The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 22, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 10
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New*. Thwntflar. Jnlr 22.1MR i Dodgers Now Set Fast Pace -' C h i c a to, July 21 '^--The r*oklva Dodders continued vii~ tornd p*c* in the National League pennant race today, sweeping a d*ubiehe*def from the Chicago Cube. »-3 *nd 7-1 to strengtnen their grip on second place. " Since Btirt Shotton took over from Leo Durocher the Dodgers have woa seven games and lost only one. B»g Ralph Branca breezed to his 12th victory »a the first game, scattering eight hit? while h:s mates clubbed three Chicago pitchers for 16 Tommy Brown and Jack:e Robinson led the Dodger attack by collect^ig three hits ap:ecc Bro\vn knocked in four runs including two in he fourth inning w h e n the Dodgers staged a ave run raii to ew up the gar.'.e First game R H E Brooklyn 9 16 0 Chicago 3 S 1 Branca asd Campar.eKs Karn- ·»er, Dobernic. Chamber^ and ScheSjng. Second game R K E Brooklyn 7 8 ! Chicago ! 7 3 Hatxea and Edwards McCal! *-.d McCullough Cards Blast Giants St Louis July 21 ?--Tr.e St Lout Cardinal* e\p!odeo for *i\ runs in the seventh inning :o drive Ray Poat from the mound and beat the New York Giant 8 to -5 ««-··:*»: Harrj" Brecheen scattesed eight hits--including a bone ru". ball to Giant inSeldtr B:!! Risnc. The score" R H E New York -5 K 0 St Louis 8 1 - 1 Poat. KoniKOwski a^d CX-opci Brecheen ar.d Rice Phils Edge Bucs Pittsburgh. Julv 21 ^ --Johi'.n-. Bla:nlk"5 trip'e and Eddse Millers sinsle in the top half of the 10th gave the Philadelphia Ph-ihc* the run they needed :oda% to w hip toe Pittsburgh Pirates 3-2 beiore a ilim crowd of 6797 Both bloi\« carne off El'rser Singleton who relieved EJmer Riddle in the eighth Kiddie, who gave the Bucs a 1-0 lead by pounding out n:s !sr«t Major League homer in the third, save up hits to the first four Phillies at bat in the eighth , The score: R H E Philadelphia .... 3 7 2 Pittsburgh 2 7 0 Dubiel. Rowe and Semmsck. Ridd!e. Singleton and Fitzgerald Another For Brakes Cincinnati. July 21 -P--Warren Spahn pitched effective, seven-hit ball tonight as the Boston Braves defeated Ewell Bl*ck\vell and Cin- cinkati Reds 6-2 before a - -ovvd of 27.153 It was the Boston left- hander's eighth w in against seven; losses. The «core: R H. E Boston ^.^.., 6 9 I Cincinnati 2 7 0 Spahn and Salkeld BUckweil Peterson and Lamanno *d In a vacant lot several biocxs from tl - e scene. Carol Bard well was slii.i nine days earlier while on a bicycle ride. She had left her home »n Washington for a trip through Rock Creek Park. Strength For Today James Trial I* Set For September 20 Baltimore. Juiv 21 f--Tl:e trial of Eugene Jsnie*. 31- ear-old Xegro jar»itor charged w:'h n^uroer sn the knife slaying of Isttle Marsha Brill today vv^s postponed unt.l September 20 He orsginaily had been scheduled to go on trial August 3 Ja:r.ti ^!^o hat been :'id:cJeu in Washington for the -.jnilar ^ i a v - njg of !l-veai-o!d Cirot Bdiav.el! William li Murp.i;. Negro -:- toiney repre5,*-:i',.:ig t,:e aefendant. said he needed mote !.·"«? to -.tuo -tatemeT's wnic'i Ja: 1 e-- s;a\e to the police Existence of the -;a»e:;-ent5 was d^c'osed for tnc fir-t tsi.