The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 1, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1932
Page 7
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THE DAILY KBWB. FREDERICK. MD.. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 1. SEVEN A GLIMPSE OF CHIC WOMEN AND CHIC OUTFITS r* TODAY 0 , l' IS THE- W y WORLD WAR \ ANNIVERSARY CONDON RETURNS O ! ACT IN POKCE : ·» s o %· ·» ^ iv^- v« . .. v,. 5, a, ^i ei. c~ · .1 . ^ ·* 4 * ' -v * o \«» ' r trv . ^ O* * a i. · , ·?*. *·--.'*i"o ,t:.-i ' "v - \ i i r\«ss ' · O-'v-; t ·' \ V . - ,- '.* · 4 · " ' Jafsir" In Nf» lork lor Birthdar CcfebnUion. Ne* Yor* Ma 31 -- ladefa'-Uii^.f as . » r Dr Jo an F Co- u · r ,, · »J · - »' ··!«. l_'"db?rgh $aO 000 raav T. J : · · '-el* the Cen'cr Laic C *r 'f W» vr C Good* .a. : ea- B«£ MA. ic :ui- dtd ' .e L ndoe-g.: money over i icmtltr- -.Kige ear y to April remained as nuc i aa erugma as tile i . 31 -- ^ d- au.«G de- · in to nrJ'osi Dr Jcnn · pa.i $5? -WO .a an '.- L-ccSier;_i oaby. ' C " .' Nx-T.a S h% arziopf. head ' f N · J' C-"- " 1 S'au* Po-.ce gave H '« '.r.^r i ·;«· tr · -ea.;-, · ., .. - Cjcdo:-. s ri-^;'. f - John o N *s id. - -s.-.z lars 3'; -T Ci', 1. .". ' ^ ··.* i F-v I'o v i .o\i i ·* f *' v · - -' h» ; c* a o -» v * J .» ' ,. v ---s-e . »· ro -rr.- ~ * lhlcVen» *V pound Old Chlcl- I «" poomS 1 c»n ftll »n» «r«ier« 1 BRUCHEY S mat ff \\rtl --outb Strcrt M»r«Und il *+^r++++"+-+*-+ +***t *« -^r ^ x '.i« S*S*^ i ~ J LUbt Machine t\«rk--Can mn* Lackimtlb » ~\ i S A J E U O K K \ SPECIALTY J 2^ J JAMES E. SOLT ; 1 J LIGHT nr.iDiN; of \LL M e r i t - j 7 »OBK IS BKV-S. BRONZE J » AND I L I M M I M · J 401 Macnolta Ave Then* O'O J J EXPERIENCE - INS KIRSV y^'.:) AT MRS RICHAR D TUCKSH xrrr.rtit.PT* DAVE MRS J S ROGERS JR starx Da e der! A; BY BETSY SCHTYIJER NEA Service Writer. York. Jar.e 1--Summer reag- ents tnat soc.ety crowos irro tie eek-enc. Prom now on. summer arse s-jmmer clothes are -n cr- ; perfectly stdnri-ng green, black and j i hire da^y prated crepe frock. I; ziad an iir-isua! touch of black about the i love.v leTier^d hxr clirjs on ei'her .s-vsJder i * ·* * j Mrs. Johr. K G P* 1 :. ·natw o* ^e socis. events tr~s summer c'othes sre out in full force Particularly was this tne of the ^ery successful benefit garden party for the Travelers' Aid heid at P^ntm; Reids, the long Island estate of tne William R Coe's. Maybe daisies won't teL (out we will 1 ) just here.- .tmar-. Mrs John S Rogers lookec, o" sa.a occas.o-. in a. i ei?3t. was another who nore a field flox- j er prmt. Hers Tras blJe and Thite, and 1 had a shon, jacket irtih flann? sieves. i Most of the flower gtr!s ia!l social I reg^trttes) 'ook^ prettier even than i-ne fio-Rreis t-ey so'd. Par*:culary those JTho Trore -Jinite ·ahicn included Lucile ' Tn.eno". Keano- Sreed\. Peggy 3ro- ·asoTi I rememoer as oetr? par- tic iilarly chic In a hrtrriined waiw iin- en hat to match her su;t. Maries Kjnt and MJdred Da\.s TT 7- ^r The Brorruiile r.orse sho'w was a jrand success, e.en tne day w-as per- iec" Rioin^ togs this jear are much n;o-^ Ji wresting 'han last year, per- ;iar;s because so man', moreen ndm? 5.d*"-sacd'e g-'.e * to tne picture Light coats w:th dark accessories are having a -.ogue, the coats prac:.caliy the shades of good old Ice creaoi oants collegtate bors like so much 'vv^hel- mme S Kirby looked part-calarl-. nice at BronwiHe, I thought '.\i:h ner fair hair tucked under a rich, ruddy b-o-sm nat her eraiat t!~e same tone as her hai and her j^dhours and her fitted | hats I me: Mr- n.t.