The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1970 · Page 39
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May 10, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 39

Des Moines, Iowa
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Sunday, May 10, 1970
Page 39
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HIT IN ACTION low /Water;!- Pollution ^m»l^i«i is risking foss of its dlfedibiiUjr'' through pftkey acttofl <jn aft "6t>vions vfolati&n" at a hog-slaughtering plstit, cetfimissiofi hiembet Leo M. Stteesy said Saturday. S w e e s y expressed dismay that two lawyers and State ' Health Dept. engineers have spent 1 more than three months ~inttnrcltrsively~ investigating the case. "If we permit this to get by," said Sweesy, a Mason City businessman new on the commission, "we might as well giverip. We've lost our credibility.* 1 "Definite Punishment" Back in January, Sweesx had called for "definite punish ment"" when the commission learned that an illegal bypass sewer had been built in the Farmbest, Inc., hog-slaughtering plant at Iowa Falls. Health engineers called the bypass an "obvious violation." . State officials had expressly prohibited the bypass when plans for the plant's sewage treatment facilities were approved more than four years Sweesy said suspicion arose ; a year ago when sewage was damped into a creek feeding the Iowa River. The same thing happened in December. Health engineers checked and finally found the illegal bypass. They first suspected the engineering firm had ignored the order to delete the bypass • from the design. At the March meeting, Health Department engineer R. J. Schliekelman reported the plant had plugged the illegal bypass and was planning expanded treatment facilities. Too Busy Commission members fumed that the bypass had ever been built. They repeated instructions to Schliekelman to hand the matter to Clifford Peterson, an assistant attorney general, and Larry Seckington, a private lawyer serving the commission part-time, - The commission wanted criminal prosecution if the bypass was built, in deliberate violation of state orders. The lawyers already were supposed to be investigating. The commission's last meeting, Apr. 30, passed without a word about the Farmbest problem. .'. Schliekelman had a report from the 'lawyers. He didn't read it because there was so much other business, he said. .-The lawyers' conclusion: The engineering firm is free of blame, and there is "no evidence as to who may be responsible." Up to Commission Asked .about the inconclusive report, Assistant Attorney General Peterson said no court action can be taken "without further investigation." __ the contractor that put this in," he said. "It could liave been an inadvertent mistake. It could have been put in intentionally.' Who's supposed to find out? "I don't know whether it's my respunslbUity to go UR there and investigate," said : Peterson, "I suppose a number of people could do it,,. any commission employe, the . county attorney, I suppose I could call the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation)." Peterson said it's up to the commission to say whether he should pursue the matter fur- •thef. Peterson added: "I-suppose the question would arise as to who is passing the buck to whom. I sometimes get the feeling that some administrative agencies like to pass the buck, and I kind of feel they (the pollution group) did here. He said it is "not normal for them to refer investigative matters to the attorney general." Less Than Open Peterson noted that the Far,mbest plant has caused pollution problems in the past and once drilled a well without permit.' . "That company has been -somewhat less than open anc : -{rank and less than enthusiastic yjn csHjperaUng," said the lawyer, Commission member Sw«*$y said he is v not satis- , "I'm going to ask for an an:«»«• next aoiing," he said, ' they're going to come up said jplant "do opt, of course, know bow" the illegal bypass AP AVERAGE OF 60 STOCKS D«t Maine* Sunday ftegista Prices OH; Hogs Mixed Hog