The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 21, 1918 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1918
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PAnv. TWO. flATtMTM V, .SKPTKtttttttt 21, 1918, Get Ready for Winter! r .:iy yuir stoves now and have Ihcin ready when winter eonu's. See our new and secondhand heaters and cook K ',o\e.';. Furniture r'or tlie home, both new and secondhand. We can supply your needs for Fair Week, Snyder Furniture Co. 13 and 107 South Main CALLED TO FRANCE. Toiim-i Hitchlnnou Newspaper Man on St.iff of Kccpiccnl News Service .liiniin '! r .'*;Mi\ of New York a lo! in'r lhr< liin-.on newspaper innn who >p.m liii- llrst uf tltH week vis- ll:il;. Ins mother. Mrs. S. IJ. Palmer :it h.-r < i :i it r> homo rccri\ < d a (M 1 I!M: I .IIM ,II Lawrence on Thursday callim: him tn France. Mr. Hi'iiii> liaii stopped a few days in null'' hi'lin' iltnl here illr inessauo i t;ii hid (alliri;: liitn to prance as a liiiti'hfr in' Hie staff of the Recipro- nil N. »> staff, llo will p.o nt once. llir l!i i i|>i in al News Service. lc. IIM ;1 > \ the Ni «s and its writers are K. W.-i'tir. t;.-i.ipi- T. Jlyc and Mitt. Margaret Walter, stories Idling of war nnd its work have proven motit Interesting. Send Your Washing Early. The Fair lining over and you will have mere washing titan usual to send next week. li"lp us conserve tinie. labor, and gasoline liv getting these dollies ready now so our driver will not have to wal' for it next Monday. Send bundle i. ork. dry ('leaning and family washing at the same t line. Phone 107 or 2107. AMERICAN STIC AM 1,AUNI1HY. IM-lt Ask III Heaps nlipitt the Mr-public Truck. Rcnn-Uuiek l'o. lGGt. The following wan lakes from The Pittsburg llascttc Times. It "shown how popular Miss Christine Miller linn become with the soldiers: "A company of United States soldiers soon w ill lie on lis way lo the trenches In Europe avowed to battle for humanity under the name of 'Christine's Family.' They will probably fight on Die very fields where 500 years ago Joan of Arc led her hravo soldiers under what has been held to be the, Inspiration of divine voices. The present suldlors also will fight under the standard of a woman. The one rallied her men with courage nnd up- llltrd swurd', the inspiring martial cry of the other Is the soul or human- ily in her songs. She Is yet no sainted heroine, glorified by the passing of ages: she Is Christine Miller of Pittsburgh. These soldiers—Company O. Three bundled nnd Twentieth Regiment— who have pleased lo call themselves 'Christine's Family', know that women have given up their lives at the front in the cause of humanity, and thry realize that women will bind ihelr wounds and administer to them In hospitals, and for all of these they have great praise. And yet this young singer, who is not a nurse or a war- GET YOUR Now if you expect t crown one soon. Just unloaded car of Touring Cars and Sedans, but you'll half to hurry to get in on this shipment. ( The car shortage is no joke arid the sooner your order is placed the greater choice you have of getting one. HUTCHINSON IMPLEMENT CO. C. O. HITCHCOCK Your War-Time Choice P KOPLR who formerly drove heavy, high-priced cars are. buying Oldsiuobiles this season. It's war time. They are conserving-. They are putting their trust in the name that lias stood the test for 21 years—and the successful light-weight cars at moderate price. Because of their service, because of their saving, because of their power and beauty. I,et us show you the mechanical excellence, the thorough quality,; the fineness of the workmanship thai has made Olsiuobile durability, reliability and comfort famous. Whether your choice-is a six-Cylinder or Eight-Cylinder Model, you-will