Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 11, 1966 · Page 13
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 13

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1966
Page 13
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IMMIfflff AND MON'TCLATR-IDEAL for Comfortable Uvmt El*g*ntly rurmslwrt 1 BR Apt. T<t*i Elictrle kitchen "with all Built Ini" L«nte SO !t 75 drtrl.itnl jmtfo * play *«*. Alt cond. Sepsrate utility room. Call Mgr-Mlke fiailcy 3- 79ft-, or 2-4501. MOlWOTEt APARTMENTS ften*om»bW IM. t.V. Cable, Bills P«M M' COLUMBIA MANOR All th Pt.t'S no <> eontwil ft — t«4 Colombia I.BEOROOM doitntonn, WVE IN. n)i with hath. ' only, no pel WKI-L U>CAT apartments. J15 weekly P'lid. 763- B72 h'>nt. nir CO Incc. Apt. TBEB A I it of apar mirl unfurnlshi rnmo hy our NOTHING - NI b. I; 115 Ma Apts.. Drapes, Cdrpets, Clenn. Reasonable Rent, ~B MANOR 2818 N. P rlnee tlllltleJ Paid. Adnlti 1B2-MB8 'y furn • « .1 A a 3 room runic, bills pd., adultj 501 Pile 76,1-3958. HOUSE m m 71 IWUIWtSHED h<K»e e*r- FOR REVT: Completely furnlilied 3 bedCoom nou»»; carpeted, Call 7«3-39» BEDROOM nmmSHBD Ww* . $73 tad nice clean 1 bedroom furnffnfd tous*. foof t location. MS, call 7S3-W43 before S P.M. RENT; HOUMI A Apartments, rot- Mined *r •jnfurnlnhtd.Splnki RMl tt- tate 1008 Mcrruvether 7BJ-HH1 FOR KENT OP SALE 101 FOR RENT or sale: Ocun Sharp t BR nwviy deeoratM. »arport, plumbed for washer. TV cable, targe fenced backyard. 21.1 Redwood. 763-9028 FOR LEASE IU D 2 tt .1 room furnished rivntc bath and entrance. ' up. Monthly rales, bills OWNER TRANSFURRED. WILL LEASE lively 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath home. In Highland School District-just waiting f»r J-ou to enjoy fine carpet, den with fireplace, and many other EXTRAS. This 782-4501 * h0m * l ° APPRECI ATEU! Call HED, bllli paid, central dltioned. Apt 2, 108 Wai- will show. Ph. 762-1626. .mum. . .FREE ments for rent - furnished • all sizes . all prices - tflcc or call . YOU PAY CHARGE man rentals. Inn. #8 In (be 782-4541 BY OWNER: 3-BR., 2 haths. brick, carpet. cent, air ft heat, disposal. Abundant •«i*7 u.m, Mblnc ' * p * r *- New 2417 Williams. 763-9*1-,. EXCKU.fcXT IWKSTMEXT PROPF.ItTV Two lots, one t, corner with two—2-BR. nouses on the corner lot. Owner sny« mo " "t S9-MO. Call John Arnett 2-1153. FRED McGINKia CO.-783-4491 For 1 luxurious LtvioK The CURRY HOUSE 00 Mitchell 763-0881 Riverside Eight 1 and 2 Redrnnm or Sttirtlit— 1021 N. Tliomai — 703-IWOO HOUSE FOf RENT E.VritX MCI frnrpil .Ml., 2-I5KIH(OO FOR RENT: Ilinkle. fentvd 78 furnlnheil 3-BK.. i built, RUNUP, »|p eond., afler S P.M. T HOME, 1300 Mitchell] SfiS lor month. Call Fred MrGinnls Co. — Large 6-room furn. house. 2-HTC., plum led for washer, large ea- yd. Cable. NO PE'IS. 921 8-HKI)KOO.