The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 7, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HAUR1SBURG. ILL.. SATURDAY, FK1MUAUY 7, 1948 The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine rtreet. Harrlsburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, BIBS. ROY L. SEK1GHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline .and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. · · · · · · · · · ^ From Now Until November Second c\er .1- ; BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY This is a divine commandment. Its violation makes life a bore, banishes self respect. V/e should try to make the world better for 'our living in it.--Exodus 20:9: "Six days shalt thou labor.'' BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Feb. 7. This Jesus God Raised XJp.--Acts 2:29-36. Feb. 8.- The True and Living Wav.--John 14:1-9.* Chef Doubles ia Brass FORT WAYNE, Ind. OLE)--When Floyd Locke is "cookhV with gas' i . , it could be either shrimps or music. Qn r orgery GS1O Nights he's chef in a restaurant p · ,, r\ here. During the days he scores j rerjliry music for big-name bands. Locke . music for big-name bands. Locke has been associated with Glenn Miller, Bob Crosby and Vincent. Lopez. OFFICE wrse By Adelaide Humphries £ by Adelaide Mumpknei; Ditliibutcd b NEA StRVICt, INC. i !{ Janice Hilary, for all she (so pretty and pleasant and young had been n sa«nc that __ s m ; W : IS no t much older, in laci. u h i d t had disrupted the - · - M C l n i t ' ** l l l V I I H * * V I %*101 v i ( ' v v v « * - - * '.tdcu-a calm oi Dr. llolbrooks n ,-f K os U was. perhaps, unfortu- ··lie i'Mt one 01 Dr. llolbrooks i-'.ost KT-!-.tanding and promptly r iviiu eiients. had caused it. Hows in.s office nurse. Janice pointed out. Mrs. Stoval-,,-s .,,ii»es Kiddcr Stoval. of the Loir- Stovals. if you please --hail really been a patient long u time we dismissed her." JJ.IMCO xud to Miss Willows. Dr. k\ secretary. At least. Miss \\ u n.-, was one of the doctor's MUVU.'.IC . he had two. He also h, (i tv.o nurses. It liinbarrassinjl Moment SALKM, Ore. U.i:~Kr^l .Mu»- dinger. Police desk sew-an . jiu · cd when he rei-opum! the t\.o motorists he hail just fim-d !10 for speeding- Thev weie meni; bc of a dance band whu-'i haU volunteered to play without charjje foi the Salem policemen s bal.1- Walking Fish MELBOURNE, Australia UM'i _ A fish which has two hind logs and walks on the bottom of the ocean UHiig its fins like arms to mam! umi lain its balance was caught off Western Australia by meinbm ,,( the Council of Scientific and i,,. duslrhil Ueiwarcli. · M l V « 4lfc I I V l I I I W V " v...~ . than Betty Jane, who was just ii. --might not be the one to be airaiu of. Not that Miss Hilary gave that impression herself. Uui lietly J ant- had sensed it in the undercurrents that ran beneath the smooth routine of Dr. Holbrook's fine olfices. As with tliis incident involving Mrs. Stoval today. It had not been much of a scene. Not enough to whip up such a rumpus. Privately, Beity Jane thought that Mrs. Stoval nail hau a ngnt to speak her mind, btie had nevcr been kept waning so long before. None of Ur. Hol. after lunch hour that (!·!.- corwrsation was taking place. Tlie lour young women -- Miss ·\\illo\\N of course, could not prop- i t ilv be called young, although she Uiiove desperately to appear so-- verc all engaged in it. -DiMii!^ anyone as important i n d iii'h as Mrs. Stoval! That x.(.