The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 1, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Monday, December 1, 1924
Page 5
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MON'T),\Y. DECEMBER 1. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON KEW& PACE FTVr. SHERMAN JUNIOR HIGH NEWS (Edited by the Students of Sherman Junior High School) STUDENTS GIVE , FOOD TO POOR WITH THE SOCIETIES AT SHERMAN JUNIOR HIGH Over Two Barrels of Food and Clothing Given at Sherman. (By Robert Sehermerhorn.) Over two linrrcU of food nii'l clothing wero contributed liy Shov- mun Junior Hlph School nindrnt* to llio Sulviillon Army TlmnksKivliiK week. The tublu upon which the n 1 ftf= wore deposited wns divided Into tun divisions representing Iho Ion groupu In Iho school. Tho food consisted of fruits mid ve.Rotiihlos of till kinds. There were uino sev- ? rnl bundles ol clothing. 'J'hlH plan Is 1111 niimuil custom of the. Hutchinson .schools. APOLLO O'nulliiB Crawford > Lust week the hoys hud rhurge ut 111"! program uml discussed "Hoys' Vocutfons." This week the ftlrln tnlkcil on "flirts' Vocations." Thotto on the program this week worn Mercedes .Shell, Mildred Humes, lleih Rnges, and filndys Wnrren, The subjects wero iiurs- lnR, hookliceiiliiB. drcasmnklng mid Y. W. C. A. work. Tho basketball enptalii, Arch Klltotl. wns elecled after the pro- sriim "as finished. Indian Operetta ' Was Delightful ' (By Laura Weinlootl.) "A splendid enterlaliimeulwas ) the comment of.Iho largo iiudlence 1 which atlemled "Tho Keitst of the •Red Corn," a delightful Indian operetta, at Sherman auditorium Tuesday evening. Tho Indian mulden who found 11 reil ear of corn would have, her dearest wish fulfilled. That year no wish granted hecmiBo, "somebody had been up to something bad." The' winds forgave, and after distributing the ears nf corn tho queen got tho red one. Her dearest wish was that tho king, whom everybody thought was deail wan alive. As Iho squaw stirred up the fire, out of tho tent In the background stepped tho king. Jiuth Hongland as the old squaw did some very good acting. She chanted, sang and threatened like 11 real squaw. Hemlce Clair Kny- «ler us the queen, pleased everybody from the little children to the grown people. l,llllan Sntllh as Impeo Light, wns the ouo whu •had been up to something bad.. Tho witches who came to torment Iter did not succeed. Nina Buchanan, Vera Trnsler and Klvu llucl- dlck as Fudge. Wudgeu and rudgee •were the queens' children or ilie "Flowers of the: Forest." The mystery at Sherman for the past lew days has been, "Who will bo the big Chief?" This mystery was solved when James Lewis appeared. Sherman's orchestra furnished music for tho occasion. Several numbers wero played, among which were Flag or Truce, riohe- mlan Girl. Dancing Dolls, Star of tho Orient. Perfect Day and Indian Dance. ) S. O. S. Club Had a v Spelling Contest (By Ksllicr Uanz.1 Tho H. O. S. club of Sherman Junior High took about ten minutes of each Kngllsh period last week to discuss the seven objectives ot education. On Friday, the first half of tlm period was given to a very interesting program "'"insisting of •several readings ami Impromptu •peeiliis. A spelling match was then cou- diicti'd by the teacher. Miss Headrick. Words were given oat until tnly I'lvc contestants wore left. Thesfl were pronounced \ ictorlmis. PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASSES HAD REAL EXPERIENCE. PCI W H AT AN \VA11 HI 0ItS (Kileeii Smith) The Powhatan Warriors met l» Ihelr weekly council Tuesday. In a great powwow, In which many braves and maidens took part, their approaching party was discussed. It was decided to announce the date at the next meeting. line ot our great councilors read the list of absentees and tardles. It was suggested that we have a punishment for those who had been lardy more than oncu In a semester. Kthel Jennings, chairman ot tho program on Citizenship, had prepared a splendid program. The