The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 22, 1948 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1948
Page 5
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T»« News. Fr««*riek. MC. T*«i-s«»r, July ::, l»« Burdette To Vie In Akron Derby Events Twelve-vear old J.ramy Eur- dett« oi Gaithersfaurg who comes irom a Soap Box Derby £amil. goes 10 Akron, Oiuo. to compete in che _ Baker Ideal j^ns the aationa: derby finals as The . Aas charge j wt -.h .j^ i o . ,,_(.» _*· » . Z « n » i r - i *riii * r-i-*~-W* * ·-* * v j Cream Of Municipal Loop Loses* 9 to 3 ' In an only fairly welt attended inter-league Softball game. Civic Ail-Stars trounced the creaia of the Municipal loop combine. 9-3. Wednesday evening at Staley Park C:\itans -ar hurler. Melvm Sch\i earing \\as the winning pit- F/ve Finalists In Soap Box Derby Here result of winning tne tn-countv championsiup here Wednesdaj af- ternoer^ The trip Is made possible by The News-Post, co-sponsors of the Frederick - Carre" - ! county races. B'-irdef.e tae ^o" o£ Mrs "Mar.sorie Burd«*tte. haa a smile a yard \\.de a he \\a^ announced £s the \\.nier a: t^e judges" star.d £o',ou.-g : v e rsce Beaming pro'jd'v ard itar-d ng bes.ce h.^i were h.s rrother, a.i brothers. Ha*-r\. \\ro has rscea -T \Vssh_!j|r:c:j Soap Bsx Deroy contest in past yea'- £~d LeRo Jimscj s rather .s deed The joung rzcer no; orl»~ - \ 0:1 the trip to Akror but -e a ! o received the coveted N cWota- D-ov- stadt tropcy, pre^er.'ed bv : k e Kev Dairy- after derricked starting the fifth with Cy Moore Potomac Edison doing a magnificent lost-cause re- Ea' allowed seven hits ,a-id ·-even run during his lour inning slaruns role. Four ru"s in the third innicg cracked the game for the Civic Leapue Pitcher Sch'Aearing walked Of:uU tCiMtam ^ingied followed b Jun-or Firen-.en Jacobs ~ins;le '.oaang the base;. Heedt'r' 'Junior:-- was walked forcing i n ' " a run j L'pp* tCivstan 1 s.ngied ana Ns- i jrv-r;. -NECA doubled, racing three ' more taihes across in the fateful [ ^:a r ·.^a [ To-isgh* a Civic .eague post- · Chalet Sales, co-sponso.n, t,e «^«« e ^^ **** ^. events I Gaithersburg Boy ! Winner Of Derby i (Continued front Pace 11) i sponsor John Cheatbam bad had | the car whisked away to guarded ' storage according to rules, to be ! repainted "Frederick News and i The Post, Md" and kept under guard until both boy and racer get , to Akron where he undertakes to nationally defect the Tri-Coun!y Soap Box Derby honors won yesterday. American League Results Yesterday Washington. 6, Detroit, i New York. 7-8; Cleveland. 3-12 Boston, 3-10; Chicago. 1-9 St. Louis. 17; Phdadelpiua, 5 Games Today ·Cleveland at N'ew York Chicago at Boston 2 *Si Louis at Philadelphia Detroit at Washington ·N.ght garr.e Standings Of Th- W. .. 51 ... 53 | Cleveland Philadelphia Young Burdet'-e v,cr a complete outfit of clothfri the pv"ror.j! g'J* of Jacob Goldberg president of the Frederick Iron and Ste.'l Co--par^ The outfit ircluaer ,, sai of clo--.e;. shoes, bat.-shirt. u".derwe.T. SOCKS. tie and handkerchief in addition to a traxeisns bar Furthermore he csp'u-cd the X- Acto TJoderhiaKers tool k.t for the best designed car in the race and a baseball rriit frc-n Do-=ev Sn.o- ley s for '.re fa-te^' mat .n :ne contest Second-place -'..r.rer Tcrnin Hershev, also cT Gu.fer^bur;;. o:i of Mr. and Mr? Charle-5 T Hershey. x\ on tre Co j-^o.a oc\c!e provided ;hro^j::i C'jop^rat.on of Delphey s store Dan-el Lutma-.. of Bru"-w ck son of Mr. srd Mr^ V.' C'a-jde Lutman. carried ho-re t.