The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 1, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1924
Page 4
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T PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, IKE HUTCHINSON NEWS FnbllahM Uatla ti» The News Or.mparn W, V, MORQAN, EOITON. KtTADLISHED 1172. Kntersxt at the rn/iottlr.» In Hutch- Iriton, Kansas, for iranem.selnr, through the malls •» aac-onil-clMs »HUT. TELEPHONE 4400 trlcis were laid out und that plan | Washington wits liiuuituratetl I uswl. ; iiresb.cnt with ureal ceremony. tin • » * Ihen rl-'HvroiJ n moss/irn I" ''sell ' Thole HUH ii grout <1 ••it) of Jjll • [ hr;ini'li nf Congress. Krill«i»IIIK-' ; tiMiwMi nnd much partisan poll-' tho Kaivllxh ciisioni the iv: li'Kln- j 1 1lew In the election. It WHS (tun- j Inltvi- hi>dlr~- delivered I" him IIIOH- ; f oi 'Rlly conceded Hint WitslilnKloil | snsri s In i"tiiin. It Is said upon j should liii Uii! first inesl'lent, hull frond gossip Hint .lames Madison] the Wil .niliHlH nail Antl-fcderal- j wrolo llii' mo, I of the niessnics' lYITata orancft eichje»"«; whan I lata mill unions suite group* were j hir fcnlh. ptiil !<-M to th" corronpiHi-1 •pernor anawrr*. flvo i»>rson «" a »" i diviiloil on the oilier vote " »artmrni warned. I , , , , . , , , , shimltl lie fur vlce-prc-suli'iil. TERM. Of tMMWTWt , First, aeeene) anr> Twre «naa B, mmii. m> y«») »••?:, ''PI'""'' 1 rni'.lleaiion ol' I In Hy mail, ala monthe. ,',; I Constitution, lead I he mill fuilutul- Uy mill, thi'Ti muiiine 1 Rj mull. n»f month " , iRt forces und won it polilkal \li'.-.'l'.e world. Courin. fi'.nx. »'«">• and Sa-'enir) i tory. T».i anil-federalists were j i sent l.» "if! 1'nl'cd rllaton Hontito. _ ~ •}'5J|'.1I(! also Irl ID iliM>Ht lor Con-' ; • t '. -7* cress .luisies Madison, who had By carrier, im } i! I token an active par! fur the Ooti- *" W " NTO *- "--J-" Unction ami ,vhu was noted a, a MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU O* I friend or Washington. Tlln nllli- .MONDAY, DECEMBER 1 ,,'ltfZ' Daily Thoughts deuce, That was Hie Any the fir..| i'on- u-reps nf the United Stall's entered 'H'-m 113 rnr -cr nf proving itself 1 , In bo the inoikl V'Klalntlvo body of 1 For thru shall he'no reward to the ev.i man; the candle of the wlckrii shall be put out.— Prov. Z4::i). «. * „ As sni'.' ;m (Jod in pood, so surely tin-in Is no such thing ••if ni!Ci'w< y <f»l|.— Somlicy. /onta. Uy mall, one VI-M.I. ... lly tnnll. alx innmr-.i... By mall. Ilirije nmnlha. (iy m&U, one ai"nth.... By ralTler, rei Wfffk... fcoUlv New a. ouo year CinCUi-ATION WEMOEH AMERICAN NEW8PAPEP PUBLISHEHS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED P«1EM Tlw Amxmea l'ri-a.« •* e, «» , "'J antlllrn lu Ihn uaa (or rmubllMtlon nt all newa eredltrd m It m ndl oilier- «laa crrillleil In llna P»I »T. »nil aiai' tha local r .u 'iva V 'ii"ollHri.?rt Imrjin. All rlKhi ot icOTh'.lcaiUin of apcjla ilaran-li"' h' rfi:> nrr ni'u <•"***" »d. The Winger DrugCu. t>«IE»CllirTION SPEClAHtTt. TalaaneKa H. Na. i? Kertn Main Ureal. Mutatilnaan. ' fi 'd «nillstK illil llila by furmliiK a dbirlrt. lii'-liitlini,' MiiilN .in 's lumii'. In wli|i:h lliuy put Anll-fi-iliirallM r.mititlcs •iiill'ii.-lf-nl tn di :fi .'