The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 3, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
Page 8
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THE PAWS NEWS, 'FRIDAY. AW * Sfc Ruffi Fine Detroit Chr Four Hits., .3 AHo^vs I *y MTJGrH S. Ft Associated Press A. glance at tin mound records for son reveals one. s the Detroit Tigers 3f the America-n despite the cndout their rivals, the reason is Slden -* canie up from Seat The CS-year-o'd ha.s been taking ". Fred Mar berry. Tc and Schoolboy Kc>-^ ninth victory of the four defeats Thur s5siit out the third witb four tins to ;. Is Speaker $4,000 in Prizes Feature Farm Week at Fans Champions to V* in Sports, Health Events Friday's Rotary club as J a charge of tbe new -r* with Hardy Moore as e>iair- \ brief address by £dw» e!!. one of the new members, _.;„„ ->«; spokesman for the nevr ^iC^ere. expressed their &PP*e-, 'i-Tior for 'he opportunities the 5£*^£?r4r«ss ^-"•b and pledged their best el- j f^ reward makias ^ood Rota- t-ian^ The ne--v members are 1 Hardy Moore. Efiw1 ^ ^ a -~- a nV" ^ Boone Richards. John ira ^;; - * ~j mar and Drs. Clarence Oismeiej and Courtney Towrnsend. } V<* Ethel Price, supervisor o. | to those b« exercise* as Many Germans seem along -with rulers. • -r_l77 Vhl/3 \'OS bur y"* a -ewell Tuesday at berg. The orator will be Adol? Hitler who sa^eretl *° fc- 32 **** the" venerable leader** authority upon his death Thursday. =t"ec ; al ceremonies will be held S""n.d<=y Tjight at the Natioxsal "Kar Memorial at Tacner.b«rK-rrcere- nioaies from which worsen wilt be barred. ^r, official annouscenient said: .i. view of the limited space avail MARKETS At A Glance aWe invitattons to tills ceremony j will be issued to asale participants j It ihat Von b Ger _ This gave rhc- Tig •a. total c>£ 47 vicio: scored t?\ the t*?iLni to thes^ perforinaucc liave been ab?r to sr consistent, '.vfnrt-ers, Charlej- Ituffingr and •phy- The Yankees s^av chance to take It eas: Ills j-th victorrv- \vh? irsered Henry Johrssc sticcessors alJ over t ±ea.t the K?d Sox i: to make it. certain. S<ecT"- turned it: a fiv. . Tsc close res-f'^^biJ t>ie National -Tagnje ^J arsd. that sn t broujrhr out ""-"h' .Hi-el ee. "v-" t= e has flashes- of tii= form Ijxni one of tJic Oiax last year. «nff€red hi :feat since he returnee ive list ioH-o^ms 1 as ' »he tjetaiis ot . ;,,„ TO a .o- besides peiT2>-i«& ^i"*™*" of "the good its opera- .i/r Vi doing by furnish^ er»- ^vr««i for over 400 people, a. ;-cU as"food for .he needy. v^« P-ice ^Jd thai ali the "•'? e ~-r,i.-.yed bv the plant ex- ^T^"\vV^-~"on tife .relief re!l£ of ^r c--"ur;>"" S*n* told the club, "^': 1 . ,h»-v' received 2-401 htao . .;;*V. a VTi-~ for canning and had iu- rcady canned I6T.25S cans ^o, ktlVliisc anfi dressing tJie catde ^-^ iT^rs^^cr-o^-iriS t^« sczaal ca ~~ SrTof tVweaiT every can is left ~ -\; buiidinc: for Three days be- ;ore"iabeil=s. »=d *« i£ ke?t ^ in davs before inspection. bh- ^.^ that the !or~s trots iU - u .r^ ,_ -..!