talks wero much appreciated by all present lit our tribe. I.HK HEHTK (Frances Dawson) We played a very Interesting and hard game with the Phllos Friday lull us about the ways ot coyotes, and Inter as we rest by I be flrealde Edward Harlncss will recall for us the old days 01 the cattle ranch. L. E. F. S. (Muriel Smith I The meeiiiig was called to order by'the- president. Kenneth Shaffer. Our sponsor Miss Kent told us about our absences and tardles for tho last six weeks. Since we want to show our disapproval of those who subtract from our points lts- stead of adding, we voted Hint all who were guilty should be given a seventh period. Tho chairman ot the program committee, Kdward Engler, then took charge. Our topic for this meeting was, "Biographies of Great Americans." EXCELSOR (Ettu Warren I The Excelsiors went through the usual opening exercises Tuesday i.mornlng «t which tlmo they got, "right down" to business. This happened to bn one of our busy days. Howard Woir« wns elected for our basket ball captain. The team will be selected this evening after school. A motion wns carried to collect, our pennies, which will he done as soon as we find n plnco to put them. Tho tardles and tin- excused absences are gotting terr- lulo and so beginning with a now six weeks, every person making one will be made to memorize the Poem, "Kxeelsior... Hero's hoping "".",!"?.'. I 1 ".. y?- c "." u l °" 1 WIUl lho ! u ls ni,VBr memorized. Our program Thanksgiving at Sherman High The- spirit of Thanksgiving was very successtully carried out in the assembly held Wednesday morning at Sherman Junior high school. The school sang a couple of songs led by Miss Klrkmun. Miss Doles rend the devotlnnnls. Four of ilia hoys gavo ti pumpkin drill, inquiring just what Thanksgiving means. A clover little play, Indicative of tho spirit of Thanksgiving, was presented by Miss lleadrlck's expression clnss, The name ot the play was "The Meeting of tho Mentha." An Indian dance, also characteristic ot this season ot the year, was given by tho physical training girls. Mr. tlowans made a few remarks appropriate at this Thanksgiving lime. After some announcements by Mr. Lockmnn, assembly was dismissed. OUR BOARDING HOUSE small end or I he deal. Although the Phllos won, we feel It quite an honor to have gone to Iho finals. The lineup on the team was as follows: I.illlnn Murks, "captain": France* Dawson, Leve.ta DcrClingor, Vlrgle Fowler, Kdna Benjamin, Neva Buck, Huby Phillips, Leila Sutton, Mildred Green, Mildred Hound, Pauline Itlggs, Esther Banz and Olive Morgan. We ore also glad to know that we have hnd tho least tardles and mioxctisod absences of any of tho groups,' having only four tardles and one unexcusod absence. Our program this week consisted of 11 talk about tho Philippine Islands by Aiys Kentz, whose father spent some time there. Afterward we wero shown pictures of interesting places in America. PHILOMATHEAN (Trela Dale) Let's go hunting! What do you say? First we must go down to tho court I IOUBO and got a hunting license for which wo must pay a dollar. Now lot's go to a hardware store and get a good rifle. And now for the river I AVe'll take Homer Fredrick along to tell us what kind of ducks wo must kill, mid whore wo can find them. Let us. also take Lindsey Henderson who knows all about hawks. On our homeward Journey along the river hanks, Emma lllntorgardl will tell us about fish and fish hatcheries for she has just completed a special study on tho subject. Jtulh Hamilton can for the next meeting will be, "American Beauty Spots." Ono ot our sponsors will givo a talk on some, "real sights" of Yellow Stnuo National Park. It possible we Bhall have somo pictures from the machine In Miss Hllderhrand's room. HI-EX (Lois Phillips) Koum 2G looked like a picture gallery Tuesday morning. On a line stretched in front ot the room wero pictures In color and in brown representing tho work of several noted palners. Raphael's "Sislino Madonna" was there