The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 29, 1924 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1924
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN. THE HUTCHTNSON NEWS. INFESTED WITH HESSIAN FLY Three Counties, Barton, Rush nnd Ness, Are the Worst Affected. I'!. li. Killy, extrnKlmi Piilomllo- cl«l 11 f lliu nftilo <:»l- li'Bn, M-IIIJ hi>n linoii runhlnc an In- i»IK'i-t Imi nf tlio wheat flolils over llm Xnlrtiltisnn illstrU-l, Imiklln- frmn Inffsimion by HIR l-[«*snlan fly. pays Jlarlon, Itnsli ami Num OIHII- llos an! thn nirml lu.-n.vlly affi.-tli .'il )iy llm lly this ynr. A fhMd (l-r-ntom 1 trillion of Hasslon fly control by di'l.-iyiiij; llm SPPIIIIIB was liehl at tlm farm nf V\'m. (.inn- l7 >Ker, ii'.'ar Itu*!, cniinly, by llu* n^ri'-uhiirat I 'olli'j.-i? jinthrivilli's. Kivo ph>U worn fini 'ili'd. 'oi'h a wpok apart, beginning Sppt^iiiber 13, nnd ruunln? nn in October 11. The rale of infpHtiition on s-ai-li of thp plotw IV:IH t'onnd tn l»? us follow?: Spptniiibcr II',, '.in pen-cni; Sept. L'd, S»-di) prrpput; Sept. 2'), IB percent; Oct. :;, parent; Oct. .11, noni". Mr, CrotliiKRr bas tin- Imlk of hl« fli >Jil Binvn on or ni , ar (ii '.tobpr 11, mid c .onHci ]u»'ntly ban vory little fly iufimt .iii Inn. Tin* pprnniilases given atiovo >vpi'« obtained by taking 1'niintn i >t fiom f>0 to IPO plants in oai'h of (hp pints. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 29, 1924 ARLINGTON Mcll fussed of Nlckuriiuit van aniniiK iho vlKlturs bftro Tuosclny. Mr. and Mrs. H,.rvpy Vnm epntu snmlnv at Parlrldso, with relatives. Mr. nnd Mrs. Kil Sims visited npar Hiift'hinson Sunday. .Sain Halter piirolia .-M -d a Ford HPiltin llils wcPk. Miss Iris .McClniB nf our city 'and Mr. l-'i'.-ink YA'iiikln.-i of Soiso wr -rp niaitiPit \Vodnosday nvc-ultiK I 'iBtv, Alpxandor. We Join with tii« V. Iriuiids and eslKiul congratu- lallotV nt Kansas City pMPnil cou- PliMisnnl !iOll:i''il0bl tiiu m-fk .loe Yrcmblcy iliiH WPP!:. Mr. Stroop and family of Nlckor Mm moved to our i .-lly Ibis wiit-k. tin v, 111 ran flio )>;ark.-mith shop i. est. nf tlm track. a Mm. Mari 'arpt f 'rPtlynian of I'iirirlilr" and Mr. .lulin Welwiur nf our city wei<> married at Hutchinson last week. W tratnlMlnns. Itev. TlH.iuim or the Hill vicinity Inaili.l JIIK SOIKIH here tile last, nf and moved to Missouri. Miss l.niilpn Layman vlnitcil the Misses llronks at Keco this lrutt nf . tliM week. Voting l.ork anil ranilly and Mr. and Mr?. Will Ln-1; of llniehinsim •-Per.1 Sutolay as Mm £tieslw of Cliff Luck and lainliy. James Conard vlrUert at Hutch- iiihon Sunday. John aud Arthur Oliver received word the last nt the, week of tbe deatb of their brothe.r, l 'rauk l -'tiyi -r In Portland, Oregon. Fnr ye-niB Frank lived hero and bo and bis wife ilsltei! here last June. The Methodist ladles will hold tlielr bazaar Suturilnr, Hec. 13th, at, t .bo M. K. church. 