^e officially when Stale's Aro-nev J Bernard Wells acvijed "J e tou;: thcv already have bocn turred over lo Murph The S'.nte opp« c ed 'i.r drlav but the court ruled :t wa» a rea'onab'c request Janey \^a^ arre-ud n few hours after Marha Brjll 11 v ,i« stabbed lo deatij while :id:!:j; vv;h play- rate« on a bicvclc !ou- J u l j C through ? wooded section not fa: fron Pimhco rac"5rac^: He \vus charged \vsth the slaving after 48 hour": of questioning arid ·he finning of n butchei knife bun- MODERN Provmcetown. Mais July 21 f , A new PiKnm band -- 29 Baltic born ircc. women and children-- siade this old Colonial port todav after 43 davs in a »:na!l sailing craft on the Atlantic seeking ' t o ' Kve in freedom ' Thev were headed for Boston but turned 11 here when they ran out of fuel for their auxiliary engine and found themselves nearly out of food C*pt John Rosenberg 63-year- otd master of the 64-foot ketch to!tl Coast Guard Chief Alfred Vol'.011 that thev had sa-led from Dover Englanc v. itn c-i! a wristwatch and ^extant to tnem on jheir jouiney The.' veise! named "he Gundel" flew the Swedish flag English Lesson Words often miused* Do not s*. She fixed the ro-«.-5 jn the v a - e ' Sa\ She arranged the roses 11 the vase ' Often ···isproiiot.iiced Melee Pronounce as ma -iaj. accent or. last s\!5ab!c Often misspelled Battalion t.'.o t\ one 1 S% nonvms Fertile f r u i t f u l prolific productive ^feutidant Word stud} "Use a word tnree times and it Ss «ours ' Let us increase our vocabulary bv mastering one word each day Today's word Squalid, dirty through neglect "The family wa* fouad in squalid distress 8y Earl L. D*M(1*M. D. D. DONT ronorr THE CMECK-VP A promising professional man in the prime of life was ttricken recently and died within a few days- ExsmmatioB just before his demth revealed th*t for some y*»rs he had been suffering from a very serious heart trouble Y«"t not until three tiays before his death d«s he suspect there was anything the matter with him. He had lately urged his w.jfe to go and have her health checked by a competent physician Wnen she suggested that he do the tame his reply «as. 'There's notn- ing wrong with me How is it that v.e can be M conscious of the needs of others aid so unconscious of our own needs'* W« can see the weaknesses of those sound about us. jet Ay af:er day carry about not only jn our bodies bul particularly in our i^ou!* decimating diseases lhat are tdkms u« in she direction of tragedy Tne ino^t important thing we* tan do s to check up on ourselves We piobaoU need :i nio'e than do our ··. :vei vur husbands, our fr.ends. oar associates If we get our;»el%'ei nealth -- mentally, morally, arid jiritua!l\ -- 'AC hall be of son.e real he'p to others, but not fcntil v,e do ReforTi !:ke cnarsty ss ^ornethsns that --hould a!v. ajs be- K'.i at hone Copjrfs*i! Babson Newspaper S 3d.) Oil Shortage enJtccorJ/nyfrffo experts Firemen's Carnival NEW MIDWAY T O N I G H T FEATL KINO Quincy Orphanage Boys' Band Ferris Wheel. Kiddie Rides. BINGO -- the best stock of prizes seen anywhere. Fun! Fun! GOOD COUNTRY EATS. HAM SANDWICHES. HAMBURGERS, HOT DOGS. Bring the family and enjoy an ev enlnjr of fun and frolic Don't fjrjrct the new- 1949 Ford will 50 Sa'urday evening. FREE PARKING PUT ON THE LONG LASTING THAT'S B A