.ii. liim. Thi'ii tht'> run -Jiiim;* Monruu iiKiilimt lilm. V.iu Mailisnn was i?li't"U'il. t" I 'l-iujii" ;)i.- ii'juier i >f hl« piivty in ill- in.--; lliinsf "I Iti |ii'i.s.-tifiil:v >. A V'iir-; la- H'l- W\l'-ll M.lili .snll .v.l .-i l >l'l !Sill |.|lt. IIP put Mr. Mminii- In a« in'irctary of Mfttu. anil hifi suori..i«M)r ns pros- lilniit was Iho man ho t,t>ni fiir Coniirrint in that Vlrsiiiin dlatrit-l In US*. ON SECOND THOUGHT » By J. E. HOUSE In the Philadelphia Ledger. • ', In his nirri'iit American Mnrcnry • .Mr. If. L. Mciiild'H ftttrlbiitfs the I di'i'ndi'iu'i' ol Hn.' Ku Klux Klnn not ' in Iho ridicule II enuounlored, hut : in HIP frtit Hint n majority nf Ilinse ' T \ H'IIO Juiiifil it did so as a fort of j li.vU anil vfiivtrvd In tiie faith na to nrisc (my-. „ s ttioy A,n nvrcd I hey Had out- In di> llii-lr I'liitsiinna siliopiiiiiKi U-t HiifiiiHulves'in fur BPI'IOUS hiol- uarlv. j MMK. A iiomi many (j.vpl.inatlotis riiorc was a limi' when If on.':'.' ( 1110 """'"'I"'"" «><> '<la» H"ve comiiiunltjr. Mkidy khow. llmy'll never W. Y. MPUUAX. AND DON'T FORGET Hy lt'ith f'firniiruii It's ton Into. Isn't il. Hhoiipml narl.v In Dpci'inliur was ilninn one's ahnppliiK c f « * < * 4 DOING IT EARLY I'm -taniriK ou my Christmas shopping Inns we''ks Iwforo Hi" ilu> nri'ii'i'H; fiuiii Mtnru to .'.Inn- you sen nu- hopplnu, to piir .hiiM 1 dolls ami liiiti-.iu.a' lu.ivi'-,; nil kinds of doodads I yillll Mippllil;, II, ^,'Hll in pvopU'. :III <! ilioir nivi-fi. l.oilK. lulu; bi"'tin- i,,'U> mi- pialini; m .v t'iiii -tiuas jiiiiU --v ill all In' i.oui .-iii, Hi,- Polly sniff to ilin-U Hi,. •I'iliiiL-. HIP d»pi> for Villi.- M'i>- ',v i I i (..-• w., '.I i; Ii I ; i .nntl llfoil rh.-li I i-ii :ill lin I'l-iMilij;, PI'UIMI will ix'i-vit'i'- my 'IMUII' of • lioi 'Liii. Ai ,<l. tKr .'iiiu iloiic in> < (u i.-tm;.^' Uiliurt*, I'll .sit. at • ..ii.] ol.. , ii4 ;n*>. aii'l ','.0- i i,,> ni .oi .tiiii ti'iiu 1 .!'" Mriuhluir-, 'A<> i .:i,i-in/; In liio Ifi .i twiif, l'i )»iy Hie i:hll- ill, ii v'wilni r-iiliro.^ and \o-iV- an. I -mull tin i'iir.1. Tl..''ll i -„ny \iunill.--- by V.\» I|O;,I ii. il,,y 'll j.ns-li and -hovo uii' II nii .l .mil roiiuil- ly . i.-- i!o IOIII! cousin for '.ihoiii .in-- .1, h-ciit ihey nillit I» 11 >". wiih w.iti-y oli-rlis inounil ihiin liuz /.iii', aio! loom i .slion- i-r.-. iiowiliiii: niiili. It. is a HiliiK of F t if - ^ "nnd trial. Hiis ^Uoppiiili '.vtu n iho ru*h ii. on; tun I ai i--' 111.i- fiirf'T-- llo i (o- ni:.l. ;.,'ii nin-i Miutf lor Cioi- .loin,, iini tor hi* v.-lfe i' * mi,- riiio phial, ami (or ilia in 'oi.. ;i -.Kiit ,if /ami. Anii ns yon Mow i our loii'd eat-noil '-o.'i'ii.^. pushed \,,n ;,nrl hllln-l' iiv ;io- i -ruwit. .-Midiuii i us&n-'.'rd.-, ilint in-*- n Iniinu-r*, your « lull:. y.,ur kpirlt '••''•'•'I. Ill lil.ia'p, wllile K iu- il' • «! t:,o vs. Ill" sellHO ii ::o \. y.r.i J an; eailim -i 'd. i \'.M.l' MASii.N. THE FIRST CONGRESS The ine'-linu oi 1 'onKioKj;. al- tlioc^li no: Hi • 'x-uiiiiiiii;: ol' a in'W t', llj:vi.\->. an a[ i-lof-rial,: linio to iuoii imcii lor a iiille liistoi's f-ni'.tiu lit-- eoni /nir fo»;i,-f le,-r nf Hi.- first i 'on;i'-.-s oi tli,, Cnitsd gllltl'S. 'l'ho ConatiiiMiona! Couvi .-htioii of 17ST lieclduil that ivhcn Hi-' doc- Ullivtlt liild be,ili T.i', illt-il by lilllu states the t 'uiiKiinU of tin- t.'ou- foil,'ration I'liuiiPI oiii; for an t i> '• ; There van a , j In New York. on-:' nly. .