mafkets were higher in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota last week, but totter at western .terminal alarkets, while cattle and egg markets were lower again in all areas." Cattle prices were mostly 25 to 50 cents lower, although some were 1 steady iff Chicago and some were off 75 cents at Omaha. Tops ranged from $30 a hundred In the interior to $30.15 at Omahar $30.25 at Sioux City and $32 at Chicago. The interior hog market was 25 to 50 cents higher, except for some 25 to 50-cent lower prices on heavy butchers and sows. Terminal markets ranged from $1.50 higher to 50 cents lower. Tops Were from $25.25 in the interior to $25.50 at Sioux City, $26 at Omaha and $27 at Chicago. Average Off Slaughter lambs were generally steady with spring lambs topping from $29 to $29.50 and old-crop offerings from $27 to 28.25. The average price paid last week in the interior for mixed grade 200 to 220 pound butchers was $24.15, up 0.5 per cent for the week and now 1.7 per cent above the year's low of two weeks ago. That average was [4 per cent below the four-year ligh set in February. The hog market now is 14.8 per cent higher than a year ago and 26.6; per cent higher than two years ago. The average price paid in Chicago for choice 900 to 1,100 pound fed steers was $30.19, off per cent for the week but it was 4.9 per cent above this year's low. -The Market is 5.3 >er cent above the high set in arch. The cattle market now is 4.3 rer cent lower than a year ago )Ut 13 per cent higher than two years ago. Supplies Hog receipts in the interior and at the 12 terminal market slipped 10.2 per cent last week to 619,000 head, which was 8.6 per cent fewer than received a year ago. Receipts of cattle and calves at the terminal markets totaled 136,000 head, off 0.7 per cent for the weekend 6.8 per cent under a year ago. Hog slaughter under federal inspection, nationally, totaled 1,457,000 head, down 7.4 per cent compared with the preceding week and 4.4 per cent fewer than handled a year ago. Cattle slaughter rose 1.2 per cent and held 5.4 per cent higher than a year ago at 605,000 head. Sheep slaughter, totaling 88,000 head, was off 3.6 per cent for the week and 8.8 per cent under a year ago. In the midwest wholesale meat trade choice and prime steer beef carcasses declined 50 cents to $1 a hundred and other classes were off $1 to $1.50. hoice steer carcasses sold at $46 to $48. Pork Lower Pork -products ranged from steady to $3 a hundred lower, with loins selling at $40.50 to 149, skinned hams at $35.50 to 42 and bellies at $41.50. With wheat harvest underway n southern Texas — and private reports indicating the five major producing states might attain last yearns hjgh winter wheat" production" — the wheat market was depressed. Corn futures were under some pressure due to favorable weather conditions for field work, and due to reports Jhatjlajting_is_afill .underway. - A slow-demand for- -soybean oil and soybean meal, and the favorable condition in the corn belt, brought some selling of soybeans also. For the Aveek wheat futures in Chicago declined 1% to 4% cents, corn was 1 cent lower to V& higher, soybeans 2 cents down to % cent up, oats % to 2% cents higher and rye % cent off to % ahead. Eggs Drop Soybean oil futures declined 27 to 49 points and soybean meal was 160 points lower to 10 ,3*0 325 306 250 \7 Juo* 1970 Sports Down Again / • / ,' f "' ^ The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials fell fcM last week to close Friday at ?ll7l The Associated 1 Press average of 80 stocks closed Friday at 252.5, down 1.8 for the week. Did Go-Go Funds Ignore TKe Built-in Safeguards? By John F. j^awrence ©The Los Angeles Times It took the crash of '29 to convince a lot of people that some rules were needed to correct the scandalous activities that passed then as legitimate stock market investment practices. We've now had another crash -=-a crash in slow motion over many months, but still a crash. See Scandal Some sage members of the investment community insist t's just another down cycle and ;hat