The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 7, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Saturday, February 7, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results THE TER rrTcontinuously Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 187 No Motive Given | n Testimony at Coroner's Inquest A coif by ,,,,,,, , jury last night re- -.ordict that Cyrus of a gunshot wound hands after Coroner Republican Senators Start Work on Trimrrting House-Approved Tax WASHINGTON. Feb. 7--(U.R-- Republican Senators already have put Congressional staff experts to work figuring out liowlo trim the House-approved S6.500.000.000 tax around $4.000,000,000 would he the most they would support. Republican leaders said the Son- ate would lake up ihe ;oint legislative budget committee's iccom- reduction" bill, it was learned to-jmendations on Feb. 17. Debate day. !was expected to be brief with ap- ilowever, Senate GOP leaders proval probable the same day. have not agreed on the size of the The joint committee set a spcnd- tax slash or a way of trimming t h e ing ceiling of $37,200.000.000 for House figure. Most speculation among line 1949 iiscal botht.luly 1. year beginning L. s rominenl William Louis Hardy, 87. prominent resident of Eldorado, died at 9 a. m. today at his home, 1202 1-2 Locust street, in Eldo_ . , n ..,,*. £_._ rado, after an illness of four I rial KCSer TOT weeks. Death was due to com- Feb. 18, Affer plications of old age. r^rsMtn nicmUspd ^0TM in Hopkinsvillc, Ky.. in Group Uismissea 18(J ^ .^ nanjy movcd to Sa]lne A six-man jury yesterday fail- county 59 years years ago. lie od to reach a verdict in the po-'established an exchange busi- 'lice magistrate court case m ness after moving to Eldorado. Republicans and Democrats center-! This was . nun LW.UUIV Sheriff led around S4.000.000.000 as ihe than President Tri ru-iH', a i l VV^h testified figure the Senate is most likely to The committee estimated a s u r - | a n d _ t h e .·i, (/ DolilpbCJ UIHH ii.aiiin.«. o Henr\ ihat in ilarco mere \"o hint:. J J\J^ JlJtiliiOdCIHJ V.W* V ·*,»··*·-- , - - - - ,, ^ f $2,500,000,000 less which five men were charged with jand later entered the ^ mill busi- «-cfimntnrl n ^iir-iand the case has been set a e «« iSiariLCi me ^ u , · . .,, . | j s the p rcs ent Woolcott mill !joint group stated that the need " " ' $6,500,000,000 tax Slash WOUld justified by the legislative budget j for ta:; reduction is "obvious."' | association and William Sandage approved yesterday, 44 to 1C, by! The bill is scheduled to be tak- an d John Hart as its employes. , Mr. Hardy operated the Gum- four mins mill in Ilarrisburg for five t*l Lv HIV- *J****«vv* i * w v / * · » » · · · · ' - « 1UI.-U -|^ i.OJ )-*· II** j*ii\* »**»·--» _ " 1 1 4 * ly following action on the Euro-'o'clock when it was still hung, years, and an Equality mill loi p'ean recovery program. Chairman I i t was dismissed. three years. For several years Robert A. Taft of the Senate R e - j rhar2es were filed against-the he and his son Siegel who sur Senators have said that a cut o f ! A p r i l 1. Harry Taylor Has Delivered Own Eulogy, Rev. \ they had confiscated a gaming At one time he served as al' table from the club room up- derman of Eldorado when the Minister Leads in Paying Last- Respects to Harrisburg's First Citizen ish. One Defense Witness ', The trial began shortly after 9 a. m. with S i n j u e t held last night at the c o m t f U e Coroner Turner who lonductcd the inquest, testilicu -« § cna t e .H OUSC committee. ' , e n to thc Senate floor immediate-1 a j, 2:35 p. m. and after that Xautiio li'ft no notes. | Th(J hitch is .j, at ;hc Republicans Naugle s body was found last ne(K j n b ou t 15 Democratic votes Situr(la\ nioining in his burning j n ^ nc senate to override *he ex- --.- -- , \.nar"es wen; AUCU. a u»i.