The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 8, 1967 · Page 16
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 16

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1967
Page 16
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B 4 THE NEWS. Frederick, Maryland Friday. September 8, 1967 Time Out For Sports Packers And Profits Only Grid Certainties ·With Arthur D. Postal A R K A H I G H SCHOOL football teams swing into action tonijrht and tomorrow, and most college football teams in t h e n a t i o n start their seasons next week. The pros, too. w i l l start their season next week w i t h the A K L showing their elders some disrespect by s t a r t i n g Sunday, a week before the NFL. On the local front, the situation is unclear, with none of the teams in the Tri-State League even claiming one possible victory ahead of time. In the pros, ihe Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos should fight for the Western Division title with Buffalo and Boston fighting it out in the Eastern Division, and in the NFL, the Packers are not claiming a thing In fact, with an estimated 4u m i l l i o n fans expected to see high school, cohege and p r o f e s ^ i r.;i! f o o t b a l l teams play this season, and with pollsters f.mlly coming up w i t h sta tistics showing that football i: the n u m b e r one spectator sport, the only two things that can o 1 said w i t h certainty is that the Packers will take it all aan that the profits will continue their upward trend. PICKING THE PACKERS is lint going out on a limb. The charges o" Vince Lombard a;v not f a n c y , and in the oackiield they will g- with or.iy j e solid performer, Elijah P.tts. behind the p e - r l e i s B a i t Si ,,:r But the Packers do not have to be fancy. Thev have me blocking, speed and depth to take it all. again, with ease T s i- ·· ; he '!·-;' yt ar t h a t !,.-. I'acks-rs prove that def a :'i · · · ·.': . n - i v . - · · · - . V : . - Ihe k e y t o success ·i - r ' . ; · ' ; ! ;;.(! UK;'. "'·'"· . !; ''t Macks, are the j.* a · :i n i v . ;:jii; . I?in::i .'.nd i"··· n. Ben Wilson and Jirn G/a'b"W:-! . , / : br the namc\; in ii--nt c" the statistics, but the offensive corps cf Fred Thir.'ston. Jerty Kramer, Ken Bowman and Bob Shorcnski are the men in front of the names in the statistics- Cn defense, tao. the Packers are the power of the league. Although Tom Brown was supposed t; bs the weak link for tha Chiefs to pick on in the Super Bowl, the ex-Maryland star held his owi and will be back, joined by all-league Herb Adderly, and Bab Jster and Willie Wood. On the line are FIND FUN and FL A In Your CASUAL WEAR ( J r e a t t o r s t ; i l : . , ' i \ \ f , n . «\n i K r i i t o u ; i t c h ^ l ; i c ! ^ w i t h the i i i i l k \ r ; r t i f m-ck - \ M - a t f r ( I r s i y n r l \ \ i t h y o u i n m i n d , i « ! « . l r i - k . 'l;ick SI.'I.OO. Sweater .SI 9.00. 101 North Market St 663-6511 Storr Hours: M«o.-Kri. VSPAPERfl R C H 1 V ». i ucs \\-.; Thurs -S, ( | Ray N i t i i h k e , lion K u s l e ' · k. I.'.n.y Jcrdan and Lee Roy Ca fev. T.iere is no K a :: that will come close. E V E R Y O X i ' · i .'·; 'i") hedge their bets, however. And, ''. the Pac'tv'rj. . . .s,...e ir.txpli-.-E-yic-: i r c s ^ i , do fall, it looks as if the Baltimore Cj!ts wi'l be ine t a s m to pick up the th? peer!e: j s John [jiiX'C.--:. At q n a : t :ljjc:.. '.!TJ C;;.s ha\v - . · ..a ;. v.hj in:i' r. . r; j : .^ ' si v, n:-r. it comts t-o statistics, tr.c .. t PL^SJ:-. ( : · , ' . fjjst,, qua lerback in the league, ·..c .... - \'. i : m^in-j iiis r/.any tal.r.ts to see the Celts through many victories 'ir.e Colts arc improved, uvurri'. In Kay Perkins they havt- caire up with a repSac'onici.t far Raymond Beiry, if mid when Beriy gets tirtd -" ,:-ial y figures out that the pr. latrace is not for a man c : j. i;i Jrhn .Mackey, Jiminy «;/r ard VV.-i!io Richavdscn. I'.t- Cz.'