The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 21, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAQF, SIX. fl*BP tttJl' 0H1K8ON KBWjj_. J, WARM BEDDING Has Now Become an Imperative Necessity. S OFT, downy comforts oi" warm, wnoly blankets arc very much needed to make thesr chilly autumn nights comfortable. BLANKETS COTTON BLANKETS In ci"v wllh differ' nl roloiTd lifinN'i-p, sizo f!Ox "."t fflQ CO incln-s, ]irk'<'d cni'h... .«p wiUU Size {)\\-,F, Ini'hrp, C9 7C }'rlcoil, i-ncli «j >»Ji I 0 In Inn nr prey w 11li borders, «!•/>• (M.\7« inelira, 7C pik'i'il iiuli yOilu In a pinil grade of collon. ('Jniy wilh blue borders. Size «x40 inches. Q A Aft J'riced each $4iUU In wliile- extra heavy—wllli I 'Mnrt-d borders. Size 72x90 inchro. (j>Q pn l >i'ic.cil ench >{IUiUU * * • WOOL NAP BLANKETS In .size lilxSO inches—in siriptM or jiliUrts of pink, prey or blue-- ^ip fir* Iiriccd, pair ijlUiUU One-half Wool—In size r.tixSO Inches, <P 1 1 t\r\ priced,.piu'r tft I I I UU In sl::c 7,'xS-1 inches <PQ 7C priced, p.iir ....' iflOifO In size RflxSO Inches, nil while, priced COO ftfl pair «p &UiUU t * * FANCY COTTON BLANKETS In attractive pluids of pinU or prey, size Inches. <pQ 7C priced, pair ^Ui I 0 FANCY WOOL BLANKETS In plaids of blue, pink or grey. Size fiSxSO inches. Q 1 A ftfl Priced, pair <j> I HiUU ALL WOOL EXTRA FINE BLANKETS In prey wilh white stripes. Size TfixItO Inches, <C 1 K Ofl J'riced, pair <j> I JiUU In prey and •while nr brown ruid while plaids. Size (ICxHd Inches —priced o>oo no In red and blacli plulds, size 66xf<0 -|i:iir <*on no HeddlriR Dept. Third Floor. COMFORTS filled wilh simitary cotton- In extra Illicit grades. Cotton is unbleached so II will remain snfl and hold together. In size 69x84 inches romforls of cotton rnuloiials— filled with sanitary cotton in double weight. Come in rose designs on pink or hliie backgrounds. Also in attractive yellow flowers or conventional designs. Colors 10 po wilh many bedroom decorations. In Ihls size wo have comforts priced, each — «p &iUU <pjiuJ <pOioU $4.00 $4.75 In size 66x80 inches Filled with Holrct unbleached cotton, flouhlfl thickness to give twice the warmth and co"nil"ort. ' Thesp comforis arc covered with silkallnn and come in sma.ll yrllow rnsn — blue conventional lars^ cryfianlhcnuim rifsipns in a wide choice of colors—Priced— $8.00 $3.00 Same size in. silk mull centers and sllkoline bands, QQ 0(1 priced f JiUU In sizes 72x90 inches Silftolrne comforts—vory * soft and downy—yet .well lined to give service. Come in wild rose—lavender flowers and many other attractive designs and (J7 CO colors. Priced, each..... ^ J |UU • In size 66x72 inches Comforts of dainly pink silk mull wilh flowered designs in center and plain bands on border. Backs are of plain cotton materials in harmonizing shades. Priced each 90 nn In size 64x74 in. Silk floral colliers and plain silknline bands. Killed with collon down. In blue or plnif. Priced each ?1, 5.00 Third Elnnr. Other Warm Things NCEDED THESE COLD DAYS. Underwear We have a complete line of fall and "winter weight underwear, for. Hoys Uirls Men Women All of (he nest materials. Sizes are now complete. Prices » are low. We advise early buying. Also , a complete and attractive showing of Sweaters Gloves Hose Furs Everything needed lo bring comfort in cooler days. FRED WEESNER Successor to Hriirgs Bros. DRUGGIST No. .1 South Main I'lionc 168 Good School Work Depends on perfect vision. A very large proportion of seliool children have imperfect vision. Find out about your children's eyes before seliool begins. My expert examination wil' find the cause and my perfect fit- lint; Clashes will rest the eyes, and uivc I lie desired relief, ^ H, S. ZINN Tin* '/Ann Jewelry & Optical Co. Henry Zlnn J no. Plrehflold AMUSEMENTS shaft of a burning mine to find nttd remain with Iho men Imprisoned below. In the end tho unexpected happens and he finds that the girl he bus loved since his college days loves him. PARK CLOSES. Last Performance of Season at Riverside Tomorrow The 1918 season at lliversldo Park will end tomorrow night with the filial productions of the Milion Schuster Musical Comedy Company. While the pust season has not been tho most Biiccesrlul, according lo the park management, yet considering tho difficulties under which amusement enterprises have to be run it was all lhat could have been expected, tlood vaudeville and good tab shows are high In price but Hie main trouble is lo get them at Hny price. There will be the regular niiilinee Sunday and two shows at night. Dancing at the park pavlllion tonight as usual. \Roral>augJiWfJ§y HVTCHIHSlON, KAMiA*. 9 1 '%JUJVNiON. KANiAi. "THE EAGLE." Monroe Salisbury In Bluebird Feature at the Iris Tuesday. The popular Monroe Sallslmrv, hero of "The Red, Red Henri" will ilellght patrons of the Ills Tuesday In Klmer CIlMon's rousing melodrama, "The Engie." This picture WHS filmed among the wondrous beauty of the Hocking. It Is a lively western picture wllh a good sort of hero who robs the rich but befriends I lie poor. Prooram at the Iris. NeaI Hurt in "Hoped and Tied" is (he major altrnclion for today, tl's a feature production In every :-i-nso of the word, excepting it's length. It uctlon, thrills, punch, suspense and heart throbs from title to tailpiece. A jolly good big comedy will be an ai'd- ed attraction, v ' .Monday's program will consist of Iho 18th, episode of "The Lion's Claw,*' a Nestor comedy lind Current Events. Monroe Salisbury in "The K.igln" will be the offering for Tuesday. This is a high class, five reel, feature production. It's n Uluebird, the Kind we have been showing every Tuesdi'\ for several months. You won't be disappointed it you come Tuesday. Charlie Chaplin will be seen on Wednesday in one of his popular comedies. A Billy Ithodes comedy and the Iris Scivcn Telegram will also be shown. The Telegram present i Important events, including war news. Thursday's offering will he a five- reel 'Perfection pic!urn,•"prodneed by ihe Thos. A. Edison studios. The tlHe is "The Courage of the Commonplace'' and the star is Mildred Havens. It is a gripplngly interesting as well as in spiring story. Pearl White Is next t» lli.i lust chapter of "The House of Ha!.-' will on Friday. A Harold l.leyd rn:ii"dy and a llearst-Paihe NVvvi will also he screened. Saturday's offering will be .mother smashing 2-reel special feature. The popular serial star. Marie Walcanip, will appear in this speiial, entitled, "The Whirlwind Finish.'' ; N an inside expose, and absolutely mr* story of (ho most, thrilling incidents In ihe career of a" famous jockey. Alice Howell in "Hey,-Doctor!" will bo the comedy atlrattrbn. The first episode of Universale finest serial. "The Brass riullelt" will be shown with tho closing episode "or "The Lion's Clawjj." IlewItcblnK Jnanila Hansen, said lo be Ihe most fascinating beauty of the screen, will lie starred in this great story. Watch for further announcement "His Own Home Town." When a community is dominated by a political boss, who, wilh his grafting henchmen preys upon its inhabitants, radical measures are necessary in order to effect a change. This was n condition that confronted Charles Ray, who as Jimmy Duncnn in "His Own Home Tow'n," a new Paramount feature play Just released, tackled Ihis task with admirable results. The picture produced under Ihe supervision of Thomas H. lnce, is one of unusual interest, and its heart-appeal 1B exceptionally grout. It