find the Oldsmobile the efficieut and economical car for your requirements. .Call or 'phone us for demonstration. HAMPEL AUTO CO., Distributors Hutchinson. Kansas rlor at the front, is held In such high honor thai they carry her name across the ocean and are willing to die as 'Christine's Family.' They and the thousands of other soldiers who have heard her voice feel that she need be no more than she ls--a sincere singer. All they ask Is that she sing, and her song will be as Iho tender voices of all the nation whispering to them of hopo and encouragement.' That is why this young woman of America is spoken of by her soldleiB In the same breath as Joan of Arc." Excellent Attraction. Among the truly blfc attractions that is to bo Hutchinson's privilege to See this fall, is The Pavley-Oult- rainsUy Ballet which is being brought here under the auspices of the Mother's Club. The program will consist ot numbers by the Ballet and The Symphony Orchestra. The heads of these two companies were members of the company headed by the.famous Pavlowa but a few years ago they separated. Since then they, have trained and recruited a little company of artists that lias mado tor Itself a wide reputation as being the most perfect, nnd Interesting attraction on the concert singe. This miniature Ballet Uusse Is headed by two of the foremost Rus- slan dancers, "Andreas Parley, a young Greek and Serge Oukrainsky. The latter Is the*only male dancer to do the supreme toe dancing unsupported by sandals or any other support. Seldom does a city the size of ifutchlnson have the opportunity ot enjoying such an attraction as will be that when this ballet will appear here at the Convention Hall October .11. A splendid program has been arranged for the concert to be given j at the Convention Hall tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock. Miss men Payno will be the soloist, and (be program Is as follows: SIAIt SI-ANOl.FJ) HAN'NKU 1. Mft.rch "Kwiauiirii t'tghlliiK '-'Otli"— H. O. Wheeler. 2. Overture. "Pe.'t mitt Peasant" -Suppe. .1 Dance, "In the Shadows"—Herman Klmk. 1. .Solo—Miss lliox Payne. 5. Dance Suite •sumtm's Holiday"—Ivan Tschiikoff. 1 Afrk-ai'le IT Danse Orotrsiivio ill I'rekpe Dam-e IV VaUt*' 0. Ararriran Sketch "Bv the S;v .ure Hlvc-r"—Myd.ll'-KMi. 7. Match, "Nation's Awakening' —Lucian Dennl. AII ionic A. Following Is the splendid program which will be given al the First Baptist church tomorrow: Morning. Prelude, 'IChin-flli .\tr" SU-.Klclla Anthem, "PralH»> Ye The Lord" Offertory, "Jn Iti'membrance" IthclnhoM I Foslludu Horatio Parker Evening. Prelude, "O, .Saitetis«tnie."--l Kvenlns Prayer) Air. by .Spin'Uw Offertory, "Sliimher SnnK*... ..Schumann Sol". ".Morning and Kveiiio+i" Mnx thicker Mrs. J. 1,. Oat-mack. Postlude, "March" Henry ridden Huss • Tsianlnn, "yte". Indian singer who has appeared before HutchiiiHon an dienccs is enroute to France as a V M, C A. worker. She was refused u commission In this work at. first, because she had relatives in the service, and she was also under a«e. But finally she was allowed to go. She has been studying in Denver since last May. Clrl. IS to 60 months—l.r.wln D, lie Jl'-lt, til.1 First east, city, 1st, score ftii. Division "B". (Hnhies' from rural dlslrlcts or towns of less thnn l.oao itnnuiutinn.) P.ey. to -4 iiionln.s--Kotfttid K. Brock, Mccracken, tut, score 100, tie; laojd Bowles, 'Tlltnn, 1st, score ISO. lie: .1. Frank Antic, Hn.ven, I'nd, score 39: Klntrr B. Dukelow. Hutchinson, 3rd. score lis.',, tic: Jesse U Kikleberry, ArllnKlon, tlrd, t'S.r,, "tie. Bey, :Ti to 3ti nioiiths--0. II. KnouU, Haven, R. K. 1). No. 1, 1st. Feme OS; Artliw McKeown. Sylvia. 2nd. score 117.5; Perry O. Noble. Stafford. :'>nl. score t»5. Hoy, 37 to tti reolith.