The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 29, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1924
Page 14
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P\GF RHIRTF.F.N. It. 111 ' '.l- 1 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 29. 1U24 Today's Markets * Grain, Stock, Produce m CASH MMSl uanue of op i ions F u: n.t By Qi ,-i.n Mm kei >ig Co B'O Hoi .it at.yh• witev Gui'dlnQ C.rn Un:hnn-cd to l'/b Cents lK„iier in Lo ::l i.iari .-'.s Today. i ii .iuiy. AT CHICAGO. Wheat. -CIM.VII— 0|."ii II ;.« I ..iw Tt »ln> 1 -i j- I .,f> |.»„>i l.'.8Vj| 1.-3% I.M>a 1 .;. , 1 *U4> !.«-*» I.6.-.4 1.4..» I.I 'i 1.1. U 1.4. •;« Co. I.I.-. I.ii". 1.13?. I .HH l.-'D, .•.:-Vi l.::u». 1.21?. l.;u ; . i.Ji ,, i...: i l.'Jl 1 . l.^l?« oiu. ..',::'. .M .52'i .r .1'4 ._-»'. .is>.» .:.«« .7.7 .561a EEAVY TRADING KEEPING UP ,'.SH •"I'j 1.51 1.2* AT KA.'lSAS CITY 1.33v» l.'S'i I.94H l.:i|. , Lillet 1.31' 1.2.',% 1.27.J, l.2G'A I l).c. ; -M:i>' July Tvl.iy. l.lT'.i I...4 I.I - Chi'ivr). Nov. 8:'.—K.-.iI of tin ninntli uilj-.i.stiiiciit uf am, nii- lvijiilii-iiiiil ihn whrnt in:ii:..:t l.,d. :, at [111! . I .lln.T.ll d- v..r.i• • Monday on Di'f. nm:n..| : , \..JV JonkMl fur lr .it i'..;.. r .1 to p -'i:;.-. mtn :<:r.'iv: hund--.. Tin: 1,1.1 • clo -c<l mi. '• II:<• • I m •',« ism i' illii,. in > B c aihiituc; ii.'c i-l..",:, tu Ji .r ,i nml .May ?l.'J."' t to $>.W._. Clil.-;i it, ,\uv. *.:i... i -'rTir nr ii .ill 11 i> frost in Ai^.'iil:n:v t .i .i.lcd tu lift wh-.rit prir. .1 in .lity • flu. r .uly ilr.-ilinrs. J .r|:-o ,"i.s from Ari:<mii,;( ivcro to thr rf .rci Unit tli.. w.;iili'r lirol luriiril colder :i:::iin. rd >;i:iu-hes wore at liatnl .sis: ii>-: that Ati..i;a! nn crop i .•'ima! •' 1 'i ((cm I'oiiiK riMlurotl an.l tii.u fil'.y prr rout, "f tar o :;;.on- aire :-:-,irp.ii.< in Aru:r:i.l;i luul in- I'.jui;. In • 11 iliti|in..r;] of. 'I 'll'- op -'ti- ! movement ciT till) r.t'iv corn crop In:: wlir-li run:iiil lioin -"^r (ler.-ne j tended tu keep tho prfcu of corn tu '.:. aiUanrr-, \v.\h Lei-cmlier i anil mils relatively eagy. It was .'1.7.1 in Sl.'.l'.j nail .May 41.ii-\-.i j po.nlial nut, howrver, iliat for the in nscu was liy a nun- | lust 26 years May corn has Invar!- rral (l |.tilin in •lay « I 'inirh Wncal. -'_"lnsril 1.4 ?i l.t'l't 1.47 1-471*4 l..,t-,» l.."i-'va f.:.3H 1.54 1.3i LaiiJi Cora, 1.(14 l.W''i 107% IMti i.HH 1.12% i.'a 7 .* l.'2?» l.lll l.H0« Oats. S3 .53 E.S% -hShi nl tlr ii soiiic'!i,n;i of a rraii on, f-t;n<rlally for Hie Do- ri-inbiT (Uiiivoiy. ! i'uin ami o. u nynipa'hl^fil ivl'.li |'.it mar!,-ri aiLancy; (if,o;.n ;e iimii r -f rnni anil onis wurt..'.i! .Ml. r i^cniu.,; ut ',.<<: off to '..•<• up. May SI -<>'.i to U.-l'»'"ii fi'orej in.i ' ra.ns all arr-iiini. j l..i:>i. lli'- to.n niLiiiii't tloyc-'o'i- I '•I ual- jv iiiirat sr.n'ih o\, 111:4 t" ' , i// , ;<>nt .'/) tliat nu laj'j.i! IUOVL'- tii'..'nl if tin' n< w i rup was in si; hi. (lats, :'!a:ii'il i',t; lirrj .'n,i in '.st- ' ii 'ivalKii, .'.iay r,.-. 1 , lo TiS.iC J.iuii' . a.I jiiiin :h:; ...liuv .'Lil tsri.'ni.. aiiv ,..iii*. : H :.-llT i |li, laLail'.l nil lloiM ^avv: LUI, ni;tli tu tlin pro. i.,i:m maiiitil. .if. HIIOVI'J y,i3tor i ably BOIJ hljlicr nftor Suvemtier. itme of Trading in Wall Slic .'u Stock* is Un- diminishct]. Now York, Nov. 29.—Stock prices niovcil vlgoiou.'.ly ahead HB iradins rontlnucci In undiminished volume. W'i'.ekly men.nmllo rovlows, attesting to the current Improvement In all lines of business, provided n .:ound basis for tho contlnnntloii of jnllish cnlhuslanm. Buying orders wero spread over a wide list of r.pcctilativB Issues In , tho steel, motor nnil public utility groups, while southwestern rails again responded to favorable merger and divider,il prospects. Not gains in tlio active stocks ranged from 1 to 5 points with about vo score Issues achieving new peak prices for tho year. Hock Island, St. Paul preferred and American Wollen -./era forced lo absorb heavy selling at times UVESiOCK MARKET deliveries here on December con- Favorablo weather to permit the ; aru j II , g, steel also met large of' " ' ferlngs. The cloBlng was strong. •Sales Approximated 1,100,001) shares. To New High Levels. Now York, Nov. 211.