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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1924
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.... „ , , I LI ,1 '(j'HUO*- — T —' ;> il rr w7 *4i ,READ EWS WANT AOS ,lv > 5 EVERY DAY. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Final Edition TWELVE PAGES. (E .Mbll .htd July 4, 1872) , HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, MONDAY, pl-.CEMBER 1, 1924 XO. 1J '. IT GIRL" NOMINATIONS CALLED FOR N< In BUnk will Appear In The New* Tomorrow. TO m AJFARM GIRL llir aiftnty Leading- Candi- j ,l«t|i f «> be Submitted for >' P.rimiry Vote. THE RULES p--,r •'jji'te^ tlMerf^ilbacrlbcr to the Hulch- is entitled nominate a •MM^I^Aor tho Kansas Wheat OJfl, tik fttyl who Is tu go to Wash- inffa) ;t0; present to President CeMtdj^'^snmplo of Kansas hard »jrtat,tB»]l)eHt In tbs world. ^TtelUljsn* B>rl who will Inpo thl ^miMi ^tloii will ho chosen by » v.WMlif ] vote among tho anl • sdriWsf.Of the 23 daily newspaper, Wjtogai .t idWuSMgoti from each dlstrh tn , .Kfcqi§ , nv'Ul assemble at Toprt as 'Savtoflu'jgucsts o£ honor nt th fctttj'ttaafeural ceremonies, J;r J$i Jhl, ttim these district rcpr fcinttllAi'v.M be chosen the gl w;htt Wjll'vroprosent the state \t»WvWjlMi. J .HfiVfiWhow 1 tho rept'ese.ntati front the" Hutchinson district v ho cl.)sen—the subscribers to t HulclHiaon News and Herald Ing tl# ones who will chooso he , 4ht Nomination Blank. Tin News tomorrow nflprno and '..ho Herald ,«u Weilnea< morning will print a iiiomin.iti petition blank. Every subscrlb to the News and Herald will privileged to clip out this hi and ';end in tho name of > farmer's daughter, nominating There Is no expense. Nobody to pm up any money. Nohodj to subscribe anew for the p: The only requirement Is that voter be n subscriber tor the pi from which the nominating co Is clipped. Every name received, win Bent In by ono person or byi hundred will bo included jl candidate, but those names In., the largest number of pej will be placed at tho head list, and the highest twenf be regarded »» the rer| nominated candidates. To Close Friday. Nominations "will close Dec, 5, at midnight. The ««t Somo fanner girl In tho Hutchinson territory will bo chosen as candidate from this district tor Kansas Wheat Olrl. She will he selected by the read- era of tho Hutchinson News and Hutchinson Herald. Nominations nro now in order. Names must'bo submitted on nomination blanks to appear In The NOWB tomorrow and tho Herald Wednesday morning. Tho blanks will iippear In both News and Herald each day until Friday. Tho candidate uniBt be a Kansas farm Rlrl, under 22 years of age Nov. 27, 1.1124. She must, have lived on a Kansas farm at least two years prior to Nov. 2, 1024, (Attendance nt school or college during that time Will not bo regarded as losing residence on a Kansas farm.) Nominations must be signed by the subscriber making them. The nominations will closo at midnight Friday, Dec. ii. Those in the mall before then will bo accepted. Names of the twenty leading candidates In the News-Herald contest will bo printed In The News next Mondny and Herald Tuesday morning. Primary election will be held Saturday, Deo. 13, on ballots printed that day In both tho News and Herald, to nominate candidates, light to bo chosen. The eight highest In tho primary) \ 111 be announced in tho News iiec. 17, and submitted at the dts- irlct election to be held on ballots printed In The News Dec. 27 and Herald Sunday morning, Dec. 28. Winner in the election to be re ported New Year's Day. Tho girl winning In this district to be sent to Topeka. as guest of the Hutchinson News and Herald, ; nt tho state Inaugural, Jan. 12. Prom tho district winners present it Topeka at the Inauguration of [Governor Paulen, will be selected the girl to represent Kansas at Washington, D. C. as tho "Kansas Wheal Girl." 1IAXMAN SLAYS ONE, SERIOUSLY INJURES TWO A STATE ROAD PLAN IS READY KANSAS ONCE MORE LEADS IN BUSINESS * * * * * x- .y. # * State h One Of Few White Spots On National Map Kansas Family Victim of • Mysterious Attack., WOMAN'FIRST VICTIM Husband of Dead Woman Tells of Grappling with Killer; Held in Jail. Kiowa County Legislator Confers With Paulen; Would Tax Gas Sales. [ Topeka. Kan., Dec. 1.