The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 5, 1951 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1951
Page 4
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Stoto TWEJUV* The New*, Frederick, Md., Wedne»d»y, December S. i9fil Know America Tod»r"» Anniversaries 1782--Martin Van Buren, New York Lawyer, senator, governor^ secretary of state, Vice President and the 6th President, the first President born an Araeri can citizen, born Kinderhook N. Y. Died July 24, 1862, 1822--Elizabeth C, Agassiz, wife and associate of the famed Harvard naturalist, first president of Radcllff* College, at the *ge of 72, born in Boston. Died June 27. 1907. 1839--George A. Custer, Union officer, Indian fighter, whose battalion was slaughtered by Indians in the historic massacre of 1876, born in Harrison Co Ohio. Killed June 25. 1876. 1869--Ellis Parker Butler, famous humorist-author, born Muscatine, Iowa. Died Sept. 13, 1937. 1872--Harry N. Pillsbury, world- famous chess champion, born at Somerville, Mass. Died at 33, June 17, 1906. 1901--Grace Moore, popular soprano, born Jellicoe Tenn. Died in plane crash, in Europe, Jan. 26. 1947. Today In History 1776--phi Beta Kappa, parent Greek-letter fraternity, founded at the College of William and Mary, Virginia. 1791--Alexander Hamilton. Secretary of the Treasury, presents his historic report on American . manufactures. 1792--132 Presidential Electors, chosen by the Legislators of the States, unanimously cast their ballots for President Washington's second term. 1839--Historic epic in Congress: Ex-President John Q u i n c y Adams, now a congressman, restores the House's decorum through firmness and the respect accorded him. 1876--295 die in. Brooklyn. N. Y. theatre fire. 1918--Postmaster General Burleson reports a Postoffice profit for the year--unique in the annals of the postoffice 1932--Prof. Albert Einstein questioned at the U. S Embassy in Berlin on his eligibility to come here--some American women had objected to him as a Communist. STATE OF MARYLAND announces EXAMINATIONS FOR PERMANENT POSITIONS Insuring Future Security With Automatic INCREASES in SALARY and Liberal VACATION and SICK IXAVE and RETIREMENT BENEFITS Cafeteria Supervisor $2820-3325 Consultant. Obstetrics . 6240-7800 Coordinator. Material-! ... . 300G-487.1 Criminal Psychologist 4800-6075 Field Engineer I 4BOO-6075 First Class Pilot . 2820-352. r Head Dietitian . .. 4620-577. r j Head Nurst, Psychiatric .. 3420-427,', Interviewer I .. 3240-405P Interviewer II . 2820-352 Investigator. Retnll Snips Tax Division ... 2820-3r2r Materials Inspector 111 ... . 2820-352. Medical Social Worker 2820-352 Oiler 2280-2851 Parole Officer. Division of Parole Probation 3240-4050 Physician, Institutional I flOOO-82ji Recreational Therapist . 3000-37sr Registered Nurse .. 3000-3750 Charge Nurse 3240-4051 Registrar I 3900-487: Right-of-Way Examiner III 3240-4050 Supervisor ot Childicn . 2280-2850 Supervisor of Nurses 3420-4273 Supervisor of Nurses, Psychiatric 3300-4875 Vocational Instructor I .. 3240-4050 Vocational Instructor It 2640-3300 Applications must be mnilcd not later than December 15, 1931. Apply to Office of thf STATE EMPLOYMENT COMMISSIONER SI Lijrht Street. Baltimore Z, Md. 1933--Utah's ratification assures the end of prohibition. Today's Birthdays Vice Admiral Charles W. Fox. chief of navy material, born in Baltimore, 57 years ago. Walter E. Disney, famed *ound cartoonist, torn in Chicago, 50 years ago. Thomas H. Hargrave, president of Eastman Kodak, born Wymore, Nebr., 60 years ago. Dr. Carl F. Cori of the Washington Univ. Medical School, St. Louis, bio-chemist, Nobel prizewinner, born in Czechoslovakia, 55 years ago. Gov. J. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina born Edgefield, S. C.. 49 years ago. Philip K. Wrigley, of Chicago, jum manufacturer sportsman, born in Chicago. 