-v -- , hew adjacent to his Harco store. pecte d presidential veto of their i publican policy committee said he ! au j n tet° following city po ii ce ra ids vives, operated a bullet hole through his head and lax p i an And several Democratic hopes both can be disposed of by Jan 2 Q a nd 29. Police announced News. 2 Stale s Attorney K. C. Ronalds and hi a^iMant. Harry M. Argus. attended la^t night's inquest and Ronald* interrogated Turner., when he took the stand. Turner de-| scribed tin- position of ood\ in the bathroom, where it was found and said that rigor mortis' had not set m when be arrived about an hour or hour and a half after the fire was discovered. Find Slug in Wall Turnei said he believed that j Native was alive during the first 11" ·· « part'of the fire as there, were j |f|p|J|(* nunu-tous water blisters on his I bod He described the bullet holes in the head, stating the bullet entered the right side and came oir the left ' His opinion was that the pistol] wound was from a pistol in Naugle's hands, that it was suicide. Dempsey. quizzed by Turner, told ----- · - - . - _ , . . .. of remoung a .38 calibre slug ( h i g h school last night, a from the wall of the bathroom. It was found where it should have (been if Naugl; had ( fired'the' shot throusn his nead while sitting o n , the bathroom stool, he said. He,! were associated ' too believed Naugle took his own j in various capacities while he was Economist Babson Warns Downward Trend Must Continue CHICAGO, Feb. 7.--(U.R--Trad- ers who figured the time was ripe to buy grain futures turned up in the Chicago Board of Trade market today for the first time in 'four ' days and partially checked the ' break in prices. There was still plenty of liquid- - ation of some grains, but the trad- 1 ers were buying heavily in those , futures which must be delivered " next fall and winter. The closing prices on the Board of Trade demonstrated the uncer- ] tainty which exists in the commodity markets. At' the end of the short Saturday trading session March wheat was nine cents lower than yesterday, but the December future was up 4 1-4 cents. Stock Market Higher May corn again plunged the lim- Nicholas Catranis (right), 14, it of eight cents for the day, ONE TO EIGHT IN SCHOOLING. Attv. Delos io Taylor During Game Last Night Between halves of the Alt. Ver- "I do not attempt to eulogize 'defense counsel. Harry Taylor. He has delivered j Following' the Marion testimony lle is survived by four child- Mrs. Henry S. (Bertie) er, Eldorado; Grover A. Hardy,' Eldorado; Siegel B. Hardy, Rockville, Md.: Mrs. Jack (Helen) Griff en, Riverdale Md.; and five grandchildren. Funeral arrangements will countless persons whose lives have fense wi ' tness ; Mitchell Golish, on been influenced for good by him." t he stand. Acting for the thousands locally j T he table, two cigarette ma- and in far-spread parts of the! chines - and two slot machines v. nation who mourned the passing that ' . w e r e confiscated were a} of H^bu,., ,fl»l citizen, the Jjou^ into^ J. Cains couit WASHIXGTOX, Feb. 7.--(U.R)-- Dr. Edwin G. Nourse. chairman of i the President's Council of Economic Ad\isers, said today the from Greece after the war, where he was a bushel. (NEA Telephoto) The soybean market still was on --___ __ ^e s fad s w j t h p r i ces O ff t ne eight- cent limit allowed for a single day's trading. i At New York the stock market closed higher after five straight sessions of sagging prices. Experts said, however, that the advance was merely a reaction to the earlier slump. The mixed trend in the grain pits indicated that the break came too fast for the traders to analyze l i t It appeared likely that Secre"WASHINGTON, Feb. 7--HIE)-- ta'ry of Agriculture Clinton P. An- Ike Turns Over Army Post Gen. ! principal of the HTHS, told brief- with him. Two men. Robert Boone. Harco ly of their experiences"iTM mm : nall bascd his sermon on a more his basement for twc miner, and Kenneth Hufstcdler. i then there wais a brief moment ot translation: "I have played more and that none ol milk dclueier for the Harnsburg, si ence after which taps was sound- d j h fin . . Dairy, told of the fire and the cd by band members. - ished mv race." Reads State Law finding of Naugle's body. They George Davenport told of his - vmieht Hard I r.«iich tP«titiPri that st cnurcn. ; s i ot . that there was no cnance child ,. en to revive a St0 ve fire] The councils "sit I Taking his text from the famous!involved. He also said that the wh i c h had dwindled during the ex-' set thc pattern ,for riptural verse from Timothy, "I'two slot machines, as well as the c j teinen t O f a birthday party turned throughout the govern ive fought a good fight." Rev.. cigarette machines, had been in ( . .