Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 25, 1942 · Page 6
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 6

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1942
Page 6
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MORNiNG AVALANCHE Ad&fei WELCOME VISITING FEDERATED CLUB WOMEN Texas' April Oil Order Is To Be Issued Thursday By Th<- Asioc'alrd p rc <j, AUSTIN, March 24. " Texas' April nil pi-oration order will ?' a - s V^tewide crude produc ton to 3.0.36,012 barrels daily rearlv 440,000 barrels bclofv The announced today commissioner, who said bc issued Thurs- °uW call for 18 shutdown clays next month as compared to 13 in March u" La . < ! k ,_ 0f Transportation" latm* ?t L n ^ u , ted ,. the s ^e oil regulatory body's heavy production curtailment to "lack of transnorta °° . a™ would not elaborate on he statement. Submarine torpedo- t h a V nl ? rs °" the Easlcrn have been mentioned by HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured war machine. 5 It carries a WAR MACHINE Order To Slash — — — ,,__ _ AygfaneVe-Joumaf 6ff?eti» Answer to Previous Puzzle much more expensive dresses . . . patterns and"._ i and grown-ups . . . here are a few DU'pS. • EMBROIDERED CHAMBRAY in a new effect bvely for dress or sports co.fumes . cofo s n ' rose, brown, pink, red and yellow, t.29 and •r^?™!^.:"^'''"* 1.49 .39e -„ Sadler who added that details would not be made public until Inursday, will permit a total April 1 production of crude oil cpndensate an clcasinghead easo' '4R S °V )13 7 512 barre ' s a day? £ 1,433 barrels under the recommendation of Federal PetroS Coordinator Harold L. Ickes 260.000 Barrel Drop The commissioner asserted tha' l^a^r^SSu^n 811 ^ commendation but not subject to commission regulation, would approximate 96,000 barrels a day *%,»* i the generally curtailed schedules next month. April's permissible crude f]ow will represent a drop of more than 260..000 barrels daily u ™der the current statewide yield The production, Sadler said, will be the lowest in recent history The Conroe and Odem oil fields he continued, would be added to o a ! J j- . pools Poncing aviation closure days during the montrf Dropped from the list, because of insufficient production of avia- isphne yielding crude, were •„ Hoffman, and Magnet -,---, Twenty-five fields are included on the April list. Gloomy Future The net daily allowable production decreed in the April order will be 1,073,301 barrels over the 11 C K assi ^ ned and "nproduced to °l!o3G,5 S 12 Wl11 rcduce the total Prior to Sadler's announcement Commission Chairman Ernest o' Inompson, picturing a gloomy future for the oil industry in 9 Health resort. 12 It is made oi — and stc-el. 13 Greek letter. 14 Sailor-. 15 Excavation In earth. 16 Animal. 19 Distinctive system. 20 Each (abbr.) 21 So be it! 38 Footed vase. ---«.. 39 Plowei* Wasting away 42 111 treatment of the body. 45 Rock, . 47 SmJdsn SQuall 48 Plural (abbr.). 50 Knock. 51 Stringed instrument. Jgfel' _ . _ TglSTTlElg 59 The British 10 Hurl. U The U. s, *~~. uses them. 17 Any. 18 Bachelor, of Arts. (abbr.). 22 They form'e unit. 24 Spheres. 25 Over (poet.) 27 Unit. 28 Gained. 30 Mohgre]. 31 Five twos. 33 Word particle. Hemp Crop Can Be Regulated v* MIC, 25 Poem. 26 Wrath. 27 Be in debt. 29 Tuberculosis (abbr.). AfTQTMM y ) eUn , Hedp ""> AUSTIN, March 24— The Texas attorney general's department rul- fh* « day ,- hat h ? mp - from which the narcot.c marijuana is derived, may be grown in -Texas if strictly regulated under license from the state department of public safety Captain R. \ v . Aldricb charge oi navcotics law fence. i l Work into a 34 Give out. 36 Half an em. 37 Laughter sound. • 55 Frozen water. SSElia.T (abbri 57 Part of speech. 58 Through. ' 41 gjj « Grow old. 43 Arched. 44 Goad oa mass by hand. 45 Grasp. fruit. 46 Run fast. 48 Fruit. th , «Pamen, that he had considered it illc- "cL,° £° W ^. cm ,P "ethnical name k ? Texas* " /O1 ' 3 " y PUrposc Need Said Acute V M °P' nio " was i-equested by J hm^- cD -° nald ' Etate asrirulhir commissioner, who said the need Tor developing a domestic output o °^ rade -fibers for making rope &• and burlap has become veiy acute'' due to loss of supplies from the Orient. Hemp can be. grown successfully i n Texas particularly in the Rio Grande valley. McDonald said <jrana ° . , R - w - Fail-child, assistant attorney general who wrote the opinion, said that growth or DOS session of hemp-except oi fibers m cultivated for fiber Texas under strict regulation. • Forced To Destroy Crop Captain Aldrich said that an ef- jort was made for large-scale hemp P oduction near Raymondville. but that officers forced the owners to d £ str °y the. crop at considerable financial loss to the owners }aw enforcement b;- April i might be wiped" out production slashes. The chairman forecast the! 3 lowest statewide yield since rte-' sra. of the giant East Landscape i -^viiiv/u iv 1TUJI IGAQi Museum By Bert Kahn ; Picture Hung Tuesday The Texas Technological college ^»~ "-- - - J Art institute Tuesday announced "You'd almost have to nut guards around every field to keen h _ and -power in- -..