Avt., Des Main*i, la. 503 1 0, Tel. 274-35 1 8 Nornt— - _ - Advcnturdind City .Zip- 4— V. 7V+ Vk DES MOINES Thli (lit givti ripresentatlvt Inler- dealer prices late last wttk on t group oi over Iht counter stocks, as compiled by • local NASD Member. Prlcei, which do not reflect fluclus- lloni during tht week, do not Include retail markup, mtrkdcwn or commlt- •ID AIKED Alloy MUM Arlsway Mia. CHiNW Brill Tech Campbell Mtg. Chmb Mlg. Dlco Corp Edgerlv «, Co. Emm Mlg. Heritage Comm Hawkayt NtIL • Huck Finn Kavot Mld-Amer. Pub. Mid Cont. Ind Miracle Rec Network Data Proc. Nail Mobile Home Cllln Nail. Prop Nicotetlt Nodtwav Pack Rank Organization Speldel US Hornet Vernon Co. Wealherbv Natco INSURANCE STOCKS Cont'l. Wetlern Uld Fire BANK STOCKS — Central Nell Bank DM 2 3 /4 r/. 6Va V/4 3'/4 J'A, 2 -3'4 3'/4 V/4 10'/4 ll'/j W/t 2'/l 3'/4 4',V S 3 3'4 14 .15 Justice tltctcd to NML post George N. Justice, Cedar Rapids agent of the North* western Mutual Life Insurance Co., (NAIL) Milwaukee, Wis., has been elected to the executive committee of NML's Association of Agents, the company said. Peterson named rep for Wyeth Labs Keith Duane Peterson, son of Mr, and Mrs. Keith Peterson of Madrid, has been named Sales representative for Wyeth Laboratories at the firm's Kansas City, Mo., office. Hog prices near record Till* announcement cenitllirtM n*Hti*r an offer to tall nor a tttkHatlon to buy any *f ttMtt tMurlUw. Th* offerlni It madt only by the Offering Circular and only lo per- tana wh« are bone fM* retMtntt of »• «ta«a of law*. NEW ISSUE NATIONAL COMMODITY TRADERS, LTD. An Iowa Limited Partrwrship which propoitt to cngagt in the business of trading comrrtodity futures contracts 2,500 LIMITED PARTNERSHIP UNITS Per Price J Unit (minimum •ubtcrlpllon of 5 units) RUSS BROOKS SECURITIES CO. 717 Court Str«t)t, HaHan, Iowa 3 1 537 UndWwrittf For a copy of tht Notional Commodity Trodtri, ltd. Odering Circular, mail thit coupon lot •USS HOOKS SECURITIES CO. 717 Cewrt Ctr««tt, Htirlen, Uwtj S1S37 7U/7SS.S792 Gtntl*m«ni I hortby repr*s«nt that I am a bona fid* r«iid«nt of tht State of Iowa. Pltatt •end a cop/ of the Offering Circular to; NAME _ : _ ADDRESS _ ii __ . CITY OR TOWN _ TElEPHONf NUMIER _ SIGNATURE _ IOWA (ZIP)_ NEEDED Securities Agents for NEW IOWA ISSUES (several areas open) RUSS BROOKS SECWITIIS co. r Phone or 712/755-5792 712/755.3300 717 Court II. iMflflllf lOWfl raid MR IUSM1 MICH WtJehty livtstoch, commodities By a staff writer Iowa hof prioei reached the second highest level on record last week. Steers also advanced, but grains turned sharply tower. Hog t*lcoi were mostly 25 cents to 59 cent* higher for the week In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota. However, at other areas, in- eluding Sioux City, Omaha and Peorli, prices were 50 cent! lower. The average price In the in- -terior (or mixed grade 200 to 220 pound butchers was |57.|0 a hundred, up 92 cents for the week, and the highest since August 1973, when the price reached a record $58.02. The latest average hog price in the interior stands $20.15 above the 1975 low and $20,55 above the same week a year ago. Rtooipts fain The advance came despite an increase In live receipts and a so-so carcass trade. Receipts in the interior totaled 280,000 head, up from 260,000 a week ago, but below the 370,000 a year ago. In the midwest carlot meat trade loins were steady for the week, hams were $1 higher to $2.50 lower and bellies were off $4.50. Cattle markets were $1 to $3 higher and steer beef gained $3 a hundred for the week. Staar average The average price in the interior