\T, i 1 In))), aitjirhpd garage. p:ilio. CLK^N. Sewer & Kflrlinw paid. IniiLiire nifi! Mora SI. -- 7&7117. CI.KAN REV 'AI.S: 'J Ihrec-hedroom fur* ji North Clovls. Curpct, KI>, fi'tii'i'tl liacli yard, .lack ly. 7ii2-17Sl. K.xcKi'TioxAU.v ~n.~KAN MM. smmi /m. liniisi'j _S."iil per rno. NO PK'I'.S. Jmi. 9<KP Wallare iir nu w. l FOIt KE.VI th. : 2-Hlf. unf. house. lar«e irni^c. fenrcd yard. 550, :i-4s70 a Tier fi P.M. ISMAI.L TKAINKR FOK I'.F.xT In rouplc. Air rondi. TV Cable. Bills paid. Mrs. llirks. :U4 W. nth. HOMES FOR SALE 3-BR- house l»4 bath, carpet, fen. cod backyard, drapes. Small equity £ assume FHA Loan. See at 1909 Hull or call 782-0068. FOR SALE BY OWNER-1 — 2-BR. house * 1 — 1-BR. house on corner lot. 2 blocks from Parkview School. Paved street. Priced reasonable. Call before 10 AM or after 6 PM — 763-7054. LOVELY 3-BEDROOM home, l-'i baths, double car garage, fireplace, air cond., dishwasher, (Tarbnge disposal, built-in ran(te * oven—pi js—excellent LOCATION near Snndia School and LOW monthly payments. Call FRAN WILLIAMS at 762-2! 7,1 or 7(i2-47Sl at JACK WINTON REALTY. Inc. FOR SALE: 3-bedroom modern stucco house In Tcxlro, N. M. Call 4S2-9141. LOTS OF FLOOR SPACK 3-BR., l«l BATH, birch cahlneti, built Ins. hnth/kllchen wilh dlspoanl, large storage, carport, landscaping, patio, air conditioning, 2nd Circle—762-3113. EXCKU.ENT I.OCATION near schools. This extra nice .1-bedroom home Is NEW and one of the best buys In Clovis nt Knlh & 'i, lniilt-in oven & raiitfe and hardwuod floors are Jiisl a law nt the many ipaltire of (his beautiful home. For more Information, Call lion RAMSKY nt V-KII7 or 7K2- 47S1 at JACK WINTON REALTY, IN( JI'ST O1TSTDE Clovls; New ,1-RR., 2 li.tlhs, ciirpeleil throughout, bullt-lns, double ovi'ti. larco bar, lurgi- den with fireplace, double frnragp. Have to si'e to appreciate. Priced right. 517.500. Lnu m Kleemnn. 7B3-5076 or Cannon Hea Estate. 7B2-437.1 3-FIR. l.'Nh-RNISHF.n house. 13:M Davis. Inquire 1(19 R-uth or phone 7fi3-.'i283 TIIICKK HDDKOOH IIOCSi: v|lt.l. ilrtndicd (ameit and ^vtirlt^ltfip. : IIns basement, rartu'llnic, Hlr-c.iiHllllnnliii;, TV ralile, reiiHiin- Hbln rent 3 b. ly|nan rentals, inc. WM5II — «i!» slain ff B — lies. WIKtllfi '-'-nKI)KO(|)M IIOI.'SE, redecorated. fenced ya|il. Un4 Lea. Sjfl per niu. Ph. 7fiM14R. M FITINISIIEI) HOUSE, pci! mo. - I!M!» Giddlng. Cull 7152-O.Vxl Cl,l:,\\ I'VFl'ltN'. 3-HR., 3% bath, fenced hark yiirrl. pinnihcd fn» washer. '•; lilk. ,r. Rh-kley .School. Also 2-ftM. fiirn. house on the- reat (if Int. Ph. 7ii;i-4W9. FOP. RENT-1-3-RR. unurn., carpet, fence, plumbed flip washer & dryer. 814 Shol. flon S70 pef mo. Call 762-243°. FOR. RENlV: 4-BR, 2-story house at «OS E. 8t|i Inijuire at 1J4 E. 13th lifter 5:00 P.M. 2-BKDKOqM UMFl'RNISHED house. (S'ewly deorated. Call 7B2-04.'ll LAHC.K 2-RKj unfurn. house, utility, washer Id dryer connection, fireplace. l.'-KIl \yeatchester. 7B3-96S7. 8-ROOM tN'FURN. house, S50 mo., 121S Hickory. Inquire 211 Koss, Mrs. E. O. Neill FOR SALE rtr FOR. RENT—Large unfurn. 