In full splendor as was Millet's world-famous painting "The Cleaners". Several shown. After the picture "The Song of tho Lark Had Been Explained, lho composlton "Hark! llurk! The Lark!" was played on tho Victrola. TI KMO taking part in the pro- i gram on picture study were Mary ' May Schmied, Donald Lovell, and Alvlra Weber. MARATHON (Kenneth Eastburn) "A visit to Thoreau's Waldeti" was tho subjpct of Marathon's program Tuesday, Paul Wooclitll chairman of the program committee relatod the story ot Henry David Thnreau, a well known writer, who spent I wo years alone iu the forest ot Walden. Carlton Payue describe^ the. "Sounds ot Walden," and Alice Kelly discussed, "TUoreaus Plants." A native Poem was given by Fayo Harmon. Our group will continue the study of Nature at tho next meeting. Tuesday niyliL in the new auditorium. Judging by the size of tho audience their speeches must have been effective. ITEMS OF INTEREST AT SHERMAN HIGH The 7B English classes have finished the studv of "The Courtship ot Miles Slnudlsh." The following nro some ot the values gained: "Serve yourself If you would be well served," "Let not him that puttoth his hand to the plow look backward." "Bo forgiving." "Develop solf control, "Usn your leisure time in a worthy manner," "Be patient," and "Bo appreciative." Tho 8B Kngllsh classes will take up the study of Dickens' "Christmas Carol," utter Thanksgiving. "What 1 nm Thankful For," was tho subject of an open discussion in the third hour 713 Kngllsh class Wednesday morning. The fourth hour 7B English class won In the "Health Campaign," conducted during education week. This class will be guests at o par­ ly given by two other 711 classes after tho Thanksgiving holidays. Miss Hlldebrnnd's cltisses have been taking a geographical trip through Switzerland and Italy. Miss Wolcott has been absent from school for several days on account of death In her family. The mystery about the Indian king has been revealed. Guess who It was. Many of our former students' attended the operetta Tuesday night. M iss Wolcott's ola-sses havo been engaged In a very Interesting re- viow. It consisted of cross-word puzzles nnd riddles about the 911b- j jects they had studied. Book reports are duo this week. | Those who are poor readers hnd \ better get. down lo work. j A now senester will begin Mon- ; day, bringing new chnnces to make j a success out of your school lite. I Will yon be prepared to meet the j new issues with up and \ shoulders back or will you bo the j same old student, taking life easy j and dodging the Issues that build your character? Brace up, work j hard, and meet the new year with 1 the words ringing In your ears— ] "Well "lone, good aud faithful ser- j vants." I ' Cft* BON'S Od« VlOMEKi'? ^ CLU9 \<5> c 5ik-\f3 T& GvVe A, AviD -fiVE ''ROCEE'DS Vl\LL GO~XO A \0OR-rttV CAUSE.'- PAR-fCT TU£ VROGRASA PLAVLEn; AkjD I -jite-f VCfJOVO VoLi BOVS VdlLL BE , DEUGU-fet) Xo Acrflkl / pirro>rifeiii KJ!6.\"fe lU A BAR-ROOK AK!' I'LL BE Trl'LASf / MAKE rC A Ml^QfREL! SHOVO '2 I \<\\o\y\ "fitAT'ARE <iO OLD, 'WEV'RE |Mt>lE\*J AGAIlJ 1, I VoleirbR'u^a.E^- T OM '<5 CASIK.\"!« 8l\<3lfe.R CA >,\-rAkE -TVV PART OF UTILE EV/A GCW J G ~fb \1EAVEL\--" VlE'li, BORROV A J , TV ^HMAUTXJA^ TO " T AKE A IM MA LP vJAV OP IjJ I A Raw, Sore Throat Eas«! Quickly Wh*n You Apply j Littlfl Muatrrof At» 1 M'lt-vr.i'rt u-'Ti'' !.:!••:• r :> K>* t !)-• PM J fji -hifin* 1 '] i': 'i • i r| • . 1 1 1 - r . [I T '-MI ! t' -in -jiii;i •> 'iir* :•*;. .U't m * \l ;•• n '-'Vi.'---, ;.» \h • -T- ' -v '•• 1 ! <'v.\ u J IT ; • . '--'ir V"^! on 'i Mu-tr«».» 'f !\ • "-••.Hi. •.« • o.;r. m -iiT ni .it 1 '- \>. ; : u tii; -if :n»: •'.v--! /' i i Ii IH' t 1 ti'.in k IT 1 1" !''•• • m i'.i 1 '" ihf'iii:. h 'T;.. !i,' it. ''"li'-iiiit ••'-t)'n» wh^. i'c :t<".>'-'.i "iT!, !• '-'if ->, 1 A'- "• niali-tn, !iniit..f^ •••iin -t ;in -l ,n.h»: ,s ' of r h:\> V. i-r • :n: . -. • iln- f-v " KniM'l-s I M'T 'l'.iiV.nn-, Ir<--;* ri! ffM. i-'.»