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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, June 26, 1972
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PAMf A DART NIWS TEXAS MthYEAR Monday, June J«. 1972 Black Delegates Pledge To Support McGovern WASHINGTON (AP( - An undetermined number of uncommitted black delegates to the Democratic National Convention were pledged today to Sen. George S. McGovern. D- S.D. The head of the congressional black caucus said the number appears to insure McGovern a first-ballot nomination. "We are confident that our bloc of votes will assure Sen. McGovern the nomination on the first ballot," said Rep. Louis C-C Slates Membership Luncheon The June membership luncheon of the Chamber of Commerce will be Monday noon in the Starlight Room of the Coronado Inn with President Roy Sparkman presiding. The program will include' reports on a number of activities under way in the Chamber and the presentation of awards in the recent Chamber membership round-up. These awards will be presented by Newt Secrest, finance director. The luncheon will be preceded by a directors' meeting of the Chamber in the Quivira Room of the Coronado Inn at 11 a.m. All members and guests are invited to attend the luncheon meeting, and reservations will be accepted until 10 a.m. by calling the Chamber office at 669-3241. Borger Man Goes On Trial A Borger man charged in 1970 with statutory rape and assault to commit rape went on trial today in 84th District Court in Stinnett. H.L.Moore, a former history teacher at North Middle School in Borger, was charged after an alleged incident with a teenager in Moore's home in Borger. Barbershoppers In Pampa Plan Summer Activities Pampa Barbershoppers will plan summer activities when they meet at 8 p.m. Tuesday in KPDN with chorus director S. L. Tale. Also they will welcome their counselor, Dr. John Anderson of Lubbock, international director of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Singing in America. The group will skip the meeting which ordinarily would be held July 4. Men interested in music and singing are invited to attend meetings. Stock Market U no In lions Tkt lollowlni II • m Ckkifo Kicking* live cilllt future! ire lurnlihtd by Ike Amirillo offkti of Merrill. Lynch. Pierce. FfsntnndSmllklac. Prev. Clue Open Hlik Low Lul Fek. M.It MM M 47 MM M.M April 1117 M.It M.I7 Mil M.ll June MM M.M M.M M.M M.M A«|. I7.« I7.H I7.N I7.M 17.11 Or" UU MM M.M MM MI7 Dec. B.M »»7 M.U U.I7 MM Tkc follow tin II • m. «•)• auoUIItu •re furiliked by Whreler Grain ol Pampi. Stokes, D-Ohio, chairman of the caucus. The action followed several days of negotiations between McGovern's staff and black groups, including the caucus of the National Black Political Convention. "Sen. McGovern has pledged to support and work for the goals outlined in the Bill of Rights of the Congressional Black Caucus," Stokes said at a news conference. "He has pledged to fight with us for full citizenship and equality of opportunity for all citizens in every sector of our national life. , "We in our own Communities and all across the (and to bring together the political support needed to assure the election of Sen. McGovern." Stokes said one of the group's immediate goals is to have nine million blacks registered "and ready to march" in November. Before Sunday, the McGovern office was claiming first-ballot support from 1,413 delegates. However, The Associated Press poll gave McGovern 1.335.15 as of Sunday night. Speed Cited As Cause of Wreck Alvin Ray Adamson, 16. 1003 E. Scott, was cited for speeding and a passenger in his vehicle hospitalized following a one-car accident Sunday morning. According to the official report, Adamson was driving South on Starkweather and was traveling too fast to negotiate the curve in the 600 block and his pickup overturned one time. Roy Villareal, 17, 821 E. Gordon, was taken to Highland General Hospital for examination and treatment following the mishap. Wfce.t fii I. Mewl The folio* ini quotatloni ihow the ran|e within which Iheie tecurlllei could hive been Irided it Ihe time of compilation. Amarei ' « Bll I* I 1 * Kranklin Life »•* 1H* Gibraltar Life 5t I Ky. Cent. Life I 1 * 14 Hal Old Line T* •'y Repub.NatlLlle IS II* Southland Finance M% Ji» So. Weil. Lift U H* Slralferd •* '* The following II:M NY. Slock Market quoUHont are furniihed by Ihe Piiroa office of Schneider Btrncl Hickmn Vv American Tel and Tel <V» CtlalitM'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. wJ Clliea Service M* DIA IJJ DPA •* General Electric »'*.; General Melon " Goodyear Gulf on »J IBM M> Penney i »* Phillip 1'* pj<A r I4<t *»i»u Roebuck IU* Sacll,- «£* Standard Oil ol Indiana Sf.