131 IHu Nail and John Heller were 'uttnty seat, visitors this week. Miss Mabel Burling mailo $17.00 at her box supper last Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth and Mr. and Mra. Walt lllckett spent Sunday with relatives at PmmloGii. ..vAf^.and Mra. J'nrr of Ft. Hlley silent tb'e Vcn.t^nil Jiw/e Hie puest nf her sister, Mra.'James l ; irnlng- ron nnd .Mr. Punnlngtou. .Mlsa 1 irn . inbls and Elnnt Smith of I'retly Prairie opent the last of tbo weel. with Mr. nnd Jlrs. K. I„. linker. Tlio Alfttlioillst Iflillen Ti-lll nervt- i turkey dinner and all that goes with it, nt their bazaar dinner at Some apple pie! It must be, for It won tbo apple pin tournament held In fSncrampnUi, Calif., during Apple week. There wore 115 entrants, but Mra. rtlnnoho ^to'.vell baked them off the stase. the M. E. church Saturday, Dec. 1.1th. They wl! also have for anle beautiful and useful articles. Mm. OpiiU I'cnnltiRion made $3S.D(l at her box supper Wednca- day even ni;. The ThankRRivltiK service was brlil at the Presbytia Ian church ibis year. Mrs. l,oixan who hns been on the sink list for the past few weeks, Is reported aH beinx surne better, t.'larenco Kchafler ant! family moved into tbe I'lner property In the weft part of town I his week. liny Reynolds nnd wife hnve returned from a visit at Silver Lake. Mai-'Hie Beattle visited at I'rotty l'riilile the first of the week. Ralph Neuinscliwiiniler who has been working In Oklahoma for the paat few months returned home Sunday eveiiiup. Rev. Caliber of Hutchinson, Is assisting Ri'.v. Alexander In the Meeting!) at Soto. Death of Homesteader. Guymon, Okla., Nov. W. H. Kirk, a pioneer of this community Is dead from an affection nf the bean. Tbe funeral was held yesterday. Mr. Kirk homestpndeil n (]•.: .Vr section north of Cnodwell In the early days. Panhandle Bank Closed Its Doors Cuymon. (ikln.. Nov. 2(1.—The First National Hank of Ilnise (.'iiy. Hie county seat, of (.'Imiirrun nullity, has sti.ipeiided, If has been known for some time that Hucb an occurrence was probable, and It la reported by visitors to llnisii City that, little or no ox citement wan evident on the pnrt of the littainess men there. Mr. Heblmor, Iho presiiletit of the bank, has been identified with many of thn nnterpri.ies of Cimnr run county. Tbe bank carried over ?:!(i.00(1 of county money, nil reported to be fully covered by surely bonds. FAIRV1EW Wi) have had cnou.iili snow to Kp.o hut the Nun made it disappear quickly. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hay Dixon bail re!- nllvea from .S'lrkersnn to Sunday dinner. • Mr. nnd Mrs. Lewis Campbell had as Hund.-iy dinner ituests the fnmllics of Hay Knoilsi'nsn, Arthur llurgess and ilrycn I'roffltt. A rumniunlty illuner was held at the school house Thanks&:ivinM Day. It wiia not. largely attended. Many of the folks were enterlain- InR relatives to dinner. The school Savo a short program. When Harold Detter had been In the hospital one week it was found necessary to have a second operation which proved to be a very serious one. An obstruction or adhesion of the. Intestines was fousd. At thifi time he is reported to be improving. Tbe families of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roland ami Mr. and .Mrs. Joe Rolnnd motored down from near Moscow to eat Thanksgivinp dinner In the Kellams' home with other relatives. Their' stay Is short, only takinp time to visit relatives and savins "howdy" to friends. Tbo third number of the lecture course, a reader and pianist, will bo given Dec. iith. Anions the folks that are dolntj early huirhcrini; are Rupert Kellams, Charles Slifer. Mrs. Kins. A. K. Vanidckle and Henry Nuest. SOUTH COUNTY LINE OUR BOARDING HOUSE BROKE: iki M VWOR ! "DO Veil Vkl/vkKlb \<Uovd VJUfCT SAV ftECRST \iJl-5lA VIAS? ^ i vj\9rie -D rlR VIORK'.