The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 3, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
Page 6
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TMT PARB rriGERS AND YANKEES TURN Auker and Ruffing In Fine Form Detroit Chunker Give*. Four Hit*, New Yorker Allows But Five tor adxib. plac* tr] j Brooklyn took *n. $ to 7 deci*io& 1 on Al I^opez* sisth isslng homer. I Th* victory $a.v« Brooklyn rti« **! sired place by a sazce. 1 Both the pitcher* and tn» field - j ers of the Cincinnati Kec* -were { off form arid Pittsburgh bad an I easy time taking a 13 to t d»ci»- i Jon. Xh* St- Xsouis Brown* -caia* i from behind with eight " run* ia ! the last three inninss to defeat the White Sox 9 to S but they failed by two points to capture fifth place from the Senators, -who were rained out at Philadelphia. By HUGHS. FTLtLERTQX. JR. Associated Press Sports Writer JL glance at the major leajrue •mound records for the exirrect m©a- squ reveals one good reason why Ibe Detroit Tigers are up on top despite the undoubted strength of thi-ir rivals, the Yankees. The j reason is ^Elders Arrker, a big. ] strong young rirrht hander ^'ho j carste up from Beaumont last year. { The 23-yea.r-oJd Kansan. -who } has bees taking his place -wit!: \ Fred Marberrj, Tommy Bridges and Schoolboy Ro^re. recorded bis ; ninth victory of the season against ; •fojur defeats Thursday -^ben he I shut ont the ihird-p'ace Indians ] •with four hits to a t> to 0 | triumph. | • : This gave the Tigers "big four"' • a iota! cf 47 victories out of 52 j ecored by the team. In contrztsi ; to tlies^ performances tn& Yank-Scs 1 liave been able to sho'.v oaiy three ; consistent •winners. "L-efty Gomes, i Charley Kuffing and Johnny yfur- Oilers Bow To Bucs In 12-2 Joust Rookie Fast Ball Pitcher Has Jake Atz*s Crew Snbdned ByDub JOHXSOX, manaser of the Cleveland Indians has been the target for a $reat deal of criticism recently, is in a hospital in Cleveland suff erics from acute pleurisy and possibly pneumonia. Ke may be- lost to his team two weeks and it may be longer, it was said Thursday.. BT BILL PAJtKEK Associated Pres* Sports "Writer Jake Air's skidding Tnlsa Oilers Thursday night by losing 1C to 2 :•> Ga:vestor>. Two -weeks ago Tulsa loc-me-5 ;»? a sure thing for ;» first divis-on berth and a place in the Shaughnessy play off but Friday they are struggling to prevent slipping completely out of the. pennant picture. Johnson, -who In bis day -was one of the greatest pitchers of all time, •was criticised rather severely re- scribes in Cleveland for his handling of t h * American leasue Team. And strangely enough, the very- thing about Tvhich ' he was criticized was the phase of baseball he ^vould be expected to know most about. pitching. It is generally conceded that Johnson should knoTr as mncb about el- bo-prers as the next manager in i the big time and for newspaper b&bly -will b* held at several lakes near Pari*. of thV brought t under th* auspices o'fth* Gulf: Refining Cornpaay. for .