The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 21, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1918
Page 5
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r,"H f tufi-MtfTCtt-iKBOlr- Niaws PAGE FIVK • * • 4' * 'J> <$> * • • SOCIAL CALENDER. Monday. The Iliilclilnsnn Mtmlc club.will have lis first mealing nt the home of. Miss Corn Spoliator on Twelfth avenue one t. Tuetday. Chapter 11, V, K. 0. will bogln the Vflhtor'n meetings nl the home of the IvrcBidenl, Mrs. C. N. t 'nytte with MrB. Mi H. Brown as nsslstlng hostess. Tim t). or P. Tlilmbto club will meet at the home of M IH . M. E. Sullivan. Wedne»day. The Unity OUI B club will meet Willi. Mist) Helen Snyder on Eighth avenue •wesL The opening meeting of Chapter S. 1\ IS. 0. will be held Ht tho homo of the president, Mrs. Allan Winchester on Tenth avenue wetit. Thursday. The K. T. C: club will moot with MrB. V, 0. SwRtison on Avenue A west. Mrs. Ocorgo Hrynn of North Monroe street will be hostess to tho Clov- crleat club. The members of the M. Y. O. ft, elub will spend the nfternoon with Mrs. Ilurlow Brown. Friday. The ROwcna Circle will meet with Mrs, George W'llcoxaeii on Avenue 13 east. •Mrs. O. P. ltrooks will be hostess to her knitting club. * <$• * A number of business men. Air. 0. O. Hitchcock, Mr. KW. \V. Meyer. A J H. Scheble, Mr. Chiw. Collmlny, Mr. Paul Noble, Mr. M. II. Klrey, Mr. Will S. Thompson, Mr. Chester Leu- sure, Mr. Frank Coin and Mr. V. M. Wlloy entertained nt dinner nt the Tea Hoom last evening for the men who are In .charge of the Government exhibit nt tho State Fair. The guests were: Mr, H. I,. Perkins,- Mr. Henry W. Hendley, Mr. II. P. ISngllsh, Mr. Jas. B. Walluce, Mr. 15. A. Brown, Mr W. (1. Eilwonger, Mr. K. t,. Colbert, Mr. T. \V. Todbuntnr and -Mr. William 0. Paul. <r- * I The Hutchinson Music Club will bold Its first regular mooting tor this year's work, Monday evening, Sept. 2,"rd., at (he home o[ Miss Cora Sponsor, 24 West Twelfth, with Minn Mabel ParkH as leader. The topic Mr the year's study In: "America's Place In the Musical World," and Monday night's program will be devoted to Indian manic. An Indoor picnic supper will precede the program. I •S> <8> •!> ,1 Mrs. C. U Cook end Miwt Bdna Klein of lola who have been visiting • Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Kenrl and Miss Helen Fearl, returned hojne yesterday. Miss Aleno llllbiirsnr of Wichita and Mr. Charles Fearl of !> v a An- 'geles, Calfornla, canio yesterday (o visit at 'the Fearl home. <3> * «• : Fraternities at the Kansas State University have pledged the following boyii from Hutchinson:. • -. Sigma Chir NarvIHe. h'lfors and Lawrence Otikes; Beta"Theta PI: Charles E. Hall, Jr.; Sigma Alpha Epsllon: Terner Smith and Carrol Friend. <?> <$> <fc Mr. Jclin Armstrong, and Mr. Vere Lowe who have been In an officer's training camp at Ft. Sherldnn, 111., are nt homo on a five da.y's furlough. They were cnimujimloiied as second lieutenants and will be stationed at Camp Tavlor, Kentucky, * <J> <» Miss Mary l.ight.foot who has been, visiting MI BS Mabel Luetic Mann received orders today from Red Cross headquarters requesting that she report Immediately rot _duty at Camp nenuregardo, Alexsndr'a, I.a. Miss Lightfoot fefcnecU to leave tomorrow to take up her new *ork, '•' • Mrs. Ubya R. Priea entertained at an evening party last evening in-honor of Ueut. Gov,, and Mrs, W. V. Morgan who are to leave tomorrow after, noott for New York City, prior to Mr. Morgan's leaving for France. «•*<*> Dr. ana "Mrs. CI. A. Chlckcrlng, Or. ahd Mrs. A, G. Beall and Mr. ahd Mrs, F, ,M, Beall motored to Storting last ovcnlhg to attend tho music recital given by the musical faculty of the Cooper. College, > Miss Mabel Huntsman will leave this evening for Colorado Springs where she will spend a few weeks vacation. She will be Joined by MI SB Pearl Symros who will also.enjoy a few weeks outing. <$> * * Miss Anna Mabnry was over from Wichita yesterday attending the Fair and visiting friends. She.was necoui- panlrd home ty Mrs. .lay D. Reeves who will visit for several days with friends. <!. <*, ..»