The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 5, 1956 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1956
Page 7
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Ttiursday, July 5. 1956 g>itn 7 — fr/e/n/ Or Foe, All-Out A torn A Hack H.v .IOS1-JH1 I,. MV1.1-1K "wo can live, with in peace but is one m :!u> nation's foremost I'nitod 1'ress Stuff Correspondent not in war." autiiorilies on the efforts of radia- \VASH1\C;TO\ lUl'i— Dr. Lau- Taylor is chief of ihr- atoms'; '..ion upo:: life. nston S. Taylor said today that radiation physics division of tlic The Unito-il PIV.-S asked his atomic radiation is something National Bureau of. Standards. Ho opinion of Lt. COM. James .M. U'lvm'a recent in Con- alert mankind to the dangers of --eastrophe." T;iylor said e > are.! To Uiii a!! the pc.,!,!„, .\ honu'i dotointed iy 'he 1'rit gross that an atomic attack "in possible future jrr<»;U increases in ^;. mi i's lestimoiiv was --ive-. in <-'\'ui mci:ti..r.od wiiii |.!,ist. hea!~ ...i Slates on' 'viareh "l ' I'r.i" 'so tare" on Russia would kill "bun- the radiation level. ' ^. ;, , !i: -,i i idi,,.,,-;,.,- f.,l!,,ul wouid re- ii( ,;suucd :, u-gion of 7.000'sqiurre dreds of millions 01 Arsons m Given peace, Taylor said, man i,,. ; ,,,,.„,,. H( ', ',,,,.( ,,;,. V1V ,,,..; v <'|!i"-.. limu^md.-- 01 explosions. miles that all unprotected Arsons Lurasia. deix-ndmg on wmd diree- mw n ., s .,„ tlu , ....,,^,.1^ hl , ;,.; mv H ; Ul . ui ; s ,, w : iulll ' ,:,,.„, u . r.u; Taylor ic-suine, ii,e -.unm- ->X'»S in that area for ?.r,'hom-s Newsmen Look Ahead - 8ke To Delay On Announcement Ky I'll.MILKS M. MlTANN i'liited I'ress .Staff C'bmvspoilUiMU United Press correspondents nroitnil the world look ahead at the news tiiat will make the headlines. The gue.ismg at Gettysburg is that. President Kiso.nhowor win make nn statement on running for n second term until he returns to the \Vh.ite House from ahout July .19. This \ him time lo test himsel ly and make up his mil to rhan.go his I<Ybrua sion to run. The !'ro. iliat lime that he would change of mind lo the recent illness makes a men!, to run or not to Area Realty Transfer! T.hf> following- real esuue transactions were recorded at the County Clerk's office in Houston: DEEDS: O. B. A.vinr, ft ux, to Charles D. Glajsn. ei ux. lot L'6, block XB. Brownwood, $10.800. New Oil Venture Is Undertaken 63 Miles From Land HOUSTON .....Sp.i.- I,-, a (.rail- blazirip '.'er.tiire fin miles off the coast of Texas, a giant mobile platform is ahout. to lower its drill hit to search for oil in <),'; feet of water, Until now. no we!! has ever been at tempter* more than -10 miles off shore. The drilling --• "Operation !Nei>- tuno"-—"va«i launched by Shell Oil Co. after extensive preparation.- in the area known as the Neptune Block. leased from the .federal government last July. Later Continental Oil Co. took a balf-intercst in the block. The lOS.OOO-ai/re block is thi. 1 largest offshore; block currently held by one company on the Texas or Louisiana continental shell'. A huge, three-and-a-half million dollar drilling bnrg'e, ''Mr. Cue." hua been contracted for the job from C. G. Ghu=scnck Drilling ('o. of Corpus Christi. One ot the largest mobile offshore units. "Mr. Gus" is designed to operate in water ciepts of n« much a.s lt»» feet. i FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT USE A KERATOLYTIC BECAUSE — It is nn agent that deadens and peels off infected skin. Exposes more germs to its killing action. Get. instant-drying T-4-L, a kera- tolytie. at. any druf,' store. If not pleased IX OX1-J TJOUR. your 40.