will lie displayed at the De Luxe theater next Friday and Saturday with everything in Ihe way of accessories and music necessary to Insure an artiBlin presentation. Mr. Ray Is supported in this picture by Katherine MacDonald. million floss, Charles French and oilier cinema players of prominence. In this great picture tho military laetlca of the Herman plottof Is ex- poped. In the case of Ihe governor of Gibraltar, he never knew that- his body servant was ati envoy of the flerman horde and that Ihe man o*rn- ln .s the Wonderful hotel overlooking the harhor of Gibraltar was on the ^payroll of the OcrmaJt WHhelnv alrosse. 11 Is a pit-lure with a thousand and one thrills in it. An American girl meets n supposed German spy, and although she loves him she thinks she will have lo expose htm until he finally dWclossoB himself as an English Government ngent in the role ot a Uermnn spy. You'll like Mnjor when he lalkg to you aibotil. Ijalley Light and Power. Reno-Ilulck Co. 16-61. Notice. Will he oul of city for two weeks. My office will be closed. See notice in paper on my return. 21-ilt. DR. R. W. HOlUBirrSON.' Ask Hi Heaps about the Republic Truck. Renollulck Co. Ifirtt. . Advertised List. September ZOlh, 1!iI8. Foreign Letters—Sr. Vlcenlo Car denas. Sr. I). Kidcnclo Caiidillo, Hen Pelterson, Michael .1. Walsh. When calling for any of Hie above mentioned lelters plense sav "Advertised." S. S. (WAYBILL, 1*. M. The famous Torbinson rear axCI in Republic Trucks. Renollulck Co. I6-CI-. De Luxe Today IN "THE GEEZER OF BERLIN." Unusual Picture at the Royal Thea. tro Next Week. The cool INCH of Iho German spy system Invesled the bakery of Lou- vnin, whoi'O the baker of the berfj and his daughter had lived in peaco and quiet all lltelr Uvea, little knowing thai In llerlln the supreme booh of all the ages was reviewing his boche butchers with intent to Wreck Ihe universe. JJe wns a gentle assassin, was this Utile Wlllio AUItghty. He reviewed his troops all day when I lie sun shone, and when it rained ho played with tin soldiers on a marble-topped table in' his boudoir. The._ while ho received Von llethinaiiiiRowlegs, Von lllnden- bolg and Von Turpentine. Juat then tho Clown Quince entered. "FaddiT, dear vhy monkey mil tin soldiers, ven yoli can haf "llfo uns?" "Uirk der door— mine boy got a idear. Vot iss 11, son?" "Aw, go on, let's be spoils, lind have a regular war, why not?" "Well, so long as ve haf noting olse lo do—but not beforo lunch" And so it came about lhai Willie A^fthslily called together ihu war lords. "Ciioutlcmen, 1 feel like tear;log BOniolhlUfi. Ull' iu«' a, scruii of paper." " Iseiond de million," said Von, lilndonboig. "Dot makes It unanimous luit nn> lind Uolt," said the Kaiser. "1 now declare de war open fer bcezness. L'nd remember hoys, 1 viuit n drat class vnr." In rapid succession followed tlift historical wallop on the jaw, the invasion of l^juvain, the jollying of tho Louvain Ingenue Society, the defeat of the geezer's German germs, •and" tlie attempt of tho geeier himself to scape through the bakery of Louvuln'n hot oven. Rut it loo hoi even for him, and the geezer went up In a puff, of Bm-ii;e, was pursued by airplanes, and finally made lo realize thai Sherman wns right. 