Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 26, 1972 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1972
Page 4
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4 MM»A ftAftY NlWf PAMPA, TEXAS Mlh YEAR Monday, June it, 1*72 Worry Clinic .CRANK, PM.O.,M.I>. Dr. Ivy'i Cere.** tenMM It lie mMt •r«nlili| laerevcntit !• eaictr treet«m to If yetts! Per I,MI cieter vkttiM MM etc EVERY DAY, *HpNc ter test NtelUI •irfcry, X-ray ••* cekeH therapy! S» erfe Ike NHI la •peel the retetat at Carcaka! CASE U-5II: Dr. Andrew C. Ivy is the world'i most famous physk>l|l«t. "Cancer treatment," he says, "hasn't Improved significantly in the last87 years. "For even in 1905, we tried to remove cancers via surgery and used irradiation by X-ray, etc. "Those are still the typical methods In vogue today. "But In 1117,1 decided there is a natural substance in the body that combats tumor growth. "Recently I have named it Carcalon. "For when I would operate on dogs and remove a small portion of their liver, the surrounding liver cells immediately began to generate new liver tissue till they filled up the hole I had made, "Then, surprisingly, they quit generating more cells. "So I prepared an extract of such liver tissue at that moment. "Then I injected it into animals with tumors and found that something 'in this liver extract stopped tumor growth. "So I decided that in cancer patients, this growth-stopper is lacking. "At present, we are now preparing that substance from animal blood to inject into cancer patients," NO RED LIGHT Stated simply, what Dr. Ivy refers to is the fact the human body, in some miraculou* manner, has a biochemical "Red and Green Light" system. You readers have often witnessed this miracle, too. For if you gouge a bit of flesh from your arm, you see the "Green light" effect. Your body then .generates new cells to fill that wound. But in most people, when the area is filled-in, then that "Red light" figuratively is turned on. So the surrounding cells immediately stop production. In cancer, however, if damage is done to lungs, as by smoking, or erosion occurs'in the stomach and bowel, prostate or female breast, the "Red light" doesn't come on. So cells keep on being produced in wild abandon. When Carcalon is injected Into cancerous mice, It stop* the further growth of their tumors In about M per cent. In about 45 per cent of the reit, the tumors begin to diminish in site. "And," said Dr. Ivy at our recent Ivy Cancer Research Foundation meeting, "In approximately 5 per cent, the cancer disappears entirely." Despite our best hospital treatment nowadays of cancerous human beings, as by surgery, X-ray, cobalt, etc., 1.000 still die EVERY DAY! Congress recently appropriated $!.« BILLIONS for cancer research In the next 3 years, yet $250,000 could probably do the job via the National Health Institute's work with Dr. Ivy. Personally, I have seen scores of former terminal cancer victims, with livers swollen by metastatic cancer and thus allotted maybe only 6 weeks to live, yet they are now alive and well even IB to 20 years later! How? By weekly injections of this Carcalon! So urge the National Health Institute to get Carcalon available for you millions of cancer victims! (Always write to Dr. Craae, Hopkins BMg. Mellot, Indiana, 41*51, enduing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 25 cents to cover typing and printing costs when yon send for one of his booklets). NOTNIM Tl III Revival in Process at Evprigelistic Tabernacle 330 S. StarkwMthtr I Craven St. Evangelist Rev. Mabel M. Ramsey Services 7:30 PM. Pastor Gary K. Francis Everyone Invited A GAS LIGHT gives a little feeling of HOME to your house ... adds something to its personality ... feels friendly when you return home at night or guests come over. A gas light casts a gentle glow that doesn't attract insects and adds a touch of safety that can make you feel a little more secure and sleep a little softer. And for lasting beauty, it's crafted from rust-free aluminum. Call Pioneer Natural Gat Company or atk a employee you know about an outdoor gat light. 7f's a touch to your home. .. you'll like the feel o/. FIQNffR NATURAL GAS COMPANY ft**** IMS v \, WEEPS > MftMrtarl Rifttttr j«t wet, gat yaar Jackpot Car* ameM tart wttk art you fHH to aNfjala ta wia fraa aash 4aNan. FREE PIGELY WIGGLY Carol Ann •t |% Hffl Dr. Peppei or Coca-Colo U.S. Inspected Whole Fryers 6 Bottle i Cartons Lb 16 Oz. Cans , J •ffotlv* June" 26,27,21, 1972 at "ffgly Wlg V ly in Coronado Center, HobaitandKtntutky Slrctli, Pampa. W« r«Mrv* the right to limit qgontlct purchaMd. 10 Oz. Bottles Lb. Tree Sweet Nectarines Mild Flavored ^ Yellow onions 2u» 25 c USDA Choice Bade Cut CHUCK ROAST Center Cut LOIN CHOPS VALU— Trimmed Pound ... USDA Choice Beef, Valu-Trimmed Llbby's, Regular or Pink Lemonade Morton's Frozen, All Flavors Cream Pies 6 Oz. Can 14 Oz. Pie 10 Chuck Steak 88 Government Inspected, Whole Tub Full M . • • • Cut-Up Fryers 33 GOV. IniOected Gav ln>n*rt««J AMU ln«Mr»«wl Ida Treat French Fries FRYER BREASTS FRYER LEGS Gov Inspected FRYER THIGHS Lb 49 Family Pak, Combination of Loin Chops & Rib-end Chops Farmer Jones, Flavors Salad Pork Meliorlne Chops Dressing Double Green Stamps every Wednesday win 2^nrcftaa or more vawnn*), intensive Care 9Oz. ^fcaffc*, Baby Lotion" 69 Crest Mini or Regular 6 ] A Oz. JfcJfc/ Toothoaste TUM 69 0. J. 6 Oz. Bottle |% f% Beauty Lotion 69 PIGGLY WIGGLY

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