The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 5, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, August 5, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE IFS FKESH FOR NORTHEASf TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA THEKESAHOST IN TODAYS ADS. Full Associated Pre»» Leaicd Wire Service VOL. LXVI NO. 35 ( And Prnri* PARIS, TEXAS, Armed Nazi Cam! Rleveal Ne%r* ) AUGUST : Complete Regional and Local News Coverage 1934 ,' :i ' ;' " FINAL EDITION TOUBTBZN PAGES ESTABLISHED 1M» Parisgraf: THERE is a phase of the sanitary sewer system in Paris •which has perhaps not been considered by aayone. The Paris sewers were first built by individual subscriptions and later turned over to the city as a gift. The city built only a part o£ the original system and did so with the understanding that it was to be operated and o\vned by the city as soon as the- projector of the syjstem completed his agree- j wr i i <m meats with" "the people who paid I Walmsley Threatens to Boost Police to lO,- OOO If Needed NewOrleans Rival Camps Bond Issue Is The- question of wliat Parisians b* Tuesday night. But the i crnestiou "of "what they had better do. is . _-, T , . . well-^-In letters .zo rbe j>re\-iotis administration from - X r .. H- ^ Ebleri; | •*„ Armed factions Unrelaxed | chief sanitary engineer for the state department of health. - ; Candidate^ As Voriy "Battle of Orleans** Rages LONG IS SECLUDED STATE CAPITOL him for connections. g . This. ••was done and it was not until extensions were made th-satt the city was called on to vote any sewer bonds, and even .in these extensions individuals paid the cost of all lateraJii. the city p only for the main outfalls. By this method -Paris has a sewer system that has cost the taxpayer I^ESS than any other ciiy in Texas, considering the age of the 'system. And this is not all. by any means. In many Texas cities — and cities in other states, for that rnatter — users of the sanitary sewers pay a. sewer charge Just as they pay for water and gas and electricity. This charge is collected NE\V OiULEAKS. The "battle of New Orleans" continued an affair of wordy threats and legal involvement Saturday. There was. however, no relaxation in the rival camps of Senator Huey P. Ix>ngr and Mayor T. Sernrnes "tt'alinsley. -where hundreds of armed men a.waired th-e word of their leaders in the grim Ktragsie for political supremacy. Senator L.ongr had temporarily withdrawn from the immediate scene of operations, establishing hJinself in tht governor's mansion at Baton Rouge. National guards mobilized "by the state administration -which he controls, remained 011 duty here, however, in spite of a district court order, now three The letters jron l >in a veiled warning of what -will-happen in the event lund bwaers in the vicinity -where Paris' raw sewagre '3£ ?. discharged into streams take the matter into the courts. "V'l. Says a communication from Mr. Ehlers to Charles E. • Read, as- j sistam • manager of the southwest district of the Union Central* Jafe I. Insurance Company, which owns some of the property in question: I "From what \%-«? understand of the situation, if -we -were called 1 into court to testify on the present conditions, we -would state the ear- j istence of a nuisance and unsatisfactory sewage purification." | JT j All of which means that in the event the Union Central elected^ ar to file suit against the City of Paris for damages, the City of Paris 1 would find the state department of health testifying; that Paris is oper-j ating and maintaining a nuisance in its sewage disposal methods- AJ copy of the letter to Mr. Read was sent T. J- Record, then mayor. Begins Hif|> Campaign Baliaaf Speech ij~ r/^r r/-*jE'C ^ * Jt * J * Jf *f? • : ilS ! Mrs. RoyDunagan Nominee Pfof A ... i .