'THE COURAGE OF THE COMMONPLACE" Mildred Havens in a Perfection Feature at the Iris Thursday. The story is one of Intense Interest, ably acted and well produced. Part of the Bceno la at Yajc, the rest at a western mining camp. The contra) figure is the superintendent of the wine, a former Yale student who applies to his life the "Courage of the Commonplace." Ho handle* the striking miners add wins their everlasting allegiance when he goes (town the Hart Humane Actor. Wm. k. Hart, the famous Thomas II. Inc.e slur In Artcrafl piclures, is absolulely and definitely against all scenes in piclures wherein an animal may receive an Injury. As he expresses it, "when I go into a risky scene, I know what I'm doing. The dumb animal doesn't know and can't help It anyhow, So, f won't permit anything of the sort in my films." Tills is one of Iho reasons why Mr. Hart is universally beloved by patrons of Iho films. Like his love of children it can not be disguised— even when he Is a. "bud man" on tho screen. .Mr. Haifa new Art craft picture, "The Tiger Man," will be shown at (he De Luxe Theatre next Monday and Tuesday. A Remarkable Picture. When Una Cavallerl, (he famoua diva, proud possessor of gems wruih n king's ransom, IK seen in her new Paramount photoplay, "Love's Conquest" at the De Luxe theatre next Wednesday and Thursday II Is anticipated that tho patrons of that popular playhouse will vote It as one of the most remarkable pictures ever displayed in thin city. No expense from tho standpoints of artisliry and photography, it was spared io make It the finest of its class and both is unexcelled. Royal Today. "Inside the Unes," with Irfiwls S. Stone, ono of America's best actors, mid Marguerite Clayton In the east, Is shown at 'ho Royal theatre today. World Pictures, the distributee of (bis great play, grasped the opportunity of Bhowlng the picture-going public just the sort ot a picture they wanted. The German secret service has worked In many parte of tho world, but never BO successful as on American and Bngllsh territories, and the workings of the spies are shown in tills picture, lie a Minute Kendall' Speed II Nothing but SPEED in this lighting fast thrilter and laugh maker. Whatever you do, don't miss this! Special 2 Reel Comedy in Addition. IDIC Aliseatsr lKlO Always DC TODAY NEAL HART in "ROPED AND TIED." A Thrilling Western Drama. MERTA STERLING in "CLEAN SWEEP." Comedy. 'i MONDAY—Mario Walcamp in '.'THH LION'S CIAWS"; Nestor Comedy and Curretit Events. 1 - ; TUE6DAY—Monroe Sallshury.TjIlri "TH12 BAG LB." It's a Rluoblrd. Vive reels. Tuesday. 4 W E DN E.8DA Y—CHAR LIB C11APLI-N- COMEDY. Billy Rhodes comedjf. and IRIS SCKBBN TEI-URAM. THURSDAY—Mildred . Havens In "TUB COURAGE OF- TUB OOM? MONPLACB." It's a D-reel Perfection feature. Ono day only. FRIDAY—Pearl White in "TJIB HOUSE) OF HATE." Harold Lloyd comedy and Ilearst-Patbe News. SATURDAY—MaTle Walcamp In "TUB ' WHIRLWIND < > .FINISH." Alice Howell lu "ItBY, DOCTOJV'— comedy. It Is Easy to buy— MODERN BREAD Your grocer can furnish it, If he vou'ty, then call us, and one of our salesmen will furnish you, •'The? Bread Th»t Build*," Deluxe, Monday and Tuesday WILIMM S. MET By, J. G. HAWK* An'ABTCRAFT Picture Coming Wednesday and Thursday Lina Cavalieri "LOVE'S CONQUEST" Friday and Saturday Charles Ray in "His Own Home Town" Also Mack Sennet Comedy "Ladies First" THEATER Monday and Tuesday "THE GEEZER OF BERLIN" A Travesty on "The Raiser, the Beast !tif Berlin" If the Kaiser Could See it He Would Die of Apoplexy —AND THIS—— WILLIAM S. HART, in "The Lion of the Hills" Wednesday and Thursday Norma Ta!mage, in "By Right of Purchase" "THE GEEZER OF BERLIN" Riverside Park TONIGHT and SUNPAY Milton Schuster Mostly Girls Dancing at Park Pavillion Riverside Park, •;• closes Sunday^Night for the season TRY THIS Students require Al "tools," especially for class-room work. Your school supplies must be dependable. A3 insurance against any writing accidents or break downs, use Sell-Filling Fountain Pen NON -LEAKA0US the Particular Pen for Students. Tfi* original and ea»Uy tho simplest o/ all Bclf -fiUcra. Prop in sod try it, Adams Drug Co. m N. Main. Phone m

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