The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 3, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
Page 4
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PACE FOUR fTHE PARIS NEWS, The Paris Evening News Established Jclv iO. XOKTH TEJL&S PUBLXSHtN'G COMPANY as Second Class M&ll Matter at the Post- at Paris, Texas. under Act of Congr New York Day by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE Bridge N EW YORK, August 3. — Thoughts while j strolllns.: Still a few international backers ' SUBSCRIPTION HATKS (Including Sundays) By Mail. One Year 9S.OO B? MaiL Six Month* f2.50 Delivered By Carrier ICc Per Week By Mail, One Month §0 Any ••r rwpot»tioc or »a> ppear to ta« e to ta* cfca ftna or eorporjiiioa which Tb* S*w» vtll b» corr»ct«e zloo of t£>« er» vbo » con:pia.l=i frcrcre * p. SB. their paper* »et>? tc tbeTr. rrazn Lli« orric*. it r<x> <So oot «*t yocT paper p!«aj* r=Ak* eorsplatat IT tfcer* 1» so eo^r'al-st it t* pr«*s»«d t!i»t tfc« P*P* JLa»>c±*t*d Uos or for er*cr». or a.r:y caipKusioaai *;.u.• tint oleur ir «£ fen'.siap oxter tfaa.i» to correct J= =*n «r» *ceept*<5 oa ttia b&vi* oaly. I March, is-s. j at i ar g e> Senator Par Harrison and Cecil B-i Published Daily Exceot Satur<lay and Sunday j DeMllle look alike. I'm always getting the' .Rialto and Rivoli theatres Lillian Roth's dimple. I ^Whatever became of vaude- \ Mile's "blue streak," Rae ^Samuels? One Trord description of | Warren William — brushy. |tWill someone teach depart-.' •£••.£• A i store elevator runners j them- to pronounce "lingerie?* J ; JAnd then call Billy Rose aside { 'about his pronunciation of Cafe [ o. o. Mcintyre £e Paris over the radlio. Wash-! * _**« "^-^ ingl on Sq. cops, too, need! ~*~* i etiquette lessons. B. H. Rolfe is remindful of j John Bunny. j White vests again, hey, hey! The prettily ] jj^ ! named new editor of Harper's Bazaar—Car- i I me! Snovc. The society folk at news reels. Hendrik Will em Van Loon has rounded in, appropriate term, from the Orient. Thyra j j Samter Winslow sounds like a run down steps, j | Also: Ii smarts to be thrifty. 1 ; Nobody ever excited the tabloids like Daddy ; ~.,, , , Browninsr. Does an von e ever actual! v know : as iegis.arors xvin nave to wrestle Xew York « Xor mo : e ^ £ dozen t ^ atrical [ iy problems a: the session tnat Press a-en:s left. Overheard: ^Mavbe it would ! »&ks in ^aruary next year, ana ine.e have been beITer if Columbus had not diseov- ! will be a number of new sem&ers, some 01 ered tfce eounrrv: - Gene Tlinne y- s twinkling! whom, at ^easi win nave measures to present exr jres^n>-> * • which they consider of^ first ^ importance.^, -Q^ e of mj . favor ; te people—Paul de Kruif. { should not oe rorgoiten t"ai sozceising _^ S ms:mg- coiner on the radio—Jane Fro man. 1 should be aevisea to decrease the number deaths from automobile traffic, bo in the cars ard those on foot. ^ ^ ^ ^ : Moreno use's quick Buddha grin. The over-! First, in the belie: of The News. In import- whelming Central Park South skyline again, j ance, is a license law for drivers which Trill; I r l! stand and brood awhile. "~ j require mental and physical examination that : means what i: says asd will not be perfume-; TTill CUDDV has been called the lory. No man or woman