^_ . _/ ' ... . ^^^ • •*> ,. — \^*r A. JL For Coun ty Commissioner After Listening to Attorneys For Both Sides, County Dem Committee Dec ides She Received Vote Majority Deciding that Mrs. Roy Duna-, votes she received were -written on {san had received the majority of t the tickets by the voters. The | the votes cast in the Democratic (tickets had been printed wiii> the t primary- election of July 28 as a {names of Roy Dunagan and J. j candidate for county commission-1 Frank Jones on them and -here j a ballo j er Precinct 2, the executive com-} was no way by -which 1 mittee Saturday afternoon DAY [ structed the chairman tx> c ' her name to the county clerk as \ ticket and erasing- the names Shirt" Organization Is Reported to Congressional Group in- | couid be cast for Mrs. IDsinagan ex- } SECRET ARMED DRJLL ertify { cept by writing her name on the | f^r- TJff^f^nc r»rc/~»n>« rk as ticket aa<i erasing the names of *-*f -* •««.t/l/J'^ JJEtJt J KJ.iff, Campaign Is Forecast As Candidate Tour of State Democratic nominee for that tlie others. "Whether all the 48 votes cast for ilr. Dtiaagan "were absentee ballots and fiiarfced for another xo TV. F. Hicks, the city engineer. I ^-^^S. Tex. (JP* — Jj City authorities long: have known the method of disposing- of sew- j~^. ^ "^ ho !e ^, a ^e!d of six can- ape employed by Par-is is unsatisfactory, inadequate, a menace to- ^ ln the P rim ary a'-week ago health and "was keeping Paris constantly with the menace of law suits* r° r tne '1>«a°er««: nomination for hanging" over irs head. .j governor, opened his runoff cam- AXD THE STATE DEPARTMENT" OF HEALTH HAS ADVISED* f* 1531 , '^• turda S" b - character^te- THE CITY OF PARIS. THROUGH SUBMISSION OF COPIES OF ITS] P**^onn and campaign state- LETTER TO THE IT^IOX CENTRAL, AGEXT. THAT Ef THE j T^**- ° EVENT THE tJNION CENTRAL. SUED PARIS THE STATE DE-rl "^r r ~ ^ -, PARTMENT OF HEALTH "WOULD ALIGN ITSELF WITH THE EjT-1*.-^. ^^,- tne - , a -*- ora ~ v sen* SURANCE COMPANY AND AGAINST PARIS BECAUSE OF TEE i"^ P "«"-<* aaare^s s.nce t»e CONDITIONS THAI' L'.O\\' PREVAIL IK PARIS. That is the situation that, faces Parisians as they prepare to vote on a bond issue tiiaz -will cost Parisians 570,000 plus interest aztd office in the general election. The vote came at • the end of two hours of argument by a.t- | him before his death was not toraeys "W. F. and Hardy iioore, mads known to the committee, representing Mrs. Duna^an, and j — es V. ! R. E. Eubank appearing for Frank See NOMINEE. Page 3, Col. 4 Jones, who -was shown by the re- ! 2*OOO Rounds of Ammunition Purchased For Their Rifles, Said which will see Parisians receive an outright grant of £23,000 from. the. ers ex-dressed their preference for office Ihalders- and came at the end of a J^ng cay of conferences with North;;'Texas-political adherents. Public "U'orks Administration, In another communication, "from Mr. Ehlers. speaking- here in a hotel turns made to tfee committee to have received 915 votes for the office while Mrs, Dunagan received S23. Tha motion to declare Mrs. Diinagar> the nominee -was. made by "XT. J. Morrow, committee- j man for Precinct 3, and Tras sec- j oneied by Pat Warner, committee j member ^or Roxton and -vras ad- , opted. 14 to 2, with some members f not voting. i The problem presented to tie Revision Of Texas Court Setup Urged LOS ANGELES. Ar-geles Exnminer story &>) — Tb.