!M;! nti ? ho >"\\rr-l. K>-- f -V To Mothfrs; Musterole is alr.o niade in milricr lin'm fc«'- bnhies and smnll £hi!rin:ti. Ask f 'M- Children's MustsrrJe.. than a rnuatmil p Ache? s^rfe>\55 CrlURcM EKlUSfe TALElOrT' R»R IK CrlWSfNAAS EKttfeRlAlMK Same Pastor Wed Parents, Also When Ora Llndahl, ot Arlington, got married the other day, the same minister who had married his parents, 24 years ago, performed the ceremony. The minister wns P.e.v. F. L. Rut- lodge, now Methodist, minister at Pretty Prairie. Mr. Llndahl was married to Miss Noma V. Hlnd.iloy, of Plevna, a school teacher. They will make their home on a farm near Arlington. Mr. and Mrs. Llndahl, senior. were married 21 years ago whenj Two Couples Wtd. Itev. Kutlcdge was pastor at. Turou. | Tw „ „ rmnInont ynmiE ,. ouples „ t "~ ! Albion township were united in Sent Them a Treat. ! marriage the past week. Henry Tlio inluli classes of the Metliod- i Zerger on d Anna Vogt were mar 1st Sunday school at NIckerson sent nino dressiMl chickens and JO glasses of Jetly to the Day Nursery in Hutchinson as a treat for the little folks there. Home from China. Miss Jennie Walker, a former Reno county girl, who is homo on a furlough from tin; mission field le China, Is visiting at. N'ickrrson. She will give an address there Wednesday. ried Thanksgiving day, and Ituily; Krehblol and Km ma Graher were married Sunday. i Here's quick relief Just » few drop.-i of Sloan'::-- i>:itted on gen'ly —will sooilio scire, aching micelcs a* ouee. No rubiiing — it's the liniment, it.seif that, the circulation, lirin;^ grateful rrlii f. anil stop.i the pain! It will not stain. All druggists—.'toe. Sloan 's ILinimeiit —kills pain! THE DEBATE CLUB AT SHERMAN JUNIOR Cooking Classes Served Breakfast! GYM ECHOES HIGH. The debate club met Friday. Two questions were discussed, "Uesolved, that all hoys should know how to swim," and "Uesolved Hint all High School students should choose their own subjects." The time of the weekly meeting was changed from Friday to Thursday. The hour remains, four The members ot Miss lleadrlck's public speaking classes at Sherman itad a chance -lo put their ktiowl- 1 o'Vlock edgo into practice this week. Two | -— members went to each grade school Sliop-o-Scope will show you u. lot to advertise Iho operetta which of things you never know about was given by the music department | shopping. if. FROM THE BOOK SHELF IVANHOE (Reviewed by Ruth Smith) This story ot chivalry and the days of knighthood was written by Sir Waller Scott. Ot his other books perhaps the best known are "Tho Lady oC Tho Lake" and "Tht Talisman." "Ivanhoe" Is a love story, but It contains historical interest in that It deals with tbo old fend and later iho welding of the Normans and Maxona Into ono race. The scene of tho story is on lho river Don near tho famous Sherwood forest. The story takes place during tho latter part of the reign id' Itichurd lh« Lionhenrted, that Is, the. end of tho 121I1 century. The principal characters Involved are Cedrlc, a loyal Saxon, who is guardian 01' Kowetm a beautiful girl of royal Snxon blood who loves 'vanhoe. the disinherited knight, son of Cedrlc uml the hero of the vali'. Atlielstano, the last of Alfred's line, I K 11 cousin of Cedrlc, and It is Cedrle's greatest wish to havoliltn marry Howcna and ^alu control of Fnglaud. Isaac of York is ii wealthy jew, father of a beautlfuljlanglitcr, Itebecca. This Jewess is loved by Brian de Buls tiullbert, a fearless knight of the Holy Temple and a haughty Norman, l'rlneo John ls a Norman who rules England, while his brother, King Hichard is In captivity in Austria. Reginald Frout-de- llloouf Is a cruel Norman knight who has taken tho ensile of Tor- qullstoue from u Saxon noble. Other characters are Locksley, the head of a bund of valiant out- Jtws; Prior Aymer, n frivolous monk, Friar Tuck; Ulrica, an old Saxon hag, daughter of the murdered Torquil and Wnmbn, u wl-io fool. Prlnco Joltu Is ruling Kngland nnd Is bated by all Iho Saxons and