The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 20, 1955 · Page 19
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 19

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1955
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

l GUESS ITfe PRETTV COL 7D MAKE OODLES PIDE BACK 7D THE CITV WITHOUT A COAT. TAKE THE HANDCUFFS OFF WHILE HE PUTS ON NO GUNS IN 1 THOSE POCkHTS, THE REST ARE IN CUFFS AND LEG IRONS. SMALL WE HEAD FOR TOWN' , ^.OO , AMEAO. WEU- B£ RIGHT BEHIND Tiifsdnv. nprrniher in, \^hS THE SANDUSKY REOISTEWSTAH MEWg IS VOWTHATrwONAFttST NAME lAStS WITH MDU .MAetHK^ I retL AS rivt KNOWN vou THxruPestDCv OFMIXJPS? IW >JOW ,IFEEL N '25 >WOroS 07 LESS/ CUNT ^\A5SMAU. WOBYBO m THWUSH THE SMAf WJW AeXMSTlCe DAY BA^'.. DAD WAS A MMSTtSf COaESe „,CAME THE WAP NOW HOW ABOUT WITH EN0U5H l^lOS FOB A CONSeECsATON, AND SO fOOe WE HAD TO BE5 THE CHUeCH MICE r Foe HANDOUTS.' y TvixrwAtMontwii ANDtwAS '2»,SOSKlDP00'/ OONTNCUfMPA ^ AKlOMA9ltlLftffU97 The Bald Iggle is a Menace to All!! *^K)UOtAPS WHO G /VE CaM/^/EffCfAL& ON TVfr- Hoyv'D you UKEA 3ALP -* you BOARDS OFDIRECmRS OP SHAKY CORPORATIONS Tf HOW LONG WOULO you LAST -'ANO MUCH AS / HATES TO ^ HAPPEAL TO THE CR/M/f^L HELEMENT, 3t HOWOYOUSHyM^EUKEABALt) « fGGLE FAC/N' yOOL fNA WELL(CHUCKLE),THeRE'< ONLV 0N5 WAY TO CONVINCE PEE WEE THAT I 'M SERIOUS ABOUT FORCINS HIM OUT OF BUSINESS- Tonight's Radio Progr«in,i All WTAM— 1100 CLEVELAND 6:00 T. Manning 6:15 News 6:30 Mayer & Co. 6:45 3-Star Extra 8Ubj <;ct to cnange l >y slatloni^ ^ininiit notice times listed are Eastern Standard W.1R —7«0 DETKOIT W.SPD~1370 TOLEDO WLEC— 14.'i0 SANDUSKV Dipnor date Sports Lowell Thoma.s News News Reporter Sports Parade Ohio Story, Music Pinky's Party 3 Star Extra Henry J. Taylor 7:00 Bill Mayer 7:15 Mayer & Co. 7:30 World News 7:45 Man's Family 8:00 People Funny n;15 People Funny 8:30 Dragnet 8:45 Drasnet Gueift House Guest House Serenade Lowell Thomas Lone Ranger Lone Ranger World News Man's Family Fulton Lewis Jr. What's New? Memorable Music Memorable Music Bing Crosby J. Dollar Suspense Suspense People Funny People Funny Dragnet Dragnet Bob and Ray Bob anrf Ray Bob and Ray Les Paul; Brown 9:00 Theater 9:15 Theater. »:30 Theater »:45 Theater 10:00 FibMcGe* 10:15 Sunshine 10:30 Karl Bates 10:45 Karl Bates News, Carson Jack Carson Amos-Andy Amos-Andy Dance orch. Dance orch, Tenn, Ernie CBS Dance Theater Theater Theater Theater Let's Dance Let's Dance Let's Dance Let's Dance 1370 Club 1370 Club Women Symptoms Let's Dance Let's Dance Treasury Agent Treasury Agent 11:00 News, Sport* 11:16 Karl Bates 11:30 Karl Bates 11:45 Karl Bates News Sport Final Midnite Music ' Midnite Music World News Sports Turn-in Time Turn-in Time News Passport Dreams Passport Dreams Passport, News Our Boarding House . . • Major Hoople 13:0d News News News Prayer, Signolf Wednesday's Radio Wr AM—1100 Cleveland t:45 Reporter 8:00 Andrews 8:15 j\ndrews 8:30 News 8:45 Andrews W.IR— 760 Detroit Mu!>ic Jack White Bud Guest Music Hall Music Hall WSPD—137Q Xnlcdu Alarm Clock Uebelhart Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Alarm Clock WLEC—1450 Sandusky News Band Concert Sync. Clock Clock, News Weather Clock 9:00 Easy Does 9:15 Easy Does 0:30 Easy Does 9:45 Easy Does News Bud Guest Mrs. Page Lazy Ranch Homemakers Homemakers Homemakers Homemakers Robt. Hurleigh Especially for Vou Stumpus Betty Newton 10:00 McBride 10:15 Weekday 10:30 Weekday 10:45 Weekday Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey Godfrey McBride Assem. of God Weekday Weekday Norwalk Norwalk Port Clinton Hymns We Love 11:00 Weekday 11:15 Weekday 11:30 Weekday 1 1:43 Fib McGee 12:00 News 12:15 