Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 12, 1966 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1966
Page 2
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ins Clear | ••;'.. Translation •**.I t af aw. wondrous tiring! the Bttte 1« the wfty iU alwtyi Mitt* to gel ^ —-- of the H is most translated . than 1,260 language* and dlalecti without losing their power to move the hearts ana mind* of men. Freah proof of the marvtfoui ftdaptaWUty is vtded by a book entitled U Pot Real, God , toy the Rev. Carl F. t Baptst minister who as chapiai oof the Erie County Jail to Buffalo, N.Y. with luvenile delin- other disadvantaged "Sometime I get all mixed up At myself, and something inside of me Is btigglng me. "Uke when tt say t iifi't gonna do wmething that's no good, t do R anyway and I hate it and myself too. "So it mttst be something in me that's making me do it. Like when t make op my mind t won't do something bad, t do It anyway. Sometimes it seems like t can't do anything right, and there to always bad things nearby. "It's just Uke as if I'm two people fighting. 1 warn to do what God wants me to do. But it's very hard." Here are the opening verses of tiie 46th Psalm as they are translated in the revised standard version of the Bible: "God is our refuge and strength, from urban slums, the! Burke discovered tnat leclass English used in schools is almost as to them as SwaW he enlisted their help in -anslattog Bible stories into the argot of the city street*. The result may shock some staid church """Jf"'.^! those who remember Jesus grist's passionate concern "The least of thes e, brethretL" can hardly douht r ould be delighted witti th" paraphrase of his parable of the lost *heep: "There was a used-car lot at the corner of Main and pmm^The owner had one Sundred heaps on it. If one of «,. heaps was . the owner go and look for You bet he would. He would give up looking till he ose he found it at North Main. What would he do? praonl "Therefore we will not fear though "The earth should change, "Though the mountains shake In the heart of the sea; "Though its water roar and foam. Though the mountains tremble with ita tumult... "The Lord of Hosts Is with as; "The God of Jacob is our refuge." And here is the way the same Psalm appears in the dialect of the asphalt jungle: "God is a good hideout, "He Is stronger than the "He helps you out even when you got trouble, "So what have you got to'one-year term. worry about even if there's a flood, "And the streets go caving in, and bridges get washed out?... "When the going gets rough, just remember that "God is with us "Like He was with guys of old." Amen, Or as the Rev. Mr. Burke's friends would put it, "You said It, c?g' Adv for pm's ThSPs May 12 Friona To Buy New Troth Truck FRIONA - The Friona City Council has agreed to purchase Canyon's dumpster equipment consisting of a trash removal truck and 40 steel boxes for $15. 000 if delivery can be made within two months. City Manager A. L. Outland said the council stipulated a one per cent depreciation for each month after the 60-day pe riod. The Canyon City Council is expected to take action at its next meeting. Three lots owned by Charles A. Turner and in south Friona were annexed at Turner's request. The city will advertise for bids for a new police patrol car. Glen C. Stevick was appointed to serve as mayor pro tern for NMSU Head Dies At 45, Rites Pending PORT COLtmS, Cote. (tM) —Hie administrative vice president of New Mexico State University of Las CttiCGS died of an apparent bean attack in Fort CoWot, Colo, early Wed. James P. Coleo 45, became 111, during the night and died in a ings. the coming year. Glen E. Reeve Jr., was appointed assistant fire marshal for Lusk Gets Support Of Miles In Election If it checks out ' one J ««^r«*f • as the 99 no one stole. "Well, this l« the way it wn be when one guy goes straight - — is just as important to One one as 99 aways the used-car lot owner