many of tho Normans. During the tournament nt Ashby, Ivanhoe, In iUguise, defeated Hols tiuilberl twice. lie Is badly wounded, how- over, and is saved by Rebecca. Prlnco John receives word thai Richard has returned and he is in a panic because ho has been conspiring against lho king. The Saxons have joined on their homeward journey by Isaac tho Jew and his daughter who is In charge ot a wounded companion who afterward turns out to bo Ivanhoe. They are all captured by a hand of Normans uml taken as prisoners to I lie castle of Tovqnll- Bloue. Rebecca and nro placed In separate cells. Tho Templar tries to persuade Rebecca to fly wlth him lo Palestine, while another Norman knight tries to gain Itowena's consent to marry him. Front-de-yoeut spends his timo trying to get money of Isaac the Jew by threatening him with torture. Cedrlc and Alhclstanu arc left alone in their cell. Wamba. in the meantime, with a companion hud escaped being captured and comes, to the rescue »lth the baud ot outlaws aud tin unknown knight in black armor, who is really Jllclinrd the king. Wambn drosses as a priest, outers (lie castle iur.1 his master Cedric leaves It In his stead. Tho Nor-1 mans tire finally defeated by the outlaws nnd the Black Knight. The Templar escapes carrying Rebecca win, him, lo Temples! on j, the lodge of tho Templars. Tim spoils aro divided among Hie outlaws and Saxons, uml Richard discloses his Identity. Cedrlc and Ivnnhuo are 11 cupelled, and Cedrlc then consents lo the marrlngo ot Rowena to hi sou. Rebecca is rescued by Ivanhoe and goes with her fcubor lo another country. The best, ami wisest saying In this talc, I think, Is these words: "As the louder Is. so will his followers be." This holds true ot till 111" leaders. Cedrlc, Richard, John and Locks ley,' (By Cora Davis and Mary fc.'velyu Jordan) The SB cooking classes prepared breakfast. Tuesday. lOach class divided into two families, one of wliicli cooked anil washed dishes, while the other sot and cleared the talde. The class of SA girls have been cooking fancy stews and steaks. All ot the classes Wednesday prepared a Thanksgiving dish, something appropriate to the day. Ruth Dodge gave a short talk last Moudny about packing bouses. Tho charts that have been the center of interest with the SA girls for tho past four weeks have now been completed. • <>> <y * * '» - METEORITES, •v ••• * i». <!> 4**4, -i> (By Charlotte Richardson.) Miss D—Alva, explain tills problem. Alva—Well, all I know about it is when '.he insldc's "plus," the out- side'a "minus." IKatherlne S.—Did you have strawberry Ice cream or vanilla. Johnnie B.—I don't know what It was called; it lasted like old glue. Katheriue S.—Then it must have been the «(rnwburry; tho vanilla tastes like paste. Teacher—"Rtistus, what animal is most noted for Its fur?" Rastus—"Do Skunk. The more fur you gets away from him do better it is for you. * Use pay. News-Herald want ada They (By James Lewis) ! According to Coach Huston, there were about twenty boys oul for the first basketball practice; on Monday, November 24. This is' only the preliminary practice. 1 since the regular practice doesn't | begin until the week after Thanks- j giving. Tbo conch says that he j will pick a squad for regular first ! team practico and that tlte rest of' tliu fellows will be placed on the j second squad. This second squad \ Is then to ho divided Into teuius.; Each team will havo tho oppor-1 Utility ot playing each of the other j teams. With tho good material in view, Sherman should turn out a para-' mount team this season and to be ; sure that team will he fighting Its 1 hardost to bring honor to their i school. I Buhler Withdrew From the League Buhler has withdrawn from tin; county high school basket ball league ami NIckerson has been admitted. It. Is not certain whether or not Sylvia will have a team. Tho scheduled league games will not start for several weeks. OUCKWALLS Where Santa Loads His Sleigh Only 21 More Shopping Days. Buy Now. Have you seen the crowds in our store buying Xmas Gifts each day lately? They know where to go for a Big Selection and to Save Money. , Doll Buggies A complete line of buggies, sulkies and perambulators. 