The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 21, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1918
Page 4
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THI2 HUTCHINSON NEWS OrFICtVU. t»APErt OF RENO COUNTY W. Y. MOPOAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1874. Enl'red ill the I'ostofflee In llutchlft- Hun., f<»- trauPm)*Mon through the ii]Ulf~ .t» s<.-c<ir.<i- *J OHJ matter, TELEPHONES. IJU«;m>.i.H ufrlcu ....No. 3 .M VM tiping f irpuruncnl No. 3 l*>Mtoi i.ll Uooms ....No, 40J Socltly lolilur No. IH'M TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. n»tiy tdl'l'in tlBiliero.1 by carrier to nny mid oi Hutchinson. 10 cent, a week. Uy mull one year IJ.00 lly tiiuii, i,lx iiiu/ttlte ,<• •-. i>0 lly mail, vlviuti mont/t; * 'IU IJv mail, <>ne inunlh iO Wwti.,' Mctvs, u/iy yuar ,60 MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tim AM «clat«l Cross In "e";? 1 " 1 *,'?.. tilled to Uio use .'or republication of all »,»» credited 1" 'I or not otherwise cred- *'""» tt.l* paper and auw tile loc.U news P 'AH^'iilhla''of"' republication of -pedal n>w>aU:1i'-H herein iwc also reserved. The Sidlinper Drug Co. PHES'JRIPTION SPECIALISTS No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchlnaon BE PATIENT. }•« p.-timt whon Hi' 1 days »re i« inli] wtnilirr soon will !iU 111. i-|t(if. Willi snow ami sIlM't 1U1>1 kindi'i'il n»t; In- [mtitMit. It. (itu 'H no j-ooil in human It irks to rani ami l:i<*k ii^aUiMt tin 1 prtrks; it will r.t.t ln'Ip i h< m Irotit a h<? : paihm. hi times Ulu i tlicso things ar" ui'scl. but 11 won't holp to 1'inio .'tint frW. M /vnifys I In* ' .•))<• bi'st tict. tu> patient. What ii' a ^uuphuiit* COM a you mor>*, iJ ' pnifK .s arr (li-;ir«T at l ho Muro? 1 They 'ant In* rliea,p<\ne(l by a mar; la- path'ttt. What if tho ' ni".t.*-].v profile 1 !' in prow ins rich, ( .vory y*»;ir? The day of wrath for liiin is n«'ur, bo valiant. What if Ifioro an- .ibusi' and wrong, until mm cry, "til), l/ord, how lone.'- 1 " Tin' arm* n{ rctrihution's si mm'.: in->nt. Thorn's no <>ff,-,.sjrin for d<: pair; if nifzht ia daili, tho morning's fair, and (flings • r<• ri«:hi H iUu up with can-; In paii'iit. It's vain to hunt around tor griW; ifV vain lo rt-mi ' ynur r.'i*js and heel; if things aro. tough, tin TO I'IMIII 1 ? rolitM: lif pa- (h*nf. 'Iht .^c ;iro (hi? times that ' try tho foul: tlie (-lirap ^Uatct* Willi t hi 'Ui >olvrf> rondolo; tin* hrrtve 1 M».V :- l.-uij^h wlion in tho hnli*: hi* patient. Oh, grin and hear v.'hntovor load you havo to pao); ; I 1 OJI ;' thn road, and hang a fliiK on your ahodo; 'ho patient. — WALT .MA -SON. METZ AND IRON FIELDS brMik of the present war, extend to ThlonVlllf on the north, and Clrave- lolir on Uio wpst. West, ana southwest ot MHz the toiirsr; of Die M ORP II C Is lined" with litgh, wooded hills. The CJernmn fortress nlpo Is protected by heights stud woods northward. On the south, however, tho terrain is more open wlih few hills and llltlo wood. From Ihe American lines .southwest of Met?, the nearest torte are Forts Haeseler and tie Sommy on Iho rif;ht bunk of I lie Moselle and Fort Kronprlnz on the left bank. Fort de Soinmy 13 less than flvo nillee from the French town of Ar- navlljp, on the Franco-German border. The forls surrounding Met?, were similar to those at Ucge, which were notable for their dsiippenrliiK