The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 8, 1967 · Page 15
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 15

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1967
Page 15
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THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Friday, September 8, 1967 Page B. 3 Hustling But Green Cadets Seek Second Title Frederick High School football coach Roy Comer woke up early one morning last week, so the story goes, with a very bad dream that started with a "question: After a 9-1 season and a share of the Tri-State League championship in your maiden season as coach, what do you do for encores? The answer to that question, for both Comer and Frederick High School football fans, will o' viously have to wait. Bu'. it is known that the Cadets are powerful, with a quick line, a strong offensive backfield, good receivers and a defensive backfield that will revolve around a returnee. The Cadets lost heavily by graduation, as did virtualfy all high school teams in the area. Of 33 men who lettered last sophomore Petey Cooper, junior Earl Main and Gary O'Bryan, a senior who did not play football last year. Cooper is the only one with good previous experience. He led the Cadet jayvees to a 5-1 season last year, and has seemingly conquered the "poor attitude" label that has dcgged him for years. At the mcment, Cooper is the Cadet starter. According to the coaches, he is a good passer, and seems capable of running the infantry offensive. He is also, the coaches say, not above scrambling out the pocket when the situation requires it, and turning a busted play into a good gain. The best fundamentalist of the three is Main. Second string last season. Main impressed the gained 1,100 yards as the tailback, threw for two touchdowns and scared 14 touchdowns. In fact. Comer lost his entire first string backfield. To fill the big holes there, he is counting on Stan Biggus, John Sherman and Mike Bowie. Biggus played guard last year, and on defense will still be at middle guard. But he's been moved to fullback by Comer. A 6-0, 180-pounder, he will certainly handle the blocking chores with ease, and has shown an ability to gain the short yardage that is the difference between a first down and giving up the ball. He will be joined in the backfield by John Sherman, a 165- pound senior and Mike Bowie, a 170-pcund senior. The Cadets use the winged-T offense, strong one side or the other, and will depend on little (·ipsy-do to gain yardage. Under Tomer, the philosophy is to -·tress fvmdamentals and defense in the expense of the crowd- pleasers that do not consistently gain. Thing c cannot he worse in the Cadet offensive line than in the hackfield, since Comer lost his four bac-kfield starters. But, the situation does not improve, it merely stays th" same In the line. Comer lost "·Villis Hall, an excellent receiver with good hands and speed, Tom Patterson, a starting offensive and defensive tackle. Richard Romsburg. the defensive sig- fast and furious... Fastback Sting-Ray with S-speed Stik-Shift ual-caller, Bob Ward, the center, Frank Keyset, the offensive left fcuard and defensive tackle, John Brecher, the monster man, Maury Radtke, the guard and defensive linebacker, Sam Palm the defensive end and Denny Oram, defensive safety. There aie two linemen returning whom Comer is high on. 'Ine first is Richard 'I.ieis, 185-pound senior who plays tackle, and Chuck Foreman, .offensive i nd and defensive tackle. At one end, Comer has inserted Ronny Proctor, a six-foot, 180- pounder. backing him up with hip Bowens, a newcomer from Hr.gerstown, and Kenny Boyd, a lithe, 165-pound sophomore who 'vill use his 6-4 frame and excel- l^nt spc-ed well in the Cadet offense. In the interior of the line, Comer is counting on help from Jim Baker, a 200-pound senior. Frank Saunders, a 6-1, 175-pound junior, George Hamm, a transfer from Wnitman, and Jim Green, r, transfer from Anchorage, Alaska. The keys to the line play cf the Cadets, both offensively and defensively, are Proctor and Foreman. Proctor loves to hit, the basic instinct of a good football n'aver, and has good hands. As .·-. linebacker on defense, he will handle the defensive signal-calling chores And on offense . Proctor is counted on for his blocking and fnr short-yardage reception, although Bowens or Boyd will replace frm on certain long patterns. Foreman is a football team in himself. At 6-1, 195 pounds, he is all muscle. He is a good run-, placing in the state 220 yard c'ash competition, has excellent moves for a junior in high school, .