for choice 900 to 1 1,100 pound fed steers was $47.05, up $1.30 from a week ago. That puts the price $10.40 above the year's low point and $5.75 under the 1975 high set in June. , ^ Cattle receipts at the 11 terminal markets totaled 121,700 for the week, compared with 114,800 a week ago a*4 110,800 a year ago. Federally inspected cattle slaughter came to 783,000 head for the week, up from 684,000 a year ago. HdWtver, beef production^ last week was down from a year ago at 424.7 million pbunds, Compared with 426.8 million pounds reflecting a lighter average live kill weight of 976 pounds vs. 1,038 pounds a year earlier. Hog slaughter last week was 1,164,000 head, compared with 1,061,000 a week ago and 1,482,000 a year ago. Sheep slaughter came, to 149.00C head, compared with 147,000 a week ago and 172,000 a year ago. Grains slump Grain futures declined last week on the Chicago Board of Trade. Reports linked the selling to profit taking, a slowdown in .export business and the beginning of the 1975 soybean and corn harvests. Some new grain was moving into commercial channels, sources said. For the week soybean futures fell as much as 55V4 cents a bushel, one of the heaviest weekly falls of the year. Corn futures ended 17% cents to 20 cents lower and oats were down 8 cents to 14% cents. Central Iowa country elevator bids for No. 2 yellow corn were $2.74 to $2.80 a bushel on Friday, down 17 cents to 18 cents for the week. No. 2 yellow soybeans were bid at $5.30 to $5.37, down 41 cents. Ctntrtl Iowa com prices l.M 111 (MY II M JUNI i u M n MIT [«W«T in u MIi i ii. n w Iowa corn prices fell 17 cents to 18 cents a bushel list week. Central Iowa country elevator bids for No. 2 yellow corn ranged $2.74 to $2.80 a bushel on Friday. Central Iowa hog prices Iowa hog prices reached the second highest level on 'record last week. Mixed grade 200 to 220 pound butchers averaged. S57.60 • hundred In Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota, compared with the all-time peak of $58.02 set in August, 1973. The average was $37.05 in the same week • year ago. > " . WHOUSAli MEAT DBS MOINES, MIDAY (FED- STATE) — Mldweit ceriol meat trade lor the WMk, compared to lala lail Slur beef U.M higher tlter balm ai much ai 14.09 higher* heller bael t2.25-2.SO higher after being at much M Kit hlahtrj cow beef ileady lo tl.M lower. Prim pork MM 14-17 Ibi tlaadv; thinned hamt untven, 14-17 Ibi 11.00 higher) 17-M Ibi Heady Is tt.M lower; btlllet 14.50 lower* olhtr cult un- fnttd late. CHICAGO, FRIDAY (USDA) — Carlot meal trtdt for the week, compared prtvloui wttk'i doit: ' Chalet liter and helftr beef gtntr* ally U.SO-3.M higher In limited let* week tail) goad liter and helftr beet generally UJO-4JS higher; ne com* parlion cow beet. FreMi pork Iradt vary poorly tilab* llthed late; only companion on hamt I1.M-J.SO higher. who are interested incur full range of 0 investment services (listorl and OTC stocks, mutual funds, government, municipal and corpowte bonds, options, real estate investments ,ind tax shelters) our sales support (regional research expertise plus outstanding national research sources plus a meaningful marketing program) and our related financial services (insurance, estate planning, equipment leasing, portfolio management and international investment banking) If you are looking for opportunity with an aggressive financialservice , team, contact: HANK PICKARD 319-583-9711 Dain, Kalman & Quail Incorporated Fischer Building Dubuque, IA52UOI • 5!i 5-9711 r DAIN ' KM MAN • c\ 01 All \

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