^ ILL -*isf - SEE FA , COMES -TRUE! BoiJE \<S BOrf 5U ,LV rOLTJBROLt 1 VW klfff MA^E ML, eecAu&e i DO Oof BELIEVE <3 >OCr\ ^TOPtE FADDLE! VllSUeT) To Bt tl.\ OtJ|A BAfJGAHj' SALE ATlW' Mlkiff^ WrtV,-frlATLAP VOaUliPkYT' EVEiJ LABOR - UUDER Akl PU^USIOkj'd toe's -VX KCS. OP 'E>\ AU-,-^ r\E'S LM\EF?-TAAtJ A RErflRE"D LOADER! LAV-TWA-TO^ TVV SHELF Arthur Rroyle.^ retuiTcd to Hutchinson Tuesday to help In.) fatlier-in-law mnve to Nickerson. Mrs. Hroylps lias been visiting her parents tlio past two weelcs. Mrs. J. A. Lambert and children. Frank I.imbert and Mrs. John Ravens retained Wednesday from Devol. Okla. J. K. limber and family and J. C. CSraber and family werB Sunday visitors at Sleriini:. A. F. stiickv and VYier A. Stucky took Mrs. J. W. McClure lo Hutchinson Monday lo take the train tor her hnmo in Bristol. Col. Henry, Dan, nnd Pete Stucky and A. W. Broyles made :t business trip to Wichita Monday. Mrs J. P. A. Stucky and son Phil- I ip and Lydia ScbraR spent Thanks- I glvinc at the Pete Stucky home. Henry and Pete Stucky are do- inq somo painting this week. Several from here attended the turkey dinner at the TJ, P. cburch Thursday. Use Hie Shop-o-Scope—use your head, not your foot and make this the merriest. Xmiis ever. tf. Use News-Herald want ads. They ray. COAL BUTLER 4. SONS 515 So. Main Phone 380 r LUMBING' ft 'Speaks. /S^ftself/ V PHONE 996 ' HA EAST SHERMAN , HUTCHINSON> KAN 5 A3 A Cycle-lopieal Christmas, cn your hoy or Kirl a htcycle of veloc pede, and you K've the utmost in pleasure nnd health combined. Our Christmas stock of cycles Is ready for your Inspection. Stallman Cycle Supply Opposite Post Office. Phone S3. 23 East Sherman. Everything for the Bicycle 1^ S Butter-Knist FRESH Try it /i For the Best in Plumbing Service and Supplies Phone - 545 Ebersole Plumbing Co. 121 West 14th Piano Moving We have competent men and special trucks to move them and we know how to pack and ship them without a scratch or mar. Phone 9 SHAW & FERGUSON THE CITY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 19 WEST FIRST HUTCHINSON, KANS. CLEANERS HATTERS DYERS PLEATERS PHONE 1334 Out-of-Town Customers Served By Parcel Post Solve A dozen Chrlitmas problem! with the olft that only you can buy—your photograph. Mclnturff Studio F. M. JOHNSON PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28| N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson RAILROAD TIME TABLE SANTA FB Wevtbound frami So. AnivHi Depnrtt l—The Scout 6:35 pm 7 u& on a— Calif Limited ,. 3:35 pm 'iVih prr 5—Colo. Express .. 5:20 pro 6:50 pm T—"?*rgo Kxpreaa • 3:30 pm Aib'i pm 0— The Navajo .... 4:45am 4:G0urr II—Colo. Fam Mall.. 2:56 am 3:uu on IM—Local rasa 4:15 pro 4*3UPm 61—Loo:U l"*as*. (Kx Sun.) v.lUfln 1 G7— Passonqcr S:30am t':00 am *£»—H & S Pass. (South; 9:u&air Eastbound Train* No. Arrival Depart! 