The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 1, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1932
Page 10
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THE DAILY NEWS. TREDEBICK. BTO-, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1932. Revenue Bill Is Passed By Senate In Early Morning Provides $285,000,000 Additional To Balance Budget. ADOPTED WITHOUT SALES TAX; Washington. June 1. (Wednesday).-- The Senate early to- j day passed the revenue bill, filled with new taxes to reach the , budget-balancing goal, urged by President Hoo\ er in a personal , appeal to the chamber. The vote was 72 to 11. j The final roll call came at 12.20 a. m. after a day filled with a whirlwind of events. The last minute endorsement by the President of the disputed manufacturers' salea tax. however, was scorned by t h e ' Senate in its driving finish. The 1.75 per cent, manufacturers' ; Gift To "Poor" Mayor Inspired By Boy flPF[R[V|DENCE ! Chica 2°' s Host? OP INSOLVENCY OF IhKFVer ' s To "' I TRUST CO. ! I port* carried ti» l*st of tbe J«»n«e expeditionary iorce* from Shingiul. A3 tbal la lelt ol tbe 100.000 Japanese soldiers, who Itwgnt several bloody From Area, ! battles M Chapei, EJAByran, Woo- Ma- 3l-r«e b'oody U'-^. H 02 *** a 04 *« s«* oaadir « joa, a i_e D.OOOT taeket*. ABANDON SHANGHAI last Of Japanese Troop* Removed Second Week Of Trial Of E. L Coblentz Opens At Cumberland. SECURITIES COMPANY TRANSACTIONS SUBJECT William B. French Still On Stand When Adjournment Came Tuesday. Sena.- . _ .. sales tax le\-y was ad\anced late in the night by Sen. WaNh.' Democrat, Massachusetts, and was voted down 53 to 27. ", The Senate responded with determination to administration appeals advanced personally by the President and Secre-i -w-.:^ Judge, fc ^"^ * si;:. · acmi-.-^Paul Biock.^o^er right, tary Mills for an eleventh hour addition of $285,000,000 in, *.;£;/j \\viV of ^eY'V^'ci'.-. V tre" M"-«K of $246 ooo '-The'publisher new revenue to make sure the government will pay its own way next year. It voted further increases in income rates: a. 1 cent a gal Ion levy on gasoline and 3 per cent, tax on gross receipts of | electric power companies. Cumber'and. May 31 --Testiniony to | p*xVe *a* insolvency of tne Central Trust Company of Mar:-land was in- 1 ^ Tcid-itrd b;. tne state toda at'.ne open- 1 ' ing of ine second a«i of the trial of ' · State Senator Emory L Coolest, prea- j ' ident of tat financial institution on a , cnarge of accepting a drpos.t unm he appraaer. real es- ' Frencn, Sens. Tydinp Maryland and Glass Virginia, both Demo. mm ^ SUPERINTENDENT i SEARCH ILLEGAL, IS ; nnestioned sharolv whether the bill would balance tne , I ' ' q P ' ; IS KIWANIS CLUB SPEAKER ! COMMISSIONER'S RULING IS crats budget. Sen. Reed, Pennsylvania, an administration spokesman. 1 princ.pal ·a-itnesses for the prosecution , during tne day . The valuation of the Pittsburgh In- j '. Company build-rig, on anich :ae mur.u ivr a.