—W. C. Jfil- • lar, of Holvldere, who will represent Paola, Kan., Dec. 1—Mrs. Gladys Work, 25, was killed and her husband, Earl, badly cut about the head and their son, Bedford, 2Q mouths old, probably fatally Injured by an unknown assailant In their home near here "early today. Work telephoned to the authorities at 2 o'clock thla morning that lie wan awakened" when he was struck with an nxo In the hands of n strango man, standing by. tho bed In their little home. Work Said he wrested the nxe from tho man, who ran out of the back door. Mra. Work was dead in bed, hor skull crushed. Work had lived oh a small farm south ot hero f&r three years. The Works wore married in Lamar, Mo., about fIvo years ago. Mrs. E. M. Beasley, mother nt Mrs. Work, Uvea at Strasburg, Mo. Husband Is Held In Jail. Ottawa. Kan., Dec. 1.—Work was held In Miami county jail at Paola today without warrant, partly to provldo suitable quarters for treat ment of his wounds, officers said No hope was entertained by physicians this afternoon for the life ot the baby. Another visitation of tho stork was expected in the Work household soon. The" Works were very' poor, it. was said. Off! cers said they were unable to learn much of tho life ot tho Works be fore (hey moved to near Paola, although relatives now live at Pnola. Bloodhounds brought to the scene this morning, St was stated picked tip a trail which followed around the Work boiiBo and then to the county jail and headed for (he cell lu which Work was held Work, who did not have serious cuts on his head, was found In bed with his dead wife ami Injured Child about 2:?,0 this morning. RADIO PHOTOS TRANSMITTED ACROSS OCEAN New Invention Copies a Perfect Likeness. SHORT SESSION OF CONGRESS IS CONVENED TODAY 6usiness~conditioris throughout the United States, as reported in the December number of TIIR NATION'S BUSINESS, official publication ot the Chamber., of Commerce of the United States, ESTHONIAN REDS LAUNCH ATTACK Martial Law Proclaimed Following Outbreak at Reval; Several Killed. (By Tho Associated Press) Heval, Kstoula, Dec, 1.—Armed communists attacked certain government and military buildings here at 5:30 o'clock this morning. According to the official tiie'fcttAclt was Immediately auppersetty and order restorod. -> No disturbances are reppFted from the other towns or provinces. (Uy Tho Associated Press) ' Helsingfors, Finland, Dec. 1.— According to advices from Rural, the Ksthonian capital, armed men occupied the railway Btatlon there X the twenty leading cnncildatlwill be printed in the HutJsnn News next Monday and I the Herald on Tuesday morula The primary election I be held on Saturday, Dee. Pallets will be printed in the Hulison Herald that morning audi the Hutchinson News uvea On these ballots will be the i|8 ot the twenty lending nnmlnJ "Every subscriber to tujvcws will bo entitled to one ji and also every subscriber to t B.'i'ald will get one vote. Must Be In Dec. The votes must all be I mid- jilght, Dec. IS. The nan' .' the ^jlght winners in tho di- contest will be printed in ' <awa Wednesday, Dec. 17. Then these eight nam II lie submitted (it an election held Ceo. 27 and 28, the h;i IOIIIR printed in the News of 27th and Herald of the :28th. Announce New Year' District winners wll announced on January 1 In N'ews and tho following morn . the Herald, These winners ' i tho guests of the News and Id at the Inauguration cert is at. 