-: irJ T.. coat -.ery, \erj creaci. j a garden par'.-. o::.i-r o.j-. u All the porno and grancear of o'cen O re v' :..? n: t: i:r_-..:..; ' "V mocem AmerKa jo^ieQ to ru^£c trie [nalgurai Baa: at the :a a memorable e'.ent. There ·acre s:oreo of elaDorate d^iner 3receLns ;: none lo.cler than Mrs Graham Fa.r Vanderb^: s. held on , _r;i the roof, with the most exquisite spring j short s'.-e\ts are almost ao-aers for cecorat.-on ana all toe poor- j no-* thai summer 25 ^e-e M. dered wigs and silks and satins of the ' Davis has a s-xeet 'itt art*moo:i g-«ests making a colorful p.cture , O f tne loneliest s.iaces of ros* Its a g-«at fabn- rear , «ns.ons cf tre i is-ilcer Ijjc "it JO.1 see s-nart noaien viear^ig cotton, ! her tnat. ·».-ae---r.o u .:eer' v d. s'..: felt. tweed or other fabric shoes and houetted l^cJ-t s::re .nar. evr ATTENTION THt .NEW DOMESTIC Buckcve EIcc. Rrfrijterator - now on |.jw 119 N in the We!nD«l win »tr«t. for »horl whllf. \LBtRT C. P \UMEK. AeenL FOR EVERY BANKING NEED As a complete commercial bank, we are equipped to give every form of financial service required by business organizations and individuals. \V« invite you to use our facilities for your checking account, savings sccount and other banking needs. 3 l /2 e '/o Interest Paid On Savings COMMERCIAL BANK OF MARYLAND 3 *s* *fe ^ n|i % i BRIDGE mms PLAY IT BY WM. E- McKENXET SecreJary Amencan Bnd;e League · Arcenca s most congecis' partner" ^ ine ~tle laat rcignl ;os-.y be ly- I stowed on toaav s cnamp on--Com- · marder W^iSeld L.s^ctt, Jr a veteran ] of the bridge wDrld who has been -ra- : n^ig cnamp.onshiTJS for mar.^ -=srs. EJ great success can -veil be j utea ta pa^t to the :sc- t-ct never a word Ot crt--c^rc or c^^idCTmd'^n is offered to nrs ta-rr»- Mr. L^;et; .s reco^n^sc as one of , the coontrys l=iajng atlthcru es arc | was associated with tae lat* WJbor C Wn-tehead Peruaos h^ srest»t victory was in winning the nau.onal open contra:; teant-sf-fs-r charco.onsh.p tms year. : He and h-s enrolled two fems:-ne raeinoers--after a splendid contest, eccergec. victonous from a field of the c=-_ntry'£ ?re3.te« ondge players In the following naaa, M- L^ger cemansrrates "rat there -5 a »;c; i There -ers-stently iurks m this cor- J early returns, it seems to i ner a susp.cion that the proposed! fo»e reached a pretty sour sage right j brawl June 21 between Max Schmelnig! ~° and Josef Paul Cookooshayf or some- [ thing like that) will no; be held. Of course "pere is a possibility that Tms prodacuon still smells of a fias- i co being revived. Not only is there tne j sickening memory of the IS30 presenta- | STADS pfaq it of the ss^ig a fe^v ^icne; I causes tne c JDhead to r"a;h lae o,... i on the up-vara sn-ag. res j.t^i; ^. r. ·?-.- ^ag or sfcy.r.g e^nt is shiTtcd 3ror*r flatter arc can be obtained, ana cnancef for an mcorre;'!v h.t ball ar" dim inched BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Brovrn *nd Uhlte S. C Lvcbortu. $5-100 Bxr Ublte and Bnff Rox. Aocona*. DatT mil UUck Miroreii. Urds. dalden Wbltc »nd Sllvrr-Iaccd 1% jriBdoltrt SS p«r 100. Jer»e« ItUck (-laatv Llcbt Brahma- Buff Orp:n£tors I^ p«r hundred Assarted riiird S per H'O HK) per ceot. dtllierj ruaranlred 1 to K-week'Old 1 chiefit*. lurkrr r.mltv Me nuckllncs. !0c Free Catiloc Phon. ML Air; 118 BECK'S HATCHERY Dept. L.. ML Airy, Md. ??l?y^r^^ : Ventilator At Top Cools Porch again But from tle appearance of tne arrangements ^ic!ucun~ tne bailynoo "\hicn nas been Dathe:ic Maclison Square Garden erher has become dum- oer t.T2n i. looks or before tne date of tne ?ght one cf tre