„*£ cans n-as-actu- ^•VUs'-^n or.e-renti of one ^ ^t. An invitation to Koiary J?.: b W-bers ~as s^en by Miss T^e -« eo*ne -o the canning piaaf -IT - - ^ C <- - , ^.*^» VrtT j biirjj for. i "r^edr'ch "JVilhelsi arrived by iairVlane Friday morning- He_.» j t ... a _\.:^~ a - t he estate of Von Ein- ideaouVs old crony, Slard. von ; Olerburs-Aziuschaii. The dead • D-esident -was a. loyal subject of < ?he former emperor and often • -T^-" \viihelrn fled Germany—was i ^-" T r.rt"-' fknrfo "C^l^t SVIU- Hp.l'j-ved 10 hO:t- mo.— * <• -- and se« jusi bo^' ihe work --va« of the Giaats -were r all for B<! Srasdt. ^et to • 9. T:ie secosd-place Ca ^^*s.*~ to ^*av^ abon"^ ?~i-i A ing eqdpTiient. in t5ie czrit eren" tbotigrli Cha isrs't doing —el!, S^-me on' tite Giants t .X>easis. nor Tex Ca.r!etDn 'to..-a-ork and -wlMpplng -.: T>ie T>odg^erE s.n<2 PI -rcd'\t T p a lot of excliem* con€. •j-r.—=•* OT the da-nce pupils of Miss"Marafene I^immtts were pre- "" """ ^ _ __^ ._ /?-a —ir*^ 1 T"Ot*Z*.*^^'- > ^£3-—. » f*£* * "~^ ^O ^ * — d& i* ^ T -- * V «-»• ^rC^T ^re ^vell received by the CC"— ^^H^-ys. They were Mtsse* xrv^yC"and Patti Bess iid"M'iss Mild res Strong. President Jess I>eShOTis ar- T-rv-a^ced the program Tor next tions.1 comniittfie. cornpi^ __^ Tu,. 1 - T^oJow. The- iOiiO' !;v '-'n5 ^-i jac^. i^^i^- * _^_ ^ ^_ ».^_ T'TI ^eiss'and Sd^ara B. _Kenl^of ••lexicali. r*Iexico. an-~ ^isivin-, --Need (Continued rrom ?2-S:s Oue> i^an^ements. have beeti --o"tho^nds o? inourners expect- • 1^" ~ 0 ^ Berlin to bs conveyed to j II a ^>y Hohenstein for lods^ns on ; sv-ecia! trains. " T>-B ^amilv O t the late presides: j -rvurs^ay r.^ht requested German : c'lizens to refrain from sending ^ floral offerings b-at "rather act i= ; the spirit of the deceased and^ive, ; th^ Tion^y to public charity. 1 "" Humble TrooecEoppers and other ; inkers on th, esta« paid ^h«r - 1 -Tir-ai respects to tneir niast-r.. T--e^ ^ ! filed sadly through the r o o m ; j vr^^T-e Von Hindenb^rs's bociy toy. . 1 "^,"b*Voke the stillness. A blank-J 1 e -V Ved roses lay or: ine bed and j I ^ wreath at the foot—sent by : t East 'Prussian leaders. i c JrC"o-T^-^re" " ordered to to!! • i n^nins: chides for one Hour ev- ; • ;;.. ^ichf from S until 9 until the . ! da^ "of i^c funeral- A 14-day pe- | i rio'd of mourning- is being: observed | : >»'•• the -nation, ; ' Reich 0 on the 20tn anniversary^ of j Left inset: John} 11 to IS. Right ; , _ — T —r.. ^nffT- lOuZl * -ti «.« j.w. .«.•—«».-- , Henry Fore's Industrialized Barn, ^^'^Tw^ ™ 'whose } Owenga, Blue Island, EUlastyear * shc^iere, a « oWte »t ^ : ^S^^SoShip^l be .4 h^bapd-calling *£**>*<*"* tf SSr5^a^r5SVt.^iC..II™«^ c^picn, -Ho,e Sca^WorlasFaL-t^year.d^ 5, ^ at ^ce. The ~&- m ±!±« fccw farmers caa. eSect rnark for ^=«f s j°^ „ . *_- j ^4? championship * «P, too. LJUCagO wu^;\ia j. ^— - . . ,, r^^^^»__ * Q stiQOt »w tiiil- L*^-- «- —- . ••• • - - cnsStes bow farmers .cm -effect , f-f"^*™^,£ Fair, Ang- i ^ids* championship ^ «P, too. their own relief by raising a=d proc- : mg Fara Wee^ at == _ === === Contest* for Farm Week naon . or toward a» Intensified Nazi P« U-Goexiac I* cfcoaen." coTioy "^JlSS^lS-W 1X1* *"-"- 13 3S IS.3S 1S.2* •"."""is.