- ~.^^m. us'"- ana -power industry for the week ended January 111 S Tnn> I n idrl 4_ f. 4_i_t f *v,__ 1 ' - -. ,__, ,,, Ui tr E.ster sswlng for grown _ ups [ - ««t«.wv* LII el llJLc (344,000 kilowatt hours. Feo&ttred-in Tucsday anging of an oil painting in Texas museum as a loan by :ri.KaZm of Lubbock. \ t ^i ic P' clui ' e . a landscape, "Bridge by Robert Vunnoi/. an s -c • nainter born in ]R5i; yt Hy --'->-d Conn. Vonnoh began his art train- <nz m a lithographer's shop, and wnen the Massachusetts formal Art school of Boston was opened n 13/3 was one of the first pupils to re gl ster. He then studied for a fime with the impressionists. He later taught in. the Massachusetts Normal Art school and for many years in thc 'Museum of Fine -\rt^ aoston, and Pennyslvania Ada, ennysvania Ada- demy of the Fine Arts, Philadel- Dhia. , c portraits, besides many r».pr over , other pictures. Among Ins portraits are that ot his was purchased by be<=l li, e se y li, e Brooklyn Museum of Art. and the two he painted of Dr. S. Weir Mitchell one in the Pennsylvania Ac Sc!crny of Fine Arts and the other m the Philadelphia College of Surgeons. One of his best known landscapes is "In Flanders Fields." In the main reading room of the college library is a large oi j paint . ng by vonnoh, a gift to the co - legc from Lee Harrison, Lubbock oil man. NEW New shipment of Children's Slock Suits in colorful plaid shirts with solid blending Slacks and in alf over s o 1 id colored styles . - . in ar outer shirts .choice. . . 2.98 Civil Service Exams Scheduled This Week Four civil service examinations CedUled !?- r this week ^ a ? COI : dl »g to Charles Today 53 persons are to lake an aminatio examination for room stenographer- the cnvT'TTTv a - n examination is scheduled for junior grain inspector and nine persons have been notified. Friday 18 are to tike an examination for assistant marketing specialist. Saturday at Draughon's Business college 65 men are to take an BppSIJ« r £ r machin] "st learner. f the the leaves nearest to the 'l «. India, the plant is known hasheesh or hashish. Benson Talks On Bonds Program At Luncheon Of Lions On Tuesday citT^ need ° f every Patriotic citizen supporting the federal government's war bond and stamp, purchase program by J regular buying of these securities was emphasized by George Benson chairman of the county com- mutcc promoting the sale, in a talk at a Lions club luncheon r »esday noon in , Hilton hotel. Uay Anderson and R. H Bean were program chairman, the former presiding. President Vernice Ford announced C. L. Goodnight as a new member. -U". H. Evans welcomed four recent members, B. B Van Dcrcn, .1. C. Watson, M. &• S I o n c and Lieut. Talmadge Bergen, into the club tim!.h eCtorS> a . 1 D meet = n S after 'the luncheon, voted to buy milk for at least one needy child' A plea for assistance was made to the club because food stamps issued not Pastor Lays Claim To Preaching Record) Is In Pulpit 24 Hours NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 24. (/PI— The Rev. D. W Whittaker, 36-year-old pastor of the Independent Pertecost church here, laid claim to a record today after rounding out a 24-hour session in his pulpit. Pausing only to sip water from time to time, the former Los Angeles minister l"i? a ^ ed , continuously from 6 P. M. Sunday until 6 o'clock last night. His theme was America, Back to God." •',', Tllc c °n£i'egalion staved vvith me," he said pridefulJy. or at least, others came in to take their places." Arrest Of Alien 'B>-Th» United Prrssr WASHINGTON, March' 24 __ fhe arrest of »»• estimated 3 000 alien seamen who have deserted- then- ships and thereby delayed shipment of war material has Rayburn's Portrait Displaces That Of Bowie In Capitol A por ' Ju * h AUSTIN, March 24 (U.R) Sam Rayburn"of ^onham.^Tex today displaced the picture o James Bowie in the Texas House wi representatives. .Rayburn was relegated to the appropriations committee room, burn was speaker of the Texas legislature in 1911 and his portrait was ordered Placed m the House by a resolution of the last legislature The portrait is by Douglas •handor of W.eatherford Tex Bowie's portrait has hung in the Texas House of Representatives for many years, as have oil wmtings of Stephen F. Austin o? ( Houston, othei Rayburn's picture wa' m^" " n Bowie's Place the only modern Texan so honored had Bow^° V ' JameS ste P hcn Hog L Alamo was designer of'thl Bowie nen weapon of frontiers- .President Ford also announced next Tuesday would be "District Governors Day." honoring H C Fender, of Lubbock, district governor. . 