3-RR. hnusf Kock fence, cable, garage M9 Merrlwtother. Inquire 801 Hull. 2 -UNF^'RXISHKD 2-HR houses for rent. Infiuiro ff.'il K. 7th 3-Blt. FI|'RN. house, fenceil back yarti. inst redecorated. C«ll 763-:iS96 or 7G3-:«i<i7. FOR KENT: 2 BU furn. house, lill Axtell, $75 mo. Ph. 7r,:.|-:wa>. Inq. 18(X) Sheldon. JU<;lll,AM> S< (((Kir, 7«I.VK, <lirr« hiMlrniiin ImiiHr, attnebfd i;arni;p, only S7K per month—VOI'ltS FOR A VKBV LOW, LOW. LOW HOWX PAYMUXT! 78J-45I3, The VllluRp Minpplnr Center, «15 Mnln, #7 Bill Snydnr 76Mfi4 O.U William* 7K1M82 Vaurtle Pierce 76M3(T Harry Lyman 76.1-614 Roy Ingrnm 76.V7128 1IH1 VENTURA, .1 nil. I'.a hRth, liomp, cnrpotfHl. air roinlitioner, in Hell Visla sfhdol arm. Ml.730 Gonrl terms I'aul Heal Kslale Phone 763-4461 18(10 Sy. FT. of pure pleasure—This horn HAS EVEnYTI-TISO a home shnuli luivo. Carpet, drapps, fireplace, doubl Kai'HKt', 1 : 'i baths, built-in food rente and toaster, plus many other extra fea tiires. l,el me show you today. Ca MOUK1.AND HMIRINGTON. 762-0318 o 7IW-47H at JACK WINTON REALTY INC. DO YOU WANT TO SELL We are dealin now with two prospects for niee 3-bei room homes «'i(h estabJi.ihed loan.i. DO YOU WANT TO BUY? A large 3 bedroom for SoL'.iO.OO. Best of terms. BEX MKI.TON KEAI.TV CO. mil Connelly St. Ben A aura Melton 7BMSI3 HANDYMAN'S SPECIAL: OUT of state owner unable to look after property. 2- bedroom, breakfast nook, basement, garage, work room. Washer plumbing & 220 wiring. New roi-f. Inside needs some repairs and repainting. $6250 - Call 763(5587 Or 1108 Hull, $6250 - 763-6587 THV THIS ONT5 FOB "SIZE" .... Large 3-bedroom 1% Bath- 16' x 20' living room-13' x 1G' Kitchen-* hlocki from Sandia School Assume payment with LITTLE down. Call Roy Gentry — 76.1-4101 or Town * Country Heal Estate. Inc.. 762-45U1 SPACIOUS J7J.dOo 3 bedroom home for lease or sale at a HAHGIN. Near schools & shopping center. Phone 763-4236. KOR REfJT: 3-hedronm completely furbished Trailer House. Call 7ii:H.W!l or ii72-3U6 CI.KAN, WELL FURN. 1-BH house Walk in closet, K> j f.!. TV cable. Adulls, -N.i Pels. Lucaleil iai6 .Main. Inq. 1204 Main. ________ a HR, furnlsjhed liouse. Fenred front yard, tub bath, T V cable. 76^-3329. Inquire 9:7 Waln»|. FOR RENT) Unfurnished newly decorated '-I bedroom house. ..'need back yard. 315 W. 1.1th. (jail 763-7198. 1'RIVATK l|ome for rent, with 3 large U'drooms, t "i bath bulltin oven and ranKu, family room and fenced back >arrl, Ciil Chu<-k Anderson at Clovis Real Estaje 7ta-33U3 or 7B2-0765 3 BEDROOM house, carpeted. $90 month. See at 290S Horn or Call 7IB-64S6. MllXi U'S IHNIiVI.ilW HOMES Tit I.. Tlerr» BlftUt-a 7U3-71MW 6 \lALl7~CI IE AN furn. house, cable, off Mrpct parjkmg. nice yard. $45 mo. After •1 week djiys Sat. all day Sun. 763-tSti.') t ON HU WOMACK RFAl10R 410 Pile 762-3993 f OR KEN T: i)! furnislH'il