turrets. German guns, however, overcame these forts. Metz also Is am important point on Ihe railway line supplying the German line eastward from t,tton. The fall of .Metis, not only would probably senl tho fate ot Uio lroti and coal fields but through the severance of railway lines, Imperii Ihe Oeriniin line west to Ixjan and theme northward to tho Belgium coast. All reports of a possible tierman retirement in the west have Indicated that Met?, would form one of the bastions of the Herman defense. In the mc-nllis that have gone by since the CreeHs have come into the war, it Is announced that n fine army has been formed and that the Greeks have joined Uieir allies of the Second Lialktui war of six years ago, the Serbians, and are righting lo drive the IJulgar threat out ot .Macedonia. The Greeks were almost forced into the war on the side of Germany, but finally fought I heir way loose from the iferlln government by Ihe dethroning of Ihe king and queen, the latter bping a sister of the kaiser. Now the GreekB are in the war as they wish to be, to help to defeat the Hun menace. The Austrian!) say they want to talk the peace matter over with the allies, "without passion," This is^Ust exactly what tie Serbians and later 'l?nglaml v France, Russia, and KUily wanted to do with Austria, In the latter days of July, l'JU, but Austria was as deaf as n stone post then. • The Austrian war chickens are certainly coming home to roosi in ihe yeaf-1918. • ,<I ?y Tlw./.b-yo'-'iau-tl Pi.tfi^.).. , Offt-ieii*'' operations toward "Metz strike at one of the most important German t;i.«> in the West. The city mid Hie f.venly-elght encircling forls tonipiise what has been regarded as one of the most formidable fortresses in the world. Met* also is the center of important iron fields, which before the war Mipplied Kra.nce and Germany witli inure than two-thirds of the ore used by Uieir iron manufactories, Metz is on the Moselle lO'-i miles east of the French bonier. The city lays astride the Moselle river as well as on both sides of the Sollle. Part of the city is on islands in the Moselle. To the east, north ami northwest are Uio iron and coal fields of French and iicrmnu ljorraine. Deprived of these fields Germany could not conduct the war another three months, ii is asserted. The chief iron field of the itliinc district Is that of Lorraine, including the liassin do llriey, (Ihe centre ol which is the lillle vilage of llriey,) the greati'st iron-producing region in the world, it is located mainly in Al- fcaee-l/orraine and overlaps into Iiel- gtum and Luxemburg. it extends along the Franco-German frontier for thirty-five miles, almost up to l'outn- .Mous.son, Germany's possession of tho major portion of thiu productive area followed the signing of Hie Treaty of Frankfort in 1S71. l'revlous to the present war Germany obtained from tile, miner, on her side of the frontier 2I,(I«0,(I00 tons of her total annual production of 28,000,000, wlille France got 15,000,000 out of a total production of lia.illiil.OOO. Since her occupation in 1011 of the mine}! on Ihu French side of the frontier Germany has added to her mineral wealth Uio to.OM.OOO tons aiiinml- !y obtained by the French, bringing Jier total production from lorraiue alone up to 43,000,000 tons a year. The only practical road io this Important region, military authorities