pnnc.pals will come j cow-i witn a severe hargnail necessitating oostponer-ent of what portends to become a xery fat and juicy floppenno It would tafee a temfic bal'yhoo to ou Id uo th^ into any apoear- ance of resoectabilny There has been no ballyhO'S at ail A great part of the ngnt public does no; e\en knovr where the chaps are rehearsing tneir trailing gestures And doesn t care A V * A AK-Q- 10-64-3 V1O ^J-7-5 AA-10-3 A V f »'·» J-9 8-5-4-3 A-1 0-9-4 K-7-5 NORTH H m CO UJ Cfi 5 H Dealer SOUTH A 8-5-2 VQ-J-7 4Q-3-3 AJ-6-42 A-7 A-K-9-6-2 K-6-2 Q-9-3 » The S.t.on, s a--«d · - D C = T --.-- -- - Xor..-.. Mr L.;;- . f D.-.H.- c c; -~o The Play. ode' ! spade, ore near" "e c.--rrcnd ar: -t leas* oze c-.o "«I- -.??"'-; "·"·- ^^ Wake rp. Gentlemen. The Garden, with its costly bowl at Long Island sail may be bashing in tbe shadow of the Rickara ilius.on-- is men oy tne way was P T Bamum's ui-js-on. too--out the sucker birtn rate aapears "3 nave taken a sharp decline iatelv. E.tner tnat, or suckers no longer are bt^ng bom into wealthv families. But .f tne Garden believes this fight v __i e' ei come close to paying its own -.ay witi a S23 top, certainly tne Six Hu T -irea Miii.onaires are due for a rude a--assnirg A mar not only would have to be born a s^Ci-er, buu would have had to ctjp^v n-mself cJijentiv for long years .n the nrac" ce of sjcse--_=m to go lor r.s ergagercent at prces ranging "el us say, all tne tray from ten to thtrt? c^rts, w -n a free CJsnion for "he 30- ,ent cu";-cers if ·=·· =f- Here's The Invoice. I f - us eiarmne tne increments that go .nto tre malting of tn^ affair In oie comer _, cjco-.ered z very snopwora reavyw£_gnt · a fishwife complex, a man wno has disappointed and robbed tne sas'auiing suckers so often that he surely doesn t get, even a thn'l out of -t any more Tia- would be Snart»y What he vrtll co except fighv js uncer- ·a r ^ut it is a sure bet tnat ne -will re- ~ vc the .nnocents any k-nd -f a --uR Tor ^hezr money, un'ecs the " - r * ^ nap~^n o be shopping f"-r IT t--c otr«- co-ner ^ a n.ce yojag GO-TC?" w tn gsJiani ar.a romant.c ccas aeon- s~ortsmansr..t a fair COJH- "T fgster '.ery wcrkrnailike in his ojs^noss w.-hm the nng Bj- somehow ^e nas failed to e^cre ouaLc irnzgina- I · on H* has rot had a.-£reat deal to . ^ay He has dons nothing for whic.i ' "ie rjuo ,; s*i?i.'d _ia'e h_m but he ha 5 accorr.^._-h d no 6ed erceared "Let Tht;n Boo'" I' s t--,." t~a; a large ieement o' i "^r.erc cV-Co net I.?.** Jaci Snariey iney na**c -.d^d "· b"r .'d ^ e\p~-t a creat deal from pt the S.-'r- DENY SUGGESTION MADE TO SUPPLANT BAREEY Roosevelt Managers Stick To Him For Keynoter. Wasningtori, May 31--Political advisors of Fraaklm D Koosevelt. tooay denied emphatically tnat any suggest-on had been made to or emanated from the Roosevelt camp that Sea. Barkley, Kentucky, be displaced as keynoter at the Democratic convention because of his vote on the coal tariff. Louis Howe, one of Roosevelt s political lieu'enants w-io came he-e today vitn James A. Farley, the Xew York ^oveiK-rs pre-convention manager for conferences at the Caoitol, enterea tne cer.a. and acded inat ne.ther ne nor Farley was here to dtscuss th3" Question, After Senate's recent vote on the tan" rates in the revenue oJl, resorts were p^-shed that s^me of Roosevelt's supporters oecame cisconcerted Barkley's vo'e for a coal .evy in view of the fact tnat ne had denourcec the HawIey-Sraoo-t act and had been cnos- en to espouse tre party s lower tariff cause at Chicago CORRECT WEIGHT ON FOOT Or As soon as the is startea the ieft hee" wa^ch has been lifted in tne backswmc. snoiild be replaced , Then as *"« c uonead nears tne oa" i t -e we gnt of tne ooay snou.c be smf t- ! ' The left then can move out of i i.