56 years ago. Vincent Sheean of New York, author, born in Christian Co., 111., 52 years ago. Today's Horoscope The influences of the first part of the day, give a misanthropic trame of mind, possibly due to some real or fancied injury. Born as the day advances, the mind becomes more active, in some cases ready to undertake daring 'enterprises The life may be circumscribed, and under .some influences ,his may go so far as to reach a restraint of liberty. PETEESVILLE 4-H CLUB PetersviHe Boys' 4-H Club discussed plans for the basketball ournament starting January 15 at the November 29 meeting at Farmers Hall and a decision was reached to put a team in com- etition. Members were urged to ceep records of their accomplishments by Assistant County Agent toy Cassell. It was decided to have a Christmas party at the next meeting. As grown in China, radishes at- am a weight of ten pounds each. HEARING AID PHILOSOPHY A hearing aid is Just ait satisfactory to the u»er as the service constantly available. Your hearing aid needs good fresh batteries, sometimes a broken or defective cord replaced or set repaired. Patron- tflng a Frederick firm assures dally service and free loaner If needed FREDERICK HEARING AID CENTER Phone K42 4 W Patrick St. 23, English Cadets Killed In Bus Wreck CHATHAM. Enj;., Dec. 4 Suburban bus plowed into a marching squad of marine cadets tonigh and killed 23 boys. Police describee it 85 the worst road accident in Britain's history. The cadet*, frdrn 10 to 14 years old, were on their way through dimly lit streets to a boxing match in the navy barracks oi this Royal Navy Arsenal. Nineteen ^oys were injured. The driver of the bus. a man of 40 years' experience, was to have received a medal tomorrow for 25 years of safe driving. Police have not yet disclosed hi.s name. The group was parading three abreast on Pembroke road from the marine barracks to the Navy barracks. Only those in the first three rows escaped death when the bus plunged into the rear of their formation. The bodies of the dead and injured were scattered for 25 yards along the road. The bus,' smeared with blood and one fender crumpled careened into a lampost. One witness, a navy petty officer, said "I saw many grim things in many places during the war. but this was too much for me. I had to come away." Others described the scene as being as gory as a battlefield. Say you saw it in Th« News. MAAS OPTICIANS Eyes Examined--Classen Fitted PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED Phone 1951 242-A N. MARKET STREET 33-35 SOUTH MARKET ST. SAM MILLER'S Army Shoes and Slippers $2.98 Army Fatigue Pants $1.50-$2.98 New Work Shoes . $4.98 Army Khaki Pants Shirts $1.98 Dress Work Slippers $4.98 New Army Khaki Pants... $3.45 Army fc Navy Wool Sweaters $2.98 House Paint gral. $1.98 DR. C. R. BIKLE « OPTOMETRtST Announces the opening of offices for the examination of the eye and prescribing of glasses. Damascus Bank Building Damascus, Maryland Office Hours: Wedi and Sat., 1 P. M. to 9 P. M. Truck, Car Damaged In Route 40 Accident A new 21/i-ton Dodge truck was virtually destroyed, the driver slightly injured and a 1951 Studebaker sedan damaged about 4:15 o'clock Tuesday afternoon in a collision on Route 40, about two miles west of this city. James Salters, Dctioli, operator of the truck, which was towing another, sustained abrasions and one side of his face was burned by gasoline. State Troopers H. B. Bowman and J. V. Stakem said Salters was driving the new truck east on Route 40 when he attempted to pass the sedan operated by Franklin Cox, 513 Culler avenue, this city. Salters appatently changed tiis mind about passing, the officers believe, and when he attempted to slow the truck it struck the side of Cox's machine. The truck in tow jackknifed, causing the front truck to upset on the highway. (Advertisement) HEART ATTACK OR INDIGESTION? THANK HEAVENS! Most attacks are just acid Indigestion When It strikes, take Bcll-ans tablets. They contain the fastest-acting medicines known to doctors for the relief of heartburn, gaa and similar distress. 254. Damag« to Cox'i vetilcl* was estimated at between $150 and $200. Salters wa* charged -with reckless driving, and was fined »11.45 in Peopes Court before Magistrate H. Reese Shdemalrer this morning. SECOND ARMY SETS PACE FORT MEADE. Dtec. 4 W)-Second Army Headquarters here said today its personnel in seven States have donated more blood than any other Army area in the country. The most recent report ihows 23,000 pints donated by the command, with personnel at some stations being held in reserve in case there is a sudden increase in the amount of blood heeded. Two additional bldod centers will be set up in the comand, at Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Grounds. The Second Army administers all Army installations and units in Maryland, Virginia. West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky. FEWEE TOOTS CLAREMONT. N. H.. Dec. 4 -Local residents who live near one of this city's five grade crossings, will hear 35,040 less train whistles in 1952. As trains on the Boston and Maine branch line pass over each