% Slaadai <t Oil of New Jeraey 71* Soulkcnttra Public Service II* swc Ji* Teiaco *>* U.S. Steel I* 1 * SriiSCHII'TlON KATES (The Pampa Oaily News By carrier in Pampa and RTZ 11.75 per month (5 25 per 3 months i!0 50 per & moiilhi t2l 00 per year By mulor route Jl 75per month By mail in KTZ |I3 ptr i i-.'ir By mail outside KTZ 119 50 per yt-ar and RTZ Single copy 10 cents daily 15 cents Sunday Published daily except Saturday by ihe Pampa Daily News Atdusun and Somerville. Pampa. Texas 79065. Phone 669-2525 all departments. Entered as second class matter under Ihe act March 9. 1878 , 1 Mining your Doily N«w<? Dial 669-2525 befora 7 p.m. wtekdoyi, 10 a.m. Sunduyi COTTINGHAM ME AUNG SlBckl WIX INOUSTilAl Wili! TO HJKHASI, CAUr MNNtf OCNNIS, MGI. K. D. MOFOT, SAliS MP •OSGEt, TEXAS 1010 MIGHT 274-5231 On The Record Highland General Hospital SATURDAY Admissions Mrs. Barbara Everson, 3804 Rosewood. Baby Girl Everson, 2804 Rosewood. Mrs. Norma Marie Williams, 1012 Darby. Mrs. Mary Virginia Wesner, 2247 Mary Ellen. Mrs. Ida M. Boren, Pampa Nursing Center. Michael L. Giesler, Pampa. Mrs. Peggy J.Martin, 1527 N. Sumner. Joe D. Martin, 1527 N. Sumner. Mrs. Stella L. Caplinger, 631 S. Ballard. Dismissals Vester Hargrove, Pampa. Mrs. Brenda Sue Roach, 1041 Prairie Dr. Mark A. Heath. 1916 Grape. Mrs. Margaret Waddill, White Deer. Mrs. Ola Joe Able, 517 S. Cuyler. Virgil Helton, Wheeler. Mrs. Irene E. Moore, 915 Duncan. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Everson, 2804 Rosewood, on the birth of a girl at 1:26 p.m., wieghingSlbs., loz. SUNDAY Admissions Mrs. Joy E. Davis, 1005 E. Kingsmill St. Buddy R. Hartley, 1225 Darby. Mrs. Jeri L. Dupris, 1916 N. Wells. Mrs. Dena Gates, 316 S. Houston. Mrs. Alice W. Totty, 2101 N. Dwight. Edmond G. Benton, Borger. Mrs. WathenaC. Watt, 1947 N. Nelson. Mrs. Mary Exa Crossman, 60 IN. Sumner. Mrs. Magdalene J. Cantrell, 'Borger. Harold E. DeVore, 1721 W. 9th. Dismissals Mrs. Wilma Paulson, 325 N. Nelson. Mrs. Martha F. Quiett, Canadian. Russell P. Brown, 1336 Hamilton. Mrs. Evelyn Foreman, 1313 Terrace. Mrs. Julia Henderson, Pampa. Baby Boy Henderson. Pampa. WATER WEIGHT PROBLEM? usi E-LIM Excess water in the body can be uncomfortable. E-L1M will help you lose excess water weight. We at H*ord-Jon«« recommend it. Only $1.50 HAMMING IT UP—Members of Fampa Amateur Radio Station took part in the annual Field Day exercises of the American Radio Relay League from I p.m.. Saturday to 1 p.m. Sunday. From left are Roy Bernard, Rob Williams, Herman Whatley, Bob Echols, Howard Evans, Jim Fowler, Robert Wood, Calvin Barbaree, Bill Chambless, Todd Berry, Jim King and David Chambless, The group had three stations set up and spent the 24 hours contacting other amateur radio stations around the world. (Staff photo by John Ebling) Demo Committee Considering Convention Delegate Challenges WASHINGTON (AP) - The Democratic Convention's Credentials Committee is wading into a massive round of delegate challenges that loom as the most critical hurdle left in George McGovern's path to the nomination. In what may be the severest test yet of the party's sweeping reform rules—many of which were promulgated by McGovern—the panel must weigh a record 80 challenges affecting delegations from 30 states. "McGovern's interest now," said his committee coordinator, Eli Segal, "is in a peaceful and harmonious convention. Credentials has the most potential for trouble." Although McGovern strategists were working feverishly to minimize conflicts in the seating of delegates, several cases pose an inescapable dilemma to his followers who Martha Trying To Get John Out Of Politics NEW YORK (AP) - Martha Mitchell says the election campaign "is nothing but a cops and robbers game, and I'm trying to get my husband out of it." The wife of former Atty. Gen. John Mitchell flew in from California Sunday and told the New York Daily News in an