all the boys who played :he go-go stock touting game lave gotten their just due, will quietly steal away and leave the market in peace. But others say its not cyclical at all. They see scandal written all over what's happend to the stock market in the last few years. They see the mutual tunds becoming .a threat rather than a blessing. They see the growing institutionalization of the market (its growing dominance by the funds, insurance companies, pension funds and the like) as a matter that demands Immediate action in the halls of Congress. One respected young west coast investment banker excesses the situation in these harsh terms: "We managed to build a lot of protection into the market in the early 1930s. The industry resisted it, they expected it would kill the market. But instead of that, the regulations iclped the market to grow, helped to restore the confidence of the small investor. "Now we've flushed all that protection right down the drain and let the little investor get slaughtered all over again," he adds. Deal Makers He's talking about a number of mutual fund portfolio managers, investment bankers and dealmakers who achieved instant success in the stock market of the late 1960s. They were a minority in the ndustry but they got all the publicity. / What they discovered/were ways to make stock prices go up. In some cases it/probably nvolved manipulation. In others, it was just a creative stretching of normal market ethics. . And some funds were just swept along with the crowd. The result was that a stock market rise turned into a speculative binge, with some stock values inflated insanely. The techniques were complex, less flagrant, maybe, but . 78. SS Utilities 500 Stocks WEEKLY DOW JONES AVERAGES 30 20 15 65 . j 'Oft* Tra "» UtllS Stocks Monday 714.56 153.14 106.40 236.19 Tuesday 709.74 151.66 105.67 234.41 Wednesday 718.39 153.76 106.08 237.02 Thursday 723.07 154.90 106.31 238.44 Friday 717.73 154.34 1 06. OS - 237.14 Net Chg. -15.90 -2.19 —2.21 -4.70 points-iu'gherr unoice steer futures advanced 25 to 40 points. Egg-prices suffered another decline, with incentive priced A large off 3 to 4 cents at 20 to 26 cents a dozen, which was % to 2% cents lower than prices a year ago. Prices have declined 6% to IVz cents in the last two weeks as supplies of large eggs were called "ample to plentiful." Index Advances On Commodities NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP)-The Associated Press index of 35 commodities rose to 190.81 in 190.54 thev previous week and 174.20 a year earlier. Following is the index and its components for the latest week compared with the preceding period and 9 year ago: S.Copmwlities ndustrialj irobably more sophisticated ;han the secret agreements in the 1920s between wealthy investors to pool their .resources and manipulate prices. They were also less success ful — inflating prices not quite so much and, in the end, leav ing the participants in the game with losses often as big as those of the general public. ' No "Attack? " Sure, it took gullibility on the part of the small investor, and even some big ones, to help them do it. It took a psychology built on inflation, excessive government spending, skyrocketing wage rates and all the economic problems of the late 1960S. What's frustrating an increas- i n g number _of responsible people in Wall Street and.-in Washington is that so far Congress has-made-almost no WHAT THE STOCK MARKBT DID This Prev. Year years Advances ...383 Declines .....1231. 1 Jnchanged chi tai Total issues .....;...._ .... >jew yearly Mshs ...10 i 'Jew yearly lows ...826 938 «J N.Y. Ups and Downs NEW YORK (AP)— The following list shows the stocks that have gone up the most and down the most based on percent pf change_onJheJtte_w_¥ork Stock Exchange regardless-of volume. Net and percentage changes are the difference between last week's closing price and this week's closing price. Downs Last N 52'/4 —1; ]?»