— Stock prices soared to Iilsh levels again today in one of tho most spirited Saturday trading sessions since the elcc* tlon. Tiadlns gradually ga.buret! momentum, culminating In a vigorous rally at the close under the leadership of Atchison, which mounted three points *o a new 1921 high price. .More than forty new hi"h records wore established on a total tuL^ver which, exceeded 1,000,000 shares. llcmnnil for provisions w ..j stiniu- lmed by nai '.e forecasts of scarcity cf hogs before tho winter is over. hUi'CHi&ON GilAIN Kansas City Qr .-.'.n. I Kattf .ta C;:y, Nov. 2:i - rV lli:.\ I , --lt.-ri.i|ii3 I:;II r. r.-; u..i , iKiii;'.r:i tu ; li- lo.ii r; No. 2 dark liard f l..".U..*> j 1 I;H; No. " darn li-'irl H l-ti»: ! No 2 hard >..'••' 1 >>'"• :i i SI.Kii 1.1,7; No. i! r .! «.«<•« U>»: j u,,,,,,,, No. a r. il SI."!'-, i.'.n. i sales CtlU.\'--i ll'.ilal'K ' ' ' ' ' • Sales of hard and dark wheat un- cliauKCd to one cent higher. Good ik 'NiaiJil. Sales of ».-orn unchanged to ono cent bleber und Just fair demand. Sales of milo and kafflr uncbaiir'.i-il to two cents higher, better (.Vnian.-! for kaffir and advance R on liaff .r. Iteccpls of wheat In llulehinson toil-.iy: cars; corn 3 ears; kaff.r iind n'.'.n r.i; rye 1. One week ago HI r .-Ts and one year nga 20 cars. Itrcripls at var.oas o:!ier termi»i- al.-,: Fi'linu Hi; Wii-liila Kin- lias City ISO; St. I.ouia tIS; Omaha Ch ;rai;r> o.a; Minurapolis 2fi 'J; .1 to 1 i.„c hl-li- ! , Wimr .peR 1(12!!. here today Kaiu-ias City •; No 2 white ii l>«' .'! l.i'T; No. o. :i ji---,.-.v .'l.ii 1.07 , i 1.1-7; No. (i Vi'S— U.'uliai'.i" No. a iilr ul,ii» Sl.os; No. 2 111 xui! inixi ;1 $i 0 I "i •il; No. 2 ;i M M/.i: ;ii!" tsto;';-d ; sali'., i:i 1 V.i. i i> . 1.7'"). Giles. Kansas City l«- ; 1 at 1..",!!; 1 al i Hi' \T: 2 V:: 1.:.. ; ;: at 1 :: D;i-.:-.: 2 al l..".<' ; 1 Hard-. 2 at I-",:- , ; 2 at l.aa; 1 in 1 r.l; I ai 1 1 a: 1..1 71 at l.f.n> •; -1 at'; 3 at 1.1V..;.; a al 3.-in. " 2 llnrd: 1 iti l.aS; 1 at 1..V7; '.' at i.r -'jj l in l.'.i'.j; i ni i .r .;;',i; s at 1..'i2; 1 at l.allj; 1 at l..",i; I at l.Ml'i; -I if i.'.u; 1 at l.l'.l. - -l-io.' liai-il. G at 1. l.'ii'a io l :r ; . No. 71 hard, 2 ni 1 ..'•«•.; 1 at 1..-.,-.; It l.a.'l; i at I al l.!7 lo l.lT'j. .No. 1 hard, smutty,'i to l.-is. No. 5 bird, lat l.'.r.-s. No. 1 r', 1 at l.;:i; I nl I.JV., 1 at j.-ll'. No. 2 mired. 1 at 1 .F .7; 1 at 1.51. 2 ram 1 li.-ird . . . (Ill 1 11.32 Ji.r .o i i;i .s 2 ... : -1 . .. 54.4 13.2(1 l.BCVi 1 r.u 2 Ii. 1,1 l-l :i'l .. 6S.T, 13.ri(i 1,55 1 i ar 2 i-r id' ''. .. r.~ i 12 .'," 1.1,4 1 2 1.1 :,l .. .'a 12.00 l.r>2'S 1 I-T i i..- r.l ITli.t'i .. .. r,i: r, 12.SI 1.r.< R J , in s 2 I'l i 'V ' '• .. r,;i 11.'11 1.7,11 7 i -i r 2 ii • r.l . s.7 1 la) 1 l.r.".. •; ias 2 !•: •'I . ,. ti's.~< 11.1 C Lin 2 i .. '. s 2 !'. nl . .. iiyi; ID.3D 1.4'J 1 , ar 2 la ..I v..'.;'!... ... *.'.' 10.72 1.15 1 7 nr 2 Ii: :'il '. .. 7. V 1.7,1 1 3 1 : id . .. .',7.:', 12. H 1.7. 1 i-.-ir 3 a. nl . .. GI i. 3 12.22 1.7.17 I , il- 2 il. 2.2 n >• .. f-fl.7 M.92 l.r.o i ..-ai- ';: h. id'''. .. r.'i.S 1 I.I'll 1.111 I i at 4 la Ii ,1. .. i'l .. r .s. 4 12.7.0 t.r>2 t-oreign txcnjnge. New York, Nov. 29.—Foreign exchanges steady; quotations In cents: (Jrcat nrlta'.n demand 4.62%; cables 4.02 ; i. Franca demand B.39Va! cables 5.10. Ita'y demanrl 4.u3',i; cables 4.34 I7e glum demand 4.S9; cabies •I.SOIB. Orrmony demand 2S.81. Holland demand, 40.32. Switzerland demand 19.31. Oreeco demand 1.7S. Uoland demand 19'.i. NEW YORK STOCKS. rtpptirl'-'l hy Jani.\s l-t. l.l.-nnrtt I'I... Stic l:n:abniiRli-Wlley bulldins, by who troni New York. . tk . tli , lit 1 . ai- 1 w i.r.o l.r.2 muli 'L :; a; 1.7,1; 1 a • j 1 at LIS; smutty. 1 3 H'dt 1 COIiN—1 a Y. low •1 Y.liow 2 While: 2 Willi.'-. 2 :,i\i-'l: 71 d: 12 at 1.07,; HAY.)— a ;•; 1 Yr low: II al 1.0S, : 7 at l.'iT. : t .at l .c;;. 3 II! I.".. 2 it l.MT. 12 ill l .i'T, 2 al 1.1,II; « 1 at 1.0-1"';. wliil e: 1 at at I. 1 1 '1 Knnszs tyly Produce ! Kansas Cliy. Nov. 2*J--EOr.S— I lc lower; 40c; selects SSc. ! I.KN:;— le lower, l'.ic; springs lc .; lo. er. ll'c. \ "I .ILTTKU FAT— 34c. Chlc3 ;o Produce. Cli'.fa.s.i, Nov. 29.—UUTTB3— 'o..i'r; i l-tiaiii-:;,' e.\tras 50c; ...niilards 4.",e; extra firsts 45vi 1 Jr. IvlIGS—lli-liar; firsts, ISjio.'ic: : 1 oriiinury lir: is 42ti 43c; refrigera- I lor e.-.tras 30'i'!'3,c; firsts i )0{j' 2j : .i;(;. I STKKI.S: r.-it'ilvli.