-z±-*Kr~ -iiicc ^'-Ki»^ja, CA^- Q* **t^ msema-tioiiau aevtjic^icii^ » T th» -ear. was brought definitely to · same i-3d oi forces ira;n;ained hese a close today a hen three army trans- joiner foreign gwernmeiits. ,$978000 ».as estimated bv that the build!! He " au-.ornobile. »aich resulted Li A PittsbJrgn ouilding -Ot. on ! the trust company held SiOO.OOO firmly insisted the bill, together with the economy measure of ( Dr. Allen Voschell Makes Talk Four Men Freed And One Heldj;^ S 9 38000000 which reached the Senate shortlv before mid- At Weekly Meeting. For Federal Grand Jury. 'taUzed as, $2000.000 He said the'* v ' ' " J .building had +16 offices ana could night, WOUld accomplish that purpose. , rented for $21S 000 annuallv , ,. , , ,, , . ... j -,-· T · ,_ , ,-, Dr Allen Voschel! superintendent of Hoidins that the search and seizure Immediately after the oiU was passed ^ice-Pres.dent Cur-, K ^ ns ^^ ^ ^^ ^\ tis appointed conferees on behalf of the Senate to adjust dif-i d r e n ferences with the House. He named Chairman SmOOt, Of the finance committee, and ;^"^e'Vcetv~ meeting of the Kl-.\anis Tnomas. Arth-ir Lofton and Sens. Watson, Republican, Indiana: Reed. Republican. Harris-,ciub hesd at the Francis Scott KC on, Democrat. Mississippi; and King, Democrat, Utah. Washington. May 31 --Sis mind final- , IT made up in the early mornin? hours, rotary Playing host to national con\en'-ion | delegations is tse job cat out lor Eddo? photo). Ch-cago tho h been appointed ' chairman of Chicago's official enterta~n- i ment committee Below is Joseph H it Hoo\er's a Republican Hot Days Are Corning So Buy Now . . . Gliders in Our Incorporation Sale as low as $10.90 Awnings--Porch Shades 6-ft Stock Awning, Green and Orange Strip* $4.15 Kubberized Glider Covers $3.50 NEW LOW PRICES OS WESTINGHOUSE DUAL AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATORS C. C. C A R T Y Established 1868 Telephone 396 48-52 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK. MD "·*-- i l U » » * · ifSJ-J'iW»-» M.vm -*r- ~I-*-- -- 1 . 1 +iVC Ir* »*3v \,\JHlfJH.,i.JI w^iVI. ^i U W , V W --* i dren. BaltimcTM. who *as in Frederick ' liquor charges; agains: tnree defendants rt ^ ^ , , ^ . D-^rn- s WpTTUCT W A V AN PFPftRfl in charge of Uie clinic for cnppd ** federal officers. *as .liegal. U S | Lng ^ .bout $51.000 The mortgage!« fi * 1M i *"" U« MlbUfilJ children of the county. «as the speaker ^^^f.^.f. ,: N °^_.^l' e ; _ ;. 15ml5S ^ i oonds. according to testimony mtro- gjjjg PJ^J{£^f£LL TO GITY President Hoover went before the Senate »ad the Sena:*, tne President. wearing formal morning clothes, re 1 Hotel Tuesday noon Miss Mar\ E 'Church exccuti-.e secretary of the iMartliuiJ Loatrue for Crippled ChJcren 1 also made a s-hort talk The meetirs Earl K Myers or. government narrants. i pr « ldc d over ov j.,mw H acctisir.R tNm of possessing articles for use in ti-.e manufacture of liquor at "ic-irmp in this c:ty Tuesda. At the same time, the a is massed y the proseCiSt^on, are listed at lace \alue among the assets of the , -rust company and .ere part of a j t , p rec ipi tation For Month i 5400.000 autaonzed issue, all of vrnlcn r ·\as not p.aced on tne market i Holzapfe! «:as the first »i-ness called Was 7.O5 Inches. pleaded for nex taxes and srtft »ts manuscript on the top of the 4TM*'^",^. _ n . he a ^,. ce 0 ' . rc I of the billion-dollar revenue i a "d steadily twirled his thumbs one '^ w . :: . am M sto-m a similar ace JMtlon against i tod -^ u one ,' h of s. in en:U-.e on tne farm ..