=, friB and have switched from being investors to being speculators. Instead of following long- term investment goals, they have sought instant gains, increasing the temptation to try to stimulate such gains artificially. Hence, one answer to the jroblem could be stricter iimi- ations on the funds' right to engage in short-term trading. lither through capital gains .ax penalties or specific rules, funds should be required to maintain the bulk of their hold- ngs for a period of years, government sources suggest. The funds can serve a basic service for the small investor — spreading his risk and giving ii i m some professional investment management. But whether that service is exercised responsibly when a short-term performance is the portfolio manager's main goal is debatable. Congress, in other words, may have a job to do. Week's Decline NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP)-Last Monday, the Dow Jones average of 30 industrials fell 19.07 points, the largest single-day loss since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated Nov. 22, 1963, when the average fell 21,16 to 711.49. And on last Tuesday, the average closed at 709.74, lowest closing level since Aug. 9; 1963 when it stood af 708.39. A mild rally Wednesday and Thursday erased some of these losses, but the market still ended the week lower. The rally was sparked by the Federal Reserve Board's redaction in the margin requirements for stock purchases. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials closed down 15.90 for the week at 717.73. The New York Stock Exchange index of some 1,200 common stocks closed off 1.14 at 43.61. Standard & Poor's 500-stock index closed off 2 at 79.44, while The Associated Press 60-stock average lost 5.2, ending the week at 252.5. The Old Iowa Courthouse; Oh, Those Were the Days (The Register's Iowa News Service) ORANGE CITY, IA.—The spittoons, flowery oratory and hundering lawyers have vanished from Iowa's county courthouses, laments an Orange City attorney, and a lot of drama and fun went with them." Writing in the Alton Democrat's Orange City Centennial Edition, Cornelius Vande Steeg, 3range City attorney and for- }«or»p mer mayor, re- V calls some of \ Htf r « ' 65 Chicago Futures • (B v Th* Associated Press) • RANGE-OF PRICES FOR THE WEEK, Prev. Yr Wk. Wk. aoo High Low Close Close Close 1.51H l-^^fj?'/. portant move to attack these activities. Hopes for reform have been pinned on a massive and expensive study by the Securities & Exchange Commission with funds specifically appropriated by Congress. Unfortunately, it now appears that S.E.C. study, which was supposed to be completed and presented to Congress in September, may be delayed at least until .early next year, far, there'sno confiirmatioi that delay from the S.E.C. No amount of legislation will ever halt stock speculation entirely - or end stock fraud. the week ended May 8 from|Tiffd~ffiUch of what me go-go ,™., ... i_.._. ------------ ' mutual funds have done may well have been within thedaw. Speculators The point the critics of these funds make, however, is that the threat of manipulation is clear, whether the funds did it or not. In general, the threat reflects the degree to which some funds I Name Camp RedL Homestke int Mining GulfLf Hold Copeiand JapanFd w| Japan Fund P8t El st Oil luor Corp obble Brks n Pk •'• m So 'ard Foods udoet Ind Jletphone Culllsan,, s Mines Brks jfc Name itron Don Julova Wat MesaP srpf Data Proces Servomat yFChk Del inoa Ind jrlsc cvpf uqua Ind ewlett PIC d Super JD» =f S Mesa Petrol 9 AMK Corp owles Com 21 Dymo Ind 22 Fisher Fds 23 Donnelley 24 Sclen Resrc 25 Cessntf Alrc Z'f 28ft —SVt Off 15 — 2H Of< I 14 — 2H those days when lawyers WOHlflv MOINESJ 0 MOM 200 jaced before juries "like the >lue ribbon stallion at the county fair." Gone, too, he writes, are judges like District Court Judge William Hutchinson, who once said in a speech, "I come from northwest Iowa where tenants pay then- rent in counterclaims." It was Judge" Hutchinson, tie recounts, who once gave lie following instructions to the jury in a case involving a farmer who had sued a railroad over a hog struck by a train: "Gentlemen of