-hit in Hi*- [last, -.'i years. Christinas has le-eoiut! HUell a I 'liIlllH.sll 1 affair I hat one month will nul c.oti- lalu It. Ii crams one month chockfull and then spreads out into th>) months either side of It, Into No- ve.mlu-r nnd even bticli Into October in preparations, and Into •Inn. nary Hind alas, 1 fe;ir mo sometimes Into Kabt'iiiiryl In financial nfter- i maths. If iho next !la yearn see . ' i as much Christmas elaboration, it bit Hell! I W|M tl,ke half ,hE >' ear K e, "»« The governor had. «„ i.-. i~.. • been opposed to the Constitution. * | The New York state convention | j bad finally ratified the Constli.ii- I Hon but as a compromise hud also fco It's ton late now to do your C'hrlstmus Knapping rarly. But not too lal,. to do It now. Kverv day you wait makfs It harder both for you and those who servo yon. 1'ut off soniidhlnpr else, but don't adopted u resoUUlon cnlliiiK tor '. unl oft your Hhopping. 'another coiiiprillon, llovernor j _ r, ° ft now, and ff you haven't | Clinton t,,uk this seriously ami | tried 1i> K i;i oilier states tu Join •in a second I'oiistltiiHoiial eoiivon- ;tion, I 'cillliriDiis in City Hern Antl-f '.dernlist ; Alexander llauiilioii. Hi ' 1st li-ador, put over a i scoop, lie Rot the ol,l Congress to locale the temporary . the nation in iVeu- York Ci'y and j lu pi'uvi,!,. Hiai :he first Cunuress slnnlUl ho-el tli '.Te an,l the PI-L.-Ii dent bo Inaugurated there. That I won for Hamilton and his parly 1 the support of the luisiiiess lnter- ; t:eit? of New York City, and they fon- •( Coveruoi Clinton to tiis loulisbio'ss. \ The i'itl/.ciis nf New- York rnn- | irll,iiled to II fund for the rcntlBK jaiul fiiniishina of a large hall lu- , catpd nenr the present site of Wall • Street, and provided that place for Mb.- '.m-xtlng of Hie IH-W CuiiKriss. already adopted the rules l suggest each your, here they are ugaln: tin as early In the mornliiR as liasslble. Lenvu your hoiise«ork. ew York i Vn| u' kitchen won't be crnwdoil In liiiti 111 " "' l ernnon and Hie stores will. ,. . ,.,. j <•'"« lionr in the mornins Is worth i.iiei.u-, m 0 j,, tll() nf (,.„,„„„ | )( . t . 11UiIa ^horw political | and street cars are less crowded he ause you arc loss tired, and be- ipttnl of 1 l ;' ust ' Ult '' clerks are less tired nnd ' the stocks are less mixed up. Dr. (Stop | lightly as yuu dan. You will be in the shops most of the time and not on tliu street und you are more likely to catch cold from overheating than underhenl- int;. Furthermore, the Hunter your rlolhlnc the less you will have to carry around. Vol: wouldn't lany a pound par- 1 if you didii'i have to. Why carry an extra pound of clothing'.' Have a carefully mndo out Itinerary of shops you mean to visit, with the errands in each shop listed under the shop. When you ask for nuy article, try to explain as nearly as possible what you want, so that the shop iilrl won't have l' 1 cross question you to piu you down on th" details. ' Tim 4til of March arrived but : "1 want to neo some dark brown . „, „ , ,„ Ti,„ ' silk stockings, size !