> Mr. and Mrs. Uikln Stround and little son John Lokln are here spending the week-end visiting nt the home of Mr. Stroud's sister. Mrs. Preston Jenkins and Mr. Jertltlno. <$> Mr. and Mro. George Batcheler of Mlnneola. who have been the guests of Mr. Hatebelor'a sister, Mrs. C. E. Wllkle and Mr. Wllkle, returned to their home yeslerdny. <?• •••> Mrs. C. W. Stamey nnd little son Tom will leave this evening for Kansas City and St. Joe, Missouri, where they will spend a few weeks visiting j friends"and relatives. 4* ^ Miss Elliol Myers • entertained at dinner last evening for the following guests' Miss Myrtle nanforlh. Miss Mao Clark, . Miss Leorn Deems and Miss Irma Clark. <S> <8> * Mrs. II. C\ Ardery of St. John Is here for a few days attending the Fair and visiting at the home or her brother, Mr. Ordon Powelson and Mrs. Powelson. Mrs, J. V. Dabbs of Fort Scolt Is expected to come this evening for a few days visit with her daughter, Mrs. M. C. Burton and Mr. Burton. <8> <!> « Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hubbard nnd children ami Miss Ada Lewis of Lyons are here spending the -week with Mrs. Viola'Yost and attending the fair. <$> Mr. and Mrs. fc'd Hubbard and children and MI SB ICthel Ijowis or Lyons have beon the guests of Mrs. Viola Yost, and attending the Fair. .. Mr..and -Mrs, L. P. Strollvuinn and family of Klllnwood are-hero visiting wltbMiv Strotbnif n'sparoms, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Strolhman. ; * * <8> Mis* Tnloy 1 "uiso Sheph»rd will loavo the fIj-ot. of noxt week for Lawrence, where she will attend K. U. this winter. . «• * * Mr, and Mrs. Milo McKeeof Newton wore the guests yesterday, of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hoaglar.d. <v Mi's. Carl RurseBs of Lamed who has been here visiting with Mrs..O. 0. Line and Miss Ruth Wood has returned to her home. <$• 4> *i> The men who are in charge of the EVANGELIST JARBOE AND WIFE. <i^«*titit^.^»ii«»i<>t»«tia < l^l««l«i»»t*M*'i*-il*it»l«-l»'il>lt* 1 f'l>« TOTSn JUUIJUMI JUut ZniruT 313137 JMMI 4UtJ> JOU1 Ngjjjjj _4 .'i.. - ;j t .tin')i i-wrr Corn«r M»ln and 8it6n4 ttrtita !ll3l!li3l^3l3ltf;3^ OUR $25.00 OPPORTUNITY SAL£| Begins Monday Morning and Continues Throughout Next Week | Giving everybody an unusual opportunity of saving from $5.00 to $10.00 on Coats; Suits, Dresses, and Fur Muffs and | Scarfs. Our windows show samples of a few of them. gj | Smart Coats J"'"' A big assortment of BlyllBh Winter coats • or Silk Seal Plush and also of nil wool vel- • ours, Cheviot and kersey In black, Navy, J green and brown, many of them values you * cannot match today under $29.76 and later • on will probably cost you 535.00 Tor— |. $25.00 | No Alteration Charges O. F. Sawyer Dry Goods Co., Corner North Main and Second Streets No Approvals jjj Clever Suits Dozens or choice models In all wool suits In the most popular materials and wanted colors among them many regularly $23.75 for— _ $25.00 Chic Dresses Taffeta Silk, Satin Mossallno nnd all Wool Serge Dresses in great, variety of the Usual $29.75 and $35.00 kind from sotne of the best makeiB in this land for— $25.00 Furs Large Scarfs and Ball Muffs, made of