house. $60 mo. Call 7i>3-«61 1 i KH upstttlrs. sloraee niom, turn., near Cauls ,lr, Higli, $7j per mo. or $65 for t> m>j. !e« t ie. Cat! T63-9418 XO DOWN" PAYMKNT If you will complete some minor repair work on this nice '2-bedmam home at 104 Cedar. I»w monthly payments. SOI.II> I.AM) VAr.CE— 1440 acrei, « lr- rlgaliim wells, good allotments, I3UO.OO per acre. Call or coma by for further ik'lail* . . . IIAXO THK FIRST CFBTAtV in this Ix-autiful new home, just finished. 3 bed- moms, family room, modern kitchen to save mom time uteps. iH bath. This is a home that's just a "LITTLE liRTPKH", see it today! srt.llAI.UKU INSURANCE SERVICE MKMBEU OF MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE: OFFICE PHONG 762.3999 stad»i M« tnu town «»u Uwn Hum»cl( 783-IMT Leon M'Ullara* 1<34ftiS U*r<J»lcli 7SJ-UU FOR SALE - OK KENT S—t lidrr.i. hnuse — A. mud. —f. DI>P- rarpet. l|, b»lU. HJtl |{lu I'll «r 7«J tJjl 3 mi iinf. IIOU.SP, newly decorated, rar- PI-I, fcniid. jjaiasf, SHiU. I'll. 76J-0.,J7 or UK near ,1 Hearl Jin 2 BR furn. or partly furn. n.-s Bickley Sh. & Scared S(-. Inq. «U1 W. Yucca. 4BKDRQO.1, :v» baths, near Bella Vista .School. SS3 a month, Paul Real Estate tax. RENT: 2-bedroom house, unfurled, partly redecorated, clean, fall 76J-4592. JTKN. yard, UH. HOLTSE. Garag*. f«-nccl arpet. plumbed for washer, quire luuj E. Grand. ir 4PTS., MU«. FOK KENT: 2 BR nicely furn, TV cable, plumbed for waaber. $KS mo. days rail 763-7121. evening 7C3-61S6. 3 HH r ^FURNISHED liOL'^K. Inamri' •JH| Hr'ire. 763-5617 or S21 Sheldon, 7b,l-31sS ' WHO SAYS A GOOD HOME HAS TO BE KXI'ENSIVE This nlc« home on N. Axtell it only $12,UOO.uu and requires no down payment. Highland It Marshall School districts, ("ill MARIE DANOREA «i Tii.'i-ria.i or 762-4781 at JACK •ION REALTY. INC. ONLY 2 LEFT . . . Cold war vtttrgn*, NO DOWN NO CLOSING, yovr moves you in! CHOOSE ONE TODAY Custom dt»Uued tat latariaus Urine, built-in* and A1& UM ~ tu Aff&KCUTK thrir Oi-TUlNAL Air loiullUimtT. dlkbu»klirr, ftddUiuu M UMuttU) AV HfTix MAT WE SHOW VOII. Better GRIFFIN & COMBS •H Uull WJ-3J53 C. J»rk Urcater 7S3-5M*. . E. 4th. hu.iiu-. V* » r»r ., i'iJ"'I't-'o. f 'i " '1. 1'V call!' 1.. |Jitlu»C. It'll. >d. liiM •l 1 '- 1 BEDROIJA1 7Ui l.du Wi ii-r. U« M'i lurrcu - <*Wu Mii-ltl-lr for rein, S»s M I" ' Mul" B»'i""'» :«! lun 74B-SIW BELL HAt €STATC CO, INC| 1808 W. Slat 9684441 BETTER CALL ME ON THIS! It DOESN'T MAt'PElN 200 acre ranch on Pccos Rivet southwest of Las Vegas. N.M., 50 acres under ditch irrigation, 150 aefes grass, lots of horse barns and corral*, spring water, fenced, 7 rooffl Adobe house, on pavement. Will sell or trade for $20,000.00 home 1ft Glo* vis. Contact C. t). Kelley. TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE NEEDING HOMES! This Is the time for a real bargain! I have two cute houses on one lot with drapes, carpet, ft beautiful lanscaping that you can steal. Contact Virginia Williams. ATTENTION YOUNG MARRIED COUPLES! We are pleased (o bo able to offer this exceptionally nice. 2 bedWoffl, FURNISHED HOME for sale. Total payments less than $70.00 per month. 