interview, "All I want is my husband back." "There is no reason for us to be involved in politics," she told reporter Marcia Kramer in an interview at her two-room suite at the Westchester Country Club in Rye, N.Y. Mrs. Mitchell's husband left the Cabinet to head the Committee to Re-elect the President. She declined to talk about the "dirty things" she knew about politics, but was voluble about her dispute with a security guard that she said led her to leave her Newport Beach, Calif., villa. She said the guard yanked the telephone out of her bedroom: "It was a horrible experience. Can you believe that a man can walk into your bedroom, take over, and pull the phone out of the wall? Mrs. Mitchell said she left for the East after an incident in which several guards "threw me down on a bed — five men did it — and stuck a needle in my behind. I've never been treated like this, ever." DWI Arrest Made Marvin Eugene Hardin, 40. Mineral Springs, Ark., was arrested for driving while under the influence of intoxicating drink in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was stopped in the 800 Block of W. Brown, according to the arresting officer's report. Watch Your AT-GO 088 ugly excess weight with the ensible NEW FAT-GO diet jlan. Nothing sensational Just iteady weight loss for those that •eally want to lose. full 12 day supply only $2.50. The price of two cups of coffee. Ask HEARD-JONES drug store iboutthe FAT-GO reducing plan ind start losing weight this week Aoney back In full if not complete- y satisfied with weight loss from ha very first package. DON'T DELAY C m* FAT-OO today Only »2.50 g| control the Credentials Committee. By refusing to compromise McGovern's reform ideals, they could alienate Old Guard Democrats in Illinois and several other states whose support could prove vital to his chances against President Nixon, tf, on the other hand, they gloss over reform violations, they risk imperiling his credibility among liberals, blacks, women and youth. Moreover, in a challenge in California, any ruling favorable to those who contend the state's winner-take-all primary violated prohibitions against unit rule could cost McGovern his shot at a first-ballot nomi- nation. He now claims all 271 California delegates, whose case will be heard today but likely not decided until late this week or early next. McGovern's forces offered something of a unity concession Sunday night at the committee's organizing meeting, when they joined in the unanimous elevation of Patricia Harris, a black Washington attorney, from temporary to permanent chairman. They had opposed her original appointment several months ago on ground she was not enthusiastic enough in her commitments to reform. State Senate Expected To Study Spending Bill AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) - The special session will begin to heat up today if senators get to look at their $3.8 billion spending bill, but the real smoke is expected in a committee hearing on five nominees to the Texas Air Control Board. Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes said Saturday he would lay out today or Tuesday the spending bill for the year beginning Sept. 1. He said the Senate's proposed new rules may come up today. The House spending bill will not be back from the printers until Wednesday morning at the earliest, according to a Legislative Budget Board spokesman, and debate in that chamber cannot begin until Saturday. A new 72-hour rule is the cause of the delay. The rule was passed as a reaction to the practice of former Appropriations Committee Chairman W. S. Heatly of giving the spending bill to the House so late in the session it had to be accepted as written or the Legislature would be forced into an expensive special session. Gov. Preston Smith's five nominees to the Air Control Tire Theft, Stolen Car Are Connected Shortly after midnight Saturday night, Weldon Harris, 205 W. Craven, reported to police that some men had stolen his wheel and tire and fled. Soon after, an abandoned car was found in the 200 Block of Thut. A check proved it to be stolen from Farmington, N.M. From descriptions given it was believed to be involved in the incident at Harris' home. A search is on for the men and the car they are believed to be driving. Board appeared before