*—A. 1,. Tipton, Burrtoli, 1st, store 96.5; John .1. Williams, Pawnee Book. 2nd, score 0.1.5: Kail Mll- lorrt. Little Ulver, 3r<l, score SS..',. Olrl. j-j to 2< months—Wm. It. A.«tle, Haven, li»t, score or,; V. \V. Jones. AlllliK- ton. 2nd. ecoi 'e IN; Cecil J. Flora, Bay- nioud. :trd, seore OU.t,. Olrl. 2i"> to at, inonllis—Herbert Martin. Ilutehhisou. B. F. D. No. 1. 1st; score 113.5: (V O. Mowery, l.uray, 2nd, ncore l.ii; Homer B. Woodward, Bnrrtou. .'lid, core 92. tltrl, 37 to -IS months—*T. ,1. Buckleu. Wliidolu. 1st, score 03; Balph MaiiKlitln. Sylvia, 2nd. ncore 92. Oirl, to t>0 month*—Carl liogiin, P.iwiav tlock, 1st, score 90.5: Ira Ncfik-y,, 2nd, score tltl. LEAVING FOR FRANCE TO STAY UNTIL END OF THE WAR Lieut. Governor W. Y. Morgan Sails S»on to JSngage in Y. M. C. A Work. Mr. and Mrs. W. Y. Morgan will leave tomorrow for New York stopping for a short time en route at Chicago and Washington D. C. Mr. Morgan expectB to sail for France, where he will engage in i'. M. C. A. overseas work UJRil the end ol the war, in two or three weeks that much time being required lor the purpose of instructions and pre. paration before sailing. Mrs. Morgan will stay In New York until after Mr. Morgan (sails, after which she will return home. <s> * <t- -i- <S> <?> * <s> <?' •{> 4> BETTER BABIES AWARDS. * Only two babies were scored 100 per cent perfect perfect in the 11)18 Better Babies show, one Roland rtlack, ihe sou of Mr. and Airs. It. F. JJrock is a Hutchinson born baby, but now lives at McCrnvken. The other perfect child is jilso a boy baby Uoyd Bowles of 'i'uron and as ho was entered In the class with the Brock baby, the iirst prize was divided between the two youngsters. The awards were to the children of the jollov.lng parents: ~ (Kansas babied from luwns of 1,000 population or over.) Hoy, 12 lo 21 months—Ktppel Sawyer, 22A Eighth w«*t. City, let. . acore :>9; II. J, Beynolils, 307 lOlevonlli west, city, 2nd, score !)h.5; Harry t'ronhardl, Tl)i Klttflth eaat, i-ily, 3rd, faoorc Uh. Boy, 2& to 3ti months—KUKCUC F. Hamilton, 705 Fourth east, city, 1st, BCOLC Wi.6j I-isllo 1). C'rutchl'K'ld, 21B A weal, city. 2nd, scol'o 36; »U\'«rd A. Buckle, Stafford, ::nt, score 01. He: Harry IC, 2\'l I'ti-bt WCM, ell)', 3rd, acoro 01. tie. I Boy :l to IS months—Clarence CI. Briscoe, el'ty, list, score 04; Kobt.»C. Anirey. St. Joiui. 2nd, score 90, tiii; Frunk lluynea, 212 LllijbLli ue^t, city, 2nd, score 90, tie; Wlllard Davis. 123 A Went, 3rd. score SS. Boy, in 10 tiO months—Jehu UrPun. «33 eartl Fourth, city, 1st, score 97; Chns. A. Mllta, Tot B east, city, 2nd, score 95; K. If. Campbell, 221 A west, city. Sid, score 01. Olrl. 12 to 21 mouths—J,. C. Conwell. II) cast Thirteenth, city, ]«l,,woru 9S.5; J. V. River*. 700 Si»lll emit, city, 2nd. score, 07.5; chas. B. Dclp, 1001 Seventh cast, city, 3rd -score 97. Gill. 25 lo *3'1 mouths—Chas. D. Whitman, .Htcrllnv. 1st, score 07; O. O. I.oomis, H,afford, 2nd. 96.6, tie; Jack McCiurol, 120 First west, city, and, iscoro 90.5, tie; narenco A. Urfacou. 129 A west, city, 3rd, scoro 96, tie; Hoy JB. Jluboy, 181 FIJUi cant, city, 3rd, score 95. lie; Herbert M. Jtee, 633 JtiurlU east, city, 3rd »coro 95, lie. Qlrl. 37 to 18 months—Boy C. WUson, lot Eleventh west, ally, lot, score 98.C: Boss C. Qrldcr, 137 Fuurlli cuijt, city, Slid, VCIM'U 81; A. u. Landor, 510 b cast, SECURES NEW MANAGER. Expert ae Been Secured for Edison Department at Zinn's. C. T. Cunningham of Kansas City, Mo., has been secured by the Zinn Jewelry and Optical Company" to take charge of the Ellison department^ Hoy A. Campbell' has had charge of this department, but recently resigned to take up other work. Mr. Cunningham will come about the first of^Ocloher and assume charge. For