Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 24, 1953 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1953
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

Iflff ffit A MfTOf rigilMI •WITH WHICH TO UWTl? IWTMIW9AID „. MB AFTER HE VVBfrr NOWHEMWTPACET6CH- AFTEE THAT Flfc^T WORRAAMIZA „. THAT'LL SOME OB Pi NATION ALTON KVBNlttO TRLBORAPH FRIDAY, APRIL 34,IMI I FILLET OF A FENNY 6NAKE, IN THE/aCALE OF ROUND ABOUT ^-vCAULDRON/A DRAGON, THE CAULDRON GOA BOIL M4D/ TOOTH OF A IN THE POISONED BAKE.' [ WOLF. WITCHE6 ENTRA\L6THROW. L . A MUMMY... BV THE PRICKING x*"*"^ K^ NO^' W SECRET,' OOUBLE.X OF MY THUMBS,/ OPEN, \ BLACK. AND MIDNIGHT . DOUBLE KXV SOMETHING / LOCKS, \ HAGS/ WHAT 16'TU, ^ AND TROUBLEA WICKED (WHOEVER k VOU DO? FIRE BURN AND I THIS WAV V KNOCKS.' CAULDRON 2 COMES.' BUBBLE! (®h ^i fa* Oft lOw- l«tl >> NtA hrdx. hM.THLK.tU,*. fit OB. 1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OKA-TIT. MARTHA/ MOST VOL) MAII4- TAIMTHATUDPIMS PACE ? X. NEEDED MO ESCORT AtfiVlAV SOTTA 6ET MV IF YOU'LL KEEP V3URTOMSOE fw.fHB HAMSAR.VOO MAV MAVS BM0U6H vliND LEFT TO . Afc* FOR THE SOB VJKEM \MS-J 6BT-THERE.'-~ THIS IS ' A TR5AT FOR ME 3L>ST LETTING PEOPLE VIEV»J yoj IN OVERALLS/ CHAM6ED —THAT FEEL LlKe A SIS SHOT HODPLE' MARCHED BV THE (LABOR w PARADE IM APRILS YEH. Of BONE- \ SETTER REESE J HAP MADE A / REP IM > VOJNcJSTOWM AW HOPEP TO BE . A BONE- \ SETTEC.' I JUST KMOCKED Y THAT SEEMS TO A FIWGER OUT OF JOINT-WILL ONE HOCRIFV THE BOYS TOCAX BUT IT WASM'T MAMV VEAR6- A(3O THAT VOU COU\.O WAIX UP TO MOST ANlV AM' BACK IM, WILL VA7" AM' HE P JUST AN OLP STOMP- BOLA!! WEV.'WHAT GIVES WITUTUI IT SINKS WMEH YOU STEP ON TELBPUOUe LkP, \NW klOTCAitftt DONALD DUCK TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 FRIDAY 8:00 P. M—Wrangler's Club 0:18 P. M.—Muilc Hall 0:30 P. M.—Bob Ingham'i Sportsviews 8:48 P M.—I N 8 Telehews 6:00 P. M.—Sports Extra 6:15 P. M.—rights of the Century 0:30 P. M.—Those Two 6:45 P. M.—News Caravan 7:00 P. M.—Dennis Day 7:30 P. M.—idfe of Rile; 8:00 P. M.—Burns & Allen 8:30 P. M.—Aldrtch rsmily 9:00 P. M.—Boxing ' 9:45 P. M.—China Smith 10:15 P. M.—Yesterday'i Newireel 10:30 P. M.—Big Town 11:00 P: M—Beat Th« Clock 11:30 P. M.—Boston Blackia 12:00 Midnight—run. SATURDAY 8:00 A M.—Ding Dong School 8:30 A. M.—Hippodrome 9:00 A. M.--Rootle Kazootle 9:30 A. M.—Hopalong Cassldjr 10:00 A. M- Space Patrol 10:30 A. M. Kids and Co. 11:00 A. M. Big TOP 12:00 A. M.—Wild Bill Blckok 12:30 P. M.—Cowboy O-Men 1:00 P. M—Sky King 1:30 P. M—Date With Judy 2:00 P. M.—Beulah 3:30 P. M.—Kit Carson 3:00 P. M.—My Friend Irma 3:30 P. M.—Strike It Rich 4:00 P. M.—Lone Ranger 4:30 P. M.—Cisco Kid Common Quotes Answer to Previous Puzzle HOUI/ONTAL VERTICAL 1"— and 1 Vehicles mouse" 2 Awry 4 "Just a 3 Ballerina dream" SScott'i "Lady of the —-" J2"Long, long 13 "Garden of 14 Anger* 15 "Busy as a 16 Dairy cattle .. r^l'JfoV IOT.J!.*..,, 11 Essential 18 Led astray 20 German state 21 "Tarzan, the rvil« " hearted" 24 "Wayside ' " (pi.) 26 Stoop 27 " la la" 30 Draw back 32 Dreaded , 34 Mountain ridges 35 Hebrew ascetic 36 And not 37 Endure 39 "Pass the " (pi.) 40 Rodents 41 Legal matters 42 Ermine 45 "Just working for " 49 Granting 51 Decay 52 Toward the sheltered side 53 Great Lake 54 Age 55 Singing voice 56 Marries 57 Indian weight " at any price" 5 « threats" 0 "Go —. your papers" 7 Compass point 25 Roman • 41 Furies 8 Flax .fabric emperor 42 Wound 0 Greek war god 26 Assail incrustation 10" to the 27 Cherishes 43 Rupee weight 28 Tear 44 Individuals 29 Fruit drinks 46,City in 31 Argue Oklahoma 33 Pale 47 Ripped 38 Reach for 48 " of th« 40 "All being 17 "A 24 creeds and colors" show" SO Moisture in morning Read Classified Ads Daily The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart KSD (NBC) 580 K(J EXOK (ABO) MO RC WEW 770 RC KFUO 820 RC KMR)X (CBS) mo KC KWK (MBS) . 