- '· - - · · Hius. in en:pU-.e on tne farm l agreement whereby Welcomed bv weather that Tias grad- : uallr A arming to a seasonal pitch, the S-immer of 1532 'meteorological sum- men arr.ved ji Frederick just a^ter 12 is mom^ig. displacing tne s: May t.ia: tne county e'.er ex- -ercury gree'e-d aleas- the guarantors' Rodccr Brcckenridge three miles east certain securities were guaranteed Jefferson, nhere the jjjjj_ | oxer the other, as he read Crowded galleries heard the Presi- ' nte conclusion of his speech «ienr» address, the first tune he has ap- i *'«! by a round of apnlause. ail tne peared personally So del.ver a message i Senators and the packed tre signatures of ten men ApprocUtion of the assistance p!ace May i! Evidence »as considered taat with the exce?'..on of the md^ of unfort.n!tf bufJie.ent. hj'.ic'. er. to hold Brecken- \oit.-d \\ Dr Yo-,ci.e!l the guarantors" agreement -- ^- -- 3 oared by the Senate finance comsi.tlee , · Meurehlle the Hoose considered etlluieoua legislation Action ·was taken ·snlhout record \ote Mills Backed Sales Tax Mills told tne committee in secret c-iL-.butmns for . ar.o-w purpose^ tnat the pending tax bill did' Fxte n ,lve Hospltaiuat.on. revenue to balance pinned in oth-r war, brides h-urrtal Hargrave , capeQ ou: . A , [h a bo .., e ^ n .s hand t i b i c i he cashed to the , . , i Krojnd T.-e battle broke and tne con- ML« Cnu-ch to'o of the splend.d r.c-i . £nts , Aere last Sc , cra , c:pp:v keg in approvms an amendment to *e The Sena xoted 54 to 30. to change the reserve exemption for the large in- rorance from the interest rate at ·ariuch the reser-.e* actually maintained to 33-4 per cent ji later !fr 'hev ·* · be a" nssft r~,trrr t.^an *\ Libiiitv *o ^ocictv C K"fiu\e T- coi:. ' · ·* tl'n Fail To Find PrUoner Here. Officials of the Roxbarv s'a'e r?rial ^ farm and Frederick police conductcu «'-.o 'A.T; presented b\ ?fj\or Elr.i«.r Without a reco-d rote it ther. ap- an uns ,_. r ccssfi:i irnrch for Ar h u r ' p M-ir.«iow." of '.;·.» rr- srra.n r-«r.- amendment f », Sn , 1Lh 23-year-old cscared p-isoner i n i m . - ' ^ D- M%ses Ge.'n-an a-.d S-an- ca~ ir.d eeiuipTicnt bc'-a 1 ^^- tacv - 5inell- e\i' proof A ho ~\as Kicrel\ a speaker were Jntrxi cM ov Dr j f ar , n , and on t n c r) : 3ce . wa , s not lm . pl.cav-d Troni th: lA.-lmon% and was ·areath- ; .ther ooserrer , tness ' The greatest apsrox-aiateh 5192.000 irere ;»'"·»»"· " - - -- -- - » u - a ^^^r perxd , , . - , . . · since manv montns before t n e great considered *ortr ess by rum. _^ - j He nad »itn hTM a court a list or - J | more tnan SI,000 000 notes and similar - , paper, which ne aopratsed and com- _ p , ec , p . :3 -, o ^ " · j Sa r d ' Greatly contrasting -rith May of five j ^ years ago, »nen rain fell on twenty of! tne tmrt; -one cars, the lateiy-Iainer-.ted j , month produced preclo.:a:ion on only ..umbian nj , e da . s B ^ ^/^^ 192T less . aan ' three inches -sras recorded -s-hile May j of th^ year had 7 05 inches, or more tnsn doaole that mark The fal. per ramy day averaged nearly an incn. · Tihile in the firs: t-\e.