the jury: "In this case, the court gives you the following instructions: Par. 1. Plaintiff states: "My razor-back strolled down the track one cold December day, "Your sixty-nine came down the, line and snuffed his life away. "You can't blame the swine, you see, tole through your fence, "So send your check for $25, the loss o recompense. — 'Par. 2. Defendant for answer states: "Our Sixty-nine went down the line and illed your swine we know, "But razor-backs on railroad tracks quite often come to woe. "The check for $25, we do decline, or which your heart does pine, ''Just plant the dead, place o'er his head, 'Here lies a foolish swine.' " Hutchinson, Judge." It's not recorded which set of poetic instructions the jury liked best, but the farmer won the case. UNI Scholarship For Five lowans CEDAR PALLS, IA. - Five Iowa high school seniors were awarded four-year, full-tuition industrial arts scholarsnips to the Uniyer : sjty^fJtorthej3Jowa here Saturday.'' Winners of the scholarships, each worth an estimated $2,400, are Dennis VerMulm of Rock Valley, Lance Yeoman of Monticello, Russell Pruess of Clarence, Roland Smith of Dunkerton and Brent Schroeder of Boone. The awards were made at the ninth annual Iowa Industrial Arts Fair at UNI. The. event, featuring 323 exhibits, was attended bjrmore thairt,20a Iowa high school and junior high BLOODIEST RULING EYED By a Staff Writer STORM LAKE, IA. - Buena Vista County Atty z Emery Emerson said Saturday he is considering appealing- a judge's ruling which blocked a blood test from being used as evidence in the trial of a man accused of driving while intoxicated. Emerson said he is awaiting a transcript of Judge G. W. Stillman's ruling before making a decision. Emerson said the question of aw could be taken before the Iowa Supreme Court, but that the defendant — who was found innocent by a jury — could not be placed in legal jeopardy a second time on the- same charge. The defendant was Herzberg of Storm Lake v Judge Stillman ruled a blopd test on Herzberg could not be used as/evidence in the trial after Herzberg's attorney contended the test violated his client's right against self-incrimination, his right to legal counsel, and his constitutional guarantees against unlawful search and seizure. Emerson said Herzberg submitted to the test against the advice of his lawyer. Emerson said he understands the Iowa Highway Patrol is considering asking for .an attorney general's_opinion oh whether Herzberg can keep his driver license. Since he consented to the blood test his license was not revoked under terms of Iowa's al- test were not admitted as evidence at the trial. V?hen the blood test 'results were barred from court, the state's evidence was confined to the testimony of the arresting officer and a witness at the Storm Lake police station. schooTstudents and instructors. 52-YEAR DELAY MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (AP) — After fifty-two years delay — which has not been officially explained — Robert E. Bell, who was wounded in France during World War I, finally receivec his Purple Heart medal recent- / LeRoy Hlah Low Close Net Syfair .206. «P v .— avfair Pf3a 32. Arvlda Cp laird.Atomics __ iay&s 1 Mkts .60 :ham me .so 'land inti terksnire Hath lett Labs ,28 . „ llllups westnPet .50 ifo Dynamics .14 '/4 »- Vt 31 Vj 27Vi 27Va— 2W J31/4 13'/» ni*— Vt. io'/jii, ..... '/4 9W ?'/'••••• 2.04 Boston Capital" .10 g osfon Her Trav 2e rocKway Glass irooks .scanlon .30 irush Beryllium Juckbee wears M Jurnup & Sims jutter- Mfa-.70- : - iutler Natl Corp Jmpb ifaqgart 1.80 JapTtalsouthwst .30a Cascade Corp .OSe Cascade Nat Gas .72 ChrlstjanaSec i.25e Christiana sec pf 7 Citizens Utll A t citizens Utll B 1.21 Clow .Corp ,68. . • Collins Foods intl Commonwlth Tel Cross Co .50 Data . Desiqn Lab Dayton Mall Iron la Delhi Aust Pet peluxCheckPrint 1.10 Diamond Cry Sit .60 Djversa Inc pf .6:9 Divers Comp&Mgmt Doily Madison s Donaldson Inc .60 Douqhboy Ind "Dow Jones 1 Dunkln Donuts juriron Co .72 Economics Lab .24 :l Paso Elec .76 • jmplre Gas Co 1-mpire St Oil .50 Ennls Brandon Enrwlstle Co. Equity Nat Indust Equity OlT Co .40 Falrfleld Techno! Farrlngtor "•- 10W 4'/4 TV*- V» 10VJ+ % 4 — '/4 28'A tiVt 27%- V, IVt -Wt 9'/4 28 25 25 —2 tlVt Wt 35 32 32 9V'j Wt 8V. 16 15'/4 154'4— V4 6Vt 6'/4 6'/4— Vt 40Vj 39 40 19 18'/4 18V4 + V4 999 V/t Vft Wt 3Vt 3*fc Wt+ 'A 19 1B'/4 18V4 + V'4 12 ll'/i llVj— Vi 39Y4 39'A. 39%— Vt 16 15'/4 15'/4—1'/4 16 15V2 16 23 23 23'A>— Vt . -Ington Mfft Federal Co 1.20 Federal. NatMtge3.84 : irsTBostonCp f.50e : |exstee Ind ,12e 'lorldaPubUtll 1.12 : lorida Tel Corp .48 : ood Host USA : our Seasons Equity : ranklln Cp .10e : ranklln Elec s Gas service 1 Gateway TransP ,60 Gen Unit Group Gleason Works ,42 Globe Rub Prod Govt EmplvsCp .30b GovtEmplysFIn ,30b Hanover Shoe 1 HardeesFoodSys .16 Harper HM ' \ytt.. 3 7 /n 13% 13H— Vt 4(4 \JVt Wt- V, 3 3 /4 13'/4 13V4— ' 6Vj kVt 6'/j 8V4 6 IVt- Vt 5 3 4 S'/i 5'/4—1 gi,4 8 8 — Vi 2J* -I'/* 2 -B« 4'/« 4V» 4V»— '' 22 Vt 21 to 2JVJ+ 140 122 139 +9 44 40 40 —2 9% 9V4 9V4+ '.. 18Va 17W 18 v — Vj '*V4 "A 6*4+ Vt 5'/s 4 4Va— if} 6'/4 6 61/4— Vt 9V, 9 9'/4— IA 14 t/ \W» 13J;»— W 3% 3'A 31*— W 24i/j j3Vj J4V? 2'/7,.,2'/j 2'' ' " 10V4 IVt 10 .. .. 28 26 Vt 27 — I'/i H \onarch Cap .32r lat Life Fia „ let ord Line. .20 idtlonvra * A lorAmLfCes .15* lorAmLwins .20 . lorthwestNatLlte .34 iccldentai 'U . >enn uw i> f hua Life ( " aboard imsi. Amer — Found-., _ Variable An Life 'CO f.U -/afesmsnGrouB .109 unit Amer Lf t unit Founders s DBS MOINES This list OIVM repfOMfitati-'* Inter-deal; er prices late last TTIT" wh Menderi ich do oMer-me-counter stocks, as Cornell™. ur • • c, .Henderson & Co., Des Mofn.ej. Prices, Twit reflect., flucfuat 4M durlrw „ .... ... .'ratlins durli _ the week, do not Include retail markup, markdown or commissions. Aarl Dynamics American Home Invest Arts way Mfg. Brit) Tech Calandra Photo Cempbejj Mfa. Clinton Engine Donovan Const. Diamond Lab. Dlco Corp. Edgerlv & Co. Excel investment l-l* Vt 1 Hawkeyo Bancorp, Farmha ' Grlggs Farmhand Gerieral MangeMent G «, K Services Guardsman Insurance Hach Chemical Hawkeye Nat'l. HON Industries Intercontinental Services Investors Equity Illinl Beef International Funeral l.D. Pack Iowa Buslnes Inv. Co Iowa Surety Life Inv. Conv. Pfd. Life Invest. Inc. Marquettc Corp. Nodaway Pack Mid Continent Bottlers Mid Iowa Lakes, Inc. Mid State Enterprises Midwest Packaging 14Vj 10 1'A S'/4 11 3Vt -••Wr- If V/t 12 m \3Vt 9'/4 V/i I'/j 6 </4 t 2% 10V4 2'/7 it Packag [I By-Pro National By-Products Network Data Processing Nail Mobil Hm Cities National Motor Inn Nlssen Corp Pa ' ' ' amlda Inc. Park Investment Organizers & Underwriters Royal Exc. Inns. SMB Stageltnes 6V, 7'/4 V/t 3 iF iF 8 9 ?' /4 1? 3 3Vt 9 10 23V4 24V, SMI steak & Shake ier 'iR HaroiRow Pub .40 Hoover, Co 1.40 Houston Oil Mineral HubbardRIEst .Vie Hublnqer 1 * HugotonGasTr 1.098 Hvatt Corp nfrared Indus ntermarK Invest ntermountnoas .10e ntj Bank Wash .10 nil Bank Wash A nil Basic Economy nil Multlfoods 1,20 onlcs Inc owa Sou Utll 1.56 Johnson EF 1 JohnsonProducts ,15e Kaiser Steel 1.50 Kaiser Steel pf 1,44 Kalvar Cp Kampgrounds Amer Kayot Inc Keves Fibre .90 KovstoneCustFds 1.20 (eystone Port Cem .ance Inc .76 6 22 30V4 30J«— 5«i SW + 'U 2H« 21* ...... !3'/j 13Vj ..... 13V4 13V4 13',4— Vt 171* 16 J /4 16*i— Vt 3*4 3*4 3 3 '4.. . 6 4'/4 4V4 ' jteop Rock Iron Mines United Bucking Universal Mfg. J U.S. Homes Vernon Co. 1 Walston Aviation Western Holding INSURANCE STOCKS Clrclp Key Life Preferred Risk 1 Republic Inv. Life BANK STOCKS Cen Nat. Bk & Tr Des Molnei Harris Trust Northern Trust 'to 6 fflt 24 Vj fh 1% 18?/4 Week^s Trend 6 6V4 6'/» t'.'t— Vt llVj 1V/4 17V3 J5'/4 54i/i 14Vi 13 12 —' 7 —1 "W ft+ IVt 7 24</4 24 92 3 /4 I Ui Comm Sys .40 ATS Systems .AacDermld in Malllnckrodt C Management t '.fo : .40 h .70 .sslst 21 21'/i 20 13*4 13 20Vi 19V4 20 _ 1,4 24</4— 1/4 1144. Vt «9W—3'/a 20W 20V-J— \1 21 ..... 1W+ Vt 20 ..... 