is in his h The" apostle Paul was never afraid to use the vernacular in Caching the gospel He might be startled, but it is hard to bllieve he would be offended by the slum kid's translation of Ss famous discourse (»n Bomans 7:15-25) about the insidious powerofBin: POUTOL ANNUONCEMENT SANTA FE (UPI)— State John E. Miles pledged his support to T. E. (Gene) Lusk in the coming campaign for governor today and emphasized he would resign, as party chairman. man. Miles' statements today said: "I urge all New Mexico Democrats and thinking independents to support Gene Lusk for state could have." Miles, a former two- term governor himself, also said,| White Sands Mans Firing Of Penning Missiles WHITE SANtJS (UPI) - A erie* of ferthlftg ballistic rnis- slle wffl b« fifed from Utah in* to White Saftdi Missile Range, N.M. this summer, the Army announced today. Preparations now are underway by White Sands crews at both Gilson Butte and Blending, tJtah in preparation for the fir- Fort Collins hospital early today. NMSU officials at Las Cruces said Cole was on a university construction study tour to Fort Collins with Dr. P. A. Ambrose, vice president for student af* fairs at NMSU, and Chancy Van Pelt director of auxiliary services. Funeral services were pending with Kaster-Maxon Funeral Home of El Paso. Survivors include the widow, Dorothy; three children, all of Las Cruces, the mother and one brother, both of Arizona. Cole joined the staff at NMSU in 1948, was assistant to t h e president from 1959 to last July when he became administrative vice president. He received a bachelor's degree at Texas Western and bachelor of science and master of science degrees at NMSU. Cole also was a member of the State Manpower Commission. Business Highlights NEW YORK-Three fairly large stock offerings have been delayed because of this week's unsettled market. The largest is a prospective 800,000-share offering by W.T. Grant & Co. WASHINGTON — The Commerce Department says the slump in auto sales caused overall retail sales in April to drop 1 per cent from the March level. Sales of both durables and soft goods were upl though, from April, 1965. CHICAGO—Farmers in the northern part of the Midwest Uitiar Spacecraft Makes Test Landing On Desert ALAMOGORDO (UPI) — A moon at a speed of about 6.000; test model of the suveyor lunar (miles per hour and will be slow-' soft landing spacecraft made itsjed to about 240 miles per hour' first soft landing on a desert!by firing of a large solid-fueled: flor Wednesday in a successful .retro motor. It then will be r 3t at Holloman AFB, N. M. slowed to about 3Hs miles per. the test demonstrated tech- hou F b y the three liquid-fueled' niques to be used for landing en § ine s tested today, gently on the moon. | A series of seven Surveyor! spacecraft tests are currently! scheduled by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA officials termed today's test at Holloman a success. "personally, I supported former (suffered losses running into the Gov. John Burroughs in 1 a s t * ns of millions of doUars from !,«„ „„!„,.„.„ «i 0 M!nn H,m *« the cold snap at the start of the Burroughs week's primary election, due to a prior obligation. Officially, as state chairman I could not and did not express any preference week, federal and state agricultural officials report. No firing dates have been announced nor has it been revealed how many missiles will be fired. WSMR fiUkfcb safcf tecteid- an* were prvpaart&g launch pads doing tmtrttowntatwfl wotfc and other necessary chores would move two radar and units I from Fort Wingate. N M. to Utah to support the firings. ! The radar units were used in recent firings of a Ballistic \ Missile Target System missile which was fired from Fort Wingate to White Sands. Confidence Author or :he tx?»t »«N.T« "H-r.v >'> Win Frirarf* and r? Peopie" 9..