100% FINANCING! We have several FHA Acquired homes that have been or are being completely redecorated. Air-conditioners, carpet, fences, etc. NO DOWN PAYMENT. Call Spence Hall. MBMBCtt OP MULTtPtA t JSfINO SfiftVtOK SWTOAVS AND APTteR OFFICE HOURS - CALL Oftft fl«fl ttMlrtl 0. B. fttftey MMttt tt. B. "tNM" Hell tftt-tMt • B«h 0, tec* 1U-«1M VlfKhilt, WttUMM IW-OJM ft* Bed Ws-stnM »U1 need IM-MM «• ** *W«"»>«I 1fMT» 'find* Shipley •n&ml »*•«• ••« HM«f» BEAUTIFY THE YARD — OWN THE HOME SACRED HEART school and church is just around the comer from this better-than-new'S-bedroom, 2 full bath home. Office or den, carpeting, drapes, chain link fence, 1600 sq. ft. Only $13,700 with low interest FHA loan to be assumed. ARE YOU A HANDYMAN? Do some repair and painting for down payment on this 4-bedroom home near Highland School. $80 per month payments are less than rent. Tile fenced in yard, carpeting, drapes, nice yard. BEST OF CARE has been given this 3-bedroom, 2-bath home near High School. Owner transferred, so must sell. Big corner lot, inclosed patio, chain link fenced in back yard, very good kitchen cabinet area. Low equity and less-than-rent FHA payments. HOME &OFF1CE can be yours on 1009 Pile. 2 bedrooms, den and fireplace, redecorted inside and out Owner will finance Let's look — this may by just right for your business. 320 ACRES only $75 per acre, NW of Clovls. Windmill, good fences. 14 SECTION ranch with Immediate possession. Grass Is good. Life insurance company term loan. Consider trade in on equiiy. HALF SECTION on Texas line with cotton, wheat, milo allot, ments. 2 irrigation wells, right on paving. 6th ft Mitchell 762-4403 BURNS'/ Bonded Realtors Members Of Multiple Listing Service Jim Burns 763-4762 Tom Burns 768-6898 S. A. Ncwsom 763-9595 Harry Love 763-6348 "The firm behind 1119 THORNTON BARGIN HUNTERS North Sheldon . . No red tape . . ONLY $550 total move in. Large 3 BR - 1% bath home. Corner lot Cement block fence ... Lois of storage. Total price under $14,200 . . . TERMS ON DOWN PAYMENT 1 ATTENTION . . . YOUNG COUPLES 504 Pralrieview . . 512,500 - . . Small 3 BR - 1 bath home. EZ terms & available financing. Ideal location. Pmt. less than rent. . . SEE TODAY. the SOLD signs" 762-4501 NEED LOTS OF ROOM?? $85.00 total move in . . Marshall. Highland district. 3- BR - 1% bath Kitchen & den combination. Large 2 car gar . . . PMT. approx. J90.00 per month. THE MOSTEST FOR THE LEASTEST!!! CALL TODAY, GOLFERS "Colonial Park" . . owner says let's trade!! Large spacious 3 BR and den home. Two Fireplaces . . . built- in charcoal grill - ref. air- storm windows - fully built- in. Carpet throughout. SUNDAY LOOKERS . . . Harrell Fulcher. Joel Gooch & Roy Gentry will be available to assit you today!!! Call our residence for appointment!!! Farm & Ranch ft Commercial Residential Department Dean Eldrldge Brocker Roy Gentry - - - 76S-4101 Don Thompklnt 783-7144 Tom Hudson 78?