agree, is tho valley of the Moselle. At the head of the vulluy and barring the way lies Al'olss, ranking with Rlrass- burg us one of Iho two great bulwarks of the German southwestern frontier, Met* is it city of UO.flOO population, its chief Industries being tho manufacturing of weapons, clotbPB, shoe* aud lials. As a fortress Mets has bean i«i- port.uut since tho Uotnan era. Sinco (bat lime it has never succumbed (o frontal attack. Its present system of fortifications includes 28 delachod forl^ which encircle tho city proper. The outer chuin of defenses, built within tho Inst two decades, and un^ doubteilly porfeotod. fjlne© tit* Out- The French and British have been sprawling nil over the Hlntienburg line recently, until it is almost wiped off the map. •i- 4- * <•• * <?> ij> «• <S> * € 4> 4> ••> 1- WELL BRED PEOPLE;.^ -;gjt j. •* '•>:¥ <r> . fly Iluth Cameron. '" <?> ,,. t 4 .;, ,j) <J. <5.4. 4> <J> i$, <$, ^> ^ "Isn't breeding just the finest,thing in the world," said Molly, theVHtUe stenographer lady, after our guesls-ot the evening, a woman of rare breeding-arid education, bad gone. ' Vj» "Exactly what does breedrnjt mean?" ruminated the Authormt(n„"'. Thus incited to it, we all trjed .to define breeding but found Jts definition like all abstract definitions', surprisingly difficult to formulate. : Consequently the -conversation resolved itself into a definition by example, and here are some of the things we decided that well bred people do and don't do: They move about quietly and- without either haste or undue languor. They speak. ( jn low, well modulated' voices, never through their'rioses. '• They use correct grammar and they, never clip their words by omitting final g's, t's, etc. (as, for instance, goln' for going, and kep' for kept.) '' They never talk to each other about their affairs in public Cut restaurants in street cars, etc) with a view 10 impressing those, about them. They never hreajt into a conversation and change the subject just because it chances to be one iu which they cannot shine. They are gracious lo all with whom they come into contact, frends, acquaintances, servants, strangers. They never parade either their griefB or their joys. They seldom talk about themselves. They never conduct family quarrels in public, but always observe Ihe amenities in the presence of others, no matter how many causes of the disagreement they have. People of Ihe very highest breeding even continue to observe these amenities in their private disagreements, having learned the rarely mastered lesson that one can disagree without being rude and unmannerly. They always show deference to older people., even when these older people are their parents. In really well bred families the daughters do not correct mothers,—especially not In ihe presence of others. 1 liked tho Authormnn's final contribution to the symposium. It was this. The manner of a perfectly well bred person reminds one of the movements of 1 lie perfect dancer,—that is it has grace aud restraint combined in Ihe perfect proportions. OVER OUR STATE. The Hurllngtoii people are about to work their heuds off in getting ready for Ihe annual Coffey county fair. Some wills are to be bored in Uoitr- bou county at onco in Ihe hope ot discovering where the oil conies from. The Manhattan chamber of commerce has some new rooms for its mw hers nm) a "house warming" was hold a few nights ago. The towns all over JCansao rtro getting ready for tho big sovon-inono drive tor tbo nearly two million dollars for the war funds. 