The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 1, 1924 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1924
Page 2
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TAni? TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS MONDAY, DECEMBER I, B -l SMITH-PONS NOMINATE -Jg- n !?"J.I FOR NEW YEAR SUPERIOR QUALITY —at— MOOERATE COST PHONE 150O Grapefruit 2 lor 25c Ry-Krisp SWEDISH HEALTH BREAD Brc«kT»»l— Lunch—Olnoar 35c pkg. HOME MADE KRAUT 2 lb», 16C TURKEYS PORK TENDERLOIN BROOKFIELD ^^f* 0 ^ FORVOUR rnui T_CAK i B . New CurTanm",' Citron, 6r»nge and Lemon Peel, Cundled Cherries, pineapple. Phone 1500 7 South Main "The Store of Service'' Two Set* of Officers Given to Cubt at Luncheon; Back of U. S. Court Term Door" and "Wandttlng Child, Come Homo", which was much appreciated by tholaudlenco. Hev, Drldwell preached nn the Inst, lslnh 28:14. His BUhJoct was "Tho Short Hod." "The man outside Iho church wlii) says ho Is n« good as any hypocrite In the church la Uko the man who taken a half-down dead members Croni a number of churches, puli them In a pile, stands on them and says hn smells as sweet as any of thom," said llov. Hrfd- wcll. Broeseo college quartette will sine tonight. WHEAT OUTLOOK UNIFORMLY GOOD Pasture to be Afforded Oyer Western Part of State by Fine Early Growth. PULPIT PICKUPS Tho council of tin? Zion Lutheran church will meet this ovcnlng at 8 o'clock In the church for special ! Inislnoy,", i The Ladies Aid of the First Ave. Baptist, church will hold tho annual ' church dinner Friday night In the I church dining rooms. The proceeds or iho lilunnr will go towards the fund for n now church. Officers End Aged Woman's Long Fast MIT, I*. Fi. I luiniltoti. nn ugi'»l Youu\:\ living ut 1,\v-nno !'. fciist, \n\8 jiiToHlot! ypHttM'iifty n .ft *=»r- nonn i*y Tii?puty Sheriff Kd Uuv- Kfss nn tho cliiir^o nT tWinp In- JKtit'.. Hlif, hufl locked hcr«elf in & ronni ot hfi' Umis>> without fooil water nnd liml ritv -n in thut »*oii- Jltlon i"or tho ]«u»t thrr -i* days, it vns iH-o.cHJutvy to pry tho lock off Hut <\<tor lu ord»>r to pot hnr out. NEW METHOD FOR TREATING CANCER New Book Re. jnls Non-Surgical Method Used Succiislully By Kiim City Doctor. A very complete and compie- aonaivo hook on cancer and lu treatment is now offered by Dr. U. A. Johnson, weil-ktinwn concur specialist. T'lore in probably no mnn In America who ha. made a closer study c. this droi'd disease, or who baa tre:.t.ed as many auf- Two sou of officers were placed i In nomination before the Lions club following today's weekly luncheon nt tho Hotel Stanley In tho report nf Dm special nominating oommlt- lfn of which ,1. W. Jnrrotl was chairman with lfnrry Menu and Heritor! K., Kauisoy tin the other member*. I'rosi.loul W'ni. hlicuis mid .1. H. Mulliaon. First Vice president— A. .1. Hell and II. II. Hammond. Soound vice president — Win. .1. lineal nnd Hurry Hos^cincycr. I Secretary-treasurer, Sievo John-J son nnd TVd Main. 1 Hourd of Directors—.fnc Good-1 paster, <:. i\ Watch, Win. Croon-j wiilil. liny Illllon. Hay Ilocltadiiv, | II. .1. QlliKl'M, (.'llUl'los l'|-(M>k Mllll ! Kd t'licluier. , : The I.Ions will elect officers from the foi-.-RuioK candidates at nn early meeting, the officers to servo until .July 1. Instead of for n your, us has : boon the custom In Hie past. The club board a report from If. .1. QiiiKley, representative on the ; tntcr-clvic club cotmnitleo on the reception accorded u proposal for n campaign on behalf of securing a term of federal district court for Hutchinson. This mutter was presented at a recent meeting mid has the support of all clubs, llosolu- ; Hons will likely be adopted nt an j. members of Boy 'early date urging Congressman J.; Friday evening : X. Tlncher to uxert his inflnenco I meeting In the I toward Hie ostabllshlng of a dlvls-jat. 7:311 '• ion of federal court hero. A record Sunday school alien dance of 121 was registered yesterday morning nl tho Zlon Ulth- eran church. Kcv. ami Mrs. C. H. -McAlintor relumed last evening from Manhattan