-250« Joel Gooch 768.9086 Bob Burch Broker Morelnnd Martin 763-9966 Barbara Bownda 7*3-3287 Barrel) Fulcher 763-30N "MEMBERS OF M.L.S." Tte Fim Hut SeH$ CM* NYHAN IMS. i TUCKER un Main - Itodio MUST SACRIFICE This lovely 3 bedroom home in the Sandia School Dist., Fenced yard, beautifully landscaped, carpet in living room & hall. Very small equity and assume existing loan. Gail Chuck Anderson 762-0765, GOOD BUSINESS IJOT on Corner, in Tawn, 90 x 150, reasonably priced, another 35' available, Call Joyce Stone, 763.3823. TRADE FOR 180 ACRES 90 acres Texico, 8" well, 10 cotton, balance maize & soil bank. 2 houses & other improvements. .N.ita .Straub home phone 763,3823. 160 ACRES Southwest of dovii. 8 inch new well on ja«, with a 11 rater. Call Elmer Cofr. 7624660. 1«17 MAIN AFTEK HOUM CAWUt Buck Tucker Elmer Coffer Hear* t. Hjn 1I3-H31 7V3.TIM J»ok D. BmiDiM 1CS-SMS C*»cfc S»ltt Man«»er flwf^WP fwn vNMK HU, LOTS W« SUE ___ VIlHl AwfltMMI 40 CHOICI LOTS em tram Undieoptd covtrtd In Itrmudo qrosi $25 down, $25 pef month. Plan now for tomorrow. H mite East of Portales Hlway A V4 mile south of Cast Brn- dy. See Prank Ricrson or Waltef Wilmtth. Starting At ..... HIS _A-1 MonitR ttOMKH Tour Onf-Stop MoMI« Horn* D#»l«f fbr S»Ju-8«r*tc«-Part*In«uflnc« SALB D*at«t« Cwrti «n all mobfl« homwt. NO DOWN PAYMENT with approved ertdit. ami w. tin rh frjjwi CAIIHSI LOTS 131 FOR SALE 'OR *TRADE—NIC* cabin at Alamogordo Mke. Choice lot* at t,'te Lak*, and Feather Craft boat, motor A trtntr. 1400 We«t St. 7S3-7741 after 10 PRACTICALLY ««» cablnl. All modern * completely furnishrt with eltctrlc range* A itovep. Ute floor*. Hooked up to wwer. With water. Will tell 1 or all at a fraction of what they cost Termi can b* arranged. Cabin »li«s aim available. Call -Red'i Boat Shop, Box 201, Phone 783-8143. CHOICE cabin «lte« In lite Creek addition, adjoining Logan Park, at Lofran, N. M. w(th electricity. Approved by State of K. M, City of Logon, A County o.' Quay. Platted A recorded In Quay County, Water A newer approved by Dept. at Public Health, State A County. |7.V) up. Call Red't Boat Shop, Box 301, Phone 7034443. FOR SALE IS Ft Clipper Camp trailer, new tlre», anu 68 lag*. In Gnod Condition. See at 601 Went Plaint, Clovli. FOLD-OCT Campen for flat* n Kent. RenerTB worn now for j-rar »ao»tlo«.| Pickup cover* tar nle. Ctarla C«mp»M, ttirt * NnrtU. CaA Clovl* Concrete Co. 1*3-1*51. BUSINESS 13 UNIT MOTEL for tale, S-bedroom living quartern for owner plui recreation room or another large bedroom. Plenty of Room for Expansion, approximately 4 itcrei. Want part citnh and consider balance In Trade. Ph. Area ,'V)S-;K.",-»)42 or write owner P.O. Box K, Fort Sumner, N. M. FOR RENT, SALE OR TRADE: A utore building in Bovlna. Tex., and also 2 dwelllnir/r. —. Call 782-2485 EXCHANGE HEAL ESTATE 86 220 ACRES, 10 ml. of dovlj, |300 per acre. $23% down. Pant. Beat Kilate 7S3-446L 1 BO ACRES. 