>>i al not ovor • only a <ew con K r. ssni, n I lie. >• brine you quicker Uvenllur was bad and »«re 1 lhM .. p)M!fe ^ ffl ^ Mm>i ; difficult, of pnssami. In fact, they I; brown *m stocklnKs", and will ttl- heen advanced. All nf them lire Rood in that they contain, at least, ii modicum or Iriilii. But It seems lo us I lie various dla.eiu.isf (clans oveillookcd—why can't wu think of Hun woi'dv—overlooked the lethal instrument ,,f tb e liui'eiulliih' ills- solut iun. Tim [lev. I 'r. Charles SI. Sheldon has written for the Atlantic Monthly his memoirs ot his conduct of lie Topekii Cnplltnl as Ji sits initihl havo run It. ills narrative Is buhl but not. unliilcionl­ ine. Still, if any editor wants a really corkinR story of Ihnt ex- perlinent lei him get in touch with Old Frank .larrell. Mr. Jarrell was polltlrnl editor of Hie paper at the time. He knows what, wont on. The Ttev. nr. Sheldon never round out. Thank il-aven, yre are ot Rorune ami happy deposition. Otherwise, we inlulit. be as terribly excited nbniii the Shentaley tragedy as Arthur niisbane. The Klan wa'j a srand conception In that It appealed to tho prejudices of the boolierio everywhere. They joined U in great uinnbors. Tho flaw in its' nrnior—tlio speck in its vision—was that It sealed their mouths. They couldn't talk about It. They wore not permitted to boast publlrly of their member- shit) lu the order. It was a parading organization, and the parade is dear to every American heart. Hut tho identity of the parnder was masked. He couldn't show of. before the assemhlcd crowd. Nobody knew be was marching, and that ruined the parade for hltu. There were contributing causes, of course, but the Klan '•broke" because there was no publiciiv in it for the individual. Take from iho average American cltlxen his inalienable, right to talk about it and you have robbed him of his birtliricht. l)i Hie same issue of the American Mercury Mr. Mencken refers to Ibis columnist as a "native ot tlio Kansas steppes." \V« kind of wish he hadn't done It. As on abstract proposition, it makes no difference whero w-n were born, but lo print |u a widely circulated mapizino that we are native to the Kansas sienpes is lo rob lluiicum -School District, l.a Moine Township, McfjoitoiiKli County. Illinois, of one of ita few distinctions. The maple sunar orchards have gone In the mill, t'nele Jimmy. Fugale has passed on the bad place in Hie mail fronting the old Sol Scott place, has litvn fixed. We are about th" only distinction Hiincum has left. Happily, the American .Mercury doesn't permeate, the The election of a married man to captain the Wisconsin football lentil robs the game of it little of what was Its rare distinction. It bad been the only game, or avocation, in which n man could achieve honor nnd fume without having it said of him that bis wife "made" him. Hitherto, In fool hall, a player was entitled to whatever lie could accomplish. He was not, compelled lo divide, anything aim the "little woman." Naturally enough, we loo); ahead. Aro we gradually comftiK to Hie time when the hero of yesterday's giitno will say In today's paper, "I owe it. nil tn her; without her nid nnd encouragement I never should have succeeded"? If we are. they may cancel our order for seats now. A Puzzle a Day There In a certain number, less than 100. If one is added to It, It 'becomes n snunro number. If the original number Is divided in half, and one Is added to the