The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 21, 1918 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1918
Page 3
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PARK TlTRKi-. Kansas State Fair Gleanings —— ^ BlflT and Little Items of the Exhibits and Happenings of the Eighteenth Annual Exhibition, (.'lay Patch who wa* one at the. main attiac.tlons nt the racing program Friday nrtcrnooh Is ft blind horse and was one of th features of the inccs at. the. Topeka, Full'. llovwnor Capper, who wns ono or the vlsltore nt trie fair Friday wns unable to renin In over night lis Wan his plan, lie won cnllctl back to To- poka by a telephone mr-senge nntioun- 1 <li)K Uml a fcdrnl representative WOB j there, tor nn important conference with him. Stafford was the bajiuei' county Jn n Herniation at the Capper l'lg .and Poultry clubs who have been holding their meeting here this week. There «'as ahe-tit id ineiiiibcis of the two clubs here for the Fair. .The government exhibit remained l:ere until tonight, the very end otlhe Fair, It was the ptan at first to start packing Friday afternoon Tail be- caeoe pf the unusual Interest the exhibit will remain over till tonight. Two girls helped in the live Blue,!; parade yesterday morning, taking the place of boys and men who are now in the army. They led little, e.aivea In review paat I he Brand stand. They were Miss Marguerito JJruoks and MISK Mary Wilson, both Hutchinson gltin! The membeiB of the Fife, and Drum rorpn who have been on hand at all IIOUIM of the Fair all tlity week are II. llnuichmati and tlearirc Coff- nwui, both ot Uurrton, I). I'. Smith ot I'lirued, III. P. Johnson of Ncwlon and J. A. Young of Pretty Prairie. They each wore a small goat, on which the inscription wns printed "SVe'll gel the Kaiser's goal. Over $'10 was: taken up after the show nt the Dcl.uxe when the members of the Allen Squad appeared on the program. "One thing about, the 2000 pounds of literature which the Hoy Scouts delivered this week at the fair was that (he Kansas people all took It home and after the show closed the lorn sheets were not found looae on the floor. H was nil taken ho"me, said ono of the men with the exhibit J. 11. Hormley who was the leader of the Great Bend band, which played here tills week was the leader of the iOlh Kansas Infantry Hand which made history during the Spanish-American war with Kimston In the Philippines. Ilo had a flue baud here, composed of SO musicians and thelT pro- Crams were much enjoyed. A man from the navy, murines, ordnance, signal and hospital corps was hero this week with the government exhibit representing these different brunches of the service. The man representing the marines was the one who wore the blue uniform, trimmed with yellow and fie said he was often mistaken for a flremun, policeman | middle and taken for everything except a marine. , Many amusing uuestlons have been put by the Fair visitors to the officials In charge of the government exhibition. A pair of large woolen eocks was shown and one question was, "Why do the soldiers wear such large socks?" The answer given wa a 'To cover defeat." There vllt be no program toniglu At the grand stand, the uuto races this afternoon being the close of the Fair. The gralu grading exhibit, showing farmers and grain dealers how to grade wheat and shelled corn according to federal standards was one of the most interesting exhibits In .the government building. More than 50 amples of- CWBOS and grades ot wheat and corn wore displayed. charge. During the first four days Mr. Snith does ittostij- a ticket and change Iruslrtess and has on hands about |4,000. Thursday business picks up and about $8,000 goes through his hands. Friday on an average he has (3,000 as he begins to commence to pay off the ruce money prl*es and last y «ar he paid out.over ftUOOO on rt Saturday. Tho admissions money is a separate affair and Is handled through supt. J. B. G'onkUn's office. The publicity work arid the speakers of the Fair were In charge ot a committee headed by Major W. 1A Binwji of Kingman and he was on the Job from early morning till late each lilgliL One thing unusual about the Fair was the. almost perfect weather all week. Tho Usual order used to bo for the Tyr whs rains and mud. One of the artistic displays in the agricultural building wns the large American eagle In the Chase county display, which was made entirely or wheat