1 .ThftvSant*. jre h*« a switoh osgiflo in the Bropori* yards that, can plok r Abe Martin Mrs. Ike Pash, alias Mrs. .Too 1'ash, alias Mrs. John I'ash, alias Mrs. Hen Pash, and other names at other stores, vas nearly suffocated in a sugar bin at Tier home t'day. What's become 0' UT olo limo farmer t.iat used t' move his fence two feet closer t' th' railroad ever' fall? up and handle 150 freight cars with one hand tied behind it. "Pershing Inn" is the name of the new canteen house erected by the Hock Island road for the use of the lted Crop's at Dodge City. Leavenworth is hoping that nil of Uie people ot that city will go to the bank in a few days and subscribe tor Liberty Bonds, thus making canvassing unnecessary. A number of Kansas papers are printing many less pages these days than they have previously done, because ot Ihe recent government order limiting the amount to be used. Parsons claims to have a street surveyed with a corkscrew with three different names in three blocks. A certain Hutchinson man remembers that street very well, having spent hours in it several years ago. trying to ascertain his proper location. The Concordia Blade says a sample of some of the city water there shows it to be in a doubtful condition. We hereby extend another invitation lo Concordia to move down here iu the Arkansas valley, alongside Hutchinson, where there is a big supply, always, of Rocky Mountain snow water. r, v ARMY CASUALTY LIST j Th* 1 following eafnialUes are reported b^ the Commanding" General of the American -Kxpediiionaiy Forces: Ruled In ac- Uiwi, missing In acllun. JI ; wounded •Severely, 51); died of Occident and otticf uuusw, 7; diod of wounds, 7- Total, 143. KILLED IN ACTION: Corporals: Allen D. Cost, Owcnsboro, Ky. • •'GirorsU'-iV' Meyer, Baeinaw,. Mich,.., „ '.-.iWiliia 2£?3g0b!>!u«.. ijericftr/'W, ^ v; Privates: Nicoli JSerlnchlU, No\e .. JSesky. Slanlm I'tov. Grodno,. Kusaia, rtanmcl Giradp, Hutc, Calif. • 1 •Thomas Hiegl«»i New* York. S. V.. % . Gourge W. Hpt ars, Clommons, N. C. Glenn KUapatrick, St. Joseph, Mo. . pfU-r D. Getz, Grand IfO'rdH, N, 'XV Frank Oritur, St. Paul, Minn. William Hft'sa-ker, West Depere, Wis. J AJlwrt M. Karkela. Calumet, Mich: C:iMaseru Lamonira. Nnw York, *N. V. MorriS' ; Tl. Livezly, Willi mantle. Conn. Sor-sby \C. Mcdovven, I JOS 'jing^Ics, Calif. CoiiMUuitine Mftlicbis, Mobile, Ala. Paul II. Morchnmn, WhIt/»"Plains, Ga. •William H. Maatois. KlnderhooK, 111. liprmml MesiUor, Glenaliuin, \V. Va. Jolm Meyer/ Morris, I'ark, N. V. . ' Cilffoid J. Murray, North . Columbia, Calif, Charles F.dward Neelon, Uockport, N. Y. DIED FROM WOUNDS: Lieutenant: Harvey C. Rirtfler, PfloU, Kam Privates: Sylvester P. Kelluy, Hartford. Conn. : Harman'R Utll«,-.Maiiche8Ur^N. H. Johii It. l-iviugstan. Iledford, la- Caleb O. Nystium. Havre, Mont. John M. Perry. Jr.. New York, N, Y. • John Ryan, Wiao(>«lt(, Vt. Geiiruo BtmpSoil, Plttafield. Mans. DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Privates: Victor E. Bauer. Ually. Fa. J^awrenry J. Boldezar, Philadelphia, Pa. 1-cyland S. Clancy, Southampton, N. Y. Joseph Guerrlerl. Old For^e, Pa. James Harris, McCol, MisH. lv;in J. Johnson, ChicnKO, 111, "Walter H. NlBtjel, Pittsburgh, Va. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Captain: I^eo S. Kosak. Milwaukee,, Wis. Lieutenant: Palph W. Rtdjart, Arllnston, Mass. Bn. Sot, Major: Theodore Uenneit MeKinncy. Sault Ste. Mario, Mich, Sergeants: Thomas J. Cavanuugh, Pittftburph, Pa. MaJcomb 11, Kipp. Chattanooga, Tenn. Corporals: Samuf] J. Filzehnrlea, Phoenbcvlllfi. Pa. Thomas <i. Gand^, Plilladelphiu, Pa, Murray Ilcifant, New York. N, Y. Henry H. McKeown, SutervUIft, Pa. Ilertrain J. Malmxi, Asplnwall^ Pa, JesBft White Pant, Newark, >\ J. William Proper, Middleburg. N. Y. 13«rl Cauer Watiittui), Syracuse, N- T, Privates: Ernest B. Jjnrnen, Drake, N. V. David J. I^eahy, Dorcheater. Maas. V'runk I-eekner, Detroit, Mich. William J. Lymdi, Waterhury, Conn. Frank l.yuns, Uelleville, K. J. Henry Martin, t 'ryKtttl, N. D. Alvln Mason, Jr., Spokane, Wash. William li. Mason, Dibroll, Tenn, l-Yunlt Michel, Ui Crosse, Wis. JJiirt C*. Miller, ColUHa, Calif. William J. Myers, PlitsburKh, Pn. Daniel J. Ulsen, ICeinrare, N. D. ltiiyniond Kdwin. PaUbury, Syracuse, N. Y. Daniel Pilana, Vereshuk. Ituwain. Joseph J. Re.pozo, Mlddlttown, Conn. Mcivin A. Itoiilor, Stoevkwel), Ind, James itowe, Three Ulvers, Mich. FretU'rh'k ScJnieider, Grarton. N, D. Albert it. Sharp. Pbilmont, N, Y, Walter V. Hkelton, OraiiKe*. N. J. Paul T. Stookdale, Wayuutown, lnd. (lllbnrt Daniel Stoekwell, Detroit. Mich. Williatn Tessmire, Yo»kr*r«, N. Y. GeorBO Taeehrliitais, i-owell. Muss. i*Yank Ward, Nyssu, Ore. William J. Williams, HlRhty Four, Pft. Samuel Aekerinan, Witrren, H. 1. Oren llarnhart, (..'annlchaels, 1 'J, Miirilu K. Uehnrendd, lluHulo' Center, la- Julius lluck, Napa, Calif. JwreiiiiaJi J. Calf tan, Oarj)brldi;e. Mass. Thomas P. Cusfr, Duluth, Minn. 'itiomoM D. Davis, Pittsburgh, Pa. Jolni 1* KditiKir, Phoenixvlhe, l*u. John W. JbHchcr, Pitbsburtrh. i»a. Jack M. fcHllott, Pgrtlaatd, Ore. Joseph W. ForHter, Roy em Ford, Pft, MISSING IN ACTION! Corporals: „ , Joseph tfmaeau, Provlnonce, B. J, John J. Curtis, Ohicttgo, Joseph II. HaeffJ*? ( Torry, Mont. Alois A. jleup, Milwaukee, Wis; Jiuned fX Jensen, Scofield. Utah. A4*thur Johnson, Oswegp, Mont. Frajik P. Junkers. St. Peter, Minn. Casimir ?, Xlokioki, Milwaukee, WJs. Prlvatttv Clarepr.4 p^h|»an. Ow.tervlHf # QHILDREN 2 M •tisuMsolbi-iJoiM" fcf «6ld«—>ppl r th» BoawHi ICKS VAP0RUB%. ' NEW PWCES-Me, 60c, $1,20 IK IV M West tiarh^r, KrtoJtvIHe, Tcnh. • William H. Plntklnirn, Durango, Colo. Carl F. IJonneWfl), Spencer, lnd. Harry H. Isotts. Mnnele, lnd. .Antone BraNTi, Pnnlncetown, Mass. George Oerveny, tHiieagoi 111. Arthur J. Clark. Derry. N, II. Harry E. Cuok, Mllr<* City, Mont, Herbert Cortler, Nn.ihvllle, Tenn. John Corolloj Mardssa, Italy. Arrgcndlnl Defnndl. neltr-unt Deo Snnio, H«ly. Noah T>. Bnoi Superior, Wis. Charles F. l-'ttrrelt. Fall Mvcr, Mass. Hobert Flack, Newnrk, N. .1. Morton O. Gilbert, Miles City. Mont. Karl I>. Graven, Mvlnjcston, .Mont. Albert Hnnkenpon. Wenthy, Win, lttifliteil S .Hurmori. Herkelry. ColJf. Hendrlk Helmiiji, lirnnd RnplOR. Mich. Kdn-ln A. Jlubejithnl. Spoknm.