The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 22, 1948 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 6
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Hyattstown Scene Of Family Reunion I the Lutheran parish In the absence j of Rev. W. A. Jatiseo. Jr. Rev. I Weoger was a dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Filler. Week-end Tb* annual reurdon of the; thesis «* Mr- » n d Mr s. Filler were Hor.ce and Charlotte Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James Grehan and Murphy clan was held at Mountain | son Blil " o£ Lenaa. V a. Vi«w Park, near Hyattstown on j --Mr. and Mrs. George \irts. Jr.. July 18. A basket lunch was serv- ' of Washington were week end ed at noon, after which a very in! guests of his parents, te-esting program was held. ' --Miss Settle Sarver and Miss Tbe business cseeUng followed: Margo Vargo of Xew York were by election of officers. John O. · week end gueils of Miss Sarver's Murphy, president- Harry T. Mur- brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Keruieth Harrington. Last · week Mrs. Harrington's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sarver of Pittsburgh visited :hem. --Mrs. V~. R. Beany and son W. :. Jr, of Mobile, Ala . were guests WITH THE NEW F/avor J)/scove/yA TRY IT! . AND BE phy, chairman: Margariete Burgee, secretary; Byron Darby, treasurer; program committee consisting of Algie Murphy, Mrs. Charies Wilcom and Mrs. Duvsl Sweadser Refreshments were served at the . . . . . . ^. close of the meeting. T=* next re-' last *«** ° f h « r i»«soaod s parents, union *-Ul fc_ held the third Sun- Mr - *** v -?- ? ^ - fealty. They dav ia Julv, 1949. - visited also otner relat.ves m uhe " " ,_ , . communitv. Those present ^er,- .Jr joha _ M ^ ^ H K H!ckman O. Murphy. Miss Lucille Murphy. , sa s were . Ae ek-end Mrs. ZazzeU* ana , Mr ^ Mrs _ L 3 H;ck . soas David and Tony aJ of New * York; Mr. and Mrs. Duval Svvead- ~ cer and daughters Lvnette and Myr»; Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Murphy. Charlotte Ann and Harry T. Jr". Miss Ruth Bussard. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Cross and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Jones. Mr. and Mrs. George Goldsborough, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Penn. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph SnouSer and family," Mary J. and Ben, Mrs. Louise Winters and daughters. Thelma and Jean. Mr. G. Louis Busssrd, Mr. * and Mrs. Thaddaus Bussard. Mr. i and Mrs. Algie B. Murphy and. daughter Joan, Richard Hilker,; Rosalee. Diane and Garv Green-' burn, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Virts; and son Richard, Mr. and Mrs. S Joe Bussard, Mr. and Mrs. Charles" BUY Toone and son Albert. Mr. and , AMAZED AT THIS NEW FLAVOR Mrs. Milton A. Murphy, Mr. and i DISCOVERY. Mrs. Rufus Doeger, Mr. and Mrs. i Thaddeus Bussard and daughter, Mary Frances, Miss Ruth Bussard. Mr. and Mrs. CamiUis Murphy. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bussard and j son, James, Mr. and Mrs. Meredith ', D. Cook and daughter Katherine. Mr and Mrs. Merhle IV. Murphy and family, Casper, Dorothy. Gene, Mary Alice, Conley, Harry and Rockne. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Roderick, and family Billie. Francis, Marianne and Bernice. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy and daughter Annabel!. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilcom and family Betty. Mary- John Jr., Robert, Carroll and Linda: Thomas M. Murphy, y. f . and airs. Charles Wiicorn and family, Jerome. ·Vircnae!, William. Weber. Anthony and Charlotte: Miss Irene and Joan Murphy. Mrs. Bessie Walker. Mrs. Roy Walker and familv. Mrs. Ardean Owings. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson P_ Tchiffely, Mrs. Mary E. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Darby, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Darby. Milton Darby. Mr. and Mrs. James Lednum, and daughters Jean and Ellen. Mrs. Uriah Burgee and family Uriah and Margariete and Lawrence R. Wilcom. YOUR Lovettsville -= Lovettsville--Mr. Broclie Gregory of Richmond, a student qf V. PL was'a recent guest in the ; hoine of ilr. and Mrs. Jack Potterfield. --Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dove of Herndoa, Va.. their son-in-lav.- and daughter, Mr. and airs. Harry Smith and daughter. Irene, of Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Uoyd and children of Biumone v.-ere Sunday guests of Sir. and Mrs. T. I. -Keister.- --3x. and Mrs. ~L. A. "Womel- dorph are spending this week with their son. Donald Womeldorph and family at Wilmington. Del. Their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hough of Leesburg are spending this week in the Womeldorph home. --The Home I?ernonstration Club will meet Wednesday. July 28. 10:30 a. m. with Mrs. Elbert Everhart. They will entertain the Hillsfaoro club to lunch. It is hoped that all the members of both clubs will be present --Bob Keister is confined to his bed with illness. --Mrs. Lula Arnold and granddaughter. Charlotte Pearson, are spending this week with Mrs. Arnold's sisters. Mrs. Joyner and Mrs. Beales in Washington. --Mr. William Wenger of the senior class of Gettysburg Seminary held services on Sunday in JUST SEND Stt MRS.FILBERTS COUPONS A grand gift! Gaily striped kitchen towel... moisture-thirsty... IS" x 32" .,. famous C4NNOX make! Worth, up to 39 cents, but yours as a. gift, -while you discover the famous home-made flavors of Mrs. Filbert's Mayonnaise, Salad Dressing, Relish Spread. Just mail 6 coupons from tiese delicious foods -- so fresh, so ·wonderful for salads, sandwiches, snacks and sauces --to J- H. Filbert, Inc, Dept. A, Baltimore 16, Sfd. We'll send you your gift towel postpaid. Hurry! took.' It's easy! 1 8-ounce jar lafael=li coupon 1 pinf far icbel =:T coupon 1 quart far label =1!i coupons Add color Interest end zestfirf taste to summer drinks with Welch's Grcps Juice. It mixes wonderfully with iced tea, g:nger o!e, sparkling water, other fruit juices. Welch's Is the pure, natural flavor-rich juke of choice, Concord grapes. Less than 5£ a glass So rich if con b* mixvd half and hoH with wottr . . . coin Ic» than 5^ a serving. for PURg enjoymenr Try Welch's Jams, Jellies, Preserves Aseo Finest Quality The N*w». Frederick, M*.. Thmndty. 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A ^BB^ *^BW gjB^ Peaches 333° ME Wfe ValT VC! Air IT AiXift* Large Summer YorVItjt. staiks FRESH, CRISP, CALIF. CARROTS 2 Large Gareera Peppers "»5 C Large Fla. Limes e!5 c FRESH, FULL PODDED ga^ gaaw ^a.. LIMA BEANS 2 29* LUSCIOUS, GOLDEN WESTERN C A N T A L O U P E S 19= Extra Large Cultivated B L U - B C R R I E S pint box Chopped Ham 12,,= Cf-c can i ffp VIENNA SUSAGE Bail Bros. Meson Jcsrs Pis doz Qts doz 79' The Household Institute Electric Iron, Pressure Cooker and Roaster Offer Expires Sat. 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