Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 6, 1968 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1968
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

gAftikt>A¥, JULY 6, 1968 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE B-3 MOOSE •MM APARTMENT 8-0 By Alex Kotzky I HAP AN HAPPEN TODAY WHILE 1 WAS TAKING DOTATION FROM MR. FROST.' THANK m SIR/ IT'S A H6 HCTAT6P A UTTER TO OUR W65TC6AST R6PRe9eMfATlVE"-ASKIN6 HIM TO CHECK OUT A RUMOR THAT EDEN LOWRV 15 RETURN- IN6 TO THIS COUNTRY TO DO A PICTURE FOR 6I6ANTIC PRODUCTIONS/ ilim^r% f*f^t wir>; • • u , R6CIP6 THAT'S BEEN IN WAS THAT, MARflO? YOU'RE THE CHICKEN MAKER INNEWVtiRK IU THE WIZARD OF ID Parker and Hart THfi , HAVE SEEN SUCH BEAUTIFUL. FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry HIS STAFF AT THE TRANS-EURO-ASIAN CCNTER FOR /U5VANCED STUDIES HAS TIED UP ALL VOtlR 6EOTLEMEIJ, F*OF. NW.OR WILL v GROUNDWORK:, BWEF you ON THE FINAL PLAN FOR UPCWTINS OUR SATELLITE DEFENSE RIMS/ TIGER ...AND IRONED OUfcTHE BUSS/. If (f^ SENTLEMEM,, PROF. NIAAOR.' By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAADXY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman KA.Y, I'LL EXPLAIN LATER/... A.LERT ALL THE GUARDS ON • THE ESTATE1..NOW/ PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates WBLU/IT POPSMV HEUp ME ©O TO USELESS MISINFORMATION DONALD DUCK By A. LEORUM BAKTH FLIPPED ON IT*/W6 63° N.E., TEKA9 WOMUP IsNP UP IN RMOPP ISLAND <-~ MAKIN6- FOR VERY CRPWPBP CONPITION* THERE;. By Walt Disney POLITICIANS MQVBMQRS HOT AIR THAN TH WHY WE SAY IT _L As you know, we're having a Presidential election this year. Do you know what the word "election" comes from? In Latin "e" meant "out" and "lectus" meant "picked". So in an election a candidate is "picked out". Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: Keith Morrison, 9, Tacoma, Wash. Sell your "Don't Needs" in the bargain hunter's f t * f The Telegraph Want Ads! Phone 4*54611 By Alfred Andrtote Win The New Book of Knowledge (20-volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. You must include your Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: j Sheryl Booker, 10, Cleveland, Ohio The sap of a tree is like blood is to our body. It consists of soil water with minerals or food dissolved in it. Inside a tree there are living tissues. The rough outer bark on a tree trunk consists of dead cells. Just underneath the bark area, is the cambium. This is the part of the trunk that grows. Each year the cambium builds a layer of bark on its outside and a layer of wood inside. The wood inside the cambium jis called sapwood. Like other 'living tilings, sapwood is made up of tiny units called cells. These cells, growing one on top of another in the trunk, form pipes. The sapwood pipes are the most important part of the tree's plumbing system. Sap travels between the roots, deep underground, and the topmost branches and leaves. A column of soil water with minerals in it moves up on set of pipes. A second set of pipes brings down water with food in it. The food, Which is dissolved in the water, gives every part of the tree the energy it needs to grow. How can water rise from the roots to leaves at the top of a tree? Some trees, such as the redwood, are more than a nun dred feet high. And on a warm summer day the sap may move up a tree at the rate of three feet a minute. Scientists have still not been able to figure this out completely. They