C K E D BY A 6 0 - Y E A R - O L D G U A R A N T E E Buy AV*»r and Save MASTER-MIXED IS FINE BARN PAINT REGULAR 3.1jijfaK Now's the time to set barns and outbuildings in shape It wears w ell. it looks Kood. and it lasts a Icnf time One gallon w i l l cover up to 675 sq. f t -- G \ cr i pre*iou«l\ painted surface. For real sa\ tnts in time and monej use Masler-Mixcd paints: SALE PRICE GAL. r GAL. CANS SPECIAL BUY! White House Paint Regular 3.98 gal. NOW ALSO 5-GAI.LON" CANS 17.75 Pure Linseed Oil Factory Sealed gal. |J B | H Comes in a new round one ffal- ion scaled can Ruaranteed purr It ii top qualiiv. Vsed for thin- and rcadj mived paints. at Sear*' , Vulcanized I-in. Brush V J Pure Turpentine 100% Pure Shellac 89 Regularly 1.10 gaL gal. Guaranteed hi;h grade lOOv pure shellac Dries to a hard finish. Choice of transparent or ·ranire Mhich dries to an amber tint. Master Mined 1.29 Another bijr Sear* sa\ ing for }ou . . . pure, steam-distilled wood turpentine in gallon can% priced to sa\ o jou plcntj. Stock up! 2.29 purr hrx- -. ulcanjied in *r Comfo-t- -=cicrr Siard- USE SEARS EASY PAYMENT PLAN On Purchases Totaling; 10.00 or More I CEJIDC )LHK) 12 W. PATRICK ST. FREDERICK, Ml). PHONE Cole's Jewelry Trade in your old watch for new or recondition watches. All .Makes Of Watches And Clocks Repaired WE BUY SELL 323 NORTH MARKET ST. Whi| Stick Your Neck BURN RICE ANTHRACITE COAL ITS PLENTIFUL and CHEAF INSTALLED IMMEDIATELY fht f,c*. r«gu!«f«t ifit drcftt. r*at*Tts K«cp: your ksm* vtrm **d e*m- fcrt«b!c. «r.d it bur tit rie* CC«I w Investigate today -- end your Home Heating V/orries Forever CULLER HEFFNER 7th and East St. BETTER HOMES. Inc Higerstown, Bid. JULY X-RAY FITTING Vssurcs p r o p e r fit for children's feet. Children's Summer S h o e s Just in time for the kiddies to finish out the summer--at saving prices. Ituy ^Voir And Sve! Children's Barefoot S A N D A L S Red, white tr bro«n. Sizes S'i to 12. Reg. 2.98 NOW 2' 44 3 far the favorite for all the chil-" drer. Cool, flexible, comfortable, and all at a bargain. Child's White Mary Jane Strap Sizes o ' o To S Reg. 3.45 2-88 S i j To 12 Reg. 3-98 The perennial favorite for the little miss to complete her party wardrobe. Child's White Open Toe Strap Sizes 5' 2 To 8 Reg. 3.15 Si 2 To 12 Reg. 3.98 2 -88 Perforated Vamp Sandal ".lit Supple White Leather. Sweet Dressy With Summer Frocks. Infants' Barefoot Sandals Sizes 5' 2 To 8 Red. White Or Brown Reg. 2.69 NOW 2' 33 Soft, Light And Airv To Keep Their Little Feet Cool. 12 W. PATRICK ST. PHONE FREDERICK, MD. 1580 HOME OWNERS · COMFORT · CONVENIENCE · FUEL SAVINGS YOU GET ALL 3 WHEX YOU INSTALL C H A M B E R L I N COMBINATION ALOIINOI STORM SASH BLOWN ROCK WOOL INSULATION METAL WEATHEESTEIPPIXG PU. FRED. 14*5 OR BRCNS. 3311 Enjoy Yourself During This Hot Weather j V-lfll A Cool Beverage j We have Hiball sets -with tray for two, four, six and eight 'people. Priced *3.50 and up 'ewe KEY HOTEL BLDG. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION Modern six-room brick home- corner lot, Fairview A% enue. Large In ing room "«ith fireplace, dining room, completely modern F r i g i d a i r e. kitchen, breakfast nook: second fJoor, three nice bedrooms, bath: hardwood floors and natural oak trim throughout, oil heat, newly painted basement. APPLY 620 Fairview Avenue FREDERICK. MARYLAND PUBLIC SALE ANTIQUE HOUSE FURNISHINGS, CHINA. GLASSWARE AND TOOLS. OX SATURDAY, JULY 24. 