-. bark. Today at Srarboroujh's ."! BiR DniK Stores. X. R. Hoffpauir, <•; n.x. to Owen Novell Roberts. <>t ux. lot 6. Block L'O, Jones Addition ."loon cash and other oensiderations. Jimmy V, Petrick, .". •:•-,. ;.) .Mail.hP\v J. Barnes, e; ux. lot !, block 51. Lakowood. Seeiion i'. ?-'.7flO cash and other eonsidera- tions. Lakowood Budding and sfupjiiy Co.. Inc.. to Jame.s L. Bates- e; ux, lot 2. block 'il. Lakewood. Sec. (.';, SM.SOi. J. L. Prm'. e. et ux. to .Mii; r ,i> \'. Pace. i--i ux. lot ]. block i. Prince Subdivision, Hic-lil:in«.is. S."71.1'0 cash and other consideration. HKMDS O!-' TlirST: Joseph .1. Harvey Jr.. et u.x. to T. A. Robinson Jr.. trustee for First .Mortgage <7o of HOU.-.IOII, Inc.. lot L f . block -17. Lakewood, Section E, to secure S12.475. ]''ioyd I. 1 . \\"rig!it, et u.x. to James T. Holland, trustee, for Holla.'id Morigage and Investment Corp., lot ."!3. block _ VVoostor Terrace to .secure >S.i)0(l, C. M'. Ghorndcy to \V. C. Sanders, trustee, for 0. L, Ostrum. lot ;>, block .10, Spencer Highway Gardens to secure, S9.000. Crosby Equipment Co, to Fn?d H. Lintelman. trustee, for Crosby State Bunk, lot 4, block 1T> and part of lot ~i block 15. Crosby Town- vit". 10 secure Jfi.nOO. Prisoner Piayer Gone; Baseball Game Called PANAMA CITY, Kia. il.-p.—A baseball game wa.s called Thursday night when the manager o;' one team noticed two of his outfielders were not on the field. Police- began an immediate search for the missing outfielders, members of the Panama City State Prison road camp team. Syria Keeogui/.es Ked China CAIRO i UP i— Syrian Premier Sabri Elassaly has announced recognition of Communist China by Syria, the Mideast News Agency reported from Damascus today. tiai. Tl-.e Matomon!, like the prr Vious 01:0. eouid 'DOS' be made trom the White Hou.'e. Watch for i cports that Nikila. S. Khru.M'.ehe 1 , ha-: -.ummeMlod leaders of tile Communist satellite eoui'irie-.-: K> a secret meeting on till' 1 .St'din debunking situation. SaU'iiito governments are jilt'-'i-y o\'er tjie way things are getting out or iian-i The; e ar-' 1 .-igo--- iha: :mli-Kod riots in. Chechoslovakia and Ids' i'!c-riv.any may follow those in I.V.Iar.t!. Mhru.^hohov s-.-iri- ed the debunking, it's up !o iiiiu now to talk bis way out of Uv MUlddle he made and suggest ho'.c to got things under control, if ho e.iil-; (he mooting. It prribabiy wd! be hold in a satellite eniiil-ii. not m Moscow. Mis. Arthur .Miller •- Maiiiyn ..Monroe — hasn'i seen anything yet. London ropoi ts that she will walk into n rio;ous welcome when she arrives in Rriiain in mid- month to make v. film will! Sir l.aiirencc' filivier. 1"ne supposedly reserveri British male, thinks !.i Monroo is torrilie. 1! will he uo s'lrprisf in Lot oon if the meu stage a bobby-soxer !V!)C fit riot in her honor. Look for' an important report from the I'ublic Health Service ! possibly late today I on the polio vaccination program. It will dis- eloso a new vaccine production record for May — about .17 million shots — and pro-diet a rosy supply outlook for the rest of the year. Washington insiders exrnM t congressional leaders to .schedule action before adjournment on the S-fOO million program for government-owned atom power plants. Supporters believe, chances for passage are good, despite administration opposition, on the ground that development of atomic power for peaceful purposes must be speeded up. There's likely to !