Livestock 12:30 Mil.. Gloria 12:45 Mil., Gloria Godfrey Godfrey Make Up Mind Miller Show News Livestock Time Out Time Out Weekda.y Weekday Weekday Weekday News, Huron Huron Show Sammy Kaye Tune Town Uebelhart Interviews Party Line Party Line News Grain, Music Local News Guy Lombardo 1:00 Bill Mayer 1:15 Bill Mayer 1:30 Bill Mayer 1:45 Bill Mayer Road of Life Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Guiding Light 2:00 News, Mayer 2:15 Bill Mayer 2:30 Bill Mayer 2:45 Bill Mayer Mrs. Burton Ma Perkins Nora Drake Brighter Day Party Line Party Line Party Line Party Line Party Line Party Line Party Line Party Line News, Pinky Pinky, Girl Friend Storytime Storytime As FLINJT 15 ABovr 1© STEP INTO THE wviEiec T//V^E FOE 'THE BEL* IJE& IN AMBUSH... IF r WASN'T 'SUCH A LOVBI? OF MUSIC Z WOULD SBKK OTHER /SABANS OF EKINS ^UTA LIVELIHOOD]^ 4:00 Happiness 4:15 Stel. Dallas 4:30 Widr. Brown 4:45 Pep Young House Party House Party Music Hall Music Hall Rt. Happiness Stella Dallas Widow Brown Pepper Voung News, 1450 Club 1450 Club 1490 Club Santa Claus 5:00 Worn. House 5:15 Mayer & Co. 5:30 News 5:45 Mayer & Co. Sheehan Music Hall Music Hall Music Hall Top Five Top Five Top Five Top Five News; 1450 Club Music, Meet Mrs. Larry Welk 1450 Club Tonight's Television Protrams subject to chance by sUtions without noUc* All times listed «re Bastorn SUndard CHANNEL 3 WNBK Cleveland CHANNEL S CHANNEL K WSPD Toledo WEWS ClevelandWXEL ClevclaBd CHANNEL 13 6:00 6:t5_ 6:30 6:45 Ramar Ramar Watch Birdie News Bill Hickok Bill Hickok News Highlights Weather Cartoons rartnnns Tom Harmon Doug Edwards Deadline -Deadline Patti Page Doug Edwards News 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450 Club 3:00 Weekday 3:15 Weekday 3 :30 Pet Hotel S:45 Dr.'sWife Wendy Warren B'stage Wife Helen Trent Gal Sunday Party Line Party Line Pet Hotel Woman House News 1450 Club 1450 Club 1450 Club Film Actress Answer to Previous Puzzle 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 21 23 I 26 27 31 32 33 34 35 36 39 40 43 46 47 60 52 54 55 56 57 1 S ACROSS Film actress, Dianne She appears on the silver S M N Interstice Nebraska river Relate anew Indian heroine Extinct bird Diner Burmese wood sprite Beg Bridge Worm Makes mistakes Confined Tumult Ratio Royal Italian family name Belgian river River in Germany Trial Extraordinary Hospital (ab.) Village in Palestine Be victorious Stonecrop species Unkeeled African antelopes Russian storehouses Hate Stitchers DOWN Agricultural area Mountain (comb, form) M 3 Caterpillar hair 4 Pedal digit 5 Feminine appellation 6 Tell 7 Drunken carousals 8 Girl's name 9 Male sheep 10 Famous 28 She hopes to English school to 11 Volcano in stardom Sicily 29 Decays 12 Tidy 30 Let it stand 19 Troops (ab.) 36Man'sname N N N 7:00 Sci-Fiction 7:15 Sci-Fiction 7:30 Dinah Shore 7:45 Caravan Pooch Parade John Daly Movie Movie Death Valley Death Valley Name Tune Name Tune Varieties Varieties Name Tune Name Tune 8:00 MiltBerle 8:15 MiltBerle 8.30 Milt Berle 8:45 Milt Berle Movie Movie Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp Phil Silvers Phil Silvers Navy Log Navy Log Death Valley Death Valley Eddie Cantor Eddie Cantor 9:00 Fireside 9:15 Fireside 9:30 Playwright 9:45 Playwright Room for Daddy Room for Daddy Cavalcade Cavalcade See It Now See It Now Red Skelton Red Skelton Waterfront Waterfront Red Skelton Red Skelton 10:00 Playwright 10:15 Playwright 10:30 Big Town 10:45 Big Town Outside USA Outside USA Century Stories Century Stories $64,000 Quiz $64,000 Quiz Passport Passport $64,000 Quiz $64,000 Quiz I Led 3 Lives I Led 3 Lives U w 21 Penetrates 22 Smooth 23 Sprightly 24 Green vegetables 25 