'fopeka, January 12. Seven judges, selecto the executive committee of K hb- Has Dally News.mppv ; IsiiiR association, will select Kansas Wheat Girl from ; tho district winners repci [or selection ul Topeka, Jui 12. Announcement of tl uuer will be made by| liovrri ulen at tho inaugural ball t In it of January 12. Kiowa county lu the lower hoiinsvj about 9:4(1 last night. Work had Work said the family retiredii tH,ia >' aa,} attempted to captiive. the of tho l'J2o legislature, came to Tonska, today to discuss a proposed new highway' law with Ben S. Paulen. governor-elect, who Is expected here early this week. Millar claims to be "the original Paulen-Cor-governov man." and it is said, he will be selected to Introduce tho administration highways bill in tho legislature. Provisions of the bill, Millar said, will Include a two cent tax on gasoline, half going to the state to build highways, half to tho counties for secondary highways', motor vehlcdes exempt from property taxation but state license tees to lie doubled and tho money used for building a stale highway system. only a hazy description of the alleged strange man, with whom he said he battled before he escaped. Work made a short statement detailing tho allegod attack. Coolidge Breakfasts With Senate Leaders Taking Testimony In Forbes Trial K. C. Publisher^ Go to Trial Kansas City, Dec. IB ot Walter S. Dickey, own* editor of the Kansas Ci»-nal Post and Ralph Kills, gtf (By The Associated Piv*.-?1 Chicago, Dec. 1.—Charles Forbes, former head of the United Suites Veterans Bureau and John,,] W. Thompson, St. Louis coutructor, will be among the first defense witnesses in the trial of the two tor conspiracy to defraud tho United States government on veterans hospitals, It was aiinounc d today by their counsel. Taking of government testlmcuv started today afler a week spent lu selecting a jury and delivering the opening stntemenls. Kilns IT. .Mortimer of Philadeb phla, described by John W. 11. Crlm, special assistant attorney general, as the paid Informant of the government was to bo the first witness today, government counsel slated. pay LOU WHITE INJURED AS HE MOUNTS HORSE. Louis D. White, commander ot Lyslo Hlsbel post American Legion and an officer in ono of the local field artillery batteries was Injured at the fulr grounds yesterday morn. . , ing when ho was mounting a horse. aging editor of tho news} lor | Tho horse jumped as he was put- allege Illegal puhllcullouloine j llng Ws (oot ,„ tlu , st i rruPi tax returns began in fofmrt | throwing Mr. While to the ground. uere this morning. The two men, the fir*: als to be named in conrnT Indictments for publlcatj Income tax returns, we' last week by a federal i called for the express hearing tho case. TJ. S. District Attor Madison, who will pro! he case, said the trial will r a short time. His back'was badly wrenched and he will be confined to his home for several days. fnly > Budget Messagf Coolidge Washington, Dec. 1. Coolidge Intends to dolaji slon to congress of tho the next fiscal year and panying message until suniatlon of his annual which is to be sent to, t and road in both house day, it was. said tuday. T inessago probably ' will milled Thursday,: Mr. O gnrils tile budget lAehmu elaboration on his Mutual uutl UB such Ueairea iv the document, presentint i WEALTHY'iSHIP OWNER HELD IN BOOZE PLOT. Mobile, AlOj, Dee. l->.Cnptalu J. M. Scott, wojihhy ship owner,' of this port, Is ijiider arrest at Houston, Tex., on charges of conspiracy to violate the' prohibition laiy, con. splrncy to vlqjatn the tariff act, ! by smuggling *und consplrjicy to ' bribe a federal'\officer. Skates are fotfiid in comparatively shallow water and Imvo been known to attain a length at more I han «lx feet. Washington, Dec. 1.