-m Steel Cerp t'olo Fuel A; li :i l7o I'l-uell.le Ht.fl Cu I'apt Iron 1'ilu 1 C7o - roilf Hl.ttt-s S:,-el I i In at Ntirlb-. in On. Kortil'lk- Ir-.n & St'fl .. 11 S su-i-1 t-ori) Cjininon ... I U S st.fl r'orp 1'ieferreil .. I f.ll'l-lir.S: ( Anui Siiit-llinp * 1t"flnln|f . Atiar 'Hiibi l.V.pp.-r Co i i.'al'alia'i 7itic l.'.-arl \ rbiao t.'.i-.-ii-.-r Co 1 I'lolft ("o|,i"'r Cn ! Hall" & Slipr-l-ior 1 In.'-.p'rallnn i '.niprr | K"in"K-t'U '.'ai.piT Con.-. III."a Oupptr l.'o 1 olt.S: SJn.-'air CV.n.«'.)lilatc-il ...... 7 ,l;t! l.-lnil I 111 Co l'uiilU- OU C) iV.n-Anin Pi-t & Trans "A" I'ali-Amil I'rt tc Trans '1.1" fur,. I lil r'o l J iii: : ips P.-.i-oteuin t' n A Cu Itny.-ll Hutch Slti-llv Oil Stiindaril Oil nr N J SMinlnril Oil "f Calif Sln-ll Union Oil Tuxas Co Wldl.. Km;!'. O & 11! >S: A T S K Halllioor,.' A O'l.'o f7unin|i:vtl l*ti'.-!ttc Krie Ity. Kiinias City Live Stock. Kansas City, Nov. 29.-CATTLE —llecolpl* 1,000; calves 200; compared with week ago desirable toi sleers and yearlings lOHJ-io high er; short feds and giassers steady to luc h'ghcr; top h.indy weight leers ? 11.50; yearlings fit.25; Bho itotk and bulls steady; calves 5Uc to $1 higher; stacker and feeder sleers steady to 15c hlghor; stock otVKaud heifers dull, steady; slock alves 25(ti50c hlgiier; bulk prices ,'oilow: Fed stoors and yearlings ;7-2D©9.50; grassers J5.00yu.25; butcher cows and heifers $3.40f(j) '..75; ennnors nnd cutters $2.25© 1.25; veals 57.00@9.(!O; stcckor and .ecder steers $5.00M7.00; stock rows nnd heifers $2.75©4.D0; stock alves $5.0067.00. 1IOG3—Receipts 3,500; uneven, .teady to 10c higher than Friday's iverago; shipper top $9.00; pneker :op JS.S0; bulk of sales $S.35 (Q >8 .oo; bulk desirable ISO to 300 pound averages $S,50fi!8.S5; packing sows mostly $8.25(0)3.35; stock pigs SHUEP—No receipts; campared with a week ago fat Inmbs 25©5Uc ileher; good feeding lambj 50(ij!75c higher; sheep 25c higher; week's prices: Bulk wooled lambs $13.25@ 13.85; top $14.00; bulk shorn lambs $11.20311.75; top $12 0 .1; feeding lambs $13.25 «T )H.00; top wooled withers $9.00lSi; shorn wethers mostly $7.50<fJ,7 60; best fat wooled ewes $S,00 mixed short nnd full mouthed breeding ewes $7.80. for sharply lower levol sat all points. Wolghts ot unfinished bogs showed the maximum loss. Strictly choice huuvy butchers sold up to $S,05 Friday ng.Jnsl a top of $9.30 at the close of last week. Hulk ot tho more desirable otter- tirgs ot all weights wero $8.40 to $8.S5. Strong demand :or aheap and lambs on closing days more thnn erased declines ot early In the woek. At the close fat lambs wero 25@50o ilghor nnd Bbeep generally 25c up. Hjth natives and fed westerns made the week's tap of $14.00 Friday nnd the hulk ot the week's olforlngs cashed from $13.00 to $13.85. Feeding lambs were 50W75o higher with Friday's top at $14.00. EMPORIA HAS HIGH HONORS IN FOOTBALL Three Playert from College of Emporia on "All-Kansas." LOCAL MARKETS Sunflower Produce- Heavy hens, 16c; light hens, 13c; springs lGc; stags 12c; Leghorns and blarks, all weights 13c; obi roosters 7c; turneys, No 1 18c; No. 2 Sc; old turns 13c; ducks 10c; geese 8c. EGGS—Fresh, per ioi. 40e. Local urain. WHEAT—tyuoted by Wm. Ketl) Mill) wheat $1.32. SHOUTS—$1.63. BRAN—$1.31. Swift A. Co. BUTTEUFAT—No. 1 39c; No. 2 36... DUTTER—Creamery 42@43c. £GGS—F.esh, 40c. PITSBURG NEXT Taylor of Sterling, Chosen for for Post on Honorary Eleven. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Nov. 29.—HOGS—Receipts 11,000; active; mostly 10c higher; underweight strong to 25c up; Bpots more; top -j9.G0. CATTLE—Receipts 1,000; compared week ago: Better grades yearlings and liandywelght steers 25(iT>40c; higher; other fat stoers !5#2oc lower. SHEEP—Receipts l,0r0; compared with week ago: Fat Inmbs mostly $1 higher. Wichita Live Stock. Wichita. Kan., Nov. 29.—HOGS —Receipts 500; 15c hlEber; top $3.75: bulk $S.10(fi'S.70. CATTLE—Receipts 300, Including 100 calves; tor week, butcher stuff steady to strons; eauners 15c higher; cutlers and bulls steady; veal 50c higher; stockers steady to strong. 2 KAFFIR: 2 white — 1 at l .:.S; whit". II al 1.7.V Ml 1.0: 1 i:rr yllow No. 2. fl.OS. II ' RI.ICV — 1 rar .-anil e, 77c. II VII: 1 rar No. 2, 1.231:.. KAK COIIN: 1 at l.r I. >. lli.w. Potatoes. I'hlci-gn, Nov. 29. -POTATOES— 'I'l'adi::;; 1 hi, market dull on Lor.liri 'n, weak on western stock; r-o :ly fair 10 ordinary quulitj ruallty isu-.