1948 AT TEN O'CLOCK A. D.S-T. at Mrs Hester W:nebrenner"s Home, the former Michael Residence. at DAY5VILLE. 2 Miles East of WALKERSVILLE, MD. 5-lesrg-cd drop-leaf walnut table, blanket chest. 6 cane-seatetJ chairs. 15 hard-bottom chairs. 9 rocking chairs, schoolmaster's desk, 3 porch chairs, 2 kitchen cupboards, one with glass doors, kitchen cabinet, corner cupboard. 2 lounges. 2 kitchen safes. 3 bureaus. 2 wardrobes, \anity dresser, folding- cot, complete; 2 -wooden beds. 1 iron bed and sprincs. stands and imases, coffee table, sideboard, long dark frame mirror. 2 mantel clocks. 1 \vall clock. 2 alarm clocks, 2 writing desks (1 pigeon hole). 10-ft, extension table, iron safe suitable for small business (combination perfect), medicine ^cabinet, clothes tree, lot of old pin cushions, wall brackets, deep frames, old pictures of every kind, doll babies, tfoll baby bug-g-j, drophead sewing machine. A-I condition; 2 old quiHinsr frame sets, curtain stretchers. Aladdin lamp. Moon and Star lamp, oil lamps. electric lamps. 2 feather beds, toilet set, ironing- board and stand, washstand. Avminster rug-, linoleum rug, hand-made hooked rugs, scatter rugs, new pillows, quilts, spreads, linens, qnilttnc patches. lot of woman's wearing apparel, very old and speciallv kept, china and glassware. Ironstone, blue and flowered plates, old black trays and waiters, silverware, knives, forks and spoons, jewelry, bracelets, watches, earrings, necklaces, pins, and brooches, scissors. crochet and knitting needles, fancy work, boxes, old silken threads and yarns, old hat pin^ Brussels stair carpet and pads, lot of ra: carpet, new blankets, linens, yard goods, old scarfs with Deer engravings. 1928 ODSMOBILE SEDAN, low mileage, practically new rubber new gray enamel rustproof kitchen range, new A.G.M oil heatrola, used one season; Perfection oil heater, steel drum and kerosene. Loraine; two or more tons hard coal, lot of stove ·wood, wooden one 4-bnrner oil stove and oven, two 3-bnrrier oil stoves and ovens. ·wheelbarrow. 250 jars canned meat and frcits. lot of preserve";, and home-made jellies, home-made *oap. o!^ salt box, flat iron*. cobbler set. large aluminum kettles, S iron skillets, about 350 pounds granulated sugar, numerous fre^h groceries red and white table cloths and napkins. Toung America 32-cahbre rc\ on er, new pocket knives, 4 boxes of old buttons, pile of boo'is. pew ter sugar oowl, clothes wringer, new clothes lines and clothes pin 1 -, new ice cream freezer, ice refrigerator, cellar tables, glass jars, galvanized tubs, baskets, old fans, bric-a brae, tanci pieces. ladies' and gents" shoes and arctics, foot stools, bramble sc\thr. one-man saw, hand saw, new 5-cal. oil can. new sprinkling can, benches. brooms and mops, new cistern pump, 2 step-ladders, scoop shovel. buckets, and numerous items of every kind not included in this list TERMS -- CASH Full settlement required on dav of sale Lunch and refreshments will be served by church. MRS. STELLA V. CRUM GLENN TROUT. Auctioneer RATMOXn L. KELLY. Clerk NEWSPAPER! :WSPAPLRI

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