>,• a change in the melhod of selecting .-.quads for the annual major league Ail- Slar baseball game. Reason: This year, \vhon the fans picked the .starting players—except for pitch- ei-s—for tlv game to he played in u'ashinglon July 10. the hallo! boxes were shif.'ed. Out of JTL'.-'M votes which Tommy Temple of the Kedlegs receiver.! for second base. lll,."iiis came from one Cincinnati radio station. Such officials a.-: President William Harridge of (lie American League. Phil \\Yigloy of the Chicago Cubs and young Chuck Comiskey of the Chicago White .Sox prefer 'he old me'dioii, u.'lder which league managers selected their squads, Kut Commissioner Kord Krick would still like to see some sort of fan participation. hoc on'snli ies. According to T: . Ihi'-y would spread throduhr e,t the noMi'orn hemisphere • and tlic Vi'nrieJ Rut he made, and then empha- {jjiflrtjC sued, tnis Hiint: Radiation from IHIIIUIS whatever so'.ir>-i- -- natural hack- t\> >I i» n l ground medical X r ays atomic 0^3^16 LlVC BO!HD weapons tests - is not now a menace lo mankind ROCK ISLAM), III. • MM .. 1 Ail that the oxpori.s. inciudinj; !,.|-n -\ .lame:-; Carroi! slai U. Ii Employe Asks Police To Keep Cat SKtN ITCH HOW TO RELIEVE !T. IN JUST 15 MINUTES. [!' no! pleased, ymir -!ue hneir In-;fui! - drying ; em . was unv (irusr slot •r e-i; ITC.'H-MK-XOT <leaiie ns itch and 1 mi- ruiniiiu.:. kills germs ON ('(.)X- r.\CT. day ir night for eexe- hot.-; ma. iiiseet b;;.-y, f,,,,t \\t\\, other ion i-!e. :e -;u ri'-iet- rashes Xow at Scarbor™ iL;h':; M r'.i:; l'>niL r Stores. THIS OUTSIA YOU TO Enferfaining Tonighf? \VASHJ'X(VJ'OX ;tr . The * nil i' pendent. 'IVK- phone Association reports indcpcridcnl i- panies now serve M.nOti la'i lica and cover two-Lhirds of the .i;ei>i;-raph!i' area, uf thi 1 United Status. Thyy operate one leiephonc in every sever.. Tlic number ot Selrphon":, opi>r- aied b\- eot'iip.'iiih-s other thai- those of tli" 1'cli System iiave risen from ;!.lS."i,o(ni ;,, s, ifil.rHio in Ule last "0 years. '1 ti;s is an increase of Hid per ecu!. At the end of iyfig the entire telephone industry owned M/ (ii '0 phone.s and in the UniU'd Siati.-s. its U-rriionc.s and possessions. Thi; association atirinuled the unprt'ceifented dittuanrl for telephone; servici' to increiusrd usaRf-. population grov.'th and a prosperous economy. ^Independent, outfits a total 1'lnnt. investment, el more than SWOO.oi'tf'.OiXi dollars. Although tlie independent sy.s- fern servos twice a.s many communities, Boll companies operate in most of the larger metropolitan areas. Thus tile number of Bell telephones far outstrip compel in;.; ones, tliu association .sail!. Sonii- of the cities in \vhic.h in dependents operate include Tampa and ^t. I'eti'rsbliry. Kla.; I/oni; Kr,-]..-'".. Santa '.Monica, and the entire suburban area "! Los Angeles. Calif . Kurt \Vayr.r- and Trrre Haute, Iml.; Uuriiam, N. i.".; .Suni- ti.-r. S. C., Krie, J'a. ; and Lexington. Ky. Tlie .'issociation iistcti a lev 1 -' t't the changes in the telephone field which independents have pioneered. Xon-a!'