-M "H.nv to St.ip Wnryirn and .SUrt Living" Destroy an Inferiority Complex Develop This Skill Through the Famous Dale Carnegie COURSE In today's test the vehicle raised to an altitude o»; 1.000 feet by a balloon and its' engines, rador, and electronics were warmed up and tested by signal while the vehicle was 1 aloft. Then, with the engines at: low throttle, the test vehicle; was released and fell toward; Surveyor will approach theithe desert floor. $1000? CASH FOR VACATION — and any other good reason — is as near as your phone! Just call Beneficial where you get that BIG O.K. for cash fast! You pick the termt.., you pick the payments. Call up and see! BENEFICIAL FINANCE SYSTEM • 1700 OFFICES COAST-TO-COAST Loans $25 to $1000 on Auto, Furniture or Salary Beneficial Finance Co. of Clovis 114 EAST 4th ST. (Back of Singleterry Hardware) Phone: POrter 3-3468 • Ask for the YES MANager OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT —PHONE FOR HOURS New Clovis Class Forming For Information at no cost, no obligation, CALL 762-1442 OR CLIP AND MAIL COUPON BELOW j! i THINGS THIS i!| • m.roMl; A BIT! !' TM< XM.K.HM VV i of your ifl^ns, i, ; M.'lT Sfrvirrs. ii| your ppfKlurt. Yin i \c;irn how to sdl i the most priceless prodfK-f in (he ! W-TH - vnursi'lf! i • 1IKVKMIP COfll- AUK A SKU' rO\FII)K.VfK • SPEAK \\ 1 T II KASK before r»n- | vcn'-nns, r 1 u i) r. ji <h irehfs. and basil in>'si groups. j * i.scKKAsK vorn I POISE, rnt.iMi AM) PKKSONAJj 1 roncK. 12 TRAINING WILL HELP YOU DO! * \V 1 N MORK • Mlir.MW Ihncuh «i-(|iiiring the ahil- Ity t'i deal <»<•• wssifully with Illh'TS. • i \mK\SE vorn , IMOMl;. T! is pnifticaliy linp'is- the skills 1,-uiKht In this course with- o u t Inrrrnsing , your eaniinK !">*•• or. i • BK A MOttE IV- TKRKSTINd CO.N- VKIWATIO.VAI.IHT BWOMK A MOnff i-: vnn stA.sTir PErtso.v. Y'fu nulrc this mile Of tiMCCf'St »>KT <i|:r OF A KIT. Tin' onlv difference between a rut nnrt a grave Is rlc'cpcr In Hint thi» (fr»v« nncoMK A BUT- Tl' HXKI.TTIVB i.Mi'iiovi': lutit M K M 0 It V for nnrni's, fnr-pn «ml fui'is. (|iiickly mid „ — ^_ „ Presented by UAY OWENS & ASSOCIATES, 1818 Herniosa Drive 1 , Artcsla, New Mexico Enrollment Limited — Convenient Terms CLIP AND MAIL DALE CARNEGIE COURSES 1818 Hermoso, Arlesia, N.M. Rush information about the Dale Carnegie Coure. I might be interested. Name Address ... Occupation Phone preceding that election. Incio? ™sTfo7'r"eal^God ^r^ThaVe kn^nlto Tor ^ntally, my family was divided] as interested in you ^ as over 30 years and he will be 1 , 1 " ^ ei r support of these twoj one 0 { the finest governors our;fine men, both good Democrats. j| The have candidacy tor REPRESENTATIVE *^ lijfyf j. HOYT PAHISON, *. JOHN W. MILLER, D. DIST. 8 DAVID NORVILL, D. ALBERT T. COCHRAN, R. DIST. S FRANK FOSTiR, D. HOWARD WUUAMSON, R STATK SENATOR, PIST. IS I. C. MORGAN, 0. WIST. U BOB WHATLEY, R. PROBATE JUPOE JOHN WEBER, D. SHERIFF NEISON WOtLEY, D- JAMES PRIEST, R. 00. COMMISSIONER DIST. 1 PAUL IARNES, D. $FENCE HAU, R. PJST. S JOHNNY I ILIOTT, D. OUN FIRESTONE, R. CXJUSTYC^ERK ANCeUNi STANLEY, 9. EVELYN WAGNER. R- COUNTY TREASUltEB TILLIE OLSON SHAW. DFRANCES LILES' R. CO. TAX AKESSO* GRAOY TUCKER, 0. |. LYMAN, R mm By m»u «uuu« Oo- nltaqr. WAflP tar «• tor the Graduate ^ ';*«*> V M *V,«- ^.t \;> / ' . . _f *„ * BARBECUE MONEY ORDERS CRUSHED ICE ALLS i HAVE YOU TRUE) OUB HOLE »N ONE DONTTTS? THEY'RE BAKED FRESH DAILY ExquUlts liK gold Prln- Five bright diamonds ecu ring with elev«n frame • simulated birth- f , bright diMBWMJ*« Flatter- »tonn In (his fine 10K go!d t ' < lnjityla. I9Q.OO ^8- $59.99 \ fimvto W1SK •ntv . SHOP THE STORE NEAR YOU -• 6 LOCATIONS IN CLOYIS Specials Good Thursday thru Sunday OPEN 7 to 11 365 DAYS A YEAR Colo. Russet POTATOES L B Colo. Dried PINTO BEANS Golden Spread Med. EGGS DOZ. 49" Paper Shell PECANS Wilson's Golden Quarter L B LBS. 79 C Fresh Roasted PcANUTS Texas Table CABBAGE I WIUPI LB. 39 C Wilson Thrift BACON Portales Sweet Potatoes Wilson's All Heal Certified FRANKS PKG, 49 C

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