The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 5, 1951 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1951
Page 2
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·]}% TEW Th« Newt. Frederick, Mt»,. W ln«tUy. !«5! Russian Jets Are Better LONDON, Dec, 5 flV~Russia has five new jet fighter t..pes of later design than the 640- mile-an-hour MIG-15 being used by the Communists in Korea, Jane s AH-The-World's Aircraft said today. The 3951-52 edition of the authoritative aviation book said these and a number of other new Russian military aircraft "are known to exist," But no accurate information is available on their performances. Jane's reference to jet fighters of advanced design confirmed the observations of Western newsmen and diplomats who witnessed the Soviet aviation day air display over Moscow last July. Thev reported the Russians had several speedy new single-jet fighters. Li£ht Jet Bomber The Red Air Force also has a twin-jet light bomber, a number of which are in service in East Germany, Jane's said Flight's of Russian jet bombers over Berlin have been reported recently by Western correspondents in the'former German capital. Jane's said only that they were reported to be heavily armed, both nose and tail, and apparently fitted with radar equipment. It offered no indication that the Russians had yet solved the problem of building a bomber big enough to carry atom bombs other than its copied version of the American B-29 Superfortress. In Russia, this plane is called the TU-4 Designer Andrei Tupolev adapted it from B-29's which made emergency landings in Siberia in World War II and were sei?ed by the Russians. Tupolev has also given the Red Air Force the TU-70, a (our-en- gined transport plane which, except for the fuselage, is a copy of the Boeing Superfortress. Jane s said New British Plane Show n New model American and British military an craft described by Jane's lag somewhat behind recent public disclosures. It pictures but does not otherwise describe the British Hawker 1067. a TWept-wing jet fighter with a Rolls Royce Avon engine reported to have reached a speed of around 700 miles an hour This plane, now in production, is destined to supplant the Roal Air Forcp s Glo^tei Meteor and Vickers Vampire jets. The. RAF also ha« n four-jet bomber, the Vickers Valiant, in production Jane'-! said no performance details ueie available However, the Air Ministn has divclo.s- ed thp Valiant is capable of speeds in excess of 500 miles an hour and is far superior to Britain's twinjet Canberia medium bomber in both load and ianje The Canberra is also brine butit in the United States Jane''; said American jet plan** POUR ONE -- Made of heady stuff is the tongue-in-cheek hat by Svend, modeled here by a Parisierme. The topper consists ol green satin champagne bottle, gold lame tray and wine goblet made of gold and satin lace. progress i 1 * "already sightposting the way into the next decade," but offered no details on developments not disclosed previously. GIVE STAMPS FOR CHRISTMAS Scoll, Whitman, While Ace, Minkus, Grossman Albums AT THE KEY STAMP CO. llfi-A E. Patrick St. Mrs. 3:30-5:30 Wk. Daw-Sat. 9-5) £eddj-U)ip Makes Glorious Treats Without Work! Your husband and children w i l l Icne the luscious Rood- ne" 1 . of R e d d i - w i p It tn.ikcs f \ f n ^ i m p l c t deserts b e come dcluious treats Reddi- v t p 15 pore, mli w h i p s itself at t h e touch of a f i n d e r . Fach t h r o t t - a w a y container J J M C S \ o n * 1 scrv- inps. Vie Rcdiii \ \ i p ncry d a -- i t ; t h e eliortless w a y to superb d e s s e r t s . FESfc Y O U R M I U M A N 01! 6S9CEH--"IT SHIPS ITSftf" CHECK THKSEFEATURES COOKING WITH GAS IS · QUICK · CLEAN · DEPENDABLE · ECONOMICAL Hevond th« Mnln Wie "nrcolanr" FREDERICK GAS CO.. Inc. Tel. 2575 Ro^ 338 lOIf 1 HOSPITAL AH) T O I \ Y LoveffsvilJe LOVETTSVILLE, Va.