The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 6, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1948
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER, nARKBBUBG, ILL., FRIDAY. FKltBUAUY ». -. ·· "*"" Economy Confrol Brings Sorry Mess; Ladies 1 CHAPTER XXXII It didn't need Madge's started "Mother 1 " to complete the pic- tine H was therevfor all to see as the revealing lights beat down on them--the same honey brown hair, the same light golden eyes, the UUUU'V. w · I _ _ . ! ,,tA m o f i l - 0 I ' i . _ l .!.,,( 1 V.o/1 f l l f n o M V «Pf»n cerm'Yadcn phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and.heal raw, tender !n- iccl that I had already seen muu»e Narncy somewheie the \ c i \ f u s t time I laid eyes upon flamed bronchial mucous mern- bwnef ^Tell your _dru ? Blst;to sell you The dav I came directly from ^ B ^ a a ^ f l v a w «3n» = N»T - -, , UJ " VvOU i cm 't want you to use a forCou2hs,ChestCo!ds,Bronchrtis deid uoma n's lipstick vclla was j,a\iiiR hoarsely. ' ECONOMY CONTROL - . K A Y " N o i guess UM, wouldn't. Not | . By HAKJUN U'.JMIUIOLS that narticular 1(?ad woman's l i p - i l m l e d lies*. s i c k · w w a s " Bob Leiphan said WASHING^ ·,?·---, , .),,?if stepped out into the glare of Your congress «ot itself snar led the lightsi It was then we knew ' · -nmni.MtPri dm t u how gieat an actress Rachel Ka vclla would h:nc been. For a ' l a d i e s pants. fleetin" second terror tortured her | TI, C dignified Senate Bankini. -J face and then it was gone and coniir .iuee" was hearing witnesses , ! e i tois \v;is Kmil Kieie. Hie wiuntty ' l u t l e president of the CIO lex- . l i l o Walkers, Union. Ho had much Mo say about prices, and liow the .vorkmi: man pas. a lot and1 U»i» bi? fellow makes a lot. . lljt'» i t h t committee got into a Mdelme dibiusMon on textiles. Mr. Ilii've s j meat and potatoes: , 1 , , - f o i e Uf Schmidt could open, He fanlv beamed. , h s m o u t h to continue 1m. testi" Look at Ladies' Pants id WAS111NGTO;N. 1-eb. fa.--U _ : s i ; t ',' l)lun ,, 1 tab . 0 ,,, , 0 0 m :u of Your congress got itself snar oil ; 1( biuklnu. w yesterday in a complicated dis t u t au « ,.. :a- cussion of nails and -- ahem -- " " u n i " ^ ' n l l - w l i n c * rvuiK ? iw^ 1'lils. Less Luilllll!^ bills designed to put 1 PlCs. C of C expert was w i d i the answei, havin ; j^'.u: ki-il A. \Viliis KoberlMjn of Virginia. All 01 them have constituents interested in textile". A lot of them gu,w cotton. They got to talking ubout some things that used to .. . be made of cotton and now are 1" question ir. the i»'sl m . i( j 0 of l a y o n -- a synthetic cloth. Lue tins, ^id hi- Nails i "L 00 k at'ladies' pants." shouted made , r , .,,.,,. A s,i loc ked husli fell over thiee Tliev- rayon, w hat FOR ALL CARS Phone 1188R Leo the 'mask of composure that _was illU Iilu2'*v vi \.w*»n-vw.---- _ uu ^viiiv **»·*'· -*-*· her professional face slipped into a rc cap O n prices · ,»» ,, . _ _ - _ _ _ ! «·*«! *«»ollm/~i ·. _ _ _ _ . . « . _ 1^» She tinned and walked He was unprepared \ t ntrols . M r . Rieve looked up from his For E8! T-* tfr r»¥ S lr 3 SK Perhaps- they look hopeless, to ;vou. But don't ihro\\ them way! Drop 171 at 10 S. Vine and let in take a look. Chances arc thcv can be made to look like r,e%v lo'' addi-^ Jonsil morths of wear. ggjktg^^^^^-: 10 South Vine the sena-' Cbolcra Loss Hog cholera causes a" loss of about million dollars each year. To the With its beautiful. ne\\ and modern fixtures, and floor onering. , w "FLOOR CO" £?.!NG SPKC1ALISTS" ?orrns?!y Tom's Ccfe ©'bek A. Roistes 45 and 13 29c 12c CRASH GOES S"OCK AND COMMODITIES MARXS7 A4D OUR PRICES! "Cigarettes. AH P«.pu:ar Bmr.ds. carlim S1.57 Coffee, Ma%. K-.i^e. r-.IircrX Manhattan, etc.. h. olc Soap Powder. I)\d:)!. Tide, Rinsn. Da/. Fci^ Naptha. tnch * 4 Soap 1'owder. Ma«,i'.- W.-^hcr. Ycl. White Linen. Breeze, each Brach's Comtcvsii Chocolates. l"n. Toilet Tissue, fir.-i c.i'-li^. each Facial Tissue, fir^i (jualit. 2 hoxcs Sliced F.acon. To? CraHc. Krcy. Armour. S\%ift. Ih. 1'. Wieners Biao Uell. Sw'.fl. Skinle.^. Hi. Oleo. All Kind". Ih. Eagle Brand Milk, can Corned Beef. South American, can Soda Pop. All J\in^ Mnrshmallow, Ijj. p Catsup. Lihhy's. »Uin/- \\ o/. hot lie Franco Air.crican SpauhtlJi. 2 for Peanut Brittle Candj, 2 Ihs. F. Phone H27U loc Uc 25c composure. ..- -- - - . for the capsule of poison she u _ slipped out of her purse and swal-! sectors. lowed on the \\ay do\snto\\n. She ' sectors. i i i ^, *·-- was dead \\lien they reached theige\eral sets oi ecbio\\s. O r ,,· lt , r U u, ; - mat -,u ...^ .. . yil . HU.-M.- .uu«.^v. ^.- . - - - hospital. ' The doctor, a somewhat north KK..I Ur Sciinuca xiul Ciluc., manuscript and rcmaiked tjuiotly * * -" , "cntleman \\earin« a porapadorc jiu . o l c thing The stuil that that he didn't much care what I don't know ho\\ long Ravella ^ 00 . llgh u p on hil forehead, said -,.. lt k f u r n i t m e together: a slaugli-| they made pants out of--or under- had been carrying that capsule .j )at ^ j ot 0 £ S0 rry inescs occui t,.,- ijoti^o b\-pioduct The com-1 shirts, cither. So long as his tex- of poison with her Maybe from v j i e n u e try to conlrol economy i f l tuvmcn, fiom C h ? u m a n C h a i l e s ' t i l e workers had a hand in tue the beginnins for she must have J_ Q , pnces--by law. Like in 1946 ^\ -[obc\ of Xeu Hamrshire on| m a king. 