and attracted much attention. The body wns made of wheat heads, mutinied ,; on u back ground of the grain. Vesli.'rdity morning wns the last day or the demonstrations given In the Food Conservation kitchen. Miss Ward gave some splendid demonstra- llpns on (he possibilities of swoet. and Irish potatoes. Among some of tho things which she made was a sVeet potato (lie and sausage*. This demonstration was given in the afternoon, there waa none given in the morning. The large crowd which watched these recipes made, was a very interested and enthusiastic one. All the recipes demonstrated (lib past week will he given through the News colunms. A number of tho Slate Fair'offi­ cials were treated yesterday afternoon to some very tempting pie made by Miss Mae MoCIOlul and Miss Ward, who are having- charge 'Hon of Toodstuffs, The pie, Judged by Just a glimpse, was mighty Tine, and the lucky ones declared they had tasted none better. It was made at the booth In the Administration building. One little fellow, sif his toy balloon escaped frotn his luii.ds and fluttered skyward, could not he pacified by the consoling words of his mother- "See" pointing to several others that had also belonged to vis. lions, "other boys have lost theirs too." There, were then twelve Jjal loons in a row among the rafters oT the Administration building. Lot* of Rain Now, ' Following Is a. lettet- from Sgt Fred King, wht> J* Itt'.Oo, K itttfrinfantfy Me says they are being well fed no* .and. is feeling fine. His letter follows: , France, Aug. B. Dear Folks; 1 will try and write you a few lluea today its it is raining and 1 have nothing to do. How la every body at home? I nin Just fine, .fust had a big dinner so 1 feel pretty good. If It clears oft thlfl afternoon I expect wo will bftvo sotiys- thlnguo do. "We sure hnva had plenty of rain In the last two weeks, f don't know when it will ever stop. Is It raining very much In the staliin? 1 haven't heard from anyone for n long time. I would 1/ko to get some mall, also would like to sets a Hutch Inson News. "We get a. few papers once in n while. Well, 1 see an orderly coming so I suppose they wont mo tofaonielhlng. so I will have to CIOBO for now. Well, will try and flnlBh this letter now. Have got my work nearly over tor the day. My bed mate is out hunting some eggs, wo already have the steak. We are going to have a fetid. An old French lady does tho cooking for us. It sure did lain for a while this afternoon. I was out In It and I thought I was going In drown. One of the boys thought he wasn't wet enough after being out in Hie rain all afternoon so lie' fell In the creek and got soaked. I have got a big thick bed to sleep on tonight. I doubt If I wilt ever wake up in the morning. Just so 1 got. up in time for breakfast. I think: we itre going to have hot. cakes for breakfast. How Is that for the army? Well, the kid got back with tho eggs and the big feed Is over and I feel like 1 had eutet! a llltle to much, I only hint two big pieces of steak, six eggs, a plate full of potatoes, cot. fee ami all the lettuce, etc., I could eat.- That probably will last me lor an hour. I have got a French book here and am trying to learn how to' talk French (Aves-vons ilus Jour-nanx anglais?) (Compry). IX) you think you can make that out. When I get home I will teach you bow to talk French, it I know how by that time. Mother, I am going to tiring back a pair of wooden shoes'. They will bo Just the thing for you. I don't know what to bring dad, unless I bring him a team of oxen. I hope I will be able to get ;v trunk full ot things to bring home. Well. will hiave to close for this time, With, love, Sgt. Fred W. King. P. S. How Is MUbel? Is she still rooming with you. Tell everybody hello. Had Picture* T»ken. Following Is a letter from Albert C. Morrison, who Is In'Co. O. 43nd Infantry at Camp Havens, Mass. Ho tells of having their pictures taken. His letter follows: Hear Mother and Brother: Your fine letter written Wednesday n. m. received today. Well 1 sorry for Mrs. Hower as 1 expect she really does fc-! bi-d. liut I don't think Fred will ever see the other side. Ho might be culled and drilled a while but the class he will be In will never have to go across. Well 1 am keen. This, makes the tth letter for me this evening and I havo some more 1 really should wille too. Well, we (the whole division) pulled oft a parade inarch or miliar a passing review