%. ;'n a. copy been collected in Paris, nor will ev«?r be. nor should there be such a t^x, for ev^o r seisrer c-o.nnection. in vr.ij&ia. continued on a 12-hour shift, admittedly ready for any eventuality, The mayor flung- fresh defiance at . . ,-..„, , the' senator . by he d^posa » made of th^j r . ady . 0 iscrease the force to ben^t-cial to the safe- ; 0&?> if that waj? n<ecessarv . -, of the health of the j - ril mat<A ^ e militiamen wiUi L ;£ire- police^* said- the- mayor., "1*11 recrafr the police force to Thompson. Public V/crks eiigtneer at Fort Worth, the chie* sanltarj'! gram, engineer said regarding Paris' application for the funds that tes the; $70,000: there is great need for these improve since stream pollution is now occnrri there due to the poor ouaJitx- of effluent delivered from the prese, plant. The old plant has been found inefficient and Is _ ! oairroom, appealed for support of so in th_ this time to R. A. ] "psractical and progressive pro- i have their county amd. so far as k committee was unique in Lamar; ConTention Commends F. D. R.'s= Program, Asks Judicial Reform was ! state. Applications to j names pia.ce<i on the Its Sunday «dttzoc. has been grtven t»efV> ~ the congressional committee, OSL j Un-American actlvitJeSi COT? «Jtc I zing: in Los Angeles, "that, armed [men known as the Silver Shirts, | wiin a secret amdiiary caile'l j storm troopers and 1 ganizec to chang-e the j of the United States" are I near San Diego. | "Revelations made by j ment operatives disclosed that |2.0CO rounds of .30 calibre aitrma> nitiou -was purchased for "the SS- e aaval air San XJIeso."" .t -»ras pnrch- of the Ucited es on active d-oty- tfae IteUas newspapers .a story n-!!in- of the probability o£ i>stliiis enacting an ordinance "to provide for a sewer rental charge from ail connections. It Jvaji Eot l>e«n dorse, but rteUaa ss <-«na;Mering it in order to btxjst her" falling revenues. It is- not iikeiy that any connections tberr will be cat off sJtotsM this diaLTge b« i«Ud on them. but It •«-|l! c<?rtajj5lj? adEd niore-— ilCCH MOKK-—to the bur- •d^rj of the tax payers than tfriH the mo*iesi iacreaae that .«itl.i b*-." ruscrsssyy in tfse tauc rat* 1 :m Paris whe-n the sewer are _ .__ ,_ ^ . ^ . . ---__. of five 1 died *Julv X S. This -K-as a-^L«~ "b- I Goicg- into ih~e ouestion. of health menace, this statement by ..-.thiell persoajs. _asserUng- Ji -^-as "a dan- j sen tee voting had begun, one -we*k ' propo- [ making kiJtii ^^y^^as ^r.~z. j, ir .; rese ntati-.-es who suncorted him. re elective S DBnasan was attacked by Illness | ^ recomznende d {hat the state power in ]^^^ ^ £ J?o^^ ^f ^are| convea . ion 71 _ e res - orsns fe i ndl _ j representative Charles Kramer «T- ; ijie testimony' was p—<=seste< ie committee, presided. cial procedure in order to expedite j Calif-omla, in a session behind. Surgeon Genei-al of ^n-e United States Public HeahJi Service nas - beenLdvaJices in all This city is rc^.«'y now to fishi TO I the la*t Jnch of frround defeudimr | its independence. No'seizrure of any 1 municlpa! office under tae srtiise j | of 'partial martial laxs-* Is going: to j ? »er pc-nrsltted without a fight." | to centralize too previo«isly. and inthe one indlviduaL" } mad* to rhe ' executive Hunter's iv « ** ia Tiiei ins-all^ioa *>f wa.« scpply and sewage disposal Question o<pfore Paris property owners Tuesday becomes: bonds, uosev.-age disposal system an<3 possible/law s^its, or Bonds, sewage ^Jsposa.: system, improved healtb. and no fear of law suits. \ ss j mad* IG __platfQnn.