where they spent Thanksgiving vncallon with their son Donald Mr.Allstor, who is ajtopbomore at the Knnsaa Agrlc.intural collide. Brother ]>. M. Illackhurn, of Jerome, Ida., preached tho morning and eveuinir sermons at tho Church of Cod yesterday during the absence of Kev. McAlister. Trinity Methodist Church Will Train Hal G. Erarts will speak to tho Scout troop 3, at the regular Lutheran church o'clock. Mr. Bvarta will talk on the conservation ot the milmals in this state, llcv. A. J. Hell is scoutmaster of tho troop. Tho feature of the evening's services last evening at the First S. S. Leaders Nowi^ 0 - umM chnrcU was 11,0 musl The Sunday school leadership- Iralning lustltuto will open this evening nt Trinity .Sfethodlst church with a short devotional period at ":'W o'clock. Three classes will be held every night for ten days. The bible study class covering term's from it. For 25 yenrs lie j (bo great characters of Iho new has been treating canoe.- without! tesrtAtiicnt. will be taught by Hert tho knife. Tho results of bis ex-1 Mllchner; the class in pedagogy lieiieuce und research, be givus In tliih new book. Anyone suffering from i.-anccr will bo under tho direction of Or. C. M. flray, and the class lu administration including the educational program given by tho Sunday school orchestra of the church. Rev. G. A. Wimmer, pastor, preached the sermous at morning and evening services. Farmer, Kicked By Mule, Brought Here or who has a lovoil one or friend I tasks of the local church will be so nfi'licled. should by all moans j supervised by Rev. A. R. Henry, ge this book, .lust address Dr. | Sixty peopie have already signed up fur dm ellipses and nt least 100 A. .kiluiMjn, Sulto S59, W2\ Main •'Street, Kansas City, .Mo. It. will be sent free and postpaid. are expected to Join them, Rev. Henry said today. Tiie Iralning Institute which has lieoti recently introduced Into the. church will bo hold for the first time this year and arrangements have been made to have one every year. Gets Surprise Of His Life! _ _ . n - . . I Woman Is Injured K. AR IN AIV WhenHit By Car PuU Topeka Man in Tip- j c . > () Sui( . k0yi n | nr .it Sin | t i, at the Top Condition After ; Sunn Fo shops, was given a scare V„.,. „{ CtnmarK xnA I Saturday night when ho was In- Years of > Stomach ana {f(irmi , (] (hn( hu w|fo hnil boon |n . Kidney Dliorder*. j jured In an nutoiuoblle accident be— * | I ween Third and Fourth nvenueR, According to Mr. W. .1. More}", I and was taken to the hospital for An'J Harrison Ave.. Topoka. Kans.. I treatment. He Immediately called there's nothing so fine tor relicv-1 the Grace hospital and nsked if Jng indigestion, slninacli trouble' Leonard Carlson, living near Wlndom wa« kicked In the eye by a mule yesterday afternoon, while he passed through the barn. Aa far as Mr. Carlson knows the mulct Just kicked without auy particular caase because be had not touched her and had not Intended harnessing. He was brought to a local physician by his brother-in-law, Walter Wnll- steiti. and removed to the Grace hospital. Ho sustained a deep gash below tho left eye "but no hones were broken. He roturued to his home Hits morning. Dighton, Dec, 1—Lane county has the most wonderful prospect for a wheat crop It hns had in twenty years, Old-timers who haw lived hero a quarter ot a century say thero Is more wheat. 1n this year than ever before. ILlias always been a saying that If tho wheat gets up in tho fall with a little moisture thero Is sure to bo a crop tho following year. The wheat is up good and big and there Is plenty of moisture in tho ground. Travelers say the wheat In Lana county is aa good or a little hotter than any place in tho state. No Ply In Nest Wheat. N OBS City, Dec. 1—-The wheat In Ness county maintains good color and no signs ot fly or other injurious crop pests. Some wheat Is being pastured but furtbor profit from that source dopends en rain or snow. From 50 to 100 per cent of the wheat raised in this section has gone orer the local dump anil Is on the way to the