Poker stake 37 Insane 38 Breathes heavily in sleep 41 Applies oneself 42 Rasp 43 Used a garden tool 44 Shield bearing 45 Petty quarrel 47 Obliterate 48 Passage in the brain 49 Promontory 51 Chemical suffix 53 Marble 11:00 News 11:15 Ohio Story 11:30 Tonight 11:45 Tonight 12:00 Tonight Theater Theater Theater Theater Theater News, Sports Weather, Show Night Owl Night Owl Night Owl News Sports Bowling Bowling Bowling Wednesday's Television TMEGRANP PRIZE SHE WAMTS VOU TO FI6HT FOR V FAt^E ^ WAT MILLIOM IN viEWEL-SrA -Hrynr lOAuc ^c. —WSwl SAWEM.' HERE IS ONE OF THEM. I TOOI^ITFROMTHE WILSON 12-20 cn.VN.NEL :i WNUK Cleveland 8:00 Today 8:15 Today 8:30 Today 8:45 Today CHANNEL 5 CHANNEL 8 CHANNEL 1.1 WEWS Cleveland WXEL Cleveland WSPD Toledo Cartoons Cartoons Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Cat. Kangaroo Cat. Kangaroo Cat. Kangaroo Cat. Kangaroo 9:00 Early Bird 9:15 Early Bird 9:30 Early Bird 9:45 Early Bird Fun Farm Fun Farm Fun Farm Fun Farm Romper Room Romper Room Romper Room Romper Room TV Newsreel House Party Love Story Love Story 10:00 Ding Dong 10:15 Ding Dong 10:30 Ernie Kovacs 10:45 Ernie Kovai'S Paige Palmer Paige Palmer Wings of Song Wings of Song Garry Moore Garry Moore Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Garry Moore Garry Moore Valiant Lady Love of Life 11:00 Home 11:15 Home 11:30 Home 11:45 Home WRU Telecourse WRU Telecourse Gene Carroll Gene Carroll Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Strik it Rich Strik it Rich Home Cooking Home Cooking Strike it Rich Strike it Rich 12:0(1 Tenn, Ernie 12:1 .1 Tenn Ernie 12;3U Yuur Nest 12:45 Y'our Nest Kiddiuland KiddielaiHi Uncle Leslie Kiddieland Valiant Lady Love of Life Tomorrow Guiding Light News. Weather Farm Hour Tomorrow Guiding Light 1:00 Playhouse 1:1 .T Playhouse 1:30 Playhouse 1:45 Playhouse 2:00 Playhouse 2:15 Pla., house 2:30 Little Margie 2:45 Little Margie Playhouse Playhouse Jan Bidlbck Jan Bidlack Alice Weston Alice Weston Love Story Love Story Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality Hospitality 3^)0 Matinee 3:15 Matinee 3:30 Matinee 3:45 Matinee 4:00 Life Date 4 15 First Love 4 30 Mr. Sweeney 4:45 Romance Theater ThealcT Theater Theater Theater Theater News Paige Palmer Robert Q. Lewis Hospitality Robert Q.Lewis Hospitality Art Linkletter TU Telestudy Art Linkletter TU Telestudy Big Payoff Big Payoff Bob Crosby Bob Crosby Big Payoff Big Payoff Bob Crosby Bob Crosby Bob Dale Santa Claus Little Rascals Little Rascals Brighter Day Secret Storm Your Account Y'our Account Brighter Day Secret Storm Your Account Y'our Account 5:00 Pinky Lee 5:15 Pinky Let- 5 30 How'Doody 5 45 How'Doody Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Late Matinee Late .Matinee Late Matinet Late Matine* Fun Farm r ^ jrni Nature Trails Anniversar> lllillU'llM" •IjilT I'LLBE:^!|I —/ RIGHT ) OR WE'LL f ^^^i ,1' YOUC? i-U ( PETTICOATS ^ SHOWING THEY SPEND SO MUCH MONEY FOR THOSE NEW PETTI COATS, THEN THEV , PANIC OUT IFANVBODV SEES THEM F FIWEl PAP '5 6TILL WRiriNQ THAT eH /XME- f-ULLY OVEKPUE IBXTBK TO lontK cP^PBfzal r k CERTAINLV WON'T ^ PI5TUK6 HIV\ KOW! VOUR lKQQKBe>5 AGAIN AT LASTT- ANO CAW KEPLV TO VOUK NICE MY e>Jmo ^ooM i'omo WHERE IT HAP fMlBI^ THRU A CRACK TOPAV, ON RECOVERING Ff^OW A LINGERING CA^E OF AWNEfilA. • TO LEARN THAT S-IX YSARS HAVE iTpHEN AT I 3 AM... ' r YOU WAY A^ WBLL GO TO e &Di PAD, r 8UT I'M AWFULLV I OlSCOURAGEDl ALL L VOU HAVE WRIT TEW l&"D6AK. lONK" I* ARE yOO O )0t OP TMOSE \0HO V4PvO Win... : UELL-\.i....i THAT MOST B)E MR SQOlRE AT TV4E X>OU). TM«T THERE'S VAUOR\TE.5T RftBBn 'S TH<\»JKS\ I'LL WEED n> f

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