12 ml. from Clovij. Owner will trade for mont anything or small down payment, l'»ul Real K»t»tr. 7A3-MAI, Hox 441. FARMS I ACREAGE FOR SALE 89 40 ACRES. Irrigated South of ClovU. Sail or Trade—6" well, also Domestic Well Snrlnkllnjr System, Fenced—Cull Mta Strauh 763-3t23 or Clovls Real E«tat«— 763-5503. 640 ACRES, 3 wells, good allotment* fo $234 per acre. Good terms—Call Harry Donnfie.v—Ph. 783-9128. FRED McGINNIS CO. — 7S3-44W. :: 320 acres for only sier acre. 8 Inch well (food allotments. Cal Harry Donahoy 763-9128, or Kred Me Ginnl.1 Co., 763-J491 OUT-OF-STATE FARMS 89A FOR SALE BY OWNER: Bally County 230 Acres Irrigated land. 2—8" wells 11.8 acres cotton, 177 acre* mllo. $17 per acr* . Platnvlew—CA4-0387. 270 Yonkers. 26 Irrigated acres, 2 ml. SW of Redwln Colo. Good fishing;ft hunting. Ph 2893902, Cuba, N. M. Otey Meeks, Box 324 AUCTION SALE •BOOKS * HVOVLET MettoB 8nric« i KWM EfMM*. 7U C. Utth, ~ 7iS-JMl AUTO WRECKERS tt M* MMM UK AT CLOVIS BODY SHOP ACROSS FROM YUCCA DRIVE-IN 104447 CLASSIFIED 100 'fin 11 HI MOWWYttMICYClf I TOR 8ALB: 1188 nMflM S» « ttif M »Wi *tLOT R. MafttM. NOOSt TRAIERS 1W-4T CUSSM A fJ eussm iff _ Lift X 48 * 1 * « X 00 tMHlT. Small equity and tmup ptymtnU, SPRING SALES SHI ..lAVl-h^L. H« A ISM W. ttt, MVK MO*flLC MfiMfcft WM1N TlUllfUS 9SA IIASTA TflAVW, TRAtt.KnS. Vartnly ot models, OINM Y d»r« » wwfc. TMK onn SHOP ISO} 8. First 1I8-33W >feir Mettra CAMPERS t$C OVKtt«, CAXOMKN, cnhmer. A rami>- *n. From llflo up, M*4i> br ffllllamn Cr»fl Mann. Cn. Ph. KKI-MJO—t«3-43M at urti at UK .V, Trine*. Open 1-t P.M, Sunday i. '59 Dodgt 2*ton truck, new 15 H ft. bed ft hoist, htr., 2-speed axle, red ........... '14501 '56 Ford 2*ton truck, cah & chassis, htr,, 2-speed axle, red '63 Bulck LcSabrc 4-dr. Il'top, «i dark blue & white, full power * and air Doc Stewart Chevrolet-Bulck Inc. AUTOS-TRUCKS 198J IMP ALA—Perfect condition- factory air—automatic -SUSS. Call evenlng)i. '« OM»!H STAHFIItK I-dr. hardtop. Excellent condition, guod rubber. PH. I>S. Alr-ConillllonlnB, Will sell below l»x>k prlcv are tmde or older car. Ph. 3-Mii7 or tee at 105 Herb. FOR SALE: J carj—1WH Lincoln Con- tlnenlal. and 1956 Chevrolet 2-door. Call 4X3-9141 FOR SALE.; Chevrolet pickup. Good condition, fair Urn. .