big terminal elevators. Wheat Needs Moisture. Trail, Dec. 1—Pratt county wheat I j is suffering considerably because i of lack ot moisture, according to C. H. Stlnson, county farm agent. A little over a quarter of an Inch of snowfall last week, but it was not enough to do much good. Plenty of *eed. Medicine Lodge, Nov. 29—Wheat pasture Is )n fine shape, and there Is plenty of feed in Barber county for tho cattle. Much stock is being shipped In for feeding. C. W. Lewis, one stockman had shipped In several cars lately. He sayB the situation is better for the stockmen than In years. . There has been a good corn crop In this county. Ford 's Wheat Good. Spearvllle, Nov. 29—The wheat In Ford county Is looking fine. A good rain the past week, of alnost an Inch, was of great benefit to the wheat. The rain was not heavy north of the Hodgeman county line. Wheat has been selling for $1.40 at the local elevators, and farmers wera bringing It In for that price, the highest offered this year. Renuulictn conference, tho full effect probably will be Blow In developing and will be felt the morn Blrong '.y as the life of. the session prograssas. One result genernlly looked for 1 is tho slowing up ot ac- ot legislation pondlug on Its calendar, Including the deficiency bill, the Muscln Shoals project, and railroad and farm legislation. IGeiierally speaking, farm aid Is regarded as the most Important ot all the subjects, but slnco the president has appointed a commission which la engaging lu a study of this wholo field, It Is likely that a decision as to the form this legislation Is lo take will await the report of that commission. With Henry Ford out ot tho Held, and several now bids In hand, the Muscle Shoals question very likely will be seat back to tho Senate agricultural committee for further consideration. There Is going to bo renewed pressure to dlspoao of this matter, but many leaders believe It will be one of tho many problems which will be left to the new congress. Many New Paces. Although this Is hold-over congress, a number of now faces will bo seen on tho floor,! of the two houses and there will be important changes In the standing cvommlt- tees, particularly in tho senate. New members In >tho senate include Wm. M. Butler of Massachusetts, chairman ot the Republican National Committee, appointed to succeed the late Senator Lodge; Jesse H. Metcalt of Rhode Island, and Bice W. Means, Republican, who succeeds Alva 11. Adams, of Colorado, Democrat, having been elected ou Nov. 4 to fill out the unexpired term ot tho late Senator Nicholson. Senator Adams was appointed to the vacancy and served through the last session. Now senate committee chairmen will Include Wm. M. Borah, at the head of the foreign relations committee, In place of tho late Senator Lodge and , Senator Cummins of lown, as head of the Judiciary committee, ot which the late Hon ator Brandlgee ot Connecticut was the chairman. The Republican organization in the senate has a new head in Sen ator Curtis of Kansas, former party "whip" who succeeds Senator Lodge. Senator Watson, ot Indiana, Is the now assistant leader in place of Senator Curtis. There also will be a now party "whip.' His selection has been left to Senator Curtis'. Pullman 1 Surcharge Attacked by Kantans Topeka, Kan., Nov, 1.—Removal nf the Pullman surcharge Is urged by the Kansas public utilities commission In a resolution forwarded lo the Intorstato Commerce commission. Governor Davis attacked the surcharge last week In a letter to Honry C. Hall, chairman ot the I. C. C. Tho Kansas commission asserted that while the rates were "a proper war measure, they are no longer Justifiable for the reason that the travelers by Pullman pay tho full standard railway rate for passage, and the Pullman company furnishes the equipment and relieves the railroad company of that burden, and for the reason Hint tho revenues of the cnrrlers do not require this additional tariff upon tho passenger traffic and for the further reason I hat It is an unscientific and obnoxious