half, uuother square number will result. What Is the number? (NOTK: I (2x2); (11x3), etc., aro square uumbcrs.) Yesterday's answer: Why those tired little bodies crave sugar A Mornlnent me J- Ir»1 •uthorttv -3vi: "When one ha« uvcr-exerted him- jelf and feeb ex. hauited, let him eat a little auaat. Dr. S. A. Levine and oihets examined a atoup of eleven marathon tunnerf before and after the race. *The men who were moat c xhaufred weta thoae vfhoae Hood fhc»-ed the areareit need of euiar. Those who came out of the race fn bc»t eondlUon were found to have a fair amount of meat In the blood al th« tccmltutloa of tb.e tacc. 'One man ate lomc sweet Muff lull before the race. Another ate tome diirtnathe race. Beth nnlihej loot. Ina well and with about normal lavela for their blood auger, 'On rhe practical aide. Artie explorer* and mountain climbera learned PV rule of thumb, a lona time >so. the adi-anraae of carrying tome iweet I'n If in rhca prckand eatlne a i'tlie occaiioiially." /*ure lunar la a re-eneriber. The purltv cl Co JI Western Sugar maker. Il a atandard among ruaatl to tile Wcic Home from school and an afternoon of hard play, little muscles are tired out.,. fatigued ... snd an insist* em demand goes up for tweets of one kind or another. Any wise mother Is careful to warn growing youngsters against otfersaf- ing of any food •. . but here is • demand coming from fatigued muscles that need re-cnergiiing. ."Fuel foods" will do It. Foods containing sugar supply new energy quickly. Sugar builds up endurance against the exhauetlon of hard work of hard play. It telicvea fatigue. It sustain! energy, it creates new energy. Sugar hat its place In the diet of children and grown-ups as important as that of any other foodstuff. * * * Lack of the proper amount of sugtir in a child's diet is to be avoided as carefully as over-indulgence The amount varies, according to what a child can assimilate without detracting from his appetite for other necessary foods—something to be determined Individually for each child. Sugar Is an Important part of the diet; sugar purity la an Important consideration for every housewife. * * * Furlry In sugar Is all-Important. Perhaps you have never Bade even the simplest test of tugtr in your kitchen. Here is one way «ou can determine something of lu purity, with little trouble! Place a little sugar on apiece of cardboard under a good light. With a strip of white writing, paper laid beside It, compare thai sugai for color. Look carefully for a slight yellowish shade, 'a certain Indication of Impurttlte. With the tip of a finger, spread the tugsr thinly on the cardboard. Examine It carefully fat evenness of grain. The gralnt should be of uniform tlici if several gralnt cling together In a ball, it it probable the tugat wat not thoroughly cleansed of impurities. Great Western Sugar, because of In uniform high purity, meets this teal satisfactorily In every respect. * * * Great Western Sugar Is iparUt'iif whit* In comparison with any sugar, the best assurance a housewife car have of the utmoit purity. The grains are uniform In size, without that "coatseness" to which to many women naturally object. The crystals have been thoroughly washed of all juices, to that In any auch test the grains are found to be individual units—not