-.e RCA i portable rad-o furi'.T.ed b\ Sh.p-. ley's store for ti.;rd place honor- James H Mos=bur? -son of Mr and Mrs. Preston Mo«burg. of Frederick, w h o took fourth place. \vas awarded a Meteor cand'd camera, case, flash attachment s-'d a dozen flaih bulo from the Photography and Sport Shop. ' Wilbur Main son of Mr and Mrs. Frank Main. Fredcr-ck fifth received a fishing rod and reel offered by De»phe\ » Lsons Club 01 the StaJey Park The Ec«re R H E Municipal 3 7 4 Cixic 9 11 Bsker 'Ideal . Moore f P E and Msllonee -C and P« Schv/earing iCsvitani. and Datrow 'Csvstant. Garrctt 'Juniors'. Four pr ze v :niT-; :n V/ednes-' p- da i Soap Bu\ Dc:b jjote happ.iy !i '" here \\ sth Cnar^p.^n Jar-;t-· ' Bee 2 J r " Cjrde'.te. Gaiint-i^bure. after receiving thesr ax^ard" from the juiigt.-^ On tiic extreme left is the ' Chatr.p' clutching .'u-. Xicklas Drei,^tadt plaque. ; .i « " JJ c-r :;: t i Au York ' Boston Detrost Photo by Frank Keftfr for the Xev/s and Post burg and Wiiour Slain, bo'.h of miee-day e\p «j=e- -it-ind between tne Washington j the X-*:onal d^rb, at Champion and the " Hird Luck" ^* Lou ; '.i;-i 15 to repreiU.'it F:ci- prize receiver Leon Crummitt.«*· "icago and Montgomery RFD !. Frederick, extrame right,* 48 48 4"* 37 30 37 36 36 ·52 47 51 55 Pet. .614 .589 .571 .571 .500 .440 .370 .329 i-:Kk-C a : i o 1 1 i- 1- -:'.e S^'cetid third, fourth aud v. no v.-as knocked out o: conipeti- GAME O\ Sl'XDAY f - f t h plate »-.:nners T o m m y s !O n in the first heat \\lien his car Th e Harmonv and Frederick 1 J i -he.- Gasthersburg; Daniel Lu'- crashed the -fence' !j. Biu:i"Aick. Jam^s A Mosi- National League Result's Yesterday Erooklvn 9-7. Chicago 3-1 "Philadelphia 3 Pittsburgh 2 Ho-'on 6 Cincinnati, 2 S 1 , Ltmis. 8. N'cv. York. 4 "Ten inuing- 'loday T at Cincinnati ladtlph.a at P.ttburgh (2) -*u "i OTK at St Louis '2j Brook!;, ti at Cn-,-a?o Of The T« W L Boston ... 51 34 Brool.l}!! . -i'5 38 St. Louis ... 42 39 Pittsburgh . .. 42 40 New York .. 40 40 Philadelphia 41 45 Cincinnati 39 47 Chicago 35 50 RESET GAME FOR TONIGHT - p m Crbana .-oftbalk-r-. got tiie.r i datei t\vs!ed bv; a game scheduled" v..;h Rock;'. on F:raeric'-. E'.'n Street r - |! '" d.-Tior.d. for Wedne-dax . ~ .S,)i.:. :he , . io ' ' A calendar was misread and ' T. C st V .:U be plaved ton-ht, CATCHES MARL1.V A man identified as C S Murray. , nines are to battle Sunday at one ' o'clock in a doubieheader on the ' Freder:;k High diamond. The .Harmony nine, which defeated the " Bsrtonsville Blazers 18 to 11 last ^-1 interchange of te!epnone · Frederick, boated a 40-pound mar- Sunday, wants to book games at Urbana crs. and Rotky 100 Golfers To Take General Chairman .Mike Brittain i . T TI TJ awarded a number of other prizes " ilrt In Tourney Here after decisions had been made by j Approximately 100 professional Judges Paul ilcAuliffe. Cnarlcs and amateur golfers from clubs | Taylor and Robert Xicode-ni" Hard-iuck prize, of course, went to Leon Crurrr^'tt F'-eces l ck. Route 1, the only crack-up victim He received a baseball and bat from Shiple"s A precision-bench vise lias and Aikrnan award. best upholstered job in went to Peter Fahrney ick. Hershey took the Hool model gasoline motor for model a.rplanes offered for the oest steering me- throughout Maryland are expected to compete m the pro-am tou r na- ' merit being sponsored by the Catoctin Country Club next Mon- , day. The teams will tee-off at 10 ' o clock for the S100 added money ] the Co!- offered by the Frederick club. j the Robert (Huncei Grove. Catoc- car tin pro will compete but last night j of Freder- had not selected his amateur partner. for anv I Robert Butier. th;s city, captured i the Tru-temper fishing rod for the car with the best body. Peterlee Shipley. Frederick, v.