charge which Hie Pullman company is compelled to mako and pay over to the rlalroad company." yesterday morning nt the corner of Socond ave., and Poplar street the windshield was \ knocked out and Mr. Kennedy sustained cuts on his hands and arms. No ono else wns hurt and tho other car was not damaged. In case nf accident phone 58 for cur sorvlco car. Raglan'- Clngley Motor Co. Insurance protection for accidents, like this. Will S. Thompson. KANSAS ONCE MORE LEADS IN BUSINESS Crushed to Death By Runaway Car and kidney disorders as Andre's colcbratod new treatment, Karuak. Mr. » Morey states Ibn' for a uuiiiW-r uf yenr* be was u sufferer from iltes,; (ruuhles, together with , coiiKiinatiou. t; rvousuess and an ; i>»H Willi > to KCI II restful night's | sleep. "Why. Hie gau pressure: fluni uiullKcsied food kept, my | clo'st fotdliia >,oro all tin; time, and | I luid awtut pains through my back ; and kidneys, too.'' ho says. ' "1,'s the .-urprisc of my life iho j Way Kinnak lias fixed me up. j Throe bottles of this now treat- ftiftit has i/iu io« in tip lop eon- • dltioti In every way. and I feel fine Mrs. Sim-key was brought thorn. Ho understood them to say she was and had been tnlfen Into tho operating room. Mr. Stuckey immediately hurried lo the hospital and rushed up to the operating room. When he saw tho wonnian who had been injured lni discovered to his great relief Hint, it was not his wife. Mrs. Mario Stout, 214 Second Ave. oast, who was injured in the accident, instead of Mrs. Stuckey, as wns reported, recovered sufficiently (o leave the hospital yes- lerduy. She was struck by a Ford sedan driven by Mrs. Llila N. Ward of 501 Fifth Ave. west. Her iujur- ARM INJURED IN FALL: NO BONES FRACTURED Mrs. Fred Mills residing north of the city, Injured her right arm Inst evening, as the reeult ot a fall caused by a pile of wood In the front yard, where workmen had been putting In new side walk around the house. She was walk- iug across the yard after dark and had not noticed the wood. The arm was X-rayed by a local jphysl- clan tor broken bonus but none wore found. The arm was badly sprained. Chicago Brokers Indulge In a New Form of Trading Chicago, Dec. 1.—Nearly a thousand brokers crowded around a newly Installed trading pit here today to witness the beginning ot Chicago business in cotton. Be- Bidos the-brokers on the trading floor, galleries filled with spectators witnessed the opening transactions. A series of flashes and puffs of smoke from photographers together with cheers from the brokers nnd the galleries enlivened the initial proceedings and a big new bale ot cotton alongside the trading pit served to remind onlookerB that grain and provisions were no longer to monopolize the attontlon of dealers on the board of trade. JUDGE PRIGG IS IN VERY FEEBLE CONDITION Judge V. F. Prlgg, who has had a relnpso of bis recent serious illness, is confined to his home, 1107 North Washington, and al- I though he is ablo to receive visitors, is In very feeble condition. The many friends of the Judge aro hoping that he will again rally and be able to be out and around once mote. all over. Karuak liasn't an equal.'' i It's Included a cut ou the scalp and Try Karuak yourself: And. re- menibnr—Knrnak 1'llla are nn as- uti/IJa! und vitally important part •f the Knrnak treatment, especially II constipated. Karnaii is sold to iiuicliinsoti, ox- clusliely by A. A A. Drug Co.. and in ArllJlKlou. exduslM 'ly by Clapp's JJlilg SUU'C. several minor bruise*. PICKED UP AROUND TOWN II. A. GOOD CROWD HEARD WEEKLY BAND CONCERT Dodge City, Deo. 1.—A runaway automobile, crashing down bill ran Into a motor car beneath which Chas. Orebaugh, of Dodge City, was working, cauBing It to run over him and crushing him to death. The tragedy occurred on a hill slle near Kerrvlllo, Texas. The body ot Mr. Orebaugh was brought home, the funeral occurring here yesterday afternoon. Mr. Orebaugh had stopped on hillside to repair a broken tow line ot a car he was pulling to town Another car going down the hill ran wild, ran Into one of the cars and Mr. Orobaugh was,caught be tween bis car and tbe car he was towing, causing the fatal InJJuries, (Continued from Page One) INDIAN GIRL, BRIDE OF FEW WEEKS, ASPHYXIATED. To Curs a Cold in One Day Laxative Quinine^ c#' The tonic and laxative effect of Laxative BROMO QUININE Tablets will fortify the system against Grip, Influenza and other serious ills rfisultiiiK from n Cold. 