has an inherent ngat fu^iesi writer bv P. G. Wodehouse. who is to ; to be turned ioose on me highways or city n2£nv the world - s funniest writer. But the ' streets at the ^nee- of an engine of ciestruc- h^hissht of Cnppv's life was wben he walked I Make Life Safer ie: _? Ua i ! I °i George Jesse! has shed the Gus Edwards juven- | }s.ri Oi tnose ;j e i oo }^ Maybe those cigars a?e him. Ward | aticm tor otners, Sueli a law prould deprive some people who : Nearly all the haphazard luncheon clubs I now drive a car of that privilege. l hey ought: that brought good fellows tog-ether in Wall ] to be so deprived, for some people who now ; street, the wholesale, jobbers "and other dis-I 'drive are standing menaces to their own lives triers a s^ well as along Broadway have scat-! as well as of the lives of others. States where , tered. For years the motion picture folk col- ! a real license law for drivers is in effect have leeted in ihe Astor Hunting Soom. Joe Weber shown a considerable reduction in the number "'and Lew Fields presided. The Dress agents of accidents and fatalities, and Texas could ; grouped at Sardi's, the bc-okini asents at do as well. Human life to-day apparently is'• Liady"s- Novelists at the Coffee House. Times the cheapest thing in our program. IT should;have blown many lunehers to other cities, oth-1 be the most valuable. And the Iegis>.iure can Jer jobs. The Dutch Treat still holds its lunch- \ make it at least some safer If the legislature [ eon of the literary crowd but that is everv j Erarc the oeoDle as a ^vh-Oie S.HQ. not the THesciav ozilv. of individuals in en acting lavrs for op- : Never in history have New Tork stores deal- -erstios of automobiles. ;lng in fish ins- DaraDhernalia had the enormous . - . vt Assies of this ^n^r>- P 7- W^'V racm?a— , ^-^ess o- ais ai-ns. i0 .de f .. •-—- ... ~ 1_^_. >» j-.-itr r^^UieLii L+d. v e ; across his cJi-esi, made of Disease . Deen among ihe purchasers, the bulk of in-i close her eyes. creased saies comes from new ~ T ^.^^ FWDAY, AUGUST % 1*4 i BACKWARD GLANCES IT A. W. IXTILIZ many it ha« been toid times, tfce tradition of tlie of Honey Grove and the facts concerning its eary settlement nave a place In the -stories that I have been wjrftln* for several year*, and as I cave recently come into possession of an old newspaper containing the story told a good many years nearer its beginning than today. I believe it will be worth repeating in brief form. When Ihix'ld Crockett came to Texas in 1SSS Paris was almost on the western ed^e of civilization, some small settlements in Fannin already made but subject to Indian forays. Crockett was on the way to southern Texas to join Houston in his effort to free Texas from Mexican misrule, and coming into this section probably thought a. shorter route would be to the southwest. He camped in a grove a little north of the present public square in Honey Grove and tradition is that there he found some bee trees which yielded honey to gro with the version and other meat they killed. Deciding travel further west was going into need- :ess danger it is said Crockett returned toward the east and went south through more settled cotm- :ry. finally reaching 3&n Antonio n time to srive his life with the other