.s have as tine a receiving ccrps as there is in the l e a g u e . .n def-nse, 3ubba Smit'. Iho 2"-p.Tj-.d d r f e n r i v ; tackle, will uze h i , heit and ..v^cd to auvant^j?.,-, un;l will blend it '··i'h whal is K c.,v,n as o;^ o'i i l - j !r./5t ck-f'-niiv? f.anis in the ··o-j'-; i l ia Tijch ard Packer lir.cha'.ker. \viil p ' ^ b a b i ; - re- !cf I . ' r n r i j GauL:tz as the : i a t t ' r g^le lint-'jici-.e: : ir tii-; Colts. a:.d t..e same old .;. : is ti::re to lend vv.ight. speed and exp:rience. X FAC1\ TIIIi; Co'ls are a g o-i f o o t b a l l team. But foot,-,: Is a jianie wttcie mistakes o!e:y an i m p o r t a n t part, and ...e. ;' ;i qu,i.a of injuries will ^-alch the Coits weak in t h e i r o'i'ensive backfield and 1 ne. Old honss, of which the Colts -...· made, are more brittle and take longer to heal than younger ones. Ar.d in these places the CoKs are old, especially in the s f f i n s i v e line. Another weakness is the lack of a sound run- ;.iag gaiii?, a mu;t if the team does not want the lineback- e r s I-, blitz a great deal and the de'ensive backs to gamble ..1 .. i. And if t":a gamblers are Willie Wood or Herb Adder;y, you're six points behind. Behind i h j Colts in the Western Division, there isn't much. The Los Angeles Rams are improved, and the Minnesota Vikings have been well supplemented in graduated Michigan State beef, namely Gene Washington and Clinton Jones. But Minnesota is having a problem in the quarterbacking spot, and the defensive backfield is still weak# # * * THE BEARS, WELL, their coach should be replaced, but who's going to teil that to the vwn2r? San Francisco has a good passing combination in Jchn Brcdie, the instant mil- Kcnaire as a result of a merger, to Dave Parks, but long homos don t always win f;o;ball games, while sjund dBfenses do. Detrcit is also a question mnrk. The Lions have a new- coach and the sarr.e old bruisers, including Alex Karras or.d Roger Brown, up front in the defensive line, End the cd ru.incrs, Amos Marsh and newcomers N ; ck Eddy and -Viei Fa-r, but the Lions srem ridden with dissension and ..take a habit of coming up wiih the bad breaks at the wrong time. Be "ore leaving the West, it would be wise to point out · ir-u t'n: league has been sub-divirlsd into a total of four di;ii:ns. The C o t s , Atlanta, Los /ngeles and San Francisco h?.ve bexn put into a g.ouo anpr; p riately named the Coastal Oivisirn because it stretchy from ci,ast-to-coast. Green Bay, -.ciroit. Chicago ard Minnesota i-cs in the Central Division. \ v h L Dallas, New Crlerns, Ph'ladelphia and Washington ' / m c r i s e the Capitol Division and Cleveland, New York. r i f t - h u - p h and St- I.cuis e c m p r i s ? ihe Contury Division. No r.. " is e:act ; y 5r.;re what purpos? Inis serves, but who are we to ;-r?ue with s ceessiul entrepreneurs. T-i'ZN TL'-iRE IS the East. Dallas seems the class here, s i l t h - j g h it is time that D n L a u d r y figured out that Don i \ i o : t t i ' t h ·'. p e i h a p s the \vcrjt q ~r!e:back in (he league and '"I C r a i g Moiton is a r e a l pro in h's third season. The Cowboys are g:ir.d. t^icre is 1:1 question of that. Al.: u;i ;!i ;.;,ndry i i f f p s tilings CM: .pliea'.i .1. the Cowboys have an :\ ; Icr.t !i'.? b.:!h ( f,'en=ive and d tensive, quid; backs, . " · I'rivrrs a:i.l n-i excellent def:nsive bacl:':eld. The . ' ·' ,. l...-r.- .: ··-,-. ·· O n ' : ; 1 n a-. ! · r-::u'liy haw Aittr the Cowboys there is th.- Zagies rr.d the Redskins, 'ihe Redskins have been rated as the sec:: d-best squad in the East, but at the ii^k of earnu..H the wrath cf paying customers, the Eagles must be Norm Snead, afte;r seemingly cnntu.ics of development, has become- a good passer, e-nd there is Timmy lirown to acid confidence, ll'.o Eagles lick a g.^ci U'IOUL.^, b..t have i..i.'.d t . c i a - :dous ^.icngth to the passing game ioy a c q u l r i / g Mike Ditka and Gary Ball- miii. IF TH2HE IS a question about the Zagies, it must be ;n the dL^nse. b o t h lino ar.d ba.