(.for canvasslss Saturday,. .4S .TQtSS, ' trials and reduce returns ! ,_^ ot . . ;.^mpaatica!Iy reject any | Hoy car.'*^|3S"e-seiking- to "emulate the \ after her .'husband's •poH*i|;a- philosophy of '. In the irieantinie. : riis^ \ closed ticwrs. *^2iie the tsstimon.y -araat The convention assemblec in the ! Si~eni hefore the committee^ ~<>airatF--l-^^? ;S5 * a ^ SP -'~;^* : s-^-ic-i--aca»'^ fe convention, which -was called tc < T;aa * : 2-11 investigation was order bv XT. H. P. S Referring ta the seizure of the I ^ a< * ^"here vouJd Paris be in the event a law suit resulted in a-f ••_ f voters registration office in the! stop-order for Paris sewage system usage? Our mode of living would ^f I City hail annex last Mondny nijrht Immediately, tjlrough rort«; of circumstances, g-o back years over{ >»y-militiamen -who have since held nighi. | the office behind naonated ma-] -Truly the 3ecision is an important one.; | chine :-STins. -Mayor "Walni^ley - sajfl * -—' :—- — '— ' :— — the city did not recQKniw their t richt to be -ih-ert? in view of the | fact that the oCfice contained the prepared for th<? PCJ>- that hi* LOTIET. wlo saifl friend the governor had State Tax At | Jealousy Is Maximum! Killing .=*a»« —„-,-„"""••• "Thils Jsf no progrram. le for ' ' 'bear Official Vo Is Reported See CAMPS. Page 5. Col. 4 Sewers benefit «v«ry piee» property in Pcriit whether e»jn-; sectcti or noE, It is ; ri^ht "and ialrj. that all property should pay proportional*; part of the co« and : thtt only wiy this can be done *s: T«» fl&c- that co*il ia tb* ad 'vo.-* lorern tax, which is th« ti*ax will b-& followed here. ini Drouth Adds To U. S. Dole Cent Rate For Second j Woman Pulpiteer Shoots [ son this issue of The i Tiie credentials com " death. .Mrs. j cSair ^ ar , o ,I mittee. James "VT. I>eweese was | ^arine corps, "i elected chairman and after briefly I ^Q^snxment agencies" into the ac| thanking- the delegates for the } ' iv ities of the Silver Shirts on th» I honor called, for election, of a sec- I f's.ciric coasc. 1 retary. to which place A. "VT. Ne- j ~^-^ Silver Shirts, rhe ; ville was elected. I p sr asserts the conzir^tree • The chairman or: motion ap- r ~°«^i informed by ! -which me!need: | °5 ^ s -^ aj 2 party of Germaay, oa. Credentials. Jesse Justiss, TV. M. j' LEeir uniforms but^that. -che emblem is in their Captain William Synes- -of: the A^g-eles police department anti-radical squad said the poHc« .- had bees watching- the Shirts Successive Year An~ nounced BY Board Down Third Side In Triangle In Store lN-. T^x, — The rnaxi: mam stat^> ad valorem ta.x rate of 5 Mrs. Cora r ALXS, Texas. I>ee Harvick Kaw- Weather f*a.ris can put her sewers condition now at - Iovre»t. cost in history. Tho system has already cost the taxpayers sess than iu*y «th-r cs;y-» system ' and• th*» ir*fT* KANSAS CITY. (&*.— Approxl- , of !C*'.00'> hy th« • government to j mareJy S06.»<>*> persons—a. number! a-4 in the work will make tbe! <witsal to the comMa^d population; cost of the improx-emeats also I of -th«T states o* Idaho. Delaware-1 lo-west possible. jnnd Nevada—«.re on r*!ief rolls in I { the drouth Mi«:hted western ha'.f | Th* -elecTJoTi i? to b«» h«-M TUCK- I **f *b.e United Slates, Jt wa^ stho-ss-?