** 13-« 13.S1 '* 8 i'- 4S . H*»- XEVT ' is.i* ix.:* 13.31 J3.3S .. CHICAGO . \vis€**— . . Pr«v. Close i* 18 - 1 !.. M^-v .107V 1*'"* » T::.-i::-:3S '!?» - Com— ,, __,, 5l-M*y •« i;H i?£ ^ •"."."."."-V-73^ ^V£ Oats— sox; May ,.. - SO S|.\L S*px .- **> «?. ......--..- •**"** **"» Blo«ib*r*: ioward mri**r national amity U lt*» Von. Neuratli; j recarrfnjc ntensified Nazi P«M t fc e of beleved. Avfaat It meaixt 1 io«-?i 10: «i lo* 1 ^ T0»» 7^K 49^ *«H Close 10T •102K iOi»* ! •«H! us! i -J9^i 4S»i 47^ Ky«— _ May,---" — --, - S i- 7; be vice chancellor in case incapacity or death removes Hitler. For this reason Goerins :s beins advanced by some, who declare his quick action in the June 30 revolt quelled a threat to the regime. He may, however, have a rival in Paul Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda, described as a Nazi intellectual light. Rudolf Hes?. minister withoat portfolio. has also been mentioned. - Hitler is expected to announce his plans in the funeral oration he will make Tuesday at Von Hindenburg's funoral at Tannenberg. In the following letter to Dr Wilnelm Frick, minister of tne interior. Hitler reresed to assume ihe title of president and ordered the election: "The necessity for regulating the question of the 'enter of ; "S&ccoi&'-l * fmy person, an ! Keich chancelic I of the functior 5 Reich president Ithe tabinet \aa [valid: and sfa^p- -i pressed I people. j- r "Steeped-in:!* ? all authority- #* I proceed from lv 'them be rati | election. I reqt i to lay fhe dec I with possible 1 befor* the Ge^I free plebiscite 1 forr.i 91.: 4. Guard One> fortune that has people, leads me lowing order: i "First—The greatness of the | deceased has given to the title of 1 •p a >-is last week but could not. , ~ The names of Estelle a»d Doro- 1 thy r>avis. who have f j^«red in | the investigation of several ba,n^ J robberies and who now are in jail at Monroe. La-, were r«-ousnt into ; dead field marshal. crowded protestan in Berlin in the pres 4"^ said -Our tna^>s to him ca nexpressed only by labor and ,: Permanent \* ?i.S5 up to S5 ^ Wave set 15c f 4 *~-' • ROYAL BEAUTY' central lo^a. -hile i^a^yield^ j ^;frf « ^£1^ (s"^. j •KTj^-T-va-r 'har'-'est in -*• • - ; ^_ ^^ •=;rH.' r> da.""d Tiriie.i. -ine; P-- ot ^e -- ^e!^^^:i SS^Ul be ^la^ed in one oT tne | latter sections are -e.^—s, ; ^^^ , o ^- e r3 on a comer o. chs . normal. ... r^iO"^n Tiri eni- . • ^icst Iianois far-ers fcoic no?es • - -- -. ^ &&e= fr£?m Xe sdecK j *o- * -or*" SOOS cora crop—I M ^ - -- —-^; re rain falls. Substantial down- ^^o?"a g^ra" crop failure and * • ^ ^ .^r^ ^r-ench^d most ot .. rhe central and s^ CHICAGO.—Four ihousaad_<iol-- ! cssn t>rizes is being osereti \ -e-5 ^"d farare farmers of \ ^. bv A Century ot Progress j di^-ins Farm Week ar the Fair. \ Contests which range irom sports | events' to spelling bees, and which | provide contention for aaen ana • ^.o^^j, -jjovs and girls, will be s-,~ed .