The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 1, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1932
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

DAILY 1HEWB, FREDERICK, MD., WEDNESDAY, JT7NE 1. 1932. NINE STEERING INTO THE MODE V f ' ZT-s . - / 7 ROBBtT YORK BT JOAN SAVOY Yoa cavn charm your war out of a ticket from the traffic cop, It has been proT*d, U you know the right kind of bat to wear! If you are a aportsy outdoor girl. driving speedy low-slung sports car. you might do well to look at a bandana cap and kerchief s*-t (leR) which Is so chic that old "mammy" would never know her bandanas when they cooe cone up this way. The gay red, black and whiie coloring makes this se* lovely wiiii a whre cress Ii is downright "saucy -- so much .so a fact, thac you can be sweet as pie \o any officer who stops you and he will think what a nice httle girl you are -- aad that you just couldn't have looked at the speedometer. If you are a sophisticate and scorn trying to get away with the "young girl stuff." there Is a very, very smart black and white taffeta turban ar.! bow tie scarf (upper right.) for you to tirive in It is one of those crap, clean- loDking checks and the taffeta makes a billowy scarf, yet a trim one. The little turban Is superbly cut and fit-ted. with Just the rl?ht lift to its left side to show your new coiffure. When, you gK all dressed tip a an afternoon dress, p-uSed sleeves, flower on shoulder and all. you will -»ar.*. a big hat that suits roar ca-:unw This one i loner right t Is black baku ar.d has some-hing r.ea in pat«d back brims that keeps it from ix?irg the floppy kind -.hat would set la your »ay «h*n driving It has a charmingly fitted crown. »:th t!v ctitest "::t lawn Sowers in black ar.d ah.t* polka dotted print PICTURES 4/3BE KlNC ! STOCV HAL COCHRAN Hollywood Gossip BY DAN TEO1IAS instead of preparing for a th-rd plunge into the cold water, she picked up her wrap aad liire-.v .: around iv?r shiver- nig should., rs. She made one remark and walked off a\.:^ Bell '0-3 stu:med to realize :hat iut-orv ^\as In the making. The remark was. ' A e tank I go home " * -s- * Dink Temple-ton. A squ b frotr. the Pir.irnount publicity departin'-nt reads · Dink Templeton, recent Ur. \erjity of Southcra California football placr and prominent there in amateur theatricals, will portray as his scree:-, role one of tue featured leads in 'The Gates ol Hollywood'" TLiij, v. t..ioi" e^er a nisiiUon of tlit fact that Temp'.cton for several years has been one of the nation's outstanding track coaches He never earned a great deal of fame on -Jse gridiron But he has made a big name for himself as track mentor at Stanford University. * -- rr Joan's Brother. And from Firs: National cornes the news tha; · Joan Crawford's bro"her. Ka! Ls Suer. plays 3. ai: par: r. · Trw- KEAD THE STOKT, THEN COLOR THE PICTCKE Tee :m cans that, sry can-dy shyxing .ey loosed jtiit« fui mymites. The wa.- they fcrr. UE:. One ;ype cf on:. Then came an ' ail "iv crazy s.jh: ing Sam-rie Can s-: re marched enc; IT." A=c -..-ven h~ ialt!" The cans all "Break rank." Mid S Qsn come and "ell an be glad to ·u're r-"'er. us a thr were oa parade a tcaae. Of course ny to tie "oants of ec «ras QU-t« a cans was ap in -her row of cans. ' OTI sh-ra:«d. "Hey! gi now. for one loudly cried oat. st-:xxi real siill. cou:y. "3ea:ease -s. if ycu please. kno~ you, "cause Garbo Isn't Going. Hollywood. Calif. June 1 --With rumors spreading around that she is iry- ;ng to renew the lease on her home for · another year. Hollywood is beginning . to believe what we told you some weeks | ago--Garbo is NOT going home. j In fact. I have just learned that she has been using that famous Ime. "Aye tank I go hom«," ei?e r since her first picture. "The Torrent." But she doesn't really mean it. She's only foolin' us. * £· * Where It Started. According :o the story, one scene in "The Torrent' called for the Swedish actress to swim a rather s'zable homemade stream. The water was cold, but \ Garbo plunged in and swam across | wiihout any complaint. "Fine." exclaimed Director Monta ; Bell, "now let's do it again." ! Once more Greta plugged Into the ' cold water and emerged on the opposite^ side. ! "Fine," exclaimed Ben a second time "Well shoct ic once more " In case you don't know it, that phrase has become sort of a habii, with aim directors. But Garbo had other ideas. She walked back 10 the starting point. However, The I.:tle t-s can seeme; real glac end tr.s l^nj parace they'd had. icy riiciic-ci «P :o :i:-s S--ci e3C~ ' We're T^yrr.i'es." -ree Coppy sa.d. liM'a: us yj-j:, r.D c^-o' h'-e rcac We txsn oi s-:ir.