-wrhich Sam Weiss is local distributor. Th* Gulf company selected 14 'East -Texas cities adjacent to srood fishiny waters and is eendinar Ijuiib-to - «iv« ; an exhibition of fly catstini- •• iri each one as well as to--lecttir*-on"th« best method* of catching fish with artificial < - The bait casting;" expert, -now- 40. has landed 25,000 black bas« in his f ishiny career •whicii ouaht. to »ive" hnai-some kind of a title. .H«'l« generally conceded to be th* ; outstanding bass fisherman : of the world. Since 1920 .alone- h» has landed 23,550 bass and is still so- ing strong every year. eou .^_ Southoaw "•* i ers of the six Frank registered «x I cr!lics fcy ^ vin _ Jofenson . .vnters io attack his handling of jacK Jakuck:. rookie speed ball- j -^^ er. Mazec his fast one by Tul; _ ___ _ r>, ". Th.e Yankees gav© Stifling a. j ^^ chance to take 5t easy and. still ^isi } ~^% ois jCth. victor^.- when th«y ham- i ^-VL mere/? Henry Johnson arid t^vo ; "',^.1^7,•• ^^V"VC."o —" successors all over the lot to cie- j .~!j,,,- &1 j ,. r_^. .". ^_;..~ ^i,.,.,-;,.. -r-,,^ •?**at TH^ -Jx^d So~- 1C tO •-. JH£t i .. , ..*".'"."- , " ^. '"* i-=aa.t. L.I_ *._j ->. ^ , ,, sr ._ -, v ;th a cour-ie a3Q - wo w- ; rsr!es io »nake it certain. 'r^tiiiis tee j , ^ tcmed i pitching staff seems a. bit strange to tis. At any rate the own- Indians answered the new contract while the controversy Paris has Its share of fishermen who rely on ths artificial lirr*' to snare their catches and th* appearance of Lamb in Paris probably -,vi!l be welcomed h-y thezn. To many it Tvill be azi opportunity" of brushing- up on the finer points "of the art of bait and fly casting. To the ROE-angler it will afford as opportunity of wa.tchinff aa expert in action. And that is always interesting. esent illness t Teajme •pitching sit- [ at in th? American i ^v> - Pr- Jalve-ston's attack. He batted t-wo runs and scored onr-. Beau Bell. Galveston rizhtfield- jjim IOTS- is the first serious illness be suffered a kidney infection. It comes at a time, though, -when tae lrsdiar;s are right in the -hick of h ; ? baiti^s: a\'cra~? to .?55. ! the f!ght for the American ;es,i:v;e •iiisk;- Rudy York, the reforn^ed • ?ennar?t and s-Sds further to his T 7iT»S<» i _ _ f / \ ~^ * ' * - ' - ^ i^<l^. !_ ^ ^4. i w i ;-.-£. '.vaii ic- —:ve fort T\ ortn a S to ' ., Tic close t3re Xationa.! iiatiou an-d t brought •_; "?.'to ?ias she "A 1 n flashes cf the form --hich. _ _ liBii cue c-f tfct: Giants' "big foti~ J r ; shtf!° : d fo~ FC?~ T last year. =t-ffered his fourth de- { v ; ome runs Xo. C4 •feat since ne returned to the act- ,ive : llsr foll-o-^isg as appendicitis | 5 vlctcry uver <jj>erat3on. Parnielee sncl the rest I Cotton Pipse of th« Oiaais -w-ere no match, at j York's long "di<to.nce. hitting abil- , all for 3d Brazidt, veteran Boston j. ^ £tl g t^ice- threw "fat ones" Sotitl»pa.~, and the Brakes -aron S j /jo-srn tie middle a *° "* » j ball sailed over the left field fence , •"The second-place Cubs. -=->3O ap-I fc-r a horcs- run. Tork ml^ec al p«a.r to isave a-botrt the best elt-o-w- | single -srith h?s homers to drive j Ing: eonipinent: in the senior cir- j across four rtrns, Tork no~^ leads I cnit- even thongh Charley Koot J Beau 3e!I in the league's home ; OT..P time tcr-estlins; favorites come to Paris nert Tuesday | night on the -weekly grapple pro. _ j gram. They are Frenchv LaRue and :iat is : ayin & j NIck Eiitc >,_ Tfeev do ^ ot opj>ose in ?rTn?»