60Vi— Vj 61Vj 2>/j 2>/4 2W+ Mohawk Rubber 1.20 Moore Prod .28 NarraganseltCap .20r Nat Computer Corp NattSecResrch .70e Natl Semiconductor Nat Terminals Nebraska Cons .50b Nlelson A .48 Nielson B .48 ntral " i Pub itter-t.V.Pow^i ^.WoS.,^ (By The Associated Press) / The following table lists.oper- ating results in major Jines of business and finance in the latest week, with comparison to a year ago; Mary Kay 30 Wft 30 , Mayer Oscar :56 16 15H 16 + . McQuay Inc .50 24'/» u 74 — Vt Medic Home Enlerpr 6*4 6'A 6'/i Medtronic 37 33Vj 34 —J'/j Melster Brau 7 SVt 6',e...,. Minneapolis Gas 2.05 29 29 29 ..,'.. Missouri Resrch 3H 3V» 3 V «..... 18 v /4 18 IB/ 13V4 13 13</4+ '-4 8',4 7%/8'4+ Vt 13Vj 12Vj 13'/j—1'-4 Yft 7' 2 — '•* 8',7 V/t 81/3— 1/4 30'4 24 24 —6V4 9>'j 9 9 — '/> 14',4 \Vft 13Vj— Vt 31 Vj MVi 31 — V4 iiicown o t^o / 31-^3 30'/a 31 ~~~ T<| Nor Central Alrl ' 2'/t Vn IVt— \'t Ithwstn PubSvc VM WVt Wt 19 1 /!.— Vt thwst_St_pTcn)f Ib 20Vi ]9'/j 20V7+1 I/T% l7'/2 l/'/2— VB 42Va 41 42V»+ W ^.color/inc 'St % 'fltt » 'anoll OIK t 2H 2'/4 2'/4— Vt 'ayLessDryg .20e 15'/4 14'/i 14W— ¥4 aylesitashway ,16« 13 12W Steel production (net Ions) , Freight car|oad!ngs Freight ton-miles . (millions) Auto production (units) Soft coal production Latest Wk. Year Ago 2.593.000 553,872 15.3 201, vn 2.842,000 582,532 15.4 198.620 11,360,000 9,258,000 Penn, Dixie Leas Peps(ColaBWasn .40 Pefrolte CP l.iba Pettlbone Corp .60 Porter HK Inc 1 PubSvc NHamp 1.56 Pub Svc N Mex .90 PubSvcNorCar .70 24 23W 24 18% 18 : ?aven Industries RavGo Inc Retail Credit 2 Reynplds&Reyn Robblns&Myers ... Royal Inns Amer " Sto 1.20 Russell Stover .80 Scott&Sons .30 Scr PpsHowBdcst 1.40 Scripto Inc Southeast Capital .64 Southern Airways .16 Southern Bakeries •iDuthn Calif Wat .94 ithnC ~ 3 I'/t 3 93A 9V 4 9 38 37 38 33 32 32 24 23 24 > 18 _. +Vt !? V8 + '/B + Vi 18V3 18 1/3 +1 181/3+ . nConn Gas 2.24 n Industries 1 outhnNEnfj Tel 2. outhnUnionGas 1. pencer Foods .25 UVt 25 26^4-P/4 27 22W 23 —3W IBVi 17 IB'/i+T 5 44—1 8V4 8 8 6Va 5'/i 6H+ Vi 3 2*4 2V«— i/i 13H )3V» 13'/s— H 291/3 29 13*4 13V3 39*4 38'/« 19'/§ 191/j 14V3 131/J 9 —1/4 13 3 '4 ..... 9%4-lW 19'/i-r Vt 3W— Stanley HomePds .90 Tampax Inc 3.40 Taylor Internal) Taylor Wine 1.20 Tennant \ Co .09e Texas Amer Oil Texas Am Sulphur Titan Group Trans Coast Invest TranscontGasPL 1.12 ~- isc ' — Envelope .60 3*4 3*4 5*i— '/4 24V3 23% 24 — Vt Transcont .. Unitec Indust asPI Oil .. Envelo Van Dus ' Warsho "implied consent" law, though the results ^of- the Active Stocks NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP)-foI- lowing are the 20 most active stocks traded last week on the! New-Ywk-Stoefc-Exchanger pl .70 Jr .40 ,*«gn.4o ..._h Greene Werner Continental Werner Cent pf .80 Westgale Calif WjnneBaao Indust Wisconsin Pw&Lt 1.32 Yellow Freight ..64 Younker Bros 1.30 178 +4 2% 2*4 2*4 ..... 74 7P/3 731/1—1 18 17'/4 18 + </3 2*i 2V3 2H ..... 2 11/3 1V3— VJ 5V3 5'/4 SVt— Vt 3ii 3'/« 31/2— i/k 17*1 17*i 17%— Vt 2*i 2*4 2*4...... 4V4 4 41/4+ V4 15!/j 15 15V3 ..... 'f- '28 '^::::: 181/i 16V< 17 —2" Tn 7 7**+ *B 5 4*4 4*4— Vi 81.4 8'/4 8</4 ..... lQi'3 10 10 ..... 17*4 17i/i 17*4 + 1 191,4 19V% 19'/4-i--V« 20'/3 19'/2 20i/i-f Vj 25V3 24*4 24*4— 1/4 _ 10,420,000 Crude oil productions -Ibbls.) 9,685,000. Paper uroductlon (tons) 457,000 454.000 Paper board production (tons) 511,100 545.000 Stock sales (shares) 52,881,370 67,613,2)0 Bond Sales (Par Value) 1114.070,000 168,071.000 Business failures (number) J14 19J (Final three ciphers omitted In following) Electric power prod. (kwh) Bank c. Demand „. Business: loans Excess ffserves Treasury gold stock Money In circulation Member bank borrowlnqs 27,690,000 25,16 clearings 198,569,480 $87,623.597 id deposits 1131,863,000 $135,007,000 $78,944,000 $76,718.000 $328.000 $483,000 til,347,000 tl0,367.000 $53,111,000 $49,646,000 $773,000 $1,603,000 TAX EXEMPT BONDS NEW YORK (AP) — Weekly Over the Counter Tax Exempt Bonds giving high, low and last bid prices lor the week with the net change from the previous week's last bid prices. All quotations supplied by the National Association of Securities Dealers Inc., are not actual transactions but are representative interdealer prices at which these securities could have been sold, Prices do not Include retail markup, markdown or commission. High Low Last Net Cal Toll Bdg 3 7 />s92 ' Chelati Dlstl 5s2013 Ches Br&T 5 1 .4s2000 Clinton la 4.20S91 DouglsCty PU 4s2018 Florida Tpk 4*4s2001 GrantCtvPU 3'/«s5005 Illinois Toll 3tts95 Indiana Toll 3Ws94 Jackson Ex 4s92 Jackson Ex 4.lOs2003 Kansas Tpk 3*is94 Kv Tpk W 4.8552000 Lewlspt Bldg 5s88 72 71 71 — . 