—President Coolidge had a breakfast conference today with more than a dozen leaders lu the senate, representative of the several groups ou tho Republican side. Senator Norris ot NehruBka, one of those identified with the in Follette bloc, was present. Others ."era Senators Curtis of Kansas, the newly elected majority leader; Borah of Idaho, who Is to become chairman of the foreign relations committee; Moses, Now Hampshire; Wadswnrtb, New York; Hale, Maine; Jones, Wash- i gton; Sterling, Dakota; Warren, Wyoming, Spencer, Missouri; McLean, Connecticut; Watson, Indiana; Smoot. Utah und Cummins, Iowa. All or these senators are chairmen of tho more important of the senate committees lucludlug finance, military, naval, commerce, a> proprlatlous, banking aud postof- tice. The conference was devoted to discussion of the legislative program, with no definite conclusions attempted. It was the first, of a series* of breakfast conferences planned by Mr. Coolidge, and ur- rangements were mnde tor another meeting with another group of senators tomorrow. House leaders later are to bo Invited to the white house for shu ilar discussions. One Killed, Many Hurt In Collision WEATHER AND KOADS Kansas OIly.T-L'li'ar. nonds good- Kmporla- Clour, roads good. SIIIIIIH Clear, ri '.lds good. (.•iiffoyvllli-^CIOai: .road '8godV' i'liihliiirg- Clear, rouds gooih- Arkansas City--Fair, roads (food: Ottawa •—Clear, roads good.;-' > Wichita—Clear, roads good;, i Chicago, Dec. 1.—Ono woman was reported killed and 25 other passengers were injured in a rear end collision of two Pennsylvania passenger trains, on the south side today. The two trains. No. 109 aud No. 201, wore both bound for the union passenger station, The wreck occurro" at 61st street and Princeton avenue, just two blocks norih or the Kngle-' wood union station at OSril street. Hallway officials said they were unable to ascertain tho cause of tho collision. telegraplr sad telephone oflictt Several persons, including ,u number of paltce, are repotted to have been killed and others, Including M, Kark, minister ot communications, were wounded. The minister was shot while on the way to the station. Order was • restored by troops after a number! of scattered fights in which hand j grenades and machine guns were used. The troops re-captured the railway station a( 8 o'clock. I Martial law lias been proclaimed, the udviceB said, and all government buildings are hold by tho troops. Close Call for Premier. (By Tho Associated Press) Heval, Dec. 1.—Premier Akel of Ksthonia narrowly escaped assassination by the communists today. M. Akel, who also is foreign minister, had by a mere chance left his residence shortly before the communistic revolutionaries surrounded the dwelling and forced their way in. An armoured car came up at this juncture and routed tho insurgents. The casualties iu the outbreak here numbered about fit). The chamber of deputies -has been summoned to meet this evening. Washington, Dec. 1.—A good though not a booming trade for the remainder ot the year Is forecast by Frank Greene, expert on business conditions, in his monthly review' of the general business situation in tho current number ot The Nation's Business, official publication of the Chamber of Commerce of tho United States. Mr. Greene writeB that "October —and November previous to tho election—was a period of cross currant business for which generalization is difficult, because while unseasonably warm weather, 'hand to nimith 1 . buying aud election uncertainties held back distributive trade, restricted speculation and caused some lines of industry to lag, .-other apparently deeper currents ran quite strongly toward improvement aud mauy measures showed definite progress toward bettor things. Post.Electlon Buoyancy, "Iterhaps tho word repressive rather than deprossive would best serve to describe the influences •vthlch Induced the rather resitnt- big progress made in many Hues. With election uncertainty removed, a flood of optimistic sentiment s- - iuglit,axprassion.. In bouyaut mar- JAv:"Sfeciii'Siss- !ir->t'5io--flOntfr- motion; 6£ many contingent orders, especially for steel, and In the growth- of a feeling that given BIG SURPLUS IN C. 0. P. CHEST Republican Balance of More Than Quarter Million Reported by Butler.