-::r.^ig r.-e'ff " One little can seemed *·." of f*ir.. It id, "If "~u l:e "ha: "se've dc-ne, Thy j don't you do some stunt for us? I . thisi that's only fair." j "A3 n-ght." said Scouty. "We win do ; the best tiling that we know, for you. ) We're pretty good at rambling. Watch ' us tumble in the air."' Por "bout a half an hour or so the . Tinies put on quit* a show. They i climbed upon each other and did aero- | hatxi trjcis ! And then they heard a tin can cry. | ·Help! He:pI" A dog weal roaning by. Tie can was tied tight t-o its tail- i My. Tha: an awful Sx. i "Key! Cat-ch the dog. Release the | car!"" cned Windy. Then the Tinies '· | ran until ~ee Scouty grabbed the dog j , and held him very tight. I The little can soon was tzntiec. "Oh. · thank you. Tmym-tes." it cried. "A i youngster tied toe to that dog, but now I act a" nghi." (To be continued 'Copyn-feh*. '932, ^-EA Service. Inc.) Contract Foi- Her (The Ttaies meet tiie 3ocketman in i the next story) 5 Wireless Haired Terrier, Maybe! Streaking of radio hounds. --eB-- ; - - - - -. K. J, ' when an I uched it. So he attached ear- ! dog's collar, and recep- j Fran's G. Kerk of Jersey City. X ne hair of his dog bristle ·e are shonsn rr Ho-cer. as she ' Just to prove that she's not really different from other movie stars, Greta . Garbo has dyed her hair. Aboie you ! see her with the platinum locks the ! movie magnates thought necessary for i her new picture. \ ii Crooner " He walks a;ross the stagevnih j a lady on his arm in qhi:e a cistin- ] guished manner"' ! Bet Hal wi_l be glad to know that he was noticed anyway. i * * * After The Rain. As soon as the "Rain" company finishes 5hooung the necessary scenes at Caialma Island--:he same spot, mci- cen^lly. -s-here Glor.a S^anson made an earLer version of this p.cture--Fox is sending a company o". er to use the same location for a picture entitled "After the Rain " And tnen tnere's the actress who slashed her husoanc with a carving knife!y because he vas so inconsiderate as to make her a present of a biack eye. What's that about the weaker sex? Bat it's not a flla contract, as you :n_5bt suppose from ths glimpse of ·ovely M^je. Ero Von Kussaig-Sezzegh. daughter of the civi; governor of Budapest. If* a contract as a member of a Hungarian contract bridge team that she has been awarded. She'll represent her native land in competit.on throughout Europe. j Mrs. Grace Cassard \Tebb Buried. · Bsltiuior* \ T d \Ia.v "" ^Ir* 5 G--s^-* 1 Cassard Weba. ·agio's' of Oscar S~.ere:: Webb, d.ed Sandar. and her faneral '_ ^"as h*-ld fro^i her Sudbrc-^k Pari: hone j Tuesday. Mr?. Webo --as ·'-? re;cr.: of i the General Srr.a^Tro-d Cr_apter of the . Daughters of the Amrr.can Hercl_t.on ] Among- h*r orsar.^at.o- ac' i -s-ere d^ector.h.3s -r. -he RA^-S---J Train-n^ School, :h*- FV.;r.ds of An the Ma--lar.d His' S-K.----T. :;-e . Women's L.'erary C' ;b of Bal'^r.or-:-. r ar.d the ir^-r,: \--on Cl-.D i Sne is o~ f. ·; sons Albert 1 L^e Weoo of LCJ Ar.c-"«. O-"a- S. flTe^o. Jr. JesM I. W^o.; A W-eao and K^ro'i- c Wtbb Tl-'re i Jr. and Ma-cc---: D:rs-.r vV^^b. She i~d J-^?e I. Cs-N^rd i N?-rrc. All -I'ead,- gM.:-y and ~i.- cs Juds-- Wria: CD TOU rr.^ar.. -a.-.- the hcar-rs' Negro. Ah rr.°3r.« Ah ccr. t ian' t j -The Hj-r.or_?: a lasting gift for the graduate books of merit -- beautifully bound classics -- fiction, poetry, biography -- modern books gifts -- cards berger's book mart gift shop opposite city hall Gamblers Throw try Entitle* SYNOPSIS: JT O » Calhou* cnI t!