«» Tilnsurc: i _ ^ a bout. L-aJlne being on tbe ^-»^ir! event and Slitch on the semi-final. ] i diar. has Q-olte a, f oil o-sving around ; Paris tvhlle the barrel-chested ) £litcb is quite popular -^ith local I ^-restling- fans. New Faces SecuredFor Five Players Obtained By Manager Logsdon For Sunday Game At least fiv» faces Trill be la a Paris •uniform -when the locals, take- the- "field- Sunday against Cooper. Manager Xoysdon. accompanied by Ferry Speairs, made a. mcoutinj: <.trip "Wednesday and landed th* men in question. One of the s*w players is a. caxch- f er named Boucher, who tqas ieith Tyler early In. "the *easos_ Boucher released because- of th* fact that Meznphis- had a catcher they ed, to place,- so they sent him to Tyler and Boucher -seas sivea j a pink *Hp. } As infielder. an, outfielder and ! a couple of pitchers -were aJso j landed for Sunday's tilt. This] should insure a srood ball club, as 1 th» Battl«r» hav» Sp«alr% Burke, i 3ai3«y and »eY«ral other well j known players io tak« part 2a the | contest. Cooper has a strong team ! and ou« that has be«o battling | Salphur Springs. IJallas, Mount I .V«tBon and Mount Pleasant «uc- •ceesfully. Follou-ing Sandaj-'s »am» there j is a strong probability that Hugo! and Antlers xrill play at the- loca.3) park Sunday week. Business I Manager T^ T hicehead of the Hugo I cl?ib is in favor of the scnea^c, | and should the two teams, now j battling for an opportunity to go i to the Oklahoma. City sandlot toar- [ nament, be tied it is almost a cinch j that the deciding ga«a«. of the! "I/ittl& World Series," Trill be play- j ed in Paris. It is Lc.!Seved that: such, a game -would dra-w a rec- j ord crowd In this city. Both Hus<K and. Antlers fans -would turn out in j large numbers for this contest and j this would be supplemented by | fans in Paris and viciniry, »nan\- of j whom have been taking in the 1 sanies played between, these tt\-o' clirbs, j This series ha« been an annual} event between, Hugo- and Antlers i for the past several years. Two j years ago Antlers won th* chant- j pionship at Oklahoma City. Red i Phillips, recently sold by Beau-! mont to Detroit of the Amercan | Bait Caster Coming Here Jack Lamb Will Give Demonstration In Paris Next Tlmrsdav Jack Lamb, bass angler of ua- ( tional fame, will give *. demonstra-! tion of fly and bait casting in Paris 1 Thursday,- August 9th. • Larab is brought to Paris under] the auspices of the Gulf Refining I company. The Gulf selected 14 j Kast Texas cities adjacent to srood! fishing waters and will send Lainb] to give an exhibition o* fly cast- 1 ijig in each, one, as well as to lee-S . took part in the Oklahoma City classic. Red was played at first bass* at Antlers, but was converted Into a, pitcher after soins to Beaumont- Phillips was an all-star basketball player <3ur-! ing 1 his college career. j Sunday's same with Cooper -will be called at 3: SO. with admission "5 cents. ture on what it take* to catch fish with artificial bait. In his many years of fishing, I^mb has Unded S5.0&9 .' black bass, which gives him undisputed rank as outstanding bass Ci»her- man of the world. Sine* 1S20 h* has caught 