Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on April 7, 1977 · Page 19
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 19

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1977
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

Economist Newspaper?.. Wednesday. April «. **NEXT WEEK'S ** ^HOROSCOPE . fly flay K. Potlan FOR W£EK BEGINNING MONDAY. APR. 11.1977 Ifyoarfbirtnd«yoc«ursthisweek'. . . '' ' ·ou are.Teserved, sentimental and naturally shy. You lave an underlying sweetness and charm which your shyness may conceal too effectively. It's your good health V h net Pluto Mar. 2i- Apr. 19 Some rather unusual phase in your life may be coming to an' end quiqkly. Waste no teara or regrets. It is inevitable. Keep spirits high and dwell on romantic matters that please you. Get rid of burdens not rightly your own . Foret fake sentimentality. , Apr 20 -Mar 20 Vemit - | Courtship., affection and marriage come under lucky stars this week. You can influence others with ease. Your" morale Benefits if you give your old clothes a new look. Tolks can't be shoved. They must be shown Be ready for beneficial changes - at top levels. May 2 1 - June 30 M e u r y - | A strange experience must not be taken too seriously or brooded over Your cycle of attention quickens and circumstances turn m your favor. Your timing improves and people tend to listen to you more intent- fy. Grasp any chance for travel or short jaunts *4g Conc*r Jww 21 -July 22 Moon f 1 houghts about moving your residence will probably come-to nothing. Destiny may have it that you must stay indefinitely where you now live. Voicing complaints would do no good. You find out some startling things and will ultimately benefit by them. F^TTio July 23 · Aug. 22 SwiT^I A challenge may occur which you may not like at first but will be happy about within a week. New hobbies would be of value and give you some true pleasure. A romantic'proble'm'may demand a decision. Keep in the goodgraceofyaurco-workers Travel favored. Aug. 23 · S«pt- 22 Mercury g | You can make th* world sing for someone who loves you Give that'sdmeone more attention -· a new record, perhaps, thafyou know will be dear to this person Some surprises and excitement may take place. Rela- ggnsjiips can be put on a firmer footing. / " " ~ " l TZ Itora - ' aaot 33 - Oft. 22 V*nul 9 I Take a better look at yourseJf. The impressions you may be making on the world around, you can he improved to your advantage. Take a positive stand on fesues and don't waver Keep clear of those who antagonize you. Spruce up appearance? ("etf Scorpio , Oef 23 · Nov. ~ 21 Marc *~| You'can be too much of a dreamer. It's time to face realities and get down to brass tacks. Your ideas are generally good and decisions are sound, but don't let them die on the vine. Changes you've had in mind are favpred now. Keep an eye on the main chance. By MURRAY C. BROWN, M.D. Commissioner or health The formative years What kind of mental alii- tudes will your child develop? Very largely they will be a reflection of those of the 'mother. When the mother's attitudes are healthy there is little to worry about but, when they are not, the perpetration of unhealthy attitudes can create serious problems for the child, his associates and future generations. , In order to transmit healthy attitudes the mother must first of all have an appreciation of her own worth as a human being. She must then give her child a feeling of being wanted. Many a mother who has a feeling of hostility or resentment toward her child at the same time feels guilty about these emotions and, ij» an effort to compensate 'for them, becomes overly indulgent. This can only harm her child, who will recognize the underlying hostility. If the hostility is deep- seated the mother should seek the reason for it. For this she may have to consult a qualified psychiatrist. But if, as is more often the case, the hostility is caused by fatigue or a minor physical ailment, she must learn to laugh at herself, refrain from guilt feelings and, most important, resist any temptation to take it out on a 1 Jupiter ; Your enthusiasm is stimulated by bright aspects now. Any letters sent off now will have fortunate outcome Romance stirs 'your soul. 'It is especially needed for your happiness. You deserve the best in life, and you areonUieway'ta.g'btainingthem. ( [ ^ CqpriwnJ' Dec. 22 - Jon. 1 9 Soturn | ' Don't let do^n af any time! Be conscientious in all you do and strive for perfection. Be more deliberate and positive and you will win praise for your accuracy. Good news may come from an unexpected source A happy evanfe brings a heart's desire closer. Jan. 20-F*b. 18 Uronu* ¥ A resolution you made recently to develop a talent that needs training can be excellent. It's a good time to investigate enrolling in a special school. The training you-receive will eventually prove a real asset. Do research and cultivate hobbies Don't scatter your forces. I S «*«*, ""-Feb. 19 -Mar. 20 Neptune ? j You may work too hard this week but should not do so. Take more time for pleasure-seeking, socializing. Rid yourself of wasteful-methods. Don't allow yourself to be imposed upon- Deal with persons who've young ideas. Get what's coming to you Be firm. «"·*· '"""·» * Antique seminar to feature talks An 'Antique Seminar for collectors, dealers and antique b'uffs will be held at