-!lcl iv u-.ih.eard of. Imagine the stew she \\ould stir up over that! uetty Jane Coxc the other nurse. Betty Jane had been vuio\ed by Dr. Holbrook for only the" last few months. The other -irls exchanged knowing glances. Sut Mii* Willows said: · Yes. 1 doubt if it would be wise to so quite that far. Think of all fie patients who come to Dr. Hplbrool: through Mrs. Stoval. I doubt, Jan. it even you can get away \.ith that." . . . . .. -Oh :;o?" Janice raised ner daiK cvebrows, then drew them together in a determined line. "Well, . . brook's patients, and nearly all ol them were almost as rich and fai and pompous as Mrs. btoval. were ever Kepi waiting long. They were not the jcind ol patients to ue kept \vaiting. Or dismissed. Would Dr. Holbrook actually do such a thing? To be more explicit v.ould Miss Hilary see to it tna' he did? Betty Jane found hersel returning to inis pulling question again and again. The rest of the day went on as usual, with everything running aj, smoothly as though on oiled oall- bearings. Janice Hilary, as uoi- ty Jane had learned alter sne had ocen there only a few days, was largely responsible ior tms. u was Miss Hilary wi'.o ran thing*: The two secretaries and the appointments they made, the - ings, and the correspondence. "/ have simply tried to do what seems right each day as each day came around." Those words, remembered and followed, can servo each of us well in all ol' "tir dealing. They can bring us pleasure and satisfaction. They are words to Hvo by--for an institution or for a man. Hornsburg Notional Bank of Harrisburg .Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation * Home of Radio Broadcasting Station WEBQ GALESBURG, 111., 1-- -- ---Beatrice Dunbar, 55. was indicted today on charges of forgery, perjury "and conspiring with four witnesses in a court case in whicn she was awarded $40,599 in forged notes. Miss Dunbar, who has teen married five times but uses her maiden name, was named in indictments ; returned by the February grand ! jury. | The forged notes purportedly ' were signed by her deceased husband. Her alleged forgery was disclosed when lawyers Tor her husband's estate appealed the * t_ I 111 v* tlv- vt *· ***"*** * ·-.. -- Ural's what I intend to get away S v i ' h " the declared. "Mrs. Stoval i cannot come into this office and iLise merry H because she is kepi v"jitin« 2U minutes. She has to i » a - t her turn the same as anyone Stlse. Besides, it was only 17 mnv I..QC i imed it--and sue insibit-u *t was*a lull half-hour. And she yelled at me as though 1 were so r.ueh dirt under her teei." -No doubt she thinks you are. c'arluu*; said Mrs. McRae, the 1 other Vecretary. "When you have ' -t much money, and your name ,'"m the social register, you are Illga, elliU LIIW vv* *.».'f v . . ~ - ----- | css-umed the full responsibility ion medications and checked all diet hsls. The lab work came under her supervision, and it was always Miss Hilary who ushered each patient into "Dr. Holorook s p r n a t e , oliice after the patient had been passed along through the prcnm-j inary channels. 10 "consider" anyone wno hand. in an office from 9 till 5 as 1 5 °"\\el! we'll sec." Janice said, little smile. n u » c ^ , Betty Jane had not been many weeks on her new 300 - her first, as the registry had sent hcr to Lr. liolorook directly alter graduation -- before she realized! that there were other, far more suotle, duties that Miss Hilary took upon herselt. and thai t tie ran these, too, with a sure, firm · v,;ih an anigmatic -..--- - , ·«=h" slipped down from the edge i ot ~Miss'Willows' desK where sue V-d ocen perched. Hcr quick ear j had caught the sound of «- neoao °* gm^ £^®ss^as^itsasBnmrfm^TM TM TM»vTM~~ . u:at_ieil to the inside n P a ^ g y sed Power listens to the telephone conversation of Helen, ^^"ur? iioibrook and herself, ia^arf " 'WalkeV'm this scene from 20th Century-Fox's "Nightmare Alley, j , -n meant that lhc doctor had } MISS Dunbar admitted the forg- showing at the Grand Sunday and Monday. j K i so returned^ from luncn. ^ .