many years he has been traveling agent for the Edison company in this territory and has had considerable experience in dealing with Edison machines. He. is an expert mechanic nnd fujly understands all of I tie intricate parts and mechanism of ihe IdUson machine. Mr. Cunningham is said to be a man of very pleasing personality and will no doubt be a fine .addition to the firm. He will be assisted by Miss Mae Bueitner. PICKED THE HOSPITAL. As a Most Hospitable Looking Place for a Small Boy on a Cold Night. Herman Smith, a tpn year old hoy of the city, picked the Hutchinson Hospital as a mighty hospitable looking place and Thursday night, he sat (>'it on the steeps until the superinten dent and nurses heard of him being there and they brought liiiu into Ibe building where he told the story of his mother being out at the Fnlr grounds and he was waiting tor her. The nurses allowed the child to wait in ihe reception room of the hosplia! : and when it became 1 very late put him to bed. The next morning tin told thai he was employed in one of the shows at the carnival com pany. But last night he came back and when the nurses found bim curled up on the porch, they called the police, who on seeing ilie boy knew him. and look him to the^station where he will be put under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. •> <j> «s> ^> <$> <•> <s, ^ <?,.^ h- UNDELIVERED TELEGRAMS. «• AT THE WESTERN UNION. * <5> 'f> i> * •«> * <i~ '«><!> <i <v <c <i •i' <& <$> * IJ. H. MacDonalU. K. L. Barrier, l.t. A. Pearson, Jr. lion. ScotL Ferris. C. \V. Eggleston. Mrs. K. W. Thompson. Chas. Shale. figt. Leslie Noble. Krnest Phelps. Mrs. Ratio W. Fish. Mrs. Hcealine Hlchmond. While Bros. D. 13. Chrkohde. J. B. Roberta. S. W. Willis. E. <J. Belle. Pressure for Long Distance Piping Wea//ier Report - Kansas—Fair and warmer tonight. Sunday fair. Instances In will, h natural pa* ts piped .one hundred miles or nioi-e mnkes It Important Unit littrli pressure !>e inulntalneit In ibe pipes especially when lllere i.^iuavv demand. 'Hie importame of hlfih pressure Is shown l-v the fact that a 20-ini-ll pipeline one hundred milea in leniclh. with a piesnuro at tlie Intake of tltlity pounds, and u dlHcharge preswore of twrnty-flve poiinds. lias a eap.l.-lly in 21 hours, of 3.7t'i»,(l*ifl feet, wrlte.s Duvtd O Jtoltaook. Jintse tho pressuie at the Intake to four hundred pounds', wtlh the same iwenty-flve pounds piee- sui-e at tti« discharge. nn,| ttie dolly ciipucltv of this pipe hne is 77.000,000 feet. .In order to maintain these hlK'll wessmvs, Iho naltirnl mis eoniluinl's In Ihe fulled State* mnlmclu presslnff atatloos lltiltKinj; over 3-*0.0('0 llortiepower. WICHITA NAAIT.AI, CAS COMPANY. DRIVERS WERE CARELESS. Accidents Were Reported to Police From Yetterday. Accidents with drivers of automobiles were complained of the police in two instances only the number of the cars which were at fault were learned but in one case the driver In question reported the accident himself. . Car with the license number U.'iBOb' ran into the car driven by John Beck at the corner of Sixth and Plum and did considerable damage to the Beck car. The driver of the car at fault wenl right on and never stopped to find out what damage had been done. Hudson Super Six, tag number 1M751 hit F. 1* Sampson at the corner of First and Poplar sfrreta and badly damaged the motorcycle. Sampson was badly hurt about the shoulder and back. He was (alien to his home. A. K. McHrynolds reported that be .ran down a boy, Iveroy Groves, who was tiding a bicycle. Bicycle/ was ruined and Mr. Mclleynolds took the boy lo his home on Fifth east. Today the boy is said to have suffered only a sprained hip and will be about In a few days. HELLO BILL! ' Where did you