•513(1 canh. Ph. 763-6390. SHOP Tbe International 'for the bent buy on your new pick-up or truck. McCehee Truck Co. CLASSIFIED 100 How to be a two-car family on a one-car budget siiuica $ 1695 4-LANE AUTO SALES 109 MAPLE TMt dHYt oot OPENINGS AT PANTEX PLANT AMARILLO, TEXAS ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS — FCC LI- cense (1/c or 2/c) required. Must have 5 years experience. Prefer radar technical experience. MACHINISTS — Must be journeyman. Industrial or tool room machinist experience preferred. INSTRUMENT MECHANICS — Journeyman reauired with 3 to S years experience in repairing pneumatic and electronic instruments. DRAFTSMEN — Trade school or c o 11 e e e drafting required with experience in tool design or architectural drawing. Liberal Vacations Sickness and Retirement Benefits Excellent Salary with Life, Hospitalization and Major Medical Insurance Included. Applicants must have high school education or equivalent and be in good health; subject to government background investigation requiring good character, clean personal, and M * employment record. S For further information, call collect week j days - M. R. Hill - 806-DI9-1581, Ext. 225 or * send complete resume. ± MASON & HANGER - SILAS MASON CO., * INC. S PANTEX PLANT IOX 647 AMARILLO, TEXAS 79105 An EquiU Opportunity Employer , i^«*» - A*T . *•-•< !» »rfc *f *** • Jdt WTRt UAKING A PAttSnfflG SAlf HOMES FOR SALE 12 HOMfSFORSALf NEAR Jamef Blcklty and Sacrtd Htart Schools — • homt with location, price and desirability 9-Bvdroomi, family room, living - dining roomi • otwly rtmodeled, two bathi — garden {dot truit treta, Nvw FHA conunltJiiiiat. CaJJ T63-10H. I-BK. KJCTTV— Highland School xoni, tast of Main, only (86 p*r wonth. PoMeiiloa last or May. UKI.V TH«EK Y£.tKS OLD— Nle* S-BR. home, large kitchen with bar, built-in rang*, oven, disposal 4 dlshwanbar. Carpet and drape* throughout. East of Prince. New t'llA Appraisal 480 4CBE8, (ood ailotmanta, en p»v»- ment. talr Improvemsnt*. WORTH 119 TO POjbB HOVS-Thl* business 2.IH.-J lot will) 2-BK. house. 4 (ten! «t — J. Immediate Mi l-Of41'l«V— Nice ciirner lot at jltt Hull. Will inuk« guud term*. ACBE4CE with 305 ft ,_..__ _. West of^Clovi*. Frtwd tot gukk i V-OIi SALK flu 3 atl. I \ bath. «jitame loi,n, sj.r 5100U. Priced below Cvffam Sports Coup* ..ON THE COMB W AND IBB TUB OFFICUU, PACE GAR FOR THE1MIINDUUUMU8 500 W OUB SOOWBOOJI ATf.N Bargain HunUr! Tblt ham* aaed* citauuig up * r«te-l But far only $U,U25-OQ you!! " can own Ibii 3 Bdr 1% 8th • Dan »iti tlt« place • Good c&rvM u ilvittg caontr Qea 4 Hall Only tam.0) «nra pmt. |7»(W Ber mootfe • Call T**^ 4 Country ^fllj {, From (he Indianapolis 500 to our 5hOM«Jom, Mercyfy Con«t is the pacesetter. Pass l^jef fo/ tcks, kixury gffl} N performance. Come in ASM guTing our Pacwetttfig Sale and we'll put you behind the *he#J of the Mercyiry Comet Qf yoyf choice—and at a price that sets the pace! ! i (AKrS 4tt «.««•. •»» M a c. K£jnrei> Y AW COMET CUSTOM Sports Coupe, fi cyl, std. ., whitewatt tif&, tomse wbMl «a¥«rs, sii viayl isttriar. uytoj ftjn^tio $ 60 i SEE AND DRIVE THE OFFICIAL 1Mf PACE CAR W. XEVAMS liff THE EASittt HACE IN THE WOtLD TO *t^^f w ^^W ^II^^^^IPP* WATSON ••

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