2—The Navajo ...12:4G pm 12:50 pm 4—Calif. Limited 2 :3s pm 2:3b prr 6—Chicago lix. ,,.ll:;tSam UMUnm 8—Santa Fc "g"...11:20 pm IltfU pm The 3cnut S;SE> am »,u air i:—K. C. Flyer 12:35 am 1Z:4U am >it;—Local Pass. .....12:45pm l-oyptr UK— PasBenger ......10:10 pm IO'L'0 pro i;^—Local Pass 3;40 pm ex. Sun. "' 11. & S. P(uis.... 2:20 pm N'o. 7 docs not carry pas-senger*. No. ROCK ISLAND. Eastbound. Departs .11:00 am .10:&b ptn • 8:66 am 4—OoMen State Limited 3—Californlun 312—Local Fasscneer .... Westbound Mo. Depart! 3—Golden State Limited ... 3:40 pm 1—Callfornlan «:bo am 311—Local Passenger 6:30 pm SI—Local Freinht 12:45 pm SO—Local Frclsht Vi:46 pm MISSOURI PACIFIC Wettbound. Nn. Depart" 443—Paasenfftir 9:25 am 413—PassRnper ?.:12 pm 495—Local Jfretcht ll:45aro Eaatbound. No, Depart! 414—Passenger 1:07 pm 444— Passenger 3:12 pm 45B—Local Freight 10:05 am ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN Lu.ivo Local ... Bi^Oarn Local ... 7:4b am Limited . y:2U am Local ...10:25 am Local . Limited..31:45 am Limited Local ... l;')&pm bocal __ Limited.. 2:2upm Limited i,oca] .... 3:15pm Local . Limited.. 4:-U pm Limited Local ... B:i5pm J Local . Local ... ti:2a pm Local . Limited.. 7:Su pra Limited Local ... D:4!> pm ] Local Local ...ll:4upm | Local Arrive Local ... 8:35 pm Local .10:1)5 am Limited .lt:vuam 12:45 pm . 1:45 pm . 3:20 pm . 4:18 pm . ft:35 pm . c:iu pm . 7:35 pm . 8:4U pm . 3:50 pm .11:55 pm 1:50 am All tralna are Dally Trains ami are through trains between Hutchinson and Wichita, and all trains make direct connections at Van Aradale for Newton, Kan. THE GUMPS—THE FAMILY SKELETON V v \lTc \^ HOT, C0\-X> UUWE;\«M5M MOU ^VW't ?OOU MZ. V.K-ST KVGHT ?ti,«T CQU 'STW5 \^09Vt-~rw \b \TWK\ VAKS "XV)^H€t> r -^" 7^ TO t>0^ piM ^l>>tV< TOTO <e* MAX> >t^.D\W\T ^\Wtv.H? TVtfc>TS THB i TwsvMCt To \\X, StfcRVt- t'M X TvAfcH ^SQVVJtrAG T>M \S CNIEfc. »\)T MQ\) WON'T V\Nt> \T OUT TvA^eS MOKE rA\£.N^ OH ^ B^VV.^^^t> TWf\>A T^«\cen ^e»*w *KW. MOST THOUGHT Of TWftT &£*A TRUTH A. CQU?V^ QV 7 \>NS5 K^T^B. THm«^VV\tAei- TV)«.VVe4 NJFT^ \ TW^ W^N^)NC>A£ >*A,T CtMt'S A^YEV, J Christmas! It's right here before you! It's the glad time of the year when hearts are stirred and when the spirit of good feeling is boundless. This store has caught the spirit of the season. With a thousand and one suggestions we are ready as never before to serve you! The gifts you're seeking are here! N U S S B A U M ' S {SMrGCotKiew Established 1887 i Manager Wanted -for- Cash Grocery and Market Location, stock and fixture* are good. Mutt bo able to handle meatt and groceries and mutt be be willing to put up a deposit of $500 and take the store on a commission. Write G-12, care News, stating age, experience and give references. Courtesy, Promptness, Quality, Price. Call SNYDER'S PLANING MILL FOR Lumber, Monarch Paint, Kyanize Varnish Stain Phone 184 THE SNYDER COMPANY Lumber Vsrd Planing Mill, Office and Paint Store 8 -10-12 Weat A. 23-25-47 Weat Sherman. Lumbermen and Manufacturer!. Take the family, excellent schools for your children ftp*?* Through Putlmtna Via Grand Canyoo National Park —open all the fear details here fte Journey fliere-a joy —Keel equipment —double track—roclc ballast rpowcrtul locomotives M. E. WAY, Agent Phone 26 Hutchinson, Kansas. t Read; the Classified Ads in The News-Herald, \

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