50c to $7.75 , Sponsor Called Away. On account ot the absence or Miss Wolcott, the eighth grade Girl Reserves postponed their weekly meeting until after Thanksgiving. Shop-o-Scopo will make the buying of Xmas presents for others as much fun as opening your own on Xmas shopping. tf. WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR Miss Doles: I'm thankful that I have the privilege ot associating with Iho children of Sherman High. Miss Hildebrand: I'm thankful I have a gooil Job and health tu go with it. Miss Clinton: I'm thankful for a vai iillon. Miss Hess: I'm thankful ihat there aren't any more papers to grade for i moru days. Miss Wright: I'm thnukfnl that 1 have charge of 1.10 students six times a day for Study Hull and that I have my five senses In good working order. Miss Braucher: I'm lhniikful that Thanksgiving comes on Thursday instoud ot Friday, giving us one. more holiday. James Lewis:. I'm thankful that "ireon*- prospects To Sherman has basketball. . Frances Cabbage: I'm thankful I I've only had one or two seventh j periods. (Willi the promise ot 'J 1 morel. I Alice Fontron: For all the good: things that havo and will happen.' Kenneth Shaffer: For the new auditorium. Arch Elliott; I'm thankful that 1 I've only hart to sit in the corner • once and only had one "lickln"' so far this year. (But there's a whole . semester yet). i George Nelson, (I 111: I am thankful that 1 llvo in such a great nation. Dorothy Feart, (7 11): I am thankful that 1 llko my teachers, because when [ do I cun accoui-; pllsh belter work. I Wagons You can afford to buy these extra specials on coasters and express. 65c to $7.75 , TRAINS AMERICAN FLYERS, winding engines, guaranteed motor.. A size to suit yen. $1.25 to $4.45 ELECTRIC. Big heavy duty engines. The boy's toy PERFECT. $4.89 to $7.98 FRICTION trains. Big and strong; also all sizes in iron trains. 19c to $1.69 Kiddie Kars and Bikes Kiddie Kars make baby happy. Three lines to pick from. 3 sizes BIKES, $1.45 to $4.50 SCOOTERS—Big all Steel Fellows, Rubber Tires . .. $2.9£ Wutch'msm folk are invited to make the beautiful, 71 "T STREET *"* 30OADWAY . MY. their home while in New York. Autos Long life autos for hard playing boys and girls. FORDS, STAR, DURANT, Etc. $6.50 Up Dolls A wonderful line of quality dolls. Any kind you desire. Some big specials, 5c to $5.25 Give Her a Set of Dishes We carry nothing but the quality of dinnerware that we can guarantee—American Ware, Johnson Bros. English, Huschen Reuther Bavarian, Austrian and Hand Painted Nippon China. Special prices on sets. All patterns open stock. AMERICAN Complete 42-piece sets in good decorations, gold band and floral designs, $7.25, $7.89, $10.80 ENGLISH You know the quality of this ware. Sets in good new decorations, $7.70 to $13,25 CHINA This is our specialty line and our prices are very low. This is real quality. Complete sets, $15.25 to $28.50 You Will Like Our Good Fresh Candies « IkCOUGHS XOLDS QUICK RELIEF WITH FOLEY HONEY TA E STABLISHED 1875 |)noi mhn or liMSoMMlwaG REFUSE SUBSTITUTES Out Goes All Rheumatic Poison Rheurna Acts on Kidoeyii, Liver and Bladder the Very First Day. Ih't II hllti'e nt Kheuiil'l today and wear a sau-^rwd >in{on your face tomorrow. It's a remedy tiia' is astonishing tho whole country, ami i'.'.< ju«t a ' good for uo'l', t,;a. iemtiti^o and kl'lu".y mi-cry us for rheiiniii- tlsm It driven the poiwniott* v iv.-,te. from the joints aid musck.-i- 'Imcs the secret of Rin.-uma'-i sii'W.i. tin 1. we don't ask you to take, our word for it; go to the A. <& ,\. Urux Co., or any tood drUKfci-o. aud -^t bottle of Hheum.-t today; if i' doesn't 'It. we promM- 1 yi y ,'C.- moip-y bark. I' Will he 'bite .''.:a- lnv; for >nu. 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