*, Wash, Jack Jacobsiin, Hnmklyn, N. Y. liewls Jodel, chlcapn, fit, Frederick Is. Jun^e, UoMtMmd, Mont. Joseph M. Knlbet*. Glembve, Mont, Mike. M. .Knifay.Hi. Seluttectftdy. N. Y. Thadore. Kechnpnlort, Garfield, lltnh. Frank J. Kllmrk. Airmlln. Wi.i- Henry V, I^ancan, Alameda. Calif. George H, Movuesten, Clnelnnali. O. Frank J. MaJolep> - a, North Graini Itnp- IdH,; Wis. TtluKt?to Mnntuan", F*»JjU>, Italy. v GenrgH MuUHty.. Athens. Wis. Theophil A. Meinle, Lebanon, Va, MHns Mlnden, Gary, lnd. Sfanlslaa Nastixew^ki, Ilaltiniore, Md. Anton Owerus, Indiana lliiTtmr, Ind. 1^'ste.r Pnrkhurst. I.yiuhin. Ill, Antonio Porta, A plus. Calif. Urwis nice, Smith Wt -rue, N II. lUu'mnnd UoBei-j*. (Vniherton, N. J. •.Toliiv Samwkn. WnKhhurton I'.uk, 111. Retio Bchmlt, Uort«neHJe, W}.«. Harry H. SchnmaUer, Galeivllle, Wis. - Joseph SobuJcjik, Ciilen^o, 111. Kdw«ni Vnvra. Clilranct, 111. Thotnut* P. Vhi, nla, Aik. Curtis Wood. Jimt'shoro, Ark. Clifford Y OUHK . Mlh -M City. Mont. Relief From Eczema I D Cuticura For skins that itch, burn, crust and scale. Bathe with Cuticura Soap and hot waler. Follow with a gcnlle anointing with Cuticura Ointment. Use these super-creamy emollients for every-day toilet purposes and prevent such conditions. IIMipl. EMb Fr*. by Uiil. AdtlrM. "C«tle «T., D*^. HA,B«.t«l." Said .Ttrrwhcf., SoapSSc. Ointment K unit We. -Tiitcnin 2i«. 'MwwfwA ni&^ MJLJMBU^,. 4 H|II *Ki& ^^^&^^^ mm *~g*. Finest Shoes For Women! Thovc's just one way of being sure that you'll get flic best shoes for your nioiley and that is, To Come; Here For Theml For style, quality and value. Those new autumn shoes are without equals—you can be'positive that those styles are best and that our prices are the fairest such good footwear can be sold for. These new shift's were purchased-,sonic time ago when wholesale prices were intichJp\vcr and arc therefore selling for nearly what they would cost today. . fbe Time for New Shoes is Now—The Mace to Oct Tlmm is U jrcl Women's dark brown calf lace boots, pointed toes, blind .eyelets, military heels. C7 OR AA to D; to 8 *# ,,, ' W Women's DarkQ-rey Kid lace boots cloth t"i> to match, pointed toes, special process soles, military heels, stitched cap; a perfect fitter. •$7 QR AAA-to 0/2V1; to 8 Women's dark brown kid lace boots, l'it'ld mouse clotii top, stitched cap-'militarj^ heels; C7 QC AAAtoI);2y 2 t..,S *' ,3J Women's dark chocolate, genuine kitl lace boots, long vamp, pointed toes, kid covered Louis heels, metal plate; a high arched perfect fitter. Women's Solid kid silver grey lace boots, blind eyelets, pointed toes, full breasted heels, special process soles. AAA to E; $12.00 special v Women's golden brown solid kid lace boots, kid eovorai Louis heels; pointed toes imitation calf; AAA to C, 5 to 8; special. . $9,95 CATARRH 24 HOURS an §tZ*£t£i «ft)V PROFESSIONAL CARDS PHYSICIANS. ES.B|t£V00Rt.pD. Practice Limited lo' Office Treatment vf Chronic Diseases Examination ano Dla-raoela Fr««\ IV, West Pint St., Hv'chln.un. Kanaaa Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Office with Dr. Louise F. nichinot-d, Mult. 621 Rorabaurh- Wiley BullUinc, Phone 2662W. TESTING EYE8 AND FITTING SPECTACLES la our specialty. Prices reuonabU; apcurate service. SHOPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3359. What We Weld With Oxy- Acetylene WeldJng Plant Automobile parta Auto cylinders, cruckc<l or broken Water Jacketa Automobile frames Auto crank . cases, aJumlnum or other motaf Auto gear wheels by welding in teeth Auto ttxies Auto cranks Auto muffler lubes Auto manifolds steam untfltio cylinders cracked or broken Steam undine frames rttcani pump cylinders am] /ramea Btcam