massca of grain? bound together by impurities.. Safeguards all through production In Great Western plants assure mast' imum purity; and at final Inspection, any sugar falling to meet the rSiffk- ttt ttaniard of color ami uviform- ityknownintheindvalryU rejected Make the tugat test In your own kitchen today. Your own judgment will approve Great Weatern Sugar. Order it by name from youf grocer. The Great Western Sugar Company ' Sugar Building Denver, Colorado Great Western Beet Sjigar Here aro the seven figures fitted ! together so ns to form a perfect circle. | Head the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. l were .ilmost impassable Ju piirtB ' uf Hi'.) inulillti und hnuiheni .status. . Thf funKri'Nsnit'ii in rliJe ; liortu-l,:tr>it nr in cubi'lios fn>m ihuir ! Iin]ii«-i to .\\«,v Vork City, a frip v-M" rauuy uf tlicm itU'UiU i \v»H-k# r,t wf.a-.ry Ira vol i Keep strong. Br _ ;he:.lthyarid free from winter complaints. il was not until the jst of April J thnl IT llllli Oi' 111.: ju-in ii!. il .unl vhuuhl t.ihr i Hy AMiiUft.;, tlim It -Mil |it-:t'n rj, n,' rli; , iH :-i.'t j ii. «::«! 11:-1• :1 . I sl;:ini idoroiui't.' liii'i' In til•* cull t '.ir :m yix* tic-ut, nnd ihi TM «' Lrnulili'i* ]n uii.I Itlux .o Uiaiii.1 mr -H'tif llu -rt 'ln thi- uf-w iiuii'ii » '.Ji thai i.-h-r- . til': ('('UNtltll- ii'i.-d hy ..b -Kt -n ^i'r.\\ iiiKl ri-riif-t-tl HI UU.'r.UUll. M.l'l '•• ma I f 1 ff i£ (•(«-*{ •l-'.liiiji tin.' that ••unKri , i »s. .\fjj-()i l'iinilin;i '.v.,-,' ]n,ul iiitd f.ulii.Hal dl'l lu- 1 11; t v• !nuch In U.j '.vHh th" :.i'itt ral i»;ohlt-ms iii. li v. wi I'HMI i i. • t ;iu- .-5.. li .f I'uIL ^r. ,.| (lie I '11MI* .1- fi'zilinu ;;t}>ti>tf-d ^ vrsoUttkm wlii''!i pi 'iiclHini tj tlim tlio i-in 'iri-il nurii• IHM" III lillVlUk i ill il I in; li.MV L'^liln.ixl), III! I.'ll'f.l *!n)Ul<l .Hi lit 1 ill .'illii ill*,' IM'W JJtlV- rriiin^ni ( lu .t: i-n T|i r- -..lullm. riifihcr pruvitli -t) Him iii i.-ii "ii tin: lij'St |l i-|f (,' f O'"-- •iliouUI IJM tin i,.': \\'<-!ln<xl;iy •y' Junnan. OT^'.t.. u\u\ thai .If* "IITItn 'is vhmtlil iih-fl uii )in- (ii- 4 * \V*MlnvK,U»y in K.'bniaiy, :\m\ Unit th.- nt 'iv »iilift"<c; '••liMiiM ciiuvi'Uu an.', ! 1K » u«-v CrL-sUUnL fuuu^- iiniii-.i si.i ill.:- i'ir.^i 'r.i.-.riV.iy In ;.;;u-f »i. Tlif latti'i- flat.*, '.vliii-h aft' 'll Isyuitnii.' iMii ti^iM'atiun ilay. I'7(-! .tit ;n-rUifHt, iicilif ><'te*'lw'l bucTii-U^*' ii wu*- Hi.' i' Wcilnii.s- rtay *«t Ahu 't .'li in t'tui >i-;ir, Tilt j'n-shit 'ii Lin I I 11'i"t D)'S w »Tf S •in-ral!.\ cliust'ii liy (lu- stal»> i ii.latnnv. .'IM \v«n: th« I 'rilli'il si'iintinv, liMt the M' li)l""l'^ : 'it I lit inwi'!' llull^C t .'l" • i ttl'Ai l ; ''"i h'\Y' >-lv-b 'vi \>y iliri'il \.n.: ,iV \\w . In KuiiJf .-.•.alt's t',>u:;;vs-. ! tt(o« «'< j /vr olfctfil t>y ihf wliuU- | itau* for the cutli"^ IMIIHI'»T. >"•» other slaios fonyri.'^fluiml din- j thai thirty lupnibcrt; of the lower • Jwittso of L'ougros« rtiiiorli'd thorn* 1 sflvi»s in 'pHPiit. ami l»;lnK a hare ' in-.iii'llty nf th • ci'nii'.d it< d '-dare I hemHelvtjs u ! ffii'-'i'iiiii a ad ui'Katii;^c hy t hi* • flt't-tinu 'if <i(iU'ern. They chn .se . fur .sji..'iik''r nf the Hou5e Rev. . Krtfderick Multlenburg, ot Penusyl: vania. 