77Vi 76Vi 771/j-l 25 23Vi 24 —1 64 63 6) -1 61'/i 60 61 —1 83 81 82 —1 61Vi 60 61—1 73 n 73 + Vt 62 61 •••••- 65V ' 72 61 61 VT— Vj 51/3 64Vj 641/3—1 S J Tpk 3'/4S85 Y St.Pwr 3.20S95 Y St Pwr 4.20s20M NY Thruwy 3.10$9)T Ohio Tpk 3V4S92 Qroville Wy 4</4s2010 Penna Tpke 3.IOs93 Port NY 3.40s87 Rich Pet Tpk 3.45S95 Texas Tpk 2'/is95 Va Toll Rev 3s94 WVa Tpk 3¥4S8? 7? 72 T, 98 .89Vi 89 .. 71 —I ?S -\ 18 - * 98 .... 891/7— Vt 65 641/1 60 64 ' 79 79 92 92 S6VJ 57 —1 First Pa Bk _ Franklin NY Cp 1.60 Mellon Pitt 2.20 fewiwr 2Am M All Am L- - NSURA AmFidelit Am Heritage Lf .20 AmiN-lns. Ganr.3» lns Gat surNY AmRelnsu.... Am Reserve .32 BMA Corp .35 CoastalStLflns .25* Combine Ins .40a ConnGenlnsur .84 eon^.Anser Lj*e ' Fidelilv .20 .40a elilyCp . Franklin Life . Gen Relnsur 1.40 GovtEmploylns 1b Govt Emp Life .32 Hamilton Intl Cp t Hanover Insur 1 Hartford Fire 1,40 Home Security .40 56 — Hi 24 25V4 25W—1 34W 34 34'A— Vt S2I/1 52 52 — Vt 26 26 26 58Vj 57 57 -2 UVt \OV* ICfti— As 9 8Va 8H 10 9W 10 + Vt 8i/t 8 8-— H 47 ' 46W47 —-f-VST 31 28% 29V 4 —Hi 18 171/4 17V4— Vj 8'/j m SVt+ 1/4 55Va 54V4 SS'/a-j-S'/a tVt 19Vi 16% 15V2 1514-1 323 314 314 -9 51 49 SO'/i— ift s* K »y*-si.-yt 20 "" 38'A 36 19 18 22% </4 Vt 38W+1V4 18V>..... Life Inv Inc Loyal Am Life Manchester L&C s .... WA 16</4- Vi 5>A Si/2..... 3Vi y/t ..... ACAPULCO $295 PER PERSON FROM DES MOINES Round-trip Jet charter to Acapulco. Mexico. »295 per person from Des M° in « incudes round-trip let fare, breakfasWdinner daily, sijfttseeing transfer and bagggp assistance .« 0 ,?Ktaii, Parties, deiyxe' comniodatfons-for 5 days/4 nights at the Pierre Marques Hotel, and all tips and taxes. Off-season rates. Available only to groups of 40 or more that are affinity groups, includ. Ing churches, assoatfonsTcolletes, clubs, and company 1 tales/convention programs. Bother charters at comparable rates. Write for free booklet "Your ne« nUrnetlOBal Travel Ai$ic4ites, lae. 40* Fleming Building Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Phone (516) 283-1571 High .1970 387 279 172» 7tV4 64 Corp 68W East Kodak i An rrouohi JOB Ind Gen Motors 3661 3442 "at 25»i 14 15 - 2H 2995 69 - 4 2893 290ft - 6V* ^^t^ BUILDING MOBILE HOME PAPER STOCKS CAN YOU INVEST $12,500 CASH WE ARE OFFERING A UNIQUE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY To qu^l^fied individuals who possess the desire and ability to operate one of our "Oer Chees N'Wurst" restaurants as a manager-partner. Those accepted will be provided a complete operating unit and will be-thoroughly trained in all facets of our operation. Viet President-Marie|pt THE PIZZA INN, INC. . ,«•» IN REPLY1N5 PLEASE IMCtUOE TELfPHONE NUMBER! ATTORNEY Let's get on» thing straight! W, think -this i< « great opportunity or w* would n t ba buying advsrtijing ,p« ca to talk ebout it. Stato Fdrm We. 14th among all compani w in paid for ordinary Me IUWMC. at. the/ (tot of 1969. i, expending in many w.ei .7 on. gf the most important of which i< th, Pe( »ioMield. And". h,r,'» wher, oppprt un ,j y ]„ for a ,p. c «J on , of yp« out *b.rV who U . ' , underwriting «perienc« would The opportunity U to take your ir ** '•'" "* .4-«KHUpjj. pw>gr«n. ypu'll end to proyde j technical ^steiee M «l*o be tnvoM with our educed fit. the Thi* i« « ground floor opportunity in c ur lew •• grew* Y«U .Set! • « j* » ' unl ^ reward— w* think - they'r end tell u. about your»]f and li,t*» * o wh a t » . Cell to wy. JTAII F4KM A Bruce CorporM* Erefioyaem Rdstiow M«n»g«r &UU Fww Iwuj«nc« CQIBPIHMM, Dept. J H2E. W.UOojtooSUeel RloominitoB, Uliftoi> W701 Phone 967,6123 (An equal ooeorUintty employer) ...a

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