- Koretz Loot Hidden In New York Banks? jt'-New. York, Doc. v 1.—Cash and Ronoilahh) securities to mi amount fjiiigiug-botwoeil WOO.OOO and ?*?50,- 0Ou possessed by Leo Koretz. who Ih'.wuiitod In Chicago lu connection Willi queued SIOCK swindles toial- itng upVu.xImuteiy s'-'.uuu.uuo are Mucre^ed •, lu various' now Vorlt banks, in tlie_opinion of Alplious,u k. §ul0i{el 4 jsltoruey and representative of-.,(he Chicago Title aud Trust" Egypt Ready to Meet Demand of English (Liy Tlitt Associated Prose) . ' Cairo, Egypt, Dec.'-1—Although not officially announcer", it is Universally understood •that the Egyptian, government hasTaccept- ed all the British demands, made at the time of the assassination of Maj. Gen. Sir Lee Stack. The acceptance camo after lengthy conferences yesterday. Us flrijtr immediate consequences will be tho evacuation by tho British or the Alexandria customs house. The ministers of education und public works have resigned, and it Is expeclod the'iuiuister of "communications will follow suit. Quiet In the Sudan London, Dec. 1—All reports of tho Sudan reaching London today indicate the situation there Is uulet and that the evacutlon of tho lOgyptlan troops is proceeding steadily without Incident. (By Tho Assorlfttcd Press) Cairp,,,Dec. 1.—The British authorities today ordered the evacu Hon of the Alexandria customs, which wero occupied by British forces last weok when tho Zagloul Pasha cabinet refused to comply with Ihn entlro demands of tho British ultimatum. • Good Showing in New Russell Field Test Snlina, Kan., Dec. 1.—At 3n6 feet the Producers and Refiners Mermia well, 9-H-1S, Kusscll conn ty, unexpectedly developed a'good showing ol oil Saturday nlghi. It wan put on tho bailer-ind by bun day night. lt;0 barrels ol. good quality oil. Willi no water, was taken out. the well is loi-alrd il miles from tiiirliiiui and extend: the Hits- sell ileld ten miles.' >>uuth. Kstl- mates bv oil men.are fur a well running trout 25 to 160 barrels a (fJcratlnued on Pago Two) Wheeler Allowed to Be Called Democrat Washington, Dec. 1.—There, is to be. no effort at this timo to formally read Senator Wheeler of Montana, out of tho Democratic party. fJenator-'Rabinson, of Arkansas, the Democratic leader, so announced today in response to Inquiries whether Senate 'Democrats would follow the lead, of the Republicans who have excluded from party councils Senator La Follette of Wisconsin, with whom Senator Wheeler wus associated oh tho Independent presidential ticket. Senator Bobinson said there was no occasion for calling a conference of senate Democrats, that there would be ii. meeting only,-,of the steering committee to fill vacancies, on standing committees of the senate. M'ushiuglou, Dec. 1.—The Republican National Committee emerged from the recent campaign with a surplus of $3!i5,2i>4 after spending a total ot ?3,0lV.!,!i25, according to a statement of receipts and expenditures by Chairman Wm. M. Butler, a detailed tabulation of which was ready for filing today with the clerk of the house. Chairman Butler said it was "with satisfaction" that be was able to report that Hie committee, after defraying nil costs, had exceeded by no'greater margin the estimate made afjiir the Cleveland cpny.en- tion..that. "ft_.iotiiL«j*ciinii,uri5i of three million dollars Was necessary for tho successful conduct ot the campaign." His stalem> , !it showed that expenses of ?2CT.".i)0 for the senatorial ami congressional committees, financed independently In previous campaigns, wero ini'luded EDITOR ASKS DAMAGES FROM • .MAN WHO,WHIPPED HIM Pratt, Doc. 1—Ono of the first cases on the docket at the session ot drstrict court which opened to. day was a suit brought by Nate K. Reece, editor of tho Pratt Tribune against Walter Peacock, seeking $5,000 : ,damages for Injuries sustained; when Peacock, son of the mayoR of Pratt, recently assaulted tho editor in his sanctum. TO OPEN A NEW FIELD With Little Perfecting Process