before the .Major-tlenorai. It,was supposed to bo a very careful affair as the cameras or moving picture machines were taking our pictures and at the last we had to run through water and everything else and company waa along the side next to the camera's and while on the run, one nnn-coiumisslotied officer looked around; I suppose to see If we were all right In step und he clumped his toe and fell lint down nnd the fellow behind him piled down on lop ot him and it happened so sudden, I couldn't stop, so I guess 1 was looking sideways toward the "camera so I fell and Jumped at Hie same time, and went clear over them end I lit on my foci and went on leaving them laying lu the mud and really 1 laughed till f was about out ot breath, (while I "was lu the air soaring over lliein) to hear thai noncommissioned officer cussing his luck. I really don't know how I managed to jump no high, as to soar over them, but it happened so quick ! had to do something, and 1 couldn't slop, as we wero running down a hill. 1 would like to see that plclitro show. But don't expect to, as I never have seen any of the pictures that wo havo had taken by moving picture cameras, and we have lu.d several taken. Well as there Is no news at all I will ring off, hoping this finds you | well and able to go to church tomorrow a. m. and eve. I expect to attend the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow. Albert A, Morrison, Camp Dovcns, Co. . 12nd. Int. Mass. The audiences who saw the Allen |Squud appeared to be highly interested In the program and this was said o lie one of the most instructive and entertaining features of the Fair. The Mother's was very suc- ofsful all week at their booth at the "air and a large sum of money wns fceallaed which will bo used to,apply l]n the building fund of the Day Nur- |sery. No figures could he given out 111 all accounts wero settled. The Treasury department of the E ta to Fair Is most Interesting. Few f the visitors to the Fair have any den Just how large a banking Instl- nlion is run on the grounds. For sov- ral years T. C. Smith, clerk of the loard ot ICdueatlim has been in Major W. 1.. iBron-n left this morn* lag for Washington, Y). C.. where he wss called in response to a telegram announcing a meeting of the National Fixing committee or the Federal Board of Agriculture. Mr. llrown has had charge of the publicity ot the program. (his year at the Fair grounds and also the' securing of speakers when others have fiitled'. "That's the fourth time that woman got me this afternoon," one man was heard to say yesterday afternoon. He was referring to Mrs. Kdwlu Jones, who was using all of her persuasive imwera ou passers-by" on the p(lro to save a little money and buy Thrift Stamps. She certainly demonstrated her ability ftn pers-mide people that it was also their duty to save a little for the government as well as to attend the Fair, by the number of people who made purchases. GET YOUR MILITARY TRAINING At Cooper College. - Cooper College has been added to the list of Kansas Institutions to havo a Student Army Training Corps. They are preparing to take care of 100 boys. There Is still room for more. Military trrflnlug begins OcL 1. but send your application at once, as the number is limited. Full uniform, free tuition, room and board, and the pay of a private. This la the young man's cfiimce. Address Pres. H. T. Campbell, Stey ling, Kansas. 20-It Tlio famous Torblnson rear axel lu Itepublic Trucks. Keno-Buiclc Co. 10-6t. As I am moving out of the city I am leaving my lung salve on milo at the E. ,E. Bloom Drug Store, 305 N. Main. Mrs. Mary Grimes, Sat. 7-14-21 A I.alley purchaser Is given service. Itcno-Dulck Co. 10-Gt. 7MSMW Hacf(cy fcecftodlst Episcopal Church. Coritur Avenue b" and JjJlm. Sumiay Hiiuiol UMC n- m. Morniiitf w<*n»tiip 11 ..'cluck. .SutjjHijt, "DVferont. Sorts uf Dis- ..•fpleHlif]'." At A i /otock Iho Junior I.pafft'o jji/J EtuworUi J-rf-usue at 7:t)U p. «i. .uwnl by winy, pi und {trwtclilnB j .-rvicH at K p. m. i'rayer mv<'ttitK Wedncmlny 8 p. m. •''iilltJWtxl by iiiet'liilK of Brnud iff 'LVustctA JtH,ili'*j*' Aid 't'liurHiluy Rftornrnin. Choir .