-' f.eld. Here again, tiie ol.l q u - ^ t i c n o) whether the good o.. nse can beat the gocd cie- icnse is ihe relevant pauu, aithcugn stopping Ditka, Brown ar.d at one and the same time will be extremely difficult Ihe Redskins sh:r.iid wind up third in the combined, taiilici-cea'.ui 1 ;- divISi n. ,'f c/ i: ·. ,j.h?r reason than YVash- iiigion ca:i l u t i a : t l e v v i ; n d it i^.c-y s t their rr.inds to it. ;he «!i\v n is r*. · r.g: r ^.,s y c ^ - , as Ke any grouping .:at rat^s U;e CUi'tiar.d ent ··· a r,u--ily the tourth-best in (he loop. But Washington can accomplish this. In Sonny Jurgen- ^e.i thc-y have an excellent qua:lerback whose i'amed quick- .elejiie- \viii cut'.veiiii any pe;j; olccUlr.g. Jurgensen can throw to Charley l a y l . r , only the b-jst in the ieague last year, peerless Bobby Mitchell and suet-fingered Jerry Smith. Or, i: he wa its to switch oi.', he cm hit Joe- Don Looney or A- D. Whit.ield from the backfield. L:JUNZY AND WHITFIELD. the probable starting backs i^hlnd Jurgensen, are r u c h bet";r than anything the Red- rkins have come up with i.i previous years. Loonsy nas Cooled it. while Whitfield gained cicse to 500 yards last year on the ground. The question is whether the tv-\ wiih help frcm Steve Thurliw, can take the pressu.-e oh a questionable line without the help c' a big f u l l b a c k , ihe Redskins have a comer there, loe. so the expe.ts say, in Ray McDonald, but Mc- 'Ornatd is missing a key ingrcdit^.t in a fastball player, as Thuilow, can take the pressure cit a questionable line with with the hail once he gets it. Yov can't teach a man that, whatever his other skills And then there is that perennial problem, the defensive backfield. For aii the work that has gjne into it, Washington has failed to cime UD with a g.r.d defensive backfield, and must depend en Rickie K'arrls, and Lornie Zanders or Brig Ov.ciis, a move that leaves holes Iu the offense. The defensive, led by Sam Huu and Joe ^J:gens. can handle anything thrown at them up f ont, but this weakness could be fatal. AND '.HEN THERE is the colleges. For names there are Gary Beban of UCLA and John Hanratty of Nctre Dame as probable winners of the K'jisman Trophy, but for winners ihere is no cne to match Michigan State, where Duffy Daughe i t y has again ccme up with a powerhouse, and when Duffy says powerhouse you can belie*e it. UCLA and Michigan S;£te. a f t e r a year's hiatus f.xm the bowl was, should face each ether i i the Rose Bowi a^ain. although the ?core may iiot resemble 1966's UCLA upset- Alabama will igain be string, with the Bear again pushing his b.iys t j ihe t ; p , even if he has to use a whip. Louisiana State, A i m y . Nntr,, Dame, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Texas should also be strong, with Arkansas always a good pick for a bow! gamo. West Virginia has Garrett ;"o;d, but the Mountaineers wli; .»eed a le,t of help in the line to do anything. A l t h o u g h it's the teams that should be of most interest, 'cr some reaso i or another the punt r u l e question is in the back of a let of fans' minds This rule, thou shall not, if thou art an offensive interior lineman, go downfield until the bail is kicked, should create interest, but whether it has an e f f e c t en ball games is another question. CM THE LOCAL c ileg Wt), the- question o r v.-here ' v a r y i r r . d will fir.ish i i the ' . r . _ ·., ···x-n:h r,r o i ^ h t h , has i - ] r "r rl t' 0 " '····" \" -A i. w'le! I'.-.- ' , · : " - · · % i'l u.i u:-n \ · - i sale yS» , «"8«^ ^ ^f^^Tj T ^ ' Welcome back... Teachers and Students of Frederick lA/ith summer officially over,, Frederick is again butt ing w i t h the new school session. Old friendships are ·encwcd -- new friends made. We notice some changes in everyone -- physical and emotional jrowth. Weve grown too -- we hope youll notic- us and take advantage of our full banking services. FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK NOW . . . 2 Offi-; To Serve You Belter i .\O::TH \ I A R K I : r V I K K K T l.\ '.·,'( M OK! ·: J i i , ( i . . HOSr.MONT \ \ KM K PKOHt Ut M«« v - i'! K-\w r.n D ^ p . - i 1 Iniu'ance Coip · Y e s , K f l i t i h t e i s t h e rii(ht word io i!