23,5 JQ bass, and i» far from being through, yet. He i» 40 years old. but his lifetime of wandering on streams has kept him in good physical trim. H& 1« *, perfect specimen of the man who keeps nt by living in th* open and enjoying nature in its fullest measure. « Perliaps not since th& days of Isaac Walton has there ever" been a fisherman with the deeply imbued spirit of Lamb. He literaHv breathes th© spirit of the stream, and it is- said one does not listen Ions to' his enthusiastic stories of fishing until they begin to get that restless feeling to 50 out tind try- It for themselves. Heal Those Sore Gums Even after Pyorrhea has affected your stomach, kidney* and your general health. Leto's Pyorrhea Remedy, used as directed can cav* you. Dentists recommend it. Drue- gists return your money if It fall*. Palace Drug Store.-—Adv. G-isats' by catching l? when neithe- of -the ; I5eaiss- nor Tex Carte ton wns ready "to : work aci whipping: ihem Z t.o ±. .The "Dodders aisd Ph:!Iiei stirred tjp a lot cf erc!;en-er;t In their j This corner now -is armed -with to | a fall description of the. new ujti- his d&sk th£t Jac k I-amb. bass j forms in which the Paris Junior ^TV^Vl" -„ _ I angrier of r;atioral rtore, -\-\ll give | vroliesrr ana Paris Kigh School -e.u^a torespeci| a demonstration of fly anfi bait } football teams wil! play this year. I ^T 3 "^* here Thursday, August ?. j Sunday Tre'll pass it on to you. , Ve } ls ^ s-'e of the den:onstration has | They sure are natty, as we think ?^I" ''_ | not been announce-^ yet but it pro- ! you ^x-ill agree- Rodgers- Wade Noses Out Crate Factory In 8-7 Tilt ent^. the playing: of !?a*rue games. LaRue Will I Permanent Waves j FaCC BuTflS First Half Champions Put On Squeeze Play In Sev- ? enth Timing to Send Winning Run Across the Plate ttf Thriller cp to $5 \TaTe set ISc & 25 Satisfactio?! Guaranteed ROYAL BEAUTY SHOP ,54- Bonliam TtH. 6S By FLKill >ick E!it<rb Meets Bill Sledge In Tuesday Semi-Fmal * tv-:th Biodsoc layinrr the bail the Crate facior> r chased across xhre*:- runs en two hits atid three •-•rrors. bat K-oc^ers-^'ade -went to in the seventh .and chased he in ours a . Sat!g h - y CHd Geld at Tjicense No. 12-641 BONHAM STREET Jewefey-Mu«c Store ID face Bill; : the n2a:i; <---. Burns cf j ^.. match with 3:;: 5I-d 'e^zs Assi*. i-. ^.:-^,-;--r^Kf'f-f TV ; " '•*> s_f=rr!-t»d ::cs uid 11 -••* .'or 10 •d5ers-"v t 'ade Furniture \ T ^ r ' •-a-.-n s , u^ y league- team a,n 5-7 :" "'- ? "~^c.i-: out Bailey bur ;-:e!d- the Crate Fa^^orv •-"-' I '••'- *" n(? winning run when Hoh:— v-fjrst street p'av- \ "-—^^ <2'!>iib!ed and. later ^zz •'•'i •-•? fanv -?-*;rjt into J Jscksots. l??t-haJ2der o~ th 1 ! in the- seventh aa the \ .incund for the Crate Factory. I •a:::i.