-iii -il round whit-s 70^ Close .. "1 ..140 .. sn»i .. 3S .. r,i ..11714 ..121"-i 3H ?.j 4 , 2r,''4 sirp. l'.l«, n i'."'t 1'••?•« so 15-fJ ,..25 I'* 27'-, .'.'. 4614 ... 21?; ... :i7» ... r.3^ ... 2(1 1'. ... 43-, ... 2 «'.s ...iiriVi 31 Live Stock Review Kansas City, Nov. 29—Beef steers were from 10 to 25 centa higher for the week on the Kansas City livestock market, hogs unevenly 35 to 60 cents lower and sheep 25fr> 50c higher, says the Corn Too Soft, Chicago, Nov. 29.—Much of the corn crop of the seventh federal reserve dstrlct Is too soft for cribbing or high market grading, according to the monthly business conditions report of tho Federal Reserve Dank of Chicago. Reports to the bank from 197,664 farmers show that 16 per cent of the crop In Illinois, 31.4 per cent In Indiana, 25,2 In Iowa, 40.9 in Michigan and S6 lu Wlscousl was In a moist condition. Broomcorn* Wichita, Kan., Nov. 29.—BROOM CORN—Market lower. Cnrlol receipts and sales. Good quality self working and hurl Lindsay 7@10c: good quality self working and hurl Oklahoma dwarf 5 -i .i7c; medium quality short of self working western dwarf and standard 35i5c; common, sound bright tipped short ot self working western, lVi4'3c: common no grnde Bialned and damaged l@2c. Clearing House Statement. New York, Nov, 29.—The actual condition of clearing house banks and trust companies for the week (.ive days) shows an excess lu reserve of $11.09-1,-ISO. Rest dc- creased $17,799,600, compared with last week. Kansas City Hay Kansas City, Nov. 29—HAY weoMy review today of the market celpts 7S cars, unchanged news service. United States depart-' »••••"'•''» nl " mont of agriculture ALFALFA—Choice $23.00fS:24.5tl; No. 1, $20.50022.50; standard A shortage of the better grades 17.50@20.00; No. 2, $14.50#17.00; of grain fed steers and yearlings advanced prices 10 to 25c, while other feds and graspers were quoted slrong to 15c up. Medium weight fed steers averaging 1.238 pounds made the week's top at $11.50 and best yearlings landed at $11.25. Bulk of fed offerings were of quality to sell from $7.25 to $9.50; practically all grades of she stooK maintained a steady basis, although cannPra were dra^gy at times. Killing calv". "-ere 50 to 51 higher, top veals $9.00. Excessive rec ipls ot begs at all principal markets were responsible No. 3, $7.00® 10.00. Cotton Market. New York, Nov. 29.—Cotton spot quiet; middling 23.75c; futures closed easy; Decomher 23.2Sc; January 23.39tf-23.43c: March 23.70 © 23.77c. A man WHO failed to attend church In Engtand In the seventeenth ceniury was guilty of a pun isliable offense. (By Tile Associated Press) Topekn, Knn., Nov. 29—The Col- logo of Kntporla takes high honors with three men on tho tnythlcnl "all-Knnsns Conference" football tenm selected by Charles E. Hobbs, Topeka State Journal Bports editor, nftor R vote ot the conference coaches on their choices. Two Pittsburg Manual stars rated the first team. Tho honorary elevens follow; First Team, "Pes. nr-rtsch. College of Emporia ....UR. lbueluy. Hi'lhanv t,, r p, Webber, lluiporla Teachers L. Q, Smith, Southwestern C. ItiM-otl. I'lttsl.iii-E Ft. CI. XIK\\!1, Colletto of Kinporln ft. T. I'lirma, I'itlstiurg E, Taylor, Sterling Q. Hurt, Baker L. II. Klioct'r, Ottawa H. II. Iteplt.Ble, C. of 17. (el F. 11. Second Team. Pes, FlurGtorf. Bnker , L. K. Oinipliell. I'lttsl.urK L. T, Kehn, MrPherson ......L. O. I'. Hall. Washburn C. Hyrtl, flays Teachers It. G, Henderson. Friends H. T. Steele. I'itlsltnrg 11. E. tv.tilius, Faii-mount <c) Q. Murphy. St. Mary's ,L. II. Harris, Emporia Teachers R. H. Stover, Sterling F. It. Honorable mention: Ends. Albright, Kansas Wesleyan; Jorgensen, Falrmonnt; Wandllng, Sterling; Lorber, Hays; McAilester, Southwestern; Weeks, Friends; U. Bruce, Washburn. Tackles: Vermillion, Falrmonnt; Taylor. Kansas Wesleyan; Reedy, Oltawaw; Davis, Sterling; Smith, Ottawa; Wlith, ..Southwestern; Shelter, Pittsburg; Krwln, SVasu- burn. Guards: Nesmith mid Oats, Kansas Wesleyan; llannaford, Emporia Teachers; Do .glas, Baker; Miller, College ot Emporia; Stout. Fairmount; Savage, Otlnwa; Nelson, Hays; Greenlee, Sterling; Fowler, Washburn. Centers: Burgess, Fairmount; Crockett, Emporia Tcii'iiers; Horn, College of Emporia; Hoffman, of Pittsburg, Backs: Brewster, Washhur