* ; d»y. T«>:!ay would b* a jrood time I l> >" * tabuiatiO'n Saturday nijEtht i •for tho c-itiax-r.ship to look at th«f fr<>r " official records. . prohj^m from bcith sides—the i AH a result of the distresst cau*- I possihi* eost to him and the c*r- j «"«J by the searlnic: heat and pro- 1 tain benefit not only to. him ..bttti Jo»s^4s. <5r>' 3100 assessed valna- thorne was shot and killed Satar- ; tion w-as levi 8CKXO0O On Relie£ Roll* ' ^^^o^atic tax tvoard for The second r ' * TT. * T 1 -ucc^ssive year. Jn Areas tilt 77 cents pe - tion w-as levied Saturday by the day as she stood near a meat : counter in a crowded store here, j preparing to senera Stdekyards Ends Tabulations ia Ne\vs are the official figures on { •the I>emocratic primary of July j j 2S. as canvassed by the executive • i coznmittee Satcirday. The- total" j vote received by the candidates is '. I given in each tabulation. Other t {totals than those tabulated are: i i Senator: ConnaZiy 454 i. Bailey! J 3557. Fisher 2IS. " | Governor: Allred "550. Hunter. « a ~ d re i >ort?d :Los - i - n S :eie 3 several irtortths. Ss ittee mace j saic se did not knou ,v£:a: :^r:~ delegates I mony had been given rte 2 Are Killed At re vennc. available public schoo: and Confederate s said ____ _____ ..... _. | pension funds share In the pro- ! Harrison, 33, a, popular evangrellsr, 1 Snndav Hawthorne. \ ! "Cora Haw-| lo the whole ci;y — anrt horj«it?y by sxj i* UkcJy to b«s *. "A review of the c fun<5» arid a e rat*s as fixed by the the £0vernn?efit | ^o^ a marked improvement Decision 1 ha* d<?*is;T»atcd. for reHef purposes, j thf condition at the deliber- I "io«? th«» t.350 counties in 23 ) ; «>** Nj«r-nnium."* the : reeds. The first two each receive [ ^^alked up to Mrs. 35 cents and the last, ateven cents, | and when less than six feet away. ! Reduction of the asarregrate de-? called her name: "^ ^~— i str.rve fictt front ?±0.9OT.S7S.SC on Aujrust j thorne." 31. 1?3S. to 5I4.62I.5S0.51 a* The! TVo shots -svere vtJiome fell. Systanders said \ ^s~ I nothing eSse tvas said bem*eeii the \ two. Mrs. Hawthorne died a fe*r | — S^D. ^VOOCT:! ISo6, JSornsby 1459. ! *.''•' t Johnson 7S5. Rosrers S?5. Berkeley! CHICASO,' £.-??.—The 22-day-old ; - 7 "- "| - Hrrestock handlers at the' Attorney General: McCra-R- 455T i l^csCFsrds -seas settled late i ^Tood-cvard 2349. Smith 1193. \ • as General Hugh S. j Comptroller: Sheppard 4010. | . X^LA. head. completed f Patterson I?SS, Clary S02. Tilli- ( its of conferences -wrifh prin-| sot: 297. " I Treasurer: Lock hart S2S1. Ter- | Gladewater Man Sonsht By! Oklahoma Officers ^4fter i Doable Shootin in c Us secret, the members ; not knowing: generally,, ti | of then- conrades. the newspaper "Members of the United Scates inarine corps, and the California, Xatiortal Guard are enrolled la c-rganization/' the newspaper the coinmrrtee. -was infc.. (.Jt. "An 'old man' sar^Ii t, th-u- " it:on -scirh a*, emoncency j drouth counties. or Female Trio Flee Prison Three Women Saw Way to Freedom From Oklahoma Penitentiarv Hawthorne «2ied or x *«-.«.*. T ' ^ inflicted hy Mrs. drfJcrt in the general rev*- , Harrfson fund, which re*c!ird a peak i The lofft to jrrowlnsr crops* and i ^^ ?9.377.SI9.7S on Ausrust 31. In the affected area ha* I'-933. ^sn be reduced to $7.577.- Set ^- w ^ observe her tweift \T:l^ia< .1 , settlement was . an of-the a^reernent -Jiators before Judsrc Ph;l:r» Donald 3069. ttavis" 205$, 145$, Conley H3S. reported, use their- MrALKSTKR, Ok la. hounds ?tnlffed in vain Sftiurday for the trail of a tatooed woman winy- to «-r and h<n- '.no convict pirJ friends* who •ssfwcr' th^fr w*y out of state's prison here early Saturday. L.^1 hy "Ottte Jva" Rhod*!*. 25 y«*r!« old. <fark ha$r«-*f bt>y»n*5y tattooed, th*? believed to hwvc been spirSied ward t* *>«i- mntn prison tvnljjt, «|] th* hatJ to do WRS ««aw an !c window »nd *»c«le an un- wlr<^ f«»ntrev E«r«u!rs "L-UtU* Ira," iwrvingr 35 ycftt-R Mr tho fatal mabbinff of an ii4tntrcr during* liqwor n«riy !i> Oklahoma City lfts»i year, th«**- Bc*t»i<: Cfttlln. 