-ivP5, trailing 7-5, | whiffed 19 batters while eight ; I'Sh-irid TO thres 1 missed third OTT'JS off tb*i left- '-. •o the gan^e, j bance-5 shoots of Allen, who walk- • •>^ fata! s-'-venth Bruce. I ' :<i ' n ^' r '"- Jackson gave f*-o free : which I Baker. Crate Factory first base- but it | rnas. — a.s robbed of a horn's run fr. Jackson sot his -'o-re L BALL & CO. t tn% I -Jackson. u-2b Hubert Evans TTith e rst rs-ing- for two -»rs-a<e rre te count •• onc on an errc-". by Howard bt:t th* crate t FRED GREGER CAFE Sf- Now Ixjcatcd A? t H«.r friend* T-o s? Hi~ New snorhe- c'ear blow fe-- Ca^eT. ! «-«~- Total —Baker BUY THE D E L C O BATTERY batter;. ;-c iJ 3'ucsrnec* of t Major Leaders | .Vntlers Fans Like Idea Of Four-Town Toornev ! ^^ " :, Frank Ca.i2-*e31, local | Texas., another errons North T«ca» ^^ fBemvi«-Jone» Seed Co. |_ 5r Nortl* M»*n ^ Just Received Cute. 30: I A;'»r. PbrJ'i*? Cyy'^r, Cubs, a^^S , j Vssj«r"rsan. PJrateR, r?. 'i 'i"a •-•^•hft r .'ir'f r, Wan«f-r, Pirares. t teams, having teams In acfion:- th* tour«n a;5 of IIS: Bor-ura. Sox, Berg-fr. Brave-. a. s «j Colors*. to 1 * n • ba-ses— M art i n.. C& M JxiaJs,' * Factory r>if~ 3a.ker. Three b*se hits . Howard. Bas* on balls—off f : n ". Srrucsc o?jt—by Jackso-: | by Ba^grhrnan I. by Altex: S. i ft on ba.«es—C'ra*.«» Factory 4, • ^S-rs-TVad* 5. Hit by pitcher— ] u*-e Y"/ Jackson, Ooobl* play— ! en to Brace, Wild pitches—Al- ; Jr-ri, Baugrfcrnar. 'Earned runs— j C^ST* Factory 5. Ro<5j?:er»-"Wa4* <5. \ H»ti» a.n<dl run*—off Jackiwri 7 »r»<5 ; • ;n 5 tnnlRj?T /non«s otit in «*v. ! •nrh*; off Baujg-nman 3 auid I In i 1-3 inning. I>os*nsr pitcher —I minutes, i — __ t A Cardinal*. I Jf r ; uj»h, . . trensirory, Athie-.cs, S4, Ratlins.- '^; CftJjrig:. Taftkees, .STE. Runs Run» batted ;er TifireT*. S€' in.— G«hri.r. r*n- doctor nf&l «rU TOO A* !u«9w in- in tie&okftf* F»«Ti-»-ciM!T t» «*f» tnri for er«n ittcle your <ttiM w'J «<sni*lly tti* foe D«3*r «* Row«» Tt«er* 14-4, See These Hot W^eather Specials at BABCOCK BROS. TRY ONE CRANKCASE FULL OF Motor Oil And if you do not feel that Babolene i* as good or better than the Oil you have been using we will refund your money. 10 $175 Qt. *> Gal*. FREE CKA>T51C^VSE SERVICE 1 SPECIAL Ice Cream Freezer CLEARANCE SALE The n«w standard wood«n "bnek*t type ice creara freezer that h*» ample ice reserve space above th* cream cas. Take advantage «t these low prices cow! 69c 2-quart -wooden 9 bucket trpe. - , 4-quarl wooden bucket type. , ., 6-Quart Wcxxicn Bucket . V . $3.25 A GENUINE BARGAIN Wltile They La*t S-inch Electric FatL ^^^ ^p^ Quiet, smooth opera.-^^B l^C^^V tion. ^J^&^fP KOOL FIBRE SUP COVERS Assure Clean, Comfortable Riding See the New Brunswick Tires GUARANTEED 18 MONTHS tir* 5* ramjr*Mtf*d for 18 zcavtb* J» except Hjrt, If » Brsawwtek f&IU to rczbd«r its foil it Check These Prices BRUNSWICK STANDARD 14 Month* 4.40-2! Sentry . . j 4.75-19 I Sentry , 4.40-4 JW- «-F!y fT.20 ,44 BRUNSWICK SENTRY 6 M<mtfc» IJVO-2I 4.75-19 Tb.«s« corers are combtnatl«a of cool straw jta-l ii^Ji QTS*!- Itr *«at eoi-ffr saa.t*rlal stlteb- Cotrp* $390 INSTALLED <m. any <*3r. Ton t*»r tfcte horn $3.35 Durable Steel 95c IHB BUMPER GUARD of $1.35 i MIRRORS-CLOCKS FH Bracket N<nr <m C»r STAPTDARD JUMP-DIAL '/S//S® fft-hocr Otir lo-w $2.95 lONGllFE BATTERIES Last Longer l-l fe IxMMler. "X <m * raonthu price $2.89 14 fe Stordy. 11 p»» on 13 month* »«rv1cc. Krchattr* jrrlc* HI-CatMkcttr, IX plate. *<5Jast«<J on J» :n<mth« re price , , . Long Ufe HV-C*pacUy r 15 plmtff. a,4juKte4 on IS months service. E3tcha.n«« prtc« ... T\tM BulcJc. Ctu-Jebaker *nd other tar** cam $5.45 $6.65

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