'I'lic box' boat's lliitf signature Price 30c. Stein, transportation In for the .Missouri Pacific, iroin St. Louis was hare today. Lincoln Davis of the Huvls Real F .i-tMle 'oompiiny lias relumed from a few diivs business trip to Wichita. It. P. Miller of the Hoe Realty company, win, has -boon visiting in tli'foile. with relatives, returned yesterday. f. G. Anderson, assistant genera! malinger of the Arkansas Vnl- !••> Interurtian was hero today on liusiuesii. William L'nus. ut Lupt^ito, lud., ! Harlow Emm and Carl Einns of lu-1 ; man. spent Salurday with Don I Miiltli irud John Young. j Miss Ktiitua Haues of Topeka i >l »eti( yesterday bore with Miss: Hstlier Yincctit. at Pegues-Wright'd. i .Miss llanos was formerly in tho j millinery department at Pegues- Wright's. O. IV. IJriitidt, formerly of Wlch- i Hn bus moved his family here to ! 1708 North Locust street where : they will make their homo. Mr. I Brandt will bo salesman for tho j llrandl. I Ires hero. I'r. N. A. Seehorn of Kansas It 'lty and formerly of this city, ::Ui ;ip-'d off italay for a shoil visit 'with lirs. C. A. Maun and II. M. Stewart, enroino homo froi)?*a deer hunt !n» western New Mexico. The Midland Theatro was crowd, ed yesterday for th« regular Sunday afternoon concert by the Hutchinson Municipal Band. Th program was a flno one and was worthy of tiie hearty response it received. Suppo's beautiful overture. "Poet and Peasant," is always enjoyed. Tho selection, "Dance of Iho Serpents," was a number o£ unusual interest and tho various movements wore played nicely. The Hololsl. was Mr. Dale Pearco on trumpet, and Hie large andlenco was pleased with his splendid solo. R-M-Y CLUB TO MEET TOMORROW The Keuo-Mllchell-Yaggy Home Demonstration club will hold an all day meeting beginning at 10:30 tomorrow morning at tho homo Ot Mrs. W. H. Kolhoff. Miss Kdlth Holmberg, county home demonstration ageut, will give a discuB- slon on meat canning In Ihe morning und the afternoon will be spent In a study of various Christmas suggestions. Want Aggie Grads To Acknowledge Program Manhattan, Kan., Doc. 1—At the Kansas State Agricultural College's "nation wide" party tonight, in dedication of the new radiocasting station, Aggie alumni from coast to coast and from border to border will bo expected to share In the program by wiring messages. These greetings, in turn will be read over the radio. "Los- Angeles will be glad to know Uiat New York Is getting the program," says R. L. Foster, alumni secretary. "A message from Minneapolis will add a thrill to tbe program for those In sunny 8an Antonio; let us know where you are holding alumni parties, We want to send you a radio hello." Tho new radio station, to be known+ns "Station KSAC", Is said to be powerful enough to reach all parts ot the country with Its 341 meter wave. The college glee club, orchestra and band will furnish music , the Aggie Wampus Cats will jlvo college yells, and a number nf well known professionals will talk. Arkansas City, Kan., Dec. 1.— The body of Mrs. Alice H. Corley, 21, pretty Creek Indian bride of Hunt T. Corley, a refinery worker here, who was found dead in her bed Saturday night from asphyxiation, was sent to Snpitlpa, Okla., today for burial. Corley and the girl were married at El Paso Nov. 6. He has been here a year. She was a graduate ot Oklahoma university and her relatives reside at Sulphur, Okla. ONE DEAD IN WEST COAST OIL FIRE Los Angeles, Dec. 1—Ono man is dead and oil derricks, machinery, tanks and buildings valued at $250,000 are in ashes today as tho result ot a fire which broke out in tbe Santa Fo Springs oil field south of here