the Senate Nominations Committee last Tuesday, but several committee members voiced dissatisfaction with some of their answers and asked for another hearing. The nominees are Dr. Willie Ulich of Lubbock, Charles Jaynes of Waco, E. W. Robinson of Amarillo, James Abrams of El Paso and John Blair of Kountze. Robinson and Blair were questioned closest. Blair confirmed he had been accurately quoted as saying "poverty smells worse than pollution." Obituaries MRS. SARAH MCCLELLAN Funeral services were to be held at 1 p.m. today in the Church of Christ. McLean, for Mrs. Sarah Mitchner McClellan, 99, who died Saturday at the Golden Spread Nursing Home, Shamrock. David Fultz, church minister, was to officiate, and burial was to be in Hillcrest Cemetery, McLean. Born at Hartsville, Tenn., she was married to James Clark McClellan in 1899 at Corbin, Tex. They moved to the McLean area in 1907 from Oklahoma Indian Territory by covered wagon, ranching north of McLean until Mr. McClellan's death in 1926, when she moved into the town of McLean. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. W.I. Robinson of McLean and Mrs. Hattie Edwin of Portales, N. M.; one son, Sam McClellan of McLean; 17 grandchildren, 39 great-grandchildren, and 32 great-great-grandchildren. Mainly About People Good Garage sale: Monday-Wednesday. 333 N. Faulkner. (Adv). Vine Ripe Tomatoes. Delicious Texas Peaches. SAJ Mart. (Advl. Grand Opening! La Siesta Restaurant. Formerly the Silver Spur. Monday, June 26.9 a.m. East Frederic. Specializing in Mexican food. (Adv). Klrby Vacuum sweeper company is now selling Bison Vacuum Cleaners. Still Servicing Kirby at the same location. 512'* S. Cuyler. 669-2990 (Adv). Boat Covers Custom fitted. Pampa Tent and Awning. (Adv.) Mrs. W.T. Broxson, 832 E. Craven, has returned from a two-week's trip to Fort Worth, Aquilla and Charleston, S.C. She was accompanied home by her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Broxson of Ft. Stockton, and by a friend, Mrs. Eva Webber of Fort Worth. Pampa's B&PW Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in Furr's Cafeteria. Convention reports will be given. Promotion by American National Insurance Company of David J. Falh, 32, from a field representative in the Southwestern division office in Waco, to district supervisor of the Pampa branch office, 916 W. Kentucky, is announced by W.W: Cherry, executive vice president and director of Combination Agencies, at the home off ice in Galveston. Injured Man Now In Fair Condition A 62-year-old Pampa man was listed in satisfactory condition today at Worley Hospital after losing his left leg in an accident Sunday afternoon. L. B. "Bun" Reeves, 715 N. Banks, lost his leg while he was working near an auger about 3:30 p.m. at Heaton Cattle Co., 12 miles east of the city. His leg apparently became entangled in the machine. He was taken by ambulance to Worley Hospital. He underwent surgery, yesterday afternoon with his leg severed below the knee. A tourniquet was placed on Reeves' leg after the accident until the ambulance arrived. Officials said the tourniquet probably helped to save his life. Reeves had been a part time worker at the company's feed mill until Jan. 1, when he was employed full time by the company. R.E. "Red" Horton is credited with saving Reeves' life by applying a tourniquet immediately after the accident, officials said. Public Offices Will Close On July 4th City, county, state and federal offices will close Tuesday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day. Offices will be open and business will be conducted as usual on Monday, July 3. The national Monday holiday bill will not be effective. Practically all business in Pampa will halt on the July Fourth holiday. MOBILE HOME Tiedown Service APPROVED MATERIALS REASONABLE RATES Write or Call B & K MOBILE HOME ANCHORING SERVICE & SUPPLY Box 2137 Ph. 665-4455 Pampa, Texas 79065 PITTSBURGH PAINTS AT DISCOUNT PRICES PITTSBURGH SUNSET INTERIOR EXTERIOR LATEX $397 PITTSBURGH ONE COAT 1-45 OIL BASE $tt 03 «J»Xw 9.23 PITTSBURGH OIL OR LATEX OUTSIDE PAINT Reg. »7.80 $/)95 PITTSBURGH WALL HIDE WASHABLE WALL PAINT Rez. REDWOOD STAIN Reg. '6.00 $4 95 Rez. ANTIQUING KIT 10 colors $395 LANGLEY & GRAY CABINET SHOP 323 S. STARKWEATHER 669-297] Bobbye Jamison VlcklCobb Two Pampa