'J'lii'y alto pIf j fLt'd HH i.'h:rk John I .t -rH nf Virginia. WWII,, thetv WUM tnoch itnUUi:ft 'and partiHnuship, thtJ potttlcal par- I:MS hail nnf madt; tlu-ir lintt -up. •Tin' iii'.-n I'rmu Uu? various ^tau>s .did ant kiwuv t'ui.'li nthfr. Tho 10- i-tftit i-.i.H' had h-jcit for i a pea in si tho ratification of tho ('tin. st il nt if While* that ijiifKiitni was i.'ui.HidiM-fd Ht 'UlMil ^ihen. WIM'O many who 1H:11^VIM1 that it would W only a temporary at't'air. Tin* K ">hii \li -t.s wl»*> NV'.^V '' th». k original ir .'-NiiS nt' tin- Cnnst'rttttoii, ihniiin- atf-d lhi> fimiifll.-i uf t 'OHKn ^ss hut , Muh'i'nhcr^ i\U orwards b'-'camc an .MitllVih-ralf «t. Ou ilu. (lih id' April u ituoruiu of ! ihe Si-uatti niipfared. nmrrj than : a month u(\vr ilu.- Limu fixed hy th*: fnu^r.^.-innal rcHoluilwii. 4 1 X<'; i : nii»t- iDiilil dn inilili, a-* 1 tiie new pr *'M"dent had not nr* i'^v.'d ;in.i iV.i -'wt >£<tt tt) Now York until tih- lass wir.h, in April. Tho im-iiihi'cs Willi «un.'ntiu«il by Iho fl.i/.t-iis al N.*.\v York aini douhl- !*'.'- ;hc slKhtjj oi -I* .i • i v whifh wu.< ih ''ii hoping in ii' til'.- '•ripiti'l or tho naiiuii ;n.d thtM't'foiv \i -.i'y attoiUivi- lo tin 1 itii-iahtM 'r* nf t'ongrtnis. Th'' nttiti' ;nj;ii.i/lant huhji't'l i which vrai* I11K>'UKMM1 at ihe lime was tip; manii- r In *.vhich I't-vcnin? .siiouul \i? iuis<'d fur lh«.- fi -tU-;a. .i-'i .i .ury. S'h;: l 'cdyraiij-is wen- ;r. ravor uf a Dirlff. Tliu 1J1K«-.-- ijix-wllon (n vol vial in Ihn propttM- tad'Cf" \\nti tin.' duty on "rum ;H;<: j-ldrUrt". Tho, dUlillev-. uf N.-v. l'Jli.:liHhl ^jgitood iiv ' inolt .Mii-!-: I 'lTDJi tin: Inflfc- a iji] a likli larit'f nn rtim. 'They \M<IV alihd hy i'nnui' j .i-nu r. fumi ivaasyl- vania and nfln -r -'uti'* '.MI it- whis- 1 Jii -y a Kta;*!' 1 ;>imhifl. nnd who -v i onsi 'iiioiii i i^'?lrvid th.dr loL *al miiimfacLuri-pf proti*ci.*il :iF,uttt*t rtvi frit (ion a* f-*n j 'miii Uvt . Wo si liidl"-. •-'n Mi. 1 :!"lli i.sff April fioorto , j so nave I he <'lcrk a lot of trouble, j If you find you arc pettlnp conj fu^cd, jro hmno as <iiiirk you I en L hotfoot it, or it or trol- h-y ii. Tho shopping yon do in a cnnfil«orl j^tato of mind h:u- to h* 1 j_ Itt ...., i , l »iiiiefi.-flnipiainis dtuii". iivi'i'. (iti hornu and wail \ni-iHUl's Cascara Bromide Quinine is the 'til things clear up, lhi?n >i»u will jquickest iicting. most dependable cold ! .I.-. • remedy. What Hill'* does for million* it will do for you. Get red box bearing Mr. HiU't pcrtrait. ^\Vt ,i ^P*'*cc 30 cents. CASCARA ^ QUININE W. U. UUJ. CO. * what, you ilon'l want, am! you do and ran go buck anil buy the Inner or irerhnn; order by niii.ll. When lu doubt I always take (lie suits person's curd with d-'- meiiihershi,,. pro- i ^l}'"?!'. ^'"li''" 0r,i ' !, ' bi " 1 " , mail uiler thinking things over. Finally, ir i Is not to forget iimt Hiis I'llHISTMAS shoii|iiliK you lire doing. Dlrrnun, mui. You Big Stiff KNEE—Watch Your Finis! Stiff, .-wolieii, illflHii '.ed, Mien .inutic joints should lie treated with a remedy made for just iiiid j tmn'o.