will be Placed in General Use. New Voik, Dec! 1—-Transatlantic 1 transmission of photographs by radio is a reality. Portraits of President Coolidge, Premier Stanley Baldwin, the Prince of Wales and Owen i>. Young, were among HIOHH dispatched by wireless from London yesterday In a public tost conducted by the Radio Corporation ot America, lu its offices here, a j jiggling stylus drew these pictures on an oscillating cylinder und twenty minutes aflcr each original bad been put on the air in London, it was reproduced in Now York. Offlcnla of tho company say that the invention an all-Amevi- can..instrument by which not only pictures, but printed messages may ba transmitted, is a complete success. Tho device was developed by I". II. Taylor, i -hit.f engineer of the lladlo Corporation; E. W. Alcv nndei'sou, consullIn;; engineer, and It. II. Riinger.dirnct.iim engineor. Willi but little refinement, they explained, their process will bo available for I rniiMUlanlic transportation of news, pictures, secret business, diplomalle correspondence and Identification photographs ot criminals for iiolieo purposes. The cost of transmission of a picture ts bid ween $30 end Jl'l. This compulation Is based oil tho number of words Hint .'.ould lie .sent at loll rates in the thirty mlii- ut.os required for tin? despatch ot a picture. II. Is expected however. Hint (lie sending time, will !>« loilm-eil considerably,, in tho future. Send Photos by Wireless. | Medronl. Mass.. Uee.- I .—Wire tor.-.-; I photographs, si -m this morning from Washington, D. C, by tho ju Small Prospect of Anything A Being Accomplished. A OUTLAWS IN CONTROL I H Men Read Out of Republic.?.!'! «j Party*Apt to Greatly Re- ii tard Legislative Plans. jj VUisluimton, Ii.- a conference lodui ato and house ie.i . 1 AlU; with .-en ilers. Pie. filled In ,X £l)Lpt^.P.: Jfrunciis^Jenkin.VsWUP,, reeolveiTnl, the station 'or 'the American Radio and Research Corporation bore. The test was put ot: lho Boston Show which opens today. The same ie.--i. tailed last night. The- photographs were of ines- secreUiry or commerce; Curtln D. Wilbur, secretary of navy; Paul II. Henderson, second assistant postmaster Kenenil mid lsmo Yosliida, Japanese ambassador. Tho last message was in Japanese characters. Would Leave Shoals in the grand total of national com-j sages written by Herbert Hoover, mitteo expenditures. An additional i',irili,iJ2ri.l 1, collected by the national commit too lu the capacity of agent for state c.iminitrees, making a total of f 1,259,17S.S2 taken in by the national body, was "iiniuedlatoly returned to committees In the states in which It was collected." Mr. Butler said, and no part used fie- the national campaign. Showing the campaiiai to have been financed by IiO.fii'iu Individual contributors the statement tabulated 83,29!) of these as having made contributions of less than SWu. Sixteen made contributions o. more than $10,000 and 89 donated amounts ranging from ije',000 to $10,000. lu a tabulation ol expenditures by the various individual organizations of the committe, the publicity bureau led with $7J1.27s.l0, Tho speakers bureau cost- {:bJ8,112.- 7>\ and SOSO.SOO.OO was turned over for expenditure by state committees out of, funds collected by the national committee ,ou Its own account. Chairman Butler said Lie surplus , of more than ?;j5u,uui> which coni -;n l( , |,,.| F idellt. I 'ooJiil'-'e tl Iralisinil 10 r<>n,:rr.*s !"ino; row 'the l'>2ii budget and hi.- acroiupanyini; me^sa^e. no.: to scud to thai, isody on W> nesday his annusj nii^iici', Washington, fire. I. — Sena. . Wesley L, Jones, of W'n.-dili'.glo today was UIVUKM I Repubiit-to v»" in tin.' senate. The selection v.~as \u"eii-- e> Slater Clll'tls. the 11. « !