2*. M»r\-injc It y«ar* for manslaughter from EHI* I ?t>*.i! in th«» f Of <!r»!3jtn». t A f^trth*T Joss, through -sever* ! shortajte of w!nt»-r feed for Ilve- | stock, has b**»n predicted by axri- «llef officials «nlej«s rain full!* .«wm. \vVath- s jrave no rifca *>f a in the droxrth. Barren pajftuiva, shortaire of •water »nd «icarcity of fodder havo forced wale of thoti«»«ds of of cattle to th« government ><• ca-niifd for dijiirSbution to nee<3y. A week ajro, jrovern- pcrchajtes totaled 1.737.59^ !n IX state*. Another 1SO.- •w r ass charged j pre- been ««titv>at<rd oTCiciaUy, butjS'fl-SJ on Ausu^t SI thiy year, the •it at thf <*n<J of thc> 1PS5 fij!- yrar would be $S.3:».57T. ?«>, - the treasury had s*ei S43S.T50 for Interest and : fund requirement* of r«r!jcf bonds | ro- l?3.=; and si.S«s.750 for : 93K. i vrtson, aswjstant district attorney.! »tir^,n?.-< <.f rh~ .l-ficits in the j Mrs. Harrison told of fatsuiy troo- 1 a. stfHve last year. » tanas reached Saturday birthday Saturday. with sntirder and Hir.inary hearing. She failed to I f^>r aU rejruJarly employed hancl- furnish a $5.0i><> bond and will j ?>rst |?o-ca!;ed -exTra." employe? | ho^trs j-»%r3v a we-eS in a.ny ^eok i statement to Kmest Rob-j thai re J^ipts ..reach 4.0<?0 cars. *L;-wc«3d be an unusuauy ligrK 4C4I. Jones 31-iO, Ratiiroad commissioner: Hatcher ^430. Stnith 2035. Pundt IS?:. 4S hours work a week i JC-hnson S5T. McXees SC2. Supreme court: Sharr 3737. Lat- tiirrore ?C2I. McCIeudon 1~23. Criminal Appeals: Morrow S4t?3. Civil Appeals, Sixth dis=*.: Hall 44-S. I*evy 3373. '• Cc-nsrress: Patman S5C-5. \ Representative 37th; Aikin S557 *AX. 5. Col. 3 Se* JTEA1LOUST, Pajsrc 5. CcL T leaders hailed OFFICIAI* Pas:!? 5. CcL 2 s f« j on University Avenue. San SEillNOI-E. Okla., C-?>.—Qffi- [ "A corporal of the United States cers Saturday sight sought George \ marine- corps in San I>ieso, assigs- -Cotton" Jrlanagran of Gladewater. \ *d to iarelligrence worfe ro obtajjs Tex., after hi? divorced ^<ri?e. Ethel i Fain, and her brother, Fred San- f ders. were shot to death is the * home of her mother. Mrs. Grady Sinis, here. ', Flanasrar: -a-as alleged by ; cers to have killed the tivo and ; then f;ec -with Ms four-year-old ! daug^hter in a tax:cai> takers at ; the pc^fnt of a ~:stol from C!are~ce • Akir:?. iv ho had driven him to the scer.e. The chi:d later -was found at Varrioosa, near here, anci rettirned ; to the custody of the grand mother. ; ' Officers said that Mrs. R. I-. Cra:s: ar.d Mrs, Cecil PoJk were- -with the ; Sir!. Craijr and Polk -were detafn- : to County Attorney Torn Kaser. ; Fleelt:^ frcrr. the scene. Flana- can -was alleged to have kicked up r Po'k artfj h:s -wife- to take them to ' Texas. "SVher: thev heard of the - information concerning: .t&« Silver Shirts, was 'on rhe ^K>t* once. be- in^ target for m^-sterioas shots, and asrain being attacked by five raea. "The avowed purpose of rlie Silver Shirts -ss*<i -?h^-r t j- -, inteliisrence officers t-wo-fold: "First tiey plan annec strength to Caraniurttsts. because they believ« the Communists -will saage art uprising asd will seize the Unit** States, and they in tunr are United States secretary oj Alle newspaper says tlie Silver Shirts and their 'Aux- wnflt for WILL ROGERS SAYS: TO MAINE BY WAY'OF TEXAS shootingrs th*-y forced h!Tn to let f'' ar >" me them OUT of the car. Flanagan ; {n sparsely settled country pertrrizted thsm to take the child. ' ^ Cajon and