!'i!iated companies installed the first db<] telephones -snnie '.'0 years after Alexander ''. Iraham Hell made his invention public in ISTii. J-ly the turn of the century inde|iendi'nt.s operated au- tonialie dial s.\-;>tems in various parts of ilie conn', ry ine-ludinf; 1 '.'In- cago. San Kram-iseo, Los Angi-les ami Omaha. eiiies nre no\'.served exclusively by Hell. _Tm1:n\__Ui_e assneiat ion staled. many independents are introdur- ini; direct, lonfr distance djalinu ivhic'n '-liniinates the neeil of nn operator's assistance. It said, however, that most o! the nation's long distance serviee is furnished by Hell'.q toll network. M'ntual agreements allow the free interchange of long distance call? over lines owned by both segments of the industry. More Patrolmen Might Have Cut Holiday Deaths »erve Mellow the beer thai makes life look brighter. Whenever quality's called for Call for STASS! DISTRIBUTING CO. 707 South Main Phone 7065 AUST1.N" .-•• The li^cs >,, ,,;,,>, Toxans who died ii; acridents independence ])ny could have been savn! if tlie state more bige,- way patrolmen , .1 Highwav Safety enuncil s:iokep,mati said Tliursday. The IVpnrlmont. of fubl^^afeiy bad prerlicind at lenst vix Tfxnns wil; lose ibeir lives in areidents Wednesday. "According 10 :be Triuiuiiarn standards -.vhieh have bi-en estah- l.shed naUor.rvlly. Texat- .should iiave at least l,:;f)il jKitroimen on duty at all time:-",' 1 said <",. (", Mor- n.s. e.x.ecat,;\-e secretary of tin prt- \-a.t.e|y-financc[i safety lie s.' Ti'.xas had leS.s than 70o men to pai.rol the biglp.vay.s <iur- u:g the July -I holidoy. Tlic Highway Safety iv.ineii rilniiH in ask It'.e next I."gi> iat ure 'o in-- ri ase tile aut ii-u'i/.e,; jjircngth of din hig'hwsiy natroi to l.'nJi men ,ind ,-dHo to increase !be s;-irt:;ig salaries of patrolmen froni ?'' r "i <\ mon'.'n i.o ->4("i a inon!.h. Morns said. Sex Authority Devotes 'Some' Time To Music CKKAT RARniNf.TON. >da--- irPi—Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey. who usually writes on oilier top;< ^. ^ the autlior of or.e of 'be "Living Wil.h Music" ai-tii-ie, in the Ji;lv issue of High Fidelity magazine Tlie Indiana Tiucr-rs-lv sex author iiv's artii'ic is tulfvl 'Ix}ve. am! Nlusir." Detroit U, Graduate Has Mind Of Her Own DETROIT .',T i — \Vhnn Mere flith Tigri. 20. was graduated from ill" Tn'iversity of Detroit Thursday iMghi s'r.e gained a degree and a reputation for having :s mind of her own Although her father, j'nieiior, four ;iu:it.s ar t d an uncle are all sclioM toaehers. tile atlra>-- tive young graduate is hrealdng" the chain !>y reeking ?, C'irrrr in Iry Sun Classified Adi^— Dial 8302 " o We-' ., Corpcv Ssj&fcj^od Over 32-^x. Padding for as.little m 14 monthly Wi'iK ONLY 10%"DU^N 00% WOOL MORESQUE BROADLOOM USING . . . Regular Price 1V6. iu HOW ONLY HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: • ALL WOOL WESTSiDE CARPET IN YOUR CHOICE OF GREEN - GRAY - BROWN - OR BEIGE. 32-OZ. MOTHPROOF HAIR P ADD INK C7 * FREE WALL-TO-WAl CARPET LAYING E INSTALLATION BY OUR TS. „•:.'. to your', iO'"! $14.00 msnthly "• r,":;--' rooms Averrigf 12' * 15' M-,om. Proportion-i'e prices for !r)r- '. i:::o:• >M j yd, w t i-ir ... we triko C:uc FUR E

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