^ ^ lery after Attorney Burrell Barsn ---- ' ' " . » A funny thin Tyrone ALSO PINEAPttE-ORANG*. GRAPEFRUIT AND GRAM i said in his opening statement that i h e could prove it. The forged i notes and interest had mounted m va'ue to nearly S70.000. he said. Four witnesses in the case were indicted lor perjury along with Miss Dunbar. They are Lila Hoskins, Ward Hawkins. Verne Taylor and Catherine Mclntyre. Has Own Problem BOSTON TJE)--The \\iie of an antique clock collector, William J Connors, "Isn't bothered" by all the dusting it takes to keep nci ! husband's 40 masterpieces clean. j " H takes a lot more time to run a duster over the 350 dolls in my hobby collection," she said. ,_.. to UtfTY tOTTLES At I ·tf AT FOB ICE-BOX i Peacemonger Loses Oat 1 LATRGBE. Pa.(U-K--Peacemas- I ina savs Hershel Walters is c tough business. When he saw two i friends in a fight he lumped in to i jLi iciiuo iii « * J DRINK WONDER ORANGE, j ^parate ttcm. ^^ TM^ W1 ^ ITS WONDERFUL! back, he lost his balance and broke .'a leg- WHITE CITY PAR! Herrin, 111. Saturday, February 14 ·"America'^ Incomparable Rhythmic · Stylist" - W^C^ ' ?^-Jz-SV^-ste : ^%s- %f -s»- V -^ V". -,. jjp, , Yvonne DC Carlo .TM1 Ocorjc Ercnt search Bv IIARMAN W. NICHOLS Staff Correspondent The happened today," Betty Jane hao said one evening to "her Aunt Mame. with whom she lived, and to whom she, related all the happenings, large and small, that IOOK place during the day. "It was a hectic day. \\ e had si patients, and that's more than most ofuces can handle in twice that time. Around 4 o'clock v.c were all going around in cir, mca i cles and beginning to wonder how -o returned from lunch. | v ,e could keep it up another whole ·Viact" Janice added, with al hour . Dr . Holorook came out of j.ii iw^v, ^ « V w \ t t t It lUiliV.^- «^"-v-«» . -we'll see about it J U - I H no«. She gave Miss Wil)Tows and Mrs- McRae another· sig- nficant glance, and walked out. little imiie, now. $· * Fotlv Jane's pretty mouth hung ot)cn:*her v/ice blue eyes were ous. She gave a small «o°n n t d actually mean she'll Dr. Holbrook not to allow Mrs. biovai to come ner« ever again? She--she couldn t do u n c e w a i t a n d s e e r s . McSae said with a shrug ot plump bi;ouiders. . _. Rse was nice. She was III) 111 JL/4- . A i W i M * v/v/*v ^ -- Ivs office--I wish'you could see his office · sometime, Aunt Mame I--anyway, he came out actually mopping his forehead, poor man: And he said that he didn't believe h° could keep up the pace lied, set unless he took five or 10 mm- j utcs out. He said he would like iO| run across the streel and get a cup j of coffee--or--and he laughed and looked at Miss Hilary when he ssid this--a Scotch and soda might pick him up quicker. "Then tne lunny thing happened." Betty Jane's big blue eyes. Had reflected incredulity. "Miss, R OSC ]jl(] g . Hilary looked back at him and kinda smiled and shook her head. Moybe it's a slight exaggeration to say that you'll look happy when a burglar visits your home, but the new R E S S D E N C E AND OUTSIDE THEFT POLICY is the next best thing to noS having a burglar come! Let us explain this broad coverage protection to you. Robertsoii, Crecelius Ghenf Pho. 1000 V l S uCIii-t: «aa j.i-v. ~~~ r liiiiua aimiti* C«».XA w..---- ---iris"- and inclined to be jolly only She didn 't even say a single word - s , had a husband wno, e Tnen Dr . Holbrook shook his head, Miss Willows was nice. too. Bct- tv'JSc had to concede after you «*oi over be ns scared ot her. bnc " s not so stiff and i«n-*,ble as In fact. th° B ^T-'^V'-* ·'·-c* '· ·-- ; . Tr/.-ic'irT 1 P.nmri r*io*i1 is I M j'** n' T flt I . farmers, the bey who gets h,s f.*l r« j j r j l,epar- cnt '^J; " ?hn j| 1 the ooor c.'U sells \ou a brusn '»··« - ^ 0 , M .:« V u,v m-n. \\r.c.'.:cr oa v.ant it. or not. r.r paper boy Xot lo mention '»ur old fr.end.'thc nsurmcc S^ccificallv the subject was a pio:)o-"ltreC!Mir - rciuSat"):-, lo c\ tc"d ,*-o"ial i-etunty l?\cs and benc- ills lo'aOO.OOO to 750.003 more i"'-«" . _ : , ,. so ,w, 5-cci.n.j, cm "- i 3 h : t " laci a iiuawsiu ....