-„ the Court of States and other parts of A Century or Prog- _^, s ^ rtUT ,ds from August 11 to Ib. £veiT Chicago's great \Vorlcs Fa:r is host to American agricalrure. ^ F-obabU- the "banner event 01 tne week will be a horse-pullisg contest is which the finest draft auimais to be-found on American iarms^n be > pitted against one another in^bo.h ,. two-horse and four-horse tes^-s. ^ \ totn-. o£ SI500 has been hung u? ror { this event ^hich will occcpy^wo | da -, Si p^da^ August 17, and rarra| Sports" Day. Saturday, August IS, j -with the preliminaries on i-nday and | «emi-finais and finals on Saturday- ] p; rst -j-i^e £5 S700. second S40G, third I 5250 and fourth SIOG- ' | Far chance ». lnic Contest- Friz<e»= <5S; 2»«U *15s 3rd, *10 Old Fl44t1ers- Contest 1**, #10- Friday. Boy Contest- Girl Co»t*^*. J •f^it nxeJi ii* sra l Tfetirsday- Mt?re rain is We Bar Old Ge?d HIGHEST PKICI Girl Takes Up For Accused Sweetheart -r-nn^nbers on ' caisson. Hitler ; ! :^d"otner leaders ^iB follow in ; otors behiad tne coffin over ^e ; : _r^ile road, Soiclers w:-; i^ne tne ; ^>7i"on either side- • j 'T-VI* =r>--: ^.-"aere v o= Hi=cen- i ..H""iC i '-'- be buried is tne one ; X," *,-«'" h- denounced "the Ger- ; * " _ _ ;,, lie." itj 132-7 TT3.en : BONHAM 5TRE St. rs theorizins that Rob- J. I. BAIX & C - "Wi<e liOI f'irrsr r*-€£ McKechTiie "beca.use bee" replaced in his af'ec- " "va.rsra.~et Cr^ln. ^d-=rard=* fiasceef'a^erts "her belief in his in-ocerice. Miss Crs,is. "S-y^ar old rnus^c ^ea'-'h^- '-a-s«» here Irors her East Page One) tfee mixed foursome play. Pickets vrere pressed into act'on. said no begs vrere hoi-ted- eren by t&e golfers. Only golfer solved the prob- i r ; ^ Hubert Formerly \\'ftl» FRED GREGER C WALL CAF3 14 LAMAR AVE- it-" I kuo-^ he flldct." Assistant Z>js-rict Attorricy^ J. : >^s "adraf'-ted hitting: Miss Me-; IsLke ^rhere it ' bls-ckjiacfe. fcsrjc Tuesday. recovered a . »\Vhj not take only clabi. and pl»7 a Tbe plan mee^ oa- approval, the fcrarsomes started out. I>re^ent'y- a wonsan took a ,-arefsr! ?taace to drive across a deep water lr.a.zard- A node fisure tlitsed ber. ADOtiier. tfaen anot Sbe l^ 1 tbe coarse. Other solfers came aad •went, tbe bovs and girls -will have a chance at the next largest total ot -*»r*ze uionev, for S550 '^^^ been set aside to reward health, Celling and \ \ r=shlon chaxnpious. en tann "^0=^ i Day, Th-orsday ? August 16._ ine ; health co-test -a-iil be unique in tbe | anna's ot Anicricai: corrrpetitioii, for | *K* Xaziona! 4H Clubs" champions : ^"|933 T a boy and two girls (who | «riC<" r the health chacipion boy and '; -T->T tr Chicac-o to determice -srheth- j e7the city or the farzn ^produces the : healthiest Ainerican chiidren- "^h c ; winning boy and the winning girl >, each vri>'- receive 53^0 and the trav- | eling expenses of the 4H clubs' j champions vrill be pai^d from tneir -. "03T-es to the V/orld's Jrair grounds, j In" addition, there TO! be prizes to- ; taliig SI 00 for the best coy anc gu-i ; I spellers of 14 years and under, and j ! S50 for farm girts of 18 ane uncer | ! who make and model the most : I charming dresses. _ | : Next :n line in total prize money , - rcr^e far^i snorts, to- be staged on ; | Friday. August 17 and Saturday, j Go»tcst- Prlx*»i "*•«* Calling ConT**t. yri*«» . ?15t 3rtf. S10- - 3rd, 4Tfc. y-t^ ipstinfly O>mJ»s: Ore Gr«ri*t cart OistatRC*. Prii**: 1st. «^~ A «a iiable Co3te»t» - f»r Mt^ccUaneo .