patriots in the massacre a.! he Alamo. Samuel Erwin's was the firs' iome at what is now Honov Grove. He first settled in Lamar county when he came from Tennessee. then moved to Blue Prairie In Fannin county aad about 1S42 built a home & little west of what was made into the ublic square In Honey Grove. The amily were about the only resi- ents for three years, their nearest i neighbors being Captala Teary 1 three miles south. Then came Dr. j Niclxolson in 1S45 rollonred by _ _ _ } John McKenzde. J. ,T. Allen. James Gilmer and others. Gilmer boucht much of the land within the present limits of the city. He died 1« 1846 and was said to have been the first person buried in what is now the Oakwood cemetery. In 1S4S came B. S. Walcott who some, time later married th« i widow of Mr. Gilmer and in 1S4» he laid off t^e town of Honey I Grove and it soon began to take on the appearance of a town as new buildings - were erected. Among the early settlers and residents of the new town were Wilson Allen. A. J. Nicholson. at brother of the doctor. Dr. Gambiil, J. Fuqua. David Drennan, Thomas Hobbs. In IS56 was bailt the old union churcfc, which was demol- ( ished near fifty years ago. It i stood about where Is now the j public school auditorium. About i the same time the old Smith hotel jwas built on the west side of the j public square and in 1S5S B. S. . Walcott erected and operated a mill in the grove north of the square. Honey Grove was incorporated In 1573. about the time the Texas and Pacific railroad reached there j from the west and J. H, Smith | was elected th-f first mayor. The next year T. B. Yarbrough established the first newspaper. The i Independent, and published it sev- i eral years. \ There may be slight errors in j this story but la the- main it is I believe as nearly correct as a i story can be had that lacks docu- i mentary proof. It was told many [years a^o and by people who had persona! ly^owledge of the facts. Tlv Dial [OPEN CLARKSVUXE I SCHOOLS SEPT. 10 IFfinE MAffiMAffiB public, some orse -who would f Ke settled on a chair tha; faced PTER 23 NEW TRAGEBT ; cheat her. and some one whora she j hers. "Tbirsgre nave changed," ne 3ob sat. long-, lean, hunched ov- j ocuid cheai. But. riO-»v Bob tvas j faltered- "It's prettv bad. It -will or—he was too big: 10 accommo- ; :oucfee<J by her loneliness. I be hard for you. I've been to see t ° easil -he average small; "Is there anyone." be asked, | mother. She—sh The;-^honi you ^ould like to see?" \ .- Hates me Ioosei~-{ Oh. heaven icrotd. s Marsha ! Bonded quickly az:d ateos, harsh- ! glance<i toward the roses ^ & . had i corns vrith that card or dear and is deeply hurt." \ re ~ ' Marsha supplied levelly. Again abe { ly. She laughed rnirthiesslv, "f"an- y Aunt Gertrude at this moment!" disciles of They had JsbrOTi^t "-n- ^ T = V^ --H^- ?«s -*^r«r1 £ t 7^-.™*- acytnins tnev ever did. " ;Tr^ ; c- zr,a; it ^as a thins to your aunt," he promised: "I don": : : a» oruu^^ L „_..»„ c -^^. ._a, -a -- = --^ ^^ p-Ow--.. - - ! smile over xva-Iv. while the -re-!.: ~ant you to so back to her." intervals ana Hie purity Of wmcn IS guarQed" ^., -—~ ! crept close and deep. He left her then an<5 -wit: carefully. But .•$'.