·.nd gives it that extra effort that (·rings the big gain. Virtually every coach in the area is high on this youngster, although he will still have anoth- i r vear of competition left after this season. Comer is also pleased with Foreman's hands, i-.nd sav.' he will hold onto the 'all even if tackled while catching a pass. He is also a leaper, and caught one pass against Thomas John- ion last season with two men on him and the pass high over his head. He joins his brother, Francis, as the only two players ever to make the all-Tri-State League first team as sophomores. Francis is now a sophomore at Cincinnati On defense, Comer will be counting on virtually the same men as on offense. Biggus has oeen installed as the monster in the Comer defense, with Proctor ;· linebacker and Foreman a defensive tack'e. The defensive end positions are still up for grabs, and with the exception of Foreman, Theis and Biggus, so are the interior linemen positions. In the defensive backfield. as- Scpt. 8 - - G l e n e l g 15 -- Waynesboro 29- at North Hagerstown 6 -- a t James Buchanan 13--at Bel Air 2 1 - a t South Hagerstown 2 7 -- a t Howard County Nov. : -- Westminster Distant backfield coach Fred Martin has already given the Cadets their goal: No passes mrown over their heads for TD's. Martin and Comer are counting on veteran Sherman to bols- ter the defensive secondary and prevent any long gainers that usually result in six points. The overall situation, as far as the Cadets say, is that Waynesboro and North and South Hag- Former Maryland Coach Lou Saban Trading Like A Bear At Denver Oct. 10-- Martlnsburg 17 --Thomas Johnson By LOLDON KELLY Associatel Press Sports Writer DENVER ( A P ) - There's quite a bit of new brooming. going on at the Denver Bronco's summer football camp. The general idea is to put a stop to Denver's long suffering role as the doormat of the American Foolball League. This is Lou Saban's first year as head coach and general manager un- ci*!r a 10-year contract, and he i- to put it mildly, making his presence f e l t . Saban has been trading like David Harum with some 20 ·horses" involved in deals. The h;?t two Broncos left from the Denver squad in th° AFL's first year, 1960, have been lopped off. Also, Cookie is back. "I'm rt'ally excited about playing football for the firs', time in years," said Cookie Gilchrist o;j his return to the mountain scene. Gilchrist, in his 14th season of pro football although the brochure lists him as only 32, played for the Broncos in 1965. Last season he refused to report, turned in the keys to the Cadi- 'Jac the Bronco management had given him, and was t.-aded to the Miami Dolphins. Tradi 1 v. inds blew the big fellow back to Denver. He played for Saban at Buffalo. Patient and enthusiastic Bronco followers were heartened when five Denver Rookies were se'ected to play for the College Ail Stars agains. the Green Bay Packers in Chicago. These included such top draft choices as halfback Floyd Little from Syracuse and linebacker P e t e Duranko from Notre Dame. Saban thinks pass receiving be the team's strong point in the campaign ahead. "We have some young men w i t h speed and we also have some experience," Saban said. "We're very encouraged." The target corps is headed by Al Benson, voted Denver's most valuable last year. Tigh ends are Andre Whit?. Max Wettstein and Trom Brooker. LTStown are. the powers of thp league. Friday night the Cadets might get caught looking ahead to Waynesboro when they tackle G'enelg in the opener. But the overall picture for Frederick again is bright. and the outside receivers are Hob Scarpitto, Bob Hadrick, Trie Crabtree, Neal Sweaney, Tom Casssse and Errol Pria- by. Joining them are Tom Beer, a prize catch from Houston who made ths Chicago All Star squad, and veteran Jason Franci. who is completing mi itary service. Denson, a tight end in 1963, has been moved ba:k to the oi'.tside. "We can take advantage of Denson's speed by moving hirn outside," Saban said. "He has the equipment to blossom into cr.Q of the very top men in the league." The last two 1903 veterans dropped were Lionel Taylor, who has caught more passes -543- than any other man in tha AFL, and Goose Gonsoulin, rugged defenseman, who held the league record for interceptions-4:; over a seven-year span. Taylor was traded to the Calc- ic nd Raiders of the AFL and was philosophical. Gonsoulin was put on waivers and was bitter. He said, "I think they did me an injustice," and added he didn't get a chance to talk 'v Saban. "But that's football," said the Goose. UCHDOWN FOR YOU I I I CK F O K K M A N ToiK/h Man To Handle year, only 11 arc returning The main problem, rightly enouuh, was to find someone to f i l l the big shoes of Jeff Freland. who enter Morgan State this f a l l . As quarterback, he tossed fur 20 touchdovns las', season, and gained 1.500 van's t c t a l offense. The key p o i n t , however, w i t h Freland, was t h a t he was a returnee who had lugged m a n y hours as Cadet helmsman the year before. Comer will not have t'.ie 'Benefit of such experience right off the bat this year. He is c o u n t i n g on top performances from t h r e e newcomers. coaches w i t h his ball-handling. Of the three, he is the best runner. O'Bryan is t'.ie sletper. He did not go out f ^ r f o o t b a l l last season, but did do a lot cf pitching for the Cadet baseball team. The M r o n g arm is his a?;. 1 in th? hole, a n d c;;:icu\s are convinced t h a t w i t h a l i u l e work at f u n d a - m e n t a l s . Clary will sec plenty of action. As far as foi.-t'xill players go. he's the strongest cf the three, w i t h t'.ie bin r.uck and wide shoulders cf a n a t u r a l . Comer also had heavy hisses in the ,a:-kfield. Jack G a i t h e r FASTBACK STING-RAY BUY NOW ON FASV TERMS A sensational new 5-speed Stik- Shift model that adds up to the fastest Sting-Ray ever. Full/ adjustable to fit the five-foof-r . . . or the six-foot rider w i t h equal comfort. 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