La Mesa where - - • they enpa?re in target practice \CCIDENTF\T4LTO 4-TTTT T^ LJttlljJU ; tary tactics I street f! an.2 in methods . of tie and farm adm!n- j r officials ifewcwl th« cat- j ^ pnrchn^insr Tnachinery to a lowd c*% T(*,00f*,0oft b*"a<l. sll *1J I know i* ju« what I in the papers, or els«c. VVell »»r I started in last week to teH you aboat a ?rip I had a few week* where I just started in to xro n-j«Jes. Now to tra« he h*s= holes* In the ground th*r. a sopher. snore ; at1«va over into Tex**. *»v>H I there GAI.VESTOX, Tex., <^».— Kreu- zieyl excJTement relgnfrt at Dickln- ron. near here, Saturday for * time tvhUe workmen r««r}oo»ly *nd machinery of the Humble Oil Iteflhtn'jr <o*np«tiy*» Maco No. i wiWrnit t«»t which to s year* from 8cm»nolo t«r i«}v«mJ and had a jrreat time at the ranch. But I only had a snort time before I left for our trip around the world, so I decided to |ro on over into Oklahoma and see my sister and folk*. So grabbed an evening plane out of AmartHo. I had just com* in there that morning on one from th« Ceavt. Then on into K*»»*L Cot « Jitfio nleep* n's^.t, then doi\n to TaJsa in and the funny pan of it. Thinjrs sot oil spoctinj: our or em. They ROC one field catied "Mabic j Middle The • already ' -» TS« at FieW." Bnt it* its really there.. First landed ij> Ma by. po hav« i more ;: but 1 ' when I told em to 50 on over to I every\vhp-r-* Ti more. Thats 2S miles away, and ' jxist feeling *Oj say you know what Claremore tsithey can :a*r v doing? r*uttlnir up a finv han«?"ir. Wen *k-eni '» A roclt o«*. No ship Is «oing to »>f. there to wh out o* it it they ever jtet our old in it. Yoti «w we sot « fine | xw.l,. Th<?y school , th«src. ta~r gt£s*s to feave a.n ax-i- j there that was ra:se<J tn a city. rs^ %iC instrtictj.on „ so, ther? marrie»l niy r.ephew. a rt-a*t ^4 a^t "he hangar. We ' cowhand and darrred if she a5r.^ •>t a,f::re polo team there the best c<x>-v in the Rogers Coun- t^ol, *h« best one in ihc ; ty. Get a city ga.i if you want a '**:, n<? now we srojnjt ' country v\-;fe. For these c>!<i coun- ?> »c"^- >• viator*. Clare-| try trals have had enough of it. t^Mt 11 i * Dry and hot ; They are headed for the j^avernetu. "* Iher '« .ts that way I Cities, are f\j)» of country fo'.ks, New Deal. | r.ow all the city folks arc trying t ^ ove ^ was to see If to set little places in the country, j and north I COMMBRCE. — One child is I dead, another believed fatally in' jured and their parents were both i seriosssly hurt as the resu!t of at: on the Com- hisrhway about T o'clock Saturday evenlng:- The 11 year old chil«i ->f Mr, ars<i Mrs, Ix>n Gibson. livinjc near child was so seriously hart re- •xr>ecte4 and Mr, Mrs. Gibson were had?y in- I>anmp '" > the ixtssvnser line out for Chicago that after- j noon. Then changed for Cleve- mishty i land, then for Washington, and I j ur * car f ™ th i n ?oad was struck br»a^j>tde by car driven by I. B Bryant «atH tb» Hol« ttimnjr «IOM« itMlf, Oilman M»b4«'» plan*, », f»*t Military School, a «*i* *chooJ.* f or th« tUr^sher. R v ""* - .. ••"' " . -•' -""'•-• -." - ' ' ' ..'.- •",:.-.. " 1 ^*^;hcre I was in Washington at four | SraT> " r ° r<I — . — i Br^mt.. See ROGERS* Ba$e.--$. CoL S ters escaped: injury. JET within tbe five-<Je£rre« variation* each r;"iAx;sBwnj and m.iii!m-tjtrs txireat Saturday ruorningr'a showed a maximun 1 * of. 1*and a minimum »»-f 7S- w*ek, b!.x'h<B*t t*-m|>«« ranged from :>8 to t04 U/XVM. from /72 to 77 ^e|- TEXAS: \Partfcp o£ , »ad 31ot«Iay.i IJsrht to and t»t cKmily i,

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