Jones and Milton, Kansas Wesr an; Carlson, Bethany; Reid, Ha; McMillan, Sterling; Smith, F; mount; Smart, Kansas Wesley: Ogrosky. Southwestern; Worl, (' lego ot Emporia: Halm, McPli son; Morris, St. Marys; Isley, Fa mount; E. Barclay. Bethany; 1 Smith. (*tawa; Klillon, Folck, Short, Pittsburg Teachers. the county jail as ha was unable to make a $750 bond. CAR CATCHES FIRE; NO DAMAGE DONE 1 Tho gasoline In the carburetor of a Reo car parked in ."ront ot 10 South Main caught tiro about b o'clock yestortlny evanlng. Tho firs department was called and t hi tire was extinguished before any damage was done, Hold Up Restaurant. Berlin: five masked bandits held up a neighborhood restaurant here and ordered the best meal on the menu at tho point of guns. They locked the doors behind them and held nil the waiters, cooks and other patrons captive until they had finished eating—dining by turns. Hurl Ink Bottle* Madrid: It Is Impossible to hire new teachers for a small school 3n the outskirts ot Madrid because the pupils In the building have a habit of throwing Ink bottles when they are displeased. The custom Is n trnditlonal ono In the school. Starts Hobo School. Vionnat Frans Goddell, a retired farmer, Is to start a school for hoboes. He holds that "tramping" Is a fine art and Is worthy of special study. All the Instructors In the school will be gypsies, according to present plans. Class sessions will ho held tn the open air. The entrance fee Is nominal. Egyptian carpenters possessed practically every tool used by modern members ot the craft 350 years ago. TOO LATE Tu CLASSIFY LOST, Thursday—Orey leather can. teen bag containing »13 In currency, ring valued ELS keepsake and other small articles. Liberal rcwanl It re- '"rned to 721 East Eighth or phone 1641VV. TKADK your old rurnlturi for new, Phono Slmeffcr's ins. 3 MALM Kox Tarriers, well marked. Phono 34H0W. WANTED—A fow more boys over It. years of ago who want steady work. Apply before 8 a.m. Monday. Amcrl- can steam Laundry. WANTED—Ice machine man; one who understands firing, boiler and general repair and pipe work, uoorl salary and steady position to rlglu man. Personal Interview required, 'file Merlden Creamery Co., 423 S Msln. l-'Otilt rotnnji and hitth. Phone. 42-ISJ; POSITION us salesman or bookkeeper. Fifteen years' practical expert- ence. Phone 1I132J. LICIUT liousekeepinK rooms; down stairs. 522 Kasl First. VVA,\'ri-7l'—Housework hy week. 27'ly. FlVl-7-room cottnife^ modorn except furnace, garage. 311 West fith. Phone llmrtow 1205. •ir. SPECIAL NOTICES 1 , (Coot.) frel of charge. DFAD slock removed Phone 481 , HAND-PAINTED Xniaa" cards anil hand-made . gifts nt^, reasonable prices, till op, 1. Mrs. Ashley's (lift J 2S Eighth West" f ' "AltV" ALMA' UIFlf" APRON SHOP und Apron TNI) Ksnrywork nxchnime pi Mast Stn NOTICK-TiiBt received iiTiiiiher cai of Utah Lump, llutlor & Sons Loal Co., phone ZSU, MB South Mill". PISA "I'll'Al. nurse. leglsn-rliiB 3308. TUF, 1'UNMUAL ot John Milgcrinar will take place at Johnsons I'uner- al Parlor nl 3:30 Saturday, Nov. an. Masons will meet at Masonic hall at 3 o'c.ltick. Till-; WOMF.N'8 Keller Corps will Hold a bazaar and Food sale at Um Uoag. land Clothing Store, Dec, nth. WANTKIJ—quills to piece. :l2,i Haat U 3A BEAUTY CULTURE MAUINKLI.O BUAUTY SIKU'PE, 4M W. «th. Phone S2S for appointment. MAHCKLLINU. Mnrjorle Clckner, 721 Klist 4tli Street. Phone 211)3.1. MAIIC15LLIMJ. phone 32nfiW. Mrs. J. it. uiUitary, 321 North l.ociin Mt. ilAttClOLLINU—Day or .veiling Mrs. Talbolt. 813 11. «th I'lume IUOM. MAItCKLLINO. day or eveniiiB, cue. 101 West 13. plinno 116; MAUCKLI..I NO." BOB. "Phone SlifiJ- MAltClil.LI.Nli. 723 Bast Lit. S'llW. MAUCKLL1NU, r.Uc. 203 Rust 11th, phone M82J. Appolnlmenl anytime. N MLL1MI'. LLO UK A UT V Paper curl a specialty. First. Phone 37G0. tUlUI'I'lS 42(1 klast LOST LOST, Thursday—Orey leather can. bug containing »13 In currency, ring valued as keepsake and other small artlclos. Lllierhl reward If returned to 721 East Eighth or pnone 1641W. LOST— Bed Imitation leather aultcMa containing lady's clothing, near Second and Poplar. Return lo News otflce for reward. LOST—From enr bctweDri Iturrton and Newton, n tilack Boston t.itK. tagged Hutfner Hotel, Charleston. W. Vl.j reward If returned to Hotel Stamey, Hutchinson. LOST—Black traveling bug. O. J. U«- waIcr. eust of Uutclilnstm; LOST—Black siilt case, Thursday, between 427 Howard Ave., and Mo. Pacific station. Phono 2703W. LOST cm Medont ruutl—A roll of scout blankets. l'le.