«*h«u <Mal trl'luy 8 o'cJotflc All cordially .uviLfii. \V il.uun T. Diutliei', i><idtoi'. First Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene. East fourth at rant, Sunday School J»:ifi. ±'rfitchhtK H:tt«. Youiiff People's nnd Ohlldren '.H im-etlng 6:30 p. ni. Prwtch- inj£ 7:30 p. m. "l*h« lu«il ctKN -ch will en- tor-tain tho Ulstrlet Assembly, Hept- -1 to 1'3. Thren hundred rifth*guIts and nruauh- LMM cxnrcii.o. Service uviiry ni&ut ut 7:;t0, You uiv. invited to attend. II. R Duiiluuu, J>:LMOI -. Heal dunce -10 l£a3t Thlrft fitreet. Evangelical Church—Grand View, Sunday .school 10 a. m. PrfachliiB" hy the piLHior, It. J. Wohlgemuth at. II :i. m. The Young lVopU-'s AUiuuct will start at 7:30-and [ufiiciiiinf servteu at X P. M. Sunday fvi-ninft KlorLi our revival nn.'ot- httfK which will. l)e held (it 8 p. m. every night In ilir- u 'fi -k cxc.opt Saturday evening", llev. J. U. Miller of the Fiiwt Kvangr*licjii c-hurph will help the pastor. First M. E. Church, Corner iMrnt and Wuluul. D:3(l a. m. S. S. 11 and K ft. in. tmlilie worship. p. in. Junior l ^'H -guf. 7 p. m. 1iU<irmwH- utew. 7 p. m. Wpworth Ijeaffue. Sermon KuhhMjLs. 1] a. in. "Spiritual"'A thirties." K ]j, in. "Mo*es—tiod'fl Man." Mid* week lueeUng Wednesday (> p. in. HtranRers alwuys welconu;. \V. O. 1 /fuiiiKin. acting pastor. First Avenue Baptist Church. (.'ornor first and Maple. ;i:00 a. in. .Sunday .School .serwion. 11:00 a. in. Morn- lut; Worahln. PiiHtm -'H subjfci, "Tin? Kn- hii'KM LiU 'u." 7:00 p. in. Young People's service, for i'"tJi Heniora and juniors. B:00 p. nt. "Kvenlnff Worship. Pallor's theme, "The Y ran a formed l.ife." A cordial welcome 1 M extended to all. H «rvle« at 8. Subject of uennon, "Mow ihe Guilty Can (Jet Clear." A cordial invitation ks extended to all who njay dfiMlre to worship with us. J. A. Shannon, Pastor. First Congregational Church. Coiner Eleventh and Walnut. Geo. U. Buss, miinister. Morning- worship 11 o'clock. Themn '"fhe Joy of Service." Sunday auhool U:30. Clowe* iot' all ayes, Strangers cordially welcome. If You Suffer With PILES The Absorbent Method Will Cure You without pain, without culling, tying, burning or tho Injection of carbolic or other irritating add, without an hour's detention from business and plcacure. This seems almost too good to believe, and we don't ask you to believe It, Just investigate this wonderful new method of curing Pilej and see for yourself. Other pile doc tors v/ho claim to cure Piles without the knife always use the scissors or an injection of carbolic or other burn, ing acid. The ABSORBENT METH. OO Is a new discovery, absolutely different nnd far superior to any other method known. It is known to only seven rectal specialists in the United States, and can be obtained In the West only In HutchinBon at this office. A number of Kansas people have taken the Absorbent treatment for Plies since It was Introduced here re- centiy. Vou may ask them about it, Every cure guaranteed for life. J. B. Robbins says: "My piles were of 20 years standing and I was cured by just a few painless Absorbent treatments. I would not take $1,000 for my cure." Wo cannot cure and do not accept cases of Gamier ot I lie Ilecltim. If you delay treatment until cancer de- velopes, you are beyond hope. The ABSORBENT cure Is so easy to take and so quick and positive in its power to relieve and cure that patients are astonished. It Is almost like wizardry. In fact Dr. Hover Is known as the "Pile Wizard." Charges moderate—far less than the old-fashioned Pile operation would cost. Positive guarantee in every case. Fistula, fissure, rectal ulcer, and all other rectal diseases cured by our latest improved methods without the knife. Consultation Free. Dr. Kover, "The Pile Wizard," With THE UNITED DOCTORS <\y z West First street, Hutchinson, Kansas The only place west of the Missouri river where the ABSORBENT METHOD for cure of Piles can be found. irwin Memorial Presbyterian Church. Corner nrtii iiiul Severiuice. Sabbath .School 9:-l5 a- m. No preaching at l'l I It. in, but ijrenchlng srrvlcp.s ut 8 o'clock |i. m. by \wv. Sanwx likieur Wilson. First Christian Church. At !>:I6 Itlble Hchool assembly. ta-M Sunday, ttfi ono of 5(W- Suiuiay. Communion and sermon at 11:00. 7:00 1'. in., board nieottiiB. both C. 13. soclelUvj. 