yesterday. seasonable weather henceforth, a good though not a booming trade was to be expected. Some of the leading features of October were another slight rise in general commodity prlco levels— the fourth'consecutive rise by the way—from the low ot July, the aggregate of theso galne being I) per cent; a decline in failures from tho like month ot the past three years, and a surge forward In bank clearings to a point not touched since April, 1020, when deflation was beginning. Larger Wheat Aereige- "Warm, dry weather, while restrictive of fall trade and hurtful as rendering the country's wood lands liable to great damage from fire, was beneficial to cotton, official estimates of which are now 12,816,000 bales, or close to tho peak ot the year and 2G per cent larger than a year ago, while New York prices are 30 per cent below. Corn crop outturn is not as good as earlier Indicated, much chaffy light grain being reported, and the percentage ot merchantable com Is lower than In many years. "An increase of 10 per cent la indicated in winter wheat seeding over last year which would seem to point to our farmers defying fate, because ot fortuitous conditions abroad having made this year's crop a profitable one. Wheat Prices Soar "Some Interesting price changes ore to be noted in the past month. Wheat after murked fluctuations and what Is probably tbe largest single mouth's export on record was well up to the top at the beginning ot November. Hogs, opening in October at the highest prlco in years, lost nearly a fifth of this beef cattle sold late in the season at tbe best prices of tho year. "A record world's crop of sugar has lowered prices for that staple, but Brazil's control of tt J c«"e A crop production and export has resulted In nn 8 cent advance irn.n June and in doubling of prices sine? November 1 a year ago. Peak Car Loadings, "ft railroad car loadings were nietor of business volume, trade was at Its best In tho month of October when two new consecutive high peak totals were sot up and the approximate month's loadings exceeded October a year ago, when the 1923 peak was reached by 1.5 per cent. Grain nnd general freight loadings broke all records. ."While September gross railway receipts were nearly one per cent below a year ago, net operating Income gained 26 per cent over the same mouth the year before and was the best slnco July, 1918. "Expansion in the country's export trade In September to the highest point since January, 11121, was due to larger exports of grain, especially wheat, und of cotton. October exports promise to exceed those of September very heavily. Salina Man Sought As K. C. Murderer Sallno, Kan., Dec. 1—M. H. Arnold, cigar salesman, who lives nt 512 West Walnut street, this city, l« being sought by detective* and police in connection with the murder yesterday at Kansas City of Lawrence I. Hatfield, Plnkerton operative. Up to ono o'clock this afternoon, however, no trace ot Arnold had been found, officers announced. Arnold was last seen In Salina last Friday night by friends' to whom ho announced his Intention ot starting west the next morning ovor his territory. Ho Is employed by tho Miller Cigar Company, Webb City, Mo„ and has worked in and out of Salina for some time. Intimate friends today expressed themselves as not surprised to learn that there had been trouble lu Iho Arnold family, as they had known of domestic difficulties. However, Arnold's reputation In the city is generally good; those who have known him speaking well of the mau. Attacks Man Whc Lodged Complail Against Brot jet [Wo III: [pot Hoy Cox. of 222 Second east, Is In the Grace hospital a noverely cut head and • o.l caused from a blow dn Old lleai bv Toni Hamilton, brother of Jlto> Hamilton, recently pnrolod /ron the boys Industrial" school a|f To peka. Tho fight was caused, accftrdlni. to police reports, becnusif Ho> Cox, who is building a now home near (ho reformatory, accused tin younger Hamilton ot stealltug tools and lumber from the sew'house Mr, Cox IB stild to hnve\caughl