-iHo communicate with Scoutmaster M. L. Knin. plume S&li. LOST—Wire wheel and lire for Hud77 son, on Cannon Bull road, t.otvveen Wichita and Hutchinson, (lets-w nit* Drain Co., Market 652, Wichita, Kan. Iteward. FOUND FOUND—Suitcase containing cloln- Ing. near Klltnwood. Cull 2327. TAKEN UP—H.-rcforrt cow. branded" "D" on left hip. J. li. Knapp, 2 miles west of Yoder, S PROFESSIONAL SEHV.GE3 O CHAS. I. WILSON, chiropractor. 11V4 Norlli Main, 2735. YOUNO man with fair education do- slres a Job. Phone 13271V. WI-; sptciiiltzu In fitting plasties Ship man Bros.. Masnnlc BliV . Koom/ 7 CARPENTERING CA INU; Ing Phone I0USJ, rurnltuie rel_ilr- I Butter-Knist FRESH /j — Try it / 1 ORESSMAKING- MILLINERY .TERATION'ci .tills and dressliiai ai,-. remodc'.fn, plestiiiK, lurn. a. Ftlchnrds, phon* 22fi;t.l UNABLE TO MAKE BOND IS HELD IN JAIL Use News-Herald want ads. They pny. Murrlel Adam;, who was arraigned on the charge of lutrduc.s and laselviousness in the justice court of R. P. B. Wilson yesterday evening, refined to make any pi 3a. The plea ot not gi.llty was made for hlni and t? was returned to ;.C3 f"-rltcis: V/inni; N iv. v, ir. y.Ii' r. wlit-a:: 1 .:X' 7 .May"iit: lir',.;,. r .'liine.tfiolio V/he-t: Her. tvli-i'.l: l..'i2. jMtiy v.'lirnt: l.r., Weekly Ci-n ri Hoview. Chlca-;ii, Nov. 2'. -i 1.. int; lar-ely to (iir fact that for Iho f.i.-.t I .me e.lni e lust July, a tie ifa-ii' la s!:o.. n lu Ibe ilotiii .slje vi-il-lo ^iii'ply, Mhrai. tiii.i week has at-li t.v. il a man-rial upnini in pilrf. i'ri:r,.-..r ril v i'.tl II wi'e't a :o. th:^ i-.'-.."il r-ar- kei tbiy inoniiii'; II to lil^r hii:li- rr. Otaer nrt gai...* l'.n' tlio w.rU "Wero: Ciifli 7 I, to l'.r, oil:' ', to %c und provb'oai 2') lo 77 ecu's. In rotinr; tlon t\ ;h llie fii.l.n^ olf In tile Chile I SUitas va i da sup- ly tola!, May v\ o! w.r-al. ntnl July as wvll, both at iul.>.l ID n.:-,\ prak i.-rita'^ for the sea-on 1 lir lliai-l.c; iil.tri Via'* MO In"'...'.)- rtr. u -tl'tiii'.'il t.y Co.; ii' '-urr.-ai tbat :he United Stair., at pr- srat an., na uiiiir .Jd i In at rar; lu • o' n'ly a aral -ll.iilin (11)11 hush' I ;:tlll lllal larm re- iimx GOSSIP A iiiouyli tlio fiirci^n H-i has :nu h u H.S i;u;;ij a 8K:i;w liu.iny .N'JIc;nlj.:r fis in Uio priced.n*; nu.MK.i, L'I; il-.i'ly cie;uuiH'L'i_ in l'!jk\:;!u sl'.osv tlint tho surplus •.vlMi , r.i:-H'.v iliniln.atilriK. Kx- ty the end or the year will : o ;tli ::.( _!.(.• JJ,UK» I,U8h.'l._. r. H. l.ahco^.:. n nat n.*iul sraln ;iu.!):.i"ii> n'-.'H a [ osH.jiliiy of cor i .. j 1 i * ; t i''' v.h:.:::. L't.> j.;lvi..i ; lie i'o • n.iif; ..S l:> .M^JiO.t )]•_! I>,''(.(?f: "lh • I'li.ti .1 ht:u^K c;o;) ; i.M- f;:rry fro:w l;ist year a.i.)!.j, uf ii^iJ.O :o,i,v,> bissho'3. | (hi, ti '.J li 1 '! iit II in id \C:ir. Ml S I) ^ t... Hit. 11-111 n:ir.; . qa I'.io.i i: lo to. !:v r-brr i, n I ili.i i ir' .i '1 ; C 'lil .v o:; -, i re t i I v. I a ua--. .-Iroar; i-; ia in An • rial r<. '. .re ;t :.-io:.-;: a'.'iiiio ill l.-'rloi.' wlil'-ll i nlltl'liiil!'. tl (O til.- aihiiiH-r; of According lo some re- | ports, half of liir wheat crop oi I i;e:il^ nnd seed con- •:<iimatod in OaO.O.ii,- UN! or s up to No- 1 _!..:i .'Ji .tl busheis N.ivenil.c .i- Si).ii.:U.i;(..U l.'-'.ves only lO.i.ijOO,- •i rrv, !' t-:;;-!):",;;; foi' -1 lo n. bio a carry ' (.1 tile s."...on," . ^ shew that ex- in •-, •!'••; yes a Jay 1 at ' ' i) I ti ' , I. '. !::.: ir.-.-' i-ii s a ear- i iv t c ,l to : i • .1 >;.» r: D ii-liaiu .in, l ; and tier- I-: is in.-rl' ' iver'ea of Decenili v-'aii'i '^o on r contiiiets ,'io:illKM) Ar .'7etitliiii bn> been Irro- j on (.v.-r !-.'r f r, li • t 7J ii,- imrsibly mjiiiv-l. Net tlie . .'.IHJ busin-is, |.„ rn bijo.ntiii bushels, iiiiirket iliirliig Hip week wus by no ! oats. ;,5iHi ,09ii, rye, K.VOU.HOO bush- tiiHuns olio Killed nnd the Inlermll•:' el*, it | 3 .epurted thai it w.ll nil U>. I character of export (ionium! p_.. :< n : ii, ju-om; hunds. The mil- WHS especially a freqilonl occasion ! lion vill t H U._> a [:li.- a' ran ,,f (h,. far dowritunis In pi-leu. Ho, loo,, wheat wbllu rash handlers are ex- m%t likliliood of foilhcomiii_ bigjpuctoU in absorb Iho com and rye. Oicitt Northern Ity 'Oil i Iv <: Southern 3a ( Jlo 1'iicirio Common Jl'.i i Mo Pacific Preferred 6317i ' N y Central H7«i I Norlhern Pacific Tenrisvlvanla Uy 4S g By «" P.ock Island Ity 4» Sauthcrn Uy '' ;;i I. & s V l'.y Soutliein Pacific fly 10' Union Purine By 14: MOTORS: rienernl .Motors c - StU'l'-tiiiker Motors 41 Hup .Motors !•'. Pierce Arrow 1> Hudson Motors £ ('handler .Menus J;, Overland Motors 10 Maelj Truck luc llj't Kel'.y Springfield Tire Co 1J i U S Itubti.r '-r, Ill-, (loi.ilrlcli llnblier Co 3..y, . liomlvrar T * " ^''^ A lax' lliit.ber (.'. 13;a ' A'iiu-I'.iis.-li Jlngncto Co -»;« Alli-i LMiiilmers Mill Co *o-, >':txwf!l Motors "A" Tt,, •laxwi-ll Motors "11" .i")i .Moon Mi'iors - - - - V-..- i-lcwitrl Wn^ner MfK Co '' • Sti-nnilierir Curb Co 'I 1 . Tlml'.eu llol'ei- Bearing 3d-,d 1X1.PSTBIALS: Ann ll.-et Sugar Indust-hil Alcohol S;> A mil Can Co }™. Ainn Car & Foundry l'J AMTl Lorornotlve ^v'. Waios'n "A" Amu Steel Fmnilrlea ;•• Aina Tel & Tel 1". Amu Tobacco 1'iJ .Anin V.'oo'en '' As. i,"lnle,l Dry nooda 1- ^lo.|t':nn^ -ry W.-.rd 1 K-tlilwi'i l.ocniuyllve 1... I'niiilnioi'at C.-tn n- Cocoa CuV.i fa ; - 'I v I i:iv',b--on Cli.'lli'eal Co 4 (• Products Iteming 4' ruinous Pin vera Lusky !' c r,,',-i"ii Co 4' fnl.-n A ni-. Sii'Tiir I'-' ,' -in Ai;-l (.".em , 1-. 1 Uii.ont He 7.I in '2 I, • Anin Asp'oilt Co 3''' - . 1 liiei-trir 2.0 11 irvi-sl.-r Co 11"' lull I'lipc- Co 50" I'lii'.l.U"! t.'o ,..13,i 4 "••!t-,:t l'.o.lillcU ......133 W..ill"T'ioll.,e I'lt-t- MTg ...... (i rl ,l, l'-P'"l D-iii; Co 107 . W,.--lwi ,;-iii I'l' Ki.v-r l.lubusi silk Co 2 <Vi St 'ii'"' 'rd nil of I--.! Sl'i ..'-n-,1 oil of 1C" Hl'"i ; I'i'li.'lli.l Oil Of N V 4t',i I i i ,. o't * Oil, Co Sal i '•reel.. Pin- Lin.- c. IDil'-j l-i -.vHI (HI Co of Caiirrla llllli: V ... nil OI Co S-'.s I'l'.'-s S-'vlce C-iir'ion lil'J'-j f '! H Service P:. t"neil Sl"_. i.'llii-s Service Hunker* !*>->- , LIGERTV BONOS. j Fl.'ttl tirlces ipiuted by the Mr | N 'aghlen Loai company toda .i ; vvrre: t .n.% - !Hlli.23-'-l'- j FCsl t <i% ................. 101 .-M: S-,,..-:l !';% 4-32 Tlilid I',','. lOt.lli-32 1-,,-a Hi 102. V. S. 4 ',i«» lUt.ll-.-l GDvUgsntfflcgd] —— PHONE 4400 AND CALL FOK CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. Choose Carefully Your Bank The choice of a bank and the banking habits of a young man have great affect upon his business future. When the lime comes when a young'man wants and is deserving of credit, when he desires to go into some business venture for himself or wishes to make a worthy purchase or a sound investment, then he naturally turns to the bank with which he has been doing business regular ly. It is well, therefore, to take into consideration the age, solidity and standing as well as the strength ^f a bank before determining definitely where to place either your private or your business account. Look to the time when your bank may be of greater servicc't^to you and determine how g. eat a se; vide you can expect. 3ffirst Nation Established 1876 HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. BLIND AD REPLIES A-12—7 P-0—t C-12— 4 P-ll—1 C-7—2 fJ-9—1 C-ll—1 B-10— 4 E-U—2 S-10—2 J-10—3 S-lt—2 K-ll—2 T-ll—2 L-9—1 V-7—1 M-9—2 V-ll—I O-ll—l W-ll—3 \.\"TiTl.»—Difss muKniK. siiiisrutui' : _{____"t-'Pfl. Mrs. HflV!». •> i \ X M») .C\TL : :i»~-S.;\vi!ifr, Will "so cnifl^ ';iy. Kant Third. I PAINTING T; PA PER HANGING JAS WHl'rI'J wan papnr m S Main ptidnc _.!».. CoH-tt. PAPKIt IwtriKtnt;. I'hunp (., iVV. 14 REPAIRING, ALL KfNDS It GLKCTIUC motor, armAtur? rewinding, n-pairiinr. We buy. soil, rem iisi-d motors. HUTCHINSON ARMATUTtK WORKS Thon© 202. 7 South Wnlnut. SHOfc. repairing, men's enlc* |1 up; women's SOJCR, 75C; ni*.v'» Panco ruhht-r uoWn, %\.'2b. Liberty Stioe tShop. 123 So. Mnln, Uril'-it furniture. upliolntt-ium' and repairing, furnlturt- nnd 8t >;ves. Hlld- ynrri f-'urn Co.. 100 KRDI "ifi. Ph. lin UPHOJ-STl-ItlNG—Firm olasa work. Phono 27S3J. J, II, lln^htwi. 15 LAUNDRY WORK 15 OrattB to cliattgv oi oiJiL^nLifiuc fldvcrilaemertt-i for current day* taaue cunnot be uceepted latet than 12 a.m. for The News and B p.n). foi Tho Heralil. All chanKcs and klll^ ri-«jivtrt aftui iho»e nuura will lAke • Meet th Melawlng d»y. Th Jlutchlnson Nuwi-Herald la » member of The Aaaociailon of .Newa- japer Claanfied Advcrtlsini Managri iVliSch includea reading newipftp^ri hioughout the country, AIJJ has fot ,u aim the eltminatioii of rraudulnni • nd mlJladtng classified advertising, the HutchlTf.ion News-Herald as wei ii» every other member of the asauvla* tlon, endeavors to print only truthful Want Ads and will apprecJaio havmv ua attention called tu any advertlae munt not conforming to th'_ tjlgti«ii iiandnrda cf honesty. All ciasslflt'U ads wlLl be inae-ted iioth morning and evening ISHUI-J* nl (ha papt«r. An ad which ta accented ( for a single insertion will appear In I bi?th The News and The Herald. t Classified advertising terms are "aah. I'bone orders arc accepted to. • •unvcrilpnce, but with the understand cig that bills will be paid on preson • ri i ton CUKTA1NS laundftred. FMione 1998J. WASTkiD— Washing and ironins. We wash In sufl water. Call at 30\ West Uth. rimne 2S9tiW. 16 SERVICES OFFERED 16 PAINTING, cement won.; hu tiding rwtttuato free. 216 K. I) .I'll , i'Jis.1. THASH huulliiK. nil kinds Vh. 2TH4j7 17 RADIO EQUIPMENT UA Dl<) for salfl. Kaflt !f,th. SONOKA KADIO UJUU (With the concealed liorni '•CJ _,rCAU AS A U'SAAr Tone quality unexcelled, bocausa It's nil wood. Mama prlco aa othera. Phone 3412 for diiimmatratiuii. WOflO AND LlfVE, L Words oi less , i i tJ to 11 Wgrds to 17 Words ^ to 22 Words i to 28 Wurds to 33 Woids to 3D Words to 4b Words to GO Words to 65 Words 1'or moio than 10 lines • pufh 1(1 .vnrds or r -,_i 3CAUE ' i Line S Lini** 3 l.!ne* i Lines 6 Line* ...... 6 Line. 7 l.n -r- 8 Llntv 9 Lln» 10 Lines figure 3 tlr>f> tion th-r^or RATES ON CLASSIFIED AOS ot consecutive ina.Ti/nna ay mo cony dame day. iniroum charge t>ay - Pet line Days—Per line * r . Days— Per line • Days— Pei line Uaya-Pei line Days— Per line Duys- Per line 1 Days- per line Weeks—Per line Month-Per tine i'lul lodge rale, per line for mill papers .. . .1 M . .10 . .'20 , .So . .3T, . .43 . M . .64 . .70 . I. OA 1 50 .a. com EcnoN CF c__**5siFiei> AO ERRORS The News and' The HM aid will h" , .v reoiit-iialliie foi rno"e than one In j oorrect insertion of anv advertisfii.r-rt" orderd foi mure than one time Unor P nut the fault of the adv><rtia<*rs whi>-n cle«r(y tvsseri tn»j real vniue of th' H'lveriiarrnfni wilt. be r cdfled <nH by PtiL'tleatton wilhuut eina rhhr*;- wlllifn FiVK dnys after litfertiori. N rt'pul'hi-ailnn will be mudr when th **n'ur does nut matPiiaily nfiwi *tt ••j.-ii! Kt!. 1 Mini -*«n iK.nrttnd :n .iwn*. WK «<:il ^.)utch radio UUK'B IJH an ao- Holiite mojiey-tuu-k Ruanintee.'fypns 12. _rj!;. tuiA, J2.115 each. Curtis, 301 North Ynniiun-n. 19 MALE HELP WANTED 19 AUKNTS— Si :ll elentrlc floor lamps. Silk decorated Mhades. Your profit In advance. We deliver and collect. No m.Jiiey required. Wrli*. fur (ittttlt, Bethlehem Lump Co., Illy S, Mlchl- ga» Ave.. ChleaRo. It A111 1 i'l I: I NO tatiBht quickly. Moler iri-adtiii tt.'s always busy. ni(? pay. Wvitc Alnler Bui ber College, 0^4 Main Kun.s;ia City. ' U Alt It)*: u wantud—Sit-nuj"" juh lor good man; $20 week EH-iraniec, .No fluattrr or *.Uid"nt wnnt.-rl. B. _-.;. Known. Membf. Kansas. I^AItN fib wcekly^Hpare^lTmi/, 1 «rrit^ Ing for newapaperB, maj;a*.hica Exp; unm-c. Copyiffht book free Cress Syndicate. «o:t St LQUIH, .M a. 1'CLt.KhUNr AUS The News nnd The Heia'd will tfiv '•arolul a: tent Ion lo all ads reeetvcti »vt*i" tli*- telephone, bui can not euar inn-e Hccuracy 3 SPECIAL NOTICES '")OM_ I'losnital. Call 337&. I Guaranteed tepalrlng. -Nellie J^, s\n> liama, 210 A, west. KOU ens' 1 ' Sr^c^ir^ m& Location, slock and fixture:?), good. Must lit* able to handle nnrata and Kroeuiies and itniai bo wlitiiiK lo put up a dupy*li of J5U0 and iuk,> storo on A (-iimiuiKsinn. Wi-lic (i-12. eare News, Hinting age, experience, and tjivo redreueca. Mt^S. IS to _y. for C. H. inuil service, $110 to Kxpcrleii'-e or corro- spundrnco rourwn unnecesHury. Writs K. Bishop. Orawer &JjJ. .loplln. Mo. Nn ""j7iTLL T(Mi-_S SJ'JLLI.Ui fUUU l*'-nplu must eat. KciU-ial distributors niaUu blK money; $3.0(10 yearly and up. No capital or expci'limce needed; wuarantacd fnlce; uuhold goods mav ha relumed, llandBome 515 sarn- pbj 'casR s<tnt on Vrual. Free Hampien ut ..•o.'-iomer*. Itepeal orders aure: *x- iMiiKivo .errBory; iisk m.*v! Kt»drrsl Pure Pood Co., 23fiS Arcb'T, Cb»caio.

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