1880 KC 14SO KC WOKZ 1570 KO Friday , p. M. 5 00 News: Sports :1» treddy Martla . n News t45 Songs ot Today News; Bonner News; Bonne* Your Health Sports Reel Reading Orel* Allan JaeksM News Curt MaiMy Lowell Thomas News: Haywari ririt News; Records Record Report Sports Extra George Martin News sports View News HoundUf 6 00 News; Sports at News Farad* S« Morgan Beatty i4S Jne Man Family Prance Unix Newt Cone Ranger Concert Hour Jr. Mis* first Stan Daughterty Jo Stafford Ed. Murow Newt News Exclusive •upper Serenade 7 00 All Star Band! lit ao Best Play* I4& •Michael Shayne run For All Bible Study FM Only Family Worship Science Mr Keen B-Bar-B S3ong* Chuek Norman Mr. Chameleon Wild BUI Hickoca Cecil Brown a : 00 SO Eddie Cantor Oszie 4i iUrrtot Corliss Arenw Concert Hall News Melody Pattern Benny Goodman Gabriel Heatte* ritus Moody Take a Number News; Muilc Marine Show Bandstand 9 ;00 Dinah Shore IS Words in Night :30 News-Swayze Pro and Con .Boxing Garden Guild Eve Blessing News Open Bible Tune Time City Pulse Beat Orchestra Frank Edwards Newsreel True or False News; Bandstand Bandstand 10 0» News \ lit Morgan Beatty Ii8* Flutter Farad* 148 BMUtUul MlMto Music Masters News Abide with Me News. Hlne Chuck foster Time To Dream Dwight Cooke •port* Crosby Sports 11 •Oft News; Muilo :il Vern King .30 News :4a Newt By Mississippi Newt Concert Favorites News: Oreo. Records Orch.; News Merry Maker* News. Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol Saturday 5 : Newt :U Catlma Rotwv 30 Chapel i46 News Newt; RFD Garden Guild t-H Newt 4 Weather Concert Call farm Journal Newt Marked Sunrise Weather Sports * Newt 7 Alex Drier tit Weather Report M rim* ft Tempo* :4I New* Breakfast Club Can't Happen Garden Guild Concert Sacr*d Heart Meditation Hymns Throucli lib!* Ch*p*l Window World Newt Newt Weatnw rk Tuaaa ft' a; 0« World Ntwt ill SporU i* Newt U Tt*M * Garden Guild No Bonooj Newt N*wt falut* Newt Itarktti Va»uttt« Blng S__ Moegle; WUion V*VW'*T«V WW W M^^*«l Qiark Tun*a World Ntwt; Darii N*w»i H Clock W*t«Mf Robert 0- News: B'fatt Club News Mu. Clock N«wt •'tut Club Nrnra Clock Wtwti eVtart Chib Newt MuEUl Clock i KM •81 Maw U* Taylat 41 •pan Broadway B*hoM from Old Market Errand of still watan TRMM* of Am On Ivory Garden Oat* Let's Pretend Presentoj Chureb Calendar Christian ScUne* 10 >• tfy t*cr*t ttort ill 30 Modem Romano** ' Ed Uuait Fathtont Bibl* Quit Grand. c*ntr»l tt*> Baadstand «t». Civ* an WIL Presents Rural Roundu* •eUgious Servlc* H*art Association 11 ii Newt ill Howdy Ooodj M Ballet Bhadtody ror Junton Newe Child's Album Nutrition Council Today't Tnntav R*«t»Mt * •!• start Ovtr Holli • Bandstand Banditand Serenade in Blu* Music Roundup 12 M farm 4 M Amur BM4 U News itol Fr*d*rtclM Concert New* MMt*rworki Moments M»rk*ta News Portrait* City Homtll MM as* ram Bruce Hurwvd Bandstand tM4 torw> Mete's Te V«s •tat Tim* 1 «S New m :tl BSVWM • M ByS»«M*V ^gj-j-—«—• •wSfSlMfeSMI Roma) Win Way for Youtk fWHrta <N» jj.^ TMlMHQuI OuMMI'9 1st IU Bt> (Mils vi. CW. Proudly Hsil Ov*r**M Bepor* Hone Town USA Farm Hews Bcratek PU Cd WUMB) Newii wu*aa 4 <M a« •At Author Speaks :it Public AfUir* Op*r»Cems Treasury Show Horwjlacin^ USA."™ MSfeS) \ OrcbMUa S*renad* N*ws: Wilsae futtt five Scoreboard Becord Report W**ten Musi* PeWTCR WlLSONVllXE, Neb. bers of the WUaonviUs Methodist Church are hoping that the third provt » charm »n4 that new church wilJ Ust for a while. Tar** times in the past 50 years the congregation has buUt a new church, Thj fi/*t. hto down; the third is new in use. The new one has asbestos siding and fireprcwf roofing plus "a lot ol fir* insurance," according to Treat WAO bMdMi the ''• After spurning two earlier invitations, Russia has agreed to at* tend an East-West trad* ejtce to Geneva. coaunittea,

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