the. boys In tho act Into yesterday afternoon and ho reported him to the police, who In turn called A. B. Leigh,, probation officer, whc had charge of tho paroled boy. Cox wont to the Hamilton home Inst evening about 9 o'clock to talk It ovor with the father living nt 1015 Ave. U cast, It wns at tho Hamilton homo utat'> Tom Hamilton plrked up the wdod.and struck Mr. Cox on the head after a boated iirgiunont. A warrant for the oltlei boy's arrest has boon made but he has auddonly disappeared and has not been heard of by police ahice 10 o'clock last night. The youag boy, Roy is now In city Jail Watting for officials from the school at Topeka to take him back. ', ALLEGED BIGAMIST IS HELD FOR TRIAL Waiter Peterson was given a pre llmlnary hearing on tho charge of 1 bigamy, in the Justice court of it. P. B, Wilson this ufternpon. It was alleged that he married Bdna Krway of Lamed, on September 20, IB 10 and then married Lore mi Peace, Larned on August 4, 1922; The evidence showed tiint Ediu Erway had only been divorced from, him since Inst February. 1 eter son was bound over to the district] court for trial. He was retained nt the county pall because ot b Ing unable to make the $1,000 botd' which was required. That Chummy Arm} • A sentry In an Amy canp down 1 South heard footsteps anrf roared his challenge. From the tatknosfl 1 Mime tho quavering reply, i "Ah's a citizen of do Catted j States wld mah lady trlenV, I : Instructing tbe colored reokle as 1:6 tho proper w»y to cballeige, the ' 'tntry sent him on his way. A fow Jiilnutes laler a form appioached nnd In answer to the ohaltengo time: "Ah's de man yo' top to lay A! *»s a friend of yo'-all."—ijner c in Legion Weekly. Held as Peace Disturb U B. Brown, Baldwin liotuT i:rested yesterday on a clia\-r iH'.urblng tho nonce. v DEATHS km FUNERALS Burdick Funeral Tomorrow. Funeral services tor Mrs. Christine Burdick will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at Die Johnson Funeral Home, Int mont In Eastslde cemetery. WICHITA KIWANIANS TO VISIT LOCAL CLUB The Wichita Kiwanis club will 1 pay a visit to the Hutchinson club Thursday evening, and will put. ou tbe program for tho locjl club that | evening. 1c is expected thero will be about fifty here from Wichita. JUDGE MARTIN TO BE LUNCHEON SPEAKER Judge V. IJ. Martin, representative-elect to the state legislature will be the speaker at the Chamber ot Commerce luncheon Wednesday noon. His theme will be "The Legislature ot 1925." New Radio Davlce. London: A newly invented radio device for detecting tho presence of insect life on animals has attracted considerable attention among veterinarians here. The device Is believed to lead tho way to new cures for the pestB. SHORT SESSION OF CONGRESS IS CONVENED TODAY fContinued from Pago One) Had Thanksgiving Dinner. ProBton, Dec. 1,—Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Parker had us their Thanksgiving dinner, the following relatives: Mr. and Mrs. John Parker. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Parker and family, of Ittka; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Parker and family ,Mr. nnd Mrs. Willis Parker and three daughters, all of Hutchinson; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reynolds and family of Preston: and Mr. and Mrs. Horton Holland of Pratt; Mr. and Mrs. John Hawver, Jr., ot Stafford, and Miss Paulino Parker of GreonBburg. VENERABLE OUSTER CASE IS ARGUED Insurance Man Claims Car. C. A. Bolsta, Topeka, state agent tor the automobile Insurance company which had the Insurance on tho stolen Dodge touring car which was found here yesterday, was here today to got tho car. sej of Egypt, succeeds Zaghloi P» as premier, following th la* resignation because i Oftlrilaln's ultimatum concert lill death of Sirdar Stack. Visit Toyland onfe 2nd Floor Revival Meeting at Hadley Church l.tnge ,I.,IM1S alUmied the revival soccicos ut iho lladloy Motu- .i .lnl M. K. chilli li yesterday, both morning and evening. A sinocial feature of tho evening ; iiiflotlug was two number* by the lilldyard trio: ".luut Outslda tbe Scared Up Lone Coyote. Ono lono coyote, was rounded up on the wolf chane which was held yesterday morning by about 36 national guardsmen and their friends. The chase began Just across tho Medora road from Stoughtons. The coyote which WHB scared up escaped by turning back when ho saw tho wolf hounds ahead. Faces Three Chargai (.'