6 "Just what the Doctor ordered" ARROW SPRING TONES If a Jong hard winter has made you blue fhk - Arrow sloped collar in' the C eS style, scnfor.zed shrunk (fabric shrinkage | e \s than ;;H t £y A ° Ve T ChQff?P 9 cer ' f ^ seams and see Arrow Spring Tones today. SHIRTS $3 TIES 1.50 HANDKERCHIEFS 50c SHORTS with grippers, 75; e |Q S fi c waistband, 85c POWDER-MITTS —~-^vv'. r v county's allotment amounted to - hi the county.' Bonds must be purchased at the rate of $12 «. x°s. aw r'"!«.•"&;; K'<m 1 ,« 1 ° la ' s ^ al "°»" l » After explaining thc pledge which was later presented each member, Benson added, "we wan Sun? "°'''° 00 PlGdSeS in ^"Vbocl |y make the winning of this wir s^nggg^g a^Ld" 5 '" 655 HEARING IS SET HOUSTOiV, March 24 hearing for Saturday has be f,^°".- ai ? ? me " d ed motion for a i m the case of Helen secretary who was sent-3 years in prison after of the murder of her • = A'.r J - C ' Fr anklin. . ..- JS . S OKeefe has been held in jail since her trial cn ded March O. i vi I Service Exams Announced For Area Examinations for positions of junior stenographer,, paying $1 440 a year, and junior typist pay »ng §1,260 a year, have been announced by the United States Civil Service commission. Age limits are 18 to 53 but the maximun ^ge hrmt docs not apply to persons granted military prelercnce be- because of military or naval service, The register resulting from Us examination will be used fa uUmg : vacancies in these positions "n various federal government . Application card form 4000 ABC Tenu Sr-, lenth U. S. Civil Service District Customhouse, New Orleans La . area seamen tlius fai-, followed a study by the State and Justicl departments ' and the Maritime commission. "nue Will Be Deported The Justice department said that every effort would be made to induce the men to return to their berths. If this fails, they u-Hl be deported. The desertions cover several years. A breakdown by nationalities was not available immediately but it was said that the seamen !T'£r S< V? ted vir tually all the Un" ted Nations. Milk Short Course Is Scheduled At College win T' k ^ nil « n ' ans short course will be offered at Texas Tecli- nological college April 20-22 in cooperation with the bureau of food and drugs of the state health ' 1 ™ 61 Said The meeting v/ill be ™ C n to £i°fK e ^ isl »ng to attend. City -^alth officers, city and state-milk • sanitarians, milk dealers and ' . are invited, cay s program primarily to the •" industry. Free book'by twelve authors telling" use of a' product from the th. quickly released them from the misery O f Psoriasis, Eczema. Athlete's Fcot. Acne anccsa Ulcers. «ch. - Poison Oak- - J-' P. Q. Box 5170 Chicago. AIRPLANE SERVICE We do all kinds of repair service on ail types of Aircraft Our staff consists of. 6 mechanics and 10 Commercial pilot- to teach you to fly We have New and Used Airplanes for sale ' •• CLENTBREEDLOVE AERIAL SERVICE Govt Approved Advanced School Municipal Airport. Dial 2.9950 when and where forfwritte " examination. information and appli- i rms may be Ee cu«d from f.rst or second-class postof- ,n the states of Louisiana and PROJECTS ARE APPROVFn WASHINGTON, MaVch 24% -The Federal Works agency today allocated §50,530 for mate ' tenance of these ' DIAL Day or Night Ambulance SANDERS Funeral Home C This clever powder mitt fits your hand snug!y . . -with it you con pot your after-bath ever ,fy and •mwthly ._. . drenching yourself in the frogronc, of opp.'e blossom or boquet powder.', .finely f Q5n . b-ed in a rosy print en a field of bf UE , rose, yelfcw, white...the perfect g,fr...V/OULD WAKE A VERV N'fCE EASTER GIFT, each EXTRA POWDER REFILLS ARt OBTAINABLE AT 50c EACH GOOD USED FURNITURE BUYS Good Used Norge $«• —00 Refrigerator ____ Good Used Steel Ice Refrigerator _ Goo<3 Used Cabinet Electric Radio Good Used Table To pGas Range _ Good Used Walnut 8-Piece Dining Suite ____ 4-Pc. Bird's Eye Maple Bedroom $^ - 50 Suite ________ _-_ 5l!| Trade Us Your Old Furniture HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE COMPANY 1212 Ave. H Dial 6201 00 k50 , ind *age collection and „.„ „ voclont conirnl "Rn\ •* * . 30, garbage disposal sys"ern' ' comfort station, Hooks. ' r»T*« l( ,^ ro 11t> Defense Bond TODAYl 3 DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT Only LESTERS tremendous buying power enables you to get this $150 value for only PAY $1,50 WEEKLY IOTP B R O A D W A Y \

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