„• me are using- water from ir - e newspaper paragraphers of another \ They had adjolniag' rooms, and ; sw " itcfein ^ on tb * 2:^hts she -? •wells which mis'ht be eostaminatea bv seep-' e f a J^tT? ^" ones °^ "^s new^-rocms, distinct, i after he had unlocked hex bag-s he :dered to a ~in<iov>- from which age of disease ~2vrrr:=. and these are "caster £:O0 -- They did not roingle. Elderly, express- 1 ^ e ~ r Lnl0 hls roo:n and closed ih»;t: ared SOOIS. ill Hours Centra! Standard Time P. M. S:00 CBS Kate Smith's Swauee usic; XBC Countess O5ya Albanl. S:15 CBS The Columbians. 6:45 CBS Three Knaves and a ueen. 7:00 CBS Kerble Kay's Orch NBC Phil Harris' Orch. 7:15 CBS "Friend of the Family" sketch. 7:30 CBS Johnny Green, "In th« Modera Manner": XBC Phil Baker's Revue. S:00 CBS Colonel Stoopna?!e and Budd. Orch.; NBC Firs drama. S:30 XBC Jack Benny. L.ivinj:ston: comedy. S:-35 CBS CarII!e and Ixindon 9:00 CBS Edkh Murray, XBC Frank Buck, adventures. S:ls CBS Isharrs Jones" Orch.- XBC Gene and Gtcns. conisdy. 9:39 CBS Jones* Oref« • XBC Fr«!<J:e Martiii's Orch. 3:45 XBC One Man's Family drama. 10:00 CBS Harry Sosi:ick*a Or- XBC F.d<2y Dachin's Orch. 10:15 XBC Buddy RosreW Orch 20:30 CBS r^cin^ by the $c^ : XBC £,nric Madrigruera's Orch 1I.-C-0 CBS Jack Russell's Orch - XBC Clyde Lucas' Orch K- M. White Besrins Tear As School Xineteenth 'She's !!!." he stated flatly, "v^-ry { You can imagine hoiv she Troul<! - feel over my telilnsr her we wer« to • he divorced- She has been, I know or> happy ov*r CB5 STATION? ACnrBILE VBC STATIONS *A_x>_ Ft. " WorTib" S5-. | CLARKSVILLE. — With tb« | same teaching- staff employed. [ Clarksville public schools -will be| ^in their session Monday. Sep| tember 10. says R. M. White, -who ; on that date begins his nineteenth ; consecutive year as superintendent. | D. M. Tat* is principal of the higrh ; school and Mrs. Ella TTa.tson. is :|rrarnmar school principal. th« position she has held since 1921. J. E. BZood^-orth will a^ain coach athletics and Instruct science classes. Enrollment last year reached AH 3.11 time high. ilr. White said, and. a further increase is expected this year, as a school bus Js to be placed in operation ora a. route eaat of here to transport students frotn Swanars-aie. Oakland and TVhite- rock T the rottte to exts-nd to "White class rodma ed to capacity !a« year, this situation vrould be relieved by erection of a proposed £*a}ldir«r on the Netr Centura- athletic G«1<J ts-hcre making present Quarters in the hlsh sch.yol bnildJns available as class rooms. Under present -2le*. all students at ersrolimerri must present a c«r- iiriejue r:ho«:n;r they have been ir.ocalated j G. C, Trey of I-odi. Csl.. ha* i tarrsed a quail. It win ride aroaad j on his shcn!<3cr aufi chirp -when The tjuail has usually • •n azid inio the street. ' Motors, motors. SoFutlcn of Yesterday's Puzzle oe.ore ner. sr?e t ..__ , needed him. Bo'o r v>-ho had told h*r : TT1?arit — r " ?c witn eri^noff*: v~*~ = '" ow lonely she had been, by his I Marshn Jr.ferr^d fhr: r«?t of his ;*ss co-cM not Vein h-»r 1 cora P aiii on5hip. |sTat«m«nt. "T c!c not a*k for a d5- She whiaper-d, "3ob" fvorce." she sia'd. "nor do I Then—a cold and a. quiet rnSnut'e I on " uritH you d*> r and Sn every -way I :>r:gr:i.y n-nt^ J^tr o: ::*- n;os: evanescent figures is the ; laminated. ^-"a:-r hsuzian behijrs So care s id b & *ised :n nd in aQCJtiori ger.