the most popular furs Illustrating emphatically tho big saving we made nnd that yon can make by buying early. Opportunity sale- price— $25.00 When You Can't See Distinctly There la no live I' world 111 Iry'llR l" reel m.gtlom i.'y tut the pupvr IhU that, or in inuUin^ i at It. V DU iriKllt' ' filer for faci-' tm- ni fqunrely. nnd tulMilt you ctm'l >'iH' w you onue coulil. Vour m xl iliiV',' rnmuilt u:i 11,1:1 ii.iv l-'iye yuur cyy.s ., luor t'!t. Ill ttlP Ml'-U't mo InJvn-liiM v lif wlae. Clarence G. Fearl, Optometrist FEARL & SON ewelcrs and Optometrlott I'atabllthed IllJfi. the lllllK by uller lliat •it as l« to <; us •••ugh Mrs. Richard Hall Teacher of Piano and Harmony Residence, 117 East 16th Phone No. 1497J (lovernment exhibit at tho Fair' will entertain this evening for the llotar- laus nnd their families In the building 'where the government exhibit has been this week. Mr;:and Mrs. Charles, Slpes of Great Bend w-ho have been here visiting with Mrs. Nellie Patton have returned to their home. • • • A-' .'...• '.! ; \ Mr. I. K. Urady'has returned to bis home nt St. Louis. Mo., arter vlutting here with his parents, Mr. ann Mrs. J. W. Urady. . ...... •*><>• *. . The B. D. Club will meet with Mrs. L. A. Prauklln, 211 Sixth west Thursday afternoon. ' . . <$>> «• 'Mr. Vicor Lamont ot Turon 13 here visiting v.ith Mr. 'jnd Mrs. N. N. Kline and Mi'- and Jin. L. ,U. Straiten. •• > * Miss Hilda McLeod has returned from a week's visit with Mrs. O. W. Hunter at Manhattan. <?><»••$' Mr. and Mrs. AV. L. Anderson of Nowtan, la.-, have come to make their home with Hov. and Mrs. Ii. \V. Cole. _ . . <£> «• <«' Mrs. Isa Haworth of Illoomlngton, Illinois, is here visiting with her sister; Mrs. A. It, Dodge. ' 4> * <$> ' Miss F'orn.SJpes of Great Bend...js here tho guest of Mrs. Nellie Patton. For- Pianos and Player Pianos, -come to VEATCH BROS. PIANO HOUSE Phone 52 Tho Home ot U| sb class Pianos. 120 North Main W and Supplies i We do Developing and Printing. The A&A Drug Co. I NO BREAD CARDS In America if you do your part. Use the true "Whcat-Conserver." MODERN BREAD Phone 282 1 Revival services, will be conducted at tho Church of the Brethren corner of J&shth ami Ford, beginning tomorrow- morning. Kvangollst Jurboo and R 'ite of Lincoln, Nebraska will unvo charge of tho services. Styles That Please Prices That Appeal Quality That Satisfies AT LADIES FASHION SHOP , The New 8t9re^118 North Malr.. Cio to O'Donnel's for stove pipe, el-| bows und coal hods. 10Ut MEN WANTiD. . .. j For work In beet st'.gar factories j and beet harvest fields. Previous experience not'required. Good wages. Congenial employment. Work will open September l.Elh to October 1st and will last .about three months. One-way transportation will be ri>> funded If employe, remains the full campaign. Stick to your job It now engaged in essential work, for further information, address The U. S. 1 Brupioyntent Service, Sugur Industry Division, 20(1 Unrclay illgck, Denver, Colorado. 21-2t DANCING . Yeoman Hall each Saturday evening. Holaday's music. Ray Bailey, Mgr. A SK Y OUR JP EALE K ."J O SxewYou «YTHEM TAPS ARE „ SOFTLY V/ATSoi/i NEW VWK MUAO. K»S&& OFCOOPCHIfHTjTlie MILLION* OC "KHfKl IN FRANCE,. gvtrt IO^T us HUJIC cjniNTtiui. wntttiii:. 86MB HIMACOTV. r Dancers. Class lessons in ballroom dances ev. ery Friday night, 7:30 : to 0. Social dance from S t&. 12. Woodman Hajl. lioluday's 3 piece orchestra. Private lessons by appointment. Phono 145C. 7-tt ANNA MCDONNELL-. Children's Dances. Beginning September 7, every Saturday afternoon will teach children's ballroom and fancy dances. Phono M55. T-tf ANNA M C D ONNELL,. ATKINSONS SAT. NIGHT DANCE. At Central Hall with SOLSUBRG'S UIO P1VK PIBC'H OR- CHHSTKA. 