\e days, 6 1 2 , ir^hes vrere recorded one of the ·wettest ' periods in years May naG o"e c-y or: ^r»*ch more tnan t-ro ir.cai's of ra.n fell, tne th_rteeath. 1 Central Trost Company, as offiwr of ·lie construction company It Tas nesrl". fao years old on Jjne. 1931 the w^tr.e^s continued, and ^as proved a cooi:r..ttee aisKe the excmo..or; 4 pe companies us^ig that rate Vlce-Pres.dsnt Curtj began B"cc-3"".r.di;c a , 'hj city Mortdav "-.cnr.p \ \ n o i ,-v Gob 1 !!"' Bi ' TC'- ».".^ v.rre ais · idscd n--j~j'' rn U~e f.vrm in Wa;nins'on hero fo- t v e c'"'c. uc-o 5'!'*v*j; a' "h" , ,.,, «.». . ^ -. the notir grew "a"e A proposa' by Sen Copelar.d Democrat. NeTf Vors, exeniptin? med.c.nal ira^rs from tae r-ce-ts-a-ga'lon le-.T on ni.aeral waters. Tas (iec.a-ed approved by the V.ce-Pres.der.t o'.er tne protest of Cna^rrtarj Snioot o' toe finance comzn-ttee. and to the amusement of the members 'srho bel^veJ the shout of "no" had been more voc.fer- o-Jg than t^e -ayes ' The adirin-strat ·.» atrendments. offered, ny Sen Ba_i »y. Democrat Oh-o were ord^r^d a-pro-ec: as Cur'is. a.nxst the nio" xr. a loud bang of th» Ravel C^r- tjs also ended srgxr.ent a rrmt.on by Sen. S-iep-^ard. Detr.:rat Toxis. to reco=s.der the vote -ar.ereoT -he Senate had rsfisecl to exempt adm^sj..on to the levy. There fzs a cry 'or a rsco-d -.o^e after t3e r-va '.o'e note j^'-Ted t.~^ rco- iioc xet r._t C^rtts firs '~ anr:o--ced rwr: s~sr-^Etnt, er In a Ic^r ar.c L.r.nioc --a^c; ''C."c. not, fully s^d-b.e ^ T.e sr«v=. cs. erx, the mticn-d.5OJte\i ^al?s ta^ '7 hi - .; r.3', ar.I co r^t fa 1 .cr s jer.- eral rr.a- ^fact _-e~s tax Tr.^ ^ ~:t t: be c~r_f.i£ei -- "i a cer.^ra. e ·xor.c t^at ^e are rcadv to ^r ez^rrT-t^s a.". arT sacrJicE " AH Stand To AppUad STICKLER SOLUTION escaped from Mondav had oftcr expressed a desire to see his .t was sta'er. To Join Tax Conf«rrnre- and she was v.s:tinc in t-ils c.'.v Man- Follov r.; *!'e n'o^ ..ic di~cct-'»"s ·"' cay f\eninc T.i? penal niithor.tios the cl-io c-Vnied !o *c.n wr'i c her acc-vr.pan-.ed bf Officers Edgar Cram r xi- cl'-.a- :". » coi.n..ttie np ana L«s*er Hoffman made a *e,irch p^-i" it ·» ronforcrvc "· 'T ·!'··" C ^ . r , bat ^»ere unable to lva'e thf m^n.c Cor"m_«. ".o-; "c Trc *o rca'irini; '.!T- pnsor.e" Smtih. *no "*£ scr\in i c t - . i r ' ^ ^ «\p-'"i".. ··!**· a . r r ~ th? to - n- term for larcenv. wo'i^i ha'c twen *·*- ;,e fj^ci \T ".re 5 f iv^.bl" "o r - ascd from custody in A'ltrus! c -·· e '^x -T'« n ·a.'o was may from ,, - _,, ,r . ,., ,-^pp^,. co; * ' ···* dc'cndar.ts Fr^de-ick Rou'e 4 :i..en from the Central Trost Coaipanr Ei«v 'ime he presented it anfl .,., o:h ;jjp fi . st e:e , en - h ·o- pajment ~e saia :t »as rene"srec ar.3 r.e "d:ar wne-ther suc Mr anv Math-as sa d .- d.dn · nave ar.y French ^O-d And I con t g-.\ e ' Tritness then too '-t a ~ote for o , a ^ ^..^ R? .^ , £ ~ c^_ - ·..! cor.c fxr hu- S39000 s-sned DV Edw.n G Co'.jr. r"r ^iicsc before pass- head of tne Ta.sot Pac^^is - t.