pipes, clicked or broken Steam bollUTv by welding In patehee in fire boxea IJieum boiler cracka iu sheets or beads titeain boiler tubes Hot water pollers Hot water ranee boilers Karm maalilnery parts of all kinda Heavy sear wbeots Tractor parts 6let) tank seama Oil wavon tanks Water wagon tanks Oil barrel scants and heads Ice can seams and bottom HUTCHINSON FOUNDRY $ MACHINE. WORKS One Block We»t B, (. Depot phepe ifT , HvUhliwsn, K #IWM =The Curtis Store Co. A TEXAS WONDER The Texas \Vondm* for kMn«y anil bladder troubles, giavei, <Ilftbctfw, ive.Uf .'Uiti lame back rheumatism ano lrre?niarii "OM of Gift kidneys «n<l bladder in both men and wome.n: If not sold by your drugglHt, will bp senl by mail 011 recei it of One Hmatl bottle la two months' treatment, and often cores. Send for sworn testimonials. Dr. E .W. llali^ 29r6 Olive St.. St. L<outa, Mo., Sold by druKffiHts.— Adv. McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Rail. Directory 0/ the Rorabangh-Wiley Bldg. Elevator service day and nltftot. ' ARCHITECTS MANN A GEROW M M 721-22, Phone 21 St. ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorneyat -Law •01 B.-W, Bid*. DENTISTS IXToNE*/ Otnttst. •ulta 112-11. Phone «0W. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS ni ^sTiTEwXrv ?r»r^/ •ulU 111, •pedal Attention to Eye, Ear, Nou and Throat, QlassM Accurately Fitted. Dr. Etta Mundell. Dr. W. N. aluadeu OHS, MUNDELL, aulla 121 II.-W. WOf. Yhaut IIMVT. Q. A. BLASDEL PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON •ulte 111. OWIce Phone till. Res. Phone W4a DR. LOUISE p. RICHMOND. •uite i2i. ; Office Phone 2«52W. Residence »B2n Q. A. CH1CKEHING, > Physltlen-»ur»ton. J Hee. Tel. I2HH. oat.e Tel. JJUW. , suite in. i DR, A. G. BEALL Physlelan .and Surgeon ; ; Special, Attention to Dla»aosle. floom M* s Phones: Office 83»9W. Res. S581 Df. H. D. STERRETT . Practice limited' lo ' I 1 Bye, ear, usee and throat. Hoom 600 Uor»jHvu«-h.-Wtle$r BtdK. Vbone MHO. REAL EST AT B AMP INSURANCE •Mem efTi L. «. PAYH, s~ — : ^ The Cpnsolidated Flour Mills Co. J10-20 Rorabaugli-Wilcy Bldg. Hutchinson, Kansas Operating mills at Wiufiekl, CultlweU,-,Newton aud Hutchinson, Kansas. Daily capacity 3500 bb !s. Wc invite the inquiries of 1'iour and-Fecd jiealers ; (CarIots only) Use UNITED Flour AUTO DIRECTORY AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY . ; , - ,/ li4-116 : Sherman St East ; - . Auto Supplies,'Tools and Oarage Equipment. f Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwfjer, Kent, 8tr«mberg Carbu- retora. and Leak'Proof Rings. Phone 3000, . ^- . ,.' -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"— THE ™VanZandt MP co DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 1.7 Firsl West Phone 243 WICHITA Phone 2707 Arnold Auto Co. Marmon Haynes-—Podge Brothers Automobiles HUTCHINSON 28 East First St —"The Most Beautiful Car in America" PAIGE The Salt City Motor Car Co. 193 Sherman East .Also Sludebaker Farts and Service •rrr Electric Battery & Repair Co. £\ DISTRIBUTORS WILURD STORAGE BATTERI12S Kfi Ueed by 17 Per Cent ef All Manufacturers LARGEST BATTERY RBP,AW STATION IN KANSAS. 1W eneraan East. ' Phone 27— FREE INSPE^TIQN OF ANY BATTERY AT ANy TIMR J. II |«o Want io g »t tb* WASI JEOH Wani Ton Want to Advertise your Waato In tb« Columoa of Th^ H«w»v

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