-e only." hat Henieinhcr tlie name of this new ili.Movery is .lolnl-Kase und it will lake out the agony, reiluce. the swi -'.iint: and liuiher up any iron•d .joint iil'ler uriiillary eurc-alis have iiiiscrahly luile.l. dust I'llb h on 'l-.lie ll lllV at A A- A Ili 'llK '.'ii. and all iirng^ -ask lor .loirn- Kiise. AlwiiNr, riiuiemtn'1-, wlien .loin Ki'.se. gels in joint agony gels mii- iiuick. .Mull orders filled. cash or ('. O. 1')., I 'opci Laboratories, Hallowell. .Maine. ECZEMAS Jwonry btclt witliout quotfon H HUNT'S OUARANTBRD •KIN DISRATE REMEDIES Jiiuat'a Satvt and Sot,p),!»,] \ *ne treittmrnt oritch, Kcxeir.ii, Rineworm.Tetterorothetllch- ln* Hi in ii\%€»»t: Try this tn-attneot a; o ur xlth* A & A DRUG CO. Should Men Bay as hard as they work? SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN" and INSIST! Unk 'Lo vuu see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets you are not getlm* the genuine Buyer Aspirin proved sate by nu'llioiis ;mJ jirescribeJ by physicians 24 years tor Cokis Headache Neuralgia Lumbago Pain Toothache, Neuritis Idieuniaiisni L^, "fuD^"^ "^P- ^ "Bayer" package ^%CJLt *' llic ' 1 conl; » n s proven directum.-;. C J I ir »"<l.v "llliyor" bo«s of 12 tableta * AUu bottles ol 24 nnd ino—nrnaffista. Amlm l» ihi Irarfer laarlr ef Barer Jl.ou/wlon. uf Mi>ii<ncellcacUJi..ler Smicjllcajij 'tJaHj '•Beautiful SMississippi GULF COAST Iiiloxi, (julfport, Pass Ch rlstian (TVS) To a Vacalionland REACHED OVERNIGHT — this Announcement is dedicated. Because oi ihe growing popularity oi ilia Itcnutifiil Guii Coasr cl Mi^ssipeii the lllinaia Cemni will improve Mrvici: Aiul quiclatn the time eilcctivo December Int. Tito lament* I'anatrui Limited leaving .St. Louis 3:50 I*. M., provides ihrotlgh ulrcpinB car nervice. Arrivini: Cull[xirt 11:55 A.M. (next moiuing^. lliimmiiate connection satne scition—speciul swrviie -lorBiloxi. Ar. P. M., and 1W Clirisiian, Ar. 12:-15 P. M. 1'ii.^i.Tit time lo the On it Conirt. Biioxi liy olj IIPIJM: lo Gliliperl by 7h hour?, to Pass Christian by ? hours. Before one reaches voting age, he hails as a prophet the fellow who said "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Perhaps youth gets its envied vitality from abundant play— Certainly the strenuous business man needs more balanced recreation than the lighthearted youngster. And the confining months of winter grind more tellingly on the constitution than the outdoor days of summer. Here Today—Play Tomorrow This winter a summer playground can be reached from St. Louis without the loss of a day. At noon, say good-bye to sputt "tig radiators, frosted windows and chilly feet. Next noon drink the exhilarating ozone and beaming sunshine ol the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coay. Laugh with the throng—follow the "hard hitting executive," watch him play—see him recreate energy for business. Your choice of sports: golf, tennis, fishing, hunting, riding, boating, bathing. Splendid hotels at rates comparable to your favored summer resort—through the winter men may bring their families to this glorious clime and "commute" so to speak on the luxurious Panama Limited, Plan now to enjoy this winter on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. We will help you. Our Mississippi Gulf Coast Booklet gives many valuable pointers. Write for it. H.' J. BieMerieldt, Traveling Passenger Ages Illinois Central R. R., 437 Railuay Exchange B 7ih and Walnut Streets, Kanaaa City, Mcj Jdiny <W»-1JW Illinois Central THE ROAD OF TRAVEL LUXURY 1

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