- ^ me mto a furnace and are hoping thc marke sen have Hall · « ! " | - - - ~ - - - - f . a S° o £l S ht - Rev - ' cigarette machines, had been in his sermon on a more his basement for two years or of them was both said that Mrs. Naugle. pan- personal association 'with Mr. Tay- C him oiit. Name Administrator 1:1 the house, to get Fought and Fought Hard Golish testiiied that the other overnment. They i ti »yii. n tvt M^* J^-M » " · _ - « · -- -- i^r - -- f . i" into a furnace and are hoping thc market breaK is a " little girls, police said j signal that the cap has been put ! on the inflation spiral, but are The narents who had taken an awaiting further developments be- luit guest to her nearby home. | fore ra-meading any new poh- adult icky. was outside when they ap-. icr over a long period and of his preached, and shouted to them j \vork with him during 35 years he served as a memoer of the school board while Mr. Taylor \\as principal. They both told of breaking win- R ay Goben, head custodian of torv do'\ s to enter the burning struc-j the school" buildings '"' J " r "*" ture Boone said he made way Taylor as a "boss" to:he bathroom through the smoke work for him. and tire ;.nd saw Naugle's body, j jjj ss Velma Ogg. but became stifled by smoke and j t 0 {^ O f M r , Taylor's h.TM !f if-nvo " educator," of his qualities as a I submit to you Harry Taylor four defendants had no conncc- was a soldier," he said. Yea. he tion with his music business, that was more than that--he was a they had nothing to do with the *·" : cies. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower.- the 'defson was right when he said at man who led western allied fore- Washington: es to victory in Europe, today . '"I don't think a soul' understands turned, over his po? f as chief of it." ' ; staff to his "good right arm," Gen. Such experts as Dr. Edwin · G-. Omar'N. Bradle". ·-,- .- Nourse.-chairman-.of- the Presi- President Truman,"who attend- dent's Council'o'f Economic Med a simple three-minute cere- visers, and Aryness.Joy Wickens, mony at the Pentagon, comment- assistant commoner of; the Bue( j. reau of Labor Statistics, said they "Marshall to Eisenhower to would have to see what develops Bradley I think that's one of before interpreting the effects of the finest exchanges I know." the break in commodities during Eisenhower succeeded Secre- -;he last four days. , tarv of State George C. Marshall Wickens said it is too early to as "A.rmy Chief of Staff. tell what the effect of the market Shortly before the ceremony plunge will be on the cost 01 swept their'home I Noursc $ council, which is Presi- ^egan Truman, Eisenhower. Brad- living. who could command, could basement of thc building. and could lead to vie- In the first phase of the clos- nad , . . This he did ' in 50 years ing arguments Lightfoot read the party: and nei si | dent Truman's top economic staff, special report. were some . Doris Jones 9 who does not plan a special report. c ; R all ma V c hed stiffly in sin- scatte P« it the birthdav The next regular report is due gl file into R 0ya ii's office. High level. e S l » lev and Army Secretary Kenneth Meanwhile, there C." Royall ma'rched stiffly in sin- scattered price cuts at the retail 2 at the end of March, when Nourse · ' ' colleagues will draft a ifidential recommenda- President and his had to Boone also identified the pistol found at his feet as belonging to director of the faculty. Finally. Harry Yocum. president! Naugle for 15 years, that he had seen the icvolvcr in Naugle's of- Only other witness was Dewey Williams. Harrisburg coal hauler ·'·ho tc-Mriied biiefly. He said Xauule called him at 6 a. m. Saturday and ordered a load of coal for his store. He said there was nothing unusual in Nauglc's con- Meanwhile Dvford Revnolds of Oi HIv odiiwi \.ia f iv.j**».\,^v»»*-»«-o j I'fi the- students who were in thejio nil school during Mr. Taylor': fought ignorance and sought "- .t _ _ - . j - -r *ViA.*-n*-*/ic- f\? · «m. ^lf^ i i l W A 4 1 V V 7 A*\^ fc T «** «^ v*.*.**-**' ·^·-·'ct *^^ · v.