-n;"T'e on \Vcll r."p .f^i · ' I e ep" ·-~ nc--- re r^ t.T conf.rrr'-d crur- *h ·-· ·"- f o.:r cetec- The CussAvord Puzzle! PNEUMONIA Tlw Urge !eSrs iic the rr inarr.e P r oper. ftB tKat ^^\\\- y;2. T \^ X ^ N s ' K ^X 5 ^ ^·^-- ^yv' ^ r -xr^V/* -\u s ' l^OOfTHW \-7^%V N "l ·^ ^LE-m?i^ v V^sJ Ta bat cojitj ar.a Senator Coalenls as ^·rr. ca'" rr.inaTers It. was transferred , -o the B'Je R.cgre Securttici Co-r.rjanv ' or. S^oterr.oe- 25 1929 testified · and had attac.iea co.latera -rniri xas 5i.d the n»v, reduce? ;nc note to ab-ou; $36000 A r.ot« or ti-.e Frec^ R«al Ssta 1 " ' C-tr.parsr for £S Ch"'0 French sa.a ^as ?rcor5^a ov GravsT, H. Staler, of Fred--'.cc ar.d notices were sent out OT .'s ar.d interest charges ' At tne request o' S'a^s \tto-r.ev Ja^rcs Clar-. Fr^r." 1 -. to.i o' .oans in tr.e lan-.ts of W S'.ser.e Sajnders a ' c'er-c ^i t le C-cr.'ral Tr--=; CoT.oanv , ard C'aade S Hahn secreta-v 'o S«r.- i av"r Coo'^ * r S25 000 eacr. Ke ' «^:c Ha in s ". "van Tas ~a.d «TM ar.d S2^~.=C"S r'fi -^edj-*-d r.^ t-o 514 567 99 T-" ~ trc« '"en t .r"ec t- a ro~e o." Cvoora'-r '-r $21 59 5^ o-. S-^3 err.Der 1529 ar.= ano^'-.c- of tac -1-v f"- S2-??5.TO .n J ^-^ 1531 for Wa-i-- %~~ Hea.f C,~"»2rT he d ov uie ^. - a - _ r ^ -a --' or -.-·« -ati'^s F-O-, ~ ~ - ·*·*--- - 1 --"* ~.'r-"ss- ;· 3-3 .r f ^-vrrjr.; ·men tne tjrec.a.tat.or. ^as aproximate- ' !'. ar. .ncr. and t.iree-qjarters The re- ! ma.r.-ng rair.-. cays \s~ere Soct~. 01 of j an inch. r..r.-h 41 of an inch. 10th. J 05 of ar. 12th II of ar. -ncn. 2S-.1. 48 of ar. :r-r- an= t-.e 27:n. 45 : consecu- i "..·.e cays a .r:r.5 1 TV- ".ca-.t- p-ccio.t3t.on ser-.ed to' Doo;t t-.e ye^r^s record to -_x niches] aooxe r.orma. a: tn^ ;.me. Normal ra^i- J fall for tr.? Srst five months of the j vear ^s 36 62^ Actual rajifall to' date .r. 1932 .s 2286 ir.ches Ir. other respects. May -sas cuite an 2'.?rige ni^r.'h Its hishest tc"npera- tnr» ^park. 91 en f e a~i 25tr. da*.s ·a as aoout in geepirs Ijst- -r.^s _n otner vesrs Ar-d its n^riinurr. ' o* 37 c-- s gre* s or. tr.e :~uri was r.oth.r.c: Gf"^rs 'o3.cs. to summer. *he weather b--£a- ^--i :i --.11 =tart ofT --:th an ac- ^ c-rn^latec tenioerit-re excess of 543' cecrecs s.nce January 1 A HO- dry i summer. pred;cvd by t~e bj-eau is not extec:ec to le.^cr TIS figtir^ Tie last ' cav of Ma- t3roc_.oea a rraT.rrur/: of S2 c-c-?°5 a-c a a-.-.j?_m of 50 i n ' Fntertains Senior Class. 1"-*? -«--a t?r - t"» T.r ^--".o Examined at Clinic, br o- ·"-^·3 3.-- - D^r :-- Cr-_rr. S:^a-.:r 3"~ a ~ G-ire Cr..o- V. la K_dc Mar- Crvrc- M-li-ra C-z~-r Her-^a Mort E^icl Ha-.r TViri C--rr Ca~ o~. Di .?st.r*- M«-.-.. S~o-^T,ae- Ka-o a V o i r ? C^--f S ^jf*-r G^-^rce M*--e-- ^v- "c.j-; ~X.. JL-- B "' V- ar.a Mrs W F _V,,^ K\-. France? Marv H ~er AT -- Br^wn.r.r John ·- Dr C -- 5 Mrs w-/ - ' .o r"^ 1 r^. ^ ?~ ^a^v ,v e? .r.3 !· r- _^: o* I s-^- - o. ,, took an- c'her si.----- '--Te H.^rrris'- Var-e D- E C . .i"..r..o ".xch ^. ho.c e.*ry s^x^ ! bejin a 2 o . ^ - . . \ - d - s a s ;o-r.p etea fcr any of t TERVITES $4" Oi'O SCC 3 -j~.-.; a - - _ l v to G i f i TreT.---. -S I ~t 'xs, -j-- Free I--p^-. -n IXIX CO OF MD.. Inc o=» 6^ 7 9 E. Pilr rt St Blouses 69c up STTMMEB SWEATERS $1.00 up SKIRTS $1.00 up tfESH DRESSES $1.95 up LINEN SUITS $1.95 In this decidedly SPORTS YEAR you will find this store in the lead with a complete line of Snappy Toggery at Popular Prices. si -^0^% j

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