-\sgii: 13. For z. tug o* -WT2T or ci; -—- -ca^s a total cf SI75 is orrcrec ^hh ~Srst prize ct SIOO._sccond of ] S50 snd third of S25. inzs event j ^it- v.,, % e :^ ;- ihs Court or States, : . Frida^ *A-s^t 17. On Satin-day- j ^aere -*-i!i be a inilkins contest, a j nos-cal!i=g conrcst and a b^fa^C;- | calk? contest, with a tota, ot Si^Q | ;„ -,-^-r* —^T:'^- and -with entrants : it,, jj.i—^ _.»- -, :nc^udin5 state and community 5 champions from tnany miles around ; Chicago, , ,\ O'« 5ddiers from tne iartns o^ . Wis^ns:n, MkHs^, Illinois, Iowa | a^-d other agricultural states will a? : | ^ on the stage oi the Court or ; Ststes Wednesday. August 1^ dur- . :.— TTt-ra Women's Day, -mtn SaO "' ' -™• ~x ;— -p-ire Tnoney otrereo. "'Xo- has mother been forgotten, -^ .•_.-<.. is t& be a- special contest for her on Fann XVoiaea's Day- Needle women from America's t^ s will compete for a total oi S^U :r. ^riz^ ^osey in .a darning contest :n w'-cb both s?«d and neat-ess w:=I count toward the three prize* os- ' C Three contests will be held open < i Gr : ; ,^- t j 1£ ;. entire -wreck and entrant^ •x^ b- asked to register at a dcsig- »ted headquarters. These arc zor the farm farnTiy coming the greatest distance, the, largest farm family present daring Farm Week, and the oldest couple present curing Week. The total prizes for these events is Si 50. Frizes for orher events and contests totaling S775 have been set aside- Farm Week last year at the World's Fair -was the biggest week both in special features and in total attendance ever held at any American exposition, and authorities _oj A Cen-mry of Progress, are ^conf.dent that this year \v-Sl duplicate last verr's success. _ t ^''ricaltiiral leaders of national reparation have promised to visit the fair and participate in the various «.chediiled events. One of Americas leading farm experts is schedttlcd to address the assembled farm attendance on Farm Organization Day, August 13. Radio entertainers most popular whh farmers Trijl he os ^e gronnas on AnS'JSt 14. Jrarm Sadio Day which -will culminate in a..t*o- i ho-jr presectatioii of the xa-notis I \VI_S barn dance. i Wednesday, August 15. is Farin 1 Wornens Day snd special events ot ^-interest to the. -women of Am.cnca s * farms have b«r. planned- I One of the most popular feareres { or' last vears Farm- Week at :the' 5 Fair was a daily special toar xor 1 ^STCT Week visitors- Under the 1 ^tiiiince of World's Fair eisploytes, ^ fans parties met at inany ot tne i «, tra ^ce ^at« and visited the ad> kceat areas as an organized party. V' r ^e is absolutely no charge tor +*is service, it