\ i-P-ei leader of the- majority. Si.iiii' .lotos is chairman of the s^n.; tomm'MVr eummiUof' anil i. been high In the Republican s<-.. ii to roundls. In his raput-lty • whip it will be his cliicf duly i assist lho loaders iu nuuntului'.. quorums. There litis been a sucgestuai i'r\ Senator Watson of liuli'in.i, i-, eemlv rhosei! assistant. (..Mil Combine wlib ihe oi 'i 'ico the dun. of parly whip. Tii" plan, hev.-v-; was abandoned. ' W'HSllIllfttoU, I)-. 1 -"Te'i ^IS.H. PUIlth eullt-M'efi assem!);.-;' I. .e for lis farewell session wi:.> iiu prospect for the Iran:.iv* ei any Important l.u-ine-.s iiei. passage of th" .'itiaaa! .ippnipr.. tlnii 1>I 11». The ope-nlnii' ; -.T 'eeiii \ • iv Artei' prayer !•> \lf .-lit plain an quorum rails, tho oath e; nifire w, ailniinislered to pew nn-ni'iei oonumUees were uame.l jo into: President Coolidge thai ilu; r.. grew.was n-ady i„ rreejw f „, niiiMlrations from hini, and rise) Hons on the denl'n ol nneni.'.'!•' di ing t.Ile recess v.ere pre, eileii i ' iub.ptril. Adjournaaiuni. tin n laki'ii out nf recpect to the ni.-n ies .vf departed senalors and r 1 : s"i>|.iiilvoH, " ,. 't • ReiSew 1a - ..Nb .on , ) ,fc,ft!arr«>v.';' Vi-SS^IjiilUJiiij.^ "iiriim lonihi-row'". hni .-. ».*••! will really beeiu .w>, , . , i receipt \Veduesiia\ , . ..n- Coolldge'.t nnimal n: •!• ,.-e-, wji; Is t>> be tl'au-.-uut("d '/v te.ei--. e and rend in the iwo li.nises a i atelj. Tin- annual I• n.11-..• i ,<-,!rrj in.; : ndnllnlafratjtou -> r\'<:oiiune'n!.tin' tor appropi i;it ion.- j. io It.- is is'r In- i -oil gre-s I hui^U-.iv. .lii.nile.i however, the house n'.ipntM'Ml I tie- WEOHER <oinmiMon lias Ur;tH*-tl t JIM ilopiii'lnit'nrol «npnly 'iiMn i has ruatly rho l'lrwi o'.' th-n\— j I'tir iht* Inf.oi'iin- (|"l l ai'tmpiU. I vf.i! ot.lifjrs will :»('• (In. 1 UftntW oV ; lions.; wlllun ;i l-.^v ii;ii>. Disposition to Board, Mrs. cooi,d Be ih C «. 1 I (here were in., inuiii erow Merles at. tli ,. i .. 'Washington. Dec. L — A point riv.- oliillon instructing the president, to appoint a commission of two senators and three representatives to 'consider proposals for aud to negotiate for tho lease, of the dam and powerhouse and plant" in course of construction at. Muscle Shoals, and for any nil rate plants at Muscle Shoals. Itself and at Sheffield, Ala., was introduced today by Representative Wright, Democrat, Gf.orgia. Tho commission would liuvo m> power to dispose of I he property, but would report to congress far its coiisidci'iillon of proposals for of the' dam and power plants. pares with a deficit, of about $2,000,- ooo occurred by the committee 1,1 --, 1U20, would support the routine ac- MUSCLE SHOALS PLANT tivities of tho comiuUteo without; READY BY JULY 1. necessity'for new collections "for a substantial period." ; Washington, Dec. 1.— Tin Muscle Sboali, electrical power and ''•'fit- trate plants will be ready to operate by July 1. next year, should congress so desire, Maj. Gen. Taylor, elitell of engineers, of the army, declareii today iu his annua! report. Ohio City Coldest Spot In U. S. Today Kansas—Fair tonight and Tuesday; warmer In north portion, tonight. Oklahoma — Tonight fair, colder in east portion; Tuesday fair, slowly rising temperature. TEMPERATURE READINGS Aa reported by the auiomatte registering gauge at tha First .National bank building) 4 P. M CO < A. M nt C P. 31 50-' Ii A. M 31 5 P. M 4$ H A. M. 30 in P. M ,t5 10 A. M II 12 Midnight .,•.'1" J'J Noon , 42 I A. M *. .35 2 P. M 13 Mtotlniuni, 00; Minimum,.an, 7 %eCIieei^ulGieniU Tr>^ hvrrmv 1 r'a.ce- -delights me so IV* silly, but I lov^ it—I tvardly ever stop to think Trva.t I'm -a. of it. AW Columbus, Ohio. Dee. I.—Wilmington, Ohio, was the coldest spot iu the United States early today. Assistant United States Weather Man Kirk, said this morning. The mercury dropped to Ihreo, degrees above zero. The cold wavy was accompanied by a slate wide-snowfall reported to bu flvo Inches in somo places. One death has been reported from exposure. New England Digging Out. Boston, Dec. 1.