'known that the poisoned lipstick . k n o A . ' he asked/the a.-ou»i« Mic table. ?dmitted the | xvas a menace to her. Maybe ^' - ..^ {he dechne m pack . c 0 , c man had a point t h c t e , ifrom the day she learned that I --*| dl . · ,, lau « htcr actually re- .Uluni.h inc\ took some of ins I had gone back to her shop for a -» d ~ n l i a , const ruction?" oil.e- arguments apait .refill my oun lipstick and it c enato ;. ial j atts dropped And Another witness before t i had seemed to her guilty con- _jj_ _--_ , science that I must know something. When she had decided that^it was necessary to kill me. i Most certainly she had carrier! it with her from the moment when she read in the newspapers of i Marie Maloney's death--from poi-1 Ison. She knew then it was only a 1 matter of time until the police t would have the poisoned lipstick in their possession, and she knew I 'its analysis would point straight to her. For after all atropin sulfate. commonly called belladonna, is a common ' stock-in-trade with any i cosmetician who manufactures eye i viash. What Ravella couldn't have ,known about was the mass of evi- 'dence that had piled up against me because I had possessed the same poison. There were still a couple of puzzling points about the crime , when we gathered in Bob Lei-1 phan's office at headquarters and talked it over. One was why Ravella had reacted so violently to 'Jeff's decision to bleach Madge's 1 hair and use her as a double for i ' A.vis. We had guessed sketchily 'at something like the reality b u t ' only Madge was able to fill in the details. I '-The same thing happened lo Mother, when she was young. Madge said through her tears., "She was just an extra at Massive 1 studios when Lila Hampden died , remember? There were only a 'few scenes of Lila's last picture uncomnleted and the studio 'wanted to finish it. Someone discovered how much Mother looked like Lila and the faked the rest of the picture with her. She was thrilled--she thought it meant staidom. Instead of that it was the end of her film career ,No studio wanted to use her after that--the girl who looked like a clear star. You know Hollywood, always looking for someone new. someone different. "Mother made up her mind then that I should have the chance she had missed. She spent her life and all the money she made preparing me to be a star. She e\en kept " our relatonship secret at the studio because she didn't think it would help my chances to be known as the daughter of the head of the make-up department. I don't think anybody knew about us. only Jimmy Peters. He met Mother" at our house one night. "When I told Mother that Mr. Ha\erson was going to take the part of the secretary away from me and have me play a double ( lole for Avis--she acted like a crazy woman. She said it would not happen to me. the same thing ' that had happened to her. She said 'she would not let it happen!" Madge looked blindly in my direction. "That was why I came to see you. Miss Donn. I -- I thought Mother must ha\e been there, too. that evening. I thought she must have done something lo 'have caused what happened. It .was too obvious. Avis dying immediately like that . . . " \ The other missing sequence I supplied. The reason Art Clever had died. "They sat there in his parked car below my window a long time . . making lo\c. I suppose. And of course. AMS would put on fresh lipstick afterward. In the dark she took out her new lip stick instead of the one she had used earlier. And then Art must have kissed her again" "There was enough atropin ;ui- fatc in that lipstick to hr,\c killed half a dozen people." F.ob Leiphan said. It was Jeff, of course, who persuaded Madge that she should go on as the star of my picture, regardless of what had happened. It was cxcn her duty Jo go on. Jeff insisted, since her mother had lit- Iorally given her own life to gnc Madge this chance. "And that's the end of that." Hob Leiphan remarked when the ethers had left us alone. And then he looked at me He- caivc across the room and took ir.c in his arms And for us it was the beginning. THE END VAIEKTIHE Cold Wave $7.50 Creme-Oil Machineiess ^1 ic.jQ / Oil Machinelcss . . $V; 0 Oi! Machine . . . . $3.?0 r.loie P.t'autj at Atlrailiu* 1'iu., LGIS'S Bea ? jl| Shop 1230 South (Jran.'rer Phone 725K WITH CABINET BY rcadio for \ in your home! The RQNDQ--in lustrous ivory or maroon color plastic, trimmed in gold--o "gem-like" beauty wirh front, sides end bock styled in the same graceful manner. Only The HMO --cased in spcrkling plsstic. Trim, compact, powerful. Sots a new HI for quality and c new LO for price! £" 5KG s HEAR RADIO AND RECORDS WITH SURPASS5 Yes, listen to Crosley Wide-Range FM, standard broadcast or records and be amazed by the natural, lifelike quality of r Deduction! Reception is so clear, so distinct, so free from unv. noise and interference you'll scarcely believe your ears! 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