« exeitement acd. maybe, l»f yoarself «hotT" Tr« sot a couple of thousand with =:· asd I'" draw checks untl! th» back serds soanebixJT to arres' aie. What's tb» eic::*-a'?st au whea do »e start: Qu.rk. BOW I'oi s!l cf a '.Hitler! ' I Chapter 3 ALLIES FOR R E V E N G E ¥ERKY stood at th« top of lh« ** marble step* and peered ib:ut Jor a tii:cab. hopiag ragnelT that »a« of tbe boys at tils field would i*T« corns for hia. Ho glanced at !oag black-and- nickel roadster e'.aucJlac at the curb, ttea stare 1 at !t more closely. No. It couldn't be. h» decided; Emory Battles was In Boston. He walked down th» steps. crossed tJ 1 * narrow sliewali acd. beadirq; law peercl !^to the drivers *··.:·. Tl.cro, l.Is race rest- Th» kiiaapiuss tad t«Ven p'.»c« oa the afternoon an I o: Septeaibtr 1. Oa the Mora'.Ej; ol tie 4'.!i an ua'isaal conforeac* twk p".ac« at tb* eSlces of Hani asoad, Sajjthe. Whittelsey. Vai Ashtorth and Haaaajoad. attorEey* Reporter* *bi had ferreted oui th« Ee«» cl this important sseetlni thronged the receptioa roooi oa t!i« fourteenth floor. where tbej matched aaaay coteJ p*rscsige« «n ter the. closely guarded wicket. Mrs. Frederick Mallory. a^coai pasted by lluaiplirer iiemmSsE way. wa» first to arrjre. A fe» mlntitea later. Weade'.! lUmiltoa brother ot the Kissing man. «n tared with Royal T. Heywood chairman of the boar, of J!recton of the United States Text!!* cor poratloa. and Irving XT. Welsh, well knowa corporatloa csutxs*!. C'osi oa their hce!s came Mrs. Coibun We-"wortS. mother of the rn!sj!ni sir!. e*ocr:e,I by rh'l.p Maoomber her laturo i«-:n law. He read a statement to the reporters, describing the abductors' letter. in? upoa arais outstretched over tbe great slanting wheel, was Eni- ory. noisily -«sleep Jerry's pulses leaped. He xvoaid rather have seec this lanky, carefree, reckless pal Just at that reorient than any other aan in the United States. He -cached !a sad save tbo sleeper a iiap qa the bacii- Batties straight- jned up witti a start of surprise for a aioaient he blinked, b'eary- ired. at Jerrj', then smiled in a wide, contented grin. "Hello, kid'" he yawned. "Are rou a free man?" His greetirg was as casual as cbousn It had been but a day since be bad seen his closest friend. In stead of nearly a year. TaM, rather th : n. with high forehead, straight sose ind a scholarly moatli, ona miglit bare thought Einory a student taking a postgraduate course in philosophy at Harvard instead of a restless, headstrong youth whose passion was adveature and whose besetting vice TV2S wnnderlust- As Jerry sank !ato the deep cushions, his friend slipped into tha traffic and headed the throbbing monster toward Xew York. "How did you get here?" demanded the battered pilot. "I thoiight you'cl sworn o" Xew York for ever and liad gone home to set into the good graces of your stiff- necksd aunts, uncles and cousins." "I have and did," declared Emory, comfortably. "But when I read about your little to-do ost bere in the country. I thought I might be missing e bet by staying so far ar.ay from the excitement. Besides, the atmosphere of borne ·was beginning to curdle my usually kind disposition. "Sa iast night I happetsed to read of yonr lapse- from grace and knew It was time to be easing a!ong, "I jumped into tbo car, left Boston a few mir.a'.es after midn'ght and tea: the train to the Grand Central oy twenty-two minutes. "Bright, and early this mornla? I wen: ts your ayZr-g paddock ar.d found out where you were confined. The- I pspped over to tna hospital." "K;T are you Sxei fcr rn^ney?" Inqn red Jerry succinctly. "F.':l-y with !t," cjnfe-sM his friend promptly. "How in^ch f o yon wan'?" · "IT -x- rr,"7l~ -will y-vj spcr.-!," cr-"n"cred tie ollie*. "tD iv,·- a lit i The l!ttfr» a-e *o i:-usual t h a t reae«"» a-e '--3-cssed Ey ·.': m- pe'io*- if*s' s'^ce c* t ^ i 5313. 3ut Je 1 --y 3-d E*-C"y try tc c«t- *K t t f - r m , tt-rirrsw. DISTRIBUTION OF STATE I Jufi^i- i it.