«, j men vi- nw»uiuv/iv d.w» - j i i had learned, was no good, loo _kmda ruefui-hke -- and he, cJe -ir 1 \.hom sue lainy|j u;t turned and went right bacK, "'"i-cd'and over whom she never in { o his office . mee k as a lamb." j od wrn-ine. because the child «Humph!" her aunt had com.-d to stav'with hired help while mcnte d bricOy, yet emphatically. " oi-Keu ior ir. Hol-j as though she had not iound this 1 incident hard to credit at all. "So that's the way it is." Betty Jane had asked wnat did Aunt Mame mean? Aunt Mame had lifted expressive shoulders. "Your Miss Hilary sounds as if she runs tlje doc a ^ i v.x-11 as the rest of the shebang, i Betty Jane kept thinking about her aunt's comment throughout this day whenever her thoughts wandered to the outcome of t h c j morning's incident. If it were true that Janice Hilary I iar: the doctor--and there had | been plenty of similar happening since to substantiate this notion--; ' then Mrs. Stoval. Long Island Sto- j " or not. would never darken i amon I f * f , QLUs-l 14*iJ^**-«^*'* w . do the Fuller ;^;;- iving to scpa ratc and file away, iris Are Off jw Sler! in Year Manhunt - ON OUR EASY 1° ;i'jv. -paper \ nv'.ors. That 5-tirro?! up -^4 '·:'«.. r. «f, ,,. a or no. wou CHICAGO. Feb. /-.U.»-- The d ain . , arc or£ lo a S i 0 w start in the (J R Co Clarence · j cap vcar manhunt, .·r .f thi- Marriaqc records of 14 major; ' :s show that the number of h - j (J R Continued) r · nmr.i.f.c". f ^ai- J » . c c s s no\v -.f ;\-i"-cr buys \\crc CO or 70 ;.cars , ccnsc s issued in January' t,]] :r?- .--. ! .1 The S,:-i. The Tri!»- lo 20 per cent below the '- v.crc issued as in January AND HiS ORCHESTRA VOCALIST Count Basic is one of the best selling names on Records today. This unit is composed of 17 musicians and 2 vocalists. Adm. $1.25 plus 25c tax t ; .. ];-.-, ouc'.it_to be l i e 'Any '*· 3S r 1 ' u-:. -he A'pr-rie c-v . n-.ny decision n h-,1 .- v.hiih. For i :·· o .rcr of n .-m.ill V- ,i lint -i' · I of of 4 * ,* the c\ s \er tn^-T! ro Ar%-..-.y J'lo ! .:rt M ricr (lirs lo ]v «.s Coni,. or ff · ,*t . p. n.-.r. of ho-..- .'!'x);il Fuller . .. . . J ' salesman? Doo.s he pn the sociril Diit ever, with Valentine's Day j in v"ht, Kansas City was an ex( ccntion. There were decreases in j Ul -,, ... ,.-- .Marriage clerks disagreed about "I.T - nc" ^r.:c. reasons for the decline, but most } :· nr. '· t \. i of them said the "war rush" ap- .-·T'p.mi c«/c:i:, · peered to be over. _ ' ion ;.t" '· ,-CT-°- " Los An^clcs said the girls "have ! '- i;-.(. ;h-,T, discovered that two can't live as 'V, ": l' . - · 1.-1 cheaply ?-S one these days." Li.^"1-.,-, , ' (f ccn^cs" there dropped from 2.906, · ;'(»'·: ,r.-eve-,,-. 1 in January, 1947, to 2.G73 last ,e (*.:··· 1 «t:id the month. , , _ , ,'.erl:» »ir"!nrnc{. Detroit's County Clerk Edgar 3("-r" I'.i? · -. t'« K-amcan discounted the high cost 1 of living theor:^ He said he -be- cornr^'.cc --.vV.-r.d hevcd Detroit's drop from 2.229' to r-'. t 1 !? IISK-C to 2.083 was a leveling off after e^TV..*, v.j*.-.r:v;!"s the post-uar boom. ;;ir:^ i:^ 1rc^".;ry "'fNvo people who want to get i married can always convince them-, Ol CUS'" 1 ^ J" ls . V I V J R O wvnv««-« high prices, the housing shortage and the elimination of quick wartime marriages caused the de- ^i^ You're makirsg a wsc investment when you let us install th'S new Oldsmobilc cn??ne in your car. It's surprisingly low m cost--less than a major overhaul! And it's available now, on our easy Budget Plan! In addition, this factory-guaranteed engine--precision-tooled with new materials throughout assures you of increased operating economy and lower maintenance expense. Call today for an early installation appointment. A V A I L A B L E F O R ' 3 7 - M 7 M O D E L S -- -- - -- · - «····- Tl.c lnil\ Rcjilor, lOc n vceV. clinc. HUMM MOTOR CO. Hnrrisburtj, III. NEWSP -.-.. NEWSPAPER!

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