-ee *ay so the nands and arms mav ws.r.g freel- i Sn^^ld tne lelt be siow ^n t^m- ' -r.g back 'o tne ball, it ets uo a res^t- ! ance which keeps the weight en the r.gnt foot, se'ting bac^ the low point j Hillside Coal Co. still leads in low prices on best quality coal money can buy. Summer prices now in effect. PHONE se Hillside Coal Co. OSSce on Water Strrrt. H. M. Snyder Funeral Director AND EMB \LIER idseiiMc-. Md Phone Mt. Airv 54 Also 923 North Market St. Frederick, Md. Phone Frederick 545 REASONABLE PRICES PORCH SHADES THE RUG STORE MULLINCK BENTZ EAST PATEICK ST. Bndegroom Kow that ~e are star- ·' riec. perhpps I might venture to po»nt . i)( Cut ;ust one or two of your defects, i B*-.G» Don t bother dear. I m quite aware of tnem It was those oefects , ' Tr-yc-i presented me from getting t. } much berer inari tcan you are--An- ( J s~ei3 ) ,, Commencing June 1st and Ending July 31st All Ketail Prices of STIEFF SILVER ·snll be subject to a deduction of Extra Money For The Farm! R«SE REX RABBITS TOR CS' Get :j'. ·ne ace tr.e :ac cj_eea r.-ns of the fiE best cX o: C.^DE Mr I HOW c-g a cUsa^e for such a. mar. ^ , - - « --OT«S of curcxin? to acute c^s- -js; cai o-.y oe estjs^ted. b^t from i . -- _ - ds ^as to play a c^arcond ana -- - v . - n e.git of hearts, al. he went ard ·"3 the ··en p.a -Sa r.oife.c- r £l.l .n T : e\. - :a M- L. :^ ?*.- .£ -.ri'r^a VT^er: ^ast c-a~ s K t won w: i ·.- r-s-- i - "^ ? "-. -- W». · tr- coirjrar.der rr.2aat 1 y stated " T, tr. .".e i.J o' c Jbs ( 'nat :-.e r j/ was -ot p^.--.cJLarly bnl- | f-rr. r_s h^r.a vr.t- ' '-- nt .' s a -nar-.t ous e\araT)"e of tne | -1 ^ ere c: t -.c :£·» - -T -- · ".a'.ora op»n con- j ^ .eaii. waJ present FREE -- FREE RABBITS: K\BBITS' R*BBITV COMF IN-- FILL OtT COVTOS FOK FREE BABBIT DRAWING « \ T L R D » MGHT t P M YO1 Ml T BF HEKt TO TVTN FF SAME DRVWN ONF FRt t RABBIT TO FIRST TRRFF. Ir n* t*-n T«n how io R f t thf f'^r rabbits Opeti CT*TT dav thi wrrk * * M. to Jft P. M Corae e»rK thw xaornmc Get the bett of this breedia^ stock Tocrvir VLL STAR RABBIT BREEDERS 31 Vorth Market Slreft i JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER SATISFACTORY HEATING ;s not so much a question of shoveling coal until your back acnes as it is burning the proper kind and having a clean furnace You have your automobile and your watch inspected and cleaned ... WHY NOT YOUR FURNACE? Consult us--you w-jli be surprised at the small cost of vour furnace cleaned the modern way. MARKELL FORD PHONE 202 DY telephone, you can talk to anyone across the stale or the counfry Next time you want to get in touch with anyone, anywhere-Use LONG DISTANCE It's quick, dear, CHEAP! . /^y Vi^prrl^^^P ?-?!' i ^ z yr^?,-; · I'^gi jrw«- r £r^. - A I ; 4 ~f f I \ ^ l t * t tj--**«N ti \\ t \ J)IH' You can talk 150 miles for 50c after 8.30 P. M. The C A P . Ttlf phono Co *f Kaito C tj 'TVrTT '·T^-r^i Frederick. Md. i -rd rtck 9 YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and espertly cleaned before putting away for the Summer. Dust asd soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt itself. Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 Q U A K E R CITY FREDERICK'S OLDEST. BIGGEST A-NO BLST CLEANERS AND DYERS » ^ s i FOR A CHANGE--- TRY CAREER'S HEARTH BAKE French -- Vienna Style and Rye. The Garber Baking Company

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