believe that it is the result of several forces at work at the same time. The explanation that is most widely accepted is that sap rises because of two things: transpiration and the cohesion of water. Transpiration is the evaporation of water from leaves. And cohesion is the force that attracts one particle of water to another. So transpiration supplies the pulling power on the columns of water in the sapwood pipes. The evaporation of the water from the cells of the leaves creates a vacuum in the cells beneath. These cells draw up the water from the cells below, and this process continues all the way down to the roots — and the sap rises. FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What did the carpenter say to wall? 2. What's a school board? 3. What did the dog say when he slid down the,sandpaper? Answers 1. One more crack and I'll plaster you. 2. The principal's paddle. 3. Ruff! Ruff! KEfcKY DftARE MR. LASH tAVARES HAS QUITE A FANC/ PLAT.' APPARENtlY HIS CREPITORS AREN'T CROWPINS HIM tHAVU. B£ SSt. ORAK6, SET WTO THE 86P- KOOfK AMD MAKE SURE THE IOU1RMENT 13 WORKING/ HIS OFFER SOUNDS TOO 600DtQ8ETKUE..Hl6H PAY FOR A FEW HOURS / SOOM WORK EACH WEEKAS VfiNOOUt HIS BOWgUARO/ JTABOUT THE DAVID CRANK By Oreig Flessel I'M NOT TRYING TO M/4Ke X QAKfT YOU ""( \OUV6 NEVfil? SfOKeN THAT 1^ A0eNUMAN«rMTRYlN0 ) UNOWST/4ND ) WAYTTOMe TO ^AVB HIMRfeM JAIL OR >/ THAT? OODLUM &OYOFF THE D MAKE HIM/ ©ENTLEM/4N IN TWO RIVETS By George Sixta I PONT MIND A JOB I CAN SIT AT,.. A JOB FOR >OU Keep COOL WHILE YOU WORK... YOU'ffB A COWBOY. THE BEKK1S By Carl Grubert DAYS.' IIVE FELT LIKE A CLAY PIGEON WELL.H.L BE THE JYVAY AROLJND THE ODA^rD BETTE I'M NOT EVEN SAFE THE PARKING LOT/ GET KILLED; By Carl Anderson HENRYS LENDING- LIBRARY HENRYS LENDING- LIBRARY— True Life Adventures CREATURES o-f INNER SPACE WIMP ANP- WATEK. ©I96S Will Diiney Production! World Rinrili r BE5AST" )M NEW MEXICO )S •REMK4AMT FROM CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sheffer LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE HORIZONTAL 1. Snatch 5. Evian, e.g. 8. Like a tortoise 12. Another Hollywood 13. Sun 14. Not a motel 15. Eager 16. of conversation 17. Matures 18. A preserve 20. Agreement 22. Is ill 24. Near 25. Natated 28. Our ambassadorial sites 33. Van Gogh lost one 34. Beverage 35. Anger 36. Pens 39. Rural feature I 40. One 41. Mother of I the gods 43. Made good enough mark 47. Untouched 51. Redact 52. Farm dweller 54. Accurate 55. Highway division 56. Neither's companion 57. Cook's need KO uo. ^^^^^ Astaire 59. Affirmative 60. Recedes VERTICAL 1. Weight 2. Stray 3. Among 4. Uproar 5. Hopefuls 6. Wall St. term 7. Theatrical group 8,'California peak 9. Theater comfort. 10. Prophecy Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 'AVOO '9 '«ano '01 '>i9n«A '« 'HSIOVS f s 'MVP Average tlmit of lolutlon: 22 minutes, 11. Bridge position 19. Three-toed sloth 21. Girl of song 23. Scoff 25. no evil 26. Peaked 27. Part of » circle 29. Dismissed 30. By way of 31. Sin _ 32. Japanese coin 37. Persisted 38. All for 39. Struggle 42. Printer'* measure 43. Lucre 44. Jewish month 45. Geometric function 46. Repudiate 48. Semite 49. your dogs 50. Spreads hay , 53. Grief 12 15 44 45 40 Ifc 34 41 m. 20 47 24 4^ 8 17 IS4 35 10 it SO OHYPTOQVDPS KYJMO NYJQQRN SQQMCE 6 BOB iVEOB, VBOK VOMCZQQZ. Ycitcrday'i Cryptoqulp; LONESOME LAD DREAMS Of FUTURE FAME AND FORTUNE.

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