of, the crossings tje engineer blows four toots on the steam whistle. EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED DR. WALTER SNOW OPTOMETRIST 41 North Market St. Pbotie 835 ·^wtar ·OTTtED OAS Jfe GAS · FASTER · COOLER Kitchen · CLEANER · CHEAPER FREDERICK BOTTLED GAS CO. 410 N. Market Street Phone 1684-W TODAX JOIN HOSPITAL AID Electrical Wiring Residential, Commercial and Industrial FIXTURES OF ALL TYPES AND REJPAIR WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Avc. Phone 1601 COUPLE HONORED A party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Thompson of Knoxville last Saturday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Thompson, who were recently married. Mrs. Thompson was the former Rose Marie Conway of Knoxville. Refreshments were served to Mr. and T* Mrs. Clifford Thompson, Mr. ,, Mrs. Harry Wood and daugh Betty: Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fry a son. Wayne: Mrs. Edna Moore, Be Confcvay, Fred Conway, Miss Gera ine Speaks, Miss Emma Spea Lorraine Thompson and Mr. Mrs. A. F. Thompson. Televis was enjoyed. Drug And PRESRIPTION Service MODERN PHARMACY SUCCESSOR TO PEAERE'S DKOG STORE TELEPHONE 208 Join Hospital Aid, Inc., and Help your Neighbor Thursday * Friday * Saturday BIG 113 Piece Package /T"TS~-·'"·" v v ···- . . . . · . - . v When O/tfy the 3west Will Do! the World's Finest Quality Diamond Ring from LANDIS A ICcepsakc engagement ring is one of the world's finest quality diamond rintjs . . . 'GUARANTEED PERFECT by the famous Keepsake Certificate. JONQUIL Ring 12500 Wedding Ring 62.50 BELMAR Ring 250.00 Alto $100 to 2475 Wedding Ring 12.50 YOUR AUTHORIZED KEEPSAKE JEWELER , Landis Jewelry Store 23 South Market St. IHATEHIAI M *··**. i .*».' key to someone's Merry, Merry istmas Christmas shopping that you're going till Christmas are getting fewer and to enjoy. fewer. Everything You Need for Christmas Wrapping ... Big Package Includes . . . · 6O Gummed Seals · · 30 Metallic-Foil Seals · 5 Gift Tags · 5 Gift Cards · 6 Sheets (20x30 in.) Gift Wrapping Paper · 4 Sheets (20x25 in.) De Luxe Gift Wrapping Paper · 2 Sheets (20x30 in.) Red Tissue · 1 Sheet (20x30 in.) White Tissue \ ,1? S «» J* *a ·** -' · t^"Vj °-3f* fl.XfJl Lhis is the key to many things. It's the key to a Buick, as you may well guess. It's the key to power that is nimble and mighty and always alert--and to miles that are wondrously smooth and supremely pleasant. It's the key to a prized possession that will keep this Christmas joyous in memory" for months and even years. And it's the key to sparklirg eyes and happy smiles and delighted surprise for that very special Someone who receives it. it i\ ant to know why a Buick's key can work such wonders? Come in and find out firsthand. This, we promise you, is one bit of When you touch off that Fireball Engine that's a high-compression valve-in-head eight--when you set that Dynaflow* pointer at "D" for "Drive"--when you lay hands on that graceful wheel, ease into motion and, feed the power--you're going to feel like Santa Claus and all his reindeer as they skim through the air with the greatest of ease. This is a great car, a great performer, and a great buy. No need to tell you the shopping days There's no time like now for taking steps to make this a Buick Christmas. NO OTHER CAR PROVIDES ALL THIS: DWAFLOW DRIVE* · FIREBALL ENG/NE PUSH BAR FOREFRONT · WH/TF-GIOW INSTRUMENTS · 4-WHEEL COIL SPRINGING TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE · DUAL VENTILATION DREAMLINC STYLING · BODY BY FISHER When buffer oufomobifes art built BUICK will build them # S(n ASTSK. optional nl MU( on olA«r Su-iu. "Smart Buy's Buick" f ^xjrv 'CMJ Your Jf«y to G-.aler Volut Ton* in HENRY J. UYLOK. ABC Ni^rH, «v.ry Wonder .v.n!ia. Dormeyer Automatic ELECTRIC DEEP FRYER 6. E. "VISUAUZER" AUTOMATIC IRON THE IDEAL GARAGE COMPANY, Inc. 112-114 East Patrick Street Pfeane 400 * TREBLETONE RADIO M Perfect for any room in the house. Walnut plastic cabinet. White Plastic Cabinet $21.95 19 tfntarsal "Cook-A-Mcfic" WAFFLE BAKER SANDWICH GRILL Only 34-95 * 'Cosco' Kitchen * S T E P S T O O L ·£ Stop reaching and stretching . . . just pull ont the rubber « treaded steps and climb up to . thoso high places! Stool has x form-fit back rest'. Made of ^. semi-tubular steel. BARTGIS ZIMMERMAN, Inc. JFffcwfofte Home and Auto Supplies 36 East Patrick St. Phone 2010 Frederick, Ml FREE PARKiNG tV HEAR OF STORE * JOIN HdSPJTAL AID TODAY

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