^rs premiS'rs sh-oulc n^ -^srei tb* OI :.-";ng- prerr;; Berred. Ever^ is so well planned s city as Da lias. •w&ere there is a bountiful ^vater supply and Tvij^re tiie hea.:L oepar*n:er.t ir.&Dect? ail f^o-i products, the CITV r.*-alih officer notes cas-as of typhoid and Js?ues warning' ihat ro obviate ^•33 €i^*iGct^;C it v~^i .',-e ri £ :'c^sssr^* ~o izs* 3 "^reat^r JLarasr cc-.:r/y /^n keep free of an epi- 11 ordirisry care is used ic eat^ns: &.i:d drickiag. a:.-.d c,-r:a:r.;v :::;< >hcu'd be tr;e ^^r- jx^e of every -i:izerj f^r his OVTE sake and thet of others. - : v»c^i -=^u m ra -r- ha> h*-*-r T v 'e -"v r^r.T-.^ irZn- fj.. ,4: : • s " & *"rne<f avray from the Tt r - r ^ i ?one—ane atniued. Futile, it was, j - ^nrt ir I can help you. *r.d | :al dear!I- ' « n - ^ -^ ^-/-K -V" "I" """"'- "."' Ji -' ^ k -: < -'- ^^ -«'- ; f,, r th« The r - r«* r-~^^' ^"">tl.""/"-" • to cajl hiro> or tr ^ L0 cr t' for him f h? '" your mother, I do so -^ar.t f refu:lv ob- XV-T _..-."^,^ C T^ e f Z ^T a ; Cr °^ ds D ^ ^-Stead. : -c!o«s life hatf^c boauty^ " " ''"'"" !anymore. He ^as diaiay downstairs ;• to!" j *>^^ij.i ^^^uro&n irrjnacieiprLia, turned Out ail ; J-'r.e hi-^rd £ rap on th* dor.r -h>- ''"° £ilat ^ e ^S^t no: hare to sit . rfh * **" nij! ^>' cs brim. She ach- S*~er nit Sir^h as ''The Sho^v Off- r ' He "would ! pTiv;d ^ ihe rooms. " ' ' | n«ar her. -whose n^ed for him ^cas : ^'l r<:> ^ra-^- h^s head to her breast { . An<j ever, that r.e^d of her.-? ; a " hc-M :t prc»B«(S ttifhtly th«rc r~.. T^,,.^- ,_^ , - - "•--- a ^'-^'~ '. faint Jy. Bob or>e^»d 'V*» /*<-r>- >r • V-'^uidn't matter to one so unusual- : ns JS "' ? ^-^ J " !?r i^**st to sooth* him. '-. r - 5 u f n u .-purae<3 coherences. Tnen ! .-, ft r.d a . th* thr«>oM "'" ^? kir.d and because— r.e hat^ her 1 h *-r. him. eyiaecT.y ured of i-. all and quit. Or pky- i "Ab-.- <!;nncr>'- h- ^ hpc».-r:e too speculative. : yo: - z ^°-^ : ? do-arn. or •win ^ Ross In the News 13 Years Ago From the files vt The Pari* M ing News thirteen $fe€rrs ago her! ro" have '. At fiv* the follov. :-g af;ernr<fir. ..., _ . ... ~_ arxio-'» -- : :l ' rars]ba ia- 1 ^ down a book she had / l ^. v - r ^-^P-eteiy at ease ; HV^.M th- tafcj- t»;«-a-tet« '^.h"v,- ; tried ^° rca -^ Tailed to re^d. Bob ssi^s. :r.^ orric-e.s or Tse Xew Yorker stigeest 5 Z7t -t *'*? an^.-ered. "m hav-'Vr,^*- ! had be - n Sl!>ne so 1 ' >n si recent bJC-w bv a tornado. A;•we 1-5 g"'". < 5.Ty S thirie 'her*." ~ j She looked at the ros*s that had 'art::ion ;s going up or an oid one'^om^^- r;r fcff * --""" ^" a-V«4. j i> ** n R * nt hfer - w ^o wa* rrxasquer- ?r-K*^ T;-* ^r.^^-^c-'r.^ - c ff ^.-*~ 1 "T '*" e ; " N '' > - " har -* you. I'm r.o: h^nsri-v ! adinK ** a "siigrht cold." : i^.C.v,- «^ " V . ^V 5 ^" 1 - , -James p'.-v ' ^ • • On the car«J thar had come with :^rD*jr. cornjns? in the 6^ day and seeing; She **:r the worry ir h!<E «^-r. s . i "Ji«m wa« written in an old. not "a rjulck. sharr^^ 311 * st «*< J 3 r «c^lpu "For my v*ry to a_?k of you." r*3.;:z«--l he -=he rontraeiirte-3. "To B« Continued) es o; disarray, tacked this sign on the Doard: "Alterarions G^:n- On as i.'rr,: her comfort: her health KTI -,****- T am no: afra.i<J ol catchJc^ rarr«re-5 «, Title to h?rr*. ! -~o!ds). Your loving-. Mother." WEDNESDAY, AUGUST Z, 1921 Despite The rsthfr poor cotton prospects farmers, recalled I'^Q and said there .er oureau s. ne»v gaget that ! records :he f& g-ust of wisd bv .uosetting. j *ea.n. fee Kr.ovr n "s a r:.