—New Kngland today was still piecing together Its strands of communication, disrupted by a Suuduy storai which felled telephone poles hy'the thousand, blocked roads with suow- | drifts, blinded drivers of nutonio- ! biles and broke wires. ; Children Play With Gun; One Is Dead Mobile, Ala,, Dec. 1—Joseph Kdward Richardson, aged -1, was shot and accidentally killed it Crlcnlon, a suburb, vestordav by i James Jackson, aged Uvu years. A i hunt or left a shotgun neur lho I children. In the woods to pick up t> ; hawk that no li.ul killed and 'In • .lacMou child picked up the gun ape .ili!)cli;ii '.i :od, It Six Die in Rooming House Fire in N. Y. Mrs. Conlidi;,-. guests occupuil in I ho senate'i.r.. opening session e.-ai. twenty immur- i--, notiucuig HP : il-ath l.ods;.-, ill.' Kcnubli rtounlor W'liisn. Heini.i rhtiseii.s, his rnlloajji Lodge hail been f^r ve party -i.leaf's 1'. . Vim senate' niuieil je -. irin»IIy • , n) na . •an lead.; >•«!. Ma*.-.. -'. said V. ars I lie i'lii-', most figure III the dominant po" Ileal parly of Sfassaeiiiis. lis atiii n recent years, ono of. if iude- I the foroinosi figuri.i iu Lie c-e.i gress of the Hulled Slates. Kigllty-lwo of the P-'. setuiie. answered the openlui! roll rail, '.i llle. house the call -.iiniieU eie'i; hers out of 4:;.'. pis's.-i.i. The bouse wfs in se.-siou inlnuie.i, aiijo'i.iihiit .ill. r rnloiP.'. : resolullons of I ''ei o-.-.-r tim d^ x i I during the i-.o:-:: of ilu-ee't'Ci' seulatU'eS ami Hire • ,-eual.oro. Av^alt President's Message There will i.e a lui'tltor mari, of. iliip.' torn o. 'rev' p. n.ljiti r-< i. of I're.ildoul c-olid.:., nte-s.-ami, -.vliieli AVI;! i.. led by- nieasejiuei ior each lUUH,-,: seimvai. . I he. veal worli of i He beftn, but In.-.v uiui-li i bo accompli.ihed hei'oi'e adjotirmuuit. Mt;i'ct. li., bii: qncstion in iiu. mir , l leaders dike. i I hie! ali.-iifiiiii win le- ^iv. New York. Doe. L—Throe woiu-.' 1 " 1 annua!•« u .Is en and three men lost their lives'. whether all i)f ihe*c ran be today In a lire which swept a five i posed or js now by no means story rooming house in West teird r t"<».-,MUch general IcKf.shiiloii street near (Columbus avenue. Eleven persons were injured, five I* ami?; • iranspiii i In Thumd -i •Ol -IHU tin Ul or w:l; uuniuia: ic l in I of : I. seriously. One of the women vnctlms was killed Iu leaping from tho roof and another died after she had been lowered by her husband from the lop floor by a rope. The bodies of a woman and two men were found in :\ hallway. .y-e you inaui'i-d agnlus mil,, see Kitikcl Agency. II REPARATIONS MEETING DELAYED TO JANUARY 6 Paris, Dec. 1.—Tlio meeting of finance ministers at which It m planned to alloraii. definitely the reparations received, trom Germany .under ihe I )aw .>H program, has lu'oit sol ahead to .iunuan s. 'Hie (itf )nv e. sain.'Iu dlidnmnll. eircies Here in be .lie- II. (lie la. I Dial the Biiil.sli not in iii'oml Willi ..the 1 rem h ami Amt'i'lcaud conceniliig ilio wu.v m wbiclt tho Aupoflcan w;u' dawtuju clilUub uhoilld be. mot. pending, and thero is jiolug to strong pressure for consiilcrnho: ot a number ot measures ou wtin-o there Is n wide dilierencu of opm- Ion among the nieiub.irshlp. lookei.l ior Is tiio slowinu nil of ao Hut. these natural dirftivnivs ot o[ilnion are n,.i. in... onh- baiai.h that have a pintle in (lie Pyi* a , live Del.!. in. :-.-l''.:l t Hi. 'ii'lllill p 4 • illcal ciimnalgli has ciealett u. %t« sores which uppari-nth Have • aat'iavaied by lli« aiulou of ias ; ; senate Republican's lu readmit mi: of Inelr Collin :L- ^etiutoi". i.a I-e; lotto ot Wiconsin, and a:s elm f.. lieutenants. Senators Lad.!, llrooii h ill and Vraviiei. While leaders of tne nause lie publicans have no iut .<-ntu>n "i taKiug like Lui'Mllett i action with followers :ir respect U their lei, • .i i.Mnrueq 1.1 MndcUintna. Mmiivier lit vlsiicut.' "He- iue i tu iisjrhtnis. ai'o Sou allowwd lu tasj tlie. pahents Utili) prc'iaati? Mi- 1 lunar Uli K = m aiLtn uw.ept WOJJSWUJ 1 PU4S1.0*.—-Lifsi,

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