-- _ At-ranking generals and other mili- At Cleveland, for instance, the tary and civilian leaders present Kroger grocery- chain announced for" the ceremony were silent. that beginning Monday it woultt Eisenhower and Bradley, the C ut the price of a 20-ounce loaf GI's general, made a military piv- O f bread by one cent. Flour nul- riculture Clinton' o t { 0 f ace cac h other. Bradley i e rs previously announced that [ of the market ra j sec j his hand while Eisenhower they were reducing their prices ,,... fast for me." | rea d the oath of office. · ;as a result of the decline in the I don't Uiink a soul understands if O \v r ite Memoirs wheat quotations on the big com"I do." Bradlev then said in a m odity markets. A spokesman for the Cleveland . . . n L-nnw two vcars ot principalship. paid to know (things. as a student us a student. $15,000 Holdup At Colony Club searched go in. but the flames Three brothers. Earl Louis. Jr.. charged an invasion of pri- of thousands Ox, to higher citizenry. "JK 011 to understand many ^ e "^:. q ?, u ' ispGCHIC3H vitjv.1 jubu. V I I M V -~ »/ \SAIV*? ^»«-« -- . . ,i , was a good search warrant and a home after having taken a ncigh-oi "His fiq.ld was with the rising good seizure." He stated that generation, and he never sowed merc possession was illegal. any seed that would not bring forth a harvest of good fruit. 1 "He was a soldier who fought ' littleness, meanness and bigotry., ir.nd he fought for ihe Christian; of Cold Toward --. -- , CAIRO. 111.. Feb. 7.--(U.R)--Arm- religion and" the things for which i Ham.hur4. brother of Mrs. Naugle. c d holdup men entered the Colony j t stands. has Icon appointed administrator) Club north O f here early today and [ « H llgh t ; 0 give the best Mi^sufirf vn f i sffflf of tno . Nl , a ^ic estate by County cscap . ? d with about $15.000 from I possiblc fr om himself and those, ^litaW^M^S i§ JlGlIC,? Jud^ r..,!pi, \v. choisscr. Naugle. t h c c lub and jcwclr- from thc pa- «: c f cc ted to serve with him. the fire was going out. for t:u d cl^.c in prices . ;-. thai u.: i.:er.s are killing livestock ; Set of Triplets Stretdie Babson safd the current slump . in the commodity market resulted j from high prices, high taxes and ' ^-There will be a bust and every "Cf'O.-.r. Sign Contract for T I S " ISIIK »«"·» « complishmcnt. . a - ra -«: honor. state police said. jj;,j u Livcs ;,, High School Police caid they recovered one i .. Wc mourn his passing." thc, L .._ of the escape cars, which was in- M j n i sler declared, "but in rcahlv t . r .c voh-ed in an accident this morn- wfc mourn for ourselves. Harr_» it ins. A state-wide alarm was broad- Tsv j or is no t dead. He still live* ? cast with descriptions of thc men f n ' t hc hi^h school which he built, furnished bv the witnesses to thc = other* educational institution* j . , i _ . . , i L«,^ *»** ?«fl«i. ' holdup . o\cr which he has had an influ-' creeping ,_ . .. « ^ _ _ * . 4 V 4 V i i r f % x * « - » * ^ T - i " ^ - ^ . ^ a " _ _ 1 r we are getting nearer to tne ! time for it." he said. ·Each year as living costs and ocratic parties monopoly corr-Tations K Disck as Texas Ssfi-Hsad s ShoSs in Shooting Ge'Iery 7 -nuh ·,,.;] : ':- WOT 110 " %v $6.286. Prclimin-; WT cckcd on state route 145. *---'--- done under miles north of Vienna , " M V'u contract, making thc total - ! r J J1 u and pamiins. . h Baptist Cnurcn Sunday : =OT /..''i,; 1 r^' 1 " 1 of , n'si" 5 ^. 0 ; | Thc First Baptist church in --' crartcl sc icciioii. , h b] ,^ " : -bo lank work. He: said d d w i'.l hold thc formal open-, qu *"" vc th cir traditional ^ bl - v «--*ic-f-nr-. i "v»*"^"y ^ , _!_ u..:i*Ji«rt */s^ t *V13M)ii** fr«* v * , _ »i-iili t WASHINGTON. Feb. keep up thc mortgage paymcn his seven-room home. Walker emphasized that he vas- n't lojkina for handouts. bi.t offers cv \\o-..; '.o »ho shooting o f assistance have been pouring in. i hospital trustees ,-iscrs to thc Walk- . , oil offers for en- l uiixd contracts. worried about fam- Tije thc other children. ·doubling up some four-bedroom, two Southern i, uncertain -i tli « government would export IU how much would be left in is countn- as a caro'ovcr from £irrcnt crop He also said TM£ affected by the boost 'fins, thc down payments n ^ grain transactions. mar.r.r.l c u c m . ,,, « ..«.. home. . ti.te afternoon wa in sou.h por First reaction of the older trip-, tion tomgnt Clc3 " :4 : er in the bc^t vi iii in, wv i fi - 7 - lfi - Washer work works. The Rev. H. R. v.«rks. works. of the Eldorado church I fi I 'f I: 1 I 3 1

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