beias- in the Patterson stated ne iu*t the sisters In HnatsvUle a short time before the break. .I^'ison official* said "they" had not established a connection between tl»o visit o. tii* srlrls and the escai>«- Iio^- eve-'thev'did learn that the sisters Vere friends o? Charley Frazie^ life tenner, ^b-o was sen- ' ousiy .wounded in the escape attempt. I over the yaddenr.ess of events (•even though nothift- "" — '** i has occurred. It 1 that the chancellor 'presidency when Voo Hinaeabnrs Sied. and that he would *>^ ,v to ^in tH« ^ e ? ai ?.?^! acinission ice of 50c ror 25c for children. This feature vnil be repeated this year. Among the various exhibits aad bslldtngs that will be of special interest to Farm people will be the Foods and Agrkti-ttn-al building; .TTans Machinery Hall; dnverles* radio-controlled tractor; Mode, ' Farss House; the Universal r*i.«r Model Barn and Dairy; In- iiQ:_» 55. t --*»- r v»^** •** ~ — ^ , ternational E SS -Layir.g Contest aso Illinois Agricultural Buudrag. One of the most attractive exhib- ir s OTI the grounds for farm folk » *'-e o?d Ford barn :o the south or tbc great Ford building, one of this vear's ne^ features- i n» barn houses special processing saachinery • --_- 5<xr ' beans and denaonstratzor.s »i:hi=s of iadustrialtxing are held there chief reliance- The Nazis, however fcave moved T-vi-Oi a nice resam for public reaction. Hitlers declination of the title because it "is indissoluble «» -svitb the nasne ot: the grreat deceased," Is res^ioeS .as a- decteon. "calculate* to retain public support, are lubila-nt. too. over the * alleei- •made These units, of;aji^^>^ : .^^ the NaSs^tS'^*^ t&ey are bound to him by their soienm wore. There a.r« reports that Czeebo- slovafcian troops are conceatraax^ 01 ^h*>Ir frontiers, fearing: ment involutes Germans. <ovafeia has xmtcbe* carefully ^e Stua^ori in Austria, with to «n- |dercurrent of German laxo.v*. . | me <Xher reports tbat Uek conHr- 1 nation due to * USht ««£££ ! O A ^ Gertaan soldiers are gathered i ?t the Austrian border. ! Much or the flaancfaT load Ae i r-al^ned Hitler adminUtraUon I must carry ~«! be laid on Ae ! shoulders ot Hjalmar- ^- tl ^ < ~ t pr^ident of th« Helcosbank who I *a. name* actinic »ln»ter o. eeo- inonslcs succeeding 3>r ^ ar. | Scnmlt. wno is retiring became .- j^^^-n.ou^thel.t.Pre,- |-^^--SS^ ! th- -Fatberlaad. but u * 7^-^ j— rrss^'-'- i • .. . I .That «e is r.o^c 5 onc. There is * dictator ~bo ; H*.- * T-ifrrdS at II it N<rr Ar BUY THE D E L C O BATTERY ixi a." i.'e!'-j batter;- ;-..u g SPECIAL ind Sooday DOUBLE DIP ICE CREAM CO. 28 —TC";!! sell tfceir Famoss I>o'. ble I^P* Cream at !<?^r€r pn^ than ever. A , to the police broajrbt of fir*rs who sboocd tb« strikers into their ciotfoes and off th «» c^TirvE- The caddies demanded » flat fee of *i for IS tK>les and 6<> cents Cor nin« boles! oor>£ is • _ , !—^.^r^stri- expresse-l approval? i;:*a pa«lc hear:r. S Friday of an ; 5 --^/-las-Telv NRA proposal lor , : !^:on of - ne^prtst ptor.