>%r starc*" h a *.—Arkan; &as Gi! luncheon." b*? r»- " «*?<;, perhaps yo-o''! r > 3 - r ho«t fcer an«? the crs-r o have witfcfn hirn sus b<. "To«"I <f!r.* i M-»rf!v >"<"*. too, please d«? p*-a""- you i>oth w -f' v - rn Some <3ay, on the reverse ot The card Robert atoppins at an ho- •h him. V.'iii ? I <i o so vet time for a eror Jaroslav Kalends, a Bohemian. ei;gi.rieer at I Hotel Oibr&Itar. filed notice of his intention f if^e starts off his speecc. "N>, one hopes : "".:7'-^ aIrs '*" •*»* ^«*«!^r.^. njore^ lervent, 1 ;.- than I for world peace," waft; «-*iTe^ P '?**w' 'ov-^^h^ ^1 r or T {'/ ^^-^ paragraph that begins. "How-jwast-i" to^ay «,m«Mn* r^l '* J <*'T r J^^ F ' * '^i^f^jf -» X* ™, ' »»T * - .* " • *— t TiTX, —'—JL/r: T. O * ^^^ ^v i J *PETJf J*I t-njij. 5* jfc ^a *•* -* j* •A courme. the ache dim. irarwha r«tx- to ask for It doesc r t require a jrreat deal o* i •Street paving on South Txrenry-second eoroplet^d, making the ros.d T*> Evergreen •t»«s3B.ei«ry passable at all titues. ; gee;us for a man ?r. make ?. ? Corsieana Sur;. •*i o? inventive ; for you b«for* r Of ! frriself,— 11 am <• "Tew?" si-.e prc "Oh. nothing:. Anything: r c*n -ic or., aw they <5S<J- The small clock }n the leather she Always carried with her ; tolled five Hjpht allvery was Bob? He had been 'Sown, or «-h-Te Then she heard hi* E, B, Bowmaa, 49. native ef Lemar COUTS- tr. died »t his home on the Biard farm south of Pan* At _a^y rate _ the blue eagle stickers look j Ta I not .. v . . —-•> In hi* ->o. trsank yo« so mr:ch. I was I --oom; bf«t *trJ«Ie, always long *4 to takSns: care of wy^jr: 7 jarotind the room, Sh* jeat. tense J nfay a« we!J «rrow Televi^on by 1935. they say. Wei!, a fel- ;* f f t*t- ' 'O* ,* sa;e for d coap!<» of L«mUerinan. In Bounty citizens wh.o claimed to hold of $40,000* against the Gatex Oil e/»ra- ? M«« of [woman. rare of fcer «n<J th« curing for *ny Boh thotajrtn., a A sutistieian says th-stt v.-e have e 0 _ r, fi!*Mf * petition to iiave the coojpaay j to iast seven thousand years- What doei~Ee by '''we! T —; j n hut ' Bu Khe wotlM un4«m*ii<j wbo would Ux>k wea with her listenJngr, After an *h« h«ar«J hJm rnovJngr again an<5 ' *f:*r that cstjne hla tap upon her ' -Soar. She caltetf "Come." h« e n . <rf , 4: Shn» saw that hl» look of strain wa« d**r>*ne<I. that h« <3M not trouble to avo!<J her eye*. l-je ***m*tf unaware of her, "May T «ft down a, few mo- m«nU?" he *MkmS. KomethJny ha4 happened. »h« reaUz«4, that <Jratee4 him of hi* l**i rtren«th. «h* Today 7 * Amusement* TONIGHT IS BANK NIGHT LETTS TALK FT OVER fwt*r Morri* Ma« CI«rke AT THE PLAZA WE'RE NOT DRESSING Croaby, Oiurol« Bora* JUKI Allen ATTHELAMAR WHEELS OF DESTINY JOEY. MAYXAKD V and «HADOW AT THE GRAND IS. IS. StoTst -arrttii-tg 22. On* of an mrcue rae* 3«. Poatpon* S*. ! t* Topeka 35. Set frve. a* * 32. P11c»311c* 33. Spanish . Chatter 3S Suitably 40 41. PerminTn to DOWN 1- Count: 2- P«rk>« of

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