Girls Given Foundation Scholarships NEW YORK - Vicki J. Cobb and Bobbye Jamison, Pampa, have been awarded Henry F,. Doherty Educational Foundation scholarships by Cities Service Company. Vicki, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cobb, will attend West Texas State University and major in business. Bobbye, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jamison, will attend Texas Tech University and major in accounting. They are among the 274 sons and daughters of Cities Service employes receiving educational grants for the 1972-73 school year totaling $109,000. The Henry L. Doherty Educational Foundation was established in 1939 in honor of the founder of Cities Service Company who died that same year. The Foundation has distributed more than $1.6 million in scholarship assistance to children of employes over the 33-year period. It is supported by contributions from employees of Cities Service Company and its subsidiaries. Employe donations are matched by Cities Service. The Foundation scholarships are one of several annual educational and philanthropic contribution programs maintained by Cities Service. Doctor Says 'AA' Best Chance For Alcoholics "A person who consults a physician for treatment of alcoholism or chronic abuse of alcohol can expect both good and bad reports," Dr. J. Foster Elder told an interested group Sunday at a public meeting in the Presbyterian Church Annex. "The good part is that a medical doctor can sober him up so he can resume a normal life in society," he said. "The bad is that the medical doctor cannot prevent him from resuming his heavy drinking." Dr. Elder said extensive research is being made in medical circles to find some treatment that would insure continued sobriety, but so far the most successful thing is the therapy program offered by Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization that has helped thousands of persons since it was founded in 1935 by a doctor and a lawyer who were alcoholics. Dr. Elder said a doctor can predict with remarkable accuracy the course of the alcoholic withdrawal syndrome. The patient suffers nausea, anxiety, fear, disorientation, disturbances of vision and hearing, sensations of crawling on the skin, extreme nervousness, followed by a period of exhaustion, deep depression and sometimes unconsciousness. Complications such as lung failure can mean death unless intensive care is started immediately. The speaker said he would go along with the World Health Organization's definition of an alcoholic: "a person who abuses alcohol to the extent that his health, social and economic functions are impaired." Bill Cooke, a representative of the Texas Commission on Alcoholism, outlined steps being taken by governmental agencies in working with the : judiciary to bring about treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics. A member of AI-Anon told how she has learned to live with an alcoholic mate by following the steps suggested in the program. Pampa's Action Group of A.A. sponsored Sunday's meeting, the third in a continuing series on the last Sunday of each month. Many Visit Clinic Annex At Hemphill About 120 persons loured the new clinic annex of the Hemphill County Hospital in Canadian yesterday during an open house. The new annex was recently completed in about 90 days by the Ray Covalt Contruction Co. of Pampa. Architects for the $85,000 addition were Gale O'Brien and Associates of Amarillo. Hemphill County Judge B.F. Conyers and county commissioners Lambnd Beaty and Bryan Eckles were among the officials serving as hosts. Also assisting in showing the visitors through the annex were the Hemphill County Hospital board of managers. Among the visitors were a number of area hospital administrators. The annex is adjacent to the ; hospital. New facilities include reception room, X-ray rooms, examining rooms, doctors offices and separate suites of offices. The hospital was built about 20 years ago and can take care of about 25 patients, Conyers said. This Week's SPECIAL Good Tues., Wed., Thurs. JUNE 27-28-29- Steak Sandwich I Chicken Fried On A [Bun, Lettuce, Tomato Mayonnaise ROCHESTER nwwnbdibn ^- |^_ Root Beer" ] | Caldwell's Drive Carl E. Lawrence, Owner 220 North Hobart, 669-2601

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