- .ttia^jrs and i jf maiM'-lna! i'hix'i and transfer of SCHOLARSHIPS ATTACKED r""" " :he count * Bd Clt7 boards ol eo.ucst.oii. j League Of Women Voters Would * Change System. | ° °' :h f. c ^'- ° r f ^^-°- f rcslsen^ ji eac.i one c! l -cps" Fx H'xxi Collt-g-^ $6U ',' .:ic.ud;ng boera and lodg^i? v. The ce«ip:i;ier :nen recalled tha! the conference was b e i p j hold it the offices of .Mr Macoinber's attorneys. I^ast of all arrived Inspector Henry O'R.. Mii!!acphy. of the New York police departmont- Tv.o hoars later a wa.ip:fh tittle rraa - n i t b berlbboned no = e glasse: minced i n t o the reception rooa; clapped iis hands smartly for si leace and read a. prepared statement to the attentive reporters. "I am instructed to issue tbs fo! lowing statement: "Mrs. Frederick Mallory. Mr Wendell Hamilton and Mrs. Colburr Wentworth Save each received ic this morning's ma!! a letter pur porting to be 'rom the abductors o: the two gentlemen and the ladj ·who are known to have disnp peared. With Mrs. Mal.ory's con sent, tre have causeu her letter tc be photostated and will presently supply each of you gentlemer with a copy. While each ot the letters varies in details, one of then: will, we hope, suffice. Icspecto: MuiSanphj has authorized as U giro you the following details ai to the physical rnake-up of the let ters themselves. "They were written upon station err which may be purchased in any stationery store and are enclosed in envelopes of similar paper. Thcj hear postmarks indicating they were mailed at City Kali ststlsa New York City, at or shortly b» fore 5 p. IB. yesterday, "As yea wili presently observe, they hare been haad printed with pen and ink, thus making !t 1m- possjb'.e to trace the author by employing the services cf a typewriter eipert or an authority apoc handwriting. U will be further noted that the missives wera written, or dictated, by a person of obvious intelligence. "In closing. I aa J^'.r-jcied tc say that a decision has been mails to fullill. In every detail, the de- xa~d5 that have been n;aae. That is ai!. gentlemen. Those who at tended 'r.° co-fsrcr'e ~r".~" 'elt t^e building by another exit, since tney !· r r -t ~h to be inter :-* -J i .·: . -S -'!· '' -.s a * -o« -i »· ·-! «. v .lr? .-··» r"» r. - · t tlx-.T. to Ai -t 153 sre-at ??.rr.3--r.; r? l.-er_scc -o cperatt -n Fr NIAGARA FALLS Vacation Excursions Round T "P FROM FREDERICK June 3-17 Julv 1-15-29 Aug. 12-26 Sept. 9. TICKF.TS C-OOD FOR IS FOR FOLDER \XC DF.TAII.S APPLY TO T I C K E T \Gf.VT BALTIMOREOHIO THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. LOANS PAY OFF YOUR BILLS! Do not hesitate to see us if you need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service. Strictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO S300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N COURT ST. (Mr. Sam in charge) PHONE H73 s" l"or New »u MII.J ^r Krpi" U ork ROY W. POOLE CONTK \C1OK A I H I I I f K 190 Falnlcw \\r. Fhonr K H - J C t t E m a t c ^ Fln* and t p t c l A r a t i o n * FurnlthrJ \Virncr Btov. Theatres T I V O L I roinv \i i tu-i )·--: ».» is THE TRIAL OF / V1VIENNE WARE -- 1 l o \ 1-irturc- Joan Bennett I k -- \ raramount I I . 1 W i t h -- 'I R i r i l V K D \ R I . t N '/ l \ C !. \ K i r -- K O B ' T COOGAN /ft s, /ft City [Opera House AT · 1"--! "Makt A Date' A picture that's Jure :o JF please cceryonc-- -·! Romance of "Juit Folk*" S T E A D Y COMPANY -- \ LniTtr«al Picture With-|| NORMAN FOSTER JVNF. CLYDE | z.\sr PITTS M \ C K SEVNETT COMEm DANCE HOLLYWOOD BALLROOM FREDERICK, MD. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8 DAN GREGORY \ICTOR RFCORDIXG ORCHF.^TKX From Xew York to Los Anftcle* ' Everybody'* Favorite" "The Race of a Nation" Admission 50c i TODAY TONIGHT MARYLAND M-arnne Kaninn No-.»r-o Frjn'.^ Bu-h man. May M r V . o v and a Cs« Of !"0 PlT-f'N "TKOl T HMIINO .1 . Fvi-nin;--Tl% and -.00. Children lOc--\dults--15c S^TIRDAY--BI CK .TOXF.^ In "DE \DLINF."' Attractive Styles Easy To Use Now With Lovely Fabrics At Prices Unbelieveably Low With styles smarter than ever before, sev- eral dresses can be pur- chased at less than the former price of one. Come in and see the new fabrics -- and these Simplicity Patterns 15c Each Bennett's

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