. V. Brooks, 827 North Monroe, wa* arrostod yenterday afternoon on tho triple nharge ot being drunk, driving his car wliila Intoxicated aud having liquor In his possession. He was reloased ou a »150 bond. Slart on New Round House '.Vork wan start'.1 this morning on the new Rod; Island roundhouse, under L. Nichols, I to bo a located •hula. Hon on legislation lu general with j a consequent increasing of the probabilities of an extra session of tho new congress elected last month. After tbe usual preliminaries ot a new session have been disposed ot, in the first bait ot this week, the house will get to work' on the appropriation bills, taking up first that for tho Interior department Meantime, the Republican steering committee ot the senate, will meet to map out a program for Immediate senate action which may or may not find approval with tho Democrats nnd Insurgents, which will continue to hold the whip hand. Much Builnn* Pending. The aenato has a large amount ot the Capitol, admittedly the action of the senate llepubllcans has had its effect and has served to widen thn breach between the regular and Insurgent Republicans so often apparent at the last session. To Slow Legislative Wheels. While sonic Immediate' aftermath*, <ucli un protests from several leading senators aro to be ex- paoted to follow tag action ot tat I ^ Fire- in Shed. A flro was started from some unknown" cause In au old shed In the rear, ot the home of Mrs. Min- nlo Crow, SOS Ave. A west at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The firemen made a quick run to the place of the fire and it was extinguished before any great amount of damage wag done. Topeka, Kan., Doc. 1.—Tho final arguments in the wholesale sroc -i',, oustor suit were heard by the su­ premo court today in opening its December session. Many attorneys participated In the oratorical barrage directed at tbe court, for and against the findings of John A. Hall Pleasariton attorney, who was appointed by the court as commissioner in the case. In his recommendations to the court, Hall found the grocers woro guilty of a conspiracy to fix prices. Tho suit wns started throe years ago. Only three firms out of 38 lu the original suit, aro still contesting It. The otherB paid fines. The three defendants tire the S. K. Lux Mercantile Company, Topeka; Pittsburg Wholosale Grocery Company aud the H. D. Leo Mercantile Company, Saliun. - tJ '^ | KANSAS?"* HUTCHINSON. Womens and U «w at Very Spec Children's nOS ial PrirA. Are you Insured against fire? If not, see Klnkel Agency, ial Prices. You'll be wise if you chooseh our special Holiday offering; of Women'*, missed children'* hose—for the values are excellent and jlow prices unusual— Hose good mercer- ble foot Col- black, grey, brown and DRIVER GETS CUTS IN AUTO COLLISSION When the Ford coupe driven by M. V. Kennedy of 215 Eleventh Ave. east collided with another car YES™ We Sweep Chimneys—' And Do It Right Our Metto: Quality First, then Price— and the Price It Right! HOSKINS 6c YOUNG HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK FURNACE) PkoM 3752 22 West First J es' Lisle ie Knit— A g< allty; durabli Pair 50c es' Derby ied Hose ne Wayne Knit quality ized lisle. Colors art brown and grey. Pair 75c Ladies' Full Fashionilk Hose Made by the Wayne Knltl'9-lnch boot, of pure dye thread silk and fine mercerlMdfie foot, reinforced. $5.50; Pair $1.50 KINGS iy Brand" Narrow rib of fine mercerUedlood looking and durable. Drop stitch. Colors are blaok| champagne and white. MISSES' "Wayne Knil Sizes, 6 to 7 Sizes, 7A to 8^— r| Sizes, 9 to 10—1 •The Cui >re Co.i 50c 55c 60c

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