7:20,every member canvas team*. S.;t0, sermon, ."Glory of the Worker." South Hutchinson M. E, Church, Sunday School at 10 a. in. it. A. l>>a»tniaii. superintendent. K;Uly Day svrvlca Oct. 6. I'veacUnvK service It a. m. Subject, "The Meaning of Chr:*- tlunlty." ItovlviU net-vice, begin Oct. 27th. The [Jldles' Aid will meet with Mrs. li. Canii'bell Thursday afternoon. First Church of Christ, Scientist. Stu-vlcc-a are hold In church edUlcc, cor- iii'i- of fttalu and lAiurleenlh Htrci'tn, Sunday moriiiiiK ui 11:01) o'clock. Subject: "Mutltfr." Sunday School l.s heUl ;u '.1:15 a. na The Wedneadav evening testimonial Hi -rvie,, i« at K o'clock. The 1'ubllc Is i-uiulally invited. United Presbyterian Church. Corner Fourth ami I'OJIIUJ -. Tho flibln School, Jl:l. r , ,'i. ni. I'reoclilni; Nerv-ce at 11 o'clock. Suhjert "Cod's Ureal i'lan and How tn Kit Into It." Young People's lueetins at 7 t>. ni. Preaching Elmer M, E. Church. Sunday School l!i a. in. P. II. Ilob- el-tsun, superintendent. Preaclilnff «er- alce at 8 p. m. Subject, "The Program of l.'lirisl." Itevlval Ki .-rvice bugtna Oct. 1.1111. The lioiiie-llue church with a welcome for all. v§> '*> <?•'«• * <?' <J> * 1- I- * * Q> <•> PARTRIDGE •$> *• * <j. .;. 4. *. / s a, ^, ^, <j, <j : . 4) ^. <s> Several from liere are attending the Kansas Stale Fair tills week Jim Buckley anil tnmlly were Sunday gueHls of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hester. Mr. and Mrs. McWIthy of Hulcliin- son spent Sunday with. Mr. und MrB. Mr-lvln Heynolda. The nclglibora und friends of Clifford Thompson B:\thered at Ilia home Tuesday evenlnn for a social time, lie left for Ft. Hiley WedneBilny. Clllbert Oliormley entertained Saturday evenlUK for .John Hurthokl, Jr., who Is lii're fur a short ?tay, aud wbp, has been In Prance for sometime. Those' who were tberc were Messrs. Rexroad, Thrasher, Hamilton, McCoy. W. N. Hamillon, C. G. Hauiillon, J. O. Terrill and S. Croniu motored to HnlBtcHd Sunday. Mr. Cronln's datiglitor, .Mrs. ljelUiy Kaufman was operated on iSitnday. At this writtns she is doing nicely. Mr. UEden and Mr. Ozbmt of llntcli inson were here the first of tile weeli putting In a furnace, in Billy Williams' new house. Mr. und Mrs. Carl High, Mv. and Mrs. George Thnrp were guests' at John Hartholds one evening this week. Mrs. lloody 'of Arlington is visiting her daughter and liusbattd, Mr. and Mrs. Prank HIrket. John Hamilton motored to May field a few days ago to visit iheir daughter and husband, Dr. and Mrs. Clark. Kay Maxwell was here from Cftinp Punslon Sunday vlpiting relatives and friends. - , Uncle Tom Crafts Is very low. .Mrs. Holl GrcshHm is entiTlfilnlii^ l|er sister from Indiana. Mrs. Otis Tissue Is home frotn sev. ernl days' visit to Hunnewell,' Oklu. As Walter Maxwell anil Deri Hirsl were going to Hutchinson Sunday afternoon on their motorcycle, they col tided with an automobile in South Hutchinson. Walter had a lug •broken :ind was taken to the hospital Immediately. Uert wasn't hurt much. It Is reported that Harry Hamilton of this place and Miss K.-d.lier .Smith of Indiana were married a few days ago. Mr. and Mr*, lhirfliiiger moved to California not long ago but have returned and will make Partridge lliolr home and Send the children to school here. Mrs. Al IIooil was shopping In Ifulchlnsnn Wednesday. .Mrs. (illUevl (.lliormluy wlio ha* "Quality Fine* Shirts 'fhey come in bunches here and the bunches contain many good Shirt values and beautiful patterns in perfect fitting garments. Of course we break the packages and can deliver you any quantity,—See us for Shirt quality. "Quality Firtl" Hanan Shoes Stetson Hats Webber Sweaters Specialize in Your Children's Shoes flJOQC Buys yCUO this buys this soldier last in black, 1 to 0. $3.95 Buys same wide last in tan or better black. $4.45 Buys same style iii beat g-ade tan calf well soles. We have the English flat last ot the same price as the above, $3.95 and S4.15. Btinp; in the children aud have them correctly fitted ut reasonable prices been in KuiiMiH City visiting ivr You wouldn't lake twice what you mother for tin; past two welts give fur a Lalley Light and l'owur poets to return home tome time tins i'lnnt. Ack Tom Majors, Itono-lluick week. Co. jfi.Ul, Mr. and Mrs, Will Tucker of Arling-I ton were recent guests of W. It. I.ove! l:i making up soft materials HUo mill wife. silk, ii is well to choose flowing ~ ~ 'sleeves. ^ Furniture Hospital. ! - — 40fi North Main. Teh-plume i<i!'. Did you i.en Hie Uepulilli Hie Vair? iieiio-lluiok t'n. -1- - , A draped turban of silk and velvet ) lit ji -iel:. iv lib a "cabbage" In the front. Tra-K all Lower liaulliig eosi by using a 11 e• idol. I public Truck. Ueno-llulek t'o. lG-tit. PETEY DINK Another Lovely Alibi Ruined By C. A. VOIGHT

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