St. Xavier college, 3700 W, 103rd st., April 30. The irtn-eredil seminar. sponsored bv the Adult Education program, will feature four two-hour presentations between 9 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. The lectures are entitled"Chinese and Japanese Antiquities." "American Pressed Glass." "Indian Art and Artifacts'' and "American Primitives." Guest in- structors are Francis Beck, Kenneth Kilner, Lonnie Poco and Hope Rajala.; Registrants are invited to bring an item from the category of any of the four lectures for comment identification or appraisal. The tuition for the all-day seminar is $25. Descriptive brochures, including registration information and forms, are available by writing the college or calling the Adult Education office, 779-3300, ext 350, on weekdays. Robert Villae Triaminic? Expectorant 1.99 DecongesJan!. For relief of coughs and nasal congestion. 4-oz. size. Triaminic Syrup 1.59 Oral nasal deconges- lant Her stuffed and runny noses 1 4-oz size. BURBANK PLAZA BURBANK, ILLINOIS 79TH ST. AND CICERO AVE. th? child. tl is very important l« Hive your son or daughter a feeling of proud acceptance of his, or her sex. Since tl can't be changed you should never imply by word or deed dial you were disappointed that he was not a -girl or vice versa No matter what the sex of your child, you brought him into the world and you must show your happiness in that fact and your confidence that your child will «row up (it be a worthy member of the community. Finally, when the tune cumes, it is important to let KO. Your child cannot forever remain a baby and he should not always be dependent on you. Don't forget that although you can produce, nourish and guide a child, jou can never possess it. Any attempt to do so will cause great harm ESP Irene By IRENE F. HUGHES Happy Easter! Earthquakes have happened as predicted. Abo, Indira Ghandi is out as I predicted. And--the international crises concinue, keeping Mr. Carter busy trying to bring about a balance In relationships. Now, I predict more earthquakes--bigger than ever--and some will, before the end of May, hit California. The working populace will begin to hear good news about flexible working hours and shorter weeks. Medical and healeh plans will become more complete--almost total coverage--and I predict the methods of operations and treatment will vary greatly, with perhaps chemotherapy playing a great part in replacing old-time surgical methods. I predicted Mr. Carter would make some startling statements, perhaps about raising taxes. This will come before April is over. It's my prediction Quebec will split from Canada, causing great economic problems and Mr. Trudeau may make a hasty trip to England to try to get something settled. However, watch out for the Queen being highly disturbed by it all, and read the predictions about her in the past few columns. Interested in prayer and healing sessions? Call 4«7- 1140 and attend the Wednesday evening sessions at 500 N. Michigan ave. in my chapel Letters "Do you predict I will ever see the Beatles in person? I am a Beatlemantac." K.K. II is my psychic impression you will never see (hem In person. SALE ENDS APRIL EASTER SALE EK-4 instant camera. price KODAK Instant Print Film Elegant SATINLUXF 10 color Distance finder, electronic shutter set up right shot. Then turn crank, eject print; develops in just minutes. EK-6 model 49.88 Electronic flash available. Stop In The Montgomery Ward Camera Dept and See A Demonstration of the EK4 and EK6 Instant Cameras Ttmrs.-April 7th-lO-4 Friday-April 8th-2-8 Sat. Apnl 9th-12-5 EVERGREEN PLAZA 95th Western Evergreen Pork STORE HOURS- Mon thru Fn. 10 to 9 Saturday 9.30 to 5.30 Sunday 12 - 5 FORD CITY 76th and Cicero STORE HOURS. Mon thru Fn 10 to 9 30 Saturday 3.30 to 5-30 Sundaj 12-5 Hey, Wheeler! Gimme six good reasons for saving at that bank of yours. ''DEPOSITS INSURED TO $40,000 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Pair enough! Let's see--up to 74% interest", on 6-year depoaits a guaranteed rate -- would be, my -first reason. But -Heat's true *tn lots of banks today. How about -rVie fact that we arfe a berJt...nof a nskyTnmg like the slock, market; or a limited Haing like a savir\gs-and-loar\.' Hert,you can borrow -for any good purpose, and fet lots of other services, like, checking accounte, etc. Here's a-terrific reason: When you put a dollar into our bank, you know you'll at least get your dollar back.* How many other investments can make triat promise? \le spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on community activities and But tt Isn't charity-- No sir/ keep mis a nice place to Hve, so we have nice people (with nice money) to do business with. So everybody profits! "$1,000°° minimum. H funds are withdrawn prior to maturity. Federal regulations require us to assess a substantial interest penalty, WeVe sure Convenient/ Hundreds oF parking Spaces, plenty of d^ve-up windows, extra-long hours,,. every day of -me weefc indudinrf Sundays! Or you can do all your g by mail, if you like! Arid finally... 1V\is one is hard to say ..-well, you asked -For reasons, didn't you?.., uh-.Weli, weVe (blush) pretty nicepeople to know, aU in all. (N°w Tm embarrassed.) Ford City The 7-day Bank! 7601 South Ocero Ave./Chicago, IL 60652 312-^84-3500/Memter FDIC

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