«_-scrire thfs f i n s p h a r m a c y . A l w a y s turn to us v i i l i jour Doctor's prescriptions. Hvie, yon nre assured prompt, precise compounding at prices that are uniformly fair. Try us next time. WHITESELLBOWEK PHARMACY 2M N. Varied SI. Frrdrrirk, Md. Phonr W52-4MK backiield and I n e made this week by Ward, is even worse. Maryland has Billy Van Heusen en offense, and Jim en ;K-"' nse. A t^r -hat there are only problems. Ward, for ail tht- animosity he has built up on the Maryland campus, hrs net trained a tiling in return, and may find that : ho {-ffi'i-'-han^ing of pasi ytars is mild compared with the rerl thing. As usual in this leagu?, Diike i"d North Carolina should bs slrensth. The Blue D.vils had a p-.:r season last year aiter a good sL?rt. a;:d always ;'.\ s~,".? powerhouses But i n . BIu'j .Vvils r.nd the Tar H c:., arc. i;nt;! proven otherwise, the clars _ T t h j league that nas it cannot cjmpete with other leagujs. c'pre ven- ? j 1 .-'-.a in AND THEN M.'^RE is the h - r n e t ' s r.e-.t eai'ed piekin' 'em locally. Few men of v i i t u e ^r ;· u l l L c t lure i-.t- this field, but a'ter talk'-g -.vitii r ' l i' ' - e a r ' n o about the sapp-sediy-s.crct scrlrnr-i.-g detail, perhaps, juil for kicks, it rates a s:ab. The b:-al league is !:iw.-n "s ihe :.-.a-'--. r V j ; i I i lia'5'eis.-.'.vn w-as sr.pp.sed to ji- the str.::""^i, 1. - oauje the Hubs had t!-.e taient it-.i over freni l a t ; *: r t ie'eiul i"to the best junior vc:rs.;y ;n th; x ten ue. "::· · .·: - thlr.^ heppened. The IUI'DS lost fi-*· nte: b'e-rs rf the j ni r vars.ty, irduding a top end prospeei, and i;ave not i - r p . t s ; ed exposing coaches w h 3 have scouted them- Martinsbur.g can be dismissed as say'ns t'.ia: r f ' e r t h e e e caching change in three year- the Build.::'* do net have either enough interest or talent to ejrr.pc-ij i" a tough league. Seruth d : d not have that gcoe, a team last seas n. but have ;ast years starting quaiteiback b.c':, r.s ivc'l r.s a ooimL* cf o:ds ar.d seme interior linemen, fhe Rebels should be improved. WESTMINSTER K'AS A le,t of rc'rjildinj to do after losing last year's top grounrl-ga'iu-r. Hick Eylcr. ar.d a host o r ether good athletes from a team thai tic.. f : r tlio Tri-3iate League title. The Owls have gone to a two-platorn syster-.. which must mean that coach Earl Hersh does net have the t ? l e r t to play his usual type of game. T h e m a s Jchnson is another question mark. The Patriots lost their starting q u a r t e r b a c k , and a good end in Tim Ambrose, and yet m a n a g e d cniy a C-8-1 seascn with that material V v h e t h e r Jack Molesworih has been able to d c v e T p a i a r n ; tyrtem in c n l y two ye? · ; is nrU known. But if Mcie.swo;th iias n C-s ^eason. ; t shou'-l bs considered a st'inning success. Thct leaves Waynesbnro and Frederick. Waynesboro has an exceih'nt quarterback rctur"'n^ in Jake Sweet, with Indian coach B ii Zehler probably mumb ing, "how. swee« ·'* is" to have a quarterback retrrning. The Indians w i l l also be b!g and strong, but whether they will be fast enough cr have enough experience after ahsorinb tremendous losses from graduation is the question. Then there is Frederick. Th° Cadets are f a s t , small and agile, with goccl speed in the oackf'eld a~d .strcng per- r ormances in two scrimmages I Chuck Foreman the Cadets have a potential co'lege ?nd h g v ^e-hool All-American w'-:o may one day b e r t Gary C liins out tor a job wi:h the Br wns. if they're lucky enough io craft iiim. in ether words, the league title should be decided next Friday, when the Indians tackle the Cadets at Thonvas John^en. To stick one's foot in ne's mouth. Frederick has b:th the home site and the incen- L ve of wanting revenge. You figure out who's geing to be the champicn. BUSTER Bit OWN i THE QUARTERBACK! First genuine football shoe without cleats! For school and play --t like the shoes the pros wear-but no cleats. Very kmd to floors and to Qther members Qf the team. Rubber rid.cs , rip {he ground b(Jt ^ up floor,. FootbaH s : 33S to a T INSLEY S SHOES 6 W. Patrick St. Phone 662-5555

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