-as j awarded a baseball glove from i Shipley's for the car v.ith the least* precis.on. ; Rudy Sllfer Middleiovrn, -.vas the winner of the oaseball glove , from Shiple\ s for the car \vith , the best brakes. I The most sportsmanlike driver j award, a bssebal! glove from Sh:p- i ley's, went to Walter Lee Monath. Frederick All the drivers in the race will · be the guests of John R Cheatham. ! the local Chevro'et dealer, at a ' professional baseball game in Washington ~ Carroll countv bc=;t time Alien ' Bere. Westminster badminton set Frederick county best tirre Dartel Lutman, Bruns\vic badrrsnton ! set. Montgomery county best time. '· James Burdette bacri^iTon «et i Each of those v ho did not share in the too award' received a flashlight and batteries. · mm WAY DO AMERICAS M Thousands acclaim MRS. PROOUCTS CORPORATION Nnr triMfwidc, N. J. :^N? \ V- NOT.-...Mrs. Filbert's country-fresh goodness comes right from the package to jour table--in rcady-to-sorve, in\icing golden quarters! Delicious! Tastes better than the most expensive table spread! And what a tlme-sa\er! E--en with the 10c per pound Federal Tax you pay, Mrs. Filbert's ello'« quarters arc ALWAYS Others choose MRS. FILBERTS "IN THE BA6"f Costs so lirdel So easy to use! Just break the "press-to-change" capsule...knead the bag. la 2 minutes Mrs. Filbert's becomes buttercup ellow! No dishes or hands to ·wash! It's the easiest coloring margarine you can buy! And the best-tasting! Spreads smooth on bread...enriches all your cooking. Stays deliciously countrj-fresh in the air-tight bag. ^r^ 1 *£ L ^ --- - - ---*:^- ~^* TO COLOR i/ /r | You'// agree... bought YELLOW A or "IN THE BAG" MRS. FILBERT'S MARGARINE is the finest table spread ^_ yow ever tasted ! UNfrs OF VITAMIN A KITCHEN SECRET Many women buy ,.£; Mrs rnorT"' 5 "'" th£ baS " t0 ^ Filbens yellow quaners'for quick table use. Try'en, both! At your grocer's now. i m w h i l e f n h n g off Oc^an City. according to reports ironi U:e Maryland resort The fi£h v. as one of 14 taken Tuesday. Middle:ov,n 84-M. Io dealers: If your store does not have stock, you can obtain by calling J. H. Filbert. Inc., Armstrong it Maplewood, Haferstown, Md., Haccntowa 420» Grand Coulee Darn hulks as the largest structure ever built by i man. PRICES EFFECTIVE JULY 23 AXD 24 J E L L O AND JELLO PUDDINGS ffinso GI^XT PKG. 34 Wheaties A Breakfast For Champions 12-oz.pkg. 2 Qc REFRESHING Grapefruit Juice 46-oz. cans G. L. BAKING rOMPANT SONNY BOYS A DEUCIOUS Ib. 33 MARYLAND BISCUIT COMPANY Windsor Castie ASSrD CAKES Convenient To Have An Extra Box pfeg- 45 tacky *' America's' .Favorite- · Woods Syrup Sjrup of Finer Quality PiUsbmrv PIE CRUST MIX pkg. NO 2 CAN pkg. 34c 31c 10c PAP-SETTE CHEESE . . . SUfiSWEET PRUNE JUICE * TOMATO JUICE 10-B-LOW ICE CREAM MIX K O G L - A I B . P k PEANUT BUTTER *. ^ JELLY , , n AUNT .TE^IDIA SILVER CARE AXD DEVIL'S FOOD MIX PORK BEANS . . . . GOLD SEAL GLASS WAX . oz. glass I QC mi\ PKQ- *fOC . a 12c . pt 59c McCORMsCK TEA BEs,T ICED DRINK tcitb ,!».«, ift.CM -1.42 49 UGBTBt, FKBt CARES LIFEBUOY TOItt? SOV 2^21 S A F E , OU.CK MILD| LARGE 33 Sci-y-1 Savt-M Stores MOMC OWMCO HOMC O P l R a T f O CARMACK'S GROCERY CO. CIHUPLKTK flHUt tllHKKT MARKET THIRD STREETS SLICED BACON ENDS LS- 39 LEAN SMOKED SHOULDERS . POCKET VEAL ROAST . 49 39 FRESH PORK SAUSAGE 55 FANCY STEER CHUCK ROAST MEATY PORK CHOPS or ROAST 65 65 RED STREAKED COO3NG APPLES 4 *, HOME GROWN GREEN BEANS 3 *- 29 25 CALIF. JUMBO CANTALOUPES each 25 FANCY FIRM Slicing TOMATOES 2 *. CALIF. LARGE JUICY LEMONS . . 35 35 Home Grown Cobbler Potatoes 10 39 FANCY FLORIDA ORANGE JUICE S2.7O) 23 NEW PACK EARLY JUNE PEAS ... 2 (CASE NO 2 CANS 19 LIBBY'S CALIF. PEACHES (HALVES) . . (CASE $6.75) LAPGE CAN Fresh White iVSarshmallows Fancy Peach or Pineapple Preserves 25 WHOLE SWEET PICKLES pL jar 29 RED MARASCHINO CHERRIES . . 8-oz. bottle 25 FANCY PLACED STUFFED 25 FRESH PURPLE PLUMS (PACKED IN SYRUP) CASS 35 LIPTON'S ORANGE PEKOE TEA . . . PKG 20° * BAKER'S DRY or rVIOiST COCOANUT WHEATIES (Breakfast of Champions) ^ AH Brands Soap Powders or Flakes SNOWDRIFT FLOUR . . . . 10 H, YELLOW AMERICAN CHEESE . . . . ALL BRANDS OLEOMARGARINE 'SFAFLRI NEWSPAPER!

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