20-2t largest truck factory in the world. Why not best? Republic Trucks. Ro- ne.~,uick Co. 16-6L About Your Family Wa»h. ' ., Wasbfugs received .Monday doliv- orgd Wednesday; WashlngB received Tuesday delivered Thursday; washings recoivod Wednesday delivered Friday; washings recoive'd Thursday delivel-ed Saturday. Let us put you on our regular call list, for Monday. : AMERICAN STBAM. LAUNDRY. • For heating stoves go tp O'Doa- pel's. IWl Oii you sop Uiu Republic Trucit at the u'ulr? Uofto-Puiek Co. IHU Beautiful Rings V Cameos Corals •.- Ruby / Acqua Marine Tourmaline Birthstone Baby The most beautiful line of Rings I've ever shown. The prices are reasonable. There is nothing like a ring. JAY T, BROWN Jeweler and Optician. 'Free tickets to the Pearl Theatre. PERIDIXO FACE CREAM Unrivalled soothing, antiseptic cream for ' care of siting, whitening, purifying and beautifying s a 11 o w, rough or ' impaired complexions. Nourishes the skin by cleansing the pores. Soothes and heals chapped or rough hands or lips, sunburn or tun. Being greaseless It can easily be removed by cold water. N'oninjurloua and fragrantly scented. Price 35c and 50c per jar. -22JL M MAIN '-PHONE wi Big Fair Week Dance. Saturday ulghL -Woodmen Hall, Sherman west. Door right reserved. 21 -lt. Republic Trucks the most popular in America. Reno-BuieU Co. 16-6L Full Line of Hats and Caps Save Middle Man's Profit by Buying From 4 South Main Phone 1011 *J| .Corner Narth Main Second ttrctt *fc | COMING-MR. T. A. LEWELLYN Jfi Mr. Lewellyu writes us to expect, him next ffi W Tuesday morning', September 24tli.-with lii.s big line «H 2 °f Herman & Ben Marks Furs. He will give his jS usual auminl exhibit tincl sale of these Furs at our S store for two days, liext-Tiiesrhr/and Wednesday—His uj Jfl assortment, he writes, is even more ' extensive and jfc tfj complete than usual—Added to our regular line it an will give you a tremendous stock to select from. Mr. Jo S Lewcllyn lived here so long many of you know him; ffl to any who do not, we are glad to vouch for him as a 2 reliable gentleman, thoroughry posted in the Fur UJ S business and representing one of the best known and S in most favorably known concerns selling Furs, Coats, Jfi S Codices, Muffs, Scarfs, etc. Anyone interested in S ffl buying furs and especially fine furs or Fur Coats jB should not let this sale go by without attention—You 3j Ifj are cordially invited to attend whether3-011 wish to buy Qj •fi or only to look. Jg ffl 0. F. Sawyer Dry Goods Co. Cor. N. Main and 2nd Sts. nj ii-iripirinp-i^ifi^irtrtririr iririririf*iririPirinnr JIJlUI1JUU1JUUIJULIIJIJI JUUJIJIUiJIJLJIUIllKIRIl John McCormack SINGS At Convention Hall, Friday, October 18 John McCormack, of the great heart, who has raised more than $100,000 for our AMERICAN RED CROSS. • RESERVE YOUK SEATS NOW BY MAIL Prices—$1.00 to $3.00; boxes $4.00 Add war tax to all prices. Reserved seat board opens Monday, October 7th, at Jenkins. See that man Heaps about Repub iic Trucks. Reno-iiuicjt Co. iHW Advance Ticket Sale Pavley Oukrainsky Ballet ami the little- Symphony Orchestra, with George Bareire, Flutist AT Convention Hall, Thurs. Oct. 31 Advaiied TJcket Solicitation Begins Monday Morning, BE READY WHEN CALLED UPON Open Nights Till 9:00 O'clock We also keep open from 9 to 12 Sunday Mornings Gold Crowns as low as $3,85 Plates - $4.00 up. Repair Broken Plates $1.00 SMYSER DENTAL CO. Over American National lionk. Ladies in Attendance J |e answering »<lvertl «<Mneu«» $Uu* mention Tb« JS*w*

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