get Ihe new hat? That isn't, a new bat. it's my old one I had cleaned and blocked at the Larson Hal Co. 4 South Main.»21-3t. HEALTH AND HAPPINESS arc products of goixl, wholesome food. MODERN BREAD ' IS AI,L THAT! • ANOTHER FORD STOLEN. Broke Garage Door Lock and Pushed Ford to the Alley, One more Ford added to the already long list of cars stolen from Hutchinson people tbin week. This one belongs lo E. H. Treadway, of 14 SFourth east The lock on the garage door was broken, and tracks showed that the car had boen pushed (o the end of the alley and then cranked. The tag was torn from the ear and thrown upon the ground. Following the tracks In Ihe uitpaved street, It was found that Uie thieves had driven it three blocks north to Seventh; then three blocks east and crossed to Kighth, and then back to Fourth where the tracks could not be followed longer. Mr. Trendway offers a reward of fifty dollars for tho recovery of his Ford. SON IN BRITISH ARMY. Baby of Mr, and Mrs. Paul Baker Took First Prize at Stiow In London. Mrs. J. K. Baker received a leUer from her sou, Paul Baker who is in the British arniy and who has recently returned to London after several months active service, in France, in which he tells that his five-month old son had taken first prize in a baby show in Ixindon. The baby wore a dross which its grandmother,. Mrs. J. E. Baker, made for it ajid sent to London. Overcoats Cleaned and Pressed Right IJ>1 us show you our superior work ot dry cleaning on overcontB. Next week is tho time to have them cleaned and pressed for winter use. A trial is sure to please you. AMERICAN STEAM I/AUNDUY. 21-H We wish lo thank the many friends for their kindness and assistance during the recent Blckness and death of our husband and rather, also for the beautiful flowers. MHS. MARY E. TUCKER AND DAUGHTER, MRS. OLIVE BURKS. IS VERY ILL, Uncle Tommy Crotts Not Expected to Live Many Days, Word came to frieuds today thai Uncle Tommy Crotts, ono of tho oldest pioneers of Reno county la seriously ill ut his homo and is not expected to live many hours. Ho had a, second bad stroke yesterday and the family said he was sinking rapidly. Card of Th»nkt. - , We wish to express our uearUelrj thanks and deep .appreciation to our frieuds and neighbors for Ihelr expressions ot kindness as manifested during the illness urnl death of our little duughter and sister and the beautiful floral offerings given. Mr. and Mrs. V. li, Darrow /mid two children. Save Buying New Cloth's. A great many people are taking vantage of our service In tUo\ dry cleaning of their weariug wpardl. It saves tho clothes 'and saVes you money. Give this a trial. AMERICAN STJiAiJ kAPNPRY; 21-lt Card of Thanks, j wisn to thank, my friends and neighbors f n >' ihelr help also for the flowers s#nt we during my sickness. . ... U. R. gKiawroN, My mission is to spread cheer in the horrtes. I never tire, nor am I a bore. I entertain when you ask me. But never overdo my act, as do some performers, I am versatile, I fit myself to YOUR tastes and moods. At your will I am a grand opera star'or a world famous comedian. I am Sousa's Baud or the jazziest of Jazz bands. I am the master of the violin, or a great symphony orchestra. I glay for the dance perfectly in the wholesome atmosphere of home, At your desire I am any great artist or any instrument. And the living, breathing artist you wish to hear when I sing. i ' ' If you Jove music you should not be'witnout one, t,et me brighten your home at once. You pay a very little each month, while I entertaiu you to your heart's contentv Call or write for ow Easy Payment Plan on Special Victrola I OBttiU With RecorcU CARL F. LITTLE Manager HVTCBWSQN, KAS,

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