^ , j«d ^^^^^ S^^" Pint. Quart 10c 20c VOTICE TO WATEK Ooove In To See T?*, We^WH! Be I>eIlgbt«<I To -,vat*r bills mast be pai-2 OB or j liii -^ P*-r cent -—^ SuperbsteswSem of W»wr \!I railroads, b-^s lines aitd other rransportarlon lines are offeriag:*t- tract-ve low rocnd trip rates to^i- cago for Farm-Week-at-tbe-rair. ''ran'-uortat'.on agents ir. every cotn- 4,-tv will £urr.ish deiailed informa- •£o-' 'if ••<? n P* 1311 to ^ r "' 1= ' e to A ^* Sl " ttiry of" Progress. World'* Fair a pronise tfcat so T«tr«c- ikrn* -or bv-rden* of any kir^ arc KS-ccd or, motorists irorn otfter stares or other cocr.tries who <Jrr« to tne World'* ?air in Ch^ago. Motor toarisw frota «t>' state or jsay visit Chicago, nsc rts ar.d hish'-TOy* frec'.y for arsy •v^v may desire. c -», ar g S5 or fees of any kind •r 30.000 bearirijr «>•»---"~-, ^ c . i inteama-tlona.'. rac.a« !^a«cial ar.d eJmss proWeas*. lnT ^.. »pe«:latioo C e n t « . * abs> 4, -q(t!«-'» choice for vtce chan- r^or "r'oTv that Franz Von P a ^ iV--moT^wI fr<rm t fen*" post r" ^*- trla " three possibilities Harvester exlnbit. Looking 00*^* Roh»- C- Dr^« _(ieft>_p«^nt .„. ,nd two-thirds within three blocks of the 5. Parking: charge* are and vary-, according to "; location and service _ ^ • The adtnisssor, price to the 'Big«how on Earth" is 50c for j 34 «tu and 2V- for chiWret: cnder U .car*. On Tnarsday, AuKa« COOL with the fin _ h crisp cool cream, and berries or Refreshing for lunch too. AUGUS CLEANUP P bring our entire of crisp, co SHE To New just Received P- CALL 2 lor 22 For Sa n Dry Hearing Service ii — j I You <sm c»li the Ctty Steam ** late a* s ! VO A. M- Saturday tnorains arid sti*! S** 1 '• one day «ervie* on M**t*r Dry CJewoJny. Call WB-. -we'll corn* for your «ott« % and Master ~* *""* for only - CITY STEAM LAMMY from" laic** an<5 streams Ju«t across tine bof«!*r in Botrte Received €«*»*<* Marts Miss Latimer . Thanks The Voters the citizens of I^mar county: {] f /% ftV€*T*V "ClttX-^Tl ^TlTmar county for" the m*-»y ^rttirti-stcs nho-scn TTJ»» ^ my for th« ne'«' cotn- I«5VC« i '.-.«*»—•=''- kv «~_1 b«.ne<5 ofne« of Assessor arj4 Col- T».x«» * n<5 ^ or tn<! ^ oy " vi. t (?1v«»r> m«» *.t the "saturxjay. Although I *o*** t am nor These mares ere from 2 to 3 „,*>*>*> to 1.49$ po«n-«5*. 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My opj»oa«»t an<l 1 w-ere both entitled to * »econ<3 t*rm *n<S H W«M mer*iy * matter of whlcn wouM h*ve th« *econ<S term first. I hoia "no m • feelin*. towd my who Mi {jun * -M*»/>^ v»»» —... — » >neo«jra«rlfnr »wi»port wWch I received. Sincerely. IX>ROTHY 29c Quality August Cleanup Price j Big showing of Flaxons, Bati; m good acsigns and color cr ckarance. 39c Quality August Cleanup Prt< Choose from Egyptian Tbs Voiles, Ot-nitit?" and-Printed priced P"otip- 50c Quality August Cleanup Pri Chiffon voile rmnted „ comprise this showing. A quality and superior finish, goods. Every McdU pattern in s patterns for Fall are alrc thk ^ ? eck while assortfnc 11 MAT> AA Pimm- »4a4'Thr

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