--Mrs. F. L. George and daughter, Hypatia. and Mrs. Nancy Grams, of Brunswick, were in Boonsboro for the funeral of their uncle, Urncr S. Dagenhnrt. --MK; Ruth Barnhart. of Brunswick. !).·» returned to the home of Mrs. Be-ssie Frye after being ill vcrsl days D u r i n g her absence, Mrs. Peatl Snoots nursed Mrs. Frye. Mr.v Nannie Carter, Washington, spent last week-end with her mother, Mrs. Frye. --Those from here who went to Purcellville, to contribute blood were- Mrs. J. D Geister, Mrs. Ruth Wire, Mrs. Catherine Robinette, Mrs. L. P. Hickman, Mrs. Evelyn Washington, Mrs. Henry Jones. Mrs. Clnt-ence Welsh, Misses Pauline Stream, Sara and Charlotte Brown, Maude Chinn, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Rickard. W F. Lindsay. Johnny Lindsey. Robert and Shirley Keister, George Pcndley, Berkeley Baker, William Baker, Leroy Moore, Leonard Wilt, Jr., and Frank KeeMing, Jr. --Mr. Chailes Virts accompanied Raymond Womeldorph to Ohio for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Womeldroph visited over the week- end, ims. woittftnorpn 15 spending the week with her sister, Mr«. Roger Hough. --Mrs. Ralph Cooper is ill with a throat infection. --Mrs. Alice Cooper has returned from a visit with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Cooper, in Washington. --Misses Barbara Hickman and Vera Sexton, .seniors at Hood College, »re practice teaching at Hancock, where they will remain until January 25 Both made the dean's, list last year. --Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Douglas have announced the engagement of their daughter, Jean Sanderson, to Thurmun Oliver Costello of Waterford. Miss Douglas is now a senior at Madison State College, Harrisonburg, majoring in elementary English. Mr. Costello is farming with his father. No date has been set for the wedding. --Mr. Charles Virts spent last Thursday with Mr. George Washington, --Mrs. Brislin McGaha and mother, Mrs. Martha Virts, spent last Thursday in Frederick. --Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Beatty were guests of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Keller, JelTerson, last week. On Thursday evening they were feted on the occasion of their 51st wedding YOUR CHOICE OF 3 HANDSOME only Diamond* and Ring* enlarged to »how Each ring is unmistakably masculine. Each is 10K gold with gold initial. No other rings suggest as much good taste and quality at the price. Ideal gift for any man! COLONIAL JEWELRY CO. 119 North Markckt St. THE WEDGEWOOO brings you television's clearest pictures and richest sound. Superb Magnascope vith new 17-inch rectangular picture tube has built-in filter, instant tuning, automatic picture stabilizer, superpower and other important advancements. Exquisite cabinet is finished in hand-rubbed mohog- ony finish, $498.50 betrar bwy Mognovwc COLONIAL MUSIC SHOP 14 E. Patrick St. Treat your junior partner to a wardrouj in keeping with his station. You'll find all of his clothing needs in our Children's Shop. Infants' Hand-made Dresses . $US) to $3.98 Infants' Hand-made Slips $1.00 Toddlers' Hand-made Dresses $1.08 to $3.98 Toddlers' Knit Rompers $1.4!) to $2.98 Knit Sweater and Pantie Sets $1.98 to $2.75 Toddlers' Bath Robes $2.98 to $5.95 Infants' Knit Cotton Gowns . $1.00 to $1.25 Infants' Knit Kimonos $1.19 Derdon Sleeping Garments $1.95 to $2.50 Nitey-Nite Sleeping Garments $2.25 to $2.50 Baby Buntings $5.95 Infants' Sleeping Bags $1.98 Receiving Blankets $ .59 Crib Blankets $1.98 to $3.98 Sateen Pillows $ .98 Quilted Bed Pads $ .50 to $1.69 Crib Sheets $1.59 to $1.98 28 x 21 Pillow Cases $ .39 Baby Bathinette $14.95 Chix Diapers doz. $3.75 Play-Tex Baby Pants $ .79 to $1.19 Sweater. Cap And Bootee Sets $2.98 to $3.98 Sacques and Sweaters $1.98 to $2.25 Shawls and Robes $2.98 to $4.98 Wool Bootee's $ .79 to $1.75 Knit Baby Caps $ .79 to $1.49 Infants' Wool Mittens $ .50 to $1.00 Towel and Wash Cloth Sets $2.25 Diaper Bags with Shoulder Straps $1.98 Baby's Shoes and Moccasins $1.98 to $2.69 Sweater, Cap, Bootee and Legging Sets $6.95 Wool THE PARSONS CO. anniversary, wr. ana TOTS. Aivm Crawford. Jr., and daughter, Sally, ·were among the guests. --Mr, Lennox T. McKlmmey was one of 22 Air Force Cadets from VPI to fly from Roanoke to Miami on Nov. 23. to attend the national conclave of Arnold Air Society. The latter is comprised of college seniors who have made outstanding ROTC records. Nine Convictions In Hagerstown Gambling HAGERSTOWN, Dec. 4, Wade H. Beard, about 50, was acquitted of gambling charges today as Circuit Judge Joseph D. Mish concluded hearings in 12 cases resulting from Hagerstown's vice drive. Dismissal of charges against Beard brought the final score of the drive to 12 arrests, nine convictions. William Grimes was acquitted last week and the State dropped charges against Mrs. Madeline Dixon. The 12 cases arose from a special Investigation conducted by Frank R. Diggins. Suspended from the Saitimore police force pending the outcome of an assault charge against him, Diggins was hired by Hagerstown to dig up evidence against · ^ers of the bookmaking fraternity. Those convicted on the basis of his investigation were booked as Charles A. Papa, James M. Dixon, Richard Crouse, Mrs. Meda Crouse, James A. Gray, Harry Carpenter, Charles L. Wilson, Jchn Lester Saum and Donald Patterson. Sentence was deferred and all have been free on bail. The n a m e Venezuela means "Little Venice." according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. APPLES Grimes--Delicious Stayraan--Yorks Sweet Cider WALKER ORCHARDS Mt. Airy 74-J HEART ATTACK FATAfc WESTFIELD, N. J., Dec. « UP}-E. Remington Merry, Jr., retired secretary of the Railway Express Agency, Inc., died yesterday of a heart attack in a taxicab at the railroad station here. Merry, who was 70, was en route from New York to his home. He was a native of Falls Church, Va. He served as secretary of the Railway Express Agency, Inc., for 25 years until his retirement last May. He had * total of 49 year service with the company. He is survived by his widow Mrs Amy Crook Merry: a sor Remington, of Westfield; two sis ters, Miss Edith Merry of Washing ton and Mrs. Harry* Cunninghaa of Hagerstown, Md., and a brother Harry, of Gaithersburg, Md. Shoe production of the Unite States runs about 35,000,000 parn a month, or 40 per cent of th world supply. HAMILTON, ELGIN, GRIM AND BULOVA WATCHES JAMES E. DOLL Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware 9 SOUTH MARKET STREET THERE'S NOTHING LIKE A "ROCKET"! For that feling of and a si/re, steady ride on the road! Abm#, OUxmobilt "Kockrt 98" 4-Doar Sedan. Z)rlr«r optional ai extra cost. Equipment, accrworws OJid trim tttuxtrattxi subject to clianga without notice. Revel in the most thrilling ride of ail! Rule Olrlsmobile's luxurious "98" and ride the "Eocket" at its glorious best! Ride the smooth, swift purge of "Rocket" power that sweeps you ahead of traffic! Ride the "Rocket" on the open road--strong and sure on straightaway and curve--a brand new thrill as you top every bill! This is true high-compression power, "Rocket'" Engine pou pr , . . paired with the automatic magic of Oldsmobile Hjdra-Matic*! See jour Oldsrnobile dealer and try this magnificent car! Ridp Oldsmobile's glamorous "98"--you'll discover a nciv adventure in motoring! Prottocf of General Rofen S E E Y O U R N E A R E S T O